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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 12, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> here's me on graduation day. oh, my god, the hair. here's governor huckabee. loving the muttonchops. woo! >> that hurts. >> thanks so much for being here. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> see you next week. here's shep. >> inside the islamic state. as the white house expands the fight against the terrorists, a member of the militant group now spilling secrets how the organization runs, from its own government,[ to its political some communication wing to what it takes for those who want to join. plus, relatives of the murdered american journalist jim foaley ripping into the white house, saying officials threatened them over their efforts to get their loved one released. we'll hear from the family and the feds. a teenager serving life sentences for a school shooting, jumped the fence at his prison and goes on the run, but doesn't get much farther an football
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field. why wasn't he at a prison with better security? he murdered people. and new word somebody actually warned the prison about the escape plan before it happened. lots of news. let's get to it. >> good friday afternoon from the fox news deck. the islamic state terror group may have three times more fighters than officials first estimated, or may not, because the systems we have been getting from the government lately, for instance the number of people trapped on the mountain, that number was wildly wrong. is this one right? no idea. i can tell you what the government says. the government says, it's more than they first thought. according to the cia specifically, which reports the militant group could have a fighting force of more than 31,000 strong. we cannot confirm that. as the united states prepares to wage an air war without any american combat troops on the ground, or nonthey're admitting to, because there are people on the ground, there's no doubt. a cia official says the islamic
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state picked up new tigers as6ht stormed town after town across iraq and syria. other groups are not wait fog areing for them. westerners have joined, busy a dozen. and unlike other terror groups whose members lay low in caves and rugged terrain, the islamic state operates out in the open to understand this terror group we have to look at how it works. it's unique to us, the way in which it's structured, and how it's grown from a handful of extremists into something resembling a government. >> isis i different than al qaeda. they have land. and having land, means they need people to run it. since capturing the northeast syrian city last year, the group has steadily expanded the areas under its controlled, providing water and electricity, running schools and policing the streets.
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a news reporter rode along with islamic state militants on patrol. it's safe to cover every aspect of life. >> this is not a legitimate government, but it has a degree ofyn organization. >> and at the top is abu bakr al a al-baghdadi. and they have a cabinet and lawmakers made up of religious scholars. >> isis is careful who it brings into its fold. >> the reuters news agency interviewed a member of the group saying someone had to vouch for him before he could join and the organization does not accept anyone until gets an endorse from the state. >> this is not unlike al qaeda. this is a little more
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institutionalized. >> i with the recruitment strategy like support us or die, militants have little trouble blending in with the population. there's another challenge as the president and his war planners pick out targets to strike. wendell goler has that story. why won't they call this a war. >> the president and his aides don't want americans or the muslim world as the war against isis in the same context as the war against iraq. they would be happy to support military objection the -- action the president is take, which he is taking under a law that he the democrats think a war vote would hurt them in november and the president is not pushing that here's josh earnest. >> what the president has said is that this is not a situation of isil against the united states. isil is waging a war against the
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broader international community. and the president is determined to build and lead an international coalition to take the fight to them. so in the same way the united states is at war with al qaeda and affiliates and it's affiliates, the united states is at war with isil. >> in calling for an to end the 13-year-old authorization for the use of military force last year the president said the war on terror, like all wars, must eventually come to an end. >> we're at war but this is not a war. that's delicious. republicans say they're not ready for that. >> they feel the u.s. and the delay in helping moderate syrian rebels aloud the more radical group to grow. isis has 20,000 fights in the syria and iraq, and has been fueled by assad's brutality and the sunni-shia divide in republic. secretary of state kerry did not
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call it a war, and senator john mccain was birth about that. >> this is just like john kerry. when the president said he was going to attack syria in response to thejú&f chemical weapons, that the attack would be, quote, unbelievably small. this is john kerry. >> another republican feels the president has been consistently downplaying the terrorist threat >> remember, we'll be seen as liberators, we'll bet out of there quick, remember that? joining us, the man who wrote a book, the world's most dangerous places. these people operate like a government. is that true? >> somewhat. obviously they have politicians that run different regions but they run more like a criminal gang. they have logistics, supplies, they have to operate like an army. so they're fairly easy to track down.
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>> politics like to say, cut off the head of the snake, in this case the leaders necessarily the -- in fact they aren't the ones running things. >> no. most of these groups have a group of people who make decisions. that's i would you see a lot of number twos biting the dust. baghdadi is more of a figure head like pin bin so if you take him out he is a man on a poster. >> how have they become this mythical thing? i know a lot of social networking and the level of brutality, but the world is suddenly of the belief there's no way we can stop this however many thousands -- don't know if i believe the numbers -- however many thousands of people. seems sort of preposterous on the face of it. >> started withgñ ignorance. we had nobody on the ground to interface with these people and didn't keep track of the continual degradation of what the call the free syrian army and all these young people have been migrating to better funded and more violent groups. the numbers you're seeing,
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15-20,000 people, they all used to be moderate and are now working for somebody who can write them a check. >> the money is coming in, that's true. >> they're still funded. they rob banks, charge taxes. they are a government. people say they aren't but they do charge taxes and have enough money to pay for weapons and for their fighters. >> to convince some of those fighters who carrying the weapons there's a better way you have to offer an alternative and part of the strategy is a new iraqi government. i got to tell you, robert, i'm looking at that list of iraqi leaders and it's the same old names and the same old places, just jumbleed around. >> it's going to be a carrot and a stick, airstrike or get out of dodge. they were mad at maliki and shia but haven't resolved the underlying problem which is the sunnis are minorities in iraq. >> how do you feel about this strategy as it relates to syria,
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would bombing in the air, using rebels rebels and free syrian army and a hodgepodge of people. >> going to be a mess but that's not a bad thing. we have troops designed to train -- trained to handle messes. they can just. sort of smart war concepts. i'm not a fan of big war. i think what we'll see -- we'll look at something and try it, adjust, try something else. so it's going to be a very surgical war, and i hope don't jump in with bot feet. >> most peopleuo who have any credibility on this matter have suggested that we go slowly here, that seems to be what is happening. and you're on board with that. >> absolutely. operations, using airstrikes, getting intelligence sources on the ground, using this hub and spoke intelligence gathering to take out the wheels, is the way to proceed, and watch how the politics follows behind it. once these 20,000 isis members find out as soon as they get in
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the truck with the flag they get vaporized that changes the dynamics. >> probably quit flight the flag if that's the case. good to see you-robert. thank you. >> good to see you. >> it's a war. they don't want to call it war because, after 180 -- under the war powers act he can for 90 days send them and then reauthorize it himself but after 180 days the congress has to 180 days the congress has to vote on that thing, that thingn
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because the sun rows this morning we have a new wrinkle in the ray rice domestic abuse case and could spell more trouble for
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the commissioner of the national football league, roger goodell, sources are telling espn that rice admitted he punchedl his then-fiancee in the face when he met with him in june. roger goodell said it was, quote, ambiguous, unquote, about what happened. that nobody at the nfl had seen the footage from inside the elevator when rice knocked out his future wife. roger goodell said the story with rice's people was ambiguous. rice is telling another story and so are witnesses. goodell says that is why he suspended the running back for just two games at the time but his story about unclear, but when he brought the body out there almost lifeless, passed out there that part had to have been clear. keep in mind the "associated press" reported a law enforcement official did in fact send a copy of the video to an executive at the nfl in april. as we reported, that had prompted the league to open whatted called an independent investigation over which two
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owners will have jurisdiction. our chief correspondent jonathan hunt has been following this thing since it began. seems like four years ago. every day it's something else. >> it really is. this new report, puts new pressure on roger goodell to tell exactly what he knew and when he knew it. the espn report details a june 16th meeting in the commissioner's office where ronalder goodell met with ray rice, jania rice, and other officials,q four sources described as being close to rice, apparently telling espn that at that meeting rice came clean. one source quoted as saying, ray didn't lie to the commissioner. he told the full truth to goodell. he made it clear he had hit her. another quote from an espn source, there was no ambiguity about what happened. now, those claims directly contradict what roger goodell himself told cbs news earlier this week.
12:16 pm
listen here. >> when we make a decision we want to have all the information that is available, and obviously that was -- when we met with ray rice and his representatives, it was ambiguous about what actually happened. >> at this point goodell's job does not seem to be under any threat. the team owners clearly like him, they made a lot of money ly are the only ones who could actually force him out. >> the ravened had their way with the steelers, and how many women were wearing his jersey? >> a big night for the baltimore ravens and interesting to see how many supporters, men and women, showed up showing support for ray rice by wearing that number 27 jersey. listen to a couple of them here. >> i still like ray rice as a player and a person. what he does off the field, shouldn't matter. >> i still think he is a good person who made a big mistake.
12:17 pm
>> the ravens won the game, of course, but the domestic violence issue forced changes to cbs's pregamevk show. we talked yesterday about how rihanna, a victim of violence at the handed of her then-boyfriend, chris brown, recorded this highly produced opening number for thursday night. that was scrapped ted last minute by cbs, replaced with a discussion about this issue. there's a lot of people at the nfl who are going to be very glad to get the focus back on football this sunday, but monday comes around again. >> james brown led that discussion felt like it was worthwhile. this isn't a football thing. this is everywhere, and the victim is not the perpetrator -- >> very smart of cbs to do that. set the tone. >> i thought it was, some somebody got to step up and lead. >> yep. >> thank you. much more on the -- to discuss on the ray rice case and how to the nfl handled it or mishandled it, depending on your position and what it all really means for the nfl commissioner's future if anything at all.
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more on ray rice and another potential blow to the nfl commissioner roger> let's bring in the managing edit for daily where are we? >> we're in a lot of mud right now. roger goodell has sunk his stake
12:22 pm
into saying that things were ambiguous think did not see the video. contrary to what espn is reporting, the ap is reporting, multiple sources contradict what the nfl and goodell is saying, this investigation won't be a one-week type of investigation. this is going to be probably multiple weeks, maybe even a month. during this time espn will be doing reporting, fox sports, yahoo! so these are to the things front and center they're going to have to rye reply to. >> in the end does it matter? unlike a casino elevator, whatever offers they were using probably didn't have a camera so just going to be they said/they said. >> right now four different sources associated with ray rice came out and said he did hit her. roger goodell said that things are ambiguous, me question is how could he have left that interview saying things are ambiguous. that's what you have to ask in terms of the investigation.
12:23 pm
and why interview janay rice with ray rice in the room. there are multiple layers to that are contradictblurt((r other at every aspect. >> i'm not sure if we're not all a it hypocritical about this, some players have been convicted and are still playing. >> you look at greg hardy and ray mcdonald, things the nfl bungled again. greg hardy got fined, not for domestic abuse, but for wearing too much eye black. the nfl shines the shield and then sullies itself by doing silly things and not looking at the big picture. >> at some point usually these things have a cycle, natural cycle, new bit every day. now we're about to hit the weekend.
12:24 pm
what about monday? >> how much new news will be broken, which organization is going to put the hammer down on the nfl. i think once you go into the weekend, once they're games, once everyone gets unfortunately a little fatigued by this story, we may be looking at things going back to what is happen with your fantasy team and the standings. >> why are the rebels favored by 28-1/2 points. i understand. thank you. thej&t/ olympic blade runn, oscar pistorius, is guilty of culpable homocide. the suggest african equivalent of manslaughter in the shooting death of his]d girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. that's what a judge ruled a day after she found him not guilty of murder. pistorius pit had frequently broken down in tears during the trial but today he did not show any signs of emotion. the blade runner says he accidently shot and killed his model girlfriend last year on valentine's day because he thought she was an intruder, something no one on planet earto believed from day one. but prosecutors say pistorius
12:25 pm
murdered steenkamp during an argument the judge said there was not enough evidence to convict him of premeditated murder, as she put it, and the athlete's family members say they are grateful. >> a big burden off us. off our shoulders and oscar. we always knew the effect, and we had never any doubt in oscar's version. of this tragic incident. >> now, pistorius could face a maximum of 15 years in prison, but he could get just a fine and not a single day in prison. prosecutors will wait until after the sentencing hearing next emergency before they dad to file a appeal. >> the toronto mayor rob ford is pulling out of the election, month away fromss the big shindg there in toronto, as he waits results of a biopsy. we're waiting to hear what the results are. plus, relatives of the american
12:26 pm
journalist, jim foaley, are slamming the u.s. government as islamic state terrorist cut off foley's head. why they've say the feds threatened them with prosecution. that's ahead.
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12:28 pm
>> a fox report now. the headlines from across america. first stop, nebraska. an american doctor who fought off the ebola virus has given some of his blood to another doctor battling the disease. according to hospital officials in omaha. they say -- rick sakra is responding well to treatment. the outbreak has killed 2,000 people. >> california. investigators say three people died after a pickup truck flew into a capon north and west of los angeles. two others were hurt and rescuers airlifted at least one of them to the hospital. in connecticut. look at that fire ball. flames tearing through a building that houses a recycled
12:29 pm
t 90 miles outside the city. officials say they told people to stop fishing after a weird red foam turned up in the water. nobody was hurt in the fire and no word on what caused it.
12:30 pm
12:31 pm
the toronto mayor rob ford today dropped his bid for re-election amid reports he has a tumor in his abdomen. he sent out statement today, and mayor ford cited a serious medical issue in his decision, said he could now be facing the battle of his lifetime. the past year has been. are tumultuous at best for the mayor. he grabbed headlines for antics involving drinking and drug use. the crack-smoking mayor, actually admit he smoked crack. mayor ford says he asked his brother, doug ford to run for mayor in his place. the brother filed the paperwork to run today and is set to speak to the media tonight.
12:32 pm
trace gallagher is here. what else this mayor saying, if anything? >> just saying he can't commit to the top job right now. it's questionable whether or not he would have won re-election. the deadline to get in and out of the race was 2:00 eastern time. ford dropped out of the race and at 1:52 his brother, doug ford, entered the race, apparently at his brother's request, rob ford issued a statement in part, read, quote, i asked doug to finish what we started together so that all we have accomplished isn't washed away. i asked doug to run to become the next mayor of toronto because we need him. we cannot go backwards. rob ford is now running for his old city council position because, while he can't take the top job, he says he does not want to turn his back on the city. but whichever ford runs for mayor, it will be an uphill battle because the latest polls show the man they are running against, john tori, hat 40% of the vote, rob ford, only 28% of
12:33 pm
the vote. >> what more do we know about rob ford's health? >> we know that he went into the opt this week and was having severe abdominal pain and they found that they quoted as a fair-sized tumor. it has been biopsied and will take a week to get the result. if it is cancer they'll go in and see if the cancer spread. the big concern here is colon cancer, colorectal cancer. that's what his father died of eight years ago, and in 2009, rob ford had a malignant tumor on6l1w his -- appendix, and hasd breathing trouble, and kidney stones. so the mayor is not in great health. >> trace gallagher in los angeles, thank you. an american citizen accused of tearing up his visa and trying to get asylum in north korea is set so to go before that country's supreme court, and legal analysts say aaí quick
12:34 pm
guilty verdict is a done deal. his name is math knew miller. he was arrested in april. state media reports have not explained why hi may have torn up his visa. he pleaded for the united states to send somebody to get him but so far that handed happened. analysts say if the court finds him guilty his punishment to range from forgiveness and deportation to a very long prison system at hard laborment one of three americans detained in north korea we know of. usual officials told family members of the murdered american jim foley they could face criminal charges if they tried to raise a ransom to free him, according to foaley's father.nds and said they did ask for donations in hopes of negotiating a ransom. >> we were told we might be prosecuted. big deal. i'd rather be in brain here than my son inning prison over there. nobody has ever been prosecuted for doing that. we were under a great deal of duress, and at that point we
12:35 pm
really had no misgivings. that was the only route open us to. >> more of that interview tonight. foaley's brother told the kelly file that the government threatened his family and got in the way of their efforts to free foley before lahmic state militants cut off his head. the white house today would not comment on the government's communications with the foley family but said the u.s. policy is, we do not pay ransom. u.s. officials say it is illegal for american citizens to pay money to terrorizes. the feds also said special operations forces tried to rescue jim foley and other american hostages at some location in syria but the prisoners were not there. ourpa catherine herridge is in washington. >> a military source says the intelligence suggests after the leaks the remaining hostages were disbursed to multiple
12:36 pm
locations and the guard forces were doubled inch addition the source said the now public information about the scope of new aerial surveillance in the region has caused isis to change it patterns of activities on the ground. this more than the republican chairman of the house homeland security committee weighed in. >> anytime you leak very highly sensitive tactical information, you're getting -- giving away your road map, your strategy, and giving the enemy an opportunity to respond to that and that's precisely what has happen. >> the national security council spokeswoman said that any claims the administration is to blame for the leaks are baseless. >> sounds like rescue attempts are going to get harder. >> the military sources stressed the foley mission was considered ongoing after the raid in july, add that the now can by available details on the raid made it more difficult to secure the remaining hostages because their disbursed and increases the risk to special operators. when this story broke about the rescue mission in syria, the
12:37 pm
administration blamed unnamed reporters for getting the story and -- >> we regret we had to talk about this. there was absolutely no intention of ever having to talk about that rescue attempt, but because of leaks, to certain reporters, it forced our hand to try to provide some context to that. >> former pentagon officials told fox news the white house insisted on more intelligence last summer that it be allowed to build up further before the julyhz mission. the national security council spokeswoman insisted there was no delay by the from act on that information. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> ukrainian troops and russian-backed rebels exchange dozens of prisoners overnight. officials say that exchange took place outside the rebels' stronghold of donetsk, and international observers were on hand. analysts say each side is likely holding hundreds of prisoners. a cease fire took effect a week
12:38 pm
ago but fighting has not stopped entirely. witnesses say they heard rocket fire shortly after the prisoner exchange. the united states and union today toughened economic penalties against russia over the crisis in ukraine. the punishment targets russia's largest bank, a weapons prq russian president, vladimir. putin, reportedly calls the punishment strange and says he is consider how to responsible. >> coming up, look inside the coalition of several arab countries that are against the islamic state. why some analysts say those nations have to get past their own differences first. as we enter their civil war. that's next. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than
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rescue workers in india and pakistan are stepping up their efforts as deadly flooding wreaks havoc on almost two
12:42 pm
million people. images in our slide show for you this afternoon. they are not pretty. this flood i can is epic. each nation reports it's rescued tens of thousands of people. that is a person in there. here in some ruins, this is left of some homes. officials say the water destroyed hundreds of villages, nearly 500 people are dead, hundreds of thousands more homeless. and here you can see people wading through the water to deliver supplies. look at this -- look at coming up out of the water here to come up onf to this platform. reportedly some of the worst flooding in about a century, and more rain is expected to hit just this weekend. in india, the military and private doctors have set up medical camps to treat water-born diseases, and other people are just trying to get mud out of their homes. these people removing mud from the house. again, forecasters warn the area could get even more flooding in the coming weeks.
12:43 pm
analysts say the obama administration's coalition of arab countries in the fight against the islamic state is encouraging. take a look at the wall. u.s. officials now say ten arab states vowed to help fight isis, including saudi arabia, qatar -- which is interesting -- bahrain and iraq. analysts point out those countries have to get past their own differences with the united states and each other, and one of them just might have to get past the idea it's funding the people. it may be. we think qatar us but i can't get a straight answer. ambassador is a former state department spokesman, former u.s. ambassador to bahrain. i what are these states going to do? >> it's clear now that saudi arabia will train the syrian opposition on its territory, as will jordan, and i think it's important to mention that jordan was there at the meeting and signed on to the communique. that's number one. number two, look, we have done,
12:44 pm
what, 150-plus airstrikes in iraq and against isis targets in the last couple of weeks. most of the airstrikes have been with some carriers that operate out of the fifth fleet headquarterses in bahrain. so there are a lot of logistical, political support these countries give us. i think, shep, the most important thing that these guys do -- >> give us boots on the ground. >> i think the iraqis have enough boots and i'm not sure how many extra boots these guys would have happened -- the iraqi don't have an army. i have it on 100% assurance from a dozen sources they're not organized, not ready to go, not equipped, not trained, not ready, period. >> they have had some battlefield presence. i don't want to overstate the iraqi' capabilities but more important than boots on the ground from saudi arabia or jordan or wherever, is, look, the battle against isis is not
12:45 pm
going to be won and a lot of people said this -- until the sunni population of iraq, which is considerable, about six million people -- until and unless the sunni population of iraq stop siding with isis, stop siding with a sunni army -- >> who are they supposed to side with? a government that is exactly like the government they used to have. it took nouri al-maliki and made him the vice-president. the same bunchciy9 of people, te same ideas. it's a disaster. >> well, look, the jury is still out. i wouldn't rush to conclusions. initial signs, as you say, certainly aren't positive. but, look, the sunnies in iraq have to know -- have to have confidence that their future -- >> but they don't. >> is being looked after. >> if they don't have that confidence, but they don't have a government that gives them that confidence. they didn't have that confidence. we inept there last time. when they stood up and sew can
12:46 pm
stand down and now we're gifting involved in a civil war, that we clearly do not understand, and we don't have a government to back up anything if anything we do goes right, who is going to keep ill right? nobody. bashar al-assad on one side and nouri al-maliki and his cronies on the other. it's crazy. >> yes. i would say that -- again, don't want to paint too rosy a picture. >> that's good. >> i would say the two things that might be different this time than what happened after we left in 2010 are, number one -- look, you got to take the u.s. government at its word. number one, they've heard different noises and received different pledges from the current iraqi government so let's take them at their word. let's test their intentions. and number two, the sunnis, thearch sunni nations of the -- the major sunni nations of the region have finally signed on to a coordinated effort to support
12:47 pm
the sunnies in iraq, to move away from these extremistses again, we have to test that. but, look, the important point here is that nobody said this is going to be quick and easy. it's going to take a long time. and in my view, the recent agency reports about isis strength only increase the weight of the task. >> if they're true, and i don't have any way to know if they're true. ambassador, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you, shep. >> i'm hopeful. sadly hope is not a strategy. i'm not even really hopeful. just doesn't look like. we can go in there and bomb, great, but you gotwwin over the people. they have to have a place to go. the problemes they're divided and having a civil war, and they need a place that speaks to them, that gives them some involvement in their government. that's the reason they're so disillusioned according to every report. so there's a new government. they get this new government in there and who do they bring? nouri al-maliki. he is the one who sent them packing before. i mean, insanity.
12:48 pm
it is insanity. and if you day more than 180 days you have to get congress involved. >> fox report now. more headlines. the man accused of killing his five children has mental health problems, you think? he needs an evaluation as soon as possible. that's according to his tomorrow police are not saying how or why he killed the three boys and two girls. the investigators they'll death was violin, as opposed to unviolent deaths. he wrapped the bodies in trash bags, drove them across several states. the family holding a memorial for the children who were between one ask eight years old general motors issued a stop delivery order for thousands of 2015 corvettes. not even 2015 yet. executives say they need to fix two different potential problems with the air bag anddw the park can brake. so far the company reports itself is not re-calling any
12:49 pm
corvettes. that have already been sold. >> three inmates including a convicted murderer, school shooter who shot three of his classmate, escaped from prison for several hours last night. prison officials apparently knew about the escape plan ahead of time but did not stop it. you're driving along,
12:50 pm
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>> folkses in the navy are searching for a pilot after two fighter jets collided over the western pacific ocean. it happened today about 280 miles west of wake island. this is out in the middle of nowhere. this is guam over here, and then here's wake and way over here is honolulu. about 2300 miles, so in the middle of the deep blue sea. the navy uses this island as a
12:53 pm
stopover fueling station. navy officials say the rescuers were able to find the other pilot who is now getting treatment. a spokesman says the pilot is in fair condition but the search continues for the other. this is the type of jet they were flight, an fa-18 hornet. the jets were operating out of a carrier headed to the persian gulf. the carrier set to replace the george h.w. bush, which was -- the military has been using as part of its air strike campaign inmates had a plan to escape a day before the inmates escaped. that's according to the union that represents ohio's prison guards. awe tree of the prisoners, including a convicted murderer, school shooter, are behind barsñ happened 80 miles south of toledo. take eight troopers five hours to find this convicted killer. he was just 100 yards from the prison. and his name is t.j. lane.
12:54 pm
that guy who, during the trial -- that's a still picture of him. the video from the trial, he smirked the whole way through. he murdered three of his classmates in 2012. prosecutors say he took a pistol to each in the high school cafeteria and fired off ten shots into a crowd of students, three killed and another paralyzed. and here's the sentencing. wore that white t-shirt that said killer on it, and during the hearing he americaed. he is smirk nothing more tonight. serving three life sentences. derrick teney has more on this. if they knew the day before they had a plan to get out, what happened? >> well, prison officials say there's an investigation underway to get the details. what they know is the three convicts somehow climbed and scaled a 100-foot barbed fire fence but didn't get far elm concern is the report from the union. on wednesday the ohio civil
12:55 pm
service employees association says its guards warned prison officials about handescape plan they discovered from an inmate but nothing was&s done. reached out to the state's prison department for a response and we're still waiting to hear back. the investigation is now underway after police found the three inmates less unanimous 100 yards from the prison fences. t.j. lane, when police found him, had a pitchfork in his hands but didn't put up any kind of fight and wouldn't tell police just how they broke out. >> they have had problems at that prison, garrett. >> they really have. in fact just earlier this year, in april, state department issued a report citing concerns over security because this prison was more than 250 inmates over capacity. now, they also say they are looking into why it is that lane, who is facing three life sentences, was being housed in a facility for minimum to medium security inmates and not a maximum security facility. >> that's a good question.
12:56 pm
thank you. final check of the dow, and a nod toward the top over the hour after this. thlook what i got.p. oh my froot loops! [sniffs] let's do this? get up! get up! get up! get up! loop me! bring back the awesome... yeah! yeah! yeah! with the great taste of kellogg's froot loops. follow your nose! i research. i dig. and dig some (trader more. search. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier.
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some americans travel miles and miles to see the northern lights but now scientists say they can soon be visible right here in the lower 48. forecasters sayso already storms could put the northern likes on display tonight. anywhere from the pacific northwest all the way to new england. and maybe even as far south as maryland. >> on this day back in 1953, john f. kennedy married jacqueline, and they met a year earlier. he was in congress. and photographer in d.c. they invited more than 700 people to the wedding in rhode island but 3,000 wait outside the church just trying to get a look at the newlyweds. seven years later the kens moved into the white house. of course tragedy would follow
1:00 pm
but jfk and jackie said, i "i do" 61 years ago today. it's friday. have a great weekend. the dow is off 61 or so but not a bad week. enjoy your weekend. see you on monday. >> ♪ >> this is not a cavuto reunion. this party is no monkey business, and guess, guess, who is getting hammered. >> i'm a social drinker. very social. >> indeed, it's our lead. monkeys getting sloshed and it's all on your dime. the national institute of health spending $4 million over five years to study the effected of excessive drinking on


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