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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 21, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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having reduced pain is great, and i'm grateful for it. ask your doctor about lyrica and visit to learn about our $25 co-pay offer. fox. >> are we any closer to knowing what the obama administration strategy for dealing with iowa sis is? does the administration have a strategy or a clue? can th can the u.s. stop american born terrorists from reentering the country? plus democrats are fueling up the war on women talk again. i'm going to is a panel of women what they really want from the government. and rock 'n roll legend sam moore with a musical tribute to the late george jones, that and more tonight on "huckabee." >> hello, everybody, i'm mike huckabee and thank you for
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joining us. no one expects a president to be perfect. we understand they have got flaws and sometimes their flaws are because of something they say or the way they say it. sometimes it's just an off the cuff phrase that haunts them forever. >> it depends upon what the mienimien i meaning of the word is. >> fool me once, shame on you. fool me, you can't get fooled again. >> but sometimes, one has to wonder if the president just wants to keep from being straight forward. >> as your commander in chief, i will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in iraq.éç >> but then his people leave the door wide open. >> if there are threats to the united states, then i of course
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would go back to the president and make a recommendation that would include u.s. ground fourses. >> after that, the president was then forced to promise, yet again, read my lips, no new wars, well, until there is another one. it appears as if president obama can't figure out if we're in a war or just a counter terrorism action. last week on our show, retired general jay garner wasn't fuzzy at all about exactly what we're doing. >> if we're sending soldiers, airmen, sailors over there to fight and perhaps being killed, then we're at war. >> well, president obama and his people are all about avoiding the w-word. >> yes, and no. is america at war? >> well, you know, i'm going to answer that, mr. chairman. you know, a lot of people are debating this idea of what do
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you call it, do you call it war or do you call it war? it's not a war like iraq. >> for heaven's sakes, secretary kerry, what is it? >> but it's hard to call our little dust up with isis anything else, we look like idiots, if president obama had been president on december 7, 1941, he probably would have said this. well, we have had an unfortunate little misunderstanding with our goods friends the japanese, some airplanes got carried away and we pretty much lost our entire fleet, we're not really at war, but we might have to burst them up a little bit. but there's long been the understanding of something called the fog of war, that once a war stars, there's chaos and confusion. but for the first time, the fog is whether we are at war. the president often says, he wants to be clear. >> let me be clear. let me be clear. >> yeah, well, maybe, he just
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doesn't know exactly what that means. >> are we clear? >> chris tall. >> that my friend is clarity. our military is often called upon for humanitarian missions like the one the president announced this week i sending 3,000 troops to the ebola outbreak. but our armed forces are not trained to serve as hospital orderlies, but to overwhelm enemies with massive force. we have attempted to operate in iraq and afghanistan with limited personnel and limited force. the result, long and drawn out campaigns that have muddled missions and have unclear objectives. better not use the military, than to use them for anything less than the type of operation that makes the world scared to death to unleash them. we learn in grade school on the playground that the bully never messes with the kid who can kick his butt, he messes with the one
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he knows can't or won't. we need to be the nation that no one wants to poke, knowing that if we stand up, they fall down. and if someone were to break in my house and threaten my family, i would use the strongest weapon at my disposal to stop him and protect them. by the way, i have an arsenal of weapons and i would not hesitate to use them to stop an intruder. then i would call 911, not to tell the police to come and stop the bad guy, but to tell them where to come and pick up the carcass of the one who tried to hurt my loved ones. now, yes, i might be able to yell at them, hit them with a baseball bat, throw a knife at them or even run from them. but i'm more confident in a couple of friends named smith and wesson. folks we don't have a military because we want to use them, we have them so that if we do need them, there will be no doubt as to the outcome. and there is nothing unclear
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about that. well, as we saw on tuesday, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey told the senate armed services committee that hetal could potentially ask the president to put ground troops in iraq. on wednesday at the senate foreign relations committee, secretary of state john kerry was asked if it becomes clear the only way to defeat isis would be to put boots on the ground, would the president consider general dempsey's recommendation? >> the president will not put american ground troops into iraq. i understand the chairman and the joint chiefs of staff who's got to look at it from his perspective in terms of his military and his judgment. but the president's made a judgment as commander in chief that that's not in the cards and that's where we are. >> joining me now is retired air force lieutenant colonel dan
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hampton. colonel, thanks for being back on the show. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> colonel, at least four different military generals and experts have said that we really can't go in and destroy isis with only airpower, there has to be some type of combat action on the ground, agree? disagree? >> i agree, but what i would caveat that with is they don't have to be american boots on the ground, you're exactly right, you cannot win a war from the air, we tried that in the gulf wars, we tried that in that little fracas 50 years ago in the vietnam war. airpower used in conjunction with boots on the ground will work, but going back to what she said a few minutes earlier, they have got to get the semantics right and the objectives right and the goals right before they get serious about that otherwise there's going to be a lot of shiny coffins coming back to dover air force base. >> i think a lot of people are
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concerned about whether or not this is going to be a war like action or what else is there? when you start sending into harm's way, loaded with weapons and they're shooting to kill people, what can you call it other than a war, and from your perspective as a warrior, does it even matter? >> it doesn't matter to me when i'm there and i have no ethical or moral ambiguity on any fight that i was ever in. but it does matter from the larger political stand point for support and what happens afterwards. we saw what happened in iraq because there was no plan after the war, because no one would really admit from 2003 to 2011 that there was still a war going on. and i would say that if the kerry-obama-biden show can't decide what to call this, then we shouldn't commit anybody until they k. >> colonel, i get the impression that nobody from the pentagon is really being listened to in the white house or in the state department. here's my question. you're retired so you can get away with answering this.
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you couldn't if you were on active duty. is there not a point where some senior military people are going to have to publicly resign and stay i'm not going to disobey an order from the commander in chief, but i'm not going to follow orders that don't make sense? are we going to see that happen? >> boy, i sure hope so. i was never a general officer, thankfully, i didn't want to deal with that. and i have got to believe that some of them up there would rather fall on their sword, if you will, than be a part of something that isn't going to make sense from the beginning. you were talking about the fog of war, we're used to that on a battlefield. but what you don't want is fog being generated from your own side. and that's what's coming out of the white house is just pure fog. >> i want to talk about iran because you and i may have a different opinion on this, but the iranians have maybe offered some level of assistance. how in the world can we trust the iranians, their government, not their people, but their government? how can we trust them 123. >> well, they might say the same
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thing about us and what i would say at this point in history, i think it's time to be pragmatic about who our allies are over there, and that also includes syria, if you want to talk about that. but the iranians never really had much of an issue with us until the 70s and the shaw and some of the other things that happened. and they know that they have got a problem in their own country now with the majority of their population being too young to remember any of that, they know they have got an economic problem that would choke a horse. we have got the answers to some of that. i'm not saying unconditionally give in to them or trust them, because you don't really ever trust anybody. but i'm saying there's nom room there and they could really be a big help. for instance their economy's in a bad way, we can go a long way to resolving some of that under the condition of say, they're not funding terrorism anymore. in one sweep we could cut the
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knees off of hezbollah and half a dozen other groups that i can think of. i think they can do that for a chance to be involved. they're in the region. they're like syria. isis is much closer to home for them than it is for us. >> considering how much funding they have put towards hamas and hezbollah and the statements of their leaders that they want to wipe israel from the face of the ma' map. i hope there could be something, but i will be very, very reluctant unless they repudiate some of those comments about israel. kemp colonel great to have you back. what can our government do to prevent americans suspected of terrorism from traveling back and forth from iraq and sere kra and then come back as they please? i'll ask former law professor all
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. sampbds 240u sands 240u sands of foreign fighters including hundreds of europeans have traveled to syria, with passports that give them relative freedom of movement. these fighters can exploit isil's safe haven to plan, coordinate and carry out attacks against the united states and europe. >> that was defense secretary chuck hagel earlier this week at the house homeland security committee hearings on threatings to america. so what can the government do about radicalized americans returning to this country to harm us. joining us is former law professor, allan dershowitz. professor, great to have you here. >> my pleasure. >> there are a lot of unique
5:16 pm
sort of implications of dealing with people who can come back and forth to the united states. and one of the toughest questions, how do we prevent people, if they have an american passport and they're an american citizen, how do we prevent them from coming back into the u.s. if they're joining up with isis? >> we have to remember that the war on terrorism is rather unique in our country's history. the framers of the constitution -- we have to have ways of preventing our citizens from going abroad with our passports, training to be terrorists, coming back with our passports and blowing up times square and blowing up other great places in america. we start with there has to be a way to do it. everything else has to be the variable, how do we interpret the constitution, how do we pass legislation, but we have to be able to protect ourselves. >> do we have that ability right now? we have to go to congress and
5:17 pm
say we have to find some way of keeping these people out. >> all the branchs of the government has to cooperate, we have to get narrowly drawn lettingation that can't be abused by the president, we have to get an executive branch that uses it narrowly, and a judiciary that approves it. >> is there anything right now under existing law that can, say, suspend a person's passport privileges? >> yes, but it's not easy. it depends on if you're a born american citizen or if you've been natural'sed, if you were naturalized and your naturalized by fraud, you can have your citizenship removed. but if you're an american citizen, if there's a strong basis for believing that you're going to go abroad and fight zbps the united states. you can have your passport suspended. but in the end, i believe the courts will figure out a way, we're a pragmatic people, and the reason our constitution has survived longer than any other
5:18 pm
civilization in history, is that our constitution is changeable. to make sure that the ulgt mat right, the right to be safe, to have our children protected is vindicated by the constitution. >> you and i have had the conversation on several occasions about where that line is between protecting america and suspending people's civil l liberties. i think you and i are in agreement, civil liberties, we don't ever want to trampleal those. can we neat that balance? >> when democracies -- justice brandon went to israel just before 9/11, he came back and said if god forbid terrorism ever came to this country, there's only one country we can learn from, how to balance civil liberties and the fight against terrorism.
5:19 pm
that's israel. israel's been doing this for the last 50 or 60 years. they don't have a written constitution, we do, there are differences, there are similarities. isis is very similar to hamas. hamas, after all, uses terrorism, they use the media, they use what i call, a new book out called terror tunnels, which is about the war against terrorism in israel. they use what i call the baby strategy, they purposely put their children in harm's way and induce israel to harm children holding them up to the media. isis is doing that now, they're embedding their children amongst terrorists. the only ally that the united states can ever count on. you know which country is providing more help in the fight against isis than jordan, saudi arabia, iran? that's israel. they can't surface because they don't want it to be seen as an american-israeli fight against
5:20 pm
the arab and muslim world, but the strongest ally to the u.s. is israel against isis. >> if you want to get the book, saturday only, free, otherwise you got to pay for it. >> $5. >> it's worth paying for. >> professor, always a real pleasure to talk to you. coming up both an israeli fighter pilgt are going to tell us about the measures they take to avoid killing civilians. to avoid killing civilians. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards
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the death of innocent people is often an unavoidable
5:24 pm
consequence of war, but what can be done to help reduce to the number of civilian deaths? in my most recent trip to israel, i was briefed on the israeli air force's efforts to reduce civilian deaths. i did speak to an active fighter pilot of the israeli defense force. we have protected his identity. i asked him got finding a target, but knowing that innocent lives are at risk. >> this is something that we won't do, kill civilian innocent people that are not involved in this conflict or whatever, we won't take the shot and we won't hit them. we won't hurt them. >> walk me through some of the steps that the israeli air force will take to keep from hurting a civilian? >> when we get a target, we are checking it very, very thoroughly to make sure that the intelligence is correct.
5:25 pm
it's not just that someone heard that someone is at someone's house. or we just think, we have to make sure. the second step is to make sure that they're not civilians. i won't elaborate too much, but we make several methods from, you know, just watching the place, listening, calling, if we foe there are civilians there, we will call them, we know how to reach them. we call the neighbors and say, guys, your neighbors are in the house, we need to attack this house. >> i look at hamas and i see that they intentionally go after civilian targets, their rockets are fired on purpose to try to hurt as many civilians as possible. what makes the mentality, the mindset, the ethos of the isrth pilot and hamas different? >> a simple civil servant.
5:26 pm
but what i consider is that it's really in the heart of us and we in our -- i cannot think of throwing bombs, you know, in the heart on the building without knowing that all the steps i told you about before, took place. we cannot do it. we cannot shoot just at the center of population and hope for the best. >> fox news important leah gabriel served in the israeli army prior to her media career. i asked her if the lengths that the air force goes through avoid civilian casualties is extraordinary? >> i think it's responsible what they're doing, and i think if it's true that they do call neighbors and say, hey, we're about to hit this building. it's not something i have seen us do in their military, although we are very, very careful to try to prevent collateral damage and there's an
5:27 pm
expectation that we're not going to kill civilians when we drop bombs. >> one of the questions i posed to the israeli commander, is at what point does he have the authority to either go on from a target or to pull out from a target. i want to listen to his answer and get your reaction to it. >> despite the orders, the target, it's the pilot's discretion if the pilot feels there is someone that is not a legitimate military target could be in the way, you have the discretion? >> you're 100% right. >> and your government backs you, saying, do everything you can to protect human life on the ground that's not a military target? >> you are 100% right. i myself flew a couple of missions in which i took off with ammunition and landed with the same amount of ammunition. because the conditions weren't
5:28 pm
made up to take the shot. >> the israelis say they have ultimate authority in that cockpit, if they approach a target, it's been identified, and yet when they arrive, they either see or feel there are civilians, they pull off. contrast that or compare that to american military pilots. where's the authority? does the pilot have the ultimate decision making power in that moment? >> absolutely, the pilot does have the ultimate decision making power. you know, we as pilots were officers, we're expected to be leaders, we're trained to make those decisions at the last second. and i would never feel uncomfortable bringing back a bomb that i didn't drop because i felt like it wasn't the right decision to make. i think there was the expectation that we will make those decisions as they happen and that we will bring the bombs back if there's any question that we might be dropping on innocent civilians. we do have that discretion and i think it's important for people to know that that we will always
5:29 pm
bring the bombs back if that's what we have to do. there's typically three different kinds of targets there,'s a preplanned strike mission, we have a target, we have radar imagery, we'll look at the target, and we have some sort of precision munition to hit just that target. we even pick a run in line, to avoid hits things like mosques, schools and that type of thing. that's what we would call a surgical strike, taking out a specific target. then if we're doing something like close air support, where we have troops on the ground, troops on the ground, they are our eyes on the ground and tell us when we're -- we won't even ample our weapons until we hear clear from someone on the ground or someone in the air who's got eyes on that target. but if we see a school bus as we're rolling on a target, our leaderings would much rather us come back with the bomb than take any chance of killing
5:30 pm
civilians. democrat hillary clinton, debbie wasserman schultz and elizabeth warren are turning up the war on women rhetoric. but are women buying it? polit politichicks are next. stay with us. [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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continuing tonight. 18-year-old hanna graham, last seen a week ago in downtown charlottesville, virginia. surveillance video shows a man named jesse matthew. arrest warrants now out for him on different charges of reckless driving. i'm harris faulkner, now let's get you back to huckabee. well, on friday, the dnc held it's an yul women's leadership forum. i want to know how conservative women feel about the theme. joining me authors of the new book, what women really wanting. so good to have you guys here. >> thank you. >> you know, your book is a huge hit. people all over america are reading it. i feel very fortunate, i get all
5:35 pm
three of the authors here all at the same time. delighted to have you. let's jump into this whole war on women stuff. do you think the democrats have kind of worn that out? >> it worked obviously in 2012, but i do believe it's getting ste stale. i think the message, this year has been a turning point, not just for women but for men as well. because of everything we have seen going on around the world, i think the attention focused on isis, i think the attention focused on the illegal border crossings and how that's affecting parents with school children coming into their communities, i think all of these things are much more important to men and women than the old rhetoric that the democrats were using in 2012. i think people are a lot more interested than just $15 or $30 birth control. >> you know, i always thought that was insulting to women, to
5:36 pm
make it as if they didn't care about good jobs, good pay, safe places for their children to go to school and learn and, you know, it seemed like it was a very limiting agenda. and i thought, the women i know are much more complex, much more intelligence, much more thoughtful and care about a much larger spectrum of issues. doctor, were you ever offended that the democrats wanted to limit the reproducts tiff issues of women? >> very offended. and i hope we can take what's been a negative and turn it into a positive. i think the conservatives and even democrats who have kind of seen they have gotten what they bargained for with the old feminist, with this regime that has picked up this old feminist baggage, and they can see what 50 years of bra burning has actually gotten us, which is an emasculated culture. and we have a godless culture and that's part of the problem. i hope that the gop can incorporate this into their
5:37 pm
message, a war for women. and it needs to be. because women need husbands, children need father and america needs god and america needs jobs. >> a powerful message we're not going to hear from the republicans. every single republican in the u.s. senate voted against equal pay for equal work for women today, unreal. how unreal is it? i mean what is the real message? are republicans against equal pay? because i'm a republican and i'm not against equal pay, as long as people get equal pay for equal work. >> i'm glad elizabeth warren is excited about something. if they want to talk about first world problems, have at it. i think under their watch, we need to focus on something that's more important and that can actually affect us here. let's not forget who was secretary of state, who's watch this was all under and now the
5:38 pm
democrats are going to nominate here to be their property? >> that's right. >> and morgan, back to this equal pay, one of the things i found very fascinating, we found out among the women in the senate and the democrats in the senate, they actually pay women less than they pay men and in the white house, among the staffers, they're paid less, women are paid less. so i don't understand how they get away with that. >> they get away with it because they are the media on their side. they can put this mantra out there, they can speak it any time they want to speak it. i'm with you, they're picking on issues that they think are going to divide this country. that's what they do. women, i think all women, have common ground they want to find common ground. and i believe that they have it. but the politicians want to divide us in such a way for their political gain. and i think that's all they're really wanting to do, because we as women, even my friends who are democrats, we all have common ground that we want.
5:39 pm
we are all looking to help our families, save this country and do the right thing. we all do. so we all want that. >> and if you ask women on either side of the fence, and we try to do this, we encourage them in our book, what women really want, we're told we have to say that a lot, what women really want. what we encourage them to do is if someone talks got birth control or something like that, go back and say, would you be okay with the irs targeting your family for no reason? or would you be okay with your grandfather not getting treated at the va, or having to be put on a list? would you be okay if your family member was killed in benghazi and no one is doing anything or holding anyone accountable? >> stay with us because when we come back, we want to continue with our authors. this is a phenomenal book, and it's a run away best seller for good reason. and by the way, i'm going to let you in on a little secret, i
5:40 pm
know it says what women want, i would recommend men want to read it as well as women. it's not just a book for women. in fact it may be a better gook for men. while the democrats still don't seem to know very much about what women want and sometimes they don't know much about the nation's history. to learn our history dvd series is and an mated series about some young time travelers to learn about america's past. you can get a look at god's role in history with a free dvz. . nfl commissioner roger goodell says he needs to get his house in order. sounds like the obama administration, i'm going to ask our ladies on the panel what the nfl should be doing. that's next so stay with us. la.
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energy lives here. if you don't think when you think aarp, you don't know "aarp." aarp's staying sharp keeps your brain healthy with online exercises by the top minds in brain science. find more real possibilities at after an increasing number of domestic violence cases involving nfl players were made public, under fire commissioner roger goodell says the league is forming some partnerships with anti-violence groups and they will enforce stricter conduct policies. we're back with our panel. brand-new book, what women want. >> really? >> what they really want. >> what they really want. >> i want to talk about, what do
5:45 pm
women want out of the nfl? the commissioner got up yesterday, i don't know that i could discern anything that he particularly said. it's important that the nfl have a connection to women, not just to men. what do women really want out of this investigation and out of the nfl? dr. gina, let's start with you on that. >> i appreciate that, governor, my background is in psychology as you know, what has happened over the last 50 years of old family in addition is they have tried to say men and women are the same. i'm sure your audience can look at us and realize that we're not the same, but they have tried to force this belief on the public, and they have had the american psychological association who has bought into this lock, stock and barrel and gone along with it. but the problem is it muddies the water, she hit him too in the ray rice case, do we say that's the same thing? i say no, because he's probably 200 pounds heavier than her and i think there needs to be
5:46 pm
protections for women. harken back to the titanic, it was women and children first. go on a subway today, they won't even give up their seat for a woman anymore. we need to go back to a day where the men get to be men and women because there is a divide between masculinity and femininity. >> i don't mean to be chauvinistic, but i do think we missomething wen we understand there is something between equal and value, but not necessarily sameness. equality and sameness isn't the same thing, of course we're equal in words and value, but not the same. and as the prince would say, viva la difference. >> going back to what dr. gina said, we have to remember where our culture is going, where it's been going over the past decade. i, you know, was an actress when i was younger and i grew up in hollywood and i saw the degradation of our culture. but there is a culture of violence.
5:47 pm
you look at the video games, so it becomes almost like it's okay. and now i'm looking at the nfl in a way, and it's almost like, well, they kind of slipped it under the rug a little bit, like it really didn't matter that much. but it does matter, no one should be allowed to hit a woman like that. but women need to stand up as well. and they need to -- they need to demand respect as well. you know? >> there's got to be accountability for actions. and especially with public figures and i think for decades, we have been seeing celebrities, get away almost with murder, literally with murder sometimes, and instead of being punished, they're given reality shows, they're elevated. >> they're rewarded for bad action. and there's a time honored tradition in america, from the beginning, do not hit a woman ever. >> this is why this book is selling so well and people are reading it, men and women alike. what women really want. thank you all, annmarie, dr.
5:48 pm
gina. really a pleasure. be sure and get their book, you're going to love it. the original soul man, sam moore is going to be joining forces with bluegrass group nu-blu, a brand-new song playing tribute brand-new song playing tribute to the late george jones. if i told you that a free ten-second test
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5:52 pm
the song is called jesus and jones. joining us is sam more and new blue. great having you aguys all here today. >> what drew you to this particular piece of music>> you could have 20 or 30 people on stage singing the same song but he started singing you go oh my god. >> what is it about this song you feel speaks to people. >> i think that it shows george in the light of who he was. it doesn't try to
5:53 pm
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(applause) >> boy, i love that song, jesus and jones, i want to say to nancy jones god bless you, we sang that for you. we will always miss him but we will always have him in our hearts. we will be back with closing thoughts right after this. ♪ uncer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too, with our comprehensive program. we just want to help everyone, everywhere,
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6:00 pm
that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. stay tuned for justice with judge jeanine. >> it is a terrorist army an established mark. who is isis? they combine viciousness on the ground with supremacy in social media. >> trying to create the largest cal fate it can. >> what do we know about the man wearing a wrist watch who says he's the leader of isis. >> it has been a shadowy presence for a very long time. >> how he is using a former catholic school student from the boston area to spread propaganda including the beheading videos around the world. >> why do you think this mosque is sending us a test to terrorism. >> it el cross the area the size of kansas. you will see why they are the richest terrorist organization


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