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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 26, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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kilimanjaro. the money we raise is going to fund a local water system, so i'll put information on click on the "happening now" tab, and i'll be tweeting about it @jonscottfnc. we'll see you in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> right now we're waiting for the british parliament's vote on whether to carry out airstrikes in iraq. this is "outnumbered." i'm kimberly guilfoyle, and here today, sandra smith, heather childers, jedediah via, and radio talk show host david webb, host of the david webb show, and he is "outnumbered. [laughter] don't you forget it, baby. >> by the way, why do i get the little cup? what is this, outnumbered by -- [laughter] >> all right? you're that much of a man that we can give you the little cup. >> there you go. halfway through the show.
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>> all right. that vote in the u.k. which is expected to pass comes only days after iraq's prime minister asked for help in defeating the the extremists. but we should note today's vote does not address any action in syria. british prime minister david cameron saying that will have to be a separate vote. meantime, the u.s. and its arab allies launching new rounds of strikes on isis cash cow, oil installations in syria. lieutenant colonel oliver north says airstrikes alone won't cut it. >> ultimately someone, rough men with rifles, have to go take terrain, capture bad guys and free hostages. cannot do it with an airplane. and, unfortunately, we've got a mystical belief in the power of aircraft dropping bombs, precision-guided munitions. look at those visuals that we're getting out of the pentagon. i mean, goes right down -- >> rough men with rifles.
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speaking my language, colonel. but the administration believes the iraqi arm is strong enough to be those boots on the ground the defeat isis. state department deputy spokeswoman on "the kelly file." >> the ultimate solution to fighting isil is not american combat troops on the ground. we couldn't prevent to have terrorism when we had over 100,000 troops in the iraq. we're taking targeted military action to take out their leadership, take out their networks, their financing with these oil refineries and then build a force on the ground that can hold this territory long term. >> who? >> the iraqi security forces in iraq. >> all right, sandra, i like this approach. it's multifaceted because it's not just a one-way mission to defeat isis. we're going after the cash where we can cripple them financially. >> i think colonel oliver north is making the most important point of all. we're not out there just to disrupt and disable isis, we're out there to destroy isis, so
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his point is well taken. we can't let them have this safe haven of 15, 16 hours a day of nothing going on. if that means boots on the ground, i don't know. but he's saying this has to be a 24/7 battle. and guess what? this is a man who talks to the most important people involved in this. he said he had just talked to a former marine general who said there's not a snowball's chance in hell of this plan succeeding. something else has to be done than just the airstrikes. >> look, and speaking of marine generals, general mattis, they call him chaos on the battlefield. bring the chaos. you can't show up for a few hours a night and then like cockroaches they go back out and do this. the boots on the ground are absolutely necessary. there are over 200,000 -- by the way -- >> we have them there. >> we already have boots on the ground, and they're embedded at the brigade level according to the pentagon. but there are over 200,000
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roughly in the iraqi army, they have no officer corps. so let's go in and take what we can, tie them in with the peshmerga -- >> you suggesting american boots on the groundsome. >> there are going to be to get this done, without a doubt. let's stop the political farce. >> if you want to get it done right. >> if you want to kill terrorists. and here's the thing, we don't have half victory, quarter victory, it's early in the game. but until we see fields of dead terrorists, we don't have isis being decimated. >> there seems to be a lot of confidence all of a sudden coming from this administration in the iraqi army though. that's not the story they were telling months ago. why is there all this confidence all of a sudden that the iraqi army's going to be able to do a job that everyone knows if american troops went in they would probably be able to do more efficiently, better. i think it's really interesting that you see this -- >> it's politics 101. look, obama said afghanistan was the good war when it served him in the first campaign. iraqi army, inefficient, they can't do the job.
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doctors in syria fighting -- >> right. >> -- assad. >> not willing to fight other sunnis. >> so he's doing whatever he needs to do before the election for his base. it's politics with him. here's the reality, you don't win wars with words, you win wars with bullets. >> i don't think he's going to be the one to shift though. i don't think he's suddenly going to be able to come out and all of a sudden advocate for any kind of boots on the ground. as we've been watching him tell us over and over again that that's not a possibility. does he hope to pass that baton to the next president -- >> absolutely. >> it's not going to be on his watch? >> here's what president obama wants to do, he wants to manage this for the next two years. airstrikes, degrade, degrade, degrade when they're not killing and destroying them, and then he can pass it on to the next one. no matter what, at his core he doesn't want to be a wartime president x he's a wartime president now of necessity. that's what he is. >> but it's not his comfort zone. >> no, it's not.
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>> this is something he's loathe to do, but the problem is we all got the message and so, unfortunately, do our allies and so, unfortunately, do our enemies when they see a president that is a reluctant hero. >> right. >> all right. from one dispute or argument to another -- [laughter] there seems to be a discrepancy with some other numbers, a disparity when it comes to figuring out just how many other westerners are believed to be in the ranks of isis and other terrorist groups in syria. the fbi saying just 12 americans are now believed to be fighting in syria. that's significantly less than the 100 americans we were originally led to believe have taken up with these guys. as the obama administration made its case for military action in iraq and syria. but at the same time, the number of europeans fighting with isis has reportedly skyrocketed to an astounding 3,000. heather? >> yeah. i think that this is very telling in how the administration has handled this across the board, as you were referencing. this is a president who,
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clearly, does not want to admit that we are at war. he won't call it "at war," therefore, he doesn't want to admit the true number of americans who are involved or potentially involved in this crisis as we head into it, whether he wants to or not. >> there's another group of americans that they won't talk about. brent can tevlin, murdered in new jersey. we have the moss -- mosque in boston. we even find a radical that he mentioned in hisup speech, the state department tweeted it, and he had to pull it back. they're not independent of each other. whether they work together or work in concert in the same kind of activities, they support each other x that's in the cause of terrorism. and we have another problem in this country not being discussed. we have a lack of communication between the fbi and boston pd, we have a lack of communication between the feds and local pd -- >> that's a problem. >> i've been talking to sources
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that they -- that say they don't know what's going on. >> you would have think they would have learned lessons from the marathon bombing. the mosque was directly tied to an individual they believe may have been or is involve inside heading up the social internet aspect of isis. >> right. and a graduate. we're educating these people in this country who are taking their skills and putting them to use overseas. only 12. >> i but we have to have some faith in our intelligence. why do you think we're getting this disparity in the numbers, kim kimberly? >> part of it is to do with what you said, different agencies perhaps not sharing intel in realtime to help button it up. that is very important, but you get a lot of territorial issues with one agency communicating to the other agency. intelligence gathering and what the nsa does is something that is crucial to our success in this war against terror. >> and knowing what we're up against. >> absolutely. because there is jihad right here in this country.
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there are sympathizers that have been radicalized, and they're looking to pick off those individuals that are, you know, vulnerable and susceptible to this type of programming, and they're doing a good job of it with their social media outreach and the proliferation -- >> look at grand theft auto v, they create their own version to recruit. by way, we have great intelligence -- by the way, we have great intelligence. when the president says i want all our agencies working credibly together -- >> that's what we can hope for. >> that's where we need a surge, an intelligence surge. >> in these technologies, these people are being radicalized on the internet. it doesn't matter how many americans are over there fighting and getting those exact numbers correct in terms of determining policy. we already know people who are getting radicalized already, so our reason for involvement exists already -- >> that becomes very difficult to track. >> exactly. >> all right. with eric holder stepping down, tensions surrounding the choice
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built for business. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." well, his tenure as attorney general has been contentious, and by the looks of it, picking eric holder's successor may be just as sensitive. senator ted cruz, who sits on the judiciary committee, saying in a statement, quote: >> but a top democrat on the judicy committee, senator chuck schumer, warning his republican colleagues to stay out of the way as the cabinet looks to fill that position saying, quote.
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>> all right, david, so what do you think? how is going to play out? republicans already being painted as obstructionists, democrats probably going to pick someone like holder. how do you see this playing out? >> i see it playing out as a lame duck issue for them, and i spoke to senator cruz just a week and a half ago. we talked about the dangers of the lame duck session if they lose control of the senate. the president will have that last ditch effort to get anything through before we clean out harry reid's desk. likely going to pick someone very much aligned with him, and by the way, it's the united states attorney general. i understand nominated by the president, confirmed by the senate, but the attorney general has not been this attorney general that upholds laws, selectively going after states, not prosecuting voter intimidation with the new black panther party. we have an attorney general whose his words were, i'm obama's boy, i'm here for the long haul. they have a problem in trying to replace him, and the republicans have a challenge.
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will the senate -- which is the president's body, they give republicans and democrats whatever they want, they make their deals -- will they stand up and not confirm an attorney general who will fundamentally alter the federal justice system and really work to affect our daily lives? this is not high up in d.c. federal judges under the attorney general make decisions that set precedent, kimberly -- >> sure. >> as you've had to deal with. >> it's an incredibly important position, and, sure, there's been suggestions of abuses of power in the office of the attorney general in the past. however, arguably he is one of the most controversial and ideological attorney generals to ever serve. in fact, i think he has almost like a feverish ideology in terms of his passion to try and effectuate certain outcomes for the president on behalf of, you know, the party. and that's what we've seep here. to they're going to have to pick someone, i think -- especially if they put this nomination off until after the midterm elections -- that the republicans are are going to
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agree, they're going to need the votes. >> right. >> going to be very interesting who are they going to be able the put forward. >> the republicans are going to have to understand what president obama has been up front about. 2001 on an npr interview in chicago, he talks about the warren courts. they didn't wander into redistrictive justice. his words, they weren't radical enough. eric holder who's made statements about racial animus, painting in broad strokes -- >> trayvon martin, ferguson -- >> which is now going to lead to whoever follows him. >> which, by the way, is an insult to the good men and women of the justice department who want to do the right thing and uphold the laws of this country. >> that's what i was going to say, it's not just the politicians on capitol hill that feel this way, that feel this partisan rift with the attorney general, eric holder. we do a segment every morning on "fox & friends," five a.m., make sure you watch, where we talk about to everyone that has been
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watching, we call it "keep talking," and today's issue was, in fact, this. and everyone across the board was talking about how they don't feel like they were his attorney general, that they were president obama's attorney general. >> all right, heather, we've got a fox news alert. the vote has come in from the british parliament, they have voted to approve airstrikes in iraq, that coming in, we've been waiting op this vote. david, i want to open this up to you. again, this is not in here syri, this is in iraq specifically. they have voted yes. >> i expected them to vote that way because the airstrikes are a way they can sell to the british people. many of the european nations, including britain, have seen a negative outcome in the polls when it comes to the iraq war. that's the reality. however, now the brits have to make a fundamental decision. they have made mistakes for decades in their immigration policy, they've seen their culture change.
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they picked up a radical islamist cleric yesterday. they've had beheadings, they have had public -- i mean, killings with machetes. we're dealing with very radical issues in great britain. we have a different system of laws, but at this time it's up to the british, the house of lords, to stand up, make their statements clear and then follow through. >> 524 yes votes, 43 no. >> fantastic, a step in the right direction. i hope they partner up in syria as well. i think it is incumbent upon them to show they are a strong ally with united states and very much committed, wholeheartedly, unequivocally, to defeating terror. you have to understand, think about the situation here with the bed heading. -- beheading. a u.k. individual, british individual, bed heading -- beheading two americans. this is very much us in this against them. >> and this coming just days after the iraq prime minister asked for help, and here it is. >> now you're seeing unity,
9:20 am
you're seeing the united states, britain, people around the world really stand up together against isis. and this really is a coalition. this speaks to what the president was speaking of. i think it'll be interesting to see what they do with respect to syria and how quickly they will choose to take action on that important issue. >> but, heather, the big thing here is this does not address action in syria. >> right. and i think it's very important to point out that what cameron did that president obama did not do was recall parliament from a special -- from a recess to vote on this. do you think president obama should, in fact, have done that here in the united states? >> the political optics in this, it would have been better if he said come back, we've got an issue to deal with. cameron clearly won the optics battle on this. if you listen to president obama speak at the u.n. yesterday about ebola, when he addressed that, he literally called out nations for not being involved in the fight against ebola. i wish he had spoken the same way about fighting isis. and there's an important element
9:21 am
here. we didn't choose very well before world war ii. we didn't choose when to fight. we were dragged into it. when it comes to isis, either we choose to fight them, or we will have to react and fight them when we have to deal with a global problem that is literally a militancy that's spreading around the world. >> all right, quick recap, british parliament has voted to approve those airstrikes against isis in iraq. dnc chair debbie wasser minnesota shawlts back in the hot seat of her comparing republicans to wife beaters. has she become an election year liability? and we're now learning who at the nfl may have seen that video of ex-raichs' star ray rice knocking out his fiancee months before the league issued a controversial two-game suspension. you'll never guess who. ♪ ♪
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you are loved a lot. and in so many ways. and when you're wrapped in the comfort of pampers swaddlers with blanket-like softness and up to 12 hours of protection, all you feel is love. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers. ♪ ♪ >> remember a few weeks ago when
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dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz caused an uproar about saying this about wisconsin governor scott walker? >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand x there is no -- i know that is direct, but that is reality. >> well, it turns out that rhetoric was nothing new. she used the very same language just weeks earlier about florida governor rick scott. have a listen. >> oh, man. >> oh, really? >> you know, sandra, do democrats get away with this all the time, i don't know that it's most media ignore it, i don't see a lot of folks saying, believe me, if this were republicans saying this, this would be all over everywhere, 24/7. >> the creatism is she's putting
9:27 am
her career before that of her party. democrats respect even happy about -- aren't even happy about things she's been saying. it was really hard to watch. >> yeah. i mean, somebody's going to be showing her the door. you know that, right? bye-bye. >> hillary, likely. [laughter] >> and by the way, they need a better representative because now she's become a liability, it's very obvious. this is her rhetoric. >> clearly, this is a line that someone amongst her group, her people came up with, so you have to wonder if we've now discovered that she's used it at least twice, how many other times she's used it and about whom that we don't know about. >> does this hurt her with female voters? does this hurt the democrat party, in other words, or do they still see democrats as aligned with them x do they excuse that? we know most female voters vote democrat. that's a fact. >> i don't know if it hurts her with the committed base. but debbie wasserman schultz isn't doing anything new. she's done what a lot of democrats have dope over the
9:28 am
years. -- have done over the years. they put out the proposition of when did you stop beating your wife which is tough to answer. she is toxic to some democrats in tough districts, those in purple states, red states that are in congressional races. they stay away from her. but she's good for the base because there are, frankly, the low information voters out there who don't pay attention believe this without fact checking -- >> true. >> and, look, i'll throw it out there, let me tell ya, debbie wasserman schultz so offensive to me as a man from this perspective. i look at her and go you're not a good representative of what i want to see in a strong, intelligent woman. i'd rather be single than date any woman like that if she was the last woman on earth. >> tell us how you really feel. >> she doesn't speak very nice about member. >> what man wants a woman that's
9:29 am
that toxic? >> she seems to suggest women are victims. we're not victims, we're powerful -- >> you have to be the world's lowest beta male to want to date someone like that. that's my opinion. feel free to use that. >> sandra, should the gop fundraise off things like this? when mitt romney had that binders full of women -- which was nothing like that -- >> they fundraise off this stuff all the time. do you think the republicans should capitalize -- >> take the high road. [laughter] >> because i've already taken the low road. >> listen, heather, political reports that hillary rodham clinton wouldn't be so kind. if she was to win the 2016 presidential campaign, she would be shown the door quickly. >> you know, hillary's smarter. remember when bill -- well, maybe he still is -- getting in trouble with a number of women, what did hillary do? she hired private investigators, she hired teams of people to go out and, basically, investigator them and crush them.
9:30 am
hillary's just a smarter operator, and debbie wasserman schultz is more obvious. >> do you think hillary is smarter than bill? >> hmm. [laughter] he's a better political animal, i'll give him that credit. >> yeah. i think hillary would recognize that if you're going to be talking to female voters in particular about certain issues, this is not necessarily someone you want at the forefront of that conversation, marginalizing people and making ridiculous statements. >> how about the war on women? isn't she really painting women as being somehow always the victim? >> that's what i'm saying. she suggests that women are powerless and we just stand around and if somebody gives us the back of the hand, come on, get with the power. she's not empowering women with statements like that, and i think it belittles a very serious issue of domestic violation, violation against women and children. >> very true. >> but would it be a distraction for republicans to grab onto it and use it? >> i don't think so. i think, look, let her comment
9:31 am
sit and speak for itself. i think, you know what? you want to fundraise off something, fundraise off the issues, republicans. >> she's become an endangered species. [laughter] you heard it here. a brand new development in the ray rice domestic violence scandal which could spell more trouble for the nfl. it concerns a video of the former baltimore ravens' runningback knocking out his then-fiancee in a casino elevator last february. a law enforcement official is reportedly now naming the official he sent the vid -- video to anonymously. he specifically addressed the package to the league's security chief, jeffrey miller. the law enforcement official says he doesn't know if miller ever saw the video but says he did get a voicemail from league offices confirming receipt of the package. the nfl has said no one with the league has seen the video before it was released by tmz earlier
9:32 am
month. who do you believe in a situation like this? >> oh. >> somebody saw this. i have a really hard time believing there was confirmation of this package, nobody saw it. this seems to me a little bit ridiculous now to say. he addressed it to this guy, this guy's in charge of overseeing investigative programs. really hard to belief this didn't -- if this landed on your desk, wouldn't you open it? >> okay, i know you're just being -- >> in your office, it does actually. [laughter] >> kimberly, you're so mean. my office is a mess, okay? that's it. there's clothes everywhere. listen, we're not talking about a videotape, guys, we're talking about this is a video probably sent to the guy's e-mail. lands in the computer, in the e-mail as the head of security for the nfl. >> right. >> so my -- oh, this is speculation, but confirmation, they're saying confirmation was received. that means that they have proof to look at this, okay?
9:33 am
>> meaning video, you had to open the box, and it was a video. >> yeah. but they waited for tmz to say -- >> if they still have it. >> yeah. if they still have the voicemail, then we've got a real problem because there you got it and you say i got it, then it's going to leave that window open, did you watch it or not? >> well, then what should happen if, in fact, they lied about it? >> well, if your security team at that level so bad that they don't take, pay attention to something that important, then that's a problem. >> uh-huh. >> and if he's lying about it, that's fireable. >> jeffrey miller, perhaps? >> incompetence or stupid -- >> you prove this either way? >> i don't think you can. >> there would have had to have been someone there that saw them watch it. >> watching the video, i don't think the nfl's going to release that, and i'm not sure tmz -- >> how could they have thought anything good would come of ignoring it, is my problem.
9:34 am
why i think -- >> hoping it was going to to go away, you know? >> exactly. >> and till not going to re-- still not going to resign. >> are you calling for it? >> no. i don't think he should. he's doing a business. he's handled it badly, but i don't want see him going anywhere despite all the -- >> prior to this, the owners did did -- >> if the security chief doesn't send it to roger goodell, you have that area. there's a lot of ifs. deal with the ray rice strike as a criminal issue, third-degree as it was bargained down to. and by the way, on the good side, they probably gave pti to shah mean allen. >> went to ray rice and he said, hey, everything's good, we're actually getting married -- >> they went, okay, she's going to marry him -- >> and i thought it was settled. >> the nfl seems to be being held to a higher standard right now than some other groups. i don't know if you guys discussed this on here, hope solo, you know, just seems to be
9:35 am
there that's there pushback with the nfl that we're not seeing when you hear other circumstances with other athletes in other sports. >> well, look, there's 1700 players in the nfl. that's 1700 people. they have a lower percentage of crimes, lower percentage of convictions than a lot of other groups. what if, say, a guy who worked for gm did the same thing to his wife? would you go after gm? yes, the nfl has a high profile, they had an opportunity to handle it, demonstrate that we should deal with the issue -- >> the reason why it's getting so much attention is because there have been so many problems in the nfl, a culture there that needs to be addressed. so they need to have education and training about it so that we can get past this. >> agreed. >> and more on the law. major developments in a texas courtroom. the latest on the search for hannah graham. plus, a stunning admission by the department of homeland security on the number of illegal immigrants blowing off
9:36 am
their hearings. what does this say about our nation's immigration policy? ♪ ♪
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we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. ♪ ♪ >> illegal immigrants essentially breaking the law twice according to a report, first by coming into our country without documents and then, once caught, failing to report back to authorities. the associated press saying homeland security is now acknowledging that 70% of illegal immigrants released into the u.s. since october are blowing off their legal obligations by not showing up for their required appointments. the ap says it obtained an audio recording of a comfortable meeting revealing the stunning number. put another way, it suggests the government released 41,000 immigrants who have now disappeared into the united states. should these families have ever been released? >> and who are they? or who are these people that
9:41 am
have been released? we're talking about national security every day, we're talking about serious issues, and we have no idea who these people are. we're supposed to expect that they're law-abiding in every other capacity of their lives when these are people who have come here illegally to given with? it's insanity. this is why people on the right, i'm telling you, talk about border security because this kind of stuff hits everybody, left, right and center, the wrong way. you're talking about people who may or may not be beefing the system. this is a huge, huge problem that needs to be addressed. >> who's to blame, david webb? >> it's the system. frankly, the system has been a failure for decades when it comes to dealing with our issues, and it's a federal government responsibility. my question is a common seasons seasons -- common sense question, what's the threat as in punishment if you don't come back to court? is we're eating up resources because our laws say they have to be educated which means those resources get eat p up. the federal government -- eaten
9:42 am
up. the federal government takes no responsibility. they shove it down to the states and communities. by the way, talk about creating a second class of citizen, when you have someone who has not been given the advantage to come here legally, a million people do can it every year, and work to improve yourself. you end up with a second class of people. >> yeah. >> there's a real issue there with the second layer of society. they are actually being harmed by system. >> so what are you saying needs to be dope then? >> i say, one, they shouldn't be released, they should be deported. we have them in detention centers. unless they qualify clearly and outwardly for some kind of asylum status, there are people like that, then let's deal with getting them back to their countries. and, look, they've got to fix the problems there. we give hundreds of millions to these countries. >> yeah, there's no enforcement there. the face of immigration today of our policy in this country is
9:43 am
catch, release, disappear. that's what's happening. >> that's exactly what it is. >> no accountability. the numbers we're getting probably don't even reflect accurately this problem which has been, as you said, pervasive for years. this is a system that doesn't work. we have the get both parties together to do something about it, and how disrespectful to the people that have honored the laws in this country, gone about attaining citizenship legally, lawfully. i'm not saying to deprive anybody of due process that does have amnesty issues. let their case be heard. >> i think this will be a big campaign issue, jedediah. >> why bother with the catch effort at all? i don't understand the system at all, i really don't. i don't understand how they get away with it, and there's no way these people justify for asylum, so americans sitting at home and saying, what are you doing, this process makes no sense. the whole thing makes no sense, and we have no security. >> look how bad this happens with the incentives though. even governor perry supports
9:44 am
in-state tuition for illegals in texas. those on the lower runnings of the -- rungs of the ladder, wherever you are, you are going to be the losers -- >> that's why i'm saying border security is leading argument for everyone. >> this'll be a hot election issue. all right, well, the u.s. appears to be downplaying word that isis is planning attacks on u.s. subways. but the man who used to oversee homeland security in new york says we can't let our guard down. plus, do bosses really think women are like men only cheaper? true confessions from a top male executive stirring the pot. ♪ ♪ ♪
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... ... ... ♪ ♪ >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but let's get to jon scott with what's coming up on the second hour of "happening now." jon: a major decision from one of our longstanding and most steadfast allies, british lawmakers vote yes for airstrikes against isis in iraq.
9:49 am
meanwhile, back on u.s. soil we are awaiting a pent gone briefing on the latest military strikes against that terror group in the middle east. we will get an update just moments ago. the suspect in the disappearance of hannah graham heading back to virginia in happened cuffs. now police in the area where she disappeared are asking all property owners for their help in finding her. that's ahead on "happening now." >> all right. we'll be watching. thank you, jon. >> the founder of an online advertising company is now under fire after admitting he hires women because they're cheaper. evan thornlee, said at a tech conference and i quote: call me opportunistic, i thought i could get better people with less competition because we were willing to understand the skills and capabilities that many of these women had x they were still often relatively cheap compared to what we would have had to pay someone less good of a different gender.
9:50 am
the multimillionaire later apologized on facebook saying: i have always paid men and women the same for the same work, i just hired more women than most because they were better candidates. i was pointing out the inequities in current labor markets. >> can i take this one? [laughter] honestly, i don't even think he owed me an apology, as a woman. i really don't. i think he made his case clear from the beginning. i think it was easily misunderstood, is problem. i think he was saying he is getting better candidates and better employees, and he is hiring these women because of their qualities, they just happen to come cheaper is not a great word, but that's what he used. i understand how this was misconstrued. >> i read the entire statement, i even did some research into what he said at the conference. yeah, he could have said it better. the problem is it brings up the fair pay for women issue.
9:51 am
but what's he really saying? he's saying that a company goes out and looks for the best labor pool at the best available rate for the company. so on that he's right, but when he stirred the pot about women, that's where he really got himself into hot water. have a little fun on a friday? >> be careful. >> yeah, please be careful. [laughter] >> kimberly doesn't want to sit next to me. [laughter] this is a guy, this is a guy who was a minister of parliament in the australian labor party -- >> yes. >> the same party that put obama's socialist friend, gillard, in office as prime minister. at least our socialists claim they want fair pay. their socialists outright say we're not -- >> and you found a way to tie it up. [laughter] amazing. >> i was reaching for that. no, but seriously -- >> i'm picking it up, sister, i'm picking it up because, you know, when you're feeling awesome and as a powerful woman, i don't need an apology from a guy like that. >> he says he's hiring these
9:52 am
women on their merits. >> right. the point is, he's complimenting them. perhaps it wasn't said in the most artful way, but let's look at the intent behind it which is saying i can get someone who excels at the top of their game, and he's just laying out the pay structure saying this is what it is. >> he needed help with his words. >> i would follow it up and say -- >> and women should be paid equal pay. >> you know, i should have no say in this because i'm the guy on the couch right now. >> we noticed that. >> why don't you let the ladies have it. >> jedediah, do you think being inor artful goes -- inartful goes to the real facts here? >> i think he's speaking the truth which is oftentimes in almost every profession i've had -- teaching, insurance company, whatever it was, i could look to the right and see a man that was doing the exact same job as me that was making more money, that felt more comfortable asking for a raise, that felt his job wouldn't be on the line. so i think hidden in all of this is some honesty about a
9:53 am
identification that's happened. you know, we hate that you said that, that you pointed that out, but it's true because i'm living it every day, and i'm struggling with it every day. >> and it coincides with another study we had taken a look at that said that 30% of women say their financial situation is worse now compared to 22% of men who say the same thing. >> and that's an economic issue that has really damaged the position of women in society and as earners. i'm with you, by the way. i just hired a new employee. it happens to be a woman, i hired her because of her skills -- >> well, pay her. >> thank you. [laughter] >> all right. nothing but love for women on this couch. >> absolutely. [laughter] >> and in other important news, do you believe in ghosts? police in new mexico do. you can't make it up, i'm just reading it. [laughter] officers in one department are feeling a little spooked as surveillance cameras capture some eerie pictures. ♪
9:54 am
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police in new mexico think they have a ghost on their hands. the haunting image is why they are so spooked. the surveillance camera captured what might be a ghost. it appears to have legs and arms and there is no way it could walk through the locked gate without setting off the alarm. rumor has it? >> i believe in ghosts, i do. i think there is one in the apartment right now. and it is all good and my dog follows with him with her eyes. >> does he walk across? >> and the ghost, that is the boyfriend. go ahead. i will stay away from that.
9:59 am
>> and i am working in a tv station in ashfield, north carolina and it was a abc affiliated and a renovated mansion. you could hear her walking around if you were working the third shift. >> stop whatever it is doing. and thinking. >> it always happens at 3 o'clock a.m. >> this was not the first encounter with a ghost and the detectives believe they felt someone breathing down their neck while they are working. >> and it is not their captain. a ash in connecticut was a haunted home. and i did a broadcast from texas. and there are more things in
10:00 am
heaven and earth. we don't know what is out there and for the cops seeing a ghost, how do you read a ghost their rights? >> we'll have "happening now" right now. and we begin with a fox news alert. we are awaiting a briefing by the top brass in the pentagon on the operations of flushing out and destroying isis terrorist. this is "happening now". >> this is not the stuff of fantasy. it is happening in front of us and we need to faceup to it. >> prime minister cameron on an urgent plea on whether the united kingdom will join the u.s. led mission to destroy isis. as they target the money making oil sites. and no hiding


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