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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 26, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> i am off to africa. >> it's been wonderful to be with you. >> i'll be back in a couple of weeks. >> have a great hike. watch those knees. >> shannon green in for gretchen carlson on "the real story." >> have a good one. bye-bye. we begin with the fox news alert today. a beheading on american soil. the fbi joining the investigation after local police say a man reportedly killed one co-worker and then attempted to stab mother. here's what law enforcement is saying about what may be the motive. >> information obtained that he recently started to try to convert his co-workers to the muslim religion. >> police say the suspect 30-year-old alton noland was terminated from his job at a food distribution center near oklahoma city yesterday. much more to come on this developing story as we get it. u.s. and coalition partners launching new air strikes hitting isis in iraq and syria as more countries make plans to
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join the fight. hello, everyone. i'm shannon green in for gretchen carlson, and this is "the real story." paramilitarility overwhelmingly approves the strike as denmark makes plans to do the same, but so far no word from either country on the fight in syria specifically. meantime, u.s. military officials reporting ten new strikes overnight. blasting seven targets in iraq. three in syria, including oilfields trying to cut off the flow of money. connor powell live in jerusalem. all right. connor, what can you tell us more about the u.s. strategy now in iraq and both in syria as well? >> well, department objectives seem right now to be starving the militant group of much needed money. the is auto is militants seem to earn somewhere between $1 million and $30 million a day. most people put it at $2 million a day from refining and selling oil on the black market. now, the u.s. and its arab allies are targeting these small module ar oil refineries that isis uses to process that oil
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and ultimately it earns millions of dollars off. the air campaign really is preponderanced to be hitting these islamic extremists in the pocketbook. that's the hope and goal that the pentagon has laid out. the coalition is also targeting military equipment that isis has seized on in the last sort of three or four months. much of it is iraqi equipment. some donated by the u.s. when the iraqi troops fled, when isis was moving in to iraq earlier this summer. now, the pentagon says these row edition air strikes have knocked on the about a dozen or so arm oed vehicles and tanks. >> it's starving them of money and trying to reduce their fighting capabilities. >> all right. connor, though, of course, this is very complicated on many levels because isis is not the only threat potentially that we're fighting in syria or across the middle east.
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>> the international agreement to reportedly gave those up. officials tell fox news and the -- they believe he has held on to a significant amount of his stockpile of this chemical and biological weapon. some including the schedule one chemical weapons like sarin gas or mustard gas. just yesterday the associated press reported the syrian rebel's claim that pro-assad groups use a chemical weapon outside of damascus. it's not clear what type of weapon was used, but this opens up the possibility that assad still has some type of these weapons. shannon. >> that is very dangerous. >> thank you very much for the update.
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>> the british parliament had just voted 524-43 to join the air campaign in iraq. with the united states and our coalition partners. >> meanwhile, my next guest says the fight in iraq will be more effective because that country now, we believe, has a functioning government, but the real problem will be dealing with the terror group in syria. civil war there has killed tens of thousands, into the hundreds of thousands now over the past three years, displaced millions more. jessica lewis is the research director for the institute of the study of war and the active duty army officer who spent time in iraq and afghanistan. she brings us all kinds of perspective there. first of all, thank you for your service to our country. based on that now, tell us how you think --
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>> that is distinct from most of the train that is part of the syrian war itself where the opposition are fighting the assad regime. one of the major questions that i'm asking with my team that we need to watch going forward is what is happening while all of us are focussing upon isis because -- >> how do they continue to build and sign on for at least part of the mission and keep track of all of these different factions? some of them you never hear about. s. >> they're out there in addition to everything we know about that's in the headlines. sfroo well, exactly. this is actually one of the arguments that has come into question as we talk about the train and assist missions both
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in the iraq and syrian context. if we're going to try to influence this conflict so that there is a ground strategy involving ground forces in iraq and syria, opposition forces that are trained and equipped in syria and the iraqi security forces and other tribal forces that are trained and equipped in thissed of iraq, that parsing how those forces are doing and how they interact with some of the other elements is actually a core question, and my concern is that is going to be very hard to do that without full presence by the u.s. >> the old cliche is the enemy of my enemy is my friend. that's not necessarily true in the middle east. it's very complex. there are a lot of bad guys. it's a lot ease wrer to figure out who in at least the moral compass of the u.s. are the good guys. let's talk about syria. in an op ed by secretary kerry, he says we are not on the same side as assad. in fact, he is a magnet that's drawn foreign fighters from
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dozens of forces to syria. sear wra is a mess. how do we actively and effectively fight isis there without ok the side of the bashar al assad. how do we pick sides there? it's so difficult to think about vetting people who can actually be a defense or even an offense against isis? >> one of the primary reasons why isis was able to succeed on the syrian side of their war. it's easy to say that that's a problem. it's actually much harder to decide how to act. for example, by conducting air strikes in ways that don't benefit some of the other bad actors like assad and like japa al nusra. they're both threats to the good guys, the moderate opposition in
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syria. >> all right, jessica. thank you again for your time today. we appreciate your insights. >> absolutely. thank you. here are some of the first images of the u.s. air force's f-22 raptor being deployed for combat. the fighter making its combat debut nearly nine years after the air force took delivery of the jet. four f-22s took part monday night against isis training camps, barracks, and vehicles in syria. this incredible midair photo shows a pilot in the cockpit carrying an american flag. not that picture. we have a different one. the picture taken from an air force refueling plane right after a mission. well, a major milestone in the united arab emirates being overshadowed. the country's first female fighter pilot who led a recent air strikes against isis is reportedly being disowned by her family. no word yet on a
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response from that 35-year-old very brave and effective, it seems, pilot. president obama facing a tough decision as he considers possible choices to replace attorney general eric holder. does he go in for a replacement in the same mold, richblging a drawn out confirmation battle or someone agreeable to both sides that can pass the senate? is there such a person? let's ask allison. let's start there. you know, the names i've heard mentioned so far, none of them are going to be embraced by the likes of jeff sessions and ted cruise and mike lee over in the senate. is there someone that would be palettable to both sides? >> i'm not sure. i think jeff sessions is a good one. he has put out a statement saying i'm not going to support anyone unless they outrule anything with acts that he considers amnesty. d.o.j. says they would consider it. i don't know if there's one person that anyone is really going to embrace whole heartedly. so far the name that seems to be being discussed the most right
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now in terms of possible picks and i think it's important to take all of them with a grain of salt since this resignation did catch most people off guard, but right now most people are saying solicitor general donald vereli. i don't think anyone will have an easy confirmation process. the question that any republican staff or member that i have talked to and in statements that i have seen, what they're most worried about is this idea of when are they going to put up a nomination? is it going to be in january, or is it going to be in that lame-duck session? >> it's funny because you think about it earlier in the summertime. the president said that these midterms were so important because there may be vacancies on the supreme court. now we're hearing the same thing, although the justices deny that's going to happen. it would be a big surprise at this point as they've now started up the new term.
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it's confirmed. how much do you think this discussion will play into mitted terms? >> i don't know how much it will play into the midterms. i do think you have some people like ted cruise who is on the judiciary committee putting out statements saying if they're going to put someone up before the new congress in january, which they are assuming that likely it's going to be a republican-controlled senate -- if they put someone before then, it's an abuse of power. you have statements from various members of the judiciary committee saying they want the president to be slow in this process and ideally wait until january to do it. i spoke to some republican staffers and some of those republican offices, members on the senate judiciary committee, and they told me they do think whether or not he -- they put an appointment up in january or before then is really going to be dependent upon what happens in november in the midterms. they think if for some reason it's expected by most political analysts, the republicans take control of the senate, that
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democrats would likely try and shove someone through between now and january. that's something that they said wouldn't be good in terms of general relation with congress. you'll have a lot of republicans, all of them, being very angry, but they also said that puts the nominee in a bad position because it starts them out on the wrong foot with congress. again, that big question is going to be when do they put up the nomination, but if it's before january, it's not something republicans will be pleased with. >> they're getting along so well over there on capitol hill. >> i know. all right. allison, thank you very much. good to see you. >> you bet. thanks. sdmrirchgts the fbi now looking into an horrific beheading right here on american soil. >> he's back? >> yeah, it sounds like he's running around out here. >> and that's a gunshot. >> witness saz the suspect had been trying to convert his co-workers to islam. more on this breaking news just ahead. and one of the nation's busiest air hubs grinding to a complete halt today. well, police are saying about a bizarre fire and the suspect behind it.
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plus, the defense department unveiling a new plan giving some undocumented immigrants the right to serve in the military. a sound plan? a path to sit sfwlenship or misguided policy? a fair and balanced and i suspect heated debate. more on that coming up. roccaaaa!
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the pentagon taking some steps to allow illegal immigrants to join the military. the program will apply to undocumented immigrants who came to the country when they were children. is it a good idea? alan colmes is host of the alan colmes show. both are secretly bff's and fox news contributors. >> going to kill him with his base. let's start with you. this primary has been going on for a while in some form or fashion. you know, they ru re-krut people who know certain languages and have special skills in certain cultures that could be help to feel the u.s. military, no? >> i mentioned this on my radio
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show today, and you would have thought that a little explosion took place in the phone bank. people are going nuts at the idea that the u.s. military has come to this. i mean, is it asking too much to go out on i a limb and saying the people who serve the united states of america are going to be american citizens. i don't know. first of all, i don't know why you would want to fight it. >> make them citizens. >> that would be an option. >> these are, as you point the out, people who came here not at their own val igs, but came here before the age of 16 with their parents. they didn't choose to if you want to use the word illegally use undocumented. they didn't choose to come here undocumented. they are people with rare talents, like ability to speak arab or, yeah -- >> we all hear that.
11:18 am
>> there's still not. >> did you search in the military? >> i did not. >> they want to serve their country. they're real patriots. unlike you and me. >> it's not their country. they're serving -- >> they want to serve america. >> let them search the mexican army. >> they've done more -- >> i've done more patriotism in my pinkie than you'll have your whole life. >> on that topic, my two patriots, we're going to move to our next one, which is the head of the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman-schultz. she's been in the headlines a lot lagts. she's in hot water because of something older that's resurfacing. she's a repeat offender when it comes to an offensive phrase to attack republicans. listen for yourself. >> we help voters answer that. who has my back? when they ask themselves that question, they will consistently say charlie crist and rick scott has given us the fact -- >> they're making a rirchs to
11:19 am
the republican governor of florida who is running for re-election, but that back of the hand comment he is giving women the back of his hand, something she got in trouble for a few weeks ago saying about republican governor up in wisconsin. oh, wait. we have that too. hold on. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand, and there is no -- i know that is stark. i know that is direct, but that is reality. what republican tea party extremists like scott walker are doing is they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back, and it's unacceptable, and it's not going to happen on our watch. >> all right. as somebody who has witnessed domestic violence firsthand, it is devastating, horrifying, frightening. to hear that language used about anyone, a republican or democrat, i can't believe that either one of you guys is going to say that's okay? >> it's a metaphor. >> a vivid, violent one when we're talking about women. >> people are having eh an overreaction. >> despite the fact that it's the kind of thing that she herself would condemn if it came out of the mouths of a
11:20 am
republican. i kind of agree with alan. i mean, it is a metaphor. it is -- i mean, i'm on the right and get overwhelmed by the sensitivity that people have over an expression. you're so right, though, of course, to be sensitive to the issue of domestic violence. i don't think she said it as a way to insult or demean victims of domestic violence. >> it's a pretty vivid phrase, though, but don't you think as mike said, if a republican had said that, come on. would you be okay with that? >> it's a figure of speech. >> this is a figure of speech is right. this is right-wing political correctness. when lib raps say you guys always want to be politically correct, and here you are trying to go and say, well, she's not politically correct because she used a bad phrase, it's a metaphor. >> it wasn't a slip of the tongue. this shows it was something that was in her repertoire that she was using and -- >> how much do we use the term someone attacking someone else for their beliefs? the word attack. should we use the word attack? >> it's the same. >> sar wra palin's thing where
11:21 am
she had the target, and she was saying target district. she wasn't taking target people for assassination. i'm sensitive to the thought police. it is ironic that debbie wasserman schultz would be screaming for somebody's hide if they said it. >> i'll be in trouble if we don't go. i'll leave it on a note of agreement. zooirchlgts well, firefighters responding to a raging blaze. flames devouring a white house. we'll tell you what may have contributed to what you are seeing there on your screen. plus, police say this man brutally murdered and beheaded his co-worker and stabbed another one. this wasn't overseas. but was it domestic terrorism? 911 call from the attack are being released. >> the woman in our customer service department. >> did he know her? do you know if that is who he -- >> he is an employee. yeah. >> okay. thank you.
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this is a fox news alert. 911 calls now being released as the fbi investigates a shocking murder in the heartland. police in oklahoma say a man beheaded a woman at a food plant and stabbed another woman. co-workers tell police the suspect, 30-year-old alton nolan had been trying to convert them to islam. trace gallagher is live with this shocking story. trace. >> right now it's very unclear if the suspect's beliefs in islam played a role in this. it appears the victims were not targeted, but they were the first one to enkousht this man, the suspect, 30-year-old alton nolan.
11:26 am
he stabbed a 54-year-old woman and beheaded her. he stabbed another woman, and that's when the cfo, also a reserved deputy sheriff, shot the suspect multiple times. listen now to the 911 call because you can hear the suspect in the background. play this. >> so we don't know where the person went. he went through our front office, went to the shipping office. >> okay. >> stands a woman in our customer service department. can you hear this in the background? >> is that him, he's back? >> sounds like he is running around. >> and that's a gunshot. >> got gunshots! >> yeah. we don't know if the suspect was fired because he was trying to convert people to islam, but the fbi is now looking into his background and, of course, looking into the question of domestic terrorism. we know that the suspect alton nolan did go to prison for assaulting a state trooper after a traffic stop back in 2010.
11:27 am
he then led police on a 12-hour manhunt in the woods. in the case of the stabbing, police say the off duty deputy saved lives. listen. >> he is i don't feel a hero in this situation, and it's very tragic that someone did lose their life, but it could have gotten a lot worse. this guy definitely was not going to stop. he didn't stop until he was shot. >> the suspect and the second victim are said to be stable. zirjs as the fight against isis escalates, the brits decide to join in, so what is the white house saying now? chief white house correspondent ed henry has the very latest and joins us in just a minute. mission relaunch. the president who seems to focus on nation building at home now
11:28 am
ordering military forces in six countries. you'll hear from someone who has been in the room for these kinds of decision making processes. ari fleisher is here, george w. bush's former press secretary with some interesting insights on president obama and his predecessor. we look forward to the conversation. how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to, like, pull it a little further. [ woman ] got me to 70 years old. i'm going have to rethink this thing. it's hard to imagin how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 3years or mor so maybe we need to approach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪ if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. veggies you're cool... reworking the menu. mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before.
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time for a check on your headlines. one person is dead after a pedestrian bridge collapsed on a detroit freeway. police say the victim was
11:32 am
driving a dumpster hauler that hit the bridge. the highway had to be closed down during the morning rush hour. a mystery in north korea. where is kim jongun. he hasn't been seen for three weeks. there are reports that he is in an uncomfortable physical position, but gave no details. a doctor cleared of ebola is returning home to the boston area. despite his medical battle, he hopes to return to liberia in the future where he was working with a christian missionary. president obama leading a major question unanswered when he accepted the resignation of attorney general eric holder. ed henry is live at the white house. all right, ed. what are you hearing about any kind of timeline or names for replacing eric holder? >> well, shannon, what's interesting is that josh ernest is saying that the president will be moving quickly and is planning to try and get someone in place to replace eric holder to get those nomination hearings going after the midterm elections. do it potentially during a lame-duck session of congress. you've seen republicans like ted
11:33 am
cruise saying this would be an abuse of power, that they should be waiting until january, of course, when there's a potential that republicans could take control of the senate. the question was posed to josh ernest. moving quickly given this partisanship that's out there on both sides will be hard to get a good nominee. here's his answer. >> i have no concerns about that whatsoever. i'm confident that the individual that the president nominates will have all the skills and experience necessary to carry out the functions of the nation's top law enforcement officials. very effectively. >> of course, the big reason why the white house wants to move quickly on a replacement for holder is that thief changed the rules of the senate so it only takes 51 votes to get a replacement confirmed. they take until january, and republicans take over the senate in the midterms. they're planning a change of roles back to needing 60 votes to get a nominee like that. that's a big difference. british parliament today
11:34 am
voted on the air strikes. is it going to happen on the hill here in the u.s.? >> bottom line is they are still signalling and they are not going to -- it's kind of a brutal cover story, and the economiest president obama in a flight suit and suggesting he is just morphed into his predecessor in some ways. they say in an editorial in the magazine that the president's early part of his foreign policy was dominated by inaction, but now he has been forced to act because of isis and other terrorists. listen. >> you just used the mission accomplished phrase from the bush administration. in "the economist" cover they have the president in a flight suit, and they changed it to mission relaunched. how do you respond to that? you just got a couple of different versions of this, but basically the president has relaunched the bush war on terrorism? >> what he is pursuing say strategy that's very different than the strategy that was pursued by the previous administration.
11:35 am
>> yemen is one example where the president has had success. of course, i mentioned back to josh that just in the last week we've seen yemen fall apart in the security situation so desperate there that the u.s. government is now pulling embassy personnel out to make sure they don't get injured. >> all right. great to see you, ed. thank you. >> good to see you. let's talk about that image that ed was just talking about there that came up in the briefing comparing president obama to president bush in a flight suit. the deck of the u.s.s. abraham lincoln replacing the banner "mission accomplished" with "mission relaunched." ari fleisher served as press secretary under president bush so, he knows all about this, and he is kind enough to join us. good to see you. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this.
11:36 am
obviously president obama campaigned on the fact that he would take america very war-weary out of iraq, out of other places. president bush had a lot of warnings about what would happen if he did that. now he has met with a different reality. he is met with ice wrishs he has decisions to make. we want to put up a map here so folks can see countries that were bombed under your boss, president george w. bush. check them out there. now it's the countries that were bombed under president obama. there's more on the map there. you know, it's it t seems different for those that voted for him and thought he would handle this. >> president obama i think handicapped himself because he said he is the president who ends wars, not begins wars, and that's one of the reasons isis has been so successful. the president has been slow to act when our nation needed faster action. it includes drone strikes,
11:37 am
indefinite detention. >> beneficiary did it, obama did it. our nation needs it. >> do you think he needs congress's per mission mission for what he is doing? >> i don't think so. i think the president got it right. it will be helpful to have congress's support, but it's not necessary. i'm for a powerful chief executive. i spent almost i think 15 years, 12 years in the coast guard and spent almost three at the white house. our nation functions well when we have a powerful chief executive. i do think legally the powers that were given to george w. bush in 2001 and 2002 continue today and president obama has a legal right to use those powers, even though he asked for those resolutions to be withdrawn. his rhetoric gets him in trouble, but the actions are the right ones. >> when you are met with reality, you deal with the reality that you have. it's interesting because the language from josh ernest there
11:38 am
in the briefing sounds an awful lot like what we heard from deputy national security advisor ben rhodes. it's clear they've been discussing this and knowing there would be comparisons. these attempts to draw direct parallels miss the clear difference between events, between terrorist organizations, between presidents. they want there to be a differentiation. it's not bush 2.0. >> they have a political imperative. being on the left they cannot say they would do anything like george w. bush. i don't care. as long as they continue the george bush architecture on how to fight terrorism and leave those programs in place, including keeping guantanamo open, our nation is safer. they can run from the rhetoric as long as their actions continue. >> let's move to the next topic. white house advisor dan pfeiffer saying leaks with are a big problem as reporters complain about limited access and lack of transparency. we pulled direct quotes here from mainstream media folks. the "new york times", i mean, they are criticizing this as one of the least transparent administrations in history. how do you walk that line? you know reporters, we're going to push and want information? there are some things you have
11:39 am
to keep secret. the white house correspondents association is repeatedly filing these protests saying you are keeping us out of everything. even the smallest events, we can't even take our own pictures. >> there was no facebook or twitter. it came about in the age of bottom boim. he has all these different groups that were not available to predecessors. we had to work through the press core. he doesn't. i don't understand why they keep photographers out of eths. they should be able to take them out. there are a lot of things they look too far and have earn aid lot of animosity by doing. by and large, i'm never going to blame a white house for trying to manage the press. >> it is part of the job. by the way, speaking of social media, you did something really fascinate says on the anniversary of 9/11 this year.
11:40 am
going moment by moment about what was actually happening on 9/112001, some of the information and photos and things that you posted, i mean, it was really spectacular way to remember that day. >> well, i just woke up on september 11th, and i had done something similar in the previous years, so i thought i had notes that had not fully made public and pictures and all kinds of behind the scenes anecdotes. i want to share them with the country. september 11th is a day people should remember, and i thought by walking people through the inside what i saw through my eyes it would be part of history and let people witness what i witnessed on september 11th. i shared it all. i put it all out there. >> do you think -- has anyone approached you about more formally cataloging it in any way? >> not really. i have been left to be able to do this. one of these days i would love to give my full notes to the bush library, let them have them, let the public see them. i'm also interested perhaps in one day on the 15th or 20th anniversary maybe i'll give my notes to a couple of reporters that are still there but were
11:41 am
there on september 11 and let them write the story. they went through it as well. it's what you owe history when you have the privilege of having the seat that i got to occupy. there comes the time to share it. >> it was a riveting way to mark the anniversary. thank you for sharing the inside story of how that really played out. >> thanks. >> always good to see you. thanks on for your time of day. have a great weekend. in the meantime, let's go to shepherd smith, reporting live from the fox news desk. >> did you rite ride the subway today? >> not today. >> i didn't either, but those that did can thank the new prime minister in iraq who is doing a heck of a job subway riders here in d.c. are noticing more cops. the islamic state terrorists were planning imminent attacks here and in paris. it's true except that one human being was absolutely not true. the white house pushing back on the comments saying there's no specific threat of any kind. fifs here in new york also say they have no idea about any of this. there's no validity to it. they say they can't take any
11:42 am
chances. few little words and off we go. i'll speak with the former secretary of homeland security michael chertoff saying the united states is at risk of more advanced terror plots than we've seen in the past. that's at the top of the hour. >> i am a fan of the subway. >> me too. >> just not today. back to it tomorrow. shep, at the top of the hour. thanks. >> all right. a major american city on edge av police say a man beheaded his former co-worker, and injured another after reportedly trying to convert them to islam. the breaking details in a live report coming up. stay with us. we do it all for this very experience. that's good. i know right? gevalia. this is holly. her long day of outdoor adventure starts with knee pain. and a choice. take 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. onward!
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this is a fox news alert as we're getting new details about a case where police say a man beheaded his former co-worker and was stabbing another one at a distribution center in nearby moore, oklahoma, after reportedly rying to convert them to islam.
11:46 am
adam housely is live with more. adam, any local reaction -- >> the victims, of course, saw another one. there were several more. >>. >> maybe something like that to focus on protecting themselves. they said that the anti-islam sentiments maybe when they have to be heightened due to this attack and that they're worried about these possibly coming here. in fact, this is they have this isis thing on their minds and now this guy has brought it to
11:47 am
america. it's part of the northwest oklahoma greater islamic society. meantime, we've heard from vaughn foods where alton worked. the company spokesperson says in part, "we are shocked and deeply saddened by the events today. our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the team member we lost and all those affected. our focus is on the safety and well being of our employees. we'll provide counseling and support for our team members and support each other through this difficult time." again, it's just a partial statement. they also say they're working very closely with authorities and will cooperate in any way. we have been told local authorities are investigating this as well as the fbi. we're also learning more about nolan's background. as trace mentioned earlier, he is convicted on drug related offenses and also on a chase that he left -- he led police officers on. all this back in 2011 when he was convicted. we know he served time in prison and was released in march 2013. shannon, a lot of information coming out. very interesting too on the comments that came from the islamic society of greater oklahoma.
11:48 am
they are concerned about retaltory attacks against them, and that's where their focus is at this hour. shannon. >> all right, adam. thank you very much. a new twist in the nfl domestic violence scandal. a police source making revelations that contradict the nfl on that video of ray rice attacking his then fiance. the tape the nfl says it did not get. when you compare the top speed of dsl from the phone company
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>> he said they asked for confirmation it's been cede. swref miller responds saying "i unekwifically deny that i received at any time --
11:53 am
has is a series of drifts coming out day after day after day, and there's a classic crisis communication, get everything out on the table as quickly as you can, and deal with the consequences. unfortunately the nfl has had this problem of seeming like it's obfuscating over this and then having new revelations they have had to catch up to rather than being ahead of. >> it's a large organization. rory do you buy the story that jeff miller didn't get the video? sounds plausible. it was sent anonymously. may have head questions what it was. maybe never got to his office. >> that's not the real story. the story is the fact that what this whole incident is demonstrating is that our morality is for sale. what happened when he first heard about the incident?
11:54 am
there was a two-day suspension. then when it went viral and everybody knew about it, then all of a sudden the sponsors came in and said, better do something about it. and the punishment was increased. it wasn't increased because it was morally worse at the time when it went viral, but because the pocketbook was going to be affected, and that lies at the basis of most of the things we're decrying, like domestic violence. that is a matter of not just hitting someone, but when you try to control another person in any way, financially, morally, spiritually, you are committing domestic violence. so this creates for us an opportunity not to decry what ray did. that's not the point. the point is to look at our society, our moral values, where it has come, and why it has gotten there, because of this
11:55 am
material spill that we have adopted as the guidance for our actions. that is the story. >> a lot of times it is the pocketbook that get's peoples attention. the nfl is under fire. a few bad apples should not give all the players a bad name. there's some good stories. one nfl player's post went viral after a super inspiring presurgery pep talk with his daughter. >> i'm going to ask you again. i'm ready for today. you ready for today? ready to get this cancer about you? let's do it. that's all. >> we like the fist bump. there are good guys, too. should we focus more on that. >> it's amazing, everybody who saw the tape loved it. exempt for goodell. he didn't see the tape. >> you have good actors and bad actors in any walk of life but the problem with the nfl is --
11:56 am
>> thank you so much. greet have a friday conversation with you, and we'll have piano lessons when this is over. >> it went from popular political event to national scandal. the mysterious deaths of new york city's beloved groundhog, staten islanded chuck, or was it charlotte, as many blame bill dedepeninsulasow and his administration in a could haveup. [music]♪ defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. beauty is bone deep.
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an update on the groundhog that died a week after new york city mayor bill deblasio accidently dropped it. the zoo considering changes for the event so the mayor won't have to handle the groundhog. the zoo's spokesperson person who blamed a rode -- rodent handler who have not -- prevented the mayor from getting a good grasp. >> a north carolina veterinarian
12:00 pm
is creating a prosthetic paw and will take it off every night like humans do. he is so cute. thank you for being part of the story. here's shep. >> more money. publish the war in iraq and syria is costing $7 million to $10 million a day, and now the defense secretary saysñi we need more money. plus the brush parliament vote. all in on iraq, but syria? forget about it. plus, beheading in america. today a man in oklahoma city, who tried to get coworkers to convert to islam, and when one woman would not, cops say he cut off her head. and the manhunt for the cop killer in pennsylvania, new details expected at a news conference scheduled to begin right now, fresh from the scene, worth the survivalist intent to kill again holed up in huge abandoned hotel. it's an extraordinarily busy news day. let's get to it. >> good friday aer


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