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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  September 21, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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story. the entire community work desperately to find hannah graham,áuniversity of virginia student, missing. we hope to find her. thanks for joining us. we'll continue with our coverage. welcome to "a healthy you." i'm carol alt. have you ever looked at someone and said, how do you do it? you look good, have a great job and family. today the editor of "outside" magazine will share some secrets on how you can have a fit, healthy, and happy life too. also, a few more secrets being shared on today's show. this time, how to age gracefully. it's possible. and we're going to learn how to do it. but first, you know that we're always trying to show you the newest and most popular fitness trends around from pilates to kickboxing.
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today's exercise works for anyone, even those who aren't coordinated. and it's great]ló fun. okay. i'm talking belly dancing. and with me to demonstrate is the instructor from serena studios. okay. i have my belly dancing scarf. we're all set to go. so tell us, what is so great dancing is so great, carol, because it's appropriate for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. it's a dance for all women. women can embrace their femininity and really play up on their self-confidence and self-esteem while doing this dance. >> or if you're uncoordinated like me, it'll make you feel even worse. so let's make everybody out there feel good and show me how it's done. no laughing out there. >> we're going to make you very coordinated. >> okay. make me look good. >> all right. we're going to start with our our knees are nice and soft.
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we're going to start with a couple minor warmups. >> i like the music. >> these warmups are based on the serena technique. posture is nice, long, and lean. knees are nice and soft. hands on hips. we're going to slide that right hip to the right side. beautiful. slide the left hip to the left side. wonderful. >> if you go as far as you can, you can feel a stretch. >> that's right. and a great isolation. we're going to pause it here and stand in neutral position. we're going to tilt the pelvis. excellent. and tilt the shoulders. beautiful. standing position again. we're going to arch our spine. nice, long, and lean. and contract the tummy. fantastic. one more set. contraction and arch. we're ready to do a hip circle. ready, guys? let's start. knees are soft. slide that hip to the left. >> i hope everybody out there is
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doing this with me and i'm not the only one. >> tilt the shoulders. there you go. nice. hips slide to the right. beautiful, carol. and tilt the pelvis. you've just done a beautiful hip circle. you look like a middle-eastern dancer. if you want to engage the arms for a little more muscle workout, there you go. >> oh, your hands are so beautiful. do that again so we can see it. >> graceful fingers. graceful arms. >> when you go back, they're down. when you bring them to the front, they're forward. >> fingers are nice and relaxed and graceful. are you tapping into your femininity? >> i think i have to go the other way for a minute. unwind everything we just wound up. >> beautiful. you did that hip circle really well. let's start again. neutral position. we're going to undulate. hands on the hips. you're going to gently tilt your pelvis.
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knees are bent. you're going to contract your tummy. you're going to come out of that contraction and into a shoulder tilt. and back. there you go. >> i always wond we aered how t did that. there's a technique for everything. >> this is called an undulation. strengthening yourchnique for everything. excellent, carol. that's right. >> i wish i looked like that, even pregnant you look amazing doing this. >> thank you. >> i can't do the endulation without turning my hips. >> you're doing a fantastic job. >> tilt forward into a contraction and release into a shoulder tilt. excellent. and okay. >> one more. >> i'm already breathing hard. >> it's a great cardio workout.
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>> the next step i'd like to show you is the hands on hips. knees are nice and soft. the you're going to alternate the knees. that's it. back and forth. >> we like this one. >> if you'd like, you can extend your arms. >> this is fun. this is the carol shimmy. >> and you can speed it up a little. posture is nice, long, and lean. >> i'm glad this music isn't going any faster.ttle. i think my kidnies would fall out. look at you.t look at that. you have to come in close and show this. how fast are you going? >> this is called the shimmy.t'i >> it's likeke you can't see it you're moving so quickly. movement but very impactful.ctf. back to the hip circles. slide to the left. >> come back around. >> there you go. okay. add them all together. one morerc hip circle.
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into an undulation with that pelvic tilt there.a beautiful arms, beautiful curves with that undulation. >> oh, the things i do for you guys out there and this show. >> this is a moment to remember. and finish off with a shimmy. you can bring the arms slowly uh whale you shimmy. nice and slow. and slowly bring them down. >> you know what? this is great because you can da it if you're pregnant. in you can do it if you're overweight. it gets your blood circulating. i'm actually sweating. if you do it correctly, and as you've just explained it to us, you actually get a really good a workout and you can turn your man on at the same time. however, that was so much fun, e but it was embarrassing for me. >> not at all. >> thank you, guys, for being sg here. >> thank you. watch it'sautiful to you. and don't go anywhere. when we come back, the busy man's fitness plan. the busy ma fitness plan.
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energy lives here. managing a demanding career and family life while staying in stellar shape is pretty tough for most people. but for some it seems like a breeze. they seem to manag%fxq hedge fu, run car pools, even endure a 90-minute commute. it's somehow these elite desk jockeys stay as fit as the pros. today, michael roberts, executive editor of "outside" magazine joins me with the busy man's fitness plan. how does the guy who's sitting at the desk keep in shape? this is a tough one. >> you know, none of us have the time we want to exercise. so that was the big question we put to these elite athletes. how do you do this? you have full-time jobs. where in your schedule, you know, do you find the time to exercise? >> and what did they come up with?
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>> well, we came away with five takeaway strategies. the first one is be efficient, which sounds really simple, but when you break it down that, means making every minute of your day really count. one of the athletes we spoke to, he works on wall street. he lives in connecticut. and he has two small kids. he's a long-distance runner. when can he find time to run? he figured out on his commute home, instead of taking the subway to his commuter train, he would run eight miles across manhattan to catch his train. >> oh, my gosh. that's a good one. so basically, you have to be a little bit organized and look at your whole day and figure out where you can fill holes with different exercises and things that make you achieve your goals. >> that's right. organize. you need to be disciplined. you need to be creative. one of the other athletes we spoke to talked about multitasking, which is one of these ideas that sounds really simple, but for her, she's a chicago lawyer, one of the top obstacle racers in the country, and she's become a master of
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working out while at work. as she put it to us, a conference call is a perfect time to do a ten-minute squat test. there she is talking to clients and burning calories at the same time. >> so efficiency. what's the next theme you found out? >> you need to set goals. then you need to stick to them. setting goals does two thqn[z for you. first, it gives you something to strive for. and second, it helps7x/u you pa really close attention to your overall health. if you're just working out to work out, that's great. at a certain point, you're going to plateau. you need to be reaching for something, have a goal, maybe a race in mind. then along the way, when you have that goal, you're going to start to notice the factors that are holding you back. maybe it's sleep. maybe it's nutrition. maybe it's stress. and that goal helps you figure out the things that might be holding you back. >> i would actually think i would put making a goal first so you know what you're reaching for. >> i think you're right. i think starting it off with a goal is a great way for a lot of people to improve their fitness.
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one of the other things we came up with talking to all these athletes was to get a training partner. a lot of us when working out alone, we follow the same habits. we fall into patterns. we get in a bit of a rut. once you have that traini ining partner, they're going to push you to do things it differently. that's going to help you address weaknesses maybe you didn't know you had. then, of course, there's that all-important shame factor. you're not going to sleep through your 6:00 a.m. workout if someone is at the gym waiting for you. >> that's me. if i don't have somebody waiting for me, i might say, i don't need to do it today. that's a very good one. and the next thing you found out? >> yeah, motivation. one of the last ones we had, and this is really key, is to eat smarter. nutrition is one of the things that can undermine everything else you might be doing right in your fitness. think of it like having a car with a really powerful engine. if you put the wrong kind of fuel in it, it doesn't matter. you need to know how to fuel yourself. what do you put in your body
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before exercise, during exercise, after exercise that's going to help you perform? the way to figure that out, you know, really is to experiment with your diet. learn what works for you. it is different for everyone. >> i like to tell people they should have fun with changing their diet and looking for new things that they like to eat. a lot of people fall into a rut with diet because they go back to comfort foods. they don't expand out of old habits, which we now know are no good. i think a little bit of education and having a lot of fun, trying different, new foods is a big factor in changing diet. what do you think? >> i think you're absolutely right. you know, we worked with a writer a few years ago who did that. he stripped his diet down to the basics and slowly built up by experimenting. this is when i need carbohydrates. he learned things like tomatoes didn't do well for him but dairy did. again, you got to experiment and see what works for you. i think you're exactly right. >> michael, i appreciate you coming on and sharing these five ideas with us. i know that was a lot of
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welcome back. audrey hepburn once said the beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty is reflected in her soul. while that's a wonderful way to think about age, not always easy to follow. right now i'm joined by susan swimmer, who has the scoop on four different approaches to
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ageing gracefully. there's many ways to grow old gracefully, and there's many ways to mess that up. so let's start with what you think growing old gracefully is. >> first of all, everyone is going to do is in their own way. and i am all for doing it in your own way. you've got to do what feels comfortable for you. so for some women, they're going to use more intervention than other women. and i kind of support whatever a woman wants to do. that said, we've all seen it go awry. i'm not sure how you dial that back if you have fallen into that kind of rabbit hole of revitalization. but i think we're seeing more and more women embrace who they are and what they are, being prou proud of their age, being proud of the lines they've earned, being women of experience. i love if we all celebrated that as much as possible. >> i think one of the biggest problems is that nobody likes to
1:20 pm
have a "no" person around them. they always want to have a yes man. when that happens, everything is okay, and that can get you into trouble. i think you need to have somebody who's honest with you and say, oh, geez, those lips are just a ill will too much. >> right. i agree with you. again, statistically, i don't know how many people are really indulging in the more drastic plastic surgery we're seeing. you know, women definitely have a lot of choice and a lot of options. i would love it if we would all kind of close our eyes and think of that one person. i know my friend who would tell me the real deal. if we would all think of that one person. it's hard for women. >> absolutely. >> we live in kind of a youth-obsessed, very visually driven world. >> i think that women are scrutinized by women more than other men are scrutinized by other men for facial lines or wrinkles. women, we get scrutinized from top to bottom.
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you can see it on other women's faces. that up/down thing. we're very tough on each other. but you think one of the big things is confidence. it's funny, i was thinking about that today. it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it. >> absolutely. counting your blessings. that's another big one for me. i think gratitude starts on the inside and comes out in your face. i think both those things put together make for a woman who feels good in the world and feels great about who she is. okay. that said, truthfully, i'm not in favor of doing nothing. i'm not in favor of letting it all go. because we as women, if we want to be heard in this world, if we want our voices to matter, we need to show up and look the part. >> bring it. >> bring it, yes. >> that's diet, exercise. it's not easy to look like that. it's not easy to look like this.
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>> this is a team of people. this is lighting and great production. >> yet, you can put the great dress on, get your hair and makeup done. if you're not eating well, your skin is not going to look good. if you're not exercising, you're going to have that flab here and there. then you're going to want those shortcuts. if you start from the beginning and just say, okay, listen, it's about diet, it's about exercise, and it's about a good mental attitude and start your day with affirmations and is a what you can do instead of what you can't do -- >> i agree. i do think women have this kind of unique ability to sort of pull themselves up. women are strong. women can accomplish a lot. women can do so much in the world. i think we do have this unique ability to sort of, you know, muster those senses and feel great about who we are. that said, as we say in "more" magazine every month, the sky is the limit. you can choose to be the person that you want to be. if you want to doll it up every
1:23 pm
day, you can do that. if you want to be more natural, you can do that. we try to embrace all those different choices that women make. >> again, you've got to be very careful about the choices you make. think twice. don't be impulsive. i find sometimes when you're impulsive, it might be what you think the right decision in that moment with long-term consequences. when you do plastic surgery, there are long-term consequences. everybody needs to be very careful. try the natural choices work. the best plastic surgery to get is the kind you didn't like you did anything. >> i think there are a lot of women walking around who have had a little up in and tuck, but you don't know they've done it. >> that's the game, to make sure people don't know you did it. >> but for sure, day in and day out, get sleep. drink water. stay out of the sun. don't smoke. these are things that affect our skin, our face, our hair. and i do think our attitude. i really do think, you know,
1:24 pm
that old saying that you are what you eat. it really is so true. the women i see who are ageing gracefully and ageing beautifully are taking care of themselves and are really feeling good about who they are. >> and you see them up close because you shoot them for "more" magazine. >> we do. >> thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> i think this is all about common sense. up next, we have a very special "ask carol." special "ask carol." ir [ female announcer ] this is our new turkey cranberry flatbread before we craft it into a sandwich. the tender, slow-roasted turkey, the zesty cranberry mostarda, the freshly baked flatbread paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup. a delicious meal made just for you only at panera bread.
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says, thanks for the program on oil pulling. great results with an infection in my gums, and i swear by it now. from florida, just let you know how much i envoy your show. two years ago i started juicing after following joe cross, a recent guest of yours. i just finished your last book on eating raw. i'm going to incorporate this with juicing. i lost 24 pounds two years ago, about 22 inches from my stomach area k and i've kept it off. kent from illinois wrote us about our show on the grain brain. he says, this book saved my life. i watch your show on fox, and i was 247 pounds at 63 years old. from june 1st, 2014, to july 29th, 2014, i lost 27 pounds, and my blood pressure went from 158/85 to 128/75. thank you for this wonderful change of life.
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logic and simple delivery of information made me understand what is wrong with me. on top of the weight loss, i feel great, and i want to protect my brain. finally, we heard from b.j., one of our past con vns me guests. she says, because of my segment on the show with the body works ball, a military mom reached out to me and i donated body works balls. it's all because of carol and the amazing producer at fox news that combat military medics in afghanistan are using them to for pain relief. life is better for so many military personnel because of "a healthy you" and carol alt. no, b.j., it's because of you, and because of our viewers. thank you, all, for giving me the opportunity to spread the word about the importance of health. if you've experienced a healthy breakthrough and you want to share it with us, please send it my way.
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that's it for today. i hope you've enjoyed the show. see you next time. you next time now for "sunday housecall." >> welcome. joining us is dr. david samadi, chairman and professor of urology and chief of robotic surgery. >> and dr. marc siegel, the author of "the inner pulse." doctors. >> how are you? good to see you. >> happy sunday. >> i want to start with a new warning. do you use artificial sweeteners? pour them in your coffee or tea? there's new troubling news. researchers say the popular sugar substitute can hamper the way our bodies handl


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