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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 11, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we'll see you back here in an o, "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> this is "outnumbered," i'm kimberly guilfoyle, and here today harris faulkner, ins lee earhart, kirsten powers and hashtag's one lucky guy, eric bolling. you"outnumbered" never looked so good, bolling. >> so to speak. great to be here. thanks for having me. big day to be on the big show. >> and on an important day for you personally as well, so we're happy to have you with us. a live look at ground zero as we remember 9/11, 13 years to the day nearly 3,000 people killed
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that day. emotions remain raw. and as we remember, a stark reminder of the islamic extremists who remain hell bent on wanting to kill americans. president obama laying out his plan to, quote, degrade and destroy isis a month after saying he did not have a strategy and facing polls that show americans souring on his leadership as commander in chief. >> i've made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country wherever they are. that means i will not hesitate to take action against isil in syria as well as iraq. this is a core principle of my presidency. the if you threaten america, you will find no save haven. >> senator john mccain, one of the president's biggest critics, welcomes the goals that mr. obama has set. but on hannity the republican saying the president's failure to leave boots on the ground in iraq led to the rise of the islamic extremists. >> the president of the united
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states, when he didn't leave a force behind, led no -- led to this, and when he overruled his entire national security team including hillary clinton who said we ought to arm and train these free syrian army people, now the task is going to be extremely difficult. >> all right, eric, your reaction to senator mccain's comments in contrast with the president's remarks. >> if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven he should have ended that with no safe haven that i provided. when he terrell graphed the complete -- telegraphed the complete pullout of troops, what happened is the very next day, the beginning of the al-qaeda in iraq started to spread. within a few months, they had almost 3,000 members. that eventually splibilitiered off to -- splintered off to become isis. you can say that the safe haven was created by him himself. i watched the speech, and the real message that i heard was
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we're going to need more money, we're going to train some troops, and we're not even sure who we're going to be training. but the message was, you know, islam is a religion of peace. he's said that in the past. we're not at war with islam, we're at war with these terrorists. he should have said all you terrorists out there, isis, isil, al-qaeda, look up in the sky because in 15 minutes, there's going to be some hellfire missiles coming down on top of you. that would send a real message. i think that's the message that we need to be sending. >> they would have gotten that now, kirsten, it was interesting because john mccain gave a little bit of a shout out to hillary clinton, secretary of state at the time, saying that she, in fact, called to have troops on the ground and provide more support for long-term stability. did that surprise you? >> no, because i actually think mccain and hillary are more aligned probably ideologically on these issues. i think she's more hawkish and more inclined this that direction. i don't agree with either of them. i actually think the president has been somewhat alllied into
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this -- bullied into this position on syria in terms of arming this opposition, this mystery opposition that we don't even know who they are. and that also doesn't really make a lot of sense because if you remember, when we were having the debate before over syria, it was to overthrow assad. now the enemy of assad is isis. so what are we doing exactly? what is the goal here? i mean, if we're -- so now we're going to go in, and we're going to try to bomb isis which will help assad. so what is our plan in syria? it doesn't really make sense. >> well, i don't think this is a syria plan whatsoever. this is an isis plan. so we're going to go after these people who, you know, who beheaded americans, and if we need to go into syria, we're going to do it. this isn't -- by no means did i take last night as this is our plan for syria. >> it's a campaign, not a plan is what all of the experts on our morning show today said there's no plan, there's no strategy here, it's a campaign. >> but what i'm trying to get at is all the people who are
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criticizing the president are saying we should be arming the rebels and we should be doing more in syria. >> i don't think we should arm the rebels. >> but john mccain was. >> he wanted to arm the rebels when they were the rebels against syria, i don't agree with mccain either. >> that's what i'm saying. the president did make it clear he's moving in the direction of us getting involved in syria, and i don't want understand what the game -- i don't understand what the game plan -- >> the problem is there is no border now, that has been obliterated, so we have to deal with the reality of what's going on. it's sort of ignorant to say we're going into iraq because that's dealing with the head and not the body. you've got to go where the enemy is. we can't get caught up with there's a line here or perhaps there isn't. it's pretty obvious to everyone on the ground. >> you made a good point, you said you feel like he's being bullied into that. we don't feel like his heart is in this. i felt like when i watched the speech, he was doing this because his poll numbers are down. that's why he brought up we killed bin laden, i pulled
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troops out. then i felt like he realizes that he had said he didn't have a strategy, didn't have a plan, so now he wants to give us a plan. that's why he went on at prime time. he wanted the big grandstand experience. but he needs to realizes, yeah, bin laden's dead, but guess what? isis is very much alive. we need to address that issue. >> i think one of the big reasons the president went on at prime time is because this is a big deal. he basically is saying i've got to goback down the road i said we weren't going to go down again. to elevate it when most americans were at home, i think, was the right thing to do. to move on with this, just my initial thought after watching last night was this: how much are we beginning to rely on something that hasn't happened since the wheel was invented? the sunnis and the shia are going to have to get together for us to have access and success against isis?
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really? you're going to wait for the iraq government, this newly-formed government, to bridge a gulch that hasn't been bridged since the dawn of time? [laughter] >> religious holy war. >> that doesn't mean we can't try. we have to do something. we can't -- >> right. but to say that's part of the plan and then to turn around and not acknowledge radical islam, i just, i scratched my head about who he thought the audience really was. >> well, let's continue this discussion because, meanwhile, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle blasting the president for not seeking a congressional vote to to authorize military force against isis. republican senator ted cruz on the kelly files. >> i think the president should come to congress and ask for authorization. you want a demonstration of presidential hubris, look no further than this speech tonight where he brazenly declares i have the authority to wage war regardless of what congress says. you know, my copy of the constitution says congress has the authority to declare war. >> and democratic senator tim kaine on the same page as cruz, released this statement
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following the president's call for action against isis. quote: >> harris? >> well, you know, again, as we kind of look across that erased border now from iraq into syria, the doctors and dentists and pharmaceutical experts that the president had said should every be armed, my big question is what kind of vetting have we done? and what makes us think that at the end of the day they're not going to take the training and the equipment that we give them to go on ahead and continue fighting against the assad regime and pay no attention to isis? how are we going to control their focus? >> eric? >> so regarding what ted cruz said, he's right. if you remember, a year ago president obama came to the american people and he said -- remember, now, when he did this a year ago, he didn't have the public support behind him.
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so he said we're going into syria. we're going to go ahead and attack syria because they crossed that red line. remember, they used chemical weapons, and we had proof. he had put himself forward that we had to attack him. the public sentiments was let's not do that, it's not our war, not our problem. so at that point he said, you know what? i'm going to go to congress and let congress decide. this time is different. he's basically saying i have the american public behind me. i have 91% of the people in america thinking isis is a threat, so i'm going to go with or without congress. i think he needs to be consistent, go back to congress -- by the way, president, you're going to get congress saying, yes, we're behind you. >> i don't know if the democrats will go along with it. >> kirsten, he's also saying this is going to take three years. he's already putting it out past his presidency -- >> right. >> talking about the 18th hole already because he'll be gone. >> yeah, yeah. i do think -- i understand the criticism the president's getting of why does he need authority in one instance and
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another, but there is a difference. the difference is assad really wasn't posing a direct threat to the united states. now, i just want to say i think he should get congressional authority. but the argument that could be made is that under the war powers act if you feel there is a direct threat against the united states and you need to move quickly, the president does have some leeway 30-60 days before he has to go to congress, and he could argue isis is a direct threat -- >> why didn't he do it last year? >> or in january? >> what i'm saying is assad, the last time it was going after assad. see what i'm saying? we're going after two different groups of people in syria. >> but we're still talking about arming or not arming the same groups of people. >> the -- >> if you're going to fight a war by proxy soldiers -- >> if you know that congress is going to support you, why wouldn't you just get their approval? >> we don't know. >> that's exactly why. let's say kim ten's honest enough to say this is right. democrats don't want to be on
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record voting for a war, they do not want to go into a midterm election saying i voted -- >> he's got 60 days to get him beyond the -- with the war act, he's got the 60 days. >> i don't think it's a given that he would get the support? >> you don't? >> no. [inaudible conversations] >> they probably would but, yeah, they don't want to have to have this vote before the election, no question about that. but i also do think there is a qualitative difference between going after assad and going after isis. >> well, sure. but my point is you're still arming the same people. >> isis beheaded americans. he has the right, the ability, the duty to protect american citizens. this is what's happening, so he does have a legal thread there. >> absolutely. >> versus assad who is a monster and is doing -- >> well, they claim that was humanitarian. >> right. we're not, it's not a direct threat to the united states. >> we're hoping they can fight by proxy and we won't have to put boots on the ground. that's the hope. i hope he's right. >> the boots are there already.
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brand new poll about how americans feel about our safety and security and whether they think isis is planning an attack on u.s. soil. and 13 years later the nation is remembering september 11th. a live report from ground zero. >> felix bobby caliste. elaine audrey smedley. david d.aljer. >> edward l -- [inaudible] when you compare the top speed of dsl from the phone company
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." the nation is marking 13 years since the september 11th attacks. memorials being held all across america, including here in new york city. where the names of nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks are read aloud as they are each year. rich leventhal is live for us. >> reporter: and, harris, the ceremony ended a few minutes ago, it moved more quickly because of fewer readers and less music and no speeches, the focus squarely on victims and their family members. and we heard from those family members today, from sons and daughters, from brothers and sisters, from wives and husbands and parents who approached the
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podiums two by two reading the names of the people who lost their lives here, the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. a terror attack that changed our nation and our world which is why the organize tokers say these -- organizers say these ceremonies are so important in hopes of preventing history from repeating itself. ground zero has been transformed year after year, and it looks different then this year. much more accessible to visitors, and the 1776-foot-tall 1 world trade, former hi known as the freedom tower, is almost finished. the official opening is set for this november, and the museum is also open today for family and first responders, some 900,000 people have visited the 9/11 museum since-unveiled back -- since it was unveiled back in may. harris? >> rick, thank you very much. >> and as americans remember, concerns are growing about our nation's security. a new fox news poll finding just
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43 percent of americans feel safer now than before the september 11th attacks while 45% actually feel less safe. that number is up from just four years ago when only 30% said they felt less safe. and when asked if they think isis will try to launch an attack on american soil, a whopping 77% say it's likely. so one of the things that i thought was missing from last night's speech, and i was hoping the president would address, is this issue, is what is being done to protect the home lambed. so he -- homeland. he gave a strategy that is this is how we're going to go after isis, this is what we're going to do overseas, but i think a lot of americans are concerned are we doing sure, look, there are people who have american passports who are fighting isis. how are we going to make sure, harris, that they're not going to come into the united states or that they're not in the united states? >> well, to further that, the terrorists said on tape before they beheaded our american
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journalists with the president's name in that video, we're coming. they didn't say necessarily they would board planes, they're saying americans along with europeans who are joining forces with isis, the propaganda war is being won by the terrorists right now. i mean, they are recruiting based on this. the president probably should have mentioned how he plans to keep everybody safe here since the terrorists are saying that they definitely have an eye on coming here. >> right. and, kimberly, even if he didn't give us all the details -- which we don't expect him to do -- shouldn't he have addressed snit. >> i think so, because it would have been more comprehensive. he left out a large part of the problem here because not only do we want to make sure we're protected as a country, our national security interests in dealing with this overseas, but right here at home especially on the eve of september 11th. americans want to have that confidence, that security, that strength in their leader to know that we're doing something here that's going to protect all of us at home. >> all right. breaking news right now, and let's bring you the house speaker, john boehner, who's now
9:20 am
reacting to the president's speech last night. we talked about congress and their role. let's watch. >> this has happened that the president would make that request, and the president would supply the language for the resolution. >> do you believe that support is there? do you believe a resolution will pass? >> i think that we're at the beginning stages of building the kind of support that's necessary from the nation to carry out this plan and to carry it out successfully. but we're at the beginning stages of this. >> this work period that the president requested? >> you're talking about two different things. the president's request was for title x authorization to train and equip syrian rebellings. that's the only -- rebels. that's the only request that has come from the white house at this point, and as i said, i support the president's request. >> mr. speaker, in your remarks last night, you said, you know, a speech is not a strategy. that implies that maybe you don't think that he has fully
9:21 am
laid out a strategy and that you think he is all in. is that the case? >> well, the briefings are continuing with the members, but i can tell you in our conversations this morning a lot of our members don't feel like the campaign that was outlined last night will accomplish the mission that the president says. and that is to destroy isil. and so, frankly, a lot of our members think a lot more needs to be done than what was laid out last night. but, again, the members -- they've been in a briefing since 11 a.m. this morning with the president's top people to outline more of the specifics of what this plan consists was thm reflected -- >> pardon me? >> what was that skepticism that was reflected in your statement last night? >> that i'm not sure we're doing all that we can do to defeat this terrorist threat. and if our goal is to eliminate
9:22 am
isil, there's a lot of doubt whether the plan that was outlined by the president last night is enough to accomplish that mission. >> mr. speaker, there seems to be a sense up here on capitol hill that this is being pushed through, that there's just about a week left before people go back to their midterm campaigns. is this being rushed through too quickly? shouldn't there be more of a debate? is this something that you think this congress will regret? >> the president on tuesday, while i was at the white house, made this request of, the specific request to have the ability to train syrian rebels. i wanted to make sure that members have ample time to have the conversation about this, started today, and it will continue. we'll make a decision sometime next week on how we will proceed. >> chairman mckeon just told a group of reporters that the decision has been made for two votes, a vote on the authorization and then a vote on
9:23 am
the cr. is that true? >> that is not true. >> that is not true? chairman has it wrong? >> look me in the eye. [laughter] there is no decision that's been made on how we're going to proceed. >> could you tell us what your preference is? do you believe that it will be best to have a separate vote on the title x authorization apart from the cr? are you okay with just embedding title x authorization within a much larger -- >> no decision's been made. that's why we had a can conversation with our members today. these are serious discussions. this is a very serious issue, and it ought to be handled that way. and that's why these conversations are going to continue over the weekend so that, so that the congress has ample time to consider the president's decision and to act on it. >> mr. speaker, do you think based on all the information that's been given that the syrian fighters would be a trustworthy and competent
9:24 am
approach? many americans are concerned about u.s. arms going to a force that we don't know everything about. do you think they can be effective? >> based on all the information that i've looked at, the free syrian army has, by and large, been very well vetted by our intelligence officials. today they're in a fight against assad, they're in a fight against isil, and they're in a fight against another al-qaeda affiliate in eastern syria. and they're about to get run over. an f-16 is not a strategy, and airstrikes alone will not accomplish what we're trying to accomplish. and the president's made clear that he doesn't want u.s. boots on the ground. well, minute's boots have to be -- somebody's boots have to be on the ground. so i do believe that what the president has asked for, as the
9:25 am
commander in chief, is this authority to train these syrian rebels and, frankly, we ought to give the president what he's asking for. >> so if i'm hearing you correctly, it sounds like there will, at a minimum, be a vote to give him the authority, the narrow authority he's been seeking, and the question is whether you go beyond that and the timing. and if so, the timing of that action. >> that'd be correct. that's be absolutely correct. >> mr. speaker -- >> mr. speaker, can you talk about how long you let the revolution sit out there? do you hold it so you can see what the president wanted with the understanding that you maybe slip it into that, but at some point do you have to decide to move the cr one way or the other next week to get it done? >> i would hope so. there's no reason to let it last that much longer. >> mr. speaker, do you think the president is wrong then to take u.s. combat troops on the ground in syria off the table right
9:26 am
now? >> listen, we only have one commander in chief. he laid out his plan. i would never tell the enemy what i was willing to do or unwilling to do. but he is the commander in chief. he made that decision. at this point in time, it's important that we give the president what he's asking for. and we've got to keep our eye on the ball. the issue here is about defeating a terrorist threat that is real and imminent. >> thank you. >> all right. and there you have it. house speaker john boehner talking about the president's comments. in just a couple of minutes there, he took some questions, and he was very detailed in his responses x we're going to go around the horn here real quickly. just a couple of highlights, and we're going the kind of retro, if we can, because he just said, quote, i would never tell the enemy what i would or would not do in terms of fighting isis. the president made that
9:27 am
decision. eric? >> that's kind of what i said a couple of minutes ago. we telegraphed what we were going to do in iraq, and that's when al-qaeda, which became isis, started to really grow. i don't agree with a lot of things john boehner had to say, but i think he's right. it's got to go to congress because we, the american people need to know what exactly they know about the fsa, the free syrian army. they may trust them, i certainly don't trust them. if they said we'll give you $500 million, but let's talk about helping out the kurds and the peshmerga who are really in danger and who are really important -- is. >> right, right. >> honestly, i don't care what happens in syria. i'd just like to get isis out of iraq and out of, keep them away from turkey. if they want to go ahead and, you know, blow each other up in that part of the world, let 'em. >> all right. one of the things speaker boehner said, kirsten, is look me in the eye. there's no decision that's been made about how we are going ahead. does that tell you that this
9:28 am
president has kind of been told, you know what? we've got to do this together, or has the president maybe made that decision? >> well, speaker boehner can't tell the president what to do necessarily. if the president thinks he has power under the war powers act and decides to go ahead, how are they going to stop him? i don't think that would be the right decision. i think whether or not he has the legal authority, he should still go to congress because i think that this needs to be a decision that -- like you were saying, it has to be fully vetted. we need to have buy-in from our i can't congress, and i don't think it's something the president should do on his own. >> all right. and, kimberly, the house speaker said he's skeptical about whether they're doing all we can to fight isis. >> believe me, that's the headline of the day. we pay him to be skeptical and to keep this in check. let's see what develop cans out of the quick disagreement with my colleague, mr. bolling, you can't just deal with part of isis -- >> k.g., we never -- they're cockroaches. >> no matter where they go, follow 'em.
9:29 am
they metastasize. >> i agree with that. >> we're going to have to mauve on. >> you know what i liked about that, though, he was taking questions and saying that's correct, look me in the eye. i like the honesty. >> a little breaking news during this hour, we're all over it. if there are more developments on that, we'll tell you about it right here on "outnumbered." meanwhile, there's this: stunning new developments in the ray rice domestic violence scandal. what some people are calling the smoking gun when it comes to what the nfl knew and when they knew it. about that disturbing elevator video. as the league calls in the former head of the fbi to lead an information. an investigation. plus, college students in our nation's capital were asked about the 9/11 attacks, isis and the american journalists killed by the terror group. their answers may shock you. >> have you heard about isis at all? do you know what it is? have you heard about two american journalists being beheaded? no.
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♪ ♪ >> another dramatic turn of events in the ray rice domestic violence scandal. the associated press reporting a law enforcement official now says that five months ago he sent an nfl executive video of the former raichs' star punching -- ravens star punching his future wife in an elevator. the nfl saying, quote: >> butapparently, that denial not enough because late last night the nfl saying it has ordered an independent investigation into the league's handling of the scandal to be headed by the former fbi director, robert mueller. and now congress is getting involved in all of this. nearly a dozen democrats firing off a letter to roger goodell, nfl commissioner, questioning his handling of the case.
9:35 am
so lots of people involved here. we have the fbi, i'll start with you, eric, being our one lucky guy -- >> and athlete. >> and athlete. we have the fbi involved and now congress. >> i'm sorry, 11 democrat congress people decided they want to know more. >> right. house judiciary committee. >> how convenient. they love to perpetrate this war on women, the democrats feel like they're taking the side of women when they do this. why have i heard roger goodell's name 10,000 times in the past week? i've heard ray rice a few times. look, ray rice is the perpetrator. he's a dirtball that deserves everything he gets. where is law enforcement? why aren't we going after the prosecutor, kimberly, who should have really nailed ray rice to the wall, and then it wouldn't be is roj err goodell -- roger goodell right or wrong, is the ravens' organization right or wrong on ray rice? this wouldn't be an issue if the prosecutor had dope her job. >> and greta's been doing a good
9:36 am
job about getting behind the scenes with respect to this story about the grand jury and him being charge with the a noonny and that this kind of got, you know, washed to the side, and why did it? that's what i i want to know. what went on behind the scenes here? i'm telling you, there is a big story to be told. that's why people are still talking about roger goodell, because the buck stops with him. he is the head of the nfl one of the most powerful -- >> and he's done a great job with it. here's the thing -- >> [inaudible] >> people are saying that roger goodell should lose his job, that he should have the same punishment as ray rice? that doesn't even make sense to him. no one's complaining about his job, and all the team owners love him. >> i don't understand the difference between whether they had the video before or after, they knew what happened. >> the piece of the video actually shows -- >> no, no, no. >> ray admitted to it. >> my point is we already know that he knocked her out before we had that video -- >> now it doesn't matter.
9:37 am
>> to see it happening, what's the difference? we had the video of her knocked out, unconscious, getting dragged out of an elevator. >> can i give you an example? the american people weren't behind attacking isis until they saw two beheadings of americans. seeing it change everything. >> uh-huh. >> okay. so maybe that changes it for the average american, it shouldn't change it for the people who are in changer of -- >> that's fair. that's true. >> i'm sorry -- >> you're right. >> somebody knocks out a woman and then drags her out -- >> and we did see that part. >> how much more information do you need? >> i will tell you this though, even though ray rice did admit to it, they did know what happens inside that elevator. for the public, i didn't see the beginning of that video until a i few days ago. i thought, i really did think, well, he's dragging her out, but how do we know she didn't drink too much? i didn't see him physically hit her. i that did make a difference -- >> my god, if you have a wife like that, you're not going to drag her out like she's
9:38 am
yesterday -- >> that's different than her passing out. >> out of the door of the elevator -- >> total disrespect. >> i want to bring this up because it's just crossing from our d.c. bureau. a bipartisan group of 16 senate women have now written to the nfl, league commissioner roger goodell, urging the league to institute a zero tolerance. we are shocked and disgusted by the images we saw this week. one of your players violently assaulting his now-wife and knocking her unconscious and new report that is the nfl may have received this video months ago, and it goes on. so there is now pressure from washington. you asked about roger good can el. look, he's having to do the dance, and i said this all along that no one wants to do between those mega corporate owners, the union contract, the players' union contract and doing the right thing. he's in a tough position. he made $44 million last year. i expect him to figure it out. >> again, yes, absolutely. the nfl admitted they made a
9:39 am
mistake, they fixed it -- maybe not to the extent that these bipartisan group of senators would like them to do and maybe he will -- but, again, we're focusing on the nfl. there are two other groups that are -- three other groups that are more complicit. number one, ray rice, number two, the baltimore raichs. no one's talking about them. they could have taken the first step. >> good point. >> and law enforcement, again, if we all knew, kirsten, why didn't law enforcement -- >> i just wish these athletes would do the right thing, and they wouldn't put anyone in these positions. >> amen. >> you know, they're role models, remember that. because there are a lot of other people that would love to be in their seats, and they would be really upstanding citizens. well, today also marks two years since the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, and while a terror suspect sits in jail, a federal judge delays the trial. we're going the tell you why. also, a group of firefighters, they're so upset with their chief, they're now calling for him to resign. we're going to tell you what he did that sparked that a outrage.
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♪ ♪ >> an illinois fire chief is on the hot seat, no pun intended, after he suspended several firefighters for refusing to remove their patriotic decals from their lockers. last week the chief banned all stickers because he wanted a uniform policy. but after numerous complaints, the fire department chief reversed his decision. however, the firefighters' union still wants him removed from his job because of how he handled the situation. here's one frustrated firefighter. >> my dad was a fireman for 26 years in maywood. i took over his locker, and on the outside of his locker i have a u.s. marine corps decal on my locker. it's been there well over 30 years, you know? i take great offense to that. >> the chief later said he would provide american flag stickers for all the lockers, but
9:45 am
obviously not the helmets. so, eric bolling, you can have your pride if you wear it on the inside. >> yeah, look, you're talking to a guy who wears it every single day on his lapel, i have a flag in my front yard, that's violating my -- and i'm going to fight it. why would the chief want to remove the flag? it's offending someone? i mean, how many times have we heard kids are offended, you can't wear flag shirts to -- who are we offending, illegals? i mean, come on. baseball players wear flags, we wear flags -- >> why would an illegal be offended by a flag? they want to live in the united states. >> they're illegal. >> the point is, we're all americans, why would anyone be offended, and if they are, they need to leave this country. [inaudible conversations] >> my grandparents fought for that flag -- >> they love america, that's why they're here. >> okay.
9:46 am
i'm going to do what kimberly likes for me to do, i'm going to toggle. [laughter] >> the next part of this, okay in i want to ask you about this. i don't know if you guys have read about this. lieutenant colonel sherwood baker tried to meet his daughter, who was sitting in a counseling office at a high school in oakland county, michigan. he was wearing his -- well, you see the picture there. he was dressed -- >> his fatigues. >> yeah. he's an army officer. security at the school wouldn't let him in pause they were afraid -- because they were afraid students would be offended. kimberly? >> honestly, i can't take it. this upsets me so much. i would just literally lose it. there's no reason for them to do that. it is so offensive, deeply offensive. i want to apologize to his family that this school behaved so atrociously and disrespectfully to his service to this country. >> as a lawyer, is there any legal reason why that could possibly happen? i mean, the rochester school superintendent said that -- he issued an apology and says we
9:47 am
don't have a policy for it, but legally would there be any reason to kick somebody in uniform out? >> no. that would strictly be a policy that the school would have -- >> why wouldn't they -- >> or with an ideology that -- >> i would say that you're right. >> you know, with service members of the united states -- >> i would bet that's not even a policy, that some principal said, listen, i'm not going to do this -- >> yeah. because they don't like it. >> in the auditorium or in the gym and having the whole school come out and clap for the guy. that's what they should have done. >> if there's a fire, they're going to make the firemen stand outside? you're not allowed -- >> that's a good question. i don't know if it's a military uniform or uniform in the general. >> no member or women in -- men or women -- >> i thought it was specific. they said this was confusing to the kids and could be offensive, so they're suggesting, to me, that it was something about the fact that it was a military uniform. >> i mean, this isly duck dick louse. >> from the firefighters' decals to the situation at the school,
9:48 am
we're talking about, basically, the same issue. again, if you've got pride, hide it. >> yeah. >> all right. gotta go. stunning developments on the blade rub -- runner's murder trial. we'll have that, stay close.
9:49 am
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9:51 am
>> next week marks an
9:52 am
anniversary of a major national event. do you know what that is? >> next week. no. >> i'm sure you've heard of isis, do you know what the president's strategy is to deal with that? >> i don't. i haven't heard of journalists. >> could you name one of the journalists? >> i couldn't give a name. >> next week marks the anniversary of a local national event. do you know what that is? >> next week is september 11th. >> that clip was from a great group of the conservative youth organization who visited george washington university in the nation's capital to interview students about september 11th, isis, and look what it found? only six out of 30 students recognized this week marks the september 11th attacks. just four out of 30 were able to name one of the american journalists recently beheaded by isis. but check out what happened when they were asked to name a celebrity involved in the nude
9:53 am
photo leak. >> jennifer lawrence. >> 29 out of 30 were able to name least one celebrity -- k.j., our kids. >> what's happening here? >> what is happening? >> i don't know. i mean, we just need to do a better job, i think, in schools of making sure -- >> parents or schools? >> how about both? >> okay. >> or do a job. i mean, i would hate to think that the only way you can get their attention is if you're naked. [laughter] i mean, they know where all the nude photos are, but they can't tell you we're about to fight the most fierce enemy on the planet right now. >> but it's just their age. it's just their age. they're in college -- >> but i knew what was going on in college. >> because you were a journalism major. that's our job, that's our living. >>gw, it's kind of known -- >> how does that mean anything? >> it's a sort of internal nationally- internationally-focused school, it just seems stranged. >> maybe gw stands for gee whiz now. [laughter] >> i do think that when we were
9:54 am
in college if something like the beheadings happened, we would all be talking about, i really do. wouldn't you -- >> i totally agree, but harris has made a weird argument for naked news. i'm a little uncomfortable with it. >> you're not sincere. [laughter] >> certainly not at noon. [laughter] >> to get their attention, pay anticipation to the news. >> jennifer lawrence in unison, but they couldn't come up with isis. >> i'm going to go with parents. parents should be on their kids -- listen, i taught my son from a very young age know the president, know the vice president, even know who's running the federal reserve -- >> yeah. >> but you've got to get your kids involved in this stuff. and something as important as 9/11, we lost 3,000 americans on 9/11. >> that one girl knew it was going to be september 11th, but she didn't necessarily know anything more than what maybe she had an exam. >> kirsten and i were talking about it before and we were all saying growing up when pearl harbor day was. it's going to be sad if our generation doesn't know when
9:55 am
pearl harbor was -- >> and that wasn't because we studied journalism, that was because we studied history. >> i know. i really do think they will learn it eventually, maybe the camera crew was out there all day -- >> it wasn't like you had to wait until college to learn about per harbor -- pearl harbor day. >> great point. there's no excuse that they were maybe only 5-9 years old when this happened. >> do we know how many kids they talked to? >> 30. >> maybe they only talked to six or seven. >> i think what you said is exactly right. when you're sitting around the kitchen table -- which a lot of kids don't do anymore -- make sure you talk to your kids about these political issues. watch fox news. watch -- >> watch fox news online. >> there you go. >> you're right. if any of these kids, if any of these college kids or college professors decided to put fox news channel on for an hour, you would learn more about history and about the country, pride,
9:56 am
patriotism. that's all you'd have to do. >> now we need to do a better job -- >> i say something before we go? can you fix that -- >> it's like you weren't here. >> much better. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> you know, we agree with you. it's been great to have you. >> that's hilarious. when did you have this discussion with jay? >> it was obvious to. we have to fix that. >> he doesn't -- be we appreciate it. okay, we are going to stay right here for you know owp overtime on the web, click about midway through the page. we have a live chat, you can join in the conversation. we are back here for the tv version of "outnumbered" at noon tomorrow eastern. "happening now" starts now. [mu♪
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a fox news alert. air strikes alone will not accomplish what we are trying to accomplish. that's what speaker of the house john boehner had to say moments ago. more reaction to the terror attack. and more breaking news happening now. >> we'll hunt down terrorist and a battle plan revealed. president obama outlines his plan to take on isis terrorist in a prime time address. if you threaten america you will find no safe haven. >> did he rally the nation or fall short of what americans


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