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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 15, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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timeout because he thought his offensive coordinator wanted a time out. they have to take it back and lose the game. >> that's so unusual for the jets. >> that's right. >> and we're out of time. near the popular tourist report of cabo san lucas, mexico. look at this storm. it is 125 miles per hour. people riding it out in make shaft hotel rooms. damaging winds are expecteded to continue throughout the course of this day. we'll keep you updated on breaking news from storm as it continues to wreak havoc. this awful news over the weekend. another brutal murder by isis terrorists as the white house works to gather support for a broader coalition against this
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i'm martha maccallum. i'm here in the "america's newsroom." >> i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer today. secretary of state john kerry in paris as world leaders there appear to be united in the face of the brutality of isis. the islamic radical terrorist group executing as you know, another western hostage, the third this time. beheading david haines. he was a brittish aid worker trying to help people in syria. he was kidnapped a year ago. british prime minister david cameron calling it a pure act of evil. amy kellogg live in london with the very latest. amy? >> reporter: eric there, is sadness and outrage across the united kingdom to the prime minister, to man on the street and muslim groups spoken out. david cameron's turn of phrase got the most traction. these are not muslims. these are monsters. the fact that there was that familiar british accent behind the murderous mask once again halves sent out a real sense of
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chills and anger across the united kingdom. >> people across this country, would have been sickened by the fact that, it could have been a brittish citizen, a brittish citizen who could have carried out this unspeakable act. it is the very opposite of everything our country stands for. it falls to the government and to each and everyone of us to drain this poison from our society, and to take on this warped ideology that is radicalizing some of our young people. >> reporter: david haines was remembered all weekend for his hard work in war-torn countries like syria where he worked with people in dire straits. leaves behind a teenage daughter who he is very proud off and a wife in croatia. his brother spoke out inalgy yesterday. >> my first reaction could be one of hatred. my brother's life was not about
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hatred. it was about love for all men. >> reporter: isis is threatening to kill this man, alan henning, a taxi driver who through friend got involved helping move aid around syria, something he loved. something his wife begged him to stop doing out of fear for his safety. affectionately known as gadget for friends and family for his ability to fix just about anything. his life is in the balance. apparently eric he was kidnapped with a group of other aid workers in syria. they were all released. he was singled out because he wasn't muslim. eric? >> ses eggs spy tragic because they were just trying to help. they ruled out troops on the ground but could the beheading of haines change that? >> i think that is the sentiment here, eric. it is increasing talk it is likely we'll see the united kingdom get involved in airstrikes before too long. prime minister cameron was a bit burned when his desire to launch airstrikes against syria after
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assad used chemical weapons last year was struck down by parliament but isis is a very different story. meanwhile, at a conference across the channel in paris, 29 countries signed a communique to support the new iraqi government by any means necessary. that includes military. eric, we're expecting to see more of this coalition building at the united nations next week. eric. >> thank you, amy. we'll talk more about the coalition and what it means later on in the newscast. martha: absolutely, eric. as that takes shape the obama administration remains confident that u.s. troops in syria will not be part of their strategy. senator lindsey graham vehemently disagreeing with that over the weekend. watch this. >> it will take an army to beat an army. this idea we'll never have any boots on the ground to defeat them in syria is fantasy. this comes home to roost over last three years because of incompetent decisions. >> my estimation, john, by time
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all dust settles for the roles these forces have to play. i'm not talking about american combat manuever units here but in terms of intelligence surveillance, reconnaissance, logistics, advice, command-and-control assistance, tactical air control parties, look, i'm bettings we're up close to 5000 by the end of the year. >> kt mcfarland, our fox news national security analyst joins me now. good morning kt. >> good morning. martha: you heard lindsey graham and you heard the general. tell me a little bit what you think we need to do here and what will be successful? >> has to be somebody's boots on the ground. if the president says no american boots on the ground he to assemble a coalition of sandals in the sand but he has not been able to do that. martha, we got off on the wrong foot, the beheading videos, the speech i wanted president to make last night american air force bombed isis headquarters in syria. if anymore americans are taken
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prisoner, tortured, beheaded we will do that again. what would that have done? that would put a very different attitude on part of all these countries he wants to bring in as coalition partners. turkey said no. turkey is essential. egypt said no. egypt is essential. we're left with this plan where we're going to have no u.s. boots on the ground. i. i get that part but he is not going to find anybody else's boots to go on the ground. i think we'll be faced by end of the year with more groups on the ground as general hayden just said, maybe u.s. intelligence forces, special operations forces, certainly continued bombing and we'll walk away. the last thing america needs is another war in the middle east where we lost, looks like america is on the defensive and on the ground and open season on america. martha: here is what i don't get about this, kt look at egypt, look at turkey. more muslims have been killed in these battles than any other background. so why is it we can't get turkey coordinated into this? we understand there are elements
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there have been helping these isis fighters get through their border but if there has ever been consensus a group is evil and ultimately can not be good for anybody in that area why can't we find that on this? >> martha, that is the real point. isis is a bigger threat to the people in the region than it is to us. isis plans to take over countries. it is already fighting on the turkish border. it talked about we're going into lebanon, jordan, saudi arabia you're next. i think united states, i hope behind closed doors and secretary kerry going around to the region. here is the checkbook. what is it going to take to get your cooperation. here is the arms catalog. what do you guys think you need? by the way there will be consequences if you do not join this coalition. the biggest consequence is, it will be your heads on the stakes. america will not continue to fight in a region and hold your coats where you say we'll hold your coats, america. you go first and fight. no more. we have want your boots on the
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ground. we want your cooperation in defeating isis or you may ultimately be left on your own to deal with this. at the same time, we've got to really get serious about homeland security, homeland defense, missile defense, ceiling the border and certainly about american energy independence. martha: absolutely. kt, thanks so much. >> thanks, martha. >> martha, meanwhile we have a fox news alert. a bombshell development they say in the benghazi terror attacks investigation. turns out a former state department employee speaking out in a new report. a new report claims that aides of former secretary of state hillary clinton they claim took part in after-hours sessions to separate, quote, damaging documents before those allegedly damaging documents were handed over to the investigators delving into the tragic attack that killed those four brave americans including united states ambassador chris stevens. doug mckelway with the latest on the new developments and what it means. hi, doug.
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>> reporter: eric, with a benghazi select committee scheduled to begin its first hearing this week members will want to probe this information deeply. it is powerful. investigative reporter cheryl atkinson writing in daily signal, former state department official, david atkinson. hillary clinton confidents were heart of a operation to separate damaging documents before turned over to the accountable review board investigating security lapses surrounding september 11th terror attacks. maxwell learned in 2012 that clinton staff gathered during a weekend in state department basement room to separate the papers. he went there himself and uninvited asked a office supervisor whatter this doing. she told me, ray, we'll go through the stacks to pull out anything that might put anybody in the near eastern affairs front office with the 7th floor in a bad light says maxwell. he says 7th floor was state
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department shorthand for then secretary of state clinton and her principle advisors. i asked her, isn't that unethical? ray, those are our orders. you might recall admiral mike mullen and ambassador tom pickering who headed up accountability review board last year, quote, from the beginning of arb process we had unfettered access to everyone and everything including all the documentation we needed. maxwell's information now public for first time casts some serious doubt on that. eric? >> doug, some wonder if this could be a smoking gun of a potential cover-up. we'll certainly hear much more about that. thank you. martha? martha: very busy morning in "america's newsroom." another bad weekend for the nfl. another star running backth the. adrian peterson facing time in jail this morning for charges of child abuse. >> massive manhunt for a shooter who ambush ad straight trooper in pennsylvania, killing him and critically wounding his colleague. we'll have the very latest on
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that hunt coming up. martha: former secretary of state hillary clinton makes an appearance in iowa of all places all but announcing, came very close to saying she is running for president. kentucky senator rand paul, his name comes up for discussion as well. we'll talk about his reaction after this. >> time to write the new chapter in the american dream. because, remember, when we show up, we win. in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. today, more and more people with type 2 diabetes
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>> hello, iowa! [cheers and applause] i'm back! and so glad to be with all of you on this beautiful day. martha: there she is. former secretary of state hillary clinton in her first appearance in iowa since losing the caucuses in 2008. came in third behind john edwards in 2008 and first place, president obama. her attendance at a fund-raising event added fuel to the speculation that she plans to run for president in 2016. certainly looks like it from all this. joining me kentucky senator rand paul expected being in that grupo tensionally to make a run himself in 2016. snorted good morning. good to have you here today. >> good morning. glad to be with you. martha: what did you make of hillary's appearance this weekend. >> i would like to her back in
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washington about her role in the benghazi tragedy. there are still a lot of questions. i asked her point-blank last time what they were doing in the cia annex and what if anything it had to do with the attacks. she acted as if she knew nothing about it. reports came out that she was the biggest and most eager to get arms out of libya to send them into syria. there are still a lot of questions we've got for her if she decides to come back here. martha: indeed there are. more revelations about benghazi this morning we'll get later to in the program we need to talk about as well. let's listen to one more about it of sound from hillary and i want to get your thoughts on that. >> it is true i am thinking about it.
6:17 am
[applause] but, but for today that is not why i'm here. >> she was there to eat steak t was a big steak fry in iowa. a lot of people are over this whole dance, you know. why do we all do the dance. why not just declare, say that you're running and some might ask youing the same question, sir? >> that's, fair question. and i think for me there are still some considerations. there are family considerations but but, i think you don't know where things will be in six months. will the public be open to your message? will your message have a chance of resonating. nobody wants to undertake this ordeal unless they think they can win and frankly i will know a little bit more in about six months, kind of where the public is and what they're thinking of my message before we make a final decision. martha: that's fair enough and understandable. there is store this morning in "the washington post" questions whether or not you've been moderating some of your stances in order to potentially prepare yourself for a broad audience. if you do decide to head in there in 2016 and one of the things it talks about your stance on isis. that a few months back you didn't really see the american interests that were at stake and that now you've been supporting
6:18 am
the idea of airstrikes. where do you stand this morning, given more horrific news we pot got over the weekend. >> i consist 10ly said when i got in public life if we decide to go to war there should be a vote in congress. i'm exactly where i've always been on that. when you get to the debate whether this is in america's interest and that changed depending on the facts. i didn't want to arm them. i disagree with some republicans and hillary clinton and also president obama we should have never sent arms into syria. that allowed isis to grow stronger. now i think, i'm like many americans i'm very affected and somewhat emotional about the fact that they're killing our journalists. i think it is going to backfire on them. i think you will see the civilized world come in united fashion after them. i think they will have no place to hide. martha: we heard from general hayden over the weekend and your colleague lindsey graham both
6:19 am
saying there is no way this can be done without a larger presence of at least special forces on the ground to back up whoever might come in to help us. there is a lot of questions about that as well. what is your take on that? >> i tend to disagree. i think the first 10,000 soldiers marching into battle need to be from iraq, live in iraq and need to be fighting for their homeland. the second 10,000 need to be from saudi arabia. frankly saudi arabia has been aiding and abetting this, by decades funding radical islam and many say, many of the arms that saudi arabia has been funneling into syria have gone in to supporting isis. so saudi arabia needs to step up. iraq needs to step up. turkey needs to step up. nobody in the surrounding region says they're in favor of isis now. they need to step up and put their soldiers and their money where their mouth is. martha: i think a lot of people would agree with that. we just spoke to kt mcfarland that certainly agrees with that. if a vote were to come to
6:20 am
congress to ask you to go to war against isis and call it that, would you vote yes? >> yes, but i would try to sunset the provision. i've been upset that we voted 15 years ago and people are still using a vote from 15 years ago. so i think really if we authorize force or declare war, it should sunset at the end of the year and we should debate again. i don't like the idea one generation can vote to bind another generation to war forever. i do favor doing something about isis. i would vote yes but vote to limit the declaration or limit the authorization to a time period. martha: understood. when do you expect you will announce whether or not you will run? >> we're looking towards the spring at making a final decision. martha: we'll look forward to that much. senator, good to see you as always. >> thank you. eric: martha, you go down to mexico. try to have some pena coladas and hang 10 but end up riding out of a hurricane. that is the situation in mexico as people are stuck in their
6:21 am
rooms. hurricane odile, a dangerous category 3 storm making landfall out west. martha: in the wake of another gruesome beheading video from isis, leaders of united states and britain striking somewhat different tones. >> david haines was a british hero. the fact that an aide worker was taken and held, brutally murdered at the hand of isil sums up what that organization stand for. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 50,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account. and i earn 5 times the rewards on internet, phone services and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points.
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martha: fire crews battling multiple wildfires in california. one is burning out of control in popular resort in the central part of the state forcing about a thousand people to leave. 10 buildings are already destroyed. a second fire is tearing through
6:25 am
southern california in silverado canyon. the flames are getting everyone's attention. >> woke me up in the middle of a nice nap today. last night, man, it got really scary when it came down behind the houses over here and wind was pushing everything this way. >> exciting at times t wasn't moving that fast luckily. but kept us on our toes. we almost moved out so. martha: crews dealing with triple-digit temperatures out there. six fight r firefighters have been injured so far. eric: martha, further down south, the problem is water, lots of it. there is a hurricane odile making landfall in mexico's baja peninsula lam. it is triggering dangerous flooding and mudslides and high surf and likely ruining a lost vacations. meteorologist maria molina live in the fox extreme weather center with the very latest. >> hey, eric. hello, everyone. odile is the long strongest
6:26 am
hurricane to make landfall in cabo. we're looking max palm sustained winds at 110 miles per hour. it is now a category 2 storm. it was a category 3 as it made landfall down south. we're looking forward speed at 60 miles per hour moving towards the north-northwest. odile is forecast to continue to weaken because it will remain over land. it could become a category 1 later today or into tomorrow but what is concern here for parts of southern california, arizona, even new mexico, that the storm will continue generally moving northward and take a lot of moisture it has with it, potentially could produce 18 inches of rain out here on higher elevations of the southern baja peninsula. eventually the storm will move northward and take moisture into parts of arizona and new mexico. you can see the forecast. that will start early as tonight and continue over next self days through friday. remember last week, across many
6:27 am
of those same areas like southern california and arizona, including city of phoenix saw record rainfall, we could see another round of potentially flash flooding out here and significant rainfall from this storm system as it does continue to move northward. computer models continue to take it over land. it should become a recommendnant low over the next few days. you can see heavy rain out here by wednesday night across parts of southern arizona, just to the south of city of phoenix. eric, this will be something to watch here over the next few days as it continues to develop. eric: all right. it will be wet. maria, thanks very much. martha? martha: so much discussion of isis but so far not at love action separate from these airstrikes. with coalition military forces in place to some extent as we try to get them together, what is next in this fight? eric: you know ray rice, he is not sitting by quietly. what the suspended nfl star is now doing they say to get back on the field.
6:28 am
this as yes, another abuse scandal has hit the nfl. >> the league is covering something up. i don't know if he is going to go until sponsors start pulling out. probably be there. making a lot of money. my opinion he should go. >> they should put bad guys in jail and forget about going after the nfl.
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>> the war against the islamic state of isis. they have pledged their military support and a 40-member coalition to defeat the terrorists who have expanded their threat to behead even more hostages and spread the terrorist attacks and ideology to europe and our country. so far seems only military action is air strikes. so why is it taking so long? a fox news contributor.
6:32 am
it is good to see you. first, how real is this coalition? largely by isis haven't even been trained yet, what kind of coalition can destroy as promised this terror group? >> it is very early and the proof will be in the pudding. the actual action is only american airstrikes as you mentioned. the key part, will they be able to get regional and international partners willing to place boots on the ground alongside those iraqi and kurdish forces? eric: right now the answer is no. >> writes now the answer is definitively know. until the united states of america shows its willingness to lead. eric: with the answer no, britain will not even do airstrikes let alone ground troops. what is the reality and the real possibility of isis being
6:33 am
decimated? >> if there are no other ground troops, and we are not willing to go out to the ground, it is not a good chance isis will be routed anytime soon. everybody wants to contribute airstrikes and air support. united states of america has by far the most powerful air force in the world. we welcome support but the error part is something we've got, something we can control. the issue now is ground troops and forces to stand alongside the kurdish forces. if there is not some sort of western forces alongside them, you will not see advances because we are fighting a terrorist army, they will turn into guerrilla tactics on the ground making it a prolonged conflict. he will need boots on the grou ground. he will have a level with the american people. make a differentiation between conventional ground troops and
6:34 am
special operators, but they're going to have to have booed isil eric: we just heard a couple of moments ago the first 10,000 troops should be a recce, the second 10,000 should be saudis. man, oh man, look at how much money we give them. $86 billion since 2010. 233,500 front-line troops look at egypt. they had 468,000 front-line troops, more than france and britain. why aren't they stepping up? >> fantastic point. senator rand paul is right on in that point. we should be using every part of our leverage to get saudi arabia, jordan, to get egypt, to get those that receive our aid to willingness to cough up troops for a sunni army to stand alongside them to push them back. they are looking ambulance they toward american ambivalence
6:35 am
wondering what the coalition is going to look like and whether or not we are truly committed to fighting isis. there is a lot of internal politics as you might imagine. egypt has been burned by the united states, and saudi arabia you have radicalism in the house of saud that is preventing that. eric: critics say the isis has been funded by elements in saudi arabia b. to their defense, they said we will try to train 5000, 10,000 syrian free army, a base. 5000 versus 30,000 growing isis maniacs? >> training takes time. talking 5000 as he mentioned. doctors and physicians may
6:36 am
dismiss a year ago, now the answer to the problem in syria training is not going to be enough. this is going to take hard-line diplomacy. something that is backed up by the true threat of american leadership on the ground, that is going to hold them. right now they are responding with a part of the campaign, we will write a check. it is welcomed, but this is going to take time and we have to have a little bit of patience with this administration is a building a coalition of a sunni ground force is the best response, let's give them the time and runway. eric: trying to get a response is certainly special ops be a part of it. thank you for joining us. martha: a lot going on, another black eye for the nfl over the weekend. minnesota vikings star adrian peterson was not at yesterday's team opener against new england after the former mvp was deactivated following his
6:37 am
indictment on a charge of child abuse for allegedly beating his son with a tree branch. meanwhile we're hearing reports ray rice will today file an appeal challenging his indefinite suspension from the nfl. jonathan hunt and the city newsroom with the latest. how would an appeal for ray rice work? >> ray rice has until 11:59 p.m. tomorrow night to file this appeal. we have to file it through the players association and against the nfl. ray rice and his wife and their child were at his old high school over the weekend to watch the high school game. the rest of the weekend we are assuming he spent huddling with his lawyers as he prepares for this appeal. the basis of it would be after what we have heard before from those close to him that he told roger goodell, the nfl
6:38 am
commissioner, the truth. when those two and others met on june 16 at the nfl's office. roger goodell then decided he would only suspend ray rice for two games, then the video came out, and then the suspension became indefinite. a lot of pressure on rodger goodell of course. there were banners being flown saying goodell must go. you can see one of those being flown in cleveland and one over metlife stadium where the giants were playing. a lot of pressure on a lot of people within the nfl right now. martha: the owners saying they are 100% behind rodger goodell, so we will see what comes of that story. you mentioned everything about football this weekend was all about what is happening off the field. that cannot be good news for the nfl. >> they wanted the focus back
6:39 am
entirely on football this weekend, but instead it was on many other incidences involving other players. greg hardy, he has been convicted, place for the panthers, convicted of assaulting his then-girlfriend. the panthers have been standing by this weekend though they deactivated him. and then there is adrian peterson, one of the greatest running backs ever. you mentioned him earlier. charged now with child abuse for ministering what he considered a whipping to his young boy with a tree branch. his lawyer saying he regrets any resulting injuries from that. another player, ray mcdonald, arrested august 31 played for the 49ers. he was charged with domestic violence, that case still pending. he did play over the weekend, but it is prompting a lot of emotion everywhere, martha.
6:40 am
you will talk about this in the next hour, but we heard people like cris carter and hannah storm very emotional, the lack of action the nfl and the teams are taking on this, so this is a debate that will not end anytime soon. martha: thank you very much. jonathan mentioned we will talk to jim gray coming up and play the comments, basically saying my mom did the best she could, but i will never raise my children the way i was raised. what is basic, decent, good human behavior. does the nfl stand for that and let people on the field who break the moral code of the nfl. eric: a lot to answer for right now. the spotlight is on them. prime minister david cameron reacting strongly to the horrible beheading of british aid worker. >> they boast of their
6:41 am
brutality, they claim to do this in the name of islam. that is nonsense. islam is a religion of peace. they are not muslims, they are monsters. eric: something that is in contrast with somewhat different view from president obama after similar murders of two american journalists. is that about perceptions or something more? the speech and then the golfing, which he says he regrets. the panel will debate that, fair and balanced coming up. martha: greg norman nearly lost a hand in a chainsaw accident. what the doctors are saying about him this morning when we come back. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs
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our best-ever pricing on mobile share value plans for business. now with a $100 bill credit for every business line you add. eric: it took a bite out of the shark. greg norman cohen himself lucky after an accident with a chainsaw nearly cost him his hand. that happened while the british open champion was cutting trees in his backyard in south florida
6:45 am
when he says the weight of a branch both hands toward a bla blade. he says thankfully there is no major damage and he is thanking fans for their support and reminding them to always be respectful of the unexpected when you have a chainsaw in your hand. martha: british prime minister david cameron bolling to destroy isis after the brutal beheading of aid worker's david haynes who is from great britain over the weekend. this response many side as much different from that of president obama in a similar awful circumstances. he left a social event, rushed back to work to attend an emergency committee meeting. >> we do not seek out confrontation, but we need to understand we cannot ignore this threat to that of our allies. there is the option of keeping our heads down that would make us safe.
6:46 am
the problem would get worse as it has done over recent months not just for us, for europe and the world. we cannot just walk on by if we are to keep this country safe, we have to confront this menace. martha: president obama issued this statement after the beheading. the latest date strongly condemns the barracks murder of uk citizen david haynes by terrorist group, our hearts go to his family and to the people of the united kingdom. a true of town news and fox news contributor. former senior advisor to senator john kerry. good to have you both here today. what do you think about that reaction on both sides? >> he put a message out before prime minister david cameron did about his own citizen.
6:47 am
so we criticize david cameron? of course not. the reality is president obama in the last month has made the case to the american take on isis, he has overwhelming support to do that now. as kt mcfarland and others earlier this hour have pointed out, everybody is working to get together a coalition especially of arab states have as much at stake or more than we do to take this on so we are not the only ones taking on this surge, it is going to take everybody and it will take a long time and that is where we have to focus our attention. that is a different between perception and reality. eric: our american action stronger than the words at play here? what we already done make us stronger in this situation? >> american actions are certainly stronger but the david cameron issue of this image as a response within minutes of the news of the british member
6:48 am
getting hit. this a obama issued his statement first is not accurate. for the americans are doing, we are issuing airstrikes be at they have an obligation to join the club or do something else and they have a big problem on their hands when it comes to recruitment for isis. there are more british muslims fighting in isis than in the british army. they have a lot of things on their plate in terms of trying to prevent this from coming home because they have a bigger problem with domestic recruitment going up the middle east and going into syria. martha: in terms of building this coalition, there is a u.n. security council meeting next week the president will lead. have too many things let slip, has the united states slipped to week in the last couple of years to build this coalition. the people not know where we stand and is that preven preveng them from getting behind us? >> no. what they have gotten used to is the united states always going
6:49 am
at it alone. president obama is to nothing different than george w. bush did after 9/11. it is about time everybody steps up, about time everybody shares responsibility and about time everybody shares the cost, every cost, to do this. everybody that has been on this hour acknowledges how much aid we give to all these countries yet we have to drag them kicking and screaming to do what is in everyone best interest and that is what is so frustrating here. we have the support of the american people. now david cameron probably has the support of people of the united kingdom as well, but it will take all of this and more. martha: david cameron is seen very focus on the homeland. he believes this fight is coming to his homeland. what i'm hearing a lot is we don't have any fear that is going to come here anytime soon.
6:50 am
>> we didn't hear that directly as he gave his speech of kimberly guilfoyle reckon people when they said we have recruitment from minneapolis going over. they say they can come back into the united states if they do so please and that recruitment hasn't necessarily stopped. we need somebody inside the government to step up and say this is what we are doing to keep the people of the united states safe and we will have to do it immediately and fast. martha: thank you. >> a blatant attack, now the massive manhunt continues at this moment in pennsylvania be at have the embers of two state troopers that left one dead, the other critically injured.
6:51 am
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martha: what a moment this is, historic first of its kind of ceremony at the vatican. the pope helped 20 couple tie the knot that would not be allowed to marry in any catholic church in the country that they got married at the vatican. one groom was previously married and one of the brides had a daughter from an earlier relationship. vatican views it as a sin but pope francis stresses the church needs to be a forgiving one. eric: how about that. back here at home it was an attack on law enforcement.
6:55 am
fbi state police in pennsylvania intensifying a manhunt in the wake of the deadly ambush of the two pennsylvania state troopers. the tragic shooting killed one officer and critically wounded the other. live in a city newsroom with the very latest. reporter: some of the details of being kept quiet to protect the investigation but we know the shooting took place outside the state police barracks in northeastern pennsylvania sparking a massive search for suspect in the densely wooded countryside. the troopers were shot without warning according to the police commissioner calling it a cowardly attack giving them no chance to defend themselves. alex douglas and corporal brian dixon shot as one was arriving in the other leaving just before 11:00 friday night. the former marine and father of two boys had just celebrated his tenth wedding anniversary. now conscious talking the first time since he underwent surgery.
6:56 am
this here's how to surgery today. eric: so far no motive. >> the agency is getting a large number of tabs from the public calling them fantastic. been described as very dangerous, mcgee quick escape to elude capture. despite at least three states who helped the search of the wooded areas thrown in the barracks interviewing residents of nearby neighborhoods and roadblocks searching for anyone who may have seen anything. a memorial fund established, contributions can be sent to the memorial fund. also, a total of $15,000 of reward money leading to the arrest. eric: thank you so much for including that. martha: it is being called a
6:57 am
bombshell report on benghazi and could blow this investigation wide open. what a former member of the state department says went on when they were asked for documents.
6:58 am
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your aging loved ones so they can stay happy at home. comfort keepers. keeping the comforts of home. call comfort keepers now to learn more. martha: bombshell new report this morning shedding light on the benghazi investigation. part of hillary clinton's inner circle reportedly otherrerring a review of documents that could be damaging to the administration and hiding them away before they could be looked at by the independent investigators who did this case. if that is proven to be true, it could be devastating for her state department and for hillary clinton as well and the obama men station has implications as well of course. we've got more on that. jason chaffetz will join me shortly coming up here in "america's newsroom." diplomats from around the world meeting in paris working on a global strategy to take on isis of the white house is seeking an international coalition for the military campaign against the terrorist group from iraq into syria.
7:01 am
brand new hour two now of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. eric: i'm eric shawn in this morning for bill hemmer. top diplomates from 26 nations, saudi arabia, u.s. and vowing to fight against isis. this coming after the horrendous video, another one released by the radical group claiming to show the execution of a third hostage, british aid worker, david haines. that is adding new urgency to calls for a coherent strategy. ed henry is live at the white house with the very latest. ed, secretary of state john kerry is at the meeting in paris. what is his progress? >> reporter: there is progress in some respects and in others no progress at all. you made a important distinction in the lead-in, more than two dozen nations joining the u.s. saying they will fight isis with military action in iraq. that is what you said. that is accurate. they're not saying they will support the u.s. with military
7:02 am
action in irsyria. you heard again and again that is the where the head of the snake is. that is where the president's critics say, his key military advisor martin dempsey, said at beginning of this entire debate ultimately you have to go into syria to deal with the threat. syria is the ultimate part. our key ally in all this, great britain, said they haven't made a final decision whether they will support the u.s. with airstrikes in syria. that was before the beheading of this brittish aid worker. that may change the equation, eric. eric: beyond that ad, iran and russia caught on airstrikes america could launch in syria an act of aggressions. for ground troops, any allies committing so far? >> no. we haven't seen that in syria but iraq. whether you call them boots on the ground there are more than a thousand u.s. troops helping with security and u.s. interests in the long term. you hear a lost military experts
7:03 am
say you will need some sort of a ground force in iraq. if the u.s. moves forward with air vikes in syria you need boots on the ground as well. you heard fierce criticism on "fox news sunday" from republican senator lindsey graham saying this idea that there will not be boots on the ground is a fantasy. the president is trying to build up idea that syrian rebels, if he moves forward with the us air strikes that the moderate syrian rebels will be ground forces. a lot of question whether that will work. eric: the syrian rebels may not be done for months and they face 30,000 isis terrorists. >> reporter: good to see you. eric: martha? martha: a game of word twister on sunday shows over the weekend. are we at war or not at war. secretary of state john kerry rejected the idea saying it was not a war but a significant terrorism operation. but the next day the white house and pentagon scrambled to say yes, we are at war with isis and on the weekend the administration still struggling
7:04 am
to clarify its official position here. watch. >> as much as we've been at war with al qaeda since the first days we got into in office we are in a similar fashion at war with isil. what we also said this will not be like the iraq war. >> if people need to find a place to land in terms of what we did in iraq, originally, this was not a war n terms of al qaeda which we used word war with, yeah, we're at war with al qaeda and its affiliates and in the same context, if you want to use it, yes, we're at war with isil in that sense. martha: one of my favorite brit humisms, is word salad. that's what we heard over the course of the weekend. fox news senior political analyst, like a whole salad bar out there, brit. what is going on? >> i think the administration is definitely afraid for mostly political reasons as identifying this going to war. this is president, you recall, said he was elected to end wars,
7:05 am
not start them. here he is commencing a large-scale operation right in iraq, the place he most wanted to get u.s. forces out of and was a possible, implication of american forces at least in the air in syria. so, you know, i think he is worried that, that poisonous word. that is why they're playing these word games to avoid what would be a political embarrassment of president obama taking us to war. >> but the pieces on the chessboard are clear and the way they have been moving. you wonder, how long the administration moves around this. why don't they come out and talk to the american people, look, you witnessed it. the polls led the administration in terms of believing action needed to be the taken. it feels like they keep dancing around it. i'm not sure it is really helpful to the goal. >> i would agree with you about that, martha, but i would make this point. i don't think the president wanted to do this, particularly the broader operation that
7:06 am
includes syria as a target of what he said would be a relentless campaign. i they have he thinks it is not militarily necessary. i think he would have been content to use our air power to help retard the progress of isis in iraq, and maybe even roll it back because there are some reasonably capable fighting forces on the ground in iraq that can do the, do the infantry work. i think he didn't want to do this. and i wouldn't have done it but for the video that we've talked about. the beheadings by themselves in my view had they not been shown to the world on those ghastly videos would not have done it but they triggered a political storm in america in terms of reversal of public opinion on this issue. and the president felt that he had to follow it. so he came up, cobbled together this plan which is, i think militarily very questionable for defeating and destroying isil,
7:07 am
using forces that he himself was belittling only weeks ago. so, that is where i think we are. that is reflected i think in this hess tan city for them to call it a war because it is certainly not an all-out war. martha: brit, you make a great point. to watch two americans and a brit and there is another poor man who may be next, whose individual we just saw. -- video we just saw. for iraq and we have watched men bent over with their hand behind their backs marched away to their death for even weeks, months and years. the fact that the coalition is difficult to build against this group i think is shocking to a lot of people in this country. >> i agree with that, martha, and i think it is disappointing and infuriating really but it has been this way with attempt tosca joel allies into fighting for a long time. and, you know, president will struggle to build a coalition to
7:08 am
do this hard work. and the question i think that ultimately faces this country is. can we afford as a nation to say if we can't get the kind of coalition participation we need or want at least, to do this, can we afford have it not be done? that is to say, is the threat either now or ultimately from isis sufficient that the united states would need to go it alone if necessary because it is necessary to defeat sissies? and that's the question and there is a lot of loose talk going on, how if we can't build a adequate coalition we shouldn't do it. i understand the sentiment, but it raises the question, can we afford not to? martha: all of which the president will have to communicate in a where he stand on to the american people. brit, thank you very much. >> you bet. thanks.
7:09 am
>> well, it is true, i am thinking about it. [cheers and applause] but, but for today, that is not why i'm here. i'm here for the steak. eric: that's hillary clinton back in iowa for the first time since that stunning loss of the caucuses back in 2008. remember, she came in third even behind john edwards? she is dropping a few hints about potential plans for 2016. chief political correspondent carl cameron in good morning in iowa with news on that. carl, is hillary get good reviews the morning after? >> reporter: sure. she didn't announce she was running for president but somewhere seven to 10,000 people who waited several to hear her think she is running. in iowa she is way ahead in the polls. ready for hillary super pac, independent from her yet unannounced candidacy was there
7:10 am
in force, big crowd. she pretty much met expectations in her first visit to iowa since she lost in 2008 to barack obama and john edwards. she talked about how great it was to be back. a lot of reminiscing. she has a lot of questions what her policies will be and idea, benghazi documents might have been looked or perhaps removed raising a lot of questions. none of that foreign policy was mentioned. this was celebrating tom harkin. this is his last steak fry. he is retiring from the u.s. senate. she went a good distance to try to distance the democratic party from republicans and contrast and outline what kind of democrat she would be. listen to this. >> well, hello, iowa. [cheers and applause] i'm back! in just 50 days, iowans have a choice to make, a choice and a chance. a choice between the guardians of gridlock and the champions of
7:11 am
shared opportunity. >> reporter: with that kind of rhetoric she was talking about the midterms and trying to position herself for the 2016 presidential race should she decide to get in. before she arrived she got a welcome, and saying what kind of democrat she is and he doesn't understand all her positions, suggesting he would like to see more liberal party and perhaps hillary clinton represents centrist view. worth noting, bernie sanders from vermont was in iowa over the weekend and could run against hillary clinton and raised question whether or not she is a little bit too centrist as well. though she is not officially in but officially in a lot of cross-hairs from democrats that want to look at the white house. eric: can't get to the big desk in the oval office unless you go to tom harkin's steak fry. >> reporter: there you go. eric: martha? >> an american facing hard labor in north korea. a sentencing for the 24-year-old
7:12 am
in california. we'll tell you what will happen. plus, you remember this moment? >> the fact is we had four dead americans, was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night decided to kill some americans, what difference at this point does it make? eric: this morning being called a new benghazi bombshell, raising they say more questions about mrs. clinton and her close circle of advisors. coming up republican congressman jason chaffetz will join us live with more on what's coming out. martha: minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson facing a charge of child abuse for beating his 4-year-old son, sparking impassioned plea by former vikings star, chris carter. >> now we're to the point, the only thing i'm proud about is the team that played for. they did the right thing. >> yes. >> take them off the field.
7:13 am
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martha: very big story this morning. this is an explosive bombshell that is raising brand new questions about the investigation into the benghazi terror attacks. we still do not know exactly what happened at the cia annex but there are new reports about what happened in the basement of the state department. a former state department deputy claiming those associates, close associates of hillary clinton were involved in scrubbing documents before they were handed over to the
7:17 am
accountability review board who looked into all of this. utah congressman jason chaffetz is here to respond to these new allegations. all of this surrounds deputy assistant secretary raymond maxwell. what did he do, and what did he come forward with that started ball rolling? >> a year or so ago he came and met with myself and trey gowdy and told the story which he has been consistent about. the accountability review board was supposed to have unfettered access to all the documents but there was operation in the department of state to make sure they never did see all those documents. they essentially created two piles. things the accountability review board would see and congress would see and anything quote that shed light on hillary clinton and senior management they were put over in a different pile and they were to never be seen. the people that were in that room directing traffic were none other than hillary clinton's chief of staff cheryl mills and jake sullivan, her deputy chief
7:18 am
of staff. it doesn't get anymore high-ranking than that. martha: ray manned maxwell, deputy assistant secretary of state, claims in the basement of the state department when the accountability review board requested every document, we know that is the way it works in legal situations that you have to turn over absolutely everything, that share mills, everybody knows chairman mills's name, told raymond maxwell that's what they were doing, culling out things that could inclimb nate hillary clinton? >> that was the operation going on. there were several people in the room but she was the senior most person in that room during a period of time which raymond maxwell was in there. that is his story. there are other sides to the story. you can see why trey gowdy and select committee will want to hear from everybody who was in that room at that time. he had proximity, he had reason to be there. he did show up. as best we can tell and something that the select committee will have to investigate. martha: what is the other side of the story saying happened? >> we haven't heard from them. we have always been asking at
7:19 am
the time the oversight committee was asking for all the documents. that to me, let's go ahead push print for anything that says benghazi but the congress has never never ever got eneverything from the state department they have never certified they have given everything to congress. more than two years after the fact. why is that? martha: they said we had hearing upon hearing. we turned over thousands and thousands pages of documents. so the question now, what happened to pile b that wasn't given over? where is pile b? >> what the state department never said they have shown us all the documents. somebody as senior as ray maxwell, very distinguished career, in fact they highlighted him as one four people they concerned about should have disciplinary action, they found none. martha: right. >> they found none. he hadn't read all the intelligence. he was pretty candid about that. ultimately the state department, with benghazi, never was every fired. nobody missed a paycheck. nobody was ever dismissed. nobody was found at fault. so his credibility i think in
7:20 am
our mind went much higher. for him to say that say cheryl mills, the chief of staff to hillary clinton was telling them not to provide documents -- martha: in front of the american people as hearings move forward this week on wednesday? >> at some point he will obviously speak to the committee and i hope to the american people. what is happening on wednesday is not specific to this this came up rather suddenly. wasn't planned. >> has cheryl mills responded to this story? >> not directly to me. that is for trey gowdy and the select committee to pursue. martha: all right. big development. jason chaffetz, thank you very much. good to have you with us. we'll see where this goes. all that gets rolling. we've been watching and listening and waiting for trey gowdy's report to come out. that gets started on wednesday here in "america's newsroom." eric? eric: midterms are just weeks away. guess what? one of president's former top staffers he has some unsettling news for democrats before voters go to the polls. martha: as may have is food fight painting the down red for
7:21 am
a cause. that looks like fun. ♪
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
eric: one of our fellow citizens has been sentenced to six years hard labor in north korea. he is matthew miller and was convicted of quote, hostile acts. he 24 years old and arrested in april and allegedly arrived there, ripped up his visa demanding asylum. this comes after two weeks after miller pleaded for washington to intervene in the case. after two other american detainees, jeffly bea and are appealing for help. >> very bad week for the nfl got
7:25 am
worse over the weekend. serious off field issues for two more players that we heard about in the wake of the ray rice controversy. minnesota detack straighted star running back adrian peterson after his indictment on charges of injuring his 4-year-old son with a switch. carolina lineman greg hardy who was convicted of violence against his ex-girlfriend. here is haulhallhall of fame vis receiver and cbs analyst chris carter. >> the team that i played for they did the right thing. take them off the field. we're in a climate right now, i don't care what it is. take them off the dang field. you know what as a man, that is only thing we really respect. we don't respect no women. we don't respect no kids. only thing roger, take them off the field because they respect that. martha: wow. very strong words from chris carter. he wasn't alone.
7:26 am
sportscaster and fox news contributor jim gray joins us now. there were games over the course of this weekend, to be sure, jim, what got attention was the very heartfelt statement of people like chris carter. >> well, he is exactly right too. i saw that and, chuck daily, who was the original dream team coach in 1992 for usa basketball, won a couple of championships with the pistons. he used to say only thing i can control with these guys is playing time. i can't control where they go, how they play or do what their money. i can control playing time is one thing i can do to get to them. chris carter is exactly right. take them off the field. they will listen. they will pay attention. because they all love to play. martha: is that being heard in the halls of the nfl and management suites of these different teams? >> well you would think it would be because all these coaches know it. it has been one of the
7:27 am
prophecies gone on for years. yes, the nfl yesterday, three of those guys sat. ray mcdonald did not sit, he played for san francisco. this morning the lieutenant governor has come out and wondering why. he is asking publicly why would the 49ers do that. the chorus is growing louder and louder. martha: where does all this go is the question? is it issue of culture? as someone brought up over the weekend, i think its with wendy murphy, after o.j. simpson after that case, let be more open, discuss the issue of domestic violence. crack down on this where we see it in our ranks. like some things, time passes and you know, these individuals play well and they want them on the field and they overlook it. even the new jersey prosecutor overlooked it. that is part of story we still need to dig more into. >> well, yes. a massive failure of judgment but all of those, the people that took the police report that night, charged ja'neh palmer rice with a misdemeanor.
7:28 am
and then they end up dismissing the case and putting it into circumstance of pretrial diversionary program. that happens less than 1% of the time for something like this. it was like a shoplifting case. now if you look at the greater status ticks, since 2000 there have been 85 domestic violence arrests in the national football league. when you take that number, that is a about six a year. that is a lot. but when you take it in totality of nfl players. of 28,000 nfl players, so that is .3 of 1%. widespread it is absolutely not. not fair to paint the every nfl player which less than .3 of a percent are causing it. martha: you make an excellent point. so many people look to these situations across the country. they're so high-profile and strong statement from the nfl and players and owners is what is needed to even begin to dent the culture that we see here.
7:29 am
jim, thank you very much. >> well, martha -- martha: go ahead. >> here now they have an opportunity, martha. they have an opportunity to lead on this and to change the culture and be in front of it. the nfl should be held to a higher standard and now they must lead from the higher standard. instead of just talking about it, do it. martha: it trickles down to college and high school, sentiments out there and what is accept 9 and what isn't. jim, thank you so much. we'll see you next time. >> thanks, martha. eric: this morning there are new claims that president obama's presidency, has, well, hit the rocks. has it? a top republican will weigh in on that. óqoqúúñ@
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
eric: well as you know president obama vowing to take on destroy in his words ice he now delivered multiple speeches about his plans for defeating radical islamic terrorist group. he gave the national address on the eve of 9/11 but this morning there is stunning column in the "new york post" that suggests the speech was more about battling the islamic militants
7:33 am
in the middle east and it comes from veteran columnist michael good win who writes, quote the disjointed speech was not really about terrorism and launching a new war. it was about saving obama's presidency. he is sinking fast and could soon pass the point of no return. in fact it may already be too late to save the ss obama. the whole second term has been a string of disasters. is that fair in or on target? ohio republican senator rob portman joins us. a member of the committee on homeland security and governmental affairs. thanks for joining us. >> good to be here. eric: no doubt the president ordered airstrikes against isis in iraq and likely to do so in syria trying to assemble the coalition against isis of 40 nations. some are looking at this saying, why the 180? in one month calling the syrian rebels pharmacists and farmers, to saying we're going to rely on them to defeat this terrorist group? >> it does seems to be a big switch and yet he is finally
7:34 am
doing the right thing. so i think has a republican who has criticized the president for not showing leadership, by the way at home and abroad, when the president finally steps up and says we ought to take at least these first measured steps, and i think he needs to do more, i think that is a good thing for the country. i don't know what the political fallout is. i will tell you i saw a poll indicating nearly 70% of the americans don't believe what he laid out is going to work. i don't know how much it helped him but i think it is the right thing for our country to stand up to the isis threat. if we do not, it will continue to pose a threat not to the region but ultimately to us. it is well beyond time and overdue for him to step up and do something. let the politics fall out as they will but as a republican i think those who say that opposed president on this, finally good to order airstrikes and finally doing the right things in terms of arming some of these groups including the one in syria that has the opportunity to be our
7:35 am
ground forces there. eric: shouldn't there be more ground troops from other nations? arab allies, for example, they may launch airstrikes and saudi arabia says they will have a base to train 5,000 syrian rebels but you're talking about 5,000, versus, what, 30,000 or so of the isis terrorists? what do we do to make it work, how do we make it work and what apparently changed the president's mind? >> you're right now the isis group estimate is 31,000. it could be larger than that. as they begin to roll up victories, more and more people coming on board, sunnis in the region that want to be with the winner. we have to do that and reverse it quickly. you're right, the president has been so hesitant that our allies in the region don't trust him and don't trust us to follow through what we're saying. think about what happened in syria, last time president gave a speech bit, drew a red line and did not follow through on that. so the skepticism of the american people is shown by 70% saying, gee, i don't think it
7:36 am
which work, reflected in way some of our arab allies are responding. we have to show more resolve. we have to let them know we're serious this time. we have to follow through on it. we're going to address this threat. this isis group is not just a terrorist group as president said in yemen or somalia. this is an army. they're taking territory. we need to be stand up and be counted f we do that i believe other arab countries in the region will do that and this is obviously a major threat to them. eric: this is challenge of our time. two brave americans and one britain beheaded with others being threatened. what are we doing on a global scale to try to stop this growing jihadist philosophy? >> it's a comprehensive strategy and what the president did not lay out in his speech was that strategy. so it is economic. it is diplomatic. it is also military. it is also intelligence and united states has to be committed, as we've learned, since 9/11, this threat exists. we have to deal with it.
7:37 am
we just celebrated, you know, the small victories we had in iraq and in 2011, 2010, and then we allowed this thing to disintegrate in iraq and i hope we learned our lesson by withdrawing all of our troops from iraq and not keeping in place the intelligence, special ops and trainers to be able to be sure those gains we have made with the surge were maintained, you know, we squandered a lot of american success and blood and treasure. we can't do that again in afghanistan. eric: now we have the current challenge. senator robb port man of ohio. thank you. -- rob portman. martha? >> your new miss america is? it is a three-pete, miss new york! martha: you knew immediately what that three-peat meant. miss new york is miss america.
7:38 am
2013 is third year in a row that the empire state won the title. way to go new york. she wowedded crowd with something a little different for the talent portion, singing pharell's hit song happy, while using red plastic cups as percussion. take a look. ♪ martha: well that worked. people are talking about, also about a typo that happened during random facts put on the screen for each contestant. loves anything jane austen. but the claim of the classic novelists was misspelled.
7:39 am
austen was spelled with an e, not an i. exercise person? martha: denise austin. jane austen clearly spelled with an e. how about the cup things? eric: novel. now, go, new york. >> all right. go new york. eric: back to some more serious matters. top obama official is now saying democrats, well, in his view, they're in trouble this november. why he thinks it is going to be tough for the president's party to hold on to the senate. martha: and a girl banned from wearing a commemorative 9/11 t-shirt to school. and the school is defending that decision. wonder what their reasoning possibly could be on that. her family is speaking out. >> wear it to honor what happened on 9/11 and all the people that perished and all the lives that were changed on that day.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
martha: later this afternoon a medal of honor ceremony will
7:43 am
take place at the white house to honor three brave men for their service. they include army command sergeant major beney atkins, army specialist, donald slote, both who served in vietnam. they will also recognize a soldier from the civil war, 150 years after his service. this ceremony gets underway at 1:50 eastern. you wan watch it live on the fox news channel. eric: very interesting. less than two months away from the midterms. now that president obama's former press secretary jay carney is no longer at that podium in the white house press room, well he is now admitting democrats are in for an uphill battle at the polls. >> sixth year of a presidency always particularly bad for the president's party. then you couple that with the fact so many seats are defended by democrats in red states where mitt romney did very well against the president and double digits in most cases. and there is no outcome in november that anybody could say would be great for democrats
7:44 am
except for barely holding on to the senate. if there is national wave, democrats are in trouble. if not, there is a way where the democrats hold on to the senate but it is going to be hard. eric: joining us is ed rollins, former campaign manager for reagan-bush, '84. and joe trippi, former howard dean campaign manager. both good to see you. let me start with you. if jay carney talked like that from the podium two weeks ago he would be fired. is he absolutely right. >> he is absolutely right. you get a certain amount of freedom from the podium at white house. polls come out with higher intensity for republicans. tremendous drop-off campaign from presidential to mid testimony election. the president's numbers are terrible. people want to make a change and way they make the change voting for republicans in congress or voting for senators that are republicans. eric: joe, is the proverbial obama's fault or is this what happens when you get into the second term.
7:45 am
>> definitely, first of all, you start with it is what happens when you're in the second term. anytime you have six years into the presidency, that party loses seats. that is just the way it has been. only one president in modern times avoided that fact. it is not going to happen this time, not with obama's numbers being where they are and not with as jay said, most of the key races happening in areas that states that romney defeated obama by in the first place. come bind those two things, president's low numbers and where these races, mostly senate races, key senate races are, yeah, look he is right. the big surprise of november 2014 will be if the democrats, if we can hold on to the senate that. will be tough to do but it would be the big surprise. it won't be a big surprise i think if republicans take it. they actually, by historical measures should at this point given the president's low ratings. eric: by how much, ed? let me start with you. what are your predictions. what could republican, pick up.
7:46 am
they need six seats. they may get eight or 10. >> you have to knock out incumbents and incumbents are always tough. six or seven are doable goal. could you have a wave. depends who turns out to vote. as i said our voters are more intense. they turn out we'll basically pick up a couple more seats than predicted. i think we're pretty safe in challenger races. mitch mcconnell turned their race around. there are no vulnerable republicans out there. i think we'll have good year. eric: joe, what type of shellacking will democrats take? >> i've been saying all year along with ed would be four to 10 seats that the republicans gain. i think more five to eight. so i think there is a chance that democrats could hold on, only lose five seats but i also think, look at six, seven, eight, there are three numbers there that bode well for the republicans. they need six. so you have to give them the odds, they will pick up that sixth, seventh, maybe even eight
7:47 am
seats. i agree with ed. this thing could turn into bigger wave than that. but right now i think more likely five and eight seats that the gop picks up. eric: let's look at recent poll. if you're talking about this republicans picking up so many seats, look, then you're on to 2016. they have got a seven-point lead, at least for the elections being held today. so ed, what does this mean for any steam going into the presidential race going into 2016. >> not a thing. at end of the day, if republicans control house and senate they have to set an agenda. the agenda will be very important. things need to be faced up to. our discussion points will be out there but about candidates. democrats obviously, if hillary runs she is probably their candidate. we have eight or 10 very viable candidates. no front-runners at this point in time. 2016 is a long way off. eric: joe, do you agree? >> yeah. look, 2010, the republicans had a great year, thought that would lead to big, big plus in 2012
7:48 am
didn't turn out that way. these midterm elections have almost nothing to do as indicator to the next presidential election. there are much different electorate in terms of turnout. democrats do better in presidential years because of increased turnout with their base. so i agree with ed. this is going to be a good year for the gop but don't make the mistake, i would urge my republican friends not to make the mistake that means 2016 will be a victory as well. i don't think so. i think it will be, i think 2010, changing 2012, same way, 2014 could be a big upset for the democrats in 2016. eric: well, we've got two more years to play this tape back. >> take care. eric: martha? martha: david beckham, getting involved in this week's independence vote in scotland. this is a big deal, folks. it happens on the 18th. should the nation, scotland, split from the united kingdom?
7:49 am
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>> as world leaders meet in paris on the threat from isis the terror group continues its bloody rampage. the white house reportedly delaying a heavier bombardment of isis targets because they want iraqis to step up their ground game. are we being too cautious? we'll go in depth. plus it's been six years since lehman brothers imploded. how is the economy doing in response? i don't don't americans feel as good as wall street seems to? is it a tipping point. marriott hotels putting tipping envelopes in all of their hotel rooms. has tipping gone too far? >> they're back. what clintons coming back to iowa means. all coming up on
7:53 am
"happening now." martha: thanks, jon. a new book is helping people find peace and fulfillment in these troubling times which is not easy to do, right. feels like many of us are helpless. ways of serenity. the serenity prayer can help us in all walks of life. father jonathan morris, our friend and. congratulations on the new book. i remember the serenity prayer. grant me the serenity to accept the things i can not change is the first part. how do we do that? >> first of all the reason why i wrote this, most of the time that we talk on fox here that i have the opportunity to talk about really tough, political, social issues. these troubling times that you mentioned but this is what i really think is the ultimate solution for, each of us, for, for those of us who in troubling times, whatever that happens to be whether christian in iraq, fleeing for our lives or whether living in new york city, the craziness of everyday life we
7:54 am
can find peace of soul, deep down. and the ability to accept things we can't change and courage to change the things we can and wisdom to know the difference i think is the window into the heart of god and also window into our own soul and finding solutions. >> sometimes hard to know which is which, which are the things you need to accept and which are the things you need to find courage to change? >> it is. ever. what i've tried to do is walk people through it. you don't just get that wisdom all of a you had isen. you start by accepting those things you can't accept. not only accepting like passively, but embracing them as part of, i would see it, god's plan for my life. then courage, getting off the couch and doing something. then finally, discernment. wisdom is discernment. there are at love good things. what am i called to do? it has been a great journmy for me. i write because i need what i'm writing about. i hope it will be a blessing for many. martha: i hope it will be. looks like a beautiful book.
7:55 am
i look forward to reading it. we can't help what is going on in the world around think about the world leaders and all the different countries deciding whether or not they have the courage to change this force of isis. we know pope francis called upon countries that can to try to impact and to try to do away with this evil. which is it? >> you know what? you brought up pope francis. he on the one hand said war is madness. just on saturday, he said war is madness. it is never a solution. at the same time he said, international communities stop these aggressors. and i think sometimes things aren't black and white. we say yes, war is madness. even said this is looking like world war iii in a lot of ways. but he said stop the aggressor. that's why we need wisdom. we find it within by also asking god for help. martha: we pray for all those leaders to have wisdom to deal with this situation. >> thanks, martha. martha: congratulations on the book. called the way of serenity by father jonathan morris.
7:56 am
>> thank you very much. >> thank you, father jonathan. eric: congratulations, father, for the book. good to see you. in paris today the global coalition to take on isis is forming. that as the terrorist group released the third horrible execution video. there are talk of more airstrikes, training rebels and choking off the group's funding. how diplomats are working together to respond to these horrors. ññ
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> david beckham voicing his opinion on scotland's vote whether to leave the united kingdom. he is urging scots to vote against independence. he writes, my sincere hope you will vote to renew or historic bond which has been success over the centuries. what unites us is much greater than what divides us. let's stay together. queen elizabeth making her public comments urging scots, to quote, think very carefully before the vote. that vote of course occurs on thursday. so when you have the queen and david beckham teaming up, man, how do you beat that? >> we'll see.
8:00 am
the polls are tight. that happens on the you will be back tomorrow. >> i will. >> "happening now" starts right now. jon: diplomats from around the world meeting right now, working on strategies to defeat isis. this after video surfaced of another brutal beheading of at the hands of that terror group. good morning. i'm jon scott. >> i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee today. secretary of state john kerry joining international leaders in paris as they push for a global response to the isis crisis. arab countries offering to conduct airstrikes against the islamic militants and british prime minister david cameron calling the group, monsters, as they released a new video, showing the execution of david haines a british aide worker. they are threatening to behead another brittish citizen sparking some tough talkro


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