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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 20, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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over the past several weeks, we have seen all too much of the nfl doing wrong. that starts with me. i said this before back on august 28 and i say it again now, i got it wrong in the b handling of the ray rice matter. i'm sorry for that. >> this is the fox news alert. nfl commissioner roger goodell moments ago addressing theer scandals engulfing america's ro most popular sport. he took responsibility for his errors in the past. then promised to fix the problem. nothing, i repeat nothing is off the table. listen.d to
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>> domestic violence, including child abuse, sexual assault, irresponsible ownership or handling of firearms, the illegal use of alcohol or drugs. these activities must be condemned and stopped. there will be changes to our personal conduct policy.ges i know this because we will make it happen. nothing is off the table. >> let's bring tornado theg is table. you whispered you like it. >> i like it, yeah. everybody likes a mea culpa. this is a man with a plan.yb they're going to make corrections, changes in their personal conduct policy. pl about time because the nfl hasgn now become the bad boys of all professional sports. that's not a title you want to have. clean ite up and i bet he'sant committed to do that. >> the first words out of his mouth were, i got it wrong.
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i'm sorry for that. >> then you have all the networks and cable stations tooi it live. we call it the lower third, that was the quote and that's what they need to do do. he needed to deliver that message t i called these do no harm press conferences, so i don't think that goodell did himself any harm. he might have done some good or at least stopped the bleeding. two of the comments that were negative about it were that it was one, somebody said was pointless. and it wasnless. but i think that actually it wat measured and smart. i think that you could tell he had practiced the speech. i thought the timing was interesting, so they do it on a friday afternoon so that by sunday, this story, they start to make a full pivot and all tht commentators on sunday will sayn well, they talked about it. t they're gog have a personal was conduct committee. moving on of the i think that'sy the best they can hope for. >> you said sexual assault, domestic violence, illegal use of firearms, drug, et cetera,na those were all going to be garnering attention in the nfl.
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i think he's saying things a lot of people want to hear. >> yeah. that's why i'm just bored by it >> that was the goal. >> yeah. when you hea r the word process> that mensa lot of consultants and experts are about to buy second homes because that's the real winner here, the people that are going to make money ofb remaking the nfl.'s could you imagine a press thisff inquisitive over something like the irs? the nfl doesn't collect our taxes. the nfl doesn't audit us. they don't go after the government as hard as they go after the nfl. has anybody ever done a study comparing the moral faults involving these differents issues with other industries, with, say, the music industry or movie industry, or media in general? could it be that there are more a holes in the media than in thi nfl? >> yes. >> i would say yes, because i'm one of them. >> i think we know that there
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are more, as you say, a holes in the general population than inye the nfl. i think the records would prove that out. juan, big football fan, right?te >> yeah. >> did roger goodell go far enough today? >> no. and i think i disagree with myg? friends here. it's nice to be in to see you,fo but i thought this thing now looks like it's going to go on and grow. i was surprised that procter &ll gamble said they might pull back. the u.s. military says they'rehn not comfortable with theird relationship. you hear the advertisers speak out. i think that's why he had the press conference today. it wasn't to bore greg. it was to try to calm the water with the advertisers and i don'e think heid it. i was watching some of espn today and the espn reaction, tha sports guys was that there is at lack of trust between the o players and goodell.he they think goodell is judge and jury, if we do anything wrong,ee we're out ofn here. how come goodell is still standing? i was surprised, but itg, seemsr the roger goodell who i met, i like.
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has now become a polarizing figure. >> to your question, why is he there and they're not? if you've committed a crime,>> then you might not be there.why good dell is not accused of co that. he's accused of bad judgment, which he copped to today. >> we're going to talk about th- sponsors in a minute. those complaints by procter & gamble and some of the other sponsors were prior to thisy press conference. it felt to me, the way those pushbacks by the sponsors were worded, they were looking for something like this. they were lookinmeg to hang ther hat on this so they can continue to advertise. >> they were running scared f aause they were afraid o boycott. this climate of fear,inue everybodies are has a target onc their back. i question theirpu sincerity. i think they're just being sankn moanious because they're scared about losing business. >> could we hear the sponsor? i know this will take you a couple seconds. could we get the address.
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roll that. >> what are your comments on the fact that procter & gamblego pulled its partnership plug a today? >> well, again, we've been in contact with our sponsors. several of them have promotions in the marketplace that are inconsistent with obviously what's going on here. we understand that. mar we're going to clean up our house. we're going to get this straigh. and we're going to make a difference. they want to see us make thate o difference. >> again, k.g., it's all about the money, it really is all about the money. the sponsors in my opinion were looking to that.oney it sounded like -- i'm going to go on a limb and say they hearde what they need to do hear. i >> he's covering all the bases. he's a smart man. he's been able to have the supportt and the confidence ofto the owners, as juan points out. he's got a little bit of a player problem 'cause there is a distrust issue. this is about money. this is about the big bucks. i think he covered that base. >> juan? >> yeah. i think look, he's got to make
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it so that procter & gamble, th military, pepsi, whoever says we don't have an image problem and we have relationships and now the nfl established a relationship with a group that is intended to respond to domestic violence.p they're going toro make this a cause. that's all great. it's the internal stuff. how do you deal with jerry jones and his behavior as an owner? all of a sudden it's like the owners are a kabal and protecting each other and protecting the commissioner and everybody gets itchy. this thingms is so popular, onea the things that stands out is over half of americans in polls say they don't like the way the nfl handled this. but we still watch on sunday! we love football! come on, do something to quiet this down. we don't want to have our football commentators delivering moral lectures. >> exactly. that's what's driving me crazy. every singlewe person in the mea and entertainment has spoken about this, even bin laden came back. >> is that right?
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>> yeah. to condemn the nfl. came back and said the nfl isise evil. c >> roner goodell -- we addressed this yesterday. he said the nfl is a microcosm of american society. i kind of buy into that. do you? >> well, yeah. i think so. the old phrase is it takes a lifetime to build your reputation and a second to lose it. they have done a very good jobe over the past 15 to 20 years. they've built fans and including a lot of women. that was one of their goals. it was ao marketing goal. 2 how do we bring more women into this? how do we make ita into more ofa family game so sunday becomes family games and mom has everybody there, everybody, ho gathers? the other thing was the merchandise. >> yeah. >> for breast cancer awareness.. >> that's true. o >> to make sure kids are out there doing their sports like an hour a day. but women really decide the family budget and what to spende
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money on. one of the things the nfl did an was say women want a new jersey every year. they want to you have a new within as well. i don't know why you're laughita at me. >> i was thinking, did the soap opera industry ever sit down and go, how do we get more men? >> no, because we tonight really care whether you watched or not. but the nfl does care. >> but i watched "all my children," "one life to live"my and" general hospital" for ten years! >> goodell then took questions. and a reporter which shall remain nameless, asked, are you satisfied? another reporter asked, would you step down? watch how he responded. >> have you consideredwe resigng
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at any point throughout this? >> i have not. i'm focused on doing my job an doing the best of my ability. i understand when people areyo critical of your performance, but we have a lot of work to do. >> why do you feel like you should be able to continue in this role? >> because i acknowledge my mistake. august 28 i said we didn't get this right. we're going to make changes. >> by the way, that was a cbs reporter and new york postrigh reporter. >> he said because i acknowledge my mistakes, august 28. it's not today he's saying, thir isn't the first time i came clean on it. he's prepared for that question. i like that he had a specific. that was well handled. >> you know what the problem here is for me?i the nfl all of a sudden is this lightning rod. it's concussions one day. it's the name of my favoritedden team. >> redskins. >> oh, my god!
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>> i have to go home. my wife -- she's a big fan of that washington team. you know what? of now she has her name plate on the sleeve. but i got to say, one minute it's concussion, then the name of thehe washington team. now it's -- it just goes on and on. i just want toto watch football. am i a bad guy? >> can i ask you, juan? because you're an african-american, where is al sharpton? >> where is al sharpton? >> you want al sharpton? i'm going to send him to your house. >> i thought you see him every morning. race is injected into every story. the past couple years, but not here.. >> wrong. wrong. >> where is he? >> i don't know where al sharpton is. >> he's going to appear somewhere frightening. >> wait, but you know, race is part of this because you look, all the players are black.
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and people talk about why theolo slavery thing, the switch and m the whipping and it's horrible.e okay. but here is ththe reality. then you have this white commissioner, right, and these's white team owners and you get -- i think part of the issue hererh is i'm a little older than you guys, but pete roselle had a great relationship with guess o who, the head of the players union. had gene upshaw. i don't think goodell delivered these. >> you have a blacknshi representative representing the players association, black coaches.n. 70% of the league is black.k the owners happen to be white because they're the ones who purchased the team. there is no restriction on whatt color -- >> no, no. >> for the players, there is onh color, too, money. everybody is in that game fore money. >> everybody is in it for the green. >> i'm glad i injected race into this.d >> my favorite was all of ato
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sudden you're in love with al sharpton? and you think i wakeb up with al sharpton? wait 'til my wife talks to you! >> i've seen the >> he likes the track suits. a >> i thought it was interesting he said th?e agents, the representatives, that they get to weigh in as well. i'm really interested to see what their position is going to be, whether it will be individual or band togetherm re because when you have a personal conduct committee, how do youhey start choosing like okay, thisou behavior is acceptable. this is not. there is a committee now that gets to decide that?t? i'm not sure if i'm comfortable, again, with the nfl setting all societal norms. i don't want anyone to get hitwh in an elevator or hit with a switch. should i be on a commit to tell people what they should do? i'm not comfortable with that either. >> it'sc okay. a the committee has been filled. >> but just be prepared for ther next ten years, public servicet announcements with every solemn celebrity you can imagine telling you that it's bad to hurt people. we already know that, but we're
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going to have -- >> or football players. i bet you see a lot of footballr players, and eli manning did, ti his credit. before we go, a heckler who may have been a cast member ofing howard stern's interrupted the conference. watch. >> what are you doing! what are you doing? don't go in an elevator! don't take me topi an elevator! please! >> i told kilmeade to wait in the car. the elevator. got that. >> the divide between president obama and the military is getting worse and former military officials are worried his plan will not work. we'll hear what they have to say next officials voicing that his plan will not work. we'll see what they have to say next. i have a cold.
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>> the press is starting to take -- -- and this from the "new york times," quote, on ground troops in iraq, obama and his general appear >> the frustration level this is all it is doing is immunizing the isis forces where we could be destroying them. >> when you take any tool off the table and if that may be to provide comfort to some segment of the american population, fine. but it also provides comfort to the
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>> you don't win wars with apo single dimension. you don't win wars by telling your enemy what you're not going to do. >> you don't win war by relying on unreliable allies. >> let's pick up on that last one. you like that kimberly. let me read you something. the most important people to be asking themselves the question about allies is sunni tribes in iraq and syria. his support is vital to defeat isis. but should they risk their lives in what could well be a losing cause which is the generals are saying we know from our to experience that this cannot work as described? are we saying that our allies should risk their lives if we, w are not in sure of our own? >> then put forward a policy that is going to work,k that is going to win, that instillsheir confidence and gets everybody to jump in with us with troops,r with funds, with weapons, whatever we can do to create a united front to get it done. if they're saying there is flaws in the j policy, make some suggestions about how we can fix it and what we can do better.
2:21 pm
there is certainly room for improvement. >> this is interesting, eric.sug thinking about we are ten days after the president's speech to the nation, prime time address to the nation and we are still having a discussion about whaten we are going to call it, what ie is going to be. there is a major state of confusion not only amongst our allies, but from the troops and that's affecting morale. you have you are enemy wondering where we're going to go and the white house seems to bemo at ods with itself. >> all i can say is thank god for the generals 'cause if you look, you have a president who t says -- initially calls isis the j.v. team. then in the speech, he says there is no credible threat to the homeland. meanwhile, we're stopping theyou nut job in rochester, someonehra who killed for jihad in new jersey. there is a credible threat. if you're looking for terroriste out there saying what does the united states think? you can look at president obama. hopefully you'll see the generals who are really callinge the shots. hopefully, i'm praying. they're a little bitit more
2:22 pm
fearful. maybe they don't -- they're noty as aggressive as they would be if the generals just fell in line and said you're right, president obama. they're jv team.fe there is no electric threat. >> i think the generals are looking to add more things to the tool kit. not take things out. that's what they're expressing in frustration. >> the hard part aboutut being n a free country is we debate ove our plan in public, whichee doesn't inspire confidence. we don't see isis squabbling. we only see their horrible deeds. i think we need to do that. we need to be like a dog flat less than, silent but deadly. also as -- >> don't talk about jasper. >> we're demanding the impossible. we want our government and our president to anticipate a threat, and we can't profile because that would be wrong. so we wait 'til something bad happens and then we respond. the c.i.a. had a curb on spyingc
2:23 pm
on foreign governments because they didn't want to hurt their feels. >> the looks that juan gave me. the generals know what they're>> doing. i wish we had a general as the commander in chief 'cause rightj now, well, maybe that willh happen -- >> one of the things that the white house has said, trying to redefine victory.r do you think that's the next goal is explain it? what do they mean when they say degrade and destroy? is that why we're having ay. communication problem? >> no, i think we're having a communications problem because the white house has to be political. if you actually ask the american people --ause >> why? >> because most americans don't want boots on the ground. >> why does the white house have to bane political? >> because the white house represents the american people. so it'was political. >> that's not political. >> you got to understand,
2:24 pm
already we have 1600 boots on the ground.po already we have agreed to participate with the air strikes. so the idea is going to be specific counterterrorism stepse taken, especially in some areas. but the idea that we are sending massive combat troops, it's not saleable politically and the white house is doing that. >> i don't think the white housd has to be i think the white house has to lead. and those are two different things. >> no. i think the white house has to sell this because if the american people don't supportca, the war, we're in big trouble. >> then let'ser see some persuasion. >> it's coming. >> that's what the generals are trying toigig t do. >> you've seen most of the american people support what the president announced last week. yes, they p >> they support destroying isis. >> exactly what he's suggested, which was no boots on the grounr and air strikes. i think it's more than two-thirds of the american people support that in severalhk polls.. >> coming up, hollywood's
2:25 pm
antiwar activists haven't saidae anything about obama's so-called sort of kind of war. that wasn't the case in the bush years. we'll look at what they said and try to figure out why they're so quiet now haven't said anything about president obama's sort of war against isis. want to change the world? create things that help people. design safer cars. faster computers. smarter grids and smarter phones. think up new ways to produce energy. be an engineer. solve problems the world needs solved. what are you waiting for? changing the world is part of the job description. join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here.
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giving a little complement to general jack keen and apparently two of the members of the paneling are jealous. >> mr. bush, you have hijacked our pain, our loss, our fear. let us resist this war. >> we want to see americans protected. we do not believe that a military strike in iraq makes americans more safe. >> i do believe that the blood will be on all our hands, the
2:30 pm
blood of american soldiers, the blood of iraqis. >> your is ongoing commitment to this war allows people in other parts of the world to remain hopeful that america has the stuff to become again a country that they can love and respect. >> is impeachment still on the table? let's get him out of office before he starts ruling from a bunker. >> wow, that was tough to take. but we're not hearing much from them these days. take a look at some of the biggest names that were against the war then, bruce springstein, george cloonie, sean penn. celebrities what do you think? do they have a point? where are they now? where are they hiding? >> they're hiding because they don't like what president obama's doing. you look at what the liberals are saying, i mean, they are
2:31 pm
worried that we are in a stampede to war, that america gets back into wars too easily. for them, i think they are silenced by their own hypocrisy, because if they're opposed to war, speak out. >> okay, well, i guess apparently tim robinson and assumption san -- susan sarandon are no longer together. >> they were married? >> now you're ruining my blog. >> i'm not even calling hypocritic hypocritical. i think they're doing exactly what they do. they're liberals. they're not celebrities, they're liberals. they supporting president obama by omission. and they're against everything that president burn did. i wonder if president obama has to send military personnel in, will they change their tune?
2:32 pm
>> that little montage made me very nostalgic for those days. i wish they would think of this as different. i think they would say i erroneously and very narrowly that the president is only in this position because of what george w. bush did. >> uh-huh. >> totally ignoring the fact that the president, meaning obama, for the last three years has let the isis problem grow so much that it has become a crisis. so it's a misdirected blame, but that's probably what they would say. >> the problem is, they blame it all on bush anyway. you don't see any kind of owner ship of the situation. they say, oh, look what happened, this was a bad idea. we shouldn't have been there to begin with. >> they got applause from a crowd and they love applause. >> they are very brave about specific things like #s. >> that's easy because you can do it in between lines of cocaine. but trying to actually face evil is harder.
2:33 pm
>> okay, so why doesn't funny or die do something on itsis, can you blame them for not making a video? because the last person that did a video critical of islam went to prison. >> they were cowards because they did not defend them. >> we did say that, dana, i might have said that first. >> isn't he in jail? >> i think he's in a halfway house, which is very strange. >> it had to be the roof. >> the bottomless house. that's a party. >> weird. >> anyway, are you guys selling tickets? for your show? >> no. but here's my theory. celebrities are only pacifists when republicans are in office.
2:34 pm
so technically we can only go to war when a democrat is in office. >> what about vietnam, republicans and democrats were. >> let's say something good. if you can avoid a war, it's better, and we don't want to be rushing to war. >> but you can invite a war by your lack of action. >> absolutely, you have to act smartly. but in this situation, what stands out is that they're not speaking out at this point, and i think that's because they are fans of the president. they are giving him space. they didn't give that to others. >> valerie jarrett called them and said could you please just keep your mouths shut. >> i thought you were criticizing the president earlier for not being more aggressive about this war. >> i am. i have three words for you. general jack keane. >> the only celebrity you should listen to is william devane, buy
2:35 pm
gold. this is my train, this is my ramp ranch. >> he's amazing. the whole 24 thing that came back, he was the best president ever. william devane played the president on the latest 24. >> this is no rehearsal. >> they're going to take your salary back after this. >> oh, no. >> that's what happened. okay. >> ahead on "the five" if you're looking for a job and want to make a lot of money, juan, there's one state that's exploding. the only trouble is you can't be the only trouble is you can't be allergic to fra [ female announcer ] this is our new turkey cranberry flatbread
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it's hard to find good news these days, north dakota leads the nation in personal income growth in six of the last seven years. of course connecticut and d.c. beat it in per capita income. is it a burgeoning market for sun flower meat. the sensuous appeal of fracking? how come the prent esn' ask.
2:41 pm
>> what i understand is, fracking was seep as green>> energy, 'cause it was natural.e why did all of a sudden they change their mind? >> i think they're trying to change their mind back to convincing people that it is s safe. now there are aey bunch of studo that say they're concerned abouc the water table. can i point out how dumb these liberals are?e, in north dakota, because theafe. economy is so good and strong, they're hiring people. but not only are they hiring people, they're paying them moro to get there. the wages are going up. when wages gogo up, what else go up? >> taxes. >> exactly. >> the schools arere awesome!ave >> they're great. they can hire the best: i'm surprised they don't want it
2:42 pm
more because it's better for th> global warming problem. >> there are five problems that fracking solves. it makes us energy independent. it's less polluting, provideser' jobs, makes money for the government, lowers energy costs. what's the -- is there a down side? >> yes. billionaire tom tire who is supporting democrats doesn't like it. >> there you go. forget about it. >> that's true. >> juan, it creates 180,000 jobs in pennsylvania. york.anned in new to you think they got it lift that ban and help upstate new york become as rich as all these manhattannites and media? >> would you prefer to live in north dakota or new york? >> i'd like to be in new york with fracking. >> i can live anywhere if i'm within walking distance to a liquor store and a strip club. >> and a gym. >> and a gym. >> you don't go to a strip club. >> i know, i know. >> but the rest is true. >> but there is a reason. it's pretty obvious, yes, theirs incomes are going up.
2:43 pm
you have to pay people to live there 'cause people don't want to live there. and you say what's the issue? people are worried about the. water table. >> but the studies are great.ont >> department of energy said it's not a problem. >> people are worried. >> they should be fracking everywhere. >> this is the point, so why not? 'cause most experts will tell iu you not for increased oil production, the u.s. might havew slipped into worse recession.snt so you would think they wouldnce want the country to move forward to provide for all thesel entitlements and boost the economy. but instead, they seem to be against everything that makes to sense. >> president obama was clearly against fracking earlier in his political career. he's come around since it's so successful, it's provided so many jobs, it kept a lid on the price of oil. he brags about the natural gas. evolved on gasoline and gayctua marriage, i guess. abo >> could they be linked? >> oh, my god. >> i don't know.
2:44 pm
>> it's friday. i'm mailing it in, people. >> remember the good old days, facebook friday? >> it's a combination of factors. when we come back, how long would you wait in line for the iphone 6? some waited two weeks. are they insane? of course they are. you'll hear from some of the biggest apple fanatics when we get back are. you'll hear from some of the biggest apple fanatics when we get back. when fixed income experts work with equity experts who work with regional experts who work with portfolio management experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. i quit smoking with chantix. before chantix, i tried to quit...
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so guess what, so, little old me, city mouse, actually country mouse came to big city today, new york city to see my friend and i can't even move around because the iphone 6 hit stores today. it's already generating massive sales. more than 4 million people preordered the phone in the first 24 hours after it was announced. thousands and i saw them are camped out at stores all over the world. to get their hands and their eyes on one today. here are some of those folks. >> the iphone 6 and the iphone 6 plus.
2:49 pm
>> it's amazing. it's so beautiful. >> i'm so excited. >> so excited. >> here it is. >> here it is. >> i had to wait in line for 16 hours. >> i've been waiting basically since march for this phone to come out. very excited. >> from what i can tell, it seems like it is a huge jump in quality from the 5 to the 6. >> really warm welcome when you get in there, which is cool. >> i got the 6 plus. >> big hands need a big phone. >> i'm telling you, it was like a celebration, it was like consumer heaven. i don't know what's going on. it has a bigger screen, as i understand it. you can have more megabites or giga bites whatever, but stand in line all night? really? >> i think you want me to talk.
2:50 pm
the good news is it's fantastic. the bad news is, so far 1,000 people have died from it. it's covered in ebola. >> what are you talking about? >> you know, the phones -- >> are you trying to get people to get out alive? >> so i can get in line. it was a trick. you know what this does? it creates a new kind of charger panic. because your phone lasts as long as a goldfish on a hot plate. the moment you get it, it just runs out. so if you have this new weird stretch when you're walking around, is my phone going to work? >> that's one of the most effective commercials out there, everyone's sitting at the airport, sitting around two plugs. you have apple dropping this new phone that everyone's been waiting for, and alibaba. >> if you take ebay and you're able to pays on ebay, you put a little amazon in it for china. think about the growth there.
2:51 pm
if ever you wanted to tune in to the fox business network, you should do it now. >> and if you don't have it, demand it. >> this is very interesting to me, it's not only now that you can carry around the phone, but with this new iphone, you'll be able to pay when you go to the check out counter. you don't need your wallet. it's like a virtual wallet. >> i love that. this is why i only sure view at starbucks. if you go to starbucks, they have this little app, you can eat for a week. you can get whatever you like and you just swipe it. >> so dana, is this what i should look for under the tree from dana perino? >> if it helps you lose weight, it's what everybody will want. the features are a bit exaggerated. i don't know why the environmentalists aren't all up
2:52 pm
in arms. this requires a new charger. and also what about all the accessories. i got this little thing at j crew. >> you have an iphone easy bake oven, don't you? >> i never even got an easy bake oven. >> now i'm actually worried it's going to lose charge even quicker than any iphone. >> turn off your blue tooth and turn off your roaming. >> isn't it funny now that and system copying the android? >> apple was supposed to be the innovato innovator, the leader, the trend setter. they're custom made trains. you can't get any better than that. siemens trains are not your grandparent's technology. they're something that's gonna change the cities we live in today. i find it so fascinating how many people ride this and go to work every single day. i'm one of the lucky guys. i get to play with trains.
2:53 pm
people say, "wow, we still build that in the united states?" and we say, "yeah, we do!"
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
[announcer]when we make beyond natural dry dog and cat foods. we start with real meat as the first ingredient. we leave out corn,wheat and soy. and we own where our dry food is made-100 percent!
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can other brands say all that? for nutrition you can trust and your pet will enjoy... does your food go beyond? learn more at all right, time for "money more thing." i'm going to start it off, it's friday so it's time for -- okay, kanye west is a fool. that's not the breaking news. but mr. kardashian earned four a week because he demanded everyone stand up. >> i can't do this song until everyone stands up. there's two people left that haven't stood up. this is the longest i have had to wait to do something.
2:57 pm
>> yeah, turns out two people couldn't stand because they were handicappe them held up a prosthesis. >> i have something amazing. so you cannot miss. >> i noticed. >> it's official, you've ruined it. all right, you cannot misgreta torrent. greta investigates the scandal on isis. you're going to learn a lot about this organization, where they came from and how they came into power and what exactly they have as far as tools at their disposal from a technology and media stand point. >> people may not have homes or cars or jobs, but everyone's got a phone? >> right, and isis has a immediamedia center. >> it seems that's sis has a
2:58 pm
response team. whereas the old style al qaeda sometimes can take weeks to responds. >> you don't want to miss it tonight. catch greta, she's got the full story tonight. >> well, you know that wednesday was constitution day for our great american constitution and i was the constitution day speaker at franklin pierce university in new hampshire and i won. i was given the marilyn fitzwater communications gold medal. i'm like the wizard of oz, greg, before you mock me. thank you so much for the school, and the bushes have a strong relationship to franklin pierce. molly fitzwater, who was not only press secretary under ronald reagan, but also under george george w. bush. >> i love marilyn, marilyn, excuse me. okay, this is not a funny one
2:59 pm
more thing, this is very serious. yesterday in central park, right by where i always go with jasper. there's a woman was -- a pedestrian was hit by a cyclist, who was peddling a $4,000 raceal bike, he hit her, he is now brain dead and he has admitted. his name is jason marshall, he has not been charged yet, but there's a question as to whether the light was red or not. i think maybe it's time for the park to make drastic action and eliminate the bikes in the park. >> they literally try to run you down. >> i want to thank rob port for the information on fracking, that's where i found it. but first or last -- i hate these people. >> all right, take a look at this video, it's absolutely disgusting. this poor little rat. stuck on an endless run on a
3:00 pm
rubber handrail and you see behind him, you can see the crowd there, they're just watching, they're not trying to help the rat. that's us on this earth. that's life, people. hello, everyone. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shaun. it happened again. there has been another attempted security breach at the white house. this just a day after police arrested that man who jumped the white house fence and he actually made it right to the front door. a massive manhunt underway for a man suspected of opening fire on two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one and injuring the other. we're live from the scene where the suspect is reportedly hiding out. the latest on the battle against the massive wildfire


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