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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 19, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we'll be back in an hour of the "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. with us one lucky guy, jonah goldberg. he is outnumbered. we have 50% of bret baier's panel today. take that bret. you. >> guys have a connection through alaska. >> yes we do. >> my wife and my wife's little sister were very close friend with the powerses in fairbanks, alaska. >> would you like to share the relationship? >> no, probably not.
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kirsten is what we in washington call the fairbanks mafia. >> democratic arm of the fairbanks mafia. >> everywhere. that is the whole point. >> already arguing and it has -- >> we go way back. >> if you're not mob i don't know if i want to mess with you today. new developments in the fight against isis. fran much -- france launching first airstrikes against islamic he can extremists in iraq, reportedly kills dozen of isis fighters. after president obama gave the okay and money to train the syrian rebels. he calls it strong bipartisan support and insisting america won't be dragged into a ground war. >> i'm pleased a congress a majority of democrats and a majority of republicans in both the house and senate have voted to support a key element of our strategy, the plan to train and equip the opposition in syria so
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they can help push back these terrorists. the american forces deployed to iraq and do not and will have not have a combat mission. their mission is to advise and assist our partners on the ground. >> but 10 members of the president's own party who have deep reservations about the president's strategy to defeat isis voting no in the senate, including a democrat, facing a tough re-election fight, mark begich of alaska, who in impassioned speech from the senate floor it is high time that arab countries in the region step up and fight isis. >> they don't step up to the plate enough. every time we have to step up and america, my wife and i have been i don't know how many funerals, how many hospitals. and are we asking, i heard somebody, some of my colleagues talk about combat troops? absolutely not! absolutely not! do not arm with u.s. dollars and weapons the rebels of today who may not be the rebels of tomorrow. >> joining begich and bucking
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the administration and party leadership are joe manchin, and chris murphy, two democratic snores outspoken in opposition to arming the rebels. jonah, i have to say it is fascinating to see republicans, democrats coming together uniting against what the president is doing and republicans and democrats coming together in support. the fault lines are very fascinating. >> the fault line runs between both parties. you have a hawkish wing of the republican party these days and you have a hawkish wing of the democratic party. i don't know why democrats wouldn't have trouble with the president's plan. i don't know why republican was have trouble with the president's plan is not great. the president's idea of good strategy on foreign policy last five years that is anything that competentes people to stop bothering him about foreign policy. this strikes me very politically driven, a political response to a national security problem. so i'm in favor of much bigger and more robust debate on capitol hill on all side. >> kirsten, what about the democrats? one of the members of i guess
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the alaska mafia speaking out against the president's plan? what are you hearing in the democratic party? i think there probably deep concern about this. >> i think jonah has it right, people are split based on their role how we should engage in the world. i don't, i have to say, i think that, i don't understand the republicans who aren't supporting him actually because the republicans have been ones who have been pounding the desk for last couple years saying let's arm the syrians. now he is doing it. i don't think he is should be doing it. i understand skepticism among all the people who are skeptical about it. republicans have been pushing him to do it. >> hillary clinton has been pushing him for a long time. in her book she alluded failure to convince him to arm the syrian rebels early on led to the rice of isis. you have stepping up to the plate, obviously voting no to this, warren differentiating herself from hillary clinton which many of her supporters are very happy to see. >> i do find this interesting
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too. and, it is kind of worrisome as well. senator dick durbin of illinois, he is of course the number two on the senate democrat side is saying you know we'll have to settle this with a full war debate in the lame-duck session which i guess is code for, after the midterm elections. can't they have that in the interrim? okay, so they're going to put this through but can't they start talking about this now? so if this isn't the best plan we could be ready to go with a better plan as soon as we figure out we need to tweak it? why do we have to wait till december or twist 2015. >> this is last thing they want to do before the midterm elections. >> evidently not. >> disorienting that someone like me sees what joe manchin is saying and agree with everything he is saying right now. what are we doing arming rebels and equipment can fall in our enemy's hand. i agree with all of that. it is astounding i have such shared opinions with so many
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democrats. >> the thing it is simply very complicated, multifaceted situation. when you have a president who can't use the word war. they will be combat mission but might be in combat you simply can't trust the administration to be showing leadership on this that is why i think the congress need to sort of step up and really figure out a strategy and be serious about it. >> meanwhile it appears isis changed its strategy when it comes to dealing with hostages. the terror group releasing a new video of british journalist being held captain and they're using him as spokesman, seating him behind the desk, explaining the terror group's message and warning america it is entering an unwinnable war. this is different from before the last three videos of isis showing behead of their captives. why do you think they're changing? it is backfiring? >> perhaps. they're all in orange jumpsuits as you saw in the pictures. but the change here is, if you
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kill the man, you can no longer have that american spread your message. so now they're changing their tune. >> who told them that this week? president obama told them that. >> nobody is thinking this guy is actually believing what he is say, right? >> that is not the point. who told them, who gave them an idea to change their strategy? and maybe they did it for that reason and maybe they didn't, kirsten but the president said, he telegraphed out, you know, in place of isis for strategy, why don't you try it this way. >> president obama advised isis to do this. >> there is, peter baker's piece in the "new york times" last week, if he was adding isis pinned notes to the hostages saying letting them go, don't mess with us this isn't your business. now i think, harris might be right. >> i don't think exactly what this video is. that is not -- first of all, isis, their strategy is not going to work, so the idea that somehow the beheadings were supposed to stop us getting involved? that will not stop us getting
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involved. that is getting us more involved. >> you think what prop banda is for though? >> that is what they're trying to do. they're trying to intimidate us and wanted us out, not to be involved in iraq. they said that specifically about the beheadings. what was the response? the stops was more, more bombs dropped on them. so it is not going to work. >> if their goal was at all to change the temperature of the american people, to get 300 million people to see things differently the polling are showing more people are fearful of them than ever before. >> more people than before are supporting acting against them. >> horse left the barn. they already beheaded two americans. americans are ticked off. that is done deal. harris is right, they're playing a little weird pr game going on obama's advice. >> fine, it may not work. it proves barack obama is really bad political consultant for terrorist groups and democratic party. >> i don't i they told them to take a hostage to put them in front after camera and do that. >> he told them if he put notes
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on american hostages and not killed them it would have dissuade american people from rushing to war. that is the up shot of peter baker piece. >> he was dropping bombs in iraq before people were beheaded. >> that's true. >> if they're rolling videos over and over and about killing terrorists do you think it helps or hurt isis? they're getting bigger and getting more people focused on them. the more we focus on them the more countries are united in building a coalition and doing something about it. >> if you're isis and you want to take over iraq, the beheadings were the wrong thing to do because it engaged the united states in a way they weren't engaged. granted we had already gotten engaged as they were starting to overtake iraq but i don't think the president didn't have the kind of support he think he has now because of those beheadings. >> all right. announced candidate for 2016 or not? many democrats believe the party's nomination is hillary's, if she wants it but there is growing opposition that may give the clinton camp plenty to worry
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about. plus scandal after scandal rocking the nfl. a revealing new poll showing what the fans really think about the game and questions it raises whether the nfl will ever change. sandra has got that next. i'm type e.
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." the domestic violence scandals, plural, rocking the nfl could be having an impact on a big part of their audience, women. in a piece in the "new york times" female fans can't hide their disappointment a chicago mom and bears fan saying quote, before this week i held the nfl in a different view it seemed different like families and communities were important to them but i know it is just a business now. another female fan in california i think the league is tone deaf to a lot of cultural things. the society evolved but i don't think nfl evolved. with five players caught up in domestic troubles including some of the league's biggest stars, ray rice or adrian peterson, it doesn't appear the fans are
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changing the channel. they report a surge in ratings since the news of ray rice scandal broke. you get that? they're up, not down! 90% of fans say the league's off field problems haven't affected their viewing habits much. but while a majority of the folks polled don't approve the way in. fl handled domestic violence issue. make some sense for this, andrea. they don't like what is happening at nfl. it doesn't mean they're shutting off the game. in fact more people are watching. >> they love football a lot more than they don't like ray rice and what is happening. i said on "the five," don't hate the player, hate the game. they're hating players and loving the game. i don't see that changing anytime soon. >> i watch the game where devin hester broke the record for, running back in for a touchdown. i don't have the exact link bow there. forgive me. >> we'll forgive you.
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>> devin hester broke the record last night. it was a lot of excitement on the field. it was a boring game because it was complete blowout. i watched the game, most of it and never heard mention of the nfl scandal. >> this is what you said was going to happen, right? you've been saying that all week long. >> thank you. >> touchdown returns. thank you. everybody that knows football, touchdown returns. >> my husband just texted. >> beat deion sanders's record! >> call it, call it. so you and i went back and forth because i said my viewing habits were changing a little bit. you know how much i love the nfl. i don't want to be constantly reminded. you said, in a week or show we'll watch and won't be first and first most. >> i think so. >> i asked a couple of my girlfriend that play fantasy fat ball. that is $1.4 billion industry
9:17 am
worlds ibis world. yahoo! hauls in 250 million alone on fantasy sports. we're not playing deactivated players and money is down and making money in my pool at work. >> how can you play that? haven't you heard what is happening. we hate the players are doing that and we support the women panel the nfl put together but i got to watch. >> this is not surprising at all. two points, one, when times are bad economically, when times are scary in terms of foreign policy people like to retreat to sports. something to take their mind off it. my guess that explains more of a surge in ratings than any of this other stuff. then the second point i make, the lady you quoted from "the new york times" who says she was shocked to find out that nfl is run like a business, i mean, is she shocked to find out that bears are using our national forests as toilets? [laughter]. who is blindsided by this news? >> exactly. >> does it takeaway, i wonder
9:18 am
what they will get done in the nfl about this issue? >> what about you, kirsten? >> i think a lot of this, it is not every player in the nfl that based badly. yes, the nfl, i don't think handled this appropriately, if you're a fan, you're looking at players. the players that you support. and 99% of them have not done this. >> audience is very important one. nielsen said last year 35% of the nfl audience was women. there are women speaking out. they don't like what's happening. but then again the game's still on in their home. they're still out in the grocery store targeted to nfl games on sunday. >> could you be a mother, imagine, sandra, having a husband who wants to watch football. who worked really hard week. kids are running around and they want to watch the fam and you're the one, no, let's shut it off? that is never going to happen. the only thing i thought was right on in the "new york times" article, i thought it was odd women are discovering all these things and disgusted with the
9:19 am
nfl, i didn't buy that, when they said, women if it was their team, they quote ad chicago woman, if this were jay cutler i wouldn't want to watch because it is jay cutler. but it is not my team. so i don't really care. >> that is a great point. when it is your team it matters more. fans may still be watching but one of the nfl's biggest advertisers criticizing the lying. pepsico ceo blasting the league and players and the handling of the recent scandals n a statement she says quote, i'm deeply disturbed repugnant behavior after few players and nfl acknowledged miss mishandling the issues and casting a cloud over the league. i know roger goodell and know he is a man of integrity and he will do right thing for the league in light of serious issues he is facing. "associated press" points out, despite the lip service it would be difficult for a sponsor to give up on nfl. average of 17.4 million people tune in during a regular season,
9:20 am
nfl game. case in point, kirsten, ceo of major sponsor of the nfl, talking tough. this is wrong. this is despicable yet not doing anything about it. >> or cover girl is a sponsor, has been discussed here. and that is targeted to women. so, i think it goes back to something that we've been talking about. i don't think that society at large actually takes this as particularly serious issue and that's something even if you look at the low prosecution rate typically of men who have been accused of domestic abuse, it is just not surprising to me actually, that people are able to sort of separate this out and say, you know, we're going to continue to watch and we are not going to boycott, we're not going to pressure people to -- >> nfl, nothing happens in the nfl unless the sponsors pull out. >> that exactly -- i listened to statement and like charlie brown's teachers.
9:21 am
wawa waa. i don't know that people can separate it. domestic violence is hugely important issue and all the rest and that we have to go around morally cudgeling nation of people because of a few criminal actors, let the criminal actors be punished. let people who cover it up be punished. >> this is more about the sponsors less about the people watching. the sponsors i think it's a little different, i think if they felt it was toxic they would pull out, right? they don't feel it is toxic. >> i'm not sure it should be toxic. that is my point. >> i i i want to get this in hee real quick and this is key. a lot of people want to hear this. many people say roger goodell is kind of missing in action will be making a statement. we're being told at 3:00 eastern time today addressing the issues that the nfl faces. i'm sure a lot of us are going to be watching that. we'll carry that live on fox news channel. harris what do you think we'll hear from mr. goodell today? there are a lot of questions
9:22 am
whether or not change in the leadership is necessary to change the tone at the nfl? or a lot of people praising him? >> i wonder how this maybe shaped their awareness of it. i think we'll probably hear that from him. we may hear more about the engagement of that four him women panel which has a ex-sex crimes unit leader on this. >> power players. >> some big power players. we may hear more in detail. those women may be with him. we don't know. that is something i asked about yesterday. back to the sponsors quickly, they have spoken up in a way, wheaties pulled out from behind adrian peterson. castor motor oil, nike expressed concerns as well. for individual players facing problems within the nfl with regard to domestic violence and child abuse and allegations we've seen against the players that sponsors are making a statement per individual. that will hurt their bottom line just as other players in the past. it is interesting. again all of this proves your point from earlier this week. that it really comes down to the billions of dollars that are made and maybe per person they
9:23 am
can press, but overall, i don't think it hurts. >> i've been saying a year from now we'll be sitting here and this isn't going to be an issue anymore and viewership of the nfl will be higher than ever. >> i think you're probably right. i think what we should do, we should take a page from japan. in japan when executives mess up they're force to openly weep and cry and bow. maybe go full yakuza style and make goodell to cut off fingers to@tone. there is ritual pound of flesh in all this. >> do you think we've gotten away from ray rice and players and this is about nfl and roger goodell and we're amazing the point. i find it interestings that goodell giving a press conference at 3:00, we would say in the press, going into the weekend, friday afternoon dump. whatever he wants people to talk about it all weekend. >> breaking news changes
9:24 am
everything. get up to what we'll put in the monitor what we're watching here in the studio off to the side. we're looking live at the white house. this is the east room where president obama is delivering remarks unveiling a new campaign to curb sexual assault on college campuses. joined by the vice president joe biden who spent first few minutes talking. you can watch this in its entirety on with estimated one in five women attacked on college campuses, this campaign is looking everyone on campuses that friend intervene before an assault happens this. is a website. it is on us .org. it is being unveiled by the white house today. your other news source if you want to watch this in its entirety. we wanted to show this to you, and we'll. democrats reportedly turning on one of their own. they say dnc chair debbie wasserman-schultz has become a liability and what it could
9:25 am
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." hillary clinton may not feel the love from the left-wing of the democratic party if she decides to take another crack at the west wing. "the hill" reviewing hundreds of e-mails from an online group called, game-changer salon, made up of more than 1500 liberal activists, finding the far left does not like her hawkishness and cozy ties to wall street. one email from a member the group saying, the more progressives i talk to, the more people say they will never forgive her for voting for iraq war and won't even vote for her in the general. another member, wall street
9:30 am
activist, saying he is putting his political backing elsewhere. the establishment dems need to be punished. the best way for that to happen is warren to beat hillary in the primary on populist message. i will not tell you what i think about this. i want to hear what you guys think about this. >> come on! you have to go first. >> i want to hear what you guys think first. >> real profile in courage. i think this is a bit of a nothing burger story. >> exactly. >> you first of all read through the names of supposedly powerful progressive activists, i haven't hed of 90% of these people. it is not shocking that the left of the party is not usually fond of hillary. would not be stunning to me, i don't think this happens, i wouldn't be stunned if it turns out the hillary camp was leaked it in the first place. helps the whole narrative breaking with the left and can clinton return. all that kind of stuff. >> i feel, i agree with that 100%. i just feel like this always happens. it happens on the right as well. you know, always a group of people claiming they're about to
9:31 am
upend the party and they're always unhappy. the left is never going to be happy with the establishment candidate. they didn't like her the last time she ran so why would they like her now? >> i think narrative of underdog is something she could use a dose of. >> she needs a primary opponent badly. >> came out with the book, because she didn't have opposing side she was her own worst enemy of messaging for a while. to have something from another adversary, that really bodes well for her and come back, the fantasy is that she would be an underdog status. of course we'll have to see how that plays out. >> jonah is absolutely right. she wants to be perceived as moderate, in the main stream. so it helps when the very far left is shooting at her. the organization called game change, what are they changing? they're changing nothing. agree, very small organization. where else will they go? really they say they want to throw their support behind someone else. >> bernie sanders juggernaut.
9:32 am
>> elizabeth warren is their person. >> what do you think their biggest beef, actual topicwise? if her track record at the state department had been better, do you think that there would be more democrats in favor of her? >> first of all i think democrats overwhelmingly support her but among this group i don't think that is factor. first of all, i will not vote for her because she voted for iraq war, that is almost juvenile. at this point. i don't think that is something that necessarily is what is front and center in this upcoming election. i think that they think she is too cozy with wall street. they see her as more of an establishment kind of person. they are concerned about all these relationships she has with her speaking, you know, gigs that she is doing, getting very codes sy with all these corporations. her husband is very cozy with the corporations. she was on board of walmart. she has always been that way. this isn't news. they didn't like her last time. it is not surprising they will not like her this time.
9:33 am
i predict the liberal establishment will mostly get behind her. >> you hear of all that stuck. who do the republicans have to talk, who is the candidate to put up against hillary? who else do they have besides hillary, is there anyone you can think of that will pose a threat to her? >> you can say we said this before. i didn't think obama would beat her. he was extremely talented person. nobody i look at and say, even with him you would have said down the road, keep your eye on them. nobody i say down the road. >> right. one of the reasons why elizabeth warren would be so toxic, the whole clinton campaign is gearing up to say if you against hillary you're against women. elizabeth warren would mess up that narrative. you raise another point. you can see obama is really talented, yes, in comparison to hillary, in particular. hillary is not a dynamic, compelling personality in her own right. she is lady comes up to you says there is no eating in the
9:34 am
library. >> i don't agree with that. >> i think over the course of a presidential campaign the lack of energy, excitement, will really play out and hurt her a lot. >> how do you characterize her? you disagree with that. >> the problem it isn't translating on tv but in person she is warm person and very likeable person. women really liked her. she got almost as many votes as obama did in the primary. it really was almost 50/50. >> i met her one time. she is very friendly and warm. >> yeah. >> we're a media driven society. she will not be able to press the hand of every voter. in messaging what would you suggest in that role for her. >> go back to the fact that she ran a actually pretty decent campaign and was actually really liked by a lot of democratic voters. i can go back to get exact numbers. they had almost same number of electoral, an he can tomorrow college, not electoral college, you know what i'm talking about. >> primary. >> the primary. they were really neck-and-neck
9:35 am
this. was not obama swept the floor with her. that is not what happened. they were contesting back and forth. >> very quickly, debbie wasserman-schultz, quick comment on this? there is reports she is being undermined by the white house. inside job, sandra. first thing it tells me they know they are going to lose big-time in the house and senate and maybe lose the senate. so they're blaming this on debbie wasserman-schultz. just trying to undermined her so they have somebody. >> set her up to take the fall? >> she set herself you, harris. >> the first lady this week was touting her praises at women's event. >> don't you think, on one hand, touting her, yesterday josh ernest gave a very tepid endorsement with her? she hasn't done herself talking about domestic violence. >> she is awful. that is my position. >> that was quick. >> all right. suspect the cop shooter still on the loose. now on the fbi's top 10 most-wanted list. police urging nearby homeowners
9:36 am
in the search area to lock their homes. we have the very latest on that. outrage, slender man costumes go on sale in the same county where classmates stabbed their friend to please the online character. ♪ things. things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. [ male announcer ] when you see everyone in america almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these. ok, really attached. and that's alright.
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♪ >> you are watching "outnumbered." looking ahead to the next season which includes halloween, people in wisconsin, a town there, are outraged today, that a halloween retailer is selling costumes resembling the online fictional character, slender man. it is the same county where a 12-year-old girl was allegedly stabbed by two classmates to prove their dedication to the title character of the online horror series. many parents are calling for the stores to pull the cost assumes from their shelveses. party city, recently did just that. at local stores there. of course it is still being sold at spirit halloween. the two 12-year-olds have been
9:41 am
charged with attempted murder and face up to 65 years in jail. they allegedly stabbed their classmate 19 times at a sleepover back in may. the victim is recovering. thankfully. i want to come to you first on this. before the show i decided, okay, party city pulled it off the shelves there in the town. >> they can do that. >> still being sold online. want to get on record with that. you have an interesting perspective on this. what is it. >> i'm a capitalist, and all for the premarket and somebody kills something in a french made costume i don't know i would say all the stores would stop selling french made costumes because it is insensitive to those affected by this the stores need to be able to put it out, if enough people have a problem with it, harris, they won't buy it and won't go to the store. this is a business decision on the part of the cost assume store. >> so, kirsten, to say if they hang this in the window though and people may decide they don't want to buy it but have visceral
9:42 am
reaction because this is horrible thing happened in their time. >> this isn't the government mandating they can't have the costume. this is people in that town basically saying we think this is offensive. i think back to my hometown, fairbanks. there was a murder, horrible murder in someone in any costume probably they wouldn't be carrying the costume because it wouldn't be sensitive to the families. >> incredibly poor taste. i agree entirely should the law say you can't do it but any smart businessman, never mind up standing member of the community would do this. >> right. >> parents, if my kid would go out and dress like the slender man character, i would handcuff her to the radiator. not having halloween at all. >> a lot of parents who are morons that their kid wants to slender man and they didn't have this happen in their county, they figure, why not? i agree with you, it is totally creepy. i don't know why a business in that county would decide to do it. if every other party store wants
9:43 am
to carry it, but in that county, seems like a really bad idea. >> that was decision made by party city, spirit halloween making a different decision. >> it has been around a long time. to have that only be one association, andrea, i think is a problem. >> the french made, the french made -- >> how about "spider-man"? what if "spider-man" in a spider-man costume. >> amotion with them. same thing with a french made. most guys love women in a french made outfit. >> if you're a dude -- [all talking at once] >> i think it's a creepy costume. there is nothing positive about it. >> anyway my point, why does there have to be open protests about it? just don't shop there? >> listen, agree with that. >> if they want to protest that, let them. >> you're a free market person. boycotts are part of the free market. >> welcome to my world. >> that's why i wanted to start with you. i said it is interesting perspective because i knew you
9:44 am
would get some feedback on it. i knew where kirsten fell. >> if i was small business owner would i put it in my store window or shelves? no, i would not do it. i think it is insensitive. >> okay. >> but i will defend a business who decide to sell it. >> on we move. shoppers lining up for days to be among the very first to buy the first iphone 6? will there be enough to go around? the state of marriage in america. new numbers make it seem like tying the knot, is kind of going out of style. ♪ hi, i'm henry winkler
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. let's get to jon scott what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon: hey, sandra. next hour congress gives the president authorization to arm and train syrian rebels in the fight against isis but it comes from reservations from both sides of the aisle as france joins the fight with its first airstrikes. we have live reports and in depth analysis on all that. plus 11 major fires raging across come california and tinder dry conditions making things much worse.
9:49 am
one fire threatens more than 2,000 homes. we're live near the fire lines near lake tahoe. fight to push against antibiotic diseases, the federal government in the fight as deaths from once vanquished diseases continue to rise. sandra. >> we'll be watching, jon. jon: thanks. >> this is awkward moment to tell the world i can't read. new numbers are raising questions about the institution of marriage in america. the census bureau is reporting that the marriage rate is lowest it has been in nearly a century. you can see the drop on this chart. the pew research center analyzing the data, marriage rate at 50% last year. it peaked in 1960 at 72% t has been dropping since then and now is at a 93-year low. i have a little quibble with the data. my suspicion it is at an all-time low and started gathering good data 93 years ago. somehow i doubt out of wedlock birth rate or divorce was really
9:50 am
high in 1910. we'll get into that in a second. kirsten what do you make of all this. >> i don't know what to make of this. i was married. i got divorcessed. i would like to get married again. i don't know why everyone is down on marriage. >> you will get creepy tweets. >> you're married to amazing alaskan woman. so what do you think is going on? >> i think it is very bad. i think it is very bad for the society. i think institution of marriage is a lot older than democracy. it is the spine of civil society and very bad for kids. it is very bad for a sense of civil society and community. and it is very bad for the economy. the evidence is overwhelming and settled that married couples earn more, work harder, raise healthier kids. kid comes from married intact family, and minimum of good values almost destined to never be in poverty. >> separate from the kid situation i think it is better for most people.
9:51 am
>> agree. >> better to have someone to share your life with. ways, harris, we are too individualistic. we want what we want and -- >> we are getting a married a little bit later. so you do come at it, i got married late. you do come at it with your own sort of, that is my closet. i don't know if i want to share a bathroom with another person. i am looking at twitter feed. couples are no longer getting married for one reason only. she says the white house administration punishes marriage through the purse. singles are better financially. >> look at obamacare. much single to be single or get divorced. there is something called the obama care divorce. >> this is not obama's fault. >> kirsten, come on, laugh bit, but they are disincentivizing marriage to policies that washington put out because if you get people to separate, then women, the life of julia, you remember that, become more dependent on government. it is cheaper under obama care not to be married. >> this has been going on for a
9:52 am
long time. >> there is also money. lack of religion in the world today. i mean, in addition to this, people who are actually getting married, we had conversation on the show, are not getting married in churches. people are not attending church anymore. so there is dramatic change in the way we all view the world and our religious stake in society. >> i would agree with the tweeter that it is an issue. that there are awful lot of marriage penalties under the law that should be fixed. i think kirsten is right, much larger trend. >> sure that is one thing. >> we can only ask government to fix things government can fix. the things government can fix is all the bad things they do to punish marriage. >> people are miserable, can't stand marriage. complaining about significant other. women are going why do i need this? most people get married not only to have kids. now you don't need that. >> i need a blog about happiness? >> you don't need to be married to have children? >> not my personal belief.
9:53 am
i think in society now there is lot of movies and culture and cultural influences say you don't. "murphy brown," jennifer aniston. go back the last decade. women don't need a man. the message until guess what, eventually men start to believe it. you know what? i don't really need you either. this is where we are. it is not a great place america. this is where you are. >> i can't argue with that. as sad as it is. >> drop with the knowledge. >> i was in the conversation and forgot that imnext. what has close to 600 calories? >> i don't know. but i'm hungry. >> 30 grams of sugar, full of fat? this jumbo honey bun. have you seen one of these lately, people. you won't believe where it is being sold right now. ♪
9:54 am
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> ♪ bk= ♪ >> wow. first lady obama is pushingsrr a healthy initiative inbél and wants potato chips to be
9:58 am
replaced-6uj with apple soyses. and there is a honey bun and 30 grams of sugar and little chocolateal chip cookies and doughnuts. look at this thing. >> i feel likek÷gñ i am wrongdo tsvhere. >> and she had those for break fast. >>> tell them you are ddz kiddi >> i am< and secondly in the white house press corps room it is not shocking to me they want to
9:59 am
poison them. >>;5bbujut is michelleo/k: obam we have a vending picture. ed henry showed us. skittles and potatoxg chips. >> i think they are behind the scenes. >> you are on the side with kkf this. this is the0i,pñ same home in w michellecw%y obama slopes. >> it is disgusting and do people actually eat that. >> you put a littlecj butter on that. >> anything in theu> and mrs. fleshly. she is married. that believe in marriage. >> i like it and i am telling you heat it d.yqup. >> i was laughing because of pouring sugar on me.
10:00 am
and i wasc]/ñii0>p)acking up. eastern "happening now" starts right now. >> it is friday. >> we begin with a foxj3yñ news alert. congress signing on to the president's strategy to bringing down isis. >> long- time americanmpññ ally throwing muscle in the battle it iskjut "happening now". against the isil targets. >> now france is joining the battle against isis and the terror grouo?; takes new kursh villages inside of syria and thumbs up in washington. >> plan and train opposition in syria to push back the terrorist. ]bñ enough? are americans in the dark about the dangergz@n of isis. >> we are


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