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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 17, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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at the u.s. postal service, our priority is...was... and always will >> we'll see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is the fox news alert from u.s. central command. president obama set to speak about the isis threat and his strategy to take them out. we'll take the president's remarks live when it happens. this is "outnumbered." we welcome back today's hashtag one lucky guy, fox business network and we remind charles he's outnumbered. welcome back. >> thank you very much. outnumbered in the best kind of way. yes. i'm excited to be back. >> another big news day right now. we'll hear the president. we're anticipating he's going to talk about isis, not supposed to take any questions but we'll see.
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>> we will see and, you know, it's -- it feels like the president is trying to convince himself of something, right? press conference after press conference, strategy after strategy, i think they pay so much attention to the polls, we talk about leading from behind all the time. when these polls made a dramatic shift, the american public saying we shrink isis wherever they are, all of a sudden it's like this is priority number one but no one has the confidence that the white house is going to pull it up. >> yep. as we mentioned we're waiting for the president's remarks on his isis strategy after his tour of u.s. central command. the house is expected to vote on the white house's request to train and arm syrian rebels to act as ground troops against the terrorists. they're expected to approve the president's plan in spite of tepid support and you're mentioning the money aspect for all of this. he's asking congress for $500 million and i think he's getting pushed back not just from republicans but members of his own party. >> i don't think anyone can stop
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thinking about the first interaction between the large isis force and the iraqi security force that were left behind. we spent $25 billion. we said we were leaving responsibly because they had 900,000 security force. we spent all this money and the first sign of violence, these guys took off the uniforms, ran away and now all of a sudden, $500 million to rebels who say we don't want the training. >> i actually agreed with president obama a couple of weeks ago when he didn't want to arm the rebels and as charles points out, it sounds like the president is convincing himself of this plan. >> no. and again, it's a big shift in his decision making and his view points. i think it's a horrible idea. i don't trust the vetting process and i also don't trust the supposed moderates are on our side. they're aligned against asad and not isis as we are. >> and weapons in potential hands of enemies. >> the question isn't about the money, not about the equipment,
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whether these guys have the heart to fight for t. we're going to train 5,000 militants from syria, the same guys we said we weren't going to train or give weapons to inside saudi arabia. and here is the president. >> hello, macdill! i want to thank general austin for his introduction, lloyd for your exceptional leadership where you're about to step off the stage. go ahead. >> i was, sir. >> it's better when lloyd is not standing next to me because i don't look small. general austin has done such extraordinary work, both commanding our forces in iraq today as the commander of centcom. i want to thank somebody else for his own lifetime of service to america, first as a soldier who fought in vietnam and now secretary of defense, chuck hagel. give it up for chuck. [applause]
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chuck was here a few weeks ago to welcome the new head of special operations command, general joe votel. give joe a big round of applause. [applause] for those of you who don't know, 13 years ago, joe led his team of army rangers as they jumped into afghanistan to establish our first base there. by jumping out of the plane alongside them. joe is a tough guy and he knows what he's doing and i can't think of somebody who is more qualified to head up our special forces so we want to thank joe for accepting this assignment. you'll remember congress, cathy castor is here. give cathy a big round of a mrauz. there she is right there. [applause]
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your wing commander, colonel dan sully, your senior enlisted leaders command sergeant major chris grecka, command sergeant major chris farris, chief master sergeant matt lusahn. and most of all, i want to salute all the spouses and military families on base because let's be honest. they're the force behind the force. [applause] i spent time with some of them last night and it's clear why our military is the finest fighting force in the history of the world and it's because our military families are serving right along side you. i know we've got some air force in the house.
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it's great to be at the home of the sixth air mobility wing. 927, their refuelling wing, centcom, we've got some army here, navy, marines. coast guard? we love our coast guard. now, i'm not here to give a long speech. what i really wanted to do was come down and just shake some hands. i just received a brefing from general austin and met with your commanders, met with representatives from more than 40 nations. it is a true team effort here at macdill and i came here to say
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the same thing that i've been saying to troops on bases across this country, around the world and a few months ago in bagram and that is thank you. on behalf of the american people, i want to thank all of you for your service. i want to thank all of you for your sacrifice, i want to thank you for your commitment to each other and your commitment to our country. as your commander in chief, i could not be more proud of each and every one of you. for nearly 75 years, the men and women of macdill have lived a commitment to airmen, mission and community. you've supported our troops through each generation of challenges. and as home to both central command and special operations command, you have shouldered some of the heaviest responsibilities in dealing with the challenges of this new century. for more than a decade, ever since that awful september morning 13 years ago, every
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since joe and his rangers took that jump a month later, you and all of our men and women in uniform have borne the burden of war. some of you are quiet professionals, our special forces were among the first to go. when the decision was made to go into iraq, you were there. when we refocused the fight back to afghanistan, you were there. you have served with skill and honor and commitment and professionalism. and some of you carried the wounds of these wars. i know some of you lost friends. we remember all who have given their lives in these wars and we stand with their families who have given more than most americans can ever imagine and we honor those sacrifices forever. but here is what i want every single one of you to know. because of you, this 9/11 generation of heros has done
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everything asked of you and met every mission tasked to you. we are doing what we set out to do. because of you, osama bin laden is no more. because of you, the core al qaeda leadership in afghanistan and pakistan has been decimated. because of you, afghans are reclaiming their communities. afghan forces have taken the lead for their country's security. in three months because of you, our combat mission will be over in afghanistan and our war in afghanistan will come to a responsible end. that's because of you. you and our counterterrorism professionals have prevented terrorist attacks. you've saved american lives, you've made our homeland more secure. but we've also known that the end of the war in afghanistan didn't mean the end of threats or challenges to america. here at macdill, you knew this and have known this as well as
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anybody. you play the central role in our combat and counterterrorism operations. you make sure our troops and piles get what they need in order to get the job done. you train forces around the world so countries can take responsibility for their own security. the sixth air mobility wing is continuously deployed, supporting our humanitarian and combat operations around the world. ready to defend. your work is as vital as ever because in an uncertain world, full of breath taking change, the one constant is american leadership. in a world where technology provides a small group of killers with the ability to do terrible harm, it is america that has the capacity and the will to mobilize the world
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against terrorists, including the grup in syria and iraq known as isis. our intelligence community, as i said last week, has not yet detected specific plots from the terrorists against america but its leaders have repeatedly threatened america and our allies and right now, these terrorists pose a threat to the people of iraq, the people of syria, the broader middle east, including our personnel, our embassies, our consulates, our facilities there. and if left unchecked, they could pose a growing threat to the united states. so last month, i gave the order for our military to begin taking targeted action against isis. and since then, our brave pilot and crews, with your help, have conducted more than 160 air strikes against these terrorists. because of your efforts, we've been able to protect our personnel and our facilities and kill isil fighters and given space for iraqi and kurdish
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forces to reclaim key territory. they've helped our partners on the ground break isil sieges, helped rilians cornered on a mountain, helped save the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children. that's what you've done. now, going forward as i announced last week, we're going to degrade and ultimately destroy isil through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy and whether in iraq or in syria, these terrorists will learn the same thing that the leaders of al qaeda already know. we mean what we say. our reach is long. if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. we will find you eventually.
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this is not and will not be america's fight alone. one of the things we've learned the last decade is america can make a decisive difference but i want to be clear, the american forces that have been deployed to iraq do not and will not have a combat mission. they will support iraqi forces on the ground as they fight for their own country against these terrorists. as your commander in chief, i will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in iraq. after a decade of massive ground deploymen deployments, it is more effective to use our unique capabilities in support of partners on the ground so they can secure their own country's futures and that's the only solution that will succeed over
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the long term. we'll use our air power. we will train and equip our partners. we will advise them and we will assist them. we will lead a broad coalition of countries who have a stake in this fight because this is not simply america versus isil. this is the people, the region fighting isil. it is the world rejecting the brutality of isil for the better future of our children and our children's children, all of them. but we're not going to do this alone. and the one thing we have learned is that when we do things alone and the countries, the people of those countries aren't doing it for themselves, as soon as we leave, we start getting the same problems so we have to do things different. this is why we've spent the past several weeks building a coalition to aid in these efforts. and because we're leading in the right way, more nations are
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joining us. overall, more than 40 countries so far have offered assistance to the broad campaign against isil. some nations will assist from the air and already france and the united kingdom are flying with us over iraq with others committed to join this effort. these terrorists on the ground. and already saudi arabia has agreed to host our efforts to train and equip syrian opposition forces. australia, canada, will send military advisors to iraq. german paratroopers will offer training. other nations helped resupply arms to forces in iraq including the kurdish peshmerga. arab nations pledged to increase to iraq's new government and increase aspects to the fight against isis and our partners will cut off isil funding and
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father intelligence and stem flow of foreign fighters into and out of the middle east. 30 nations helped us with humanitarian relief to help innocent civilians driven from their home, whether sunni, shia, christian, yazidi, or any other religious minority. yesterday at the white house i met with an outstanding american leader, retired marine general, john allen. he worked with iraqi tribal leaders as they fought to reclaim their own communities from terrorists and he will serve as america's special envoy to build and coordinate this incredible coalition and i have called on congress to make sure you've got all the authorities and resources you need to get the job done. but the point is we can not do for the iraqis what they must do for themselves. we can't take the place of arab partners in securing their own region and a better future for their own people. we can't do it for them but, this is an effort that calls onn
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america's unique abilities and responsibilities to lead. in a world that is more crowded and more connected, it is america that has the unique capability to mobilize against an organization like isis. in a world full of broader social challenges, it is america that has the unique capability and know how to contain and combat a threat like ebola. the epidemic in africa. and yesterday on top of what we're already doing to help i announced a major boost to our response. we're establishing a military command center in liberia at the request of their government to support civilian efforts across the region. major general darrell williams, commander of our forces in africa arrived yesterday. he is already on the ground. and our armed forces will bring
9:18 am
unique unrivaled eggs expert tee in command and control and logistics and engineering and creating a air bridge to get health supplies into the west africa faster. of course all the efforts to safeguard our personnel will remain the top priority. in nation of liberia heard the news was reported to saying we have been praying to get the disease wiped out of our country, so the coming of u.s. troops will get that done we will be happy. and that is the story. across the board. if there is a hurricane, if there is a typhoon. if there is some sort of a crisis, if there is an earthquake, if there's a need for rescue mission, when the world is threatened, when the world needs help, it calls on america. even the countries that complain about america, when they need help, who do they call?
9:19 am
they call us. and then america calls on you. to all the servicemen and women here and around the world, we ask a lot of you. and any mission involves risk. and any mission separates you from your families. and sending our servicemembers into harm's way is not a decision i ever take lightly. it is the hardest decision i make as president. nothing else comes close. i do it only when i know the mission is vital to the security of this country that we love. i do it only because i know that you're the best there is at what you do and frankly there just aren't a lot of other folks who can form in the same ways. in fact, there are none and there are some things only we can do.
9:20 am
there is on capabilities only we have. that's because of you. your dedication, your skill, your work, your family supporting you, your training, your command structure. our armed forces are unparalleled and unique. so when we got a big problem somewhere around the world, it falls on our shoulders and sometimes that's tough. but that's what sets us apart. that's why we're america. that's what the "stars and stripes" are all about. and between war and recession, this has been challenging start to this new century. we've been busy. this is not been an easy 14 years. and many of you came of age in these years. but i want you to know as i stand here with you today i'm as
9:21 am
confident as i have ever been that this century, just like the last century, will be led by america. it will be an is and american century. at home we're bouncing back, better positioning ourselves to win the future than any nation on earth. overseas we're moving forward answering the call to lead. and even when it seems like our politics is just dividing us, i want you to remember when it comes to supporting you and your families the american people stand united. we support you. we are proud of you. we are in awe of your will and your service. only one% of americans may -- 1% the americans may wear the uniform and shoulder the weight of special responsiblities that you do. but 100% of americans need to support you and your families,
9:22 am
100%. this is a moment of american leadership and thanks to you it's a moment we're going to meet and i will keep standing up for your interests and for our security and for the human rights and dignity of people wherever they live and we're going to keep on working with our allies and partners to take out the tariffs who threaten us wherever they hide because in stark contrast to those who only know how to kill and maim and tear down, we keep on building up and offering a future of progress and hope and like the generations before us, we're willing to defend this country we love. we're willing to help others on this planet that we share. we're protected by patriots like you and for all those reasons the united states of america will remain the greatest force for freedom that the world has ever known. thank you very much, everybody. i'm proud of you. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> that was president obama making his case to the country to combat isis and very
9:23 am
rightfully heaping a lot of praise on our military for what he sees as a lot of success to date saying quote, the world has called on america's unique ability to lead and also calling this an american century. so, sandra, i want to go to you first. i thought this was a very different tone from president obama to date. he didn't give a lot of details or specifics but heap ad lot of praise to our military. what did you think? >> rightly some the military appeared behind him. we did hear them cheering a lot of the president's comments. there was a strong show of support there and the president really putting on an air of confidence about his strategy and plan. one thing i found very interesting, charles, he said our partners will help to cut off isis funding and a lot of the criticism has been that the actions that president obama has put on the table have not specifically targeted that funding that is so important to isis, that empowered them, the
9:24 am
accumulation of oil fields, the taxes, the ransom that have continue to empower this terrorist group. no specific mention but he did put that into the speech. >> he did, but what bothered me right out of the gate, guys, this was the debate over the weekend, the administration finally came around calling it a war. he called it counterterrorism -- >> he will not use that term. >> troops will be respectful to the commander-in-chief. do you send men and woman in harm's way without a clear-cut strategy in either we're at war with these people and we'll crush them or this is counterterrorism program in new york city, we'll stay there years for years picking out goose guys and bad guys without offending anyone. i was disappointed with it. >> i was listening for the no boots on the ground. he didn't use those word, kennedy. basically said the no boots on the ground. telling our enemies said what we won't do. >> said specifically no ground war. someone needs to tell general
9:25 am
dempsey on that because he had a very different take if this tepid coalition. this coalition is lukewarm bath water. germans will trip and arabs support iraqi army? is that saying something strong about this supposed alliance? >> harris, he talked about the iraqi army putting a lot of responsibility on this army but we have a story at a top general says half the iraqi army is, quote, incapable of working with the united states against isis. >> i think half is generous from everything that i'm reading. he said u.s. forces or american forces do not and will not have a combat mission. is this a mistake about it this administration, by this president again to tell the enemy what you will not do, considering the fact what we're learning today from the people, the peshmerga ba, the biggest fighting force we have over there who we would fight by proxy in northern iraq. you know they're not quite so certain what they'll do, how they will participate.
9:26 am
what will their dog in the fight be? they got the territory that they wanted to secure northern iraq. they don't need to go to baghdad. they might do that for us. they don't need that. they will see if the new government includes then. then you got the guys if syria, transport them, 5,000 out of syria to saudi arabia to train them? howard dean, former dnc chair, says he has doubts whether you the saudis. up until months ago they were paying money to isis. >> can't trust the saudis or moderates and kurd know that. we have so little business getting into this messy political battle. besides military. >> not a lost friend over there. today we may get answers to the many questions still surrounding the terror attacks in benghazi that killed four americans. a house select committee holding its first public hearing what went wrong and how to prevent future attacks. nfl's biggest nightmare far from over as the vikings reverse
9:27 am
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♪ >> if you were watching "outnumbered" and what looks like the nfl in a tailspin for yet another day. the players union is formally appealing ray rice's indefinite suspension after the shocking video surfaced of the nfl star knocking out his then fiance. it has been couple weeks. fees just like yesterday. right now the vikings are holding a news conference after reversing course yet again on adrian peterson. banning him from all team activities until the felony child case is settled. here is the vikings owner just a few minutes ago. >> we maded a mistake and we needed to get this right. we embrace our role in the
9:32 am
community. and the responsibilities that go with it. it is morn to always listen to our fans, the community, and our sponsors. our goal is to always make the decision we feel is right for the minnesota vikings. >> all right. let's start with the sponsors. chars? >> well, budweiser i think really shook this whole thing up. by the way, when they gave this press conference with the vikings, normally see your logo and radisson's logo, radisson's logo missing. budweiser rattle everyone when they came out with the statement late yesterday. nike putting peterson on hold. mcdonald's, visa, campbell's soup, proctor & gamble. listen we talk about how invincible the nfl is. we talk about how powerful it is. but it is about revenues that come from tv and the tv money comes from these guys.
9:33 am
>> we'll get back to that in a moment. i want to talk about a little bit what is happening today. are we looking at a change in the nfl? i mentioned adrian peterson. it started with video of ray rice. are we looking at a new nfl, harris. >> i don't know. i'm wondering they knew about the second child abuse indictment coming down the pike. the nfl stands for not freakin' listening or they would have acted sooner. why all the delays? they're misguided in the focus. there was a report yesterday that the nfl is stopping rgiii. they were concerned about him wearing a t-shirt to a press conference. >> made him turn it inside out talking about jesus. >> where are your price? the -- priorities. nfl could use more god and -- >> toy think am only one sitting here and it will eventually go away. >> you don't think this tarnishes nfl permanent any? >> no, i don't.
9:34 am
>> why not? >> i think people's memories are very short. it is a very sad and very sick situation to see there have been children harmed in these domestic violence cases. the vikings, did they let him back on the field too soon? possibly. how were they to know another four year was possibly being abused by this player? there is still a lot of uncertainty. i still think we face the fact, chars, there are lower number of incidents of domestic and child abuse in the fl in the average population. >> that we know about. >> the nfl will have to deal with it to get solved. >> ask you, sandra, what would be, something has got to happen though than sweep it under the rug. >> can't sweep, because it will keep happening. >> unfortunately a lot of times more and more -- >> do they sack the commissioner? bring in in, they already hire ad bun women. >> i answering your question. unfortunately if you like roger goodell and think he done a good job and just for image and
9:35 am
optics for the situation they have to change leadership. >> by the way i think a lot of owners do like roger goodell. he enriched them even though they have tax-exempt status. >> cory booker talked about taking away all tax-exempt status from major leagues. would raise 100 million in 10 years for the country and put all the money towards domestic violence program. >> there are a lot of other problems in professional sports leagues other than domestic violence certainly but i think the players are opposed to goodell and he can not, you can not have ad hoc punishments. you can not decide later in the day. that is the most important thing the nfl can do is have consistent policy. >> agree. >> we'll talk about sponsors later in the show. tell you what? this is tepid response from sponsors. charles, i know i will disagree with you, cover girl a feminine brand will not pull out based on the news, okay? a lot of these sponsors while they might be saying they're concerned about the situation, are not pulling out in droves.
9:36 am
>> they want to make money. >> this story keeps more and more twist an turns coming up with it. we'll cover it as it happens. right now the house select committee is holding the first hearing on benghazi where members are trying to get answers on what happened during the attack that killed four americans. we're monitoring. we're on it. stay with us.
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♪ >> welcome back everyone, to "outnumbered." right now lawmakers try to answer lingering questions on the terror attack in benghazi that killed four americans of the house select committee on benghazi is holding its first public hearing. you see it going on now. we're focusing first what the obama administration is doing now to improve security to make sure what happened in benghazi never happens again. and they wanted to know what went on before, during, and after the attack in 2012. still all those unanswered questions. all of this taking place while hillary clinton was secretary of
9:41 am
state. and now, there are new allegations that clinton allies may have tried to conceal certain documents in the wake of the attack. so investigators wouldn't see them. listen to lawmakers opening remarks. >> so to fulfill the duties owed to those we serve and in honor of those who were killed, maybe maybe, just maybe we can be what those four brave men were, neither republican nor democrat. just americans and in pursuit of the facts and justice, no matter where that journey takes us. >> this is bigger than us. the things that we do today and over the next few months will have lasting effects, even when we're gone on to heaven. and that is how we have to look at this. so we prepare, not only for the present but we prepare for the future and generations unborn. >> now you heard those words,
9:42 am
harris, from trey gowdy the republican from south carolina, saying it was stunning to see the similarities he said in his opening remarks between the security recommendations made in the wake of those attacks and the ones made after the benghazi attacks. two things are going on here. they're trying to figure out how to prevent something like this from ever happening. >> sure. >> also trying to get those unanswered questions. >> here is what was missing today. where is the outrage from republicans in this isn't the 7th hearing. this is the first select committee hearing on benghazi. so they have been beating drums about this and polls have shown that americans want answers about this and i heard bret baier's reporting today, earlier and he was laying it out. it will be kind of like a slow roll. when is the roll part of the slow coming? i was so shocked there was so little passion on this i understand you want to get facts out. it really hit me between the eyes. >> might be a tactical thing. trey gowdy has been very, very strong and there has been a lot of contempt from everyone
9:43 am
associated with the obama administration on anything by the way, anytime they're called up to capitol hill, they don't care. they wear a certain disdain on their sleeves. why am i here? who are you to question me? and nothing gets done. so maybe this time instead of, you know trying to be a tough guy, maybe we'll appeal to certain different part of your characterer? maybe we'll appeal to the part that cares about our military and this country. maybe that will work this time. >> we know they care. you only get one chance to make a first impression. >> i think you're seeing it in the committee and capitol hill. seeing it in america, the story is so politicized, polarized at this point i think a lot of people almost given up we'll ever find the truth. >> that so sad. >> that so sad. that makes people apathetic. >> andrea, now we have allegation, saw you shaking the head while i was doing the intro, allegations that clinton's team, hillary clinton's team got rid of documents before a congressional hearing. spokesperson for hillary clinton's camp responding to the claim saying
9:44 am
it is patently false that occurred but that is on the table right now. >> okay, to charles point, she came to capitol hill with a ton of hubris and sat up there told us didn't make a difference how they died. apparently it does if they're trying to conceal the these documents. i don't tend to believe her team that they did not do. look, trey gowdy has been very passionate on this i think he has done a excellent job. what he is trying to be not accused amping up the drama on this i bet he will get passionate. probably trying to manage as you point out all these people criticizing him. >> he is tampering the theatrics to get to the truth. >> right. >> that is really important. often times all you see is the dog-and-pony show it is a great distraction. >> the truth they failed to protect americans from terrorism. this is why this matters with this isis threat. we knew our consulate was attacked two times before september 11th in benghazi. they drew down security from 38 in may to only nine
9:45 am
september 2012, when ambassador stevens, sandra was asking for more security. why are they let americans die? they have not answered question. >> the hearing continues to go down and listen to it and bring you any breaking news as we get it. america's most poplous state on track for the most destruction sieve wildfire season on record where wildfires threatening hundreds of homes. plus, follow the money. the big hit that could be in store for the nfl as big-time sponsors, some of the biggest, weigh in on the domestic violence and child abuse scandals and want to dump adrian peterson. [shouting] ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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9:50 am
acting. nike, the big one, suspending a contract with the star running back and radisson hotel chain, on logo behind the press banners, team officials announcing suspending sponsorship of the entire team. sandra earlier in the show you thought it would blow over. that these sponsors could not resist the lure of the nfl and its strong fan base. >> not just me saying that. that is in some of the sponsors statements. most of them in fact are not coming out with harsh language saying they're abandoning the nfl. case in point, cover girl. a female brand, a makeup brand. okay? they came out because they saw the 80 million female football fans of the word and wanted to specifically target them. they have an nfl program in marketing team geared towards that. they basically said, in light of recent events we encouraged the nfl to take swift action on the path forward to address the issue on domestic violence. that is not tough talk coming from sponsors. until i see sponsors pulling out in droves, chars, i don't think
9:51 am
you will see any major money wii drawn. >> harris, here is the thing, will sponsors wait for ratings to drop. you remember the whole sex scandal with tiger woods and how, there must have been 30, 50 stories on him before somebody said, nike was first on the list of the suspended or whatever the terminology. >> there was no immediate proof. >> he gave a news conference right away. >> in the back much his suv. that is all the proof i need. >> but, my point with this is there are contracts two between the talent and these companies. >> yeah. >> there does have to be proof. i think there has to be some or the of a ramping up. >> there are contracts, there are financial obligation as and they want to make, i mean a lot of these are token gestures. they want to make it seem like they're doing something and very concerned but they're also covering themselves. >> if the shoe drops -- >> ultimately, real quick, andrea, if indeed though the fans pull back, if indeed the
9:52 am
ratings start to go down, then that gives these sponsors room to say, okay, we'll act on these tepid threats if you will. >> but even though i think the nfl hasn't handle this very well, i don't see ratings going down. i think people love their football. i think you see women still wearing these jerseys. i think they are going to watch regardless. i think sponsors are just doing it to cover their own butts, look at us, we put out a press release saying we'll do this but i bet, charles, it doesn't last very long. >> here is ultimate question, what if they happens to fancy football players around picked adrian peterson and ray rice what happens. >> people talked about that already. doesn't mean that goodell goes. i think ultimately it does. >> bum me out because they're making this all about roger goodell when the real enemy here is ray rice and peterson. that should be the focus. you know what, charles, if they get rid of goodell, what do we get? doesn't mean it will change.
9:53 am
doesn't mean if -- >> brought up condoleeza rice, right? do they get a woman? former secretary of state who expressed interest? do they get a woman in the job? >> i take your point but i think your point is taken very seriously. if we see change in leadership, sponsors will have excuse to stay in the game. >> i think so. i think goodell is going to go. i think he has done amazing job. listen, we know that smells trigger strong emotions and memories but can they also be used to identify a person's political beliefs? we'll get to the bottom of that one next. ♪ how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week
9:54 am
and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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>> instead of asking your new partner what his political views are. give him a good sniff and researchers found that to a small degree people prefer the body odorof those who vote they do and are repelled by those with opposing views. i have no interest in sniffing a liberal. >> i will not sniff a liberal. >> and what if one wanted to
9:58 am
date you. and that is truly an occupy. would you like to sniff me kennedy? >> that is very independent and more libertarian. you would have picked you for a reaganite. >> and little nutty. little nutty with a hint of spice. and that's funny. it is like nutmeg. and it also smells like money. and early you catch me after the shower the better. and by the way, your office, is right by me. >> and what about you? hers is fair and balanced.
9:59 am
>> you are fair and ph- balanced. i don't know. i have been told i smell different every day. >> and i have it almost daily. >> i am weird about. that you always smell sweet like cotton candy to me. and that is nice. >> and that is taking it all day long and what does your show money smell like? >> the goldilocks economy and bad for those on the bottom. the question is the economic model broken? >> kennedy, independence at 9 o'clock p.m. what are you sniffing. >> it is a facebook for rich people. nsounds really good. >> we are staying out here for
10:00 am
outnumbered. and/ot and click the overtime tab and back tomorrow at noon eastern and "happening now"ing now starts right now. house law makers insisting they want the facts and only the facts on benghazi. the house select committee holding the public hearing in the the september 11th, 2012, attack on libya's second largest city and compound there. that's when militants attacked the compound and four americans including ambassador chris stephens died that day. they are taking a prebenghazi approach to over hauling the security. >> now is the time. clear the smoke and remove the mirrors and now is the time for the department of state to finally institutionalize real


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