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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 21, 2014 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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hi, everyone. good morning, today is sunday, the 21st of sunday, 2014. we begin with a fox news alert. i'm anna kooiman. another man is arrested for trying to enter the white house. is the people's house safe? we report, you decide. and a chilling warning from a democratic congressman. more than 40 americans who went to fight for isis are back in this country. how did they get here? why are they allowed to state? details coming up. and the american flag banned at one university because it could upset foreigners. we are not kidding.
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"fox and friends" begins right now. >> hey, everybody. >> welcome to the big show. >> september 21st, the very end of summer. we are about to welcome fall. >> anna and i celebrated octoberfest in central park yesterday. >> we started celebrating here after the show, so i wondered how it was going to end up. >> not for me, i went home to take my nap. >> there were beer signs flowing yesterday afternoon. >> these people come in costume. pretty much everybody. >> and i'm still wearing some of mine. but first we have headlines this morning. we'll start with the fox news alert to tell you about. a person of interest in the case of missing university of virginia student hannah graham denying he had anything to do
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with her disappearance. the 32-year-old man told police he bought drinks for graham at a bar but denies she ever drove off with him. cops have searched his home and car but he has not been charged. this as thousands of volunteers search for the 18-year-old missing for over a week now. police are searching for cell phone records while scouring for more surveillance video in the area. a former d.c. detective will join us for the latest in the search coming up in 15 minutes. and a new tragedy at a dirt racetrack in wisconsin. a dirt race car driver was killed last night. the rest of the evening's races were killed out of respect for his family. this is the latest karlty of sprint car racing. last month you'll remember kevin ward jr. was struck and killed by tony stewart.
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and police head deep into the woods looking for eric frein. they believe the self-taught survivalist is hiding out near his parents' home in the pocanos. a lockdown has been lifted but many are urged to stay indoors. >> every night we hear the helicopters, planes, we have no idea what's going on. we don't know if this guy got through, is he coming up in my yard? >> a $175,000 reward is being offered for information leading to frein's capture. and we have blastoff. >> three, two, one, engine ignited. and we have liftoff. >> overnight a space x shuttle is launched into space from cape canaveral, florida, heading to the international space space.
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the falcon ix rocket is carrying 5,000 pounds of experiments and supplies including the first 3d printer built especially for space. those are your headlines. we have news to report this morning. twice in the past 24 hours men have been arrested for trying to break into the white house. in the first case, 42-year-old omar gonzalez claimed to be an iraq war veteran and jumped over the fence on pennsylvania avenue and made a run for it. he made it to the north doors of the white house. this is a place where the president greets foreign dignitaries and made it inside before he was tackled by white house security. he was carrying a 3 1/2-inch serrated knife. >> that was on friday. and then we have another car. kevin carr tried to enter through the barricaded entryway. the first time he tried to get in by foot and showed up to another gate by car.
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then when he refused to leave he was arrested. how did he make it that far on the yard? some say he should have been shot. >> some are saying they exercised restraint but this should be investigated. you think about the fence, should there be a different type of fence? you want the president to seem accessible but not when this happens. it probably takes 30 seconds to run that far, and secret service has to figure out if they are wearing a baggy piece of clothing, that's a short amount of time to make a decision.
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>> a former secret service agent was in president il for quite some time and responded to the question, should the man have been executed on the site? he was on fox last night, here's his response. >> we have this thing called the constitution. we are not allowed to shoot fence jumpers. we are law enforcement officers, federal agents responsible for protecting the constitution, not trampling on it. we are not allowed to do that. having said that, are common sense security measures probably going to take place? fixing the fence, altering the fence to make it more difficult to climb? julie, i hope so. we have had this battle with the star staff for what seems like eons. >> it doesn't necessarily have to be lethal force. how about letting an attack dog out on them. >> which they didn't apparently do. i don't think people want to secret service to execute the mentally ill as they climb the
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white house fence. but you do sort of wonder, there are a lot of guards at the white house. what are they doing? why didn't they see this guy until he is inside? >> and the president just left moments ago with his daughters during this friday incident. so you would have imagined that the white house was fully staffed. it was not a summer retreat where the president was in maine somewhere. they were all hanging around watching this guy. but this is not the first time. there's been a laundry list of incidents. september 11th a man jumped over the fence on the north side of the white house a few weeks ago. >> you would think they would be on extra heightened alert given the significance of that date. >> and the toddler squeezed through the fence on august 7th. the whole white house went on lockdown. >> then on may 6, a man was arrested after following a motorcade through the outermost security checkpoint. and i live there, i think the president should be accessible
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and do take risks when you are in the public eye, but that's just the nature of life. on the other hand, there's incompetence going on here. is it surprising the same people who couldn't do the obamacare website couldn't stop a guy running across the white house lawn. as you point out, that's a long way. >> in anna's defense, you could run that lawn in 20 seconds. some of us would take longer, but the idea, too, that the president's idea of access bltd is interesting. if you watch the roosevelt special on pbs and see the shots of the white house, there was no fence. but people were waiting to speak to the president while lincoln was in office. how strict do you make it? >> tucker, if you think about the state of on edgeness, if that's a way to put this, but the way that americans are feeling right now being
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terrorized by isis and the threat of their black flag being raised in the white house as one of the big threats they are saying, well, a congressman from new york has warned, his name is timothy bishop, and warns that 40 americans have gone to fight for isis and have been able to get back into the united states. and all that's going on is they are under the attention of the fbi. he has a problem with it, listen. >> one of my concerns is the number of u.s. citizen who is have left our country to go to join up with isis. it is believed there have been some number, up to a hundred that have done that. it is also believed that some 40 of those who left this country to join up with isis have now returned to our country. those 40 are under fbi attention. >> what? okay. slow down. that's a remarkable statement.
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40 americans who fought for isis, the craziest most violent terror group in history are now living in the united states? and they are under fbi attention? what does that mean? >> and we are just watching them? >> why were they allowed back into this country? and why aren't they in custody? you can't fight on behalf of terror organizations abroad. that's against u.s. law. >> it would be interesting how he has access to this information. but i'm curious, if they are under surveillance, how long did they know about this? have they been watching them for six to seven months? >> there are 40 members with i sixth passports living in the united states but not a big deal because they are watching them. just like they are watching the white house lawn. is this real? >> a car was attacked full of explosives. the fbi has lured him and established discussions with him for a number of weeks, they were watching him and lured him to
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the web trap. >> the fbi is sophisticated, i'm not attacking them in any way, but i'm marveling at the ineptitude, why are they allowing those who fought for isis back into the united states. you should be in detention. >> maybe you go through the southwest border instead. >> we have had senators detained at the airport. remember senator ted kennedy famously detained because he was on the terror watch list? >> i've been detained at a bunch of airports and i'm not that threatening. >> well, we'll let you decide. weigh in on ffweekend on facebook and find us on twitter as well. where can you find rick? he's all over the place. >> with a new haircut! you both got haircuts yesterday. >> we have the same haircutter who does a super job. hey, clayton.
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you were asking when fall starts. it's tomorrow. get ready, officially tomorrow night at 10:29 p.m. eastern time, so today is the last full day of summer. which brings a lot of sadness for a lot of people. temperaturewise, it's feeling pretty good. there's cooler air coming in across the northern plains and rockies, but overall today is a good day for almost everybody. we're going to see pretty clear skies as well. we have one disturbance, a coastal storm across the midatlantic bringing heavy rain. here's the front to push out of here. we are not going to see an incredibly strong storm across the northeast, but we'll see spotty showers move through later on in the day. then cooler air moves in behind it. down across the southwest, we have pretty big showers moving in. throughout the day today, that's good news. a few of the showers may make their way into northern california. very light, but increased humidity is good news. >> rain in california is good. >> a little bit. >> thank you for your help. coming up on the show,
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we have a fox news alert for you. hannah graham, the second uva student, disappeared from virginia more than a week ago. >> more than 1,000 people made their way to charlottesville yesterday to search for her and today the search continues.
3:17 am
>> the authorities believe she may have gotten into a car with the person seen in this video. ron wheeler is joining us with the latest. nice to see you again this morning, where do we stand? >> there's been a lot of progress in the investigation. i just read a report that just came i cross the wire where the charlottesville police have been able to get a couple more search warrants. but what is interesting from what i'm being told is the search warrants have not been executed yet but for areas immediately outside of charlottesville. what it sounds like to me is that the police are continuing to follow-up on a lot of leads now. they mentioned on friday they had over 400 tips. with all the tips, they have to follow-up on each and every one of them. so that's what the police are doing right now. >> the person of interest being questioned, 32 years old, his name has been released or leaked by the police department in
3:18 am
charlottesville. and a couple of his relatives have done interviews with newspaper reporters and quoted him. so he's kind of out there. i guess the question people are asking is, why isn't he being questioned by great length by the police right snow. >> that's an excellent question. i think the people have strategies where, keep in mind, this is a missing persons case. you want to release the individual, continue to gather more information. right now the focus of the police department is finding hannah. so once they find hannah and hopefully they will still find hannah alive, but once they find her, then they will focus on somebody did cause harm to her. who is that person? they still can interview this guy. he's a local. he was born down there in charlottesville and everybody knows him in that community. so i don't think he'll be going anywhere soon. >> rod, if this guy is
3:19 am
completely innocent and just bought her a drink, went on his way, she went on her way, where could she be? this is a missing person investigation, from your experience, where are we going to find her? >> you know, that's a tough question, anna. where could she possibly be? we are all hoping that she's still alive. but you know, you mentioned something that i thought was really interesting, if this guy knew that he was with her that night, why is it that it went until the video was released that he came forward. that's the only time. actually, he didn't come forward, the police went to him. so that makes me very suspicious of this guy with the dreads. when police went to his apartment on friday, i was down there when they executed the warrant, he was with two other individuals. i would like to know who the other two people were and are and whether or not the police are really looking at them as well. because trust me, they all know a little bit more than what they are saying, guys. >> rod wheeler, great stuff, thank you. >> thank you, guys.
3:20 am
coming up, another wave of hacking attacks leaks some of hollywood's most sensual secrets. the hollywood stars in the nude. why does this keep happening? and have you seen this? one teacher makes "wheel of fortune" history. watch this. >> ten seconds, good luck. >> loud laughter! >> can you use a million dollars? >> up next, we'll meet the teacher laughing all the way to the bank. ♪
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some quick headlines for you. four out of five inmates who
3:24 am
escaped a california jail are back behind bars. they were busted an hour after breaking out. 29-year-old roel soliz is still and just weeks after the icloud released celebrity nude photos, the hacker strikes again. kim kardashian, hope solo and kelly groco were among those who have the leaked photos along with hayden panatierre. for only the third time in history, someone went home with the big surprise. >> loud laughter!
3:25 am
>> can you use a million dollars? >> i love her reaction there. the middle schoolteacher took home over $1 million that night and her family was able to celebrate with her there. an amazing win. >> joining us is sarah manchester, that teacher, did you have any idea what was in the card? >> i knew it was at least a $32,000 prize. if i had to guess, i was going to guess that. i would not have guessed 1 million. >> you were a big "wheel of fortune" fan. >> yes, i've been watching sis the '80s. so a long-time fan. >> you sit there and get angry at the contestants, i'm sure. >> definitely i have yelled at the tv many times over the years. >> could you feel the pressure for that moment? you're looking at this thinking,
3:26 am
someone is sitting on the couch yelling at me, i better nail this. >> i didn't. i was surprised because i kept thinking when i'm on the actual show, i'm going to be a nervous wreck and really wasn't. the staff is so wonderful to get you comfortable in the studio. you practice spinning the wheel and calling out letters to project. they did a great job preparing me, so i was not nervous. >> i would have been shaking in my boots. you are taking the money over 20 years, $50,000 a year before taxes. what are you going to do with the money? >> a variety of things. the kids' college fund is the top of the list. we'll do some traveling. our daughter is taking a trip to france next summer, which is going to be a family trip, not something she particularly wants. and i guess it's been a year since i first auditioned. if you get called back for a second audition, that was a couple months later.
3:27 am
so i was not expecting to hear back and thought too much time had passed. and then i went to the second audition. and then they say within two weeks you'll find out if you are a cop contestant. >> your kids are so excited, they play at home, too. your son was tasked with writing an essay about the best day of his life before the show aired. tell us about that. >> he told his teacher and said, i have a great idea for the story but i'm not allowed to tell anybody yet. and she told him, why don't you write it and i won't read the essay right away. but they didn't say how long right away was. she read the essay before and let the cat out of the bag. but she said, don't worry, i don't spill the news. so one other person was in on the secret besides the family. >> they are jumping up and down and looking at the million dollars. congratulations. >> thank you. it was an amazing day. >> one of only three people to
3:28 am
ever win it. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> and you're paying for breakfast. >> i'd be happy to. >> eggs, bacon and pile it on, lots of pancakes. coming up, an suv flipped over with teenagers trapped inside. then a group of strangers comes to the rescue. the incredible story coming up. and take a look at the screen. the american flag taken down at one university because it could upset foreigners. no, we are not kidding.
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hey, folks. here's your shot of the morning. can animals talk? well, you may become a believer after hearing what this goat has to say. >> what? >> what? what? what? what? what? what? >> i could watch that all day. i may just do that. >> this short video is going viral. i wonder how long he goes on
3:33 am
for. >> that's mesmerizing. >> it's like a parrot. >> you could never eat an animal like that. let's go to san diego university where there's controversy on the campus there, maybe at a university apartment complex. it's off campus right off the main area there. we look at this apartment complex, boulevard 63 apartment complex. one student there whose family fought for freedom in this country decided to hang an american flag outside of the building. when they received a nasty letter in the mail telling them to take it down. >> basically, the apartment complex managers were telling them to take it down. it was not because they had dirty wet towels hanging out the windows or that they had their up mentionable there. but they thought this american flag was somehow going to be offensive. this is what they said. the student, brad, says, we were
3:34 am
then told that it was for political reasons and that the flag could offend foreign people that live here, foreign exchange students. i've had friends and family fight to defend that flag. really? foreigners are going to be offended by this? they came to this country, they are either going to school being educated here or they are working or touring around here in the land of the free. >> this is not the first story that we have seen of this apartment complex that is under pressure of the media. they changed their position on this, but this is not the first story we have seen. we have seen kids told to take off their american flag t-shirts at school. kids are seen offensive to foreigners. this is a violence of the age-old bargain between the united states and the people who come here. you come here to be an american and we welcome you. you adopt our values and become part of our country. all of a sudden massive amounts of foreigners are here to work, send the money back to their foreign country, don't see themselves as americans and are
3:35 am
offended by our values and culture. that's a real change. that's not happened before. >> unfortunately, this is a fight we're fighting. >> some people say, he should have known better because in his lease agreement you are not allowed to hang anything outside on the balcony. they must be kept inside. you can't put anything out there. the american flags, school flags, clothes, underwear, laundry, anything. >> if they said that, it would be different. instead they said, it will offend foreigners. they have more rights than you because, i don't know why. >> e-mail us at frien friends to let us know what you think. and watch this video where they jump in to help a group of teenagers in trouble. >> oh, my god. look at this, yes.
3:36 am
>> the suv smashed through a barrier with the bystanders jumped in to flip the car over. thanks to their quick action, the three teenagers survived and were taken on to the hospital. the driver is listed in serious condition. and dog owners beware. a deadly virus now being spread with all types of canines at risk. health officials warn that this is an extreme dangerous virus. this follows the deaths of several dogs in new jersey. and watch this stunt plane fall right out of the sky. no one was on the ground that was hurt. both passengers in the acrobatic plane were killed. horrified, witnesses say flames completely engulfed the aircraft in a matter of seconds. >> my daughter came running upstairs and said that a plane just crashed in our backyard. so i rap outside and i was the
3:37 am
first one out. i called 911 and it was just an awful thing to see. >> the plane was reportedly performing stunts at the time of the crash. police have yet to release the identities of those on board. and you need to take more breaks? yes, please. you should take a 17-minute break every 52 minutes. the most productive people treat their working times as sprints working intently for 52 minutes and putting away all the work and completely checking out for 17. you come back refreshed and are ready to work. i wonder if we could bring, i don't know -- bring in somebody to cover for us. rick reichmuth is around the world. where in the world is rick reichmuth? >> i actually just got a little one, unlike you guys.
3:38 am
now you have a minute break, so go. take a look at the weather maps. i tell you what, summer and fall, we have a battle going on. today across the east it feels a little more like summer. it felt like fall yesterday and today it's humid again. and it's the steamy air again. temperaturewise, that's what you're looking at. take a look at what happens in the northeast for today. you can see the rain off the coast and then there's rain that approaches from the west. we will see scattered showers. i don't think we are looking at a severe day, but we could see certainly some thunderstorms with those. that line of storms passing throughme through. and then behind it we see the fall-like temperatures. down in the southeast, nice temperatures to start the day with more rain across parts of florida and more rain across parts of west texas. and that front eventually goes down across parts of the southeast to cool things down there as well. into the northern plains, a cooler morning. you see that northerly flow. that moisture that you see coming in from canada will keep temperatures down throughout the
3:39 am
day. we'll keep scattered showers and cloud cover, especially around the great lakes and to the west looking better. then out across the southwest, we have more rain and especially afternoon showers and thunderstorms as the day heats up. then by the evening, we'll see more showers going, especially across parts of utah and colorado and new mexico. all right, guys, we'll send it back to you inside. thank you. break time is over. >> coming up, two breaches at the white house in 24 hours. one guy made it all the way inside the building. what is going on there? our next guest says the problem starts at the very top. and despite being the luckiest man alive, this is video you've got to see, next. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. a russian cyclist lucky to be alive after he got caught right in the middle of a car crash. you can see the red car barreling through the intersection. the truck knox him to the ground by tapping the front of his wheel here. watch this. and then he walks away unharmed. imagine that. and one of the new york police officers saved a choking woman's life. >> put your hands over your h d head. you okay? >> the officer said the 49-year-old woman was choking on a throat lozenge while driving. she's okay this morning. tucker? well, another man is under arrest this morning after he was unlawfully trying to enter the white house.
3:44 am
this comes after another 24 hours where a man tries to break into the building with a knife and was tackled in the hallway. an internal review is here, but what did they say about the agency's competency and readiness? joining us is author of "first family detail." thank you for coming on with us. what does this tell us about the secret service? ronald kessler? >> penetrating the white house has never happened before in the history of the white house. it's because of the laxness. julia peterson, the director and the previous director mark sullivan diverted many from the white house there in maryland. secret service agents are under orders to take out anybody who threat ups the president.
3:45 am
and in this case, that was the situation where someone actually was about to enter the white house itself, whether the president was there or just left is irrelevant. >> can you back up one second? you're saying the former director of the secret service took agents to protect himself. so the secret service has secret service now? >> it is totefulally violation because there was no reason for this to happen, but i can tell you the fbi is horrified at this incident. lacking at is secret service cover-up. and that cover-up is that the secret service says the uniformed officers exercised
3:46 am
admiral restraint. president obama said he believes in the secret service. i know this is the same with this lie and the intruder at the statehouse dipper. again, president obama said no problem. this is -- president obama's life is at stake as well as his own family. and agents tell me it's a miracle he has not been assassinated. and it really calls into question his judgment as commander in chief. if you can't see, his up life is at stake because of the secret service corner-cutting. >> would you agree it may not be a matter of intent. his political credibility was at stake in obamacare and they could not make the website work. so it's possible they want to do their best but are totally incompetent. is that possible? >> incompetent, denial, passive,
3:47 am
you know, willing to accept the secret service's excuses and cover-up. in my book, "the first family detail," it lists dozens of examples of corner-cutting. besides the ones we know about, it lets families into the metal detection screaming. they are not insisting on physical fitness and firearms qualification standards. and this idea that you have to let the president have access to the public. ék:$at's why president reagan w almost killed because the white house staff overruled the secret service to allow spectators within 15 feet of reagan when he emerged from the washington hilton unscreened. and that's why john hinkley was able to shoot reagan. i revealed that in my book and i'm afraid that's what is going
3:48 am
to happen if the secret service is not reformed. under obama it is not going to change whatsoever. >> joining us live from washington this morning, thank you for coming on. isis threatens to hit the military here at home. a marine vet says to bring it on. here's here live. and a new poll shows millenials are waiting longer to have children. but could this be a terrible financial decision? does having kids save you money? the next guest has the secrets, next. i'm randy and i quit smoking with chantix. for 33 years i chose to keep smoking... ...because it was easier to smoke than it was to quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it's a non-nicotine pill. chantix reduced the urge for me to smoke. it actually caught me by surprise.
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hey, everybody. ten minutes before the top of the hour. 78% of '92 graduates wanted kids, but that number now has dropped to 42%. >> so why are millenials waiting to have kids? joining us is lauren cole, good morning. kids are so expensive, right? >> data just came out recently to raise one child from birth to 18 is $250,000. it's a big financial commitment no matter how old you are. >> as society changes and a lot of women are starting to want to work more, a lot of men and women are starting to get more higher degrees so they have to wait, but is there -- do you really have to wait or can you do both at the same time to establish your career? >> yeah, that's the thing. you don't really have to
3:53 am
sacrifice your career. to be honest, a lot of people don't know what they want to be when growing up, so there's no sense in putting off the kid thing if you know it's something you want to do. you can go back to grad school in your 30s. >> there's pros to having kids younger. so you are not an old fogey when kids are 18 years old. medical costs. >> right. just the chance you'll spend more on the pregnancy is going to rise as your age increases. the younger you are, the potential for a cheaper pregnancy. >> a lot of women older have to go through procedures. >> fertility treatments can easily be $30,000. >> i love number two on the list, which is about sleeping. i still struggle with this with my kids 2 and 4 years old, but i can imagine how difficult it would be in your upper 30s, 40s and 50s. >> obviously you can bounce back sooner in your 20s whether you are out the night before or a kid is keeping you up late at night. so there's that. and also to think about when
3:54 am
paying for college, if you have kids younger, your kids are going to younger in your 40s which are your peak earning years, so you can balance college as well as saving for retirement. >> instead of pulling out of your retirement situation to pay for it. >> yeah. >> and then you have pros to waiting, too. the first one is that you can establish your career. >> yeah, there are pros to waiting and certainly if you know what career you're trying to pursue, trying to become a doctor or paying your dues up front and long hours, you can pursue that and still get pregnant later on. >> more income available for expenses. it's just the little things that pop up all the time. >> obviously, your earning potential will come up when you try to cover the $250,000 per child. >> especially if you want them to go to a private college or summer camp. all that stuff really adds up. >> in fact, $250,000 does not
3:55 am
include college. so those types of things can be more expensive, so it's not something to rush into. >> it is important not to rush into parenthood. just wait a little bit to figure yourself out first. >> have a great life plan and make that sooner or later, whatever is right for you. >> how much should we be saving every month for kids? let's say you're 30, how much should you be putting aside? >> a lot of people would say, saving, i'm just trying to pay bills. but if you're putting money aside, especially if you get state taxes for that, and a 10% saving is always a good thing in addition to whatever you do for retirement. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a lot of times people say, you never feel like it's the right time to have kids. you have to do it and take the leap. coming up on "fox and friends, a satanic mass is taking place today, but not if
3:56 am
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3:59 am
hi, everyone. it is sunday, september 21st. i'm anna kooiman. it happened again. another man is arrested for trying to enter the white house. is the people's house safe? we report, you decide. and this morning a satanic mass scheduled but not if christians have anything to do with it. and he's one of the most iconic characters of comics of all time.
4:00 am
♪ i'm popeye the sailor man >> not anymore. popeye has no pipe and no tattoos. and that's not all. let us know what you think. "fox and friends" hour two starts right now. good morning. >> ho ho ho. >> it's not christmas. >> well, without that voice, you can tell he's smoking. >> popeye should smoke. what do you think about that? >> it's a public service announcement. >> he should have the opportunity to smoke. >> it's like a broadcast. like a television broadcast.
4:01 am
this broadcast is brought to you by lucky stripe. let's get to one of our top stories this morning. we'll get to the white house. tucker walks by there on a regular basis. another fence jumper in 24 hours. we told you about the one on friday and we have another one now. the first was omar gonzalez friday night, 42, an iraq war vet. >> he lost one of his feet in an iud attack in iraq. he was detained inside the white house and made it where the president greets foreign dignitaries when they arrive. he was carried a 3 1/2 inch serrated knife. no dogs were released on him as he sprinted across the lawn. >> that's the criticism. you depth have to use lethal force to take the man down, but you could have released the dogs, which have some said, would knock him down.
4:02 am
>> the guy had half a foot and ran across the white house lawn? >> the dogs probably would have set a precedent. maybe it wouldn't have happened again the next day. kevin carr, a 19-year-old, trying to enter. he showed up on foot and then tried again in his car. when he refused to leave he was put under arrest and charged with unlawful entry. this guy didn't make it inside, thankfully. >> a lot of questions, is the secret service up to the task to protecting the president? on friday the president was there, he had just left with his daughters for marine one, i believe, just a few minutes before this. you can see them leaving the white house. sasha and malia with backpacks heading to marine one. then he jumps the fence and sprints in with a knife. so all his guards presumably would have been there. it's not like the president was out of the country. all his former secret service
4:03 am
agents were there. he talked about this very v0pñi. >> we have this constitution, we expect liberty. we are law enforcement officers, federal agents responsible for protecting the constitution, not trampling on it. we are not allowed to do that. having said that, are some common sense security measures probably going to take place? fixing the fence, altering the fence to make it more difficult to climb? truly, i hope so. we've had this battle with the staff for eons. the president needs to be accessible to the public, we get it, but it shouldn't invite a bench jumper either. >> he is responding to, should these people respond and defend that? if you jump the fence, you get shot. certainly that didn't stop people from doing that. >> it is common in third world countries. >> there are instances happening. on a very significant name, on
4:04 am
september 11th, a man jumped over the fence on the north side of the white house. >> yeah. and this is coming right on the heels of the august 7th incident now famous in washington where a toddler squeezed through the fence. >> good thing that execution policy was not in place at that time. >> and may 6th another man was arrested after following a motorcade through the outer most security checkpoint. and the solahis who rolled in -- >> they looked the part. >> they got in a van and went to the mayflower hotel. they just got in the van holding cocktail glasses. >> come on in. >> we had more on this a moment ago here's what ron kessler had to say.
4:05 am
>> the cover-up is that the secret service says the uniformed officers exercised admiral restraint. the president is confident with the secret service still as he has said before. it is a miracle he has not been assassinated. it judges his character as commander in chief. if he can't see that he life is at stake because of the secret service corner-cutting. >> i'm not calling for more security for a government official. if you have been within the 30 miles of the president traveling, they close everything. it's too much. my point would be, the security that's already in place is adequate as long as the people in charge of it are competent. we have enough laws. >> the secret service says the fence needs to be higher or maybe an electric fence on the top of it so that somebody can't
4:06 am
squeeze through. >> i guess. i'm with you on this, though, the student of american history and we hear all the great stories about president lincoln meeting with people at the white house sitting in the outer room to meet with the president. there's no security there and it was enhanced security at the white house to raise the fence higher ore electrify fence. build all protective barriers all around pennsylvania avenue. i mean -- >> lincoln was assassinated, so there's a balance, but the president is not god or a king. this is the people's house and you always have to keep in mind the public has a right to have access to the people's elect. you can't treat them like that but don't be stupid. >> was the obama administration being lax because the president is not paranoid about his security like the others. >> according to the author we just had on, this comes from the
4:07 am
top. >> they couldn't pull off obamacare. just because you want to do something doesn't mean you're capable of doing it. if you are competent in the way you run an organization, every intention doesn't mean everything. >> do we need more security at the white house? and is the obama administration doing enough to keep track of the secret service? we have had a number of scandals over the past few years. i have other stories making headlines this sunday morning. a fox news alert. the person of interest in the state of missing virginia student hannah graham that doesn't have anything to do with her disappearance. the &kvqp)-old man reportedly told police he bought drinks for graham at a bar but dps she drove off with him. cops searched his home and car but he's not been charged. this as more than a thousand volunteers gathered to search for the 18-year-old missing for over a week now. police are currently searching her cell phone records while scouring for more surveillance video. fear and anxiety ripping a
4:08 am
small pennsylvania community as police head deepead deeper e in woods for cop-killer eric frein. they believe he's hiding out in the foggy woodlands near his parents' home in the pocanos. roads have reopened and the lockdown order has been lifted, but residents are still urged to stay out of the forest and remain indoors. >> every night we hear the helicopters, planes, we have no idea what's going on. we don't know if this guy got through. is he coming up from my yard? >> a $17,000 reward is being offered for information leading to frein's capture. vladimir's secrets not to secret. according to leaked transcripts, vladimir putin's russian army is carrying out operations inside ukraine. members of the elite pa paratrooping squad were reported to be talking about this.
4:09 am
a political enemy of putin was obtained september 4th. and a girl from tennessee uses the power of social media to get her mom to stop smoking. madison lawson tweeting a picture of a contract she drew up with her sister signed by her mother agreeing to stop smoking if she got 10,000 re-tweets. my mom said she's going to finish the few packs she's got left and then she will stop. we'll see how that goes. >> leave her mom alone. i'm sorry. >> she doesn't want her mom to have lung cancer. >> it's hard enough to be a parent in a bad economy. you know what i mean? >> $7 a pack!
4:10 am
she wants her mom to live. rick, i want you to live and to quit smoking. >> i'll quit smoking. i never smoked. it's summer out here today. the east coast is much, much steamier. much warmer for a day and we'll see things change again. i mentioned yesterday we have a stationary front that's kind of stretching across parts of florida. that means more rain in much of florida again today and the next day as well. then we have a coastal storm we're watching in and across parts of the midatlantic to see a little bit of localized flooding as well. we could see spotty flooding across florida. now the coastal storm is pushing out of here by the storm you see moving across the ohio valley right now. and so we're not going to watch this really develop into anything that impacts parts of the northeast, but it's going to keep things cloudy throughout the day today. out across the west, more monsoonal moisture continuing to get that in there. almost the end of the season, but we look to another week or so. we'll see more rain showers. back to you inside. thank you, rick. a lot of controversy this
4:11 am
morning in oklahoma city. this is going to be the site today, the civic center is the site of the satanic mass led by adam daniels of an organization hard to pronounce. he's kind of a creepy dude. he says, this isn't a joke. we take this very seriously. we are holding this mass because we believe in it. listen to what adam daniels had to say. >> it is my duty as a business of the devil to spiritually attack his opponent. every sunday, they are in a pool pit blasting my god, and they have the right to do that but i don't have to right to do the same? >> well, citizens aren't standing for it. those who live in the area, in fact, a 16-year-old by the name of julianna lassiter began a protest and has been joined online. take a listen to her on the show yesterday. >> they are going to take
4:12 am
crucifixes and smash them and have an exorcism of the holy spirit. so there's a lot of terrible things. we are all rallying throughout the country, all the catholics are coming together to fight for one cause. >> a lot of people are wondering, how are they allowed to hold this event at the civic center. by a government operating center, we must abide by the constitutional amendment. we cannot deny rental to the group based on the content of their message past attempts by the city to thwart free exercise of speech have resulted in costly legal battles. >> i think that's a point, i'm on the side of the christians so sincere and sweet and agree with them, but i wish the loser with the red beard from "dungeons and dragons," he's doing this to get
4:13 am
a response to people. i wish they would ignore him and let him go back to the cave in his mom's basement. >> i really care to see how many people show up at the civic center to this thing. >> there will be protesters, people like that. there's a lot of evil in this world for sure, but more of it is much more subtle that a black mask. that's the parody of evil. that's what destroys people. but the black mask guy, come on. get off the stage you loser. >> let us know what you think, we'll watch the civic center protest this afternoon at the fox news channel. coming up, an isis militant threatens to hill the military at home. the next military guest we have says to bring it on. and snagging a foul ball from a retiring derek jeter. we'll tell you this story, coming up. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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4:17 am
weight watchers because it works. 17 minutes after the hour. isis calling for militants to attack american sonlgs here at home with chilling tweets like this by a british jihadist. you can literally search for soldiers, find their town, photos of them, look for addresses in yellowbook or something. and then slaughter them. they say many would welcome the chance to fight isis on their own turf. nick is joining us now, good morning. >> good morning. >> when you hear threats from the isis members say rather than
4:18 am
come to the middle east to get radicalized here and fight the world here, just stay at home and do it. you are not worried about that? >> not at all. in the military, you get trained to kind of control your fears. i mean, it is a fear that the american population should be worried about, yes. they are here and want us dead, but lucky for us, if the government attempts to limit the second amendment rights, that has failed for now. and that's why it is so important. it is up to the members who are targeted to defend themselves. when i say it's a dream come true for us, it's because, like you said, we are in our home turf and when one of these does enter our home the gloves come off. go ahead. >> well, i was just going to say when you talk about the complacency that needs to end, is that from the government or from americans in general that we aren't going to wake up until we have soot 11th style attack? >> that comes from the
4:19 am
government. they are not taking care of anything they need to do, but you can see that it is painted on the wall, it is all over bases in the middle east that complacency kills. it is true. you know, like they said, social media, you can find people and as well as the blatant lack of policy that exists on the internet. people need to start remembering they always have to check surroundings to be aware of everything going on around them. >> this week i was out in times square because there were threats on the isis message board posted in times square, the las vegas strip and some positions in texas where the lone wolfs were using match sticks and christmas lights to make homemade bombs and kill as many as possible. but we hear from the department of homeland security there's no prevalent intelligence at this time to suggest there's a plot to carry out something here in the united states. we don't want to be alarmists here, but does our guard need to be up her? >> you can never drop your guard. you want to be able to live your
4:20 am
life and in no way should you stop living your lives now, but you need to be more aware of everything going on. and i think keeping your guard up should be something you want to do in your life. >> as you mentioned, you have second amendment rights. nick powers, iraq war veteran, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. 20 minutes after the hour this sunday morning. coming up on "fox and friends," an suv flips over and sinks under water with teenagers trapped inside. but look what's happening, suddenly a group of strangers comes to the rescue, the incredible ending to the story ahead. and getting a new iphone? don't throw the old one away. kurt the cyber guy is here with hidden household uses for old devices, like m.c. hammer. he's not too legit to quit! ♪ when i had my first migraine, i was lucky. that sounds crazy, i know.
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but my mom got migraines, so she knew this would help. excedrin migraine starts to relieve my pain in 30 minutes. plus, sensitivity to light and sound, even nausea. excedrin migraine works.
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4:24 am
it is time for news by the numbers. general motors is recalling 221,000 vehicles after a problem with the parking brake. the 2014 and 2015 chevy impalas. next, one in ten of americans admit they went to work high. 81% of those people bought their drugs illegally. and 165 is how many semi trucks lined up for the largest truck convoy in wisconsin. they hauled a record $121,000 in for the special olympics.
4:25 am
good job. thank you, tucker. millions of people are buying the new iphone over the weekend. turn off your phones, please. don't just throw your old phone out. there are plenty of ways to put the old gants to use. here with great ideas is kurt the cyber guy. great to see you, kurt. >> how old does this iphone 5 look next to the iphone 6? >> it looks old in one week. you don't just throw them out. >> don't throw them out. here's really brilliant ideas to rather than trade your phone and get a couple hundred dollars for it, or in some cases $50, you can turn it into a surveillance system at home. so we hooked up an app called presence. you can see it right here, that's you and i'm holding this old iphone. we have disconnected the cellular to it and you use the wi-fi environment. not only will it record you, but it will detect motion and will let us know and can e-mail me saying something is moving in
4:26 am
your house, here's what it looks like. it's a cool way to repurpose this and consider it all new again. >> there are a couple apps like this. we have used this at home for our baby monitor. turning an old iphone there on the stand or an old ipod touch that is connected to wi-fi to use as a baby monitor. >> cloud baby is a good one. you launch this app. not only is it a baby monitor but you can play a lullaby through it. talk to your baby on the other end. brilliant repurposing of that. and also just tool after tool is still there for you. and navigation systems, you would need to have the service to use one of the popular apps like google maps, but hudway is an app to download and use while at home. the wi-fi will put in where you want to go and stores the route for you. you hop in the car and it becomes a navigation system on board. other ideas are abound including
4:27 am
ones where you can take the phone and turn it into a toy for your kid. >> instead of grabbing mommy or daddy's phone, use this as their learning device to do their abcs on it or learn how to draw, use it far whole host of apps. >> also without you worrying about your cell phone bill because it's been disconnected. it is just in wi-fi and turn on the parental controls so kids don't have access to dangerous stuff onboard. >> or let it keep doing what it's already doing, which is being used as a phone. connect over wi-fi to make phone calls. >> you can. >> you can use google voice to make phone calls or a whole host of things. use it for facetime calls over wi-fi if you take your card out and put it in the new phone. it can be the one you talk to your grandparents on, right? >> or it can be just a really great coaster. put the beer right on top and anna will just chug away all
4:28 am
day. >> you know anna will. but if you are going to sell your device, there are a couple companies, you can sell it where they will give you a good dollar price for your old gadget. >> a decent dollar price. all the major companies right now, t-mobile just jumped ahead of the pack, they are willing to give you a trade-in value for your phone. they are all fighting for our business. and t-mobile has the highest price for your phone at this point. and 800 malls around the country, you put in your phone and it will spit back money at you or you get your money back if you don't agree to it. >> at&t said, we have a trade-in program. if you want to get a new phone, there you go. >> have you signed up for my newsletter online? we are facebook friends. but if you go to, sign up for the newsletter and we'll send you tips. >> or you can hand deliver them. and turn off that monitor. i don't want you monitoring me. coming up on the show, this
4:29 am
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4:33 am
shot of the morning, here it is. >> right here. >> yankee fans are desperate to catch a foul ball, but one little girl decided she wanted nothing to do with it. watch this. >> there's another jeter baseball. oh, no! time-out on the field. >> she's got a good arm. >> she thought it was a home run from the opposing team. throw it back! throw it back! >> did they throw it back to her? that's the question. >> do we know, gavin? he picked it up and he got it back. >> by the way, have you seen the derek jeter ad? do yourself a favor and go on
4:34 am
youtube for it. just eight games left in the regular season. >> if they can win it -- >> is there a chance they can make the playoffs? if they win every game and every other team has to lose. >> so you're saying there's a chance. >> yeah. >> okay. i am what i am. yes. that's all that i am. recognize those words? they are from popeye. that's what pop eye used to say. i am what i am. i have a pipe, a tattoo, but no more. popeye is no longer what it is. sony pictures came out with a new popeye. >> this is the original cartoon. i mean, this is my childhood watching these people in cartoons. he's got the tattoo, eats spinach. >> his forearms are bigger than his biceps, normal looking. >> but he can eat and smoke a pipe at the same time. >> this is the new pop eye. and some people are saying this
4:35 am
is a wussification of popeye with the tattoos and pipe nowhere to be found. >> obviously, there's olive oil. missing from it is the iconic tattoo. >> it is distressing. this is not popeye the sociology professor. he's a man, okay? he smokes tobacco. he has an unfortunate tattoo that he can't take away because he was young once. >> he went to have laser removal surgery. that is very expensive theseñsk days. >> it's the crackly old voice that you want to hear. >> should we start adding in four-letter expletives? is it okay for popeye to be
4:36 am
smoking and doing other things? >> i spoked because of popeye. if popeye was handing out condoms to fourth graders, that would be fine. but him doing this is evil. >> did you start to smoke a pipe because of popeye? >> i was the only 13-year-old smoking a pipe. totally kidding. >> i regret having an anchor tattoo. >> if you would pull that out, that would be -- >> tony the tiger has changed, captain crunch has changed, mascots change. but take a look at thor. there's a new thor now, a female version. are we becoming too politically correct that we have to have men and women be exactly the same?
4:37 am
>> at the end of it, she drinks beer like the original thor. >> but like a trans thor? >> i have argued we don't have enough women in comic books. and they can't figure out how to make a wonderwoman movie. i think there would be a following for it. here's lip nda carter -- >> just stop for a second. i think she looks like katy perry for me. >> i'm all for female everything. i like women better than men, but i don't like violent women. girls committing acts of violence, i think that's awful and really unfeminine and gross. i just don't think women are violent as violent as men and don't want them to be.
4:38 am
>> but they are patriotic. we'll take one more look at the pictures again, the old wonder woman was pictured in the red, white and blue and just in the new one she looks violent. >> she's like the international wonder woman. >> now she has a pantsuit on. >> which is much less appealing. didn't that woman look like zena? the one in the black, isn't that exactly what zena looks like? >> yeah. >> i'm a zenaphobe, i have to say. >> the other picture is muted and toned. >> give me the classic wonder woman. >> nobody was more beautiful than lena garth. okay. people want to get in. you have a sign, you'll get in.
4:39 am
fall begins tomorrow. today is the last official day of summer. full day, anyway. so not that it makes a difference, the weather is changing slowly. here's the forecast across the northeast today. we'll see scattered showers. certainly a cloudy day and muggy day. down to the southeast, still warm. summer for sure hanging on. we'll see more heavy rain across west texas. we have had pretty big flooding north of el paso and will continue to see that. a couple more inches of rain will fall. the northern plains, just a ton of sunshine. temps in the 60s and 70s. a beautiful kind of early fall day. wonderful day to enjoy it. across the southwest, more moisture near the four corners and into nevada. california unfortunately not getting in on too much of that rain. all right, you have your sign here. i love fox and friends and your first trip to new york city. welcome. >> thank you. >> you got on tv, it's a big day. there you go. guys -- >> with a cue card.
4:40 am
thank you, rick. 39 minutes after the hour this sunday, some other stories to tell you about, a great of bystanders jumps into action to save three teenagers trapped in an suv submerged in water. >> oh, my god, look at that. look at that. oh, my god. yes. >> there are still a lot of good people in the world. the suv smashed through a barrier into a river near salt lake city. bystanders quickly jumped into the water to flip the car over and thanks to their quick action, the three teenagers all survived and were taken to the hospital. the driver is listed in serious condition. a kentucky fire captain is dead this morning after getting shocked by a power line after an als ice bucket challenge. he and other firefighter were hurt while dumping water from the truck's ladder. funeral arrangements are not yet announced. how unfortunate. and this video is hard to
4:41 am
watch, an 80-year-old grandmother is plowed over by a hit and run driver. police released the surveillance video in hopes to find the suspect. the 81-year-old woman is knocked to the ground by that sedan, which just drives away without stopping. she was treated for some cuts and bruises and expected to be just fine. police are looking for a woman driver in her 20s. that's the only description they have. and what is the favorite airline on twitter? the digital honor goes to virgin america. they were rated in eight categories according to the tweets from americans. they were top in customer service, delays and cancelations, luggage, security and fees. jet blue was in second. american and united finished at the bottom. angry customers tweeting the most about delays and extra fees on united. those are your headlines. you seem to have personal
4:42 am
experience with this. >> they should be at the bottom. >> i would agree. virgin america, fantastic. coming up on the show, joe biden -- >> i stopped in singapore to meet with a guy who most foreign policy experts around the world say is the most wisest man in the orient. >> and it just got worse from there. that was just one of his four big gaffes this week. and what do you do with an overpass beyond repair? dynamite could be the answer. bang! ok who wants sweet rolls? oh, i do! (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) thanks carol! (electric hedge trimmer) everybody loves the sweet, fluffy deliciouslness of king's hawaiian bread.
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good morning, friends. quarter to the top of the hour. demolition crews put a brim out
4:46 am
of its misery. the stretch of i-65 in williamson county gone in a flash. the bridge was badly damaged last month after a tanker truck rammed into a support column. and a booze cruise ends on the rocks after running aground near the statue of liberty with 121 passengers on board that had to be rescued. the boat was not damaged and nobody was hurt. we heard there was plenty of booze to go around while the passengers waited for rescue. this is the week joe biden made headlines. the president made four mistakes known as gaffes. take a look. >> in terms of bad loans that were taking advantage of the women and meanwhile overseas. i stopped in singapore to meet with a guy named li kwan yu, who
4:47 am
most foreign experts around the world say is the most wiseiest man in the orient. [ unintelligible ] >> guy benson, how are you doing? >> hey, tucker. >> what did you think the newsroom looked like this week? >> every statement that biden made would be emblemattic of the entire republican party. every republican would be asked to repudiate what he said and it would be a national field day for democrats.
4:48 am
now, democrats play by different rules and this is joe biden. he's a gaffe factory. no one is exactly surprised by this and everyone sort of shrugs and says it's joe being joe and chuckles like he's a slightly overserved uncle at a family gathering. >> as a conservative and believer in free speech and a believer in intent, i think it matter what is he meant to say, not accidentally. i want to stand up to defend his use on the word of orient, a, who cares, and b, it's not an inherently offensive term. shouldn't they use this opportunity to point out how opposed to freedom and speech and thinking the left has become? >> yes. and i think of the four gaffe that is you displayed in the montage, three of them should be inconsequential. he apologized, fine. i don't think he's trying to be
4:49 am
disrespectful to asian people by saying orient. he's moved on from that. even his praising of bob pathwood. he was not talking about bob's sexual misconduct but the bipartisanship. it's a pile on and ruthless politics. and i think we waste way too much of the political energy on both sides, but especially on the left playing gotcha infiltrating bigted people unfairly. and to go on the phony outrage industry and i would rather not be a part of it with joe biden. of the four, the iraq one is the most problematic because he was directly contradicted president obama on ground troops. and that fuels the narrative that the obama administration's policy in iraq has absolutely been incoherent on, which it is.
4:50 am
i hope the next person who says the wrong thing refuses to apologize. grow up, get a life. >> i'm with you, tucker, thank you. next up, he walks into a death trap and was shot 27 times by al qaeda members. amazingly, he survived. mike will join us live with his remarkable story and how he's paying it forward. and how does life as a marine train you for the movies? he'll explain what he's learned. ♪
4:51 am
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4:54 am
good morning, everyone. it's another big weekend for movie goers. two highly anticipated movies at the big screen. >> here is kevin mccarthy and founder of kevin is here with us, nice to see you, kevin. >> good morning. nice to see you. i reviewed this movie earlier on "fox and friends" and gave this movie three out of five. the family reunites for a week under the house after the father passes away with the mother and four siblings. it is comedy and sadness combined. adam driver is the character from "girls" but he's become a big star and will be in the "star wars" movie coming out as well. i spoke to him about this idea of compare iing comparing being
4:55 am
being in a movie. he said it's not about being a person but the role of being in a team. check it out. >> the stakes are obviously completely different, but even though you try to raise one up to the level of the other one, but yeah, i think they are all -- it puts you in locks with 18 to 19-year-old guys all the way up to 30,metimes, living the greek heightened lifestyle and their behavior is erratic. death is prominent so people just kind of behave in a character study like that. >> he has a nonprofit organization as well. he's active in regards to being a celebrity. >> how many actors have you run across that had active duet any the marine corps? >> totally agree. and a big movie opening up this
4:56 am
weekend, "the maze runner." three out of five. good for teenager audiences. it is not really for younger kids. it is very violent, rated pg-13. but the concept is similar to "hunger games." three out of five. recommended for fans of the book, but overall i didn't love it. it was just oak. three out of five. >> it reminds me of "the hunger games" but there are probably some teenager heartthrobs there who you will soon see plastered on the walls. >> all right. thank you, kevin. >> thank you, guys. coming up, the americans who went to fight for isis are back in the united states according to the democratic congressman who was with us earlier.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. good morning, everyone. it is sunday, september 21st. i'm anna kooiman. it happened again, for the second time in 24 hours, a security breach at the white house. and one man even managed to make it inside. is the white house safe? we report, you decide. and forget that isis is coming. apparently isis is already here. a stunning admission from a democratic congressman and the marine who says bring it on. and no matter how al qaeda tries, this navy s.e.a.l. was not going down. shot 27 times at close range and survived. he's here live this hour to share his incredible story in why he believes he got a second chance in life.
5:01 am
"fox and friends" hour three starts right now. well, good morning. >> we are glad to see you. >> we have a jam-packed two hours ahead of us on "fox and friends." we begin with a fox news alert. we have a headline for you right now. the person of interest in the missing case of hannah graham denies he had anything to do with her disappearance. the 32-year-old man says he bought drinks for graham at a bar but they never drove off together. cops searched his home and car but he's not been charged. this as more than a thousand volunteers gather to search for the 18-year-old missing for over a week now. police are currently searching for cell phone records while scouring for more surveillance video. and tragedy at a dirt racetrack in wisconsin.
5:02 am
scott simmelman was killed last night after his car flip lead to times. the rest of the evening's races were canceled out of respect for his family. this is the latest casualty for sprint car race. last month kevin ward jr. was struck and killed by tony stewart at a nascar event. four out of five inmates who escaped a california jail are back behind bars. they were caught an hour after breaking out. police not saying how they were caught. 29-year-old roel soliz is still on the run at this hour considered armed and dangerous. it's not clear yet how all these guys got out. and two dancers taking their moves to new heights by dancing on the sides of the building. look at this.
5:03 am
amia rudolph and roy seibert show off their choreography during the art and soul festival. they are in a group that does performances like this all around the world. >> were you wondering if it was fake? it was feeling like the 1960s batman show. when sammy davis would pop out and wave. >> that really did happen. we have news for you, in the last 24 hours two people have breached security around the white house. the first happened on friday. you may know some of the details. an iraq veteran made it over the fence, the iconic black fence that surrounds the white house on pennsylvania avenue, went right over it. omar gonzalez, 42, he's apparently missing half a foot from an iud in iraq. but somehow he ran across the white house lawn. no guard dogs released after him. and inside the white house, the
5:04 am
north door with the president greets foreign dignitaries, he walked in the door, the door was unlocked and was tackled by white house security. he was carrying a 3 1/2-inch knife. >> the president was just there hours before that leaving with his daughters getting in a helicopter to leave. all the white house staff was there, secret service as well. it was not vacation time there at the white house when the president is not there. no, he was there. and then this happened again yesterday. so two days in a row we have another breach at the white house. >> right. so this second occurrence was kevin carr, a 19-year-old, who tried to enter a barricaded entryway. the first time he tried to walk up on foot. and then that didn't work out for him. so he showed up at another gate in a vehicle. when he refused to leave. he was placed under arrest and charged with unlawful entry. he'll be in court tomorrow. >> a lot of questions as to the
5:05 am
response from the secret service. obviously, they have been embroiled in scan dals for the past few years, for allowing the solahis to walk through the security checkpoint. obviously, we have seen what happened on international troops going ahead of the president, and the other trip, september 11th, a man jumped over the fence on the north side of the white house. on august 7th the white house was on lockdown after a toddler squeezed through a fence. >> and a man was arrested after following a motorcade to the outer most point. some believe he should have been shot. but the question remains, is the secret service charged with protecting the president and the administration fashion yours confident? he wrote the book on this literally and is joining us a minute ago. here's the details.
5:06 am
>> i can tell you the fbi is laughing at this and really horrified at the secret service cover-up ability what happened. and that cover-up is the secret service saying the agents and informed officers exercises restraint. president obama bought into this to say he has confidence in the secret service as he has with others. agents tell me it's a miracle he hasn't been assassinated. >> this is directly from the top, from the leadership of the president. and they said possibly he's becoming complacent. >> the larger question is who we allow to cross the borders. you saw the guy presumably from
5:07 am
isis standing in front of the white house with the screen that had the isis flag on it, holding it up outside the iconic black gate? now a new warning from a democratic congressman who says there are 40 isis member who is have fought for isis and came back to the united states. listen to this audio on this very issue. let's listen. >> one of the concerns is the number of u.s. citizens who have left our country to go and join isis. it is believed there are up to 100 that have done that. and it is believed that 40 of them who left the country to join isis have returned to our country. those 40 are under fbi attention. >> do we feel good about that? >> say what? shouldn't this be the biggest news story in america? 42 people who fought for isis, the craziest, most threatening
5:08 am
terror group ever are back in the united states? and they are only under fbi attention. i don't think that's an actual category. why isn't this on the front page of "the wall street journal"? this is huge news. >> how does the democratic government get access to that? >> the administration has refused to say, we are not banning people just because they joined isis. really? that doesn't do you want me to buy that? well, britain has remote passports. there was no knowledge -- >> just because you join isis is like another culture. who are we to say. >> recently there was a british jihadist who sent out something saying, basically, we have an
5:09 am
idea. don't try to hit tourists. this is where men and women live. we had a former marine on the show that served in i rest. if isis wants to come here, shockingly, we need to take s s saks -- >> in the military you control your fears. it's not a fear the american population should worry about yet. luckily for us, the government is attempting to limit our a second american war.
5:10 am
>> it was still wild this week hearing the isis message forum post online that said, take to the lone wolves in the world, take matches and sugar and christmas lights to try to kill as many as possible. are we not going to take this? >> you are not at the mercy of other people. you can defend yourself to some extent. great americans should be more self-sufficient. well, let's get it outside to rick reichmuth standing by for a look at the nice weather forecast we have going on. >> there's a lot of fall meaning winter is coming. what go you think about that in the u.p. of michigan? >> you have to love the fall, winter, summer and spring in the evening. >> listen, i have never been to the u.p. of michigan. do you have a big event that happens there every winter? like an ice carving or snow m l
5:11 am
mobi mobiling? i'm using this as a pitch for a later segment. have fun in new york. take a look at the weather maps waking up right now. temperaturewise in the u.p. of michigan, with we have little bit of blue there. if you don't know what the u.p. of michigan is, it's the little piece of land that looks to be wisconsin but it's not. it's part of michigan. and we have a coastal system developing off the coast of the carolinas now in around the aid mt. @l midatlantic. we won't have impacts across new england but we'll see the rough seas. >> we are looking to head to the beach just north of el paso.
5:12 am
over the next coming days we could see another two to three inches. those reds are flash flood warnings going on. and there's a flash flood warning across the area there. back to you. the president is calling on allies to get support against his enemies of i sixth. and these dogs are not to be trusted. see the amazing jailbreak video going viral this morning. to remove this spaghetti stain,
5:13 am
let's compare an entire tub of oxiclean to just half a cup of clorox bleach. okay... huh... how is that called clean? clorox. eliminates stains better than oxiclean.
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5:16 am
welcome back. leon panetta speaking out to say he thinks we should let troops in iraq. >> back when you watched the stars and stripes being lowered for the last time in baghdad, were you confident in that moment that pulling out was the right thing to do? >> no, i wasn't. i really -- i really thought that it was important for us to maintain a presence in iraq. >> this after the president says he won't commit troops to fighting another ground war there. so who is he listening to? >> joining us now via skype is chris wallace. good morning, chris, thank you to be here with us.
5:17 am
>> good morning. >> do you think the coalition can't figure out what the president is going to do and who he is listening to? >> more than that, it's a question on how long the president is committed to. is he going to be there when things get bad? is he going to be there throughout the next couple of years of his presidency? or might he at some point as he has in other cases decide to draw down or pull out u.s. troops? i was struck as you were by the leon panetta soundbyte from "60 minutes." he seems to be at odds with the ar army joint chief. the military tells him their best advice and he seems to disregard it, whether it's pulling forces out of iraq in 2011 or now whether it is his plan, ruling out any ground troops in a combat role in his fight against isis.
5:18 am
>> i think we were all struck by the soundbyte. we heard the president likening himself to lincoln, right? surrounding himself with these voices, but he's surrounding himself with the voices but does he listen to the potential voices? >> well, there are a remarkable number of cases. i mean, remember that secretary -- then secretary of state clinton and leon panetta and david paetraepetraeus, his team said he needed to start arming himself against the assad regime and disregarded them in that case, too. it's a serious question when you're getting advice from the current top people and decide, you know what? i'm going to disregard it. >> so what is happening on the show today? >> we are going to be talking about this and how much of a coalition is there. reports that the u.s. is waiting to attack syria.
5:19 am
air strikes in syria until we can get international support. we are talking to two key members of the house intelligence committee. peter king of new york and adam ship schiff of california. >> check out "fox news sunday." check your local listings. we are moments away from starting that show. chris, great to sue oee you. dog owners beware. there's a mystery virus killing dogs. we'll tell you what you need to know. and this navy s.e.a.l. was shot 27 times and lived to tell about it. we'll have his amazing story up next.
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
welcome back. 23 minutes past the hour, some quick headlines for you. the search for accused cop killer eric frein is in its ninth day. police believe he's hiding in the woods near his parents' home in the pocanos. residents are urged to stay away from the woods. and blast off! >> three, two, one, engine ignited and we have liftoff. >> overnight, a space x shuttle is launched into space from cape canaveral, florida. a rocket heading to the international space station carrying 5,000 of experiments and supplies, including the
5:24 am
first 3d printer built for space. tucker? thanks, clayton. his story is miraculous. on april 6, 2007, in iraq's anbar province, navy s.e.a.l.s. went looking for an al qaeda leader. this man was shot 27 times and amazingly lived to tell us his story. mike day is joining us now. mike, thank you for coming on this morning. can you tell us what happened? shot 27 times, how did it happen? >> tucker, i was there and i don't believe it. good morning to the viewing audience. thank you for having me so i can advertise my fund-raiser. the story goes, it's pretty brief, i don't have a lot of time. i entered a room, there were four guys in there, they shot
5:25 am
the rifle out of my hand, i turned to get my pistol. i said, i have got to get home to my girls. i got through the incident. gunshot wounds to both arms, both legs, my abdomen, buttocks, scrotum, everywhere i could put my hands i was shot. but i lived. >> did you think you would make it? >> it never crossed my mind that i wouldn't make it out of there. i had to figure out that i was getting shot, first. i had never been shot before. it was a sensation new to me. after i realized i was getting shot, my second thought was, god, get me home to my girls and extreme anger and i went to work. i just did what i was trained to do. >> so it took you a couple years in the hospital to recover. how did that change you, the experience? >> that experience was
5:26 am
instrumental in my -- developing of my faith. i did another interview with cbn and told them that was literally my first real prayer to god. up until that point, it was always god, if you're there, help me out. i had a lot of guardian angels, i think. one was made that night, his name was clark shwaler, a 27-year-old s.e.a.l., would have been a great leader, and i think he's doing better things than being in the s.e.a.l. team right now. >> so he was killed that night? >> he was shot one time in the neck and killed. he bled out on target. he's still with us, i think. i feel him. >> so tell us what you're doing now. >> up until this point, i have
5:27 am
been a very private person. i'm actually more nervous talking to you on live tv than i am getting into a gun fight. i feel more comfortable in that situation. i don't think, i didn't have to think in that situation, i just react. here, my mind is racing, heart is racing, but i think i'm being directed now to use my story to tell people about god and use it to help other people. my fund-raiser can be found on crowdrise called the mike day tri-challenge. i'm running a half iron man on april 12 of next year to raise funds for the brain center in dallas, texas. this place has done great things for those with severe brain injuries. they take guys wheelchair-bound, extreme obesity, inability to communicate and the brain center has fixed problems like this.
5:28 am
it's an amazing place. please consider going to crowdrise and funding my fund-raiser, mike day's]]:b tri-challenge. if you can't donate, help me advertise it. like i said, i'm pretty scared being here -- >> you're going a great job. it's an amazing story that you're telling beautifully. i want to end on this, you were shot all of those times, 11 rounds hit your body armor. those are designed to take one round or two. let me put it up on the screen. it is -- part of the reason presumably you survived is because you were wearing this. were you surprised that it held up 11 shots, in your vest? >> everybody was surprised of that. a study was done on body armor because they have never seen damage done like this and a person survived. i was shot in the chest three
5:29 am
times with an ak-47. and they acquired another rifle from a previous ambush. that armor usually falls apart after the first round. every successive round, the body armor is not supposed to do what it does. and i'm an advertisement for wearing body armor. >> you certainly are as well as a lot of other things. mike day, thank you for telling your story. you did a great job. thank you. coming up, an suv is overturned and some bystanders come to the rescue. we'll tell you what happened. and popeye getting a makeover. gone are many of the popeye elements you remember from childhood. we'll tell you what happened and why coming up.
5:30 am
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youlooks amazing.on weight watchers? looks like my next dinner party. that's only 4 points? with weight watchers you can enjoy the food you really want. dine out on favorites... or cook up something new. i can do this every day. join for free and start losing weight now. learn how to eat healthier, while enjoying the foods you love. get inspired at meetings, online, or both. weight watchers because it works. ♪ it's your shot of the morning. it's the cutest jailbreak you will ever see. a dog figures out how to break out his buddy. >> julie, the opener, set up a
5:34 am
camera after she noticed her puppy kept getting loose. she figured out the other puppy was opening the cage. dogs are geniuses. they are so smart. that dog is so impressive. this is a sad story. >> get out your tissues this morning. because popeye, you know him, he was part of growing up in my house, watching "popeye the sailor man." the cartoon that we all know and love from fleischer studios. according to new leaked photos, the new sony pictures version of popeye looks like this without the iconic anchor tattoo and smoking pipe. are they wussifing popeye?
5:35 am
>> if he was driving around giving the morning after pill to fourth graders, that would be fine. but smoking a pipe, a symbol of masculinity, the reason they resist tobacco is major. >> popeye was designed for one reason. because he had a nice message for children. just like barney's "i love you and you love me." popeye taught you to eat your spinach. it would make you strong. but if you smoke, you could get lung cancer. >> i hold popeye responsible for the underaged pipe smokers through the years. >> he did have the pipe in his mouth the whole time. >> how did he do that? child has smoked a pipe because
5:36 am
of popeye. >> i watched popeye as a child and never smoked or felt the need to smoke. >> i did because of popeye, but if you think that's bewildering, look at this. this is thor. popeye lost something and thor added something. >> there's the famous thor on the left. >> but now thor is a chick. >> it is just thor. are we worried about gender equality so much and being so politically correct this is what we are getting? >> we have to cram a female into every male version of the characters. we had this in the '70s, spider-man and now spider-woman. wonder woman is an iconic character. there's no equivalency in the men for wonder woman.
5:37 am
but she was incredible. she could tell the truth with her massive lasso. there's linda carter. >> she once wore a halter top. >> wonder woman doesn't have to, either. >> look what we have done to wonder woman over the years. i want the iconic really primary colors of wonder woman, but now the new batman and superman movie coming out, they have shoved her into the batman versus superman look. and now in the coming book, look what they have done to wonder woman. they have taken her from the short shorts you might wear roller blading and stuck her in a pantsuit like she's on her way to the accountant's office. >> this is an important thing that we are not sexualizing the women so much. she's definitely more covered than the other one.
5:38 am
>> but come on, thor doesn't have a shirt on. >> that's what i was going to say. the same for then, we make sure they have perfect figures larger than life. >> we should cover the women because otherwise it just insights to men -- >> is it wrong that i want to see wonder woman in the original short shorts and the halter top? is that wrong of me. >> i don't think so. she looks great. >> if you have the body, flaunt it. >> i'm a woman, hear me roar. >> let us hear what you think friends@b and a group of bystanders jumps in to help an suv that is overturned in water. the suv smashes into a river near salt lake city.
5:39 am
bystanders quickly jumped into the water to flip the car over. thanks to their quick action, the three teenagers survived and were taken to the hospital. they are all expected to make full recoveries. tomorrow we'll have one of the brave individuals who jumped into action to rescue live here on "fox and friends." dog owners beware. a deadly virus now being spread puts all types of canines at risk. health officials warn owners of the canine virus that spreads from dog to dog contact. dogs without the proper vaccinations are the most at risk. this morning comes following the deaths of dozens of dogs in new jersey. just weeks after the massive icloud leak of the celebrity photos, the hacker has struck again. this latest one shows kim kardashian, hope solo and hayden panatierre in addition to others. three weeks ago dozens of other
5:40 am
celebrities had their accounts hacked. the fbi is investigating the massive breach of privacy. and in order to be more productive at work, you need more breaks. so tell your boss about the new study using the productivity app that finds you should take a 17-minute break every 52 minutes. the study says the most productive people treat their working times as sprints working intently for 52 minutes and putting away all work and completely checking out for 17. you come back refreshed and ready to work. >> we'll see if that works. break time for me, i'm done. >> it worked in the '60s. rick reichmuth is standing by. >> what about a four-hour sprint? which is what this show is, a four-hour sprint? >> we do crash and burn. >> that's exactly why you need more than 17 minutes. guys, take a look at this really amazing picture. cape creek, arizona, just to the
5:41 am
north of phoenix, 20 to 30 miles. and that's a spectacular sunset. arizona has such amazing sunsets. trish sent this in, sunrise is about to happen. 81 degrees and today we're getting to 94. a beautiful one. they have had all this rain across arizona and we'll see more there. keep sending me your pictures. especially the fall pictures. it's about to be the time to see fall pictures. put them on my facebook page or send them to me over twitter. rick reichmuth on twitter. here's the forecast for the day today. we'll see a front moving through. it's not going to be incredibly heavy rain, but we'll see a few showers. down to the southeast, another warm, sticky day with spotty showers. heavy across west texas. all right, back to you inside. >> break time over. thank you, rick. well, coming up, you can find the chemical in everything from makeup to shampoo to toys and it could be causing a serious medical condition in
5:42 am
your children starting right at birth. what is it and can you avoid it? we'll have that, coming up. and a satanic mass set for the bible belt state. father jonathan morris is here to weigh in on that. hey, father. we're the places you call home, when you're away from home. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. like wyndham, we're awaiting your arrival. save up to 25 percent and earn bonus points when you book at
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5:45 am
hey, everyone. a black satanic mass is scheduled today in oklahoma city. >> the rituals declare jesus worthless and it's happening inside a public building. the city's civic center. over 215,000 people signed a petition in protest but the event is to happen a few hours from now. >> joining us is fox news religion contributor and author of "the way of serenity," father
5:46 am
jonathan morris. thank you for joining us, father. first i want to get your reaction. let's take a listen to this. >> it's my duty as a vigor of the devil to spiritually attack his opponent. every sunday they are in their pool pit blasting my god. and they have the right to do that but i don't have a right to do the same in return? >> and the city says that they can't stop them, saying they have had legal problems in the past that cost them a lot of money, so they are going to let them do it. >> first of all, i feel bad for that gentleman and anyone to participate in it. i really feel bad. get yourself into something that is, first of all, satanic, supernatural, they believe as soon as you connect yourself with evil, evil stuff happens. i feel very bad for them. now, do they have a right to do it? yes, they have a political right to do it, but as a civic center, does the city have responsibility to defend the good governance of its people?
5:47 am
yes! they have to think through this very well. anybody who walks into a, for example, a crowded theater and yells, fire! do they have a right to do it? yes, free speech? no. you are insighting violence. when off group that does this, not just because they want to do their own worship but they are provoking anger and hatred among the community. the city can step in to say, that's not worship or free speech. that's mockery and you're insighting violence. >> this guy can't have 20 people who follow him. clearly he wants publicity, are christians playing into his plan by taking a public stand against this. should they ignore him or take him seriously? >> if i didn't think it was worthwhile talking about this, i wouldn't talk about it today. it's worthwhile because first of all, we can pray for that guy. honestly. pray for his soul. pray for his well-being. because you get involved in that stuff, it is not good. but everybody has to decide. i'm glad somebody is out there saying this is wrong.
5:48 am
if nobody said anything, would that be helpful? no. you have to make a decision. >> the city says, look, this is -- this is part of free speech. we are the civic center -- >> i get it, but what if i want to desecrate a koran in front of my church? what if i want to speak pro-nazi stuff in front of my church and get people all fired up on a public sidewalk. i think there's, at some point, government has to step in and say, you can't insight violence in the name of free speech. >> i talked to the little girl who started the petition and wrote a let tore the city, this is strengthening her faith and others. father morris, thank you so much. coming up, you can find this chemical in everything from shampoo to toys that could be causing a medical condition in
5:49 am
your children that starts at birth. what is it and how can you prevent it? we'll have that next. and it helped special needs students learn life skills, but this coffee cart just got the can thanks to new food regulations because they were serving drinks with too many calories, supposedly. a teacher who says her kids will suffer without it is here.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
good morning. thanks for joining us.
5:53 am
scientists found babies exposed to high levels of thallate exposed in the wound are up for more than 70% of to asthma. here to explain this, dr. nieder ogden. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> where do wechd these phthalates. >> the larmgest parts are in plastics. but they're found in home gather products, vinyl, flooring, shower curtains and beauty products, especially fragrances. it seems to be absolutely everywhere. you see a lot of soon to be moms and they don't dye their hair because they're worried about those chemicals or tanning beds. those are simple fixes aside from the veinness of it, right? >> right. >> how do you avoid it? >> it's almost impossible to completely avoid them, but there are steps you can take at home to minimize your exposure.
5:54 am
it's about being knowledgeable, where to phthalates exist? fragrance. looking to fragrance free products in everything that you choose, detergents, hand soaps, deternlgants you wash your hands in. dep, fragrance, look at your makeup. look for gsúyphthalate free. so go one step further, go online. there are really great resources that tell us where these things are found. >> what about for moms trying to reduce the exposure of kids that eat phthalats? >> plastic is the hugest source. the best thing to do is store and heat all food you give yourself and your children in glass. really try to make the switch over to glass products. if you are going to use plastics, look at the recycling
5:55 am
triangles. 3 and 7 are the ones to avoid. >> after you say that, not only are companies forthcoming about the phthalates being in their products, you have the needle yao way through and try to figure it out. but why are they on the market in the first place? >> a number of years ago, congress outlawed the use of six phthalates in europe, it's even more widely forbidden to be used in products. i think slowly and sheerl as we bring attention to how toxic it can be, we will move away from it. unfortunately it is so easy to use for these products. it makes nail polish easier to go on. we'll have to see and wait. >> so read your labels and get online, definitely. >> thank you. 55 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends," police think the man in this video knows something about the disappearance of missing uva student hannah graham but he denies it. do investigators have a secret
5:56 am
strategy? former lapd detective mark thurman weighs in ahead. and joe biden does it again. >> i stopped in singapore to meet with a guy named li quan yu who most foreign policy experts say around the world is the wisest man in the orient. >> i just got worse from there. that was just one of the four gaffes this week. we'll go over them. for all the distinctions
5:57 am
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comfort keepers. keeping the comforts of home. call comfort keepers now to learn more. good normg, everyone. i'm anna kooiman. we begin with a fox news alert. hundreds of people join the search for uva missing student
6:00 am
hannah graham. are they close to naming a suspect? and it happened again for the second time in 24 hours. security breach at the white house in washington. one man even managed to make it inside before getting tackled in the hallway. is the white house safe? and joe biden making headlines with his mouth once again. >> i stopped in singapore to meet with a guy named will i kwan yu, who most foreign policy experts say is the wisest man in the or yen. >> i for one hope that joe never stops talking. it just gets worse from there. that was one of his four gaffes this week. we'll run them down for you. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. good morning, everyone. welcome into fox and friends on this sunday morning. >> do you smell that?
6:01 am
>> what's that? >> wings cooking. >> nice to see you this morning. we have wings cooking for football sunday this morning. we're going to get right to this fox news alert. a person of interest in the hannah graham story denying that he had anything to do with her disappearance. le is live with the latest on her search. >> people say they are very much interested in this person last seen with had an hannah graham, a blackman, 6'2", 230 pounds with heavy dread locks was seen walking just about 1:00 in the morning on the downtown pedestrian mall in charlottesville. he was scene coming up behind her and leading her to what police believe is a local restaurant about 1:00 a.m. last
6:02 am
friday night, saturday morning. police have searched his car, they have searched his home, but do not have enough evidence to arrest him. yesterday out here on the mall, police brought out blood hounds to try to do trails to see where else this group may have gone after that restaurant. another big part of the search is volunteers, both students at the university of west virginia and around charlottesville came out, about a thousand of them yesterday, scoured everything from railroad track toes bushes, thickets, backyards. they were looking under out sheds and those kinds of things. we are told at least yes they didn't find anything that was all that significant in terms of a break in the case. they will be out once again today as well as the police with their helicopters and everything else trying to rule out more areas here. yesterday we see a chance to
6:03 am
talk to some of the students trying to participate in this search and frankly they were scared about what they might find. >> we remember kind of worried that we would find something. it would be good and bad. it would be closure, but would probably almost mean the worst. i don't know what my expectations are going into this.i'm going to help out and pray for the best while i'm searching. >> and police right now are hoping for a little bit more electronic evidence, possibly even surveillance cameras from atm. they're keying in right now on hannah's cell phone. 1:30 in the morning she sent a text message to a friend essentially saying i'm lost. they want to get the dae from the cell phone towers, the raw data trying to try ang ewe late where that message sent from. >> probably probably that and who else she had previous contact with. >> so we're eight days in. it's shocking we haven't gotten that already. >> i agree.
6:04 am
the search for eric kreen, officers continue to scour the woods near his parents's home near the poconos. residents are urged to stay out of the forest. >> we have no idea what's going on. we don't know if this guy got through. is he coming up in our yard? >> $175,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his capture. >> the pend gom gram that distributes to the police department doesn't know or doesn't care that the justice department is punishing some of those agents for civil rights violences. that lack of community komgz at a time when the program is under close scrutiny following police response to protesters in
6:05 am
ferguson, missouri. >> secrets not so secret any more. putin's russian army is carrying out operations inside ukraine, despite putin's claims. members of a quad were recorded talking about a battle. did they warn you straightaway where you were off to? gradually i knew where i was going and told my wife straightaway, i'm off to war. what did they tell you? why are you going? they don't tell us anything. they say we are off on an exercise. a mrig enemy of mutein released the staps. did you have any crazy dreams? researchers say the longer you sleep, the weirder your dreams get. when it comes to dream contest, researchers say people tend to dream about media later in the
6:06 am
night while later we dream more about activities we did throughout the day. >> would have been taking medical tonin recently to try to get some sleep because research says that's the natural way. i've had the craziest dreams. >> can you share some? >> during the break. visitors at the white house unannounced and clearly in one case mentally ill have shown up and breached security. omar gonzalez leaped over the white house fence from pennsylvania b>uñ sprinted in his way. there he is right there, across the line and made it into the north por at this co door where he was tackled in the hallway. he turned out to be carrying a 3 1/2 inch serrated knife. he'll be in court tomorrow. >> that's crazy. >> you would think after this
6:07 am
happened one time, it wouldn't possibly happen 24 hours later. >> oh, nelly. it did. kevin karr did it just yet, so two times back to back. 19-year-old. he tried to enter a barricade entryway. first time he showed up by foot. then he went back, got into a vehicle and then he tried to go into another gate with his car. when he refused to leave, he was finally placed under arrest. he was charged with unlawful entry. a lot of scrutiny to the secret service response to all of this. could they have released dog to go after the guy? they didn't shoot, they held and were restrained on not firing the man, which is remarkable if you think about it. >> it was in his pocket. >> the president was there moments before omar was going across the lawn. he and sasha and maria were
6:08 am
guessing on air force one. >> one of the things the white wearing, the other is what is thing is these aren't the only two isolated incidents. on september the 11th, a man jumped over a fence on the north side of the white house. it also happened on august 7th. >> and where are the dogs. when a toddler squeezed through the fence, he was unharmed and returned to his family. so how tight should we make sure at the white house? we've known for years, you know, i don't know the exact year that they put the fence up at the white house, but it used to not be there. used to have full access to the president back in the day. members of the community could
6:09 am
walk through. president lincoln like to have the white house be an open place. he would meet with different membersjz throughout the countr. how tight do you want to make schurt? >> i can tell you the fbi is laughing at this incident and laughing at the secret service cover-up about what happened and that cover-up is the secret service saying the agents and uniformed officers exercised admirable strength. president obama because into this and said he has confident in the secret service. agents tell me it's a miracle that he has not been assassinated and calls into question his judgment as commander in chief if he can't see that he dshg his own life is at stake because of the secret
6:10 am
service corner cutins. >> well, the president has enough security, trust me, i work in washington. by the way, people around him, valley jared has secret service protection. the point is, a lot of them incompetent. not a lot of them are super impressive secret service persons. but a lot of arms on the secret service don't work so well. they're just not very well run. >> and there's been talk each on this channel from the former secret service who say maybe something needs to be changed with this fence. you do want the president to feel safe, you want the president to be accessible and america to think he is the people's president. but should the bars be closer? should it be an electric fen around the outside? times are difference. we have isis saying they want to raise the black flag at the white house. >> sounds like something out of russia.
6:11 am
i don't know. >> did you see joe biden this week? he made a number of gaffes this week that caught the attention of a number of groups. in case you missed it, here you go. >> in terms of foreclosure, in terms of bad loans, they took advantage of these women and men all overseas. >> i stopped in singapore to meet with a guy called li kwan yu who most say is the most successful man in the orient. >> the world will determine that. >> i've determined that based on -- >> well, will determine that -- republics that were involved, guys like mac methiason and so many others. it wasn't democrats alone. >> i'm sorry, i don't think
6:12 am
those are all gaffes. i don't think saying someone is a wiseman in the orient is a gaffe. i plan to start using it. the orient is a word, it just means the east. but that doesn't mean it's a gaffe. i don't like to use the same standards the left uses where every time you say the wrong word you're denounced as a ra racist or a sexist. but he had 19 women come forward and say that he sexually assaulted and harassed them and he was threatened to be expelled from the chamber so he stepped down. >> biden was just saying, look, maybe he passed some laws that were sdeept. both things can be true. >> shylaw is not a positive word to describe jewish folks, either. so let us know your thoughts on what happens the night uva
6:13 am
student hannah graham vanished? our next guest says there's holes in the timeline. and he knows why. mark burman joins us live next. and an suv flipped over and sinking under water with teenagers trapped inside. look at this video. it's an incredible moment of humanity as a group of trainingers come to the rescue. you can eat that on weight watchers? looks amazing. looks like my next dinner party. that's only 4 points? with weight watchers you can enjoy the food you really want. dine out on favorites... or cook up something new. i can do this every day. join for free and start losing weight now. learn how to eat healthier, while enjoying the foods you love. get inspired at meetings, online, or both. weight watchers because it works.
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6:16 am
good morning. the search continues for hannah graham whose bizarre disappearance over a week ago has rattled the college town. >> the surveillance video you're looking at shows the man called a person of interest. he admits he had drinks with hannah graham that night, but it stops there. the case's timeline doesn't really add up and he knows why. former lapd detective mark
6:17 am
thurman joins us now. about this time line, what do you think is shifty here? >> well, it's kind of interesting that hannah graham is seen at a location that is a significant distance from the pedestrian mall. i mean, she's seen at the service station of five minutes before she appears at the pedestrian mall. that's about a 14-minute walk. so if she wasn't running at probably full speed that entire distance, then she probably got a ride there with someone and that someone could possibly be the person that is the suspect in this case. >> hmmm. interesting. so let's back up a second. so we know a lot about this guy, or something about him, anyway, and the police keep saying he is the only person we're looking at. why is he not being questioned? they just talked to him briefly. why do you think that is? well, first, we don't know if he's cooperating other than
6:18 am
an initial statement. but we know who things. we have enough information to get a probable cause washt, a search warrant to get into his vehicle. i'm sure the judge was asked if they can get a search warrant not only for his apartment but his electronic devices. and the judge probably said you give me some probable cause that she got into that vehicle and i can give you another search warrant. lo and behold, they did find evidence that she was in that vehicle. and that was the probable cause that led to the search warrant which is more invasive on his apartment and his electronic devices. so the police know that she was in that vehicle. he says she wasn't. and in police terms, that's consciousness of guilt. he's hiding only a reason that he knows, but that is the situation they're in and there is really not enough probable cause for an arrest at this point. >> well, and the labels that we have, person of interest, not a
6:19 am
suspect. missing persons case, this person of interest says that they -- yes, he bought her drinks, but then he went on his merry way in his car and she went on her way. if that's the case, where is hannah? >> we are having a satellite issue right now, mark. his timeline question is a real one. if those distances are right, that doesn't make sense. and it raises the question, at least in my mind, why don't we have or authorities have her cell phone records? a cell phone that's on, of course, that's beamed going to the satellite tower. you can track where a person is going and we don't have that yet. >> but they're working through that right now that they're trying to do that. but it's been a week. >> that's the question i was going to ask mark. i'm sorry maybe the cell phone's communication with mark went down, as well. but how long does it take to figure that out, the try
6:20 am
angulation at 1:30 in the morning that sent that text, i'm lost. we'll be back in a second. coming up, this biker has to be the luckiest man, anywhere. the video you have to see. and this coffee cart just got demand thanks to food regulation because of calories. a teacher who says her students will suffer without it is here live. i've always loved exploring and looking for something better. that's the way i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging,
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welcome back. some quick headlines now for you. a russian cyclist lucky to be alive after he was caught right in the middle of a car crash. you can see the red car partialing through the intersection. the truck knox him to the ground. but amazingly, he walks away unharmed. cycling spectators got closer to the action than they were expecting. that will ruin your morning coffee. one of the competing cyclists misjudged a turn, causing him to fly into the cheering crowd. the racers was not injured and ended up finishing the race in 15th place. but what about the crowd and that doggy? anna. a coffee cart manned by special needs students in georgia is the latest casualty of the federal government's calorie counting food police. the coffee, cappuccinos and hot chocolates sold by the students
6:25 am
exceed beverage standards, so the cart that teaches students business and life skills could soon be gone for good. christy hunt, chief pathologist at marietta high school, helps run the coffee cart program and joins us now. welcome to the program. >> thank you. it's exciting to be here. >> on so this coffee cart is designed to help with life skills. it teens the kids to interact with one another, handle money, and what else? >> we work on sequencing skills, multi tasking skills. i personally do my speech therapy program through the coffee cart. we're working on interacting with our peers, eye contact, and it's just a wonderful pranl for these children with special needs to get out into their environment and actually do these tasks and what i think is so unique about it, too, it was once donated, but now it's self-sufficient and is making money. some of the things you do help children go to prom.
6:26 am
what are some of the examples of the positive things of this cart that go beyond the day-to-day skills? >> like you said, we are completely self-sufficient. we were started ten years ago by a starbucks grant. however, now we earn all of our own mope. we take this money, the kids go shopping and stock the cart themselves. they have aprons and uniforms. they go out into the community to interact with other peers. we donate the money to help the kids go to prom, like we also help teachers go to different convections, we had one special needs child that unfortunately died last year and helped with funeral costs. so the kids -- go ahead, i'm sorry. >> i want folks to look at the coffee cart making me wish i had the coffee cart here in studio. you can get a french vanilla cappuccino, swiss miss hot chocolate, but because of the
6:27 am
healthy kids act of 2012 it doesn't quite meet the nutrition standard, so things are having to be changed. why not just change the menu? is that a possibility for you? >> that is a good question and i have been asked that question many times, but we have a curriculum and we follow the curriculum. it is set for a coffee shop. it was originally started by starbucks. we thought about trying to sell something else, but honestly, we are a market driven cafe and teenagers, young adults, they want to buy coffee. if we were selling bottles of water, i don't know that we would have anybody to interact with because no one would be coming and buying from our store. >> well, let us know if you get some type of clause grandfathered in and are able to dloit or if this thing ends up staying in the closet or if you change your menu. because it seems like an amazing
6:28 am
program that's helped so many students in so many ways. thank you so much. >> thank you 37. coming up, are democrats turning on their own party's chair woman. the committee woman on the other side of the aisle, live to take advantage of all that's going on for the midterm elections. and an suv flipped over and sinking under water with teenagers trapped inside. but look at this video, an incredible moment of humanity. a group of complete strangers comes in to the rescue. hello! three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. thank you!
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6:31 am
6:32 am
back for your shout of the morning. can animals talk? you may change your mind after watching this. >> what, what? >> what, what, what? >> what, what? >> what, what. >> what, what? >> that's obviously the greatest video ever shot. it now has 4.2 million hits online. it's redefining how we feel about animals. what else can he say? >> what, what? >> it's a limited vocabulary, but -- >> he can say -- >> isn't that a sheep? >> i think they make the same kind of noise sometimes, don't they? >> he was going to press a button for the sound effect and he thought, oh, just let anna dooit. pretty good.
6:33 am
>> one of the stories making headlines on your sunday morning. this is an amazing story. a group of bystanders jump into action to save three teenagers trapped in an suv submerged in water. >> oh, my god, look at that. look at that. oh, my god. yes! >> the tough smashing through a barrier and into a river near salt lake city. bystanders quickly jumped into the water, flipped the car over. thanks to their quick action, the three teenagers all survived and were taken to the hospital. they are all expected to make full recoveries and tomorrow on "fox & friends," the first brave individual who jumped in for the rescue is joining us live president don't miss that. and tragedy in an ohio neighborhood as a stunt plane falls right out of the sky. while no one on the ground was injured, both passengers in the acrobatic plane were killed. horrified witnesses say flames completely engulfed the aircraft in just a matter of seconds. >> my daughter came running upstairs and said a plane just
6:34 am
crashed in our backyard. so i ran outside and i was the first one out. i called 911. and it was just an awful thing to see. >> the plane was reportedly performing stunts at the time of the crash. police have yet to release the identities of those on board. navy s.e.a.l. mike dave's story is nothing short of a merkel. april 6th, 2007, the day he came face-to-face with four kaud leaders. he was shot 27 times, but lived to tell the incredible story of bravery. >> i entered a room. there was four guys in there. they beat me to the trigger, shot the rifle out of my hand. i turned to my pistol as i asked god to get me home to my girls. i just went to work. it was muscle memory. i did what i was trained to do. >> dave was now fully recovered and will be running a half ironman next year to raise money
6:35 am
in dallas, texas. head over to our facebook fan page to see how you can help out. and derek jeter's retirement, yankee fans were desperate to catch one of the foul balls, but one little girl decides she wants nothing to do with it. >> there's another jeter baseball. and you have to make sure that you put it away for -- oh, no! >> on the field. >> what is she doing? well, her father, watching in horror as his daughter tosses the souvenir right back on to the field. one commentator joking, there goes her college tuition. >> at least it wasn't a home run. it was like his last major league home run in baseball. >> let's go back outside. >> not since little league in maybe sixth grade. it was past tee ball. >> hey, we have three little yankees fans here, right?
6:36 am
>> yes. >> and you want to be a meteorologist? >> yes. >> you love the weather? >> yes. >> and what's your favorite weather? >> sunny. >> that is a good idea for your favor weather, sunny skies. how about a tornado or a hurricane? >> no. >> no? >> okay. there you go. sunny skies all around when this guy is the future weather man. let's do the weather right now. we'll take a look at the future weather maps and show you what's going on. so do you know what happens tomorrow, j.p.? >> it's fall. >> very good. today is the last full day of summer, starts tomorrow night at 10:29. here is your forecast. throughout the day tt across the northeast, we've got rain showers coming through and temperatures are going to be cooling down a little bit whiebd it. does that all make sense? >> yes. >> because it's a cold front moving through. and down across the south, we'll put this into motion. we have a sunny day, but it's going to be hotter and then that front is going to go all the way down to the south. that's a little early for that to go this far south this time of year. then in towards the northern plains, this is where the day is spectacular.
6:37 am
if you like sunny skies, this is where we're going to see a ton of sunshine all day long, a beautiful day. finally, out across the west, mormon soonal moisture, rain across the four corners and aside from that, looking pretty good. how is that? good. >> j.p., nice job, future in there one day. tucker, we'll send it to you inside. >> thanks, rick. democratic national committee chair woman debbie wasserman schultz is under fire from democrats. a new report in politico says the white house and washington insiders have lost confidence in her as both a unifying leader and reliable party spokesman. long simmering doubts about her have reached a peak. why are democrats publicly undermining debbie wasserman-schultz? joining us now, her counterpart. this piece which you obviously read is absolutely devastating and it claims she demanded her
6:38 am
clothing tab be paid, she satellites up to obama at fund-raisers to get her picture with him, nowing him. it's really mean and incredibly detailed and it clearly comes to the white house. why is the white house undermining did he debbie wasserman schultz right before an election? >> you're a hundred percent spot on. talk about mean, talk about unprofessional and cowardly. say what you will about the dnc and quite frankly, i don't even view them as our competitors. i don't think they're all that effective. but this was a coordinated attack. there were two different stories. there is one in buzz feed and one in politico. two different sources, so clearly totally coordinated and they're trying to use her as a scapegoat for the 2014 midterm elections, number one. they're trying to find a reason why, right now, they're going to make the move after november. they're using her as a scapegoat. remember, these are the same people in the white house, though, that talk about the war on women, that talk about, you
6:39 am
know, by the way, they don't pay women as much as men, but when they've got a working mom running the dnc, what do they do? instead of going over to the dnc with a cup of coffee or you sit down for lunch and say look,ite not working out, let's make a move after november, that's what professional people do. but the white house, these guys are courts. they're fought -- >> that's exactly an interesting point you make about the so-called war on women. this is not just a critique of her behavior of the manager of the dnc. it's a savage personal attack on her as a human being. >> that's right. >> you come away thinking she's loathsome. >> people would have expected we were going to be, oh, this is great, let's pile on. look, i think some of the things she says, what she said a couple of weeks ago that the tea party wants to drag women by the hair and scott walker. all this stuff back fired on her. put that aside. what this illustrates is how unprofessional in every sense this white house is and how they will try to use her as the
6:40 am
scapegoat for a midterm and the president's policies and unpopularity that's going to create this problem in november for them. this is what it's all about.. these guys -- at every level are unprofessional. >> i want to ask you about mary burke, running as democrat for governor of your state, wisconsin. there are new charges this week that she engaged in plajorism. >> i think copying and pasting and cheating and player jorizing isn't a way to build jobs in wisconsin. here is the deal. there is a person running for governor against scott walker in wisconsin. she said the centerpiece of her entire campaign is a jobs plan, that she was well thought out, she was going to bring in her private sector experience. and it wasn't just going to be a plan for a campaign. it was going be a plan implemented in the state of wisconsin. well, it turns out that she and her campaign plagiarized the
6:41 am
plan from three other races around the country. on top of that, she is a member of the madison school board. can you imagine? what happens to kids when they cheat and play gerize in school? what happened to senate walsh in montana? he dropped out for cheating. >> schools would not put up with that. thanks for joining thus morning. >> thank you, tucker. coming, dog owners beware. there is a mystery virus killing a lot of dogs. we'll tell you how it spreads and how you can protect your dogs from it. and china's version of online retailer amazon is sweeping the stock market. it's called alibaba. it's the biggest ipo in history. maria bartiromo joins us in a minute to tell us how it may pose a threat to american jobs. there she is. we'll be right back. you swore you'd never do it. trading in your sporty little two door for a minivan? but here you are. counting cup holders and captain's chairs.
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china's e-commerce giant alibaba now trading on the stock exchange. it's already measuring up to big name online brands like amazon and ebay. what does this tell us about the changing world economy and should americans be concerned about china's takeover? there's nobody better to ask than the host of "sunday morning futures." maria bartiromo joins us now. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> should americans and american companies be worried about alibaba? >> i think it's worth understanding that there are investors in alibaba that have ties to the government and that the chinese government is a part-owner of this company through these funds. however, let me first give you the good news. i wrote some notes down here for you. when you buy into alibaba, you're buying bat dominant company in terms of e-commerce for the most populous country. and china's e-commerce revenue will reach $540 billion by 2015 and by 2020 will surpass all the
6:46 am
e-commerce revenue in the u.s., uk, uk, germany and france combined. there's the good news. the bad news is exactly what you're sitting on. and even in the company's perspective, before they went public, they write, our financial condition and result of our operations could be materially and adversely affected by government control over capital, investments and the idea that the government could change tax laws. so you are buying into the china growth story, but you're also buying into the china government story. so this is something you need be aware of. >> it's wild that almost overnight, alibaba is becoming a household name. when you think about the global economy, does it signal anything like our next job could be based somewhere else? >> well, i mean, for sure, the population growth is not happening in america. it's happening outside of america. and in china, you're talking about 1.3 billion people. every company in america wants a piece of that population. they want those customers. however, the chinese government recognizes that and will not
6:47 am
allow american companies to go to their people without doing a joint venture and owning less than 50%. so there is reason to believe that increasingly you're going to see chinese all over the world wsh america included, and taking some jobs, for sure. i mean, that's just -- you know, the law of big numbers. >> who do you have coming up on the big show today. >> we're going to talk with peter teal, who is an innovator, the co-founder of pay pal, has invested in a number of major, major companies. >> facebook. >> facebook, right. twitter. we're going to talk to him about alibaba and we'll get his take on that. we're talking with larry summers, former treasury secretary, of course. we will also talk about the fact the president is not committing to troops on the ground. he continues to say no boots on the ground, even though he wants to destroy isis. general jack keene is going to be with me. john watson, chairman and ceo of chevron is going to weigh in about getting -- >> oh, my gosh! how about some hope from the
6:48 am
dolly lama? how did you book peter keale? >> i think it's the perfect time to talk about alibaba and the nsa, by the way. i also might ask him could it be possible that the irs e-mails are gone forever without somebody intentionally getting rid of them? i think he probably has a comment on that. >> thank you. >> thank you. maria, always great to see you. coming up here on the show, do your coworkers seem daze and had confused on that monday morning meeting? could they be stoned? it's happening more than you think. not on this show. >> and it's sunday. that means football. and wing time. celebrity which he jay jackson has some easy recipes you can make yourself and you won't find them anywhere else. stay tuned. .
6:49 am
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we got some quick headlines. dog owners beware a deadly new virus being spread and puts all types of dogs at risk. health officials are warning owners that the virus is extremely contagious and dangerous usually spread through dog to dog contact at parks. dogs without the proper vaccinations are most at risk. they can die. according to a new survey one in ten americans admit going to work high after smoking marijuana. even 1% of those people doubt the drug illegally and the rest lived out west. we're tailgating today as
6:53 am
part of our game day experience. since we can't get enough let's get creative. >> here to set up some great home maid chicken wing recipes is our chef jay jackson. >> i'm back. >> i see waffles on the grill over there. >> you're seeing everything. today it's all about wings. >> i didn't cue them up for that at all. >> did you pay them? >> i did not. >> we got three types. the very first one is brown sugar smoked wing which is right here on the grill. that's delicious. the smokeiness from it gives it another height and smokeiness. i smoked the brown sugar itself. >> how do you do that? >> in a smoker. i smoke it. site has that nice smokey taste to it. put it on wood chips. let it smoke. gives it that nice earthiness. >> what's your twitter account?
6:54 am
@mrfoodfantastic. >> let's start with the meat. we're make being home made wings. does it matter if it's fresh, frozen? >> fresh is good because it allows you to go right to it. frozen is good too because it's frozen fresh. same thing. if you want to get right to it, like me i want to eat right away, i like fresh. so this next one here is a ginger wing which is a little bit different. >> harisa. anybody familiar with that? >> i went to college with a girl named harissa. >> she was sweet. it's like a spicy paprika almost. got a nice light heightenedness to it. i puree the ginger up, it gives
6:55 am
it a nice balance of heat and sweet. >> can we have a taste? >> absolutely. >> are these sausages you put on after you cook the wing or cook the wing in it. >> i cook the wing in the sauce. >> this looked like you crushed some cheese. >> this is a little bit different. shout out to doritos. >> we have cool ranch crusted wings which is different. i fried the wings and coated it -- there's some napkins over there. this is a messy segment. >> what is this? >> at the very end some loaded waffles. instead of nachos how about loaded waffles. got some pulled pork that i roasted for the 12 hours and slow cooked it forever. got a dollop of cream on top of
6:56 am
it and finish it with scallions. the waffles itself is scallions and cheddar. >> how is it? >> awesome. >> i love wings. >> you paid them off. >> what's your twittero @r(t&há% get? >> @mrfoodfantastic. >> this is fantastic. more "fox & friends" coming up.
6:57 am
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♪ welcome back. should the united states government give cash away just to jump start the economy? would you guys like free cash?
7:00 am
>> i'll take some free cash. >> donald trump on tomorrow and on the plaza penguins. >> all of that tomorrow. >> she spilled it. >> i don't know what it is about us. >> see you next week. ♪ good morning, defining america's role in the fight against isis. hi, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo this is "sunday morning futures." president obama again saying i will not commit our troops to fighting another ground war in iraq or in syria. but with 1600 military personnel already inside iraq has that commitment already been made? despite global threats from groups like isis u.s. oil markets are thriving and that means hundreds of thousands of jobs, billions in savings for u.s. consumers. did you see the spacex launch this


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