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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 18, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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pizza chains are putting it out. that's all. >> and we are staying right here for outnumbered. and go to fox we are back on tv tomorrow noon. "happening now" starts now. >> we start with a fox news alert. taking the fight against isis to capitol hill. >> the man who runs the u.s. military trying to close a deal with congress on the plan to destroy the isis' terrorist. this is "happening now". >> the defense department and military leaders are in complete agreement that every component of the president's strategy. isil has to be defeated plain and simple, end of story. administration heavy weights try to clear up the mixed messages coming from the obama white house team and the fight against isis as criticism melts about the way forward. >> we can't reassure the enemy
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the president rur#!4u8íf out what his top military leader has said, is something this shouldn't be ruled out. >> new polls on what americans think about attacking the terrorist group. >> awaiting the results of a historic vote that could end the scotland 370-year-old marriage to england. >> i do think it would change. ♪ >> and so what happens if the scotts decide to march to a different beat? it may pinch for a moment but protect for a lifetime. vaccination rates in some schools in wealthy los angeles neighborhoods are low of those of third world countries. why? it is all "happening now".
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but our top story on this thursday, the secretary of state and secretary of defense laying it out for congress. president obama's strategy for defeating the brutal extremist that now threaten the world. i am jon scott, welcome to "happening now". >> defense secretary chuck hagel testified hes approved plans for air strikes in syria and target isis and same time secretary kerry is working for a second straight day to sell congress and clear up what one law makers said is mixed messages. hi, mike, what can you tell us? >> reporter: secretary of state kerry has gotten questions of how committed our allies are to defeating isis. and others questioning how well vetted the syrian opposition is that we are about to train and arm. and others are wondering how the
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administration will measure success or failure. one key republican questioned about the president's strategy. >> we know that top and former military leaders said a sometime may come when boots will be on the ground to supplement the kurds or iraqi forces and this is rebuffed by the president. our allies in the gulf need to make substantative investments for the coalition. should the need a rise, it will be willing to send its own troops on the ground in syria. >> one member questioned if we are looking at another vietnam if the united states doesn't get it right, heather. >> i want to know what the questi answer is to the question. do we know? >> reporter: he said european
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allies are expressing the joaning of the fight. he has arab commitments as well and another law makers if the united states should be bombing more isis targets now? >> this is not an invasion. it is a counter terrorism operation. it is going to be different number one. two, if we engaged and doing air strikes without the structure or without the forethought and proper targeting and something went awry, every one of you would be looking at us and why asking why we shot before we aimed. >> reporter: secretary kerry read a note saying that the french president holland authorized air strikes in iraq. >> mike, thank you. >> secretary of defense chuck hagel going before the house arms committee saying that the
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battle against terrorist will take more than guns and bullets and boots on the ground. >> this effort will not be easy or brief. this effort will not be simple. we are at war with isil. just as we are at war with al-qaeda. but destroying isil will require more than military efforts alone. >> is this what the american people fear about the path we are on? and chris wallace, anchor of fox news sunday. and give us the behind the scenes picture when secretary of defense and secretary of state get trotted out to testify before congress, what is the message that the administration is trying to send here? >> first of all, jon, they are trying to get money and 500 million in funding that will allow the training up of the syrian, free syrian rebels supposedly moderates in saudi arabia. and that's why they go up there
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and part of the congressional oversight process. it is an interesting situation on there. you don't know particularly what the members of the administration or members of congress have mixed feelings about this. on one hand they understand the need to send a message that the united states is united in its effort against isil and you can tell they are skeptical about the strategy that the president laid out. >> and secretary kerry trying to help convince, he's testifying on the house side. and the senate will vote on whether to approve the house resolution to arm and equip the syrian rebels. the question is how do you know which rebels are the good guys? >> there are a couple of aspects of. that a month or so ago, in an interview with the new york times, president obama was trying to explain why he hadn't
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helped the rebels in fighting against assad. he said a couple of weeks ago, he dismissed them as farmers and pharmacist and doctors. and now they are on the front line in the fight against isis in syria how do you know the moderate rebels from the islamist jihadist rebels. and how do you know that the arms will not end up in the hands of the other particularly when it gets to syria it is a three cushion shot in the corner pocket. one set of bad guys, isis. and assad regime, bad guys. and then the so- called free syrian army moderate rebels and no real assurances to who they it are and connections to the bad guys. it is not it clear. >> it is a mess. it seems to me that the high
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level members of the administration are talking tougher on this whole thing than the president is and i want to play a couple of examples of that? >> american forces deployed to iraq do not and have not had a combat mission they had to do it. and i will not commit the forces to fighting another ground forces in iraq he ended the iraq war they have to reconcile that. we had such an interesting yesterday with the former
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secretary and robert gates and he had to talk about that. he said absolutely we are going to move against isil successfully in syria. and you are going to use u.s. ground forces. i wish the president would limit himself from what gates said he would have to do. >> in the meantime talking domestic politics and doing what the democratic national committee, a woman picked to run the committee, washer- manshutwhereis in hot water with the president and others? >> if you are interested in the subject you should read the political website. it is a brutal article about her and she is trying to get dnc money to pay for her wardrobe
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and often out campaigning for herself because she might want to move up in the leadership after she leaves the dnc as party chairman and move up in the leader of the democrats in the house and she has very poor relations with members of the dnc and members of the white house and members of the congressional delegation and other than that popular. and did this come from the white house or underlings or congress and the answer is yes, it came from all of them. >> interesting, too, to think about the thinking of appointing her to that position, president obama wanted to make sure that he maintained good relations with women and jewish americans. >> i think the women thing was very important. in 2012, obama was running and the democrats were about the war on women. and they are doing it this time
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and the woman the face of the democratic party made a lot of sense. but if you believe this article and i must say talking to sources today, it hasn't worked out the way they thought it would. >> chris wallace joining us from washington, thank you. >> speaking to members of the house select committee. and republican congressman pete king of new york and on sunday fox news channel, there is a lot to say about the isis' threat. another video was released and shoes a kidnapped british journalist sitting in a desk in a darkroom as he condemns the british government for allegedly not acting to save him.
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it is entitled, lend me your ears we'll keep you posted on the developments. speaking of britain voting is underway in scotland reverundum. >> they are deciding whether to separate from the uk after more than 300 years together. the race is too close to call. a slight majority is opposing scottish independence. and greg is live in london. >> reporter: hey, jon, we are hearing from my colleague up in scotland, amy, this is the few from london, great britain on the brink and everything i am hearing and seeing, that is no understatement. a vote by scotland might be good for some up there, but terrible
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for britain and not great news for the united states. the uk is our most important economic ally. voting in scotland has been heavy today. and the campaign is emotional and the latest poll we are seeing could be good news for london and washington. those opposing separation are in the lead. 53 percent to 47 percent. and the uncertain are now down to four percent has been larger. that is all within the margin of error. this is what voters had to say leaving the booth today, take a listen. >> i think it is monumental, no matter how it ends, but of course, i keep my fingers it is not going to work. england will survive. and scotland will sink. >> the scottish are doing all of this.
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and there is too much money heading down to london and the risks for an independent scotland are big. prime minister cameron trying to win them over with more. and the london stock market is up and the pound is stronger and number three. all important bookies are saying yes to separation vote will not win, but it is still close. a lot of nail biting. >> i will go with the bookies. they always seem to get it right. >> thank you, greg. >> a serious story to tell you about. australian officials said they prevented a gruesome isis terror plot. capturing civilians and beheading them and wrapping them in the terror group's flag. we are learning what to do to increase our safety at home.
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our military analyst weighs in. >> it is not just suspicion, it is intent. and that's why they decided to act in the way they have. me w. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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[ woman ] take the next step. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. >> a horrifying isis execution plot foiled in australia. scouring dozens of locations including sidney and detaining a dozen suspects in a series of predawn raids. authorities say isis terrorist were planning to kidnap people off of the streets and behead them on camera. >> despite living here and enjoying the australian way of life, they would do us harm and it is very important that our police and security organizations be one step ahead of them and this morning they
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were. >> chuck nash is a retired navy captain and a fox news military analyst. >> a decade and half ago no one could have imagined hijackers flying a plane full of civilians in a skyscraper. and now the idea of kidnapping off of the street and taking their heads off, we'll have to get used to that, too? >> that's unfortunately how the ideology mutates and we are seeing them act out in the horrific ways. perhaps that is what it is going to take before the people in the country faceup that we are fighting a long- term economy and our forebears fought this enemy. >> people say it is not a threat to this country but it is it a problem for the middle east. but no chatter in this country,
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how do you respond? >> the radicalization of people in this country can take place without having gone to syria and fought under the isis' flag. >> the ideology is the same. and those who are not acting out and those who are acting out, draw their beliefs from the same documents. and all it takes for someone in this country to be disa affected or thinking they are going to join this cause and self radicalize. and therefore, you don't have command and control networks that we are used to from a military stand point of interdicting and a formal enemy such as russia and china. this is all being done on social networks and in the internet. >> the australians were
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fortunate to intercept communications apparently. >> yeah, jon, unfortunately now that that is out, that was a breach of their security, and unfortunately they probably will not use the cell phones and therefore, it will be difficult to pick it up. they will use social media and coded references and again, people like the major hasans and the guy who shot the military recruiters, and like the tsarinara v brothers. >> chuck, thank you. >> you bet, jon. >> there is a disturbing report. not enough children in the wealthy los angeles neighborhood are getting vaccinated. numbers are on par with developing nations and how much are they putting others at risk and how much are they at risk,
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our medical panel will weigh in next. mall make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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>> a former military commander appearing to question the white house strategy on isis. you are looking at a picture of them. and you know their napes and faces. they are urging president obama to leave his options open regarding boots on the ground something that the president repeatedly ruled out. and we are talking about very senior officials. have you ever seen such a thing? a split between senior military and the president? >> no, it is not just retired senior military it is the current senior military splitting with the president.
10:26 am
he gave them a mission but made it mission impossible. he said no u.s. boots on the ground so we are supposed to use other boots on the the ground but they will not showshow up. he said we will train and field. we haven't found them yet. and use the iraqi forces that are the boots on the ground. the deputies department 50 percent of them said they are not ready for combat. >> and we talked to general petraeus, it takes five years to train up an army and that was ten years ago and they haven't done it in that time. and why would they do it now? >> you bring up an interesting third topic. iran. get iran in there to do the work and they helped to create the problem in the first place. >> we are going to have a coalition. the coalition is not going to
10:27 am
specifically include syria and not going to include iran. that's what the secretary of state said. if there is no other boots on the ground and syrians and iraqis, what will we do in a couple of month's time when it doesn't work? we'll either walk away and defeat or destroy isis, or escalate heaviily boots on the the ground. or turn to iowa ran and said how do you help us do this? and they are not going to do it for nothing. the threat to isis is a threat to them as well. but if they feel they are going to bail out the united states. they will ask for nuclear negotiations and you got it right on the head. if they want a nuclear weapon's program and we are trying to stop it and they are in negotiations about this program and iran bails us out.
10:28 am
it will be with the understanding that the united states lets them develop nuclear weapons. >> some folks may seem like that is far fetched. and why is it not? >> defeat and destroy and degrade isis. i don't so how it happens. there is not a syrian army that is going to fight isis in syria. >> we can train 5,000. and how do you take on 30,000. and the iraqi army? >> first time they came up against isis they dropped the weapons and ran away. and then the coalition. and part of that may be looking at the united states and seeing reluctance and why should we step up. but turkey hasn't stepped up and saudi arabia are not going to fight. and egypt hasn't stepped up. we need boots on the grouped.
10:29 am
if not american and theirs, my guess is we'll turn to iran and a nuclear iran is the biggest strategy threat to the united states and even isis. >> we were talking about the iranian component and we know it is talked about in the pentagon. thank you for your expertise. >> and we toweled about the trend and now shocking new statistics that kids in the healthiest schools are at risk. what you need to know about vaccinations and flu season. apple making upgrades to the security policy. which devices that the tech giants say are virtually unhackable. ugh. heartburn.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> a fox news alert. we are standing by for a vote in the u.s. senate to training and supplying weapons for moderate syrian rebels to fight isis. many of the fellow democrats are scared it will back fire and we cannot depend on the syrians and the secretary of defense said he and the chiefs have gone over the plan and over it again. >> the general and i both approved and spent considerable time reviewing and adapting the plan. >> we have people in europe to
10:34 am
commit to be part of the effort and outside of europe and other parts in the region. arab commitments to be a part of the effort. >> senators are expected to approve the plan. and the house approved it yesterday. and many democrats signed on to that. and we'll let you about the vote when it takes place. >> vaccination rates in the united states, according to the hollywood reporter in the wealthy los angeles schools. they are down to low as a third world count rear or southern part of sudan. many parents are using belief options to back out of the vaccinations. while flu vaccinations are up across the board. 53 percent of the health professionals working in long- term health facility got
10:35 am
vaccinated. but the focus on children they are most at risk. we'll bring in the medical panel and the er doctor in emory hospital. and dr. manny alvarez. and a fox new medical a- teamer and chuck williams, psychologist. why are so many parents avoiding vaccinations for their young children? >> we can blame people like jenny mccarthy. trained in infectious diseases, not. she is an actor and comedian and how she's against vaccinations and because of that, we had a trend in certain communities where they are deciding not to vaccinate their children to prevent them from getting sick and developing something like autism, although no research
10:36 am
drew a link between autism and vaccination. >> i have young children. and that is one of my pet peeves with my child's pediatrician. there is no link. >> it is parents who don't think they need it? doctor? >> there is a lot of misinformation developing for decades and many celebrities want to be doctors are moving forward. my position is much stronger than that. they hide behind freedom of speech, but when you place medical misinformation and you sort of desiminate it and be something that parents and people attach themselves to. that is illegal and inappropriate. and i think it is about time that the judicial system looks at the medical information posted on line and do something about it. >> dr., you are on the front
10:37 am
lines and you can see children coming in. and we have had outbreaks of whopping cough and measles. what are you seeing in the hospital? >> heather, you are right. as a physician, i have seen children that are wracked. and their infant bodies. >> that is whopping cough? >> yes. exactly. exactly. it is whooping cough. after these spas'm of coughing and then it is them gasping for air and i have seen them struggling for. that and i recommend the parents to see it from both points of view. i would want to prevent that from happening in my own child. >> doctor chuck, this is deadly? >> of course. the a fluencea connection.
10:38 am
well to do parents and choose what they want and going to starbucks and getting larks atte with soy and what not put this in the same category. they are playing with the lives of their kids and others. we need certain number of kids immunized to protect the community. certain parents don't allow their kids immunized, we are putting the entire community at risk. and that is irresponsible. and it should be illegal. >> i want to ask you about the personal belief exemption. that is on the book in 19 states. and family said because of my personal beliefs i will not vaccinate my child. >> unfortunately what is happening now. looking at the passion of developing countries getting the kids immunized and the rates of
10:39 am
immunization that have problems like. this they live every day with the notion and die before their eyes. they fear. it in california and hollywood, they may not see that and they have a assumption that vaccines are bad and pollutes our body. and i have an autism child and i know a lot of and i feel confident about vaccinations. and the misconception that allows parents toop out i hope it goes away. the cvc has to do a better job and giving parents clear information when it comes to vaccine safety. >> dr. gillespy. measles and whooping cough had all but gone away. they are back and where is it
10:40 am
coming from? >> you are absolutely right. 1,960,500,000 people had measles and hundreds died. there are still populated in other countries of the world and it is easy to import measles and other infectious diseases from other countries. and to the point made earlier. vaccine and autism, there is no scientific evidence connecting the two and evidence that suggest that vaccine have no association with autism. >> we are seeing it in the wealthier parts of california and a couple of children died this year as a result. this is a serious issue. and thank you. thank you for the conversation about that. and we'll keep an eye on this story as it continues to develop and kids go back to school. >> thank you.
10:41 am
>> well, a fox business alert. a giant in the world of on line shopping. a libaba will reveal the price tag for the biggest public offering ever. >> and this is on with the fox business network. and how expensive are the shares going to be. we are hoping at this point. and the sharers expected price range is 66 and $60 each. look at ipos. we may see a pop in the shares and that would be great. and we should back up a bit and tell you what a libaba is. it is a unique commerce giant in china except it is a lot bigger and does 11 transactions per
10:42 am
user per year. albaba does 49. it doesn't have warehouses and connects buyers with sellers. 280 million of them and reflects the power of communist china's private sector. >> they didn't have that for a long time and all of that pent-up demand is in place. apple has the new operating system that could be hack proof? >> potentially. it is ios8. you can down load it on the older devices and embedded in the new iphones that are on sale tomorrow. and so it keeps your data and photos and e-mails and phone calls safe on your device with a pass code. apple cannot access that code. and not respond to pleas from the government on more
10:43 am
information. just on the devices with ios8. >> it makes people who are concerned about privacy feel more secure. >> i am down loading it tonight. >> it is freeing up the space and connect to wi- fi. >> thank you. heather. >> thousands of state troopers and are coming to pennsylvania today to honor a fellow officer that is brutually gunned down. >> we'll have the search. and hundreds of america paratroopers, jumping to honor a historic battle. details all the way from the netherlands. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity,
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dulcolax, for relief you can count on. veggies you're cool... reworking the menu. mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active. muscle health. clear protein drink and high protein. targeted nutrition to feed your active life. ensure. take life in. coming up on the real story. just when you think the terror of isis and al-qaeda is plenty of happen. we have another offshoot of
10:47 am
al-qaeda to warn you and targeting american airplanes again. and president obama and top commanders not on the same page with boots on the ground. does the president want to destroy isis or dismantling or managing them? i will give my take. >> a brit and scott, going head-to-head on the show. and scotland votes to possibly split away from england all at the top of the hour. >> a massive manhunt under way for pennsylvania for a suspected killer of's fallen state trooper. today, thousands of officers from all over the country gathering in pennsylvania to honor the trooper dicks con. >> he was ambushed and killed outside of the barracks last weekend. the suspect killer is 31-year-old eric 14 after finding his abandoned suv and
10:48 am
driver's list near the scene. patruck brosnan joins us now with his thought. freen is said to be a survivalist. how do you go after a guy like that? >> you have a perfect storm for the manhunters tracking the animal down. he is heavily armed and knows the deep woods like the back of his hand and consumed with hatred for the police and he has serious manhunters on his tail. >> you can see some of it there. they are not wearing body armor and if he is in a sniper kind of set up and they found a army manual on sniper techniques and tactics in some of his stuff at home. if he is doing that kind of
10:49 am
thing. how does he protect himself. >> it is a murder one investigation and an arrest warrant on him. he is a coward and sniped one of their own in their house and killed and murdered in cold blood. >> the fact is, very technology that this guy hates may be the same thing that trips him up. someone, somewhere knows something. and this video of him in a store or bar, those people have electronic devices and they have to be vacummed for clues. the bill of rights and constitution is an effective leaver for which authorities use against individuals to put pressure and surrender the information to authorities about where he may be including license plate readers and all of the electronic devices ththis guy hates and in instances may
10:50 am
trip him up. >> and they are afraid he may go after a school and it is a frightening time for the people in the region and if you feel bad for the >> patrick, thank you. >> you're very welcome. >> thanks. a new app that's ramping up security on college campuses. we'll tell you how it's turning cell phones into personal security devices. ♪ [music]
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a university of virginia sfunt sophomore did hes appeared over the weekend. you can see here right there. surveillance tape was real estate leased today appears to show that the young woman was
10:54 am
being followed. women say they were sexually assaulted. it's a stat that leaves many students questioning the safety of the college campus. the senior at providence college located in the heart of rhode island's biggest city. >> a little bit more difficult and uneasy for individuals to walk. >> exactly why jessica rose -- there's an app jessica says is ridding colleges of sexual assault. >> we develop software products that allow students to take a pro active role in protecting
10:55 am
themselves and their friends in camp whys safety. >> it allows students like isaac to create safety profiles that tells her friends and family -- it then allows her to create a safety timer that alerts campus security if for some reason she doesn't make it to her destination. the app also has a panic button that lets local police know, and this is all in real-time. >> absolutely. if she's feeling unsafe or like she needs immediate assistance, press the button, and they'll let them know where she is and who she is. >> it makes her feel easy enough to worry about her studies rather than what's lurking around the next corner. >> it makes me feel more safe and confident on my campus. this is my home ground. >> home ground that she says now feels more like home. that's it from here. back to you. >> all right. douglas kennedy, thank you.
10:56 am
fox news alert. you're looking at what we believe to be the jetblue flight that had to make an emergency landing at long beach this morning. took off, oh, about an hour and 45 minutes ago. headed for austin, texas. got to about 9,500 feet, and the pilot reported a problem with one of the engines. this is an airbus a-320. they turned around and landed, and they were serious about -- enough about the problem on board that apparently the passengers all had to evacuate via those slides that come out the emergency exit doors. fire crews and so forth on the ground, but everybody is okay. just the long beach airport is shut down for now because that airplane, that jet, is blocking the runway. other passengers, other flights headed in to long beach have been diverted to other l.a. area airports. when we get more information,
10:57 am
we'll bring it to you.
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>> thanks for joining us. >> you'll be off tomorrow. snoo tomorrow. dmroo thanks for being here this week so far. the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. >> thanks. you heard about isis and al qaeda as major terror threats for the united states, but now a new off-shoot that wants to destroy america and take american lives. hi, i'm gretchen carlson, and this is the real story." the revelation comes as the nation's top intelligence officials speak out today. >> now we're also getting new details on another british hostage being held by isis.


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