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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 14, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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in washington at a rally for israel. you can get more information at ra.............................. stay tuned for "justice with judge jeanine." hello, and welcome to "justice." breaking news tonight. the islamic state militants release a video claiming to show the beheading of david haines, a british humanitarian worker. it appears to show haines' murder and is previous to the similar video of foley and sotloff. the united states strongly condemns the barbaric murder of david haines by the terrorist group isil. our hearts go out to the family
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of david haines and to the people of the united kingdom. we stand shoulder to shoulder tonight with our close friend and ally in grief and resolve. we will work with the united kingdom to bring the to justice. much more on this coming up. but first, to my open. after weeks of diterring on isis, no strategy, containing them, degrading them, and destroying them, finally we are clear-eyed. a definitive counterterrorism campaign against the islamic state but not against islam or against the state, so who are we fighting? mr. president, why are you so afraid of words? you scrub national security documents of the word jihad,
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which is muslim for war against unbelievers. why did you scrub the word islamist in the benghazi talking points? just weeks before a midterm electi election, the vast majority of americans, mr. president, believe you don't have a clue about foreign policy. you refuse to use the word, war. what's with the counterterrorism offensive? what do you think you are jack bauer? this isn't 24. when you bomb people, send in drones to kill people, order a thousand military advisers to iraq and they cut off our heads, i've got news for you. we're at war. even your own pentagon says, we
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know we're at war. so why? might not saying the word war allow your buddies not to do a war vote in an election year? even "the new york times" says your arab allies only offer tempered support. you are not a true ally. you are not a man of your word and because you are not there for them. evidence, egypt. you support eed mubarak. even the egyptians ousted this muslim brother because he was too extreme. he imposed sharia law and tried to give parts of egypt to
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terrorists. their newly elected president still has not gotten the arms you gave to the muslim brothers as they fought their own war in egypt against extremists. evidence, you got out of iraq too soon. the consequences were predicted by your predecessor. >> i know some in washington would like us to start leaving iraq nownow. to begin withdrawing before your leaders tell us, would mean surrounding the future of iraq to al qaeda. it would mean we would be risking massive killings on a horrific skill. the terrorists would establish a safe haven in iraq to replace the one they lost in
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afghanistan. we would have to increase the probability that american troops would have to come in at some later date to confront an enemy that's more dangerous. >> i guess he's right. even more evidence, jordan, saudi arabia, and the united arab emirates, they were all ready to fight in syria until you backed up from that so-called red line. at least president gw bush got 49 countries to support the al qaeda war. you missed up big time by disclosing your failed attempt to rescue those now beheaded american journalists, but you're clear-eyed. >> let's make two things clear. isil is not islamic. no religion condones the killing
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of innocents and the vast majority of isil's victims are not islamic. >> they are radical extremist muslims, clearly a perverted form of islam just like christian extremists who use christianity as an excuse to kill, and yes, they are killing moderate muslims. so why is it so hard for you to say islamic extremists or radical muslim terrorists? if they're not muslim, why is does their leader have a phd in islamic studies? if they're not muslim, why do
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they implement sharia law? if they're not islamic, why do they call themselves an islamic state? by the way, mr. president, what is the common denominator of these groups? i know the truth is hard for you. the fact that you say the majority of victims are muslims is irrelevant. moderate muslims are not extreme enough for these terrorists, e die. if the terrorists are not muslims, why did a whole city of 1 million christians run for their lives? if they're not muslims, why do we give them korans when we imprison them? with all due respect, seeing that you can't figure out your own country's first amendment, who are you to say what is
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muslim and what isn't? and that's my open. dennis ross, all right, good evening, ambassador. new footage by these isis militants claiming the murder of david haines. your reaction? >> look, they said they would do this. we know who they are. they seek to engage in these kind of outrages because it is their way of demonstrating their kind of power. they hope or think this is somehow going to be a source of an attraction for them. typically right after they have suffered a setback, that's when you go ahead and see them carry out a beheadings to divert attention that they have suffered a setback.
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there are no limits with them. we have to destroy them. >> well, he finally figured that one out. but, ambassador, let me ask you this. what might they have suffered that they have to behead another person? the president gave a speech several days ago. what's happened since then? >> this video was taken shortly after a dam was taken from them. they have suffered some setbacks from iraq. that's what i'm suggesting. when they suffer setbacks, they want to divert attention away. or when the president makes a speech and the united states wants to organize a coalition, this is their answer. they want to show they're there and they want to humiliate the west. >> you believe we are at war, yes. we are, yes. >> we are fighting an enemy that
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respects nothing and therefore has to be defeated and the only way to defeat them is militarily. this is a conflict. this is a war. the term war is an issue probably because it relates to questions do war powers kick in and the like. >> can we defeat isis and what will it take? >> it's going to take the united states acting militarily. sunnis tribes turned against them. they revolted against them and then the surge that we had with general petraeus provided money and arms. we supported them. once again, we need the sunnis tribes to revolt against them. sunnis need to turn against them
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and discredit them. they have to be delegitimized. sunnis can delegitimize them. that's why you need saudi arabia, the emirates, jordan. you need the states to make it clear this is their enemy. you have the king of saudi arabia declaring that they're enemy number one of islam. there is a context here. not just for them to make it clear they're not legitimate, but also for them to play a major role in terms of providing intelligence, arms, support the troops in a way that provides not just financial support, clearly they believe the more that we do, the more steps they'll need to take. >> when we hear about this latest beheading and the video allegedly shows this beheading, the united kingdom -- clearly,
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we need the help of the sunnis and the gulf countries, but the united kingdom, you believe they will be front and center in this as well? >> well, they have to. this should be the international community against isis. isis should be seen as legitimate by nobody. it shouldn't be the united states against isis. isis would like that. they would like to say they're fighting us. it can't be only us alone. >> we're coming up against a break here. we have president bush with 49 countries, 47. now we have nine. what's the reluctance? >> i think there's a he hsitanc to see what our strategy is going to be. when we make it clear what we're prepared to do, we can ask ours to act as well. it shouldn't only be on us.
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when we take the following steps, this is what we expect of you. >> let's hope that happens. always good to have you on. much more on
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breaking news, islamic terrorist group isis releasing a video showing the beheading of british hostage, david haines. first, your reaction to the breaking news tonight. >> this was a kind of in your face to our president. in your face to david cameron. i don't think the president said anything the other night that scared isis in the least. i don't think president obama said anything that made any of our coalition partners
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confidence about how much we're in the game. >> what he said was you'll find that these terrorist groups when things are on the downside for them, they'll do a beheading to show their strength, to draw attention away from an alleged weak feeling. do you agree with that? >> we've had a couple of successes. the dam, the mosul dam, those are minor tactical victories. they don't establish the overall objective of weakening or destroying isis. i don't totally agree with the ambassador. >> do you believe that the president is now saying when he's going after isis and syria without ground troops, he's putting the burden on the syrian troops? >> the burden to fight isis has always been on the syrian army. they started the fight with these islamist extremists in
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january. the united states needs a partner on the ground in the heartland of where isis operates. syrian tribes and the army have taken the fight. time for the united states to jump in all the way. >> now we're saying that we're going to arm them. how do we know who we are arming? >> you have to have due process and due diligence. the united states government has been working behind the scenes with freedom fighters on the ground in syria. there's been a training program that's been hosted in regional arab states. now it is time to expand it so the pentagon can come in and work with these guys on the ground. >> do you think we even have time for this? we're going to have to vet these individuals that we're going to start arming. is that what you're suggesting? >> yes. >> okay. >> the real issue is the timing. it takes time to put a coalition together. it takes time to get the iraqi forces reequipped and ready to
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go back to battle. we don't know how much time all this is going to take, but we do know one thing. while it is taking time, isis is continuing to consolidate and recruit by the thousands. >> isis grows stronger every day. >> you late these guys consolidate, they're going to be here in new york. how many more people have to be beheaded before the message is loud and clear that this is a global war? we can't delay. air strikes must happen. >> well, they are happening. does isis have an achilles heel? >> i don't think they do. i don't think we're going to know whether or not they do for a long time. the president should have announced the other night the immediate commencement of air strikes on every known and suspected isis target in iraq or
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syria. that would have at least got us on a path where we could have seen things fall together and make a dent on isis. zero impact on the big picture, judge. >> does that surprise you? >> not at all. not from this president. i think he's still trying to scratch his head and figure out what to do. he just doesn't want to be a man of action. >> or maybe he wasn't listening. last word. >> syria is the piece here. you have to strike straight from the heart. that's the nail in the coffin of isis. it's already too late, but we can -- the united states, on the ground, can finally take the fight to isis in syria. >> we'll see what's going to be on the ground. thank you so much. coming up, a nuclear plant here in america left completely
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vulnerable to attack. what
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i told you about an attack at a major substation in april 2013. expert marksmen take out 17 transformers that provide power to silicon valley. pgne promises to put $100 million into protecting substations. fast forward to 2014. the same perimeter fence is penetrated and again, no one arrested. even when companies know their facilities are a target, they still can't get it right.
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before we get to that, i want to talk to you about the beheading of the british humanitarian aid worker. your thoughts on that? >> i'm sorry to say, jeanine, i think this will be just one of many of these kinds of -- well, evidence of what is driving these jihadists, namely sharia. pursuant to sharia, beheading a perfectly legitimate means of demonstrating your dominance of your enemies and liquidating them with terrifying effect on the rest of the population. and i think the isis guys, like others in al qaeda, like boca haram, like the taliban, and so on, have in fact, demonstrated their commitment to this doctrine of sharia and are seeking to impose it worldwide. this will be one of the
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instruments by which they try to do that. >> and we had ambassador dennis ross on. he said they generally do these beheadings when they're perceived as being in a lower -- the perception is not as strong as they feel they should be, so they do this to kind of reenforce their strength. you agree with that? >> look, i think the truth of the matter is that beheadings take place all the time. they're going through this process of beheading westerners to challenge us. whether it serves their purposes to deflect their attention from some tactical reverse or whatever other reason, i don't know. but i will say this. i think you better expect more of the same because they believe it is working. they believe they are, in fact, achieving what god tells them
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they will, which is this triumph of islam sharia over others. that's why i say i think there's more to come. >> let's segue to what we originally intended to talk about, which is the grid. san jose, all this hoopla. it's never going to happen again. at this point, it seems like punks breakthrough the perimeter and steal some construction equipment. what's happening? is our grid protected? >> sadly, i think what you see in this episode, both what i call metcalfe 1.0 and 2.0, is this metcalfe substation, like a great many others that make up this important critical infrastructure of this country, is not adequately protected. the macro level in many ways is
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troubling. you have the evidence that has come to light since that first attack. within three days of it takes place, a group which is responsible for setting the standards for security, physical and otherwise, took down the physical security standard that they had been working on. not to fix it, not to make it stronger, but to eliminate. and until february of this year, whatever, almost ten months later, there was no such standard. when "the wall street" journal broke this story, they scrambled to put something together. they left out six critical regional control facilities. >> frank, the viewers are saying why? >> why on earth are they doing it is -- perhaps you can answer it, but just to make this final point, if i may. >> yeah. >> what they did is prompt the foundation for resilient
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society, a terrific watchdog group, to say there are 100 million people that are going to lose power because those regional facilities are left out. the regulatory commission said, you actually need to include those. the nerc said no. this is a system that is broken, but they're not being addressed. >> a couple months ago, frank, attackers gained access to an arizona substation and they placed a makeshift bomb next to a thousand gallon diesel tank and no one arrested. it's not like our enemies don't know how to do this. your thoughts? >> no, they certainly know. i think our government knows about the vulnerability of our grid. the only people -- the american
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people are still largely in the dark about these vulnerabilities. the process by which these efforts are made in a real way that materially improves the resiliency of the grid, there's a real risk the american people are going to be put in the dark permanently if enemies take advantage of these vulnerablas y vulnerabiliti vulnerabilities. >> and you and i know the consequences. a new jersey teen gunned
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breaking news tonight. isis militants release footage they claim shows the beheading of british hostage, dave haines. the barbaric army now at 31,000 fighters. with me, former cia chief, gary
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bernson. your reaction to the beheading news tonight? >> of course, it is a horrifying incident and these are going to continue. isis is going to continue to do this to intimidate and humiliate and to try to put pressure on the west. >> all right. but the fact that after our president comes out and says, you know, we're going to declare this counterterrorism offensive, which his own department had to clear up and say, he really meant to say war, shouldn't we have been ready? >> clearly the white house and the president are not handling in well. i wish they would stop saying what they're not going to do. in terms of we're not putting ground forces. we're going to use special operations forces and their capability, period.
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leave it at that. by making the statements he's been making, our allies and this coalition he's trying to build are not going to join us. >> exactly. but let's say one of these specialists, whatever he wants to call them, is injured or killed. then do we put troops on the ground? >> look, we had -- when we did the invasion of afghanistan, we had cia officers and special operations forces on the ground doing the air strikes, doing the intelligence. this war will only be won by doing that. we're going to work with syrians, surely. we're going to have to put people on the ground. all of this nonsense about saying we're not going to have anybody on the ground is just that. nonsense. >> you know, gary, you are well experienced in this area. if i had to go through everything that you've done, i wouldn't have time for this segment. have you ever seen a president say, this is when we're leaving.
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this is what we're not going to do. this is not an islamic state. this is not war. this is counterterrorism. i thought i was watching "24." >> for me, it is incomprehensible. it's hard for me to understand who is advising the president. it doesn't fit in the frame work. there was a guy in the early 1960s who wrote the frame work on counterinsurgency. he would be rolling over in his grave if he saw what this white house is doing. >> why? >> it doesn't fit in the paradigm of what we teach. if you look at his counterinsurgency manual, it's a rehash. he understands you needed to use your own forces, local forces, a mix of things. >> all right. >> we don't have the time to go through all the mistakes this administration is making. >> listen to this. if we need other partners,
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seeming as we didn't come through with egypt, what we promised to the muslim brothers and we didn't follow through on that red line threat, do we really expect to have allies from the arab nations join us? >> you're opening segment was on spot. the fact is we've not been a reliable partner to these countries during this administration, and they have absolutely no reason to believe that we are going to follow through. >> gary, always good to have you on. thanks so much, gary. with me now, the founder of the investigative project. isis claims to have beheaded this british hostage. your reaction tonight? >> isis is very adept at manipulating the entire world. this is a recruitment video. goe jihadis from the west. there's a reason why they're videotaping it. there's a reason why they're
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using british or foreign jihadis to do the executions. there's a reason why these videos recruit thousands more western jihadis. an ally that refuses to allow the u.s. to use its military bases. so the reality is that our allies that the administration praises, turkey and -- are sabotaging our campaign against isis, while the president is basically angered. good allies like egypt, which could be participating in a very meaningful way, because it is significantly an idea --
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>> we don't want the muslim brotherhood. we don't want sharia law. we may be muslims, but we don't want this extremism. let me move along here. you just said a few minutes ago that that video might be an incentive to other people to join. we know that ali mohammed brown, charged in the murders of four men. he says that he and two other people killed to avenge the u.s. actions in the middle east. is this home grown radical islamic terrorism? >> absolutely. most people have no clue about what happened. he killed four people. the last one being a 19-year-old man in new jersey. he was charged -- three previous murders were committed in washington state. he was arrested in july in new jersey.
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in his confession to the new jersey prosecutors, state prosecutors, he openly stated that his motivation for killing them was his, quote, his belief that the united states was evil because what they were doing to muslims in the middle east, that they were carrying out massacres of muslims in afghanistan and iraq, that it was his duty to punish americans. he should have been prosecuted for terrorism. no charges of terrorism were brought against him. the fbi was told to stand down, not get involved. no federal prosecutors were involved. this is the obama administration basically denying the opportunity, denying the obligation, to prosecutors, the opportunity to bring federal terrorism charges because they
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don't want to bring the notion that there are radicals in the united states. >> as a local da, the feds jump in whenever they can. the fact they that didn't, this is huge. you are absolutely right. let's talk about -- now there's an attempted attack on a u.s. embassy in uganda. another terrorist group now, al shabab. what about them? do we have to worry about them now? >> we have to worry about all these groups. al shabab, boca haram, isis, hezbollah, al qaeda still, al qaeda in yemen. all these groups have a common denominator, they're all radical islamic groups. some of them have regional grievances. they believe in the sharia. and they believe in the hatred of the west and the hatred of the infidel. the administration has
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compartmentalized all these groups. the press conference delivered yesterday and today by press spokes people for the press department, they talked about hamas as if it was a political entity. they talked about turkey as if it was an ally of the united states when it sabotages the u.s. it talks about egypt as if it was an enemy because it is against the muslim brotherhood. >> i know. thanks so much. coming up, what did the nfl commissioner know and when did he know it? we talk to a former player. ♪ ♪ it's time to bring it out in the open. it's time to drop your pants for underwareness, a cause to support the over 65 million people
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i have a message for roger goodell. welcome to the 2 1st century. as smart as you are and as much money as you make, you're either ignorant or more into the bottom line than i thought you'd be. you say that you believe janay rice thinks she was, quote, partly at fault. it's a syndrome that battered women experience. a feeling if they just came up to his standards, he wouldn't have to hit them. i know. i started one of the first domestic violence units in the
1:47 am
nation decades ago. when a woman is knocked unconscious and you think it is okay, it's time for you to go and for him to go to jail. did you learn nothing from jerry sandusky and the penn state debac debacle? you don't look the other way. and by the way, if it wasn't so bad when he did it and the public didn't know, why is it worse that he did it and the public does know? you're take on how the nfl has handled this, jabari. >> when we initially found out that it was handled the incorrect way, you know the nfl community was really appalled because seeing that film, we were just as shocked as you were. but i don't necessarily think that roger goodell should have his title stripped because the
1:48 am
nfl has found exponentially great growth under his leadership. given this situation, taking this away, he's done a great job of leading us. >> it's not an extenuating circumstance. what do we do to goodell know? >> if he knew about the tape, he has to go. >> jabari, let me ask you this. >> yes, ma'am. >> ray rice's lawyers say, that he said, yeah, i did hit her. ray told him what happened. what's your take then? >> hearing that, i don't how to respond to that. if he told roger goodell that, then -- >> then? >> i'm not sure.
1:49 am
>> oh, come on. you're a football player. hit it. >> okay, jeanine, let's talk about football. if you want to talk about football. >> five of you guys charged with homicide. what's up with that? >> jeanine, let's talk about football. these two issues, not only the ray rice issue by the adrian peterson issue, these are egregious offenses. no one in the nfl is condoning this. but what this is are symptoms. these are symptoms of a bigger problem that we in the nfl have as well as everybody else in the general public. now in the nfl, we need to have someone, a licensed counsellor, a psychologist or psychiatrist in the building that we could talk to that's accessible. we're at a point as nfl players that we must take the forefront
1:50 am
in our holistic health. we can't wait for roger goodell or someone else in the front office to make the have to delv lives and see what's going on with them personally so we can heal ourselves wholistically. i cannot wait on you or roger goodell. >> i wish all of us had the ability to have a therapist if we need them. here's what i think i think he needs to go to jail. number one. and what the d.a. did by giving a dismissal if he goes to a program is absurd. and with respect to janay what do you think about the fact that she married him? >> she loved him and she was willing to stick with him. i think that that takes a lot of courage that takes a lot of sacrifice and that takes a lot of love, a lot of things that some people don't have the
1:51 am
audacity to do. i'm not going to judge her but supporter. >> thank you for being with us tonight. your response to last week's open on isis. if you didn't see
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. last week in my opening i criticized the president's mixed message and ineptitude handling the isis threat. here are the best responses. jim says it's great you don't mince words, too bad the president won't see it on the golf course. joan said says you have been right on in your opening statements for weeks and still not much improvement. it wasn't like the u.s. and the world didn't know isis was becoming such a threat. joe says obama's idea of managing isis was so absurd it's
1:55 am
like trying to manage a rabid dog. christian says here's a strategy, bomb them to hell. and mariah says he didn't have a strategy because they are just a jv team. and clara, thanks for being the voice of how americans are thinking. chad says if you threaten his putter we would be at defcon one. should the nfl dump commissioner roger goodell over the way he handled the ray rice case? >> tim says no, dump the d.a. in new jersey who let rice off scot-free. let me go back to that for a second. the bottom line is that rice was indicted for a felony of aggravated assault. the assistant d.a. decides to give him some kind of a program
1:56 am
to go into and if he goes into charges, i mean, really? the woman was unconscious. you don't have to prove the case just turn on the video. learn how to prosecute a case. you don't need her permission. it's a crime against the state. maryland says yes and dump the abuser forever as well. craig says no. people should mind their business. that's interesting. carla says not unless he knowingly covered up lies. carla would you change your mind if as i said, rice's attorney says that he went and admitted everything to goodell? and rose says yes, we need to stop rewarding bad behavior. that makes an impression on our youth. you can look at that interview and can tell he wasn't telling the truth. and sarah says no, how about personal responsibility. the victim willingly married him. that's their business. and paul says yes, he covered it up because of money.
1:57 am
he should resign and condoleeza rice should be hired to restore trust back to the nfl. and that's it for us tonight. and that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. check out all these airline seats. lots of them, right? but when you try to get one by using your travel rewards card miles... those seats mysteriously vanish. why? all the flights you want are blacked out. or they hit you up for some outrageous number of miles. switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase you'll earn unlimited double miles. now we're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet?
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stay tuned for "justice with judge jeanine." hello, and welcome to "justice." breaking news tonight. the islamic state militants release a video claiming to show the beheading of david haines, a british humanitarian worker. it appears to show haines' murder and is previous to the similar video of foley and sotloff. the united states strongly condemns the barbaric murder of david haines by the terrorist group isil. our hearts go


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