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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 19, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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rubber handrail and you see behind him, you can see the crowd there, they're just watching, they're not trying to help the rat. that's us on this earth. that's life, people. and we need help. >> and with that, have a great weekend. is president obama building a coalition of the unwilling? what are the specifics of contributions fight against isis? there is special report. >> good evening, i'm brett baier. president became's effort to build a broad coalition to help take up arms against isis terrorists are apparently running up against massive resistance abroad and mass sifz -- chief white house
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correspondent ed henry has tonight's story. >> the french president joined the coalition against isis ordering his military planes to strike a logistic's depot in northern iraq. >> translator: there are no frem french troops on the ground, only in liaison in coordination with our allies are weakening the french -- >> forcing the president's national security advisor susan rice on to defense over whether the u.s. will now need two separate coalitions to deal with iraq and syria. >> i don't think we'll have a bifurcated coalition, it's one operation, it will be under a common command and we will continue to welcome the involvement of partners who will make different contributions. >> reporter: while the president continues to claim those contributions are swelling -- >> more than 40 countries, including arab nations have now offered assistance as part of
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this coalition. >> reporter: in reality, much of that assistance is humanitarian and logisticals and though officials pin the responsibility for pieces together the coalition on retired general john allen, military insiders say key allies are holding back commitments, waiting for the commander in chief to show he'll see the mission through the end. >> i think this will take the president's personal leadership, despite secretary kerry and general allen and all the skills and reputation they have, the president's got to get in this game with our coalition partners if we're going to get them in this fight in any israelrealist. >> that game kickses into high gear next week when the president whether spend three days in new york at the united nations zbren assembly meetings. >> is the president going to build this coalition himself? is she going to push it? >> both in public settings and in private setting thes. >> reporter: the white house is struggling to get contribute shungs of military support
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beyond france. one reason why secretary of state john kerry was at the u.n. today and again opened the door to iran hoping the coalition. >> there is a role for nearly every country in the world to play. including iran. who's foreign minister is here with us today. >> reporter: the iranians also held talks today with the six world powers over it's controversial nuclear program. the looming deadline ask november 24th for iran to curb it's nuclear capabilities. there is a way the president can have it both ways concerning his no boots on the ground commitment that would involve private military contractors. they have h are boots on the ground, but not technically the u.s. military. it is a dangerous job, the family of one cia contractor killed in the benghazi terror attacks, is suing the government for $2 million. the heirs of glen dougherty say
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that he had -- doug mcelway reports on the people who do a lot of dirty work while flying under the radar. >> reporter: as the debate in washington rages over boots on the ground in the war against isis, one component of america's national security capability is quietly being left out of public discussion. >> private security contractors or pfc, a security contractor, there's all different facettes of it. for us it was protecting case officers overseas. >> reporter: from cooks to drivers to maintenance people to body guards, contractors are take over duties traditionally performed by troops. contractor duties can run right up to the edge of what a combat soldier does. >> there's virtually no limits on what contractors can do except offensive air or ground combat operations. so virtually everything else,
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contractors can perform whatever the mission may be. >> three contractors and subjects of the book, 13 hours, the inside account of what really happened ed ied in beng. it's difficult to distinguish their qualities from that of a soldier. most contractors are former military. >> it was a way for me to continue to work and, you know, still have a job, but also do what alike doing, which was still soldiering, rangering. >> reporter: the pay is vastly better than soldiering. contractors can earn $140,000 a year or more as the war on terror has expanded, so has the federal government's reliance on contractors. while the state department's expenditures more than quadrupled. the groups -- by pass the military chain of command, congressional debates over
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funding, as well as semantic interpretations of what boots on the ground means. >> they want to keep the whole contractor story out of the news, and it could happen without contractors and there's many skilled, qualified experienced contractors who can perform things that the military quite frankly can't do. >> reporter: those advantages have drawn criticism, that too much reliance on contracting weakens the democratic tradition of citizen soldiers. but contractors that defied orders to try to rescue besieged embassy staff in benghazi. they embode toughness, honor and pate terrorism. mark geist, one of the contractors featured in doug's report and also one of the co-authors of 13 hours has started a charity to aid the families of contractors killed or injured who, quote, servedary count country silent lay behind enemy laws.
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the new terrorist video apparently -- a new terrorist video apparently features a man with an american accent. the daily mail reports that the video was posted online today and is similar to other's sis materials, just how daunting the task of protecting americans from these terrorists. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel shows us. >> i'm very concerned about the travelers, they're going there is very concerning, far more concerning to me is the inevitable coming, they will come back. >> the fbi 2kr-- expresses conc about those with american passports joining isis, and he's also warning that 20th century propaganda and technology are creating threats to the homeland that's less visible but lee tall. >> it's possible for isil and
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other groups to training and inspire people to do their work without ever having met to people. troubled souls seeking meaning in some weird way in their basement could become the soldiers of groups like that. >> reporter: he also says he's kejed -- >> what we know isa floor many jihadists inside the joust, we see them in the chat line, that's what we midwestern is more than the returning fighters or those crossing the borders from the south. >> reporter: with so much focus on the terror group isis, the administration sounded -- connected to the internet. >> cyber is the greatest national security threat that america has not ready to handle. i have never seen anything quite like it and it's ramping up. >> reporter: lawmakers claim that's -- the top democrat on house intelligence says the massive edward snowden leak has
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cost america dearly. >> he gave out sources and methods. >> the isis threat, while there's a lot of focus on those traveling to syria to join the fight u the fbi is also doing everything possible to understand what presence or connections the terror group has here in the united states. >> all right, mike, thank you. nfl commissioner roger goodell says he needs to get his house in order but will not resign after a string of domestic violence incidents involving his players, it was goodell's first public statement in more than a week during what has been the nfl's most difficult and embarrassing period in its history. chief continue jonathan hunt is in new york where goodell spoke this afternoon. good evening, jonathan. >> good evening, brett. after ten days of complete silence, roger goodell faced the press for 45 minutes, his basic message, he and the nfl failed their fans, their sponsors and themselves. >> i got it wrong on a number of levels, from the process that i
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led, to the decisiona i reached. but now, i will get it right. and do whatever is necessary to accomplish that. >> reporter: the commissioner was asked having acknowledged his many mistakes, in particular with the ray rice assault case, whether he had considered resigning. >> i have not -- i am focused on doing my job. and doing the best of my ability. i understand when people are critical of your performance, but we have a lot of work to do. >> mr. goodell has been under increasing pressure to say more about the many cases of off the field violence involving nfl players such as star running back adrian peterson. major sponsors including anheuser-busch and pepsi, pressed concern this week about the league's handling of the incidents and the pentagon that spends millions of dollars
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advertising around football. defense secretary chuck hagel has had about the government's involvement with the nfl. meanwhile the nfl says it will introduce new education programs and will offer financial and racial support to two of the biggest national organizations dealing with those issues. as for the city unanswered questions as to what the commissioner and other nfl officials knew about the shocking video showing ray rice punching his wife, mr. goodell was vague and said the ongoing investigation by former fbi chief robert muller will answer those questions. brett? >> jonathan, thank you. 7-next, scotland decides on independence, first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 51 in ocala, florida, with a murder-suicide rampage. 59-year-old dawn spirit killed his daughter and six of his
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grand children. he spent time in prison for the death of his 8-year-old son. an emergency landing for a jetblue flight. shortly after takeoff, the pilot reported engine trouble, the cabin then filled with smoke, the plane returned to the airport quickly and passengers evacuated using emergency slides. four people were treated by paramedics. and this is a live look at chicago, the big story there tonight and all across the country t massive lines for the new iphone 6 and 6 plus. customers had been lined up since wednesday in some locations for that new phone. more than 4 million phones were preordered in the first 24 hours after their unveiling last week. many people will have to wait several days to get delivery. that is tonight's live look you the belt way, looks like a nice night to be waiting in line. we'll be right back.
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the united kingdom will stay united. voters in scotland rejected an independence bid and by a wider than expected margin. >> reporter: in thend, it wasn't close. 50% of scotts wanted to stay with britain. alex sam announced that he would be stepping down as first minister of scotland. but also saying it was time to pass the torch to the next generation. >> for me as leader, my time is nearly over. but for scotland, the campaign continues. and the dream shall never die. >> reporter: an unheard of 85% of voters cast ballots. it goes to show that when people feel there's something worth fighting for, they get to polling stations.
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>> in referendum has been hard fight in stern strong passions, it has electified politics in scott land and cap -- it will be remembered as a powerful demonstration as the strength and power overour ancient democracy. >> david cameron may be relieved in not losing scotland. but may be gaving more power to scott land who may get to vote in britain's parliament as well ooze scott land. >> let's remember, the english are 86 by population of this union. they have been left out of all of this for the past 80 years. we still have a stipulation where scottish mps can vote and what most english people want ask a fair settlement. >> it's thought that the fight for equality and justice for all shall will picked up by irish
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. democratic better heavyweights were out in force today, the women's leadership forum here in washington. the event featured another scratch your head comment from vice president biden, a pep talk from president obama and what critics consider an economically tone deaf approach from hillary clinton. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the high lights. >> reporter: returning to the
3:22 pm
democratic national committee's women's leadership forum which she co-founded in the '90s, lamenting how the deck is stacked against american families. clinton invoked her days as a working mom when her husband was governor of arkansas and daycare was hard to come by. >> my head and stomach stopped abling for the first time that day. but for so many moms and dads as well, that ache is with them every single day. >> reporter: dnc chair, debbie wa wasser man schultz got a show of support from vice president bidening who also warned -- >> the president is a wonderful b guy, he's my great personal friend, but right now we feel
3:23 pm
like horacio at the dike. all we're able to do right now is stop bad things from happening. >> reporter: the vice president also reminisced fondly about the oregonian forced to resign from the senate amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment. the white house cited -- >> the vice president is certainly in the position to have to explain that position. >> reporter: president obama argued that the country is better off than six years ago with it's best days still ahead. >> we got a whole bunch of strong women who are ready to work and have faith. >> reporter: women voted in the 2010 midterms and this could see the return of the so-called security moms. >> as foreign policy continues to crater. women will continue to look at president obama's leadership and finding it lacking. because they're concerned about safety, they don't want to give president obama a pass when it comes to these midterm elections.
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>> polls for some key senate races show women voters splitting evenly as in the mcconnell greens contest in kentucky or not tilting as far left as the democratic party may need in order to offset traditional gop strength among male voters. the race for georgia's open senate state including a woman on the ballot could be the difference between democrats retaining or losing control of the chamber. senior national correspondent john roberts reports some in the state are being accused of trying too hard to win. >> reporter: with just two week left to register voters for the midterm elections, georgia's republican secretary of state brian camp has uncover what he says is an alarming pattern of fraud. >> we have in our eyes 28 confirmed cases of forgery. >> reporter: camp's office says confirmed forged signatures or false information on 25 forms in
3:25 pm
three canvassing sheets. in georgia, that's a felony. another 26 cases are suspicious. >> this isn't us just guessing at this, our investigators have talked to the individuals that said i did not stein that form. >> reporter: in the crosshairs of that investigation, the new georgia project, which hopes to register 1,200,000 new minority voters by the october 267 deadline. new georgia project denies any wrong doing and is using charged language to denounce camp's investigation. >> you don't have to wear a hood, you don't have to be a member of the ku klux klan to be engaged in voter suppression. we know voter stu presentation when we see it. >> reporter: the scandal is particularly hot because of the close u.s. senate race here, democrat michelle nunn is -- adding thousands of minority
3:26 pm
voters to the roles could tip the balance to her favor. stacy abrams is lashing out at the secretary of state. >> we do not object to sharing information but what we do object to is a witch hunt and a fishing expedition. >> reporter: camp says that's the job of county elections officers and not his office and he strongly rejects allegations he is trying to sue press the minority vote. >> i was disappointed in al of the reverenreverend's comments,y that knows me knows that i'm not a racist and some of the things they have accused me of are just flat wrong. >> reporter: those that have explained about the s&p -- the secretary of state reminds georgians that any eligible person who wants to vote in november can easily register
3:27 pm
online. today marks the sixth anywhere since the application was failed to build the keystone excel pipeline. the project to bring canadian oil to the gulf coast is on hold waiting obama's decision on whether to approve a permit. the state's final environmental impact statement found the project would not increase worldwide greenhouse gas. a new york television station is reporting the justice department investigation into the closing of lanes on the george washington bridge last year has found no evidence implicating republican governor chris christie, wnbc cirites federal oeshls. while the investigation is ongoing, nothing has indicated crist kwli either ordered the closings or knew about them in advance. publicly authorities stay they have reached no conclusions yet. >> if this report is true, then i'm glad there's another course
3:28 pm
rather than the report that the legislative hearing. that vindicates what i said. >> six christie political advisors are appointees have lost their jobs over that scandal. a miscommunication about communication ends up costing you about $6.5 million. an iranians who got all happy in a western themed video learned their punishment. that's next. america's newest real estate brand is all ready the brand of the year. berkshire hathaway home services. good to know. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger.
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and now the political graham skrin, if you build it it will come. not so much for the state department in afghanistan. $6.5 million was spent to build six communications -- to underserved and strategic areas, plus they were never used. the inspector jean finds the department ignored numerous red flags including afghan telecom providers would not connect to the system. and that the dod siddid not wan the high cost of fuelling the tower's generators. the aig is asking the state to -- the ig has requested an explanation by next week. iran has cracked down on the happy dancers.
3:33 pm
♪ clap along if you >> have been sentenced to 91 lashes and six months in jail. their lawyer says the sentences were suspended meaning that if no similar offenses are committed for three years, they are off the hook. the dancers were arrested in may but released after a self-professed moderate president stayed happiness is our people's right, we shouldn't be too hard on behaviors caused by joy. finally a modern day homeward bound story. this is gij get, a jack russell ter rer. her owner was devastated. gigdet finally showed up. officials tracked down the owner through a microchip emplanted in
3:34 pm
the dog. giget's owner could not afford to fly to oregon to get the dog back. no one knows how gidget made it all the way across the country. if you watch this program for any significant amount of time, you're aware of president obama's nose diving poll numbers. but that is not the case in other media, especially in comparison and contrast to recent history. host of fox's media buzz howard curds -- >> it's hardly breaking news that president obama has been sinking in the polls, whether it's the nbc "wall street journal" survey, abc "washington post" or cbs "new york times," most polls show more than half the country disapproving of his performance. mr. obama is now about as unpopular as george w. bush was in his sixth year when republicans lost control of both houses of congress. but are these numbers getting the same level of attention? not even close. according to the conservative media research center, in the
3:35 pm
first eight months of 2006, the three network evening newscasts ran 224 reports that ran polling results on bush himself or his policies. >> tonight a new abc news poll finds american satisfaction with their president ask at a 25-year low. >> bad news for the republicans as the president's approval rating falls to a new low. >> these are tough times these days as the bush white house, the president's approval rating has hit it's lowest point. >> and confidence in the president and commander in chief has never been lower. a new cbs "new york times" poll says that americans -- abc, cbs and nbc had mentioned polls involving obama only nine times on their evening broadcasts. networks did fewer polls during this time weird, 15 instead of 23, but that hardly explains the
3:36 pm
huge disparity in the surveys they paid for. of course they may mention these -- but the network evening news with a combined audience of 3 million remain -- polls are just snapshots and republicans are even less popular than barack obama. it's nice that the networks are failing to portray the -- another record day and a record close for the dow after a gain of 14 today. the markets were helped by what could be a record ipo for china e commerce giant alibabba. for the week, the dow surged 1.75% points. is president obama's broad coalition against isis a coalition in name only? we'll ask the panel after a quick break.
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this will be a unified coalition, it's one operation, it will be under a common command and we will continue to welcome the involvement of partners who will make different contributions based on their capacity, based on their varying political circumstances. >> reporte >> the president needs to get out of the way here in terms of allowing the types of decisive actions that needs to be taken, in terms of the air campaign and in terms of arming those kurds and arabs that want to do the fighting. >> what about the coalition against isis, how it's developing, what exactly they're contributing, these other countries, the president naming now more than 40. what are they doing? les bring in our panel, steve
3:41 pm
hays, amy stoddard, the administration has gone to great lengths to list countries, not going to great lengths to list what each country is doing. >> that's what we talked about before. what does the coalition actually do, what it going to accomplish and how does the work of the coalition fit within the broader context of taking out isis, degrading and destroying isis? it's unclear at this point what exactly how exactly those roles are going to be divided. but we are starting to see splits where you have coalition partners, where you would like to have following the united states lead. you have the president of the united states saying we won't put boots on the ground, you have the french president saying we won't be striking in syria. you have a number of coalition partners saying here's what we're not going to do. >> the secretary of state was at the u.n. today and he also opened the door for iran to be a part of this coalition. >> well, i think that we're
3:42 pm
going to get a better sense of the coalition in the next two weeks when the general assembly meets. let's face it, there's a lot of doubts about the efficacy or the strategy on the ground. if we're not calling on our own forces, we are calling on the iraqis and the kurds who we have always said are not dependable. couldn't stand up when we stood down. and rebels in syria who we have vetted and saying they are -- and the ultimate goal actually is not to attack isis, but to take out assad. so there's questions about the goals of this and the efficacy of what we're going to be doing on the ground. countries don't want to get on board with democrats and republicans with something that's not going to work. you saw congressman royce's
3:43 pm
frustration, he said he needs to get out of the way, he said he's the commander in chief, he doesn't make decisions, he doesn't get out of the way, so we're going to see people rev l revealing their frustrations. >> france drops bombs in iraq, but putting their own red line, rouge and session we're not dropping bombs in syria. so the question then to susan rice was, issing this going to be some skort of dual coalition, one forr iraq and one for syria? >> it will be one operation under a common command, of course it will be. that's when we had one country in the coalition. it isn't hard to get a unified command with that. and one country hit one target, it's not going to get anything in sere yarks it's going to operate on its own. it's going to be a dual coalition, that's ridiculous, there's nobody here, nobody showed up.
3:44 pm
it's one air force in the air, with a pin prick attack. the british are worried and they send mixed signals. the arabs are nowhere to be seen and this invitation to iran to join us, would completely undermine the idea of the coalition, at least aspirational coalition to bring in the sunni arabs. the whole idea is to legitimize the campaign against the sunni insurgency, sunni radicals are having sunni arab states, who wouldn't even attend the paris conference had iran attended. so it undermines everything. and the one thing i might add is that we don't even have it within the united states, there's a front page story in the "washington post," about a general who wants to -- >> this is a very public back and forth between the kwhougs and the pentagon. we have seen former defense secretary gates come out about
3:45 pm
boots on the ground, other generals retired and different speak about that. and now this weekend, 60 minutes has an interview with former cia director leon panetta in which he will say that the u.s. should not have pulled out all of its troops of the of iraq in 2011 and should have been armed rebels in syria when they tried to do it the first time. take a listening. >> were you confident in that moment that pulling out was the right thing to do? >> no, i wasn't. i really thought that it was important for us to maintain a presence in iraq. >> it goes on to say that he fought to have these rebels armed and trained at the very beginning, against assad and the push back was the president who wasn't sure where the weapons were going to go? >> we have certainly known about leon panetta and arming the
3:46 pm
syrian rebelling along with several other senior people in the administration. but this is new that leon panetta is saying he opposed the withdrawal of all u.s. troops there. i don't know how hard he fought behind the scenes, but one hopes he fought pretty hard. at the time we didn't have any high profile resignations. this is something that's sornt poh u.s. national security. he certainly seems to suggest as much now, yet nobody's leaving, the irony of the situation is that we're about to repeat this mistake in afghanistan. the president in his speech at mcdill air force base said that he wanted to bring the war in afghanistan to a responsible end, the exact same language he used three years ago about the war in iraq, when he drew down to nothing, we're going to do this all again, we haven't learned our lesson. >> well, i think that you know, steve races a good question, if he really believes something like that, maybe it's worth resigning and not waiting until you have left the administration to talk about it.
3:47 pm
but it's been clear throughout the reporting that gaelts and petraeus and hillary clinton and others actually did support a stronger effort against assad earlier and he only came around later. it's entirely possible obama is not going to be successful, but as you can see, with the fact that he wants authorization for every strike himself. he is owning this and he wants to be in complete control and thinks this is the right thing to do. >> to the detriment of what you hear privately of the generals who are going to have to be in control, at least in their part of it from the pentagon and elsewhere. >> linden johnson who had a lot more experience was also the one who directed air strikes in kor korea. it was a universal cream and it was a controversy. and obama with limited experience, going against experience generals, to a
3:48 pm
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this is awkward. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. every week we ask to you vote online in our friday lightning round poll for your favorite panel. you chose the first hearing of the benghazi select committee. we're back with our panel. steve, we cornered the chairman of that committee, trey gowdy for "special report" online on wednesday. he was gracious enough to come by after a live interview. we asked him about these new allegations about the former state department official who says that there was essentially a paper separation of what they were going to turn over to the accountability review board. this is mr. maxwell, take a listen. >> i did talk to mr. maxwell. there was an apprehension on his behalf that if he came forward, that there would be
3:52 pm
retribution, which is understandable. a lot of witnesses have that concern. but, in fairness, if you were going to examine mr. maxwell why didn't you come forward sooner' and you would also ask him who else was in the room that cane your f what happened? and that's the only way i know to run an investigation. who else can tell us whether this happened or not and then go interview them. >> so, it sounds like it's going to be pretty in methodical. >> i was glad he was bringing skepticism to the side that would presumably enhance the case that republicans were making, that's a story that raymond maxwell is telling that he was, that they witnessed this. and trey gowdy saying in effect look, we are not buying it. we are going to investigate it we are going to make sure that it's true or determine whether it's true or not. i thought he said several things like that. that was what was notable it. it was devoid of politics. >> debbie wasserman schultz this piece in politico was long knives a lot of people
3:53 pm
pointed to the white house. since then a lot of it you can see it big piece how she is not doing her job at the dnc. then all this outpouring how she is great and she even defended herself on twitter. without this? >> i read all the reporting and i think it actually makes president obama look worse than debbie wasserman schultz. he is running a centralized and insillery administration. they don't make or keep friends with the democratic party unless they are donors. she was not a hand picked leader from nancy pelosi or others. she earned the respect from other democrats worked from the membership up. any elective that runs the democratic national committee is going to have their own pac and keeping their eye on their own political future. that is absolutely par for the course. i think it actually says a lot about this white house that they wanted to heave her in 2012. they should have and they didn't. >> josh ernest issued the most tepid endorsement of her sorry that reminded me
3:54 pm
of a classic story about chairman of the chemistry department at a major university who stricken and hospitalized and receives a message by a vote of 9 to 7 the faculty has voted to wish him well. that's exactly how the white has treated her. >> there is a report, nbc is reporting that feds are not -- they haven't found anything that connects chris christie to bridge gate so-called. he has come out and said well, we will see where this all goes. what about this report? and the potential impact for chris christie? >> look, i think it's very important because, if anybody is going to be relatively impartial in this inquiry, it's going to be the feds and i think it helps him in saying i didn't do it. and it will begin to fade into the past even more than it has. >> they publicly say they have reached no conclusions. go ahead. >> you know what in the donors are still afraid to give chris christie money. they think there is more suits to drop. it's good for him in terms of 2016 it is too late.
3:55 pm
>> i expect wall-to-wall coverage on a variety of cable networks and mainstream media of this new and important finding. >> maybe one that has four letters. winners and losers next. [ male announcer ] people all over the world know us, but they don't yet know we're a family. we're right where you need us. at the next job, next adventure or at the next exit helping you explore super destinations and do everything under the sun. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world.
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ohio, for the skunk, it's win win win. he got plastered. got rescued and didn't get a citation. but i love the headline in ohio as if the geographic specificity was a key element of the story. skunks in colorado only smoke dope or scunks in salt lake don't drink. i don't understand it loser of the week sean connery and mel gibson, they both supported scottish independence. one is a scott. the other thinks is he a scott because he played one in the movies. >> skunks and scotts.
3:59 pm
okay a.b. >> okay, greg ormond. a candidate for the senate? kansas. looking back for the incumbent pat roberts who helped that greg ormond as independent would steel votes. greg orman could win. is he ahead in the polls in a two-way race and i'm going to give him a bad time. hillary clinton is has now been confronted by immigration activists in new york on tuesday and in iowa on sunday. she refuses to talk about it she also still said nothing about isis. she is going to have to cough up some answers soon. >> steve? >> my loser is joe biden who having to have to apologize. -- pac wood at winner's event. france stepping up striking isis because everybody could have predicted that france would have been joining barack obama in a war in iraq against tears terrorists. >> winners and losers. my loser me for edition there is also a five letter
4:00 pm
network that may also cover chris christie or not. anyway, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. make a great weekend. it is a terrorist army on a savage march. but who is isis? they combine viciousness on the ground with a supremacy in social media. >> it's trying to create the largest caliphate it can. >> what do we know about the man wearing a wristwatch who says he is the rightful leader of isis. >> faulker has been a shadowy presence for a very long time. >> and how he is using a former catholic school student from the boston area to spread propaganda. including the beheading videos around the world. >> why do you think this mosque keeps ending up attached to terrorism? >> isis controls the area the size of kansas across iraq and syria. you will see why they are the richest terrorist organizati o


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