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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 20, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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rubber handrail and you see behind him, you can see the crowd there, they're just watching, they're not trying to help the rat. that's us on this earth. that's life, people. hello, everyone. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shaun. it happened again. there has been another attempted security breach at the white house. this just a day after police arrested that man who jumped the white house fence and he actually made it right to the front door. a massive manhunt underway for a man suspected of opening fire on two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one and injuring the other. we're live from the scene where the suspect is reportedly hiding out. the latest on the battle against the massive wildfire
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that's right now tearing through northern california. so far more than 100 square miles have been scorched. we start here, word of another attempted security breach at the white house just a day after a different incident put the secret service on the defensive. this was the scene yesterday caught on video. a man jumped the fence, both to cross the lawn and reaches the front door of the president's home. agents finally tackled him just inside the door. elizabeth prann live on the white house lawn. give us the details of what we know about this latest incident. >> reporter: hi. obviously it was a big event today, right around 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. all on the heels of what happened yesterday with texas resident omar gonzalez when he hopped a fence, charged the white house. all the tourists that are normally taking photographs around 7 last night were told to step back. we have video of him headed right for the white house front
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doors. he wasn't stopped until passing through the threshold. jumpers have made attempts in the past, they rarely make it to the residence. one agent tells us he finds it odd he wasn't stopped before hand on the lawn. i can't understand why the dog wasn't released, why no one intercepted or tackled him, none of the personnel. it's baffling to me and i think to a lot of folks. these are very competent people. again, they've done this before and successfully. >> reporter: law enforcement officials today conducting shoulder to shoulder sweeps of the white house north lawn. the front plaza and adjacent park. but just hours afterward, we got word of a second incident. new jersey resident kevin carr attempted to enter a white house complex barricade entryway on the 15th street side. he didn't ram the gate. he just refused to move at the time. we did see officers push the crowd back from the fence, pennsylvania avenue. we know he has been charged with unlawful entry. a lot of people are asking where
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the president was yesterday. he was not at home at the time of the incident. he left just minutes before hand with his daughters. the first lady was also not here. the secret service tells us that they are obviously investigating the incident. arthel, back to you. >> for sure. thank you very much. right now that massive manhunt continues in eastern pennsylvania where police are trying to find the suspected gunman they say shot and killed a state trooper and injured another in the horrible ambush last week. investigators describing the prime suspect as eric frien. they say he's a self-taught survivalist with a major grudge against law enforcement. that brazen attack, say authorities, an attack against our very government. bryan llenas with the very latest. >> reporter: hi. we are eight days into this manhunt and the 31-year-old suspected cop killer is thought to be in the neighborhood behind me. we've seen hundreds of cops go
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in and out of that neighborhood. we believe they're searching the woods. we've seen helicopters and planes fly over. but we don't know how large the search a area is. but we know it's difficult because it's surrounded by state parks and hunting grounds. last night at about 7:00 p.m., shots were reportedly fired in the neighborhood. though we don't know whether they were an exchange with frien. people in price township in monroe county were told to actually shelter in place. police are urging the same today. some residents have been unable to return to their homes. staying in shelters or cars overnight and many of them feel they're being held hostage in their own town. >> i was home until this morning and they let me out. they told me they were going to let me back in, but they haven't let me back in. >> do you have any family up there? >> i have a fiance and two kids. 14 months old and 2 1/2. that's the only reason why i left is to get them diapers and
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milk because we ran out last night. i'm hoping they catch him soon and we can all end this and we can all go back to our lives and get to our home and families. >> reporter: all day we've seen more than two dozen unmarked and marked police vehicles manning swat gear and camouflage, search dogs and helicopters. police are suspectaticcally searching the pennsylvania area. about a mile away from where frien lived in his parents' home. 25 miles from where he allegedly did the ambush. he is on the top ten most wanted f.b.i. list. he's a local. he knows the woods. he's a weapons enthusiast and he's been firing a rifle since he's a kid. that has a lot of people here worried. somebody who is a skilled marksman knows the area really well, knows the woods, and that has people concerned that perhaps the search can go longer than it already has. eric. >> the sun sets in under an hour from now, so that could make that search a lot more difficult
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tonight. thanks so much. meanwhile, a jail break in central california now five prisoners are on the loose. that is according to authorities in madera county, california, near fresno. the inmates escaped from the county jail last night. we are told they're all gang members and should be considered armed and dangerous. they were being held on charges including armed robbery and attempted murder. new developments in the search for the missing university of virginia student. police combing the car and apartment of a man that they say was seen on surveillance video entering a restaurant with the missing student hannah graham and later getting into a car with him. but right now police are only calling him a, quote, person of interest. leeland vittert live with the very latest on that search. what do we know about this so-called person of interest? >> reporter: the police seem to know a lot. we've learned a lot about him, but they have so far say they
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don't have probable cause to make an arrest. he's been seen on surveillance tape in the same area. hannah graham was last seen here 1:08 in the morning about a week ago. she was seen walking and then police began zero not guilty on this piece of tape, showing the man, dredlocks, 275 pounds, who put his arm around hannah graham and they believe led her off to a restaurant nearby and possibly had a drink with her there at that restaurant. today out on this same pedestrian mall, police brought out bloodhounds to try and trace the scent of hannah graham, possibly even the suspect themselves to try and get more information in this case. they've searched this person's home. they have searched also this person's car with search warrants, but not been able to come up with enough evidence. i talked to the police chief about an hour and a half ago. he says there are no new developments so far today despite this massive search efforts.
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we're hearing from sources going back and trying to figure out what other kind of electronic evidence they can figure, maybe atm tapes, gas stations, and also checking hannah graham's cell phone just after she was here. she sent a text message to a friend sometime in the 1:00 a.m. hour saying basically i am lost. annow they're going to try to triage plate that message and try to get more information from her cell phone and those records of where she might have been. >> if they can triangulate that would presumably show her last spot, will they search that in the coming days? >> reporter: certainly that's the hope is that they'll get a lot more information. the other thing that went on today was a large community search is what they're calling it, about 1100 volunteers. some student, others residents, took to the streets. everything from railroad tracks to thicket, through neighborhoods, in bushes, under outsheds, those kind of things trying to see what they might
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find. we talked to searchers ahead of their search about what the daunting task looked like. >> we were kind of worried that we would find something. it would be good and bad. it would be closure, but it would also probably mean the worst. so i really don't know what my expectations are going into this. i'm just going to try to help out and do whatever i can and pray for the best while i'm searching. >> reporter: there are certainly a lot of prayers here. there was an overflow crowd at the vigil for hannah graham. a lot of saying look, we're here on a saturday morning out searching because if it was us, we would want our friends to be here as well. eric? >> certainly, and our hats off to those volunteers. thank you. firefighters in northern california using more than half a million gallons of flame retardant to buy time for crews to get to the scene of a massive wildfire there. the flames have scorched about
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120 square miles, about an hour east of sacramento and right now the fire is evenly about 10% contained. meanwhile, the 37-year-old man suspected of setting this fire pleaded not guilty to an arson charge and being held on $10 million bail. the fight against islamic terrorists of isis, the u.s. again carrying out more air strikes against that group. we're told the new attacks occurred in iraq and destroyed a supply boat and armored vehicles. now there are reports that isis has not beheaded, but released 50 hostages. turkish, freed by what turkey calls a covert operation conducted, the government says, by its intelligence agency. with a lot of questions about that, john huddy has more. >> reporter: turkey's prime minister said that his country used its quote, unquote, own methods and a covert operation to secure the turkey consulate workers release, though he would
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not elaborate about what kind of operation and methods were used. the hostages reunited with their families in the tushish capitol earlier today. they had been held since june 11 when isis militants overran turkey's consulate in mosul. whether their release changes turkey's role in the fight against isis remains unclear. the country has helped with humanitarian aid, allowing refugees fleeing isis and including a flood of 45,000 syrian kurds during the past 24 hours. turkish officials say the borders while open to refugees are being secured to keep isis militants out and possible fighters from leaving. but there have been reports isis is recruiting militants from inside the country. isis meanwhile continues to hold a bridge aid worker hostage, but today in an interesting twist, a jihadi ideologue with al-qaeda ties called for the man's
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release, saying islam forbids harming nonnews limbs who work for relief agencies. as for the bale against isis, the u.s. conducted more air strikes today and yesterday. one was southwest of baghdad. the other four were northwest of haditha, where the country's second largest hydro electric dam is located. the air strikes destroyed isis vehicles and military locations as well and so far, there has been a total of 183 air strikes across iraq. eric? >> john reporting from our middle east bureau. the nigerian government in talks with the terror group boko haram for the release of kidnapped girls there. the school girls we have been reporting on. apparently they're discussing a swap involving 30 boko haram prisoners for the girls. the group already submitted a list of names they want.
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boko haram abducted 276 girls from a boarding school in april. dozens escaped, but northern 200 are still missing. ebola aid workers have been coming under attack in africa. police? sierra leone say health workers were attacked during the burial of several ebola victims. they had to abandon the bodies on the street. when they were con fronted by a group of teens. this follows devastating reports out of guinea where at least eight aid workers and a journalist were murdered. like isis but with a nuclear bomb, the stunning warning from a group that called on the united nations to stop iran's nuclear program. >> democrats it seems they're not talking that much about president obama in some of their campaign speeches these days. we will take a look at the mid terms and what that means straight ahead. and how one of new york's finest may have saved a woman's life and it's all caught on
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camera. >> are you choking? >> choking? >> yes.male pus your hands up.
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just like isis, but with a nuclear bomb. that's the warning from the
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opponents of the regime in iran. on the eve of this week's general assembly gather not guilty new york. the group, national council of resistance of iran, it's planning on major demonstration against iranian president's appearance when he arrives in new york and addresses the united nations. in statement to fox news, the head of the council is calling on the security council to curb iran's disputed nuclear program and stop the spread of radical fundamentalism and the rash of continued executions in iran. she says, quote, in the eyes of the proud people of iran, it adds insult to injury when one of their executioners can stroll on u.s. soil to be received at the united nations. the iranian people have always stood in opposition to the ruling regime and all of its policies. iran long denied it's trying to build a nuclear bomb. the talks continue in new york.
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president obama not getting as much love as he used to from members of his own party. the nonpartisan sunshine foundation finding that democrats in congress don't invoke the name of the president in nature speeches nearly as much as they did right after he became president. and it's become more, much more noticeable in this past year. let's talk it over with our political panel, tammy bruce, radio talk show host, and fox news contributor, and doug schoen, former advisor to president bill clinton and a fox news contributor. good to see both of you. >> hi. >> all right. doug, this can't be shocking, right? >> no. >> but, here is the but, can you think of a democrat who is on the november ballot, currently rarely mentioning president obama in campaign speeches, however, who might have once aligned his or herself with the president and the gop won't hesitate to remind them of that. >> i think that pretty much is
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most if not all democrats. when the president was elected in 2008 and indeed even in 2012, there was a strong sense that president obama was the head not only picture lily of the democratic party. i don't think there is a candidate running in a marginal state or district who is willing to mention the president and indeed, he comes in to states now under the cloak of darkness to attend fund-raisers which are usually off the record and off limits to the media. >> tammy, so? listen, i just said it. i'm going to see if you agreed, won't the gop candidates arm themselves, if you will, with the playbook of issues their democratic opponent once stood shoulder to shoulder with the president? >> absolutely. an example is new hampshire. scott brown constantly reminds people of jane shaheen voting with president obama constantly. she at the same time doesn't mention him or removes herself
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from him. but here is the larger story also. it's understandable if you're in a state that obama lost that you want to remove yourself, like alaska or west virginia or kentucky. in colorado, udall not showing up at a fund-raiser where obama was at. and you've got new hampshire where also obama won. so this is now -- it's not even a state by state dynamic. he's in trouble in colorado where that was supposed to be the bulwark for the new democrats in the rocky mountain state. this is a base problem. it's a national problem now and that's why you see even states where he won, he's a pariah and in iowa, they sent michelle obama to try to help, but that's not making much difference. >> that was a long list, doug, that tammy called out. >> it is. >> how concerned should the democratic candidates be that the mid terms could be a referendum on president obama? >> well, they should be
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concerned. at the same time, if this is an election that's also a referendum on the republican party given that they're weaker than president obama, that's to the good for the democrats and even with the weakness that tammy speaks of and it's all fair and accurate, the modeling currently shows the republicans at best have about a 50/50 chance of taking the senate, showing how weak some of their candidates are. >> tammy, that's not a great odds. 50/50. which gop candidates currently the most vulnerable, tammy? >> well, i think that what you're seeing -- this is a situation like robert in kansas, where you've got something on the ballot that's affecting them, the removal of the democrat, independent who is kind of center, center left doing a little bit better there. so that's even nate silver at 538 is saying that's probably the strangest, weakest dynamic. yet, there is a libertarian also on that ballot that could split that vote. ultimately people want not
3:23 pm
obama. and i think that's going to show up. i think roberts is going to be okay, but that's probably the wiggliest race we've got as conservatives. >> doug that, going to be enough? not obama? >> again, if you add north carolina where kay hagin moved ahead of tom tillis, you have again, another state the republicans really have to win. there has been some movement to the republicans, but it's not really yet a referendum on obama, even though his ratings are sinking. >> okay. i have to go. by the way, i usually end on the other person, but tammy, i was watching my stopwatch and you had more time. so i'm still being fair here. >> no worries. >> doug schoen and tammy bruce, good to see both you. thank you much. so far the only western nation to lends us a hand by launching air strikes in the battle against isis happens to be one. france. so what will it take to get the other countries to also be on board if do the same thing?
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bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. you're looking at an intense manhunt that is underway for that suspect in the deadly ambush at a pennsylvania state police barracks. authorities now searching that heavily wood area in eastern pennsylvania trying to catch the suspect identified as 31-year-old eric frien. darkness sets within a half hour as the sun will set. the secret service arresting another man for trying to breach white house security. the man pulled into a vehicle screening area at a gate and refused to leave. this comes a day after a 42-year-old man was arrested after he hopped over the white house fence and made it all the
3:29 pm
way through the front door. police say a missing university of virginia student, hannah graham, went to a bar with a 32-year-old man and may have gotten into a car with him. investigators say they have searched that car and apartment, but they are not calling him a suspect. nfl commissioner roger goodell talking to the media for the first time in more than a week addressing the league's growing demand violence problem. goodell now vowing to implement now personnel conduct policies by the super bowl. dominic dinatale live in our west coast bureau with the latest. >> reporter: hi there. the fact that he was very short on detail in terms of what those new protocol, what those new roles were going to be left an awful lot of people disappointed. in fact, the question is now, even after he actually put his hand up and said, look, i'm to blame and took a leadership role in terms of who had actually done the wrong here, it still is enough to implicate the critics,
3:30 pm
and they're not just from the traditional groups burks also nfl players are being critical, saying it really doesn't go far enough. there are some that think despite him believing there is no reason for him to resign, his head will still roll. listen. >> i do think that he's going to be advised that it's better for his career and it's better for the reputation of the nfl as a whole to resign and that he eventually will because with the significance and the type of coverage and media coverage that has gone on in this very important issue, i don't think he's going to have a chance of being able to keep his job. >> reporter: he certainly, when he was speaking yesterday, believed that he would be able to keep his job. he did apologize many times. but people didn't think that he was entirely sincere when he did that. in fact, he should have been much more contrite. however, he believes he's been doing a good job, which is why he hasn't resigned already.
3:31 pm
listen. >> he's been good for the game. revenue is up. viewership is up. the owners love him in that regard. they're obviously not happy with how the entire situations with bungled. but i also think that leads to a lot of support. if you again ask roger goodell, he's being honest. he would say overall i've done a great job. >> reporter: you get the sense that jerry is very much -- we're going to see how much pressure is piled upon him. but one other important develop, the baltimore ravens will speak publicly next week with regard to supports on espn that say the baltimore ravens' management knew moments after the ray rice incident with his ex fiance in that casino because the casino security guards had actually told them of it and they'd been burying that news for weeks. that of course adding more fuel to the fire that has erupted around the nfl and of course the ravens and just prolonging the
3:32 pm
controversy about rice, of course. back to you. >> indeed. everybody is going to be waiting for that press conference from the baltimore ravens. thank you so much. the obama administration says 40 nations have signed on to the coalition to fight the islamic terrorist of isis. but so far none of those nations has pledged ground troops beyond iraq and its forces. the u.s. has carried out nearly 200 air strikes in iraq so far, france is the only other nation to take the same direct military action. >> there isn't a coalition. it's going to be a dual one or a spread out one is ridiculous. there is nobody here. nobody showed up. >> there is no coalition. middle east analyst and a fox news contributor is our guest. so what do we do, lisa? how do we win? >> that's really the most important question. how do you have a military strategy against a group with a strong ideology?
3:33 pm
the answer is that it's got to be a strategy that's going to be short-term, middle term, long-term, and that is going to be a combination of a military strategy, a way to hit them in the pocket, to really deflate isis with its large income in revenue, and to really capture them on line and stop their recruitment efforts, to get more radicalization and to get more members and to really grow their state. and this is going to take many, many, many steps. not just the simplified version we're getting from our administration. >> this may be a fight against radical gee hat that's attacked this country, the first time in 1990 by a jihaddist terrorist. how do you stop that philosophy from growing and can you kick them off facebook, do that? >> that's one step because that's actually what they're doing. this is old school jihad meets new jihad 3.0, if you will. they're not only barbaric,
3:34 pm
they're beheading, they're savages. al-qaeda says they're more savage than they are, then you can imagine what this group is like. but they're young and fresh and able to implement these other tactics. they're putting out movies on line. they're recruiting. they're on twitter and facebook and the people that they're recruiting know how to use iphones and use these platforms and they're helping them with their effort. the bottom line is that the world has to understand that this is a threat to everyone. it's on everyone's doorstep. that's really what it's going to take to get these countries along the coalition. >> is it going to take the occurred, iraqi army? half of it we're told captain do the job as well as the free syrian army. it will take one year to train 5,000 members of the syrian army at one base in saudi arabia. yet you got maybe 50,000 isis terrorists within a year from now. >> that's the question. are we creating the next isis by
3:35 pm
actually training these rebels and giving them weapons? talk about the weapons that are already in the hands of isis. a lot of them are american weapons. when we talk about this coalition, we're counting on people who don't want to be counted upon. we're talking about boots on the ground that will not -- the only boots on the ground that we can counts on are going to be those of the iraqi military, those of the kurds and those of those who we will trio find and train. >> can we count on them? >> it's a start. but this is probably just one front of the many different fronts we have to take. we're relying on air strikes. france has given us that limited support in that way. but it's a start. air strikes are not going to take out isis. we can help and get these kurds and the iraqis to help us in iraq, we can get the syrian rebels to help us in syria, it's going to be a long-term plan. obviously this is a war that we don't want to be dragged into. it looks like it's coming to us anyway. >> it's going to take years. finally, what about the generals?
3:36 pm
you have the wrath of generals, martin definitely, retired who say that boots on the ground may be needed. is that a way for isis to sucker us in there for propaganda purpose as soon as what does it mean when the president of the united states is at a different place than the generals? >> when the generals are disagreeing with the president, this exposes these military and strategy experts are saying you can't be an antiwar president at this point in time. you can not have -- you have to have all options on the table because even though we don't want to be dragged into another middle east war, it looks like it's coming to us anyway and we have to have all the possible solutions at our fingertips. >> thank you very much. >> of course. >> arthel? >> amazing display of heroism from one of new york city's finest and office all caught on camera. >> get out of the car. are you choking? you choking? >> yes, sir. >> wow. a police officer pulling this driver over when she started to
3:37 pm
slow down on the interstate. look at this. she told him she was choking and he gave her the hiemlich maneuver, dislodging a piece of candy that she was choking on and likely saved her life. my word. >> that's why they call them new york's finest. >> absolutely. florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, there has been a controversy about her. some democrats apparently not that happy with the chair of the dnc even though their boss, president obama, says, quote, no one works harder.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. chrysler recalling nearly 190,000 suv to fix a fuel pump problem. the affected models are some of the 2011 jeep grand cherokees and dodge durango. chrysler says there have been no reports of crashes or injuries
3:42 pm
from the problem. pope francis appointing a new american archbishop. bishop blaze supic of spokane will be installed in the archdiocese of chicago in november. he'll be replacing cardinal francis george, ho is suffering from poor health. and oktoberfest is underway in munich. bring it on of the the city is expecting more than 6 million people to visit the world's largest beer festival which runs through october 5. some democrats are not that pleased with one of their top leaders. that according to politico. they say florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, who is also the chair of the dnc, she's been taking some fire lately because they accused her of they say putting her ambitions ahead of the party, or is she being set up as a scapegoat for what could be disappointing results for the democrats in the upcoming mid terms? let's prison in susan estridge, professor of law and political
3:43 pm
science, fox news contributor. susan, why is everybody mad at debbie? >> i don't know. maybe they need somebody new to be mad at this week. you know. accusing the chairman of a political party, whether democrat or republican, of being self-important and promoting themselves, it's like saying there is gambling in casablanca, for goodness sakes. it's hard to see what debbie has done that's very different from what her male and female predecessors on both sides have done. except she's actually raised a fair amount of money. >> i guess that's bottom line in politics. that's what it really means, what you can bring in. what type of cash you're going to have. harry reid was asked this past week if she's a liability. do you know what he said? i like debbie wasserman schultz. she is my friend, but the ultimate decision is up to the president. let's look at what the president said yesterday about her.
3:44 pm
>> nobody anywhere works harder than debbie wasserman schultz. i want to thank her for her incredible efforts. i also want to thank the ceo of the dnc, amy dacey. give amy a big round of applause and to the co-founders of the women's leadership forum. >> that seems like an endorsement. is that enough to keep your job? >> no, not necessarily. the truth of the matter is, keeping your job at this stage may have as much to do with what comes next, or rather who comes next as who comes behind. if hillary clinton continues to, as i think she will, command the democratic party, then there will come a day sooner rather than later when she will decide who shall be the dnc chair and that's the person who will be the dnc chair. but it is a lot of inside stuff. i once asked my students if anybody could define what the
3:45 pm
dnc was. and a lot of the women looked a little embarrassed, like i was asking them about some gynecological procedure. but nobody raised their hand. so i don't think the dnc is a major force outside of washington and fund-raiser. and whoever the nominee is on either side always controls the party. >> yeah. but back there on capitol hill, those clubs, up in georgetown, that's where the power is. that's where the lovers are. that sort of thing. you mentioned hillary. how long do you think debbie wasserman schultz will keep her job and usually it is the leader of the party gets to be the one to pick the leader of the dnc, terry mcauliffe comes to mind. >> the own one who failed was i'll never forget, i was there when fritz mondale tried to replace burt lance and there was a revolution. but what i expect will happen is after the midterm election and
3:46 pm
depending on how well or poorly the democrats do, there will be confabs in various sorts, of places like capitol hill. and hillary will probably have thoughts about who she wants to run the dnc because after all, those are the people who put the convention together and put the various programs together and most important of all, start raising money for the next go round. i would expect after the midterm we'll see hillary. >> any possible names who that could be? >> oh, any goodness. it's a very long list. but, you know, i don't even want to guess at this point. somebody close to hillary who can raise a lot of money and unfortunately, terry mcauliffe is busy being governor. if he had a younger brother, it would be him. >> a lot of fob's, friends of bill, a lot of friends of hillary clinton, too. so there may be a change in
3:47 pm
command there shortly. susan estridge, thank you so much. always good to see you. >> good to see you. >> don't forget o check out susan's column in newspapers every week published across the country. you can see it on wednesday and friday. thousands of customers, thousands falling victim to hackers this week after simply signing up for a store credit card. companies are doing enough, is the question, to keep your information private? we'll talk about it with our guest coming up next if i told you that a free ten-second test
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3:52 pm
happen. this is raising questions of how well companies are protecting our information. kyle founder and managing partner here to discuss this. >> good to see you. >> this is 56 million credit cards and possibly could amount to 3 billion in illegal purchases. i want to get the general answer first and we'll talk about home depo specifically. in general what are the odds of's company experiencing awe security breach. nanti- hacking measures are hard to justify from ceo's as an expense. but taking a recent poll, 700 excutives were talked to about this and 70 percent said they had in the last 12 months a security breach. 23 percent of them said it was
3:53 pm
a top five category they were trying to prevent. that doesn't match up well. >> why is it a hard sell especially in this day and age. why is it a hard sell to the stock holders. >> it is less and more difficult not to have that be an expense. let me say this. it is important in today's day and age to have that as a measure and a training program to happen. >> we are showing pictures of an interior of a home depo and members of home depo soiber security team quit, kyle, saying that the company was using outdated security equipment and ignored advice. and they told friends to use cash at home depo. is home depo off of the hook for having 56 million credit cards
3:54 pm
compromised. >> as you highlighted in 2008. they were talked to. the executives in home depo were talked to about the outdated software system. did they act in updating software or have the appropriate training programs in place to prevent and that is catastrophic when you talk about the number of people's information breached. >> and now home depo spokesman said the company improved the security this year by encrypting register system and smart chip based payment. 56 million peopleç whose credi card information is stolen it is too little too late. >> and i don't disagree with them. six percent of those executives that were polled, six percent of them had training programs in
3:55 pm
place currently to talk about this cyber security threat. that is not high enough by any stretch of imagination. >> it is going to get too expensive not to have these measures in place. i always say hi to your dad but i am switching it up to say hi to your mom. >> she will be happy. a terrifying ride for a woman barely missed by being hot from a flight out of the sky. >> it was like a loud boom. >> it has the writing and flame marks and it is cool and from that plane. >> she gave it to the fa a and
3:56 pm
they will further analyze that. every once in a while. piece of a plane landed on a lawn in long iowa land. >> thank goodness no one was injured. the guy, did he look like flash gordon to you? i am saying what is in me. clearly it is time for us to run on this day. that is going to do us here on america's newssmjm headquarterss erin shaun. x/ i am arthel. see you tomorrow. s >> jowly bandaras is up next with the "fox report". ar ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand
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