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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 2, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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bill: good morning. what we are learning about the ebola case in the united states. at least 80 people may have been exposed. that's a significant jump. we'll tell you what you need to know right now. i'm bill hemmer in america's newsroom. martha: i'm martha maccallum. his name is thomas eric duncan. he's a liberian national. we are learning his entire family has been ordered not to leave their home. bill: john roberts is live in atlanta. >> reporter: within the last
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12 hours state and county health officials have ordered the family of thomas duncan to stay in their home until october 19. that's the 21-day window someone would have to go through. county officials said yesterday they encouraged the family to stay home but there were indications they were not going to comply with that request. that has the force of law so if they were going to go out and ming with the public they could be arrested. five children were in close contact with him as was getting sicker and sicker. the day after he went to the hospital, that was sunday, monday and tuesday they went to school. now of course that has parents in the dallas area very, very worried. they were in four schools.
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governor rick perry was lying to allay the anxiety saying the children did not show signs of having ebola. >> these children have been identified and they are being monitored and the disease cannot be transmitted before having any symptoms. >> reporter: but we learned something very troubling and that is duncan first went to the hospital late in the evening of last thursday about 10:00 at night he showed up in the emergency room complaining he wasn't feeling well. he told people there that he had just arrived from liberia. despite the fact that this hospital just had a review of their ebola protocols the week earlier, they sent him home. they thought he had a low-grade viral illness and gave him antibiotics which don't treat a virus. two days later he came back in
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an ambulance. >> regretfully that information was not fully communicated throughout the full team. as a result the full import of that information wasn't factored into the clinical decision making. >> reporter: the director of the national institutes on infectious disease says he don't know how that could happen. he says if someone says they just came back from west africa and they are sick it should set off alarm bells. he says that was a huge dropped ball. bill: all these questions about travel. what are the experts saying? >> reporter: here is the other big piece of this. was accordino reports from liberia was in monrovia living at a house. a woman who lived in that house became swik ebola. he helped transport her to the hospital and pack and helped carry her back into the house
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when she was so weak she could not walk. she died hours later from ebola. the guy who helped carry her died of ebola yet this guy got on a plane and flew to brussels, belgium, then to washington, then dallas, texas. yesterday united airlines put this information out. wanted to make sure its employees and passengers had any information necessary. if any passenger or employee is worried about being on that flight with thomas duncan they can call for more information. martha: there is a possible case that propped up in hawaii. health officials say they are testing a patients showing possible symptoms of the deadly virus. the patient has brand-new isolated in a hospital in
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honolulu. the patient could have a number of ailments including flu, perhaps malaria. hospitals are taking special precautions with anyone who has a fever and recently has traveled to west africa. bill: the virus is spread through direct contact with blood or a liva. dirty needles can spread the disease. it is as far as we know airborne. u not get it from breathing it in or from the food or water supply. in is no europe but there are new experimental advantag vacci. what do you think? are you concerned about the ebola scare in is that a yes or no. next hour marc siegel, the good doctor, facts from fear. we'll talk to him.
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martha: some promising news on those vaccines. the director of the secret service handing in her resignation. julia pierson steps down after new details he morning over security blunders. the white house gave her a full-throated bout of support. what a continues a day makes leave it of julia pierson. >> reporter: after it was revealed late tuesday there was another recent security breach with the president being in an elevator with an armed security guard with a record. jason chaffetz was the first to say julia pierson should resign or be fired. then hely gentleman cummings and
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nancy pelosi expressed her concerns. ' so it became clear julia pierson was not going to survive with republicans and democrats questioning her ability to fix the secret service and there was quite a transition by mid-afternoon yesterday. >> she is more than qualified to do her job. >> reporter: director pierson offered her resignation because she believed it was in the best interests of the agency to which she has dedicated her career. the secretary agreed with that assessment and the president did as well. >> reporter: in the end there was a bipartisan call for a serious change and it happened. martha: what's going to be done now to change the underlying problems that created this environment? >> reporter: there are calls for a top to bottom review of the secret service by outside
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experts. in the meantime, joe clancy, a former special agent in charge of the presidential protective division. he's a familiar face being on the front lines protecting presidents. some who worked closely with clancy over the years think he will make an excellent permanent director. martha: maybe just putting in the right person at that top job will have a big impact. we'll see. bill: a lot of this raising questions about whether the obama team is capable. >> it's a crisis of competence. irs. va. secret service. all the institutions in the past you would make a movie about. the secret service agent is the hero. all of these agencies we trusted under this administration are
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showing how badly this government is run. bill: i want to bring in rich lowry. the crisis of competence. >> this is the central irony of the obama administration. these are people who believe in government and want to make government bigger and more complex yet they presided over a series of astonishing governmental failures and it makes you wonder what other failures are lurking in government agencies we haven't heard about yet? bill: like what? >> we don't know. charms made a good -- charles made a good point. the secret service is an institution you would hope would have a military ethos, yet it was a gang that couldn't shoot straight. this goes to a deeper discontent in american life where we don't have faith in our government and
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big institutions, we think they are failing us. unfortunately they are. bill: you just heard the clip martha played with josh earnest. that happens in a lot of administrations where they have to cover the tracks of their boss. >> that was embarrassing because the contrast was so stark between his ringing show of support and then a few hours later she is out the door. it many the way any administration operates. when an official is embattled, they will back that official verbally in public right until the end. bill: rich lowry from the the "national review" in new york. martha: we are seeing new fox news polls that came out on how the president is dealing with
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isis among other things. we'll talk to liz cheney about whether the white house strategy is work and whether they have a strategy to deal with isis in the end. bill: he as you and war al awlaki working for the fbi? martha: republican senator pat roberts tries to hold on and fend off a run from independent greg orman, very new on the scene. what could this mean for the balance of power in washington? >> those headlines are accurate. but we are going to win his election.
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martha: some new jobs numbers. weekly unemployment claims fell by 8,000. that's the fewest people that walked in on a weekly basis to apply for unemployment benefits in 8 years. that's a good number. the september jobs numbers come out tomorrow. we'll keep a close eye on that and see if that shows there is a trend here. >> we are showing a lack of confidence across the board
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people have in president obama. according to our polling 64% do not think the president has a clear strategy. liz cheney with me out of the jackson hole, which. what do you think of that number 64%? >> i think the american people have a situation where it's clear what the president laid out is insufficient to defeat isis. but everybody that you talk to will tell you -- everybody whose an expert. folks who have been on the ground, that airstrikes alone will not be enough to defeat them. we have got to have ground troops and special operators. but the president consistently
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announced the limits of what he will and won't do and people are continuing to make gains. bill: we are taking a hit on the satellite. other polling suggests what you are describing. the u.s. airstrikes against isis. 78% of those we polled approve of the strikes. that's a huge number. that dovetails what we have seen the past month and a half wouldn't beheading hit the video. then when asked whether it's smarts or whether ground troops should be used in this fight, 54% say it's crazy to announce a strategy. you don't take it off the table. >> there is no reason to announce to our enemy something that we'll not do or the limit of what we'll do. we also had a situation in this
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case where the president went out and announced he was planning to lawn' airstrike several days before we launches the airstrikes. it's difficult for anybody to understand why the president would consistently hamper or force's ability to get the job done and tell the enemy exactly yes was doing that. bill: i don't know what your view is at the moment but things seem to shift on national security around early to mid-august. when you look at these mid-terms you have to think about what the republican charge is all about, that's taking the senate back. and they need seats to do that. do you have a sense whether the fear of the concern of the american people has peaked too soon for that polling to shift to give them a majority or is it going in their favor still in what's your view? >> i think what you see here is a situation where people are
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reminded about the incompetence of the president across a whole range of issues. so people are reminded this president's administration has been income didn't, whether it's the irs or obamacare. now they are seeing it on national security. traditionally the public trusted republicans more for good reason in terms of being able to handle national security issues. i think you will see the rise of groups of voters like like the security moms. the democrats say there is a war on women but it's the democrats in office, this president and those allied with him who are not doing their job in terms of keeping this nation safe and won't be giving comfort to those mills of moms out there. bill: are you seeing that's trend with the so-called security moms you are describing?
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>> i think so. i'm a security mom. and what the democrats do, they put women -- they say we are going to talk to women about only certain women's issues. we think women will vote based the solelien on sole olely on oo issues. they try to put us in a box and say don't trouble yourself with national security. that's not going to work anymore. martha: a little bit of a change at the gas pump with all the chaos we are seeing in the middle east gas prices going down. what does this mean? stuart varney will add it up for us. bill: disturbing details on this man accused of abducting a uva
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coed. >> it's like one of the on the are attempts we got by phone or by person we have to follow up on.
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bill: we are learning more about jesse graham. it turns out he was accused of a sexual assault 11 years ago at a college. matthew's charged with abducting uva student hannah graham. that search including the use of an aerial drone. martha: the price at the pump is
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taking a slight dip. you have triple aaa reporting it's down to $3.33 a gallon. some spots seeing under the $3 mark. stuart varney joins us. >> reporter: get out there and drive and see the fall colors because driving is much more affordable. it's $3.33, national average. the price has come down throughout the summer, and we have 2 states where you can get gas at under $3 a gallon. the average in new jersey, $3.16. but i can find it for $2.98. martha: why is the big question. >> reporter: america is producing a lot more oil and gas of its own. we are fracking, we are using
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more drilling techniques and we have a gusher of oil coming from our own territory. so there is almost a glut of oil so supply is big. on the other side of the coin we have demand not so strong. we are using less gasoline today than we did in 2007. in part because of the poor state of the economy, and cars use a lot less gas to go a certain number of miles. but the price of oil is down today. as of right now it's below $90 a barrel and we have not seen that for a long time. martha: is that something we can thank the government for, or private enterprise for? reporter: american private enterprise has gone the out there and fracked. martha: which the environmentalists hate. >> reporter: the president doesn't like it either. but they are using these new
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drilling techniques to draw more oil out of established oil field. there is a gusher of this stuff coming up, especially from north dakota. you have a large supply of oil. limited demand for gasoline. the result, prices falling and they will probably fall some more. martha: many believe energy dependence is the best they can we can do. >> reporter: why not go get what's ours. bill: see you guys in jersey later. president obama accused of not taking enough responsibility for allowing the threat of isis to grow. is that criticism fair? we'll debate it in a moment. martha: trying to bring a u.s. marine back home. a passionate plea from a familiar face for the government to get in there and intervene on his behalf.
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>> andrew is one of the best of us. america's treasure. if we can't treat the best better than we treat the worst, how dare you ask another gentleman to put on a uniform
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bill: an american mother making an impassioned plea to get her son home, andrew tahmooressi. he said he made a wrong turn across the bored and had three guns in his truck. his mother says he's suffering worse than his two combat tours in afghanistan. april 5. mom, i'm not going to make it through the night. whatever you do, do not come down here to investigator ask questions. you will be killed as well. i need you to go underground.
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bill: a former naval officer and day time host also broke down in the same hearing begging congress to do something. >> he's going to come back to the united states and have to be treated for his combat ptsd and his incarceration ptsd. 6 months. he didn't hesitate to say aye aye, sir to go out and serve. how dare we as a nation hesitate to get that young man back? bill: we'll talk to montel williams about this work to bring the young man back. martha: critics are saying president obama needs to take more responsibility for his handling of the growing isis threat. here is karl rove on that last night. >> he's six years into his
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presidency. he might have been able to skate by in 2009 or 2010 saying it's bush's fault. but not after six years into his presidency. he looks stronger if he takes responsibility on himself. martha: he went on with a lot more on that topic. martha: i'm joined by doug schoen and monica crowley. the online opinion editor for the washington times. i just -- this is an interesting line that karl wrote. he said he can get bigger. you worked for bill clinton. do you think there was a moment when bill clinton made a decision to sort of get bigger? >> sure. i think the balanced budget efforts in '95 and '96 represent a precise example of what you are speaking of. and the domestic context.
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certainly when we went after bin laden in the late 90s and faced terrorism. bill clinton tried to bring the nation together. what i take from what carl said is we are all americans. this is not about assessing claim or parsing responsibility. it's coming together for common purpose to take on a common enemy. that what's we need to do and that's what the president should have done. martha: in terms of looking at the presidency at this point and say i'm going to be the bigger person. i'm not going to get involved in pointing fingers at jim clearp. and the biggest part of the job description is to protect the country, protect the american people. >> the president has two responsibilities. one to defend and protect the constitution and second to protect the american people. this is the most powerful role
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and position in the world. you choose to do so you can expand it and turn it around. but we haven't seen that from this president, martha. what we have seen the last six years is a pattern of -- i think this goes back to his original mission when he entered the presidency. he talked about the fundamental transformation of the nation which had two basic pil bay -- c silbaybasic pillars. he thinks his work is done and he can sit back for the next two years and say i'll finger at the margins. martha: unfortunately we are not living at a tangoin tinkering ae margins moment.
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52% disapprove. the other approval number is 40%. issue by issue. up go through terrorism, the economy, iraq, syria. all of those the president is in the range of 41% down to 34%. when you look at the presidency this should be a liberating moment for president obama. he's not running again. he can make at the top of his agenda doing what he seize as best for the american people and doing it in a forceful way. >> i what agree with that but sadly he's playing partisan politics. but with ratings well below 50% he should be trying to unify the country to bring people together. i wish i could agree with monica things are rolling along quite nicely. but if you look at russia and ukraine and look at the middle east and syria and iraq, things
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are not going so well. and we need to rights above ourselves and come together to approach things with common goals and common purpose. martha: i don't think monica was suggesting things have going along swimmingly. who is giving the president advice? who do you think he listens to, monica? that would be the one in your ear. let's talk legacy. >> one of the major liabilities the president carried with him by his own hand and own choice is the fact he kept his understander circle very tight and very limited. there has never been any wisemen or wise women to give him that straight talk and advice he doesn't want to hear but needs to hear. it's essentially been his wife, michelle, the first laid question, valerie jarett and david axlerod and maybe one or two other people. and that's the direct result of
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barack obama's narcissism. he believes nobody is smarter than him or knows better than he does so he doesn't have to listen to anybody else. he hasn't cultivated those advisors. you hear democrats on capitol hill and around the country saying he doesn't talk to us. he hasn't developed those relationships. when the crud hits the fan the way it has now in the world and across the country he doesn't have a reservoir of goodwill even among members of his own party to back him up and support him. martha: as karl rove says, you can make a change and become bigger as carl believes the president needs to do. we'll see what the american people think and how he responds. doug, monica, always good to speak to you both. bill: the san francisco giants crushing the dreams of the pittsburgh pirates.
6:39 am
the national league wildcard game was a rout. they are not happy in pittsburgh. the giants' shortstop hitting a grand slam. that's never happened before for a shortstop. the giants play the nationals for the division series starting friday. i sympathize with all the folks in pittsburgh. you are with that team for 162 games. you play one more and it's all over. it stinks. martha: they are playing cincinnati. they are just focusing on cincinnati and all i could think of was you and that matchup. we'll see how that goes. staying on sports news. limit champion swimmer michael phelps pulled off for driving intoxicated. how intoxicated? we just found out. bill: hello, kansas.
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what could a loss for senator pat rob earth mean for the bam of power? we break out the billboard. we are way.
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visit a branch, call or go online today. >> new info on michael phelps dui in baltimore. the 18-time olympic gold medalist blue a 1.4. nearly twice the let limit. police say his eyes were red and his speech was whoosh-mouthed
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according to them. he's charged with excessive speed and crossing double yellow lines. he said i understand the severity of my actions and take full responsibility. bill: 33 days until the mid-terms. this is the number you need to fork us on. the billboard back here. the big number is 6. you need on the senate side for the republicans to take a majority. independent candidate greg orman with a 5-point lead over incumbent senator pat roberts. what would a win or loss in kansas mean to the balance of power? we put all the spectators that are in play. republicans 55-45. they feel good in west virginia and iowa.
6:45 am
they feel good in south dakota and montana, but the polling breaking their way in arkansas and louisiana. how we come back to iowa. if you go blue to red in iowa you have a 51-49 majority. what do democrats have planned? in kansas the polling is starting to break their way against the republican pat robertson. kansas senator jerry moran, thank you for your time today and good morning. you believe roberts pulls out this race but how does he do it? >> i believe senator roberts pulls out this race. the polling information we have seen under estimates republicans, generally democrat leaning poll but that's somewhat
6:46 am
irrelevant. kansas has not elected a democrat to the u.s. senate since 1932. it's a traditional republican, conservative state and disinclined to be supportive of president obama and his policies, and dissatisfied with the majority leader harry reid and the senate democrats. so once it becomes clear that greg orman is not an independent -- independent -- that word sounds appealing to people. we want people to be independent. greg orman was a candidate against senator rob earth in 2008, ran as a democrat. he's contributor to president obama's campaign. harry reid's campaign. he indicated his support for obamacare and gun control and giving the president greater leeway in terms of judicious appointments. once the truth is told.
6:47 am
i think the shift occurs pretty quickly. bill: you have a couple things breaking your way. 11% of voters are undecided. with a month left. the other thing you have in your favor. a third of the voters have no opinion or never heard of greg orman. what does he stand for? >> i think that's what kansans will wants to hear. are you going to caucus with the republicans or democrats. if you are the desired senator that determines whether the republicans have the majority or the democrats have the majority. greg orman has no answer to that question. that's pretty basic and kansans will want to know. independent sounds appealing but once you learn he's a supporter of the president's healthcare plan and a supporter of greater gun control and you a certain porer for giving the president great leeway in judicious
6:48 am
appointments, that not appealing to most candidates. bill: there are tea party leaders on the fence in a big way. are they going to cross over and support roberts? >> i think in the vast majority of those individuals when they cast their votes do. bill: have the leaders of those tea party groups said public lip they will support senator roberts? >> i think the debate is going on at the moment as i have read the stories. it's a relatively small group of people involved in the support of senator roberts' primary opponent. primaries are sometimes difficult to recover from. do you want a republican in the use the senate from kansas or someone supporting the democrat policies? i think that smaller group of leaders of a segment of our
6:49 am
party will make that choice we prefer to have somebody other than a supporter of president obama. bill: has senator roberts ignored the people of kansas? did he ignore the lesson in virginia? >> no. this is an issue that becomes astounded bite. pat roberts is a kansan. he is engaged in the issues. when people say you lost touch with your state, what they mean is you are no longer voting the way we want you to. pat roberts' voting record reflects the will of kansas. bill: we'll keep in touch with you, we'll talk every greek here on out. we'll see whether you can find the way to 6.
6:50 am
>> martha: in an interesting interview with brian kilmeade president george w. bush has a warning on the isis threat. >> americans have to understand the lesson much 9/11 is just as important today as it was after 9/11. martha: he talks about whether president obama called him to ask for his advice. dana perino will be here momentarily. bill: the last time he saw his daughter she was 4 years old. today she is 17. the latest on sabrina allen and her father. >> the last weeks have been a rollercoaster. are they going to get away again? they have gone the away so many times. now we are focused on what comes next.
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martha: a texas dad is about to be reunited with his little girl 10 years after she was taken by her mother. she was found near mexico city on a secret rescue mission. >> what wound up happening is we got lucky. i'll ask her if i can give her a hug. she is in pretty bad shape is my understanding. martha: how did they find her? >> we got a break when a confidential informant saw two people in a small mexican town that didn't fit in. private investigators and one dedicated father have been
6:55 am
looking for sabrina since she was 4 years old when her mother picked her up for visitation and didn't return. she took the girl to mexico. died her hair black and got facing plastic surge are you. no leads nm until that informant found them living in a small apartment outside mexico city. the mother was arrested tuesday and extradited to texas. she told people allen was a wife beater who committed suicide. allen never gave up. >> people don't understand. they automatically assume, the kid's with the mom, what's the big deal. i can tell you if you do research or read about these cases, these are not things that are done by a loving, healthy parents. these are things that are done
6:56 am
as a power play, and the kids are the ones that pay the price. >> reporter: kidnapped at age 4. she is now 17 and under the care of a psychiatrist. bill: a rough ride for the white house this week. now the white house hopes to change the subject back to the u.s. economy. will that work? martha: growing fears about ebola. as many as 80 people may have been exposed the to the deadly virus when that man came through in the dallas airport. should you be concerned? >> we know of a handful of people, community members, we'll be looking at the hospital at everiener action there. any transports to the hospital.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
martha: amid the growing threat of isis, the secret service and
7:00 am
the ebola woes. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. the president expected to pivot to the economy claiming americans are better off now than they were six years ago but the public isn't necessarily buying that argument. martha: 58% think they are not better off than they were back before he was elected and that includes more than a third of democrats. 37% of them agree with that statement. bill: most people do not feel better off. how do you present the argument that the economy is better and we are on the right track? >> reporter: he does have some good news to tout. he will talk about the private sector job growth. but compared to previous recoveries some of those months have not had sharp increases of
7:01 am
job growth. they are not the large ones that would bring this economy back. he believes get out there, keep talking about it today. it's northwestern university. trying to reach out to young people. let's not get there is a mid-term election a month away and the president believes the economy is something he can talk about in a positive way. let's face it, it's not like he can tout fashion security and foreign policy. he has to talk about other subjects. bill: on the issue of the economy 55% in the fox polling disapprove of his handling. how do you win that over with 33 days before an election? >> reporter: i'm not sure he can. control of the senate is up for grabs. republicans feel like they are in a strong position. one of those issues where democrats hope to make a difference, saying we have better plans on the economy.
7:02 am
the republicans want to say no to the rt. but that's the case democrats have made again and again and again. it worked with the president with his he election but it appears after years of saying that again and again it might not work this time in the mid terms. martha: former president george w. bush weighing in on the isis rise to power. back in 2007 the president warned quit clearly that withdrawing all the u.s. troops from iraq what leave a vacuum that would likely be filled by terrorists. today he explained why he made that prediction then. >> there is a short-term strategy which is to bring them to justice and a long-term jat strategy which is to earn counseling free see sights to prevail so as to marginalize their ideology. the long-term strategy takes time. i tell people all the time, off
7:03 am
the record by the way. condi rice's relatives were even slaved in the greatest democracy for 100 years. yet there is impatience with that process. the lesson of 9/11 is still as important today as it was after 9/11. the human condition matters to our national security. bill: dana perino is the -- martha: he has been one of the most quiet former presidents that we have had in recent years. were you surprised he spoke about that? >> i think he was speaking more about what he has bee been sayig since 9/11. prepare what happened after that speech. it was in the middle of the surge and a month later the
7:04 am
surge started to work and iraq started to improve. but the president has been remark reply restrained and gracious as a former president. he doesn't seek the limelight. he didn't seek an interview to talk about isis. he with us promoting a non-profit. but i'm glad brian asked the question because it's good to be reminded. i like to hear those word again about the human conditions where in the world matters. the president went on to say the president is going to make his best tea significances based on the people he talks to and he's closest to. he didn't cross a line he didn't cross before. but it's good to hear from president bush. somebody who had to deal with the aftermath of 9/11 and keep them on the run and hand something to president obama so he could continue to pry to protect us. martha: brain asked him about martin dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and he
7:05 am
said it's well known the military recommended we leave a residual force of 10,000 to 15,000. did you feel the same way? president bush said i did. i did feel the same way. he wanted to leave that force there. here's what he said after that. >> the president has to make the choices he thinks are important. i'm not going to second guess our president. i understand how tough the job is. to have a former president believatinbelievating and secong i don't think is good for the country. i agreed with general dempseys assessment. >> the president is saying i'm not going to second guess president obama but if you are asking my opinion and i'm reluctant to give it my opinion is yes, i would have agreed with martin dempsey. martha: another topic is whether presidents benefit from talking with each other and whether the
7:06 am
clinton-bush relationship has become so much more public. in terms of the phone calms they shared and they spoke about it. brian asked that question, has president obama called you to discuss any of this? >> he called me to tell me that the nation killed usama bin laden or the seal team killed usama bin laden. but he's -- he's not on a regular basis which is okay. it doesn't hurt my feeling. it's a decision he has made. presidents tend to rely upon the people they are close to. and he's got a team that he has grown close to over the six years he's been president and he relied upon their judgment. reportr. he had a different type ofl. president bush learned the art
7:07 am
of personal diplomacy from his dad. he called his dad mostly to say he loved him. but he did get close to bill clinton over the years. even more than i knew toward the end putting the legacy interviews together. he used to call bill clinton and they would talk for 30-40 minutes at a time. he liked to get his assessment because he wanted to be challenged in that role in his thinking. '. martha: i remember president bush getting criticized for saying the war against terrorism was something that was going to go on for a long, long time. people jumped on this and said we don't want to be in this war. he understood then that this war against radical terrorism is something that's generational. something president obama has said 2340u. and he was right. >> i think president bush
7:08 am
recognized early on that he had to condition the country and lead the country in a way that said we have to deal with this for multiple generations. people are going get tired and it will be expensive. you will have trust the authorities and keep on the offense on this or we'll be on the defense. president obama ran in 2012 on a message that al qaeda is dead. we are out of iraq. we are out of afghanistan. nothing more to do here. now we are back into a much more dangerous situation. i think their rhetorical corner they backed themselves into make it more difficult for the president to succeed. i want him to succeed but i know there are a lot of holes in his strategy. martha: he said it's a generational conflict. >> they have to take responsibility for their role in decisions they made just as every other president. martha: thank you very much. we'll see you later on. bill: now you can go chill for 7
7:09 am
hours. the number is 80. 80 people who had contact with an ebola patient in dallas. 18 direct contacts. under close observation just in case. four close family members are under orders to stay home and avoid any contact with the public. dr. marc siegel is with us. we brought you in to separate fact from fiction. you say the chances are low but the perception is high. explain that. >> we are all covering it in the news and we worry about the people involved. we are voyeurs, we think if it can happen to them it can happen to us. but malaria is a much bigger problem. if somebody gets a headache and a fever and muscle aches and fatigue, they more than likely have malaria. we are cover is it a lot so we
7:10 am
personify the risk. and a lot of panic goes on, and you are not as careful. bill: they put members of his family on a 21-day quarantine. >> that's a smart thing they are doing. they have 10 epidemic intelligence officers and public health officials with a lot of experience on the ground. 21 days is the longest it could take to get ebola without symptoms. and you can't spread it until you have symptoms. bill: last hour we asked viewers they are concerned. here is one. how long does the virus live on surfaces from body fluids, toilets, cups, phones, computers, et cetera. >> great question. it can last for hours. but even if it's living on
7:11 am
surfaces the usual way you get it is direct contact with bodily fluids. about it has to be close contact. you are very, very unlikely to get it from any surfaces. bill: we are told 80 people. that number could go higher. >> it's a possibility anybody will get it about it will be squashed at this instance. martha: the question that was recently polled is president obama tough enough on islamic extremism. bill: an emotional plea before congress helped bring home a jailed marine in mexico. montel williams is on deck next. listen. >> they gave him a green light. he could have entered the country, buried his guns, come back. take one back every week. he put his hands up and said i made a mistake.
7:12 am
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martha: we are back and a deadly gun battle on the streets of rio. the brazilian army shooting it out with gang members along a busy highway in broad daylight. drivers abandoning their cars. the cars are stuck frozen in their place as they try to
7:16 am
prevent getting caught up in this melee. the troops stepped up to bring an end to the gunfire between the two rival gang members. at least one suspected gang member was left dead. we want to update on the situation on the ground in hong kong where protesters in fave of democracy have take to the streets for another day. you see them with their umbrellas as they try to prevent tear gas from flying into their eyes. to out of the leader of hong kong. the crowd that has continued to grow in numbers off the course of the last couple days as they get closer to the period where they would hav some freedom in the election. an extremely tense time on the
7:17 am
streets of that city as people fight to have a bigger say in the future of their own country. the umbrella revolution. protesters trying to shield the tear gas from affecting them and getting in their face and eyes. to use that they use an umbrella, sometimes successful, sometimes not so much. what they want is their own hong kong candidates on the ballot in hong kong and not dictated to them by beijing. when the handleover occurred 17 years a -- when the handover occurred 17 years ago that was the guarantee beijing gave them and now they believe beijing is reneging on the promise. when you think about the chinese economy and hope it has become larger and larger affecting so
7:18 am
many aspects of the global economy. how does the chinese government handle this and what does the say to the rest of the world about how secure and how safe it is as an investment or future economy affecting global affairs in beijing, martha? martha: president obama getting hammered in the polls on foreign policy and isis. plus a car driving over a guy on a bicycle trapping that biker under north. no superheros around so everybody pitched in and came to the rescue. [ male announcer ] welcome to no man's land.
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7:22 am
>> everyone understands. he has served the time i believe he could have committed. so bring him home and let's treat him appropriately. >> montel williams making a plea to get the american marine sergeant home from the mexican jail six months now in mexico. lieutenant commander montel williams in the studio. some believe if the president made a simple phone call to mexico city, he would not be there. are you one of them? >> if that had happened to four months ago, he would not be there. bill: why has that not happened? >> i don't know. even with the attention it has been brought.
7:23 am
i finally kind of disgusting honestly fox and very few other outlets are even covering it. we covered everything on the secret service, yet there is a u.s. marine wallowing in the prison and we didn't get the same amount of coverage and all the media. bill: part of the reason we have you on today. i think he went and long way to grab the attention of a lot of folks who say pay attention to this cause. why are you taking up the cause? >> i did 22 years in the military, i would never not the marine. you leave nobody behind. the fact this country is willing to do so at the same time while we are out on all the campaign fund-raising talking about how we support the war setting the guys off to die, we are willing to protect the ones that have
7:24 am
served fourth. let's get this really straight, everybody can come up with an excuse why they don't want to get involved. am i not mistaken there are allegations about another prisoner that we traded the farm for and in the president's speech he said because he was in imminent medical danger. let's skip all the other conversations. did he not say? bill: you make a phenomenal point on that, but why doesn't the commander in chief get it done? it is no longer in the headlines and batman after serving his country comes back to his mom in california. >> maybe all the rhetoric in the last five or six months, all the back and forth has made this so political it is one of those things they cannot touch so i
7:25 am
will give hi them an excuse, its called passion. there is not an american out here who will not agree with me. every child that comes across the border, every person who has made their way in this country, we catch you and put you in prison. we find out you have tuberculosis, we treat you. you have cancer, we treat you at our expense. this is an ally, a u.s. citizen in your prison treated with the same respect that we treat your people. bill: do you think yesterday helps the cause? >> what bothers me about yesterday's we had 14, 15 carson come back. house resolutions only 81 of them have signed onto. so tell somebody other than this mouth can give an excuse.
7:26 am
bill: thank you for spending time with us and we will follow your story. what is next? martha: kurdish fighters in syria trying to defend a town near the border saying terrorists have been unable to move closer to their town despite the new air strike that have happened overnight. a new fox news poll shows a vast majority of americans 74% think the president isn't tough enough on these islamic extremists. good morning to you, good to have you with us. that is a big number. >> clearly there is a sense, and angst in the country if you look at the polls across the board about security and how that factors into the election is another question entirely in these different races, but overall there is a concern about this terrorist threat and on the flipside they are supporting the airstrikes overwhelmingly 78%
7:27 am
against isis. it is clear there is a worry about the terrorist threat. martha: let's take a look at the terrorist polls he mentioned going through to kick off a number of different areas. president obama's job performance on terrorism, 41% approved, 53% disapprove, the economy 55% disapprove. form policy 55% disapprove, how do you think this is resonating in the wes the west wing of the presidency? >> they did see a bit of a bump after the president's speech. a little bit of a bump up in our polls to a little bit of a bump up on terrorism. working on the long-term, not the short term because you hear
7:28 am
isis going into baghdad and launching attacks in the green zone and the questions of the free syrian army and how they're going to be up and running on the ground. i think they saw a short-term bump. martha: think very much. bill: isis turning to social media to spread the message of terror far and wide. thousand of new recruits joining every single day. >> in a way you haven't seen in the past certainly the islamic state has upped their game and used that tool as a way not only to have the violent political interest.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
martha: turkey's parliament can swing a plan to send combat troops over the border to battle extremists in iraq and syria. live in turkey t near the syrian border with the big development it would be if it comes through. what can you tell us? speaker it is a game-changer in this relatively new us-led battle against the terrorists as we speak, lawmakers are deciding whether to authorize turkish involvement in any kind of military move by the u.s. and allies including leading the u.s. use base basis of the turkh military for the airstrikes and if maybe the turkish boots on the ground. very important. we found out today the enemy is dangerously nearby.
7:33 am
>> you're looking at the front line of the war on isis a mile behind me inside syria is the telling, a kurdish held. maybe a couple of miles from where we are, villages held by the terrorists. past couple of hours since we have been here, we've heard some explosions, we are told it isis militants shooting into the town. and we have been told that have been u.s. airstrikes in the region. nearby the turkish military are not thinking of invading, they're just trying to keep a lid on things. >> the isis militants seeing an amateur video and very close to running that down in that could be the trigger for turkish involvement kid quick impressions of the first time to the border. first how close everything is, about 2 miles from where we were standing isis militants beheaded
7:34 am
nine kurdish militants and could in three women week and how vast the terrain is. despite multiple u.s. airstrik airstrikes, the fighters keep on coming. back to you. martha: and incredibly close look at what is going on. thank you so much. bill: do largely impart to the recruiting strategy by using social media. working on the house homeland security committee, chairman of the subcommittee. good day to you and welcome back here. what does the audience need to understand about that growing social media? >> it shows they can use everything at his disposal and certainly has accelerated the use of social media and we can see with the increasing number of young people joining isis, i think the administration has been very slow in responding to the entire movement over the
7:35 am
past five or six years. bill: let's hear about the global threat and the effect of it and the impact of it. >> the islamic state has upped their game and used that sewall as a way to not only subjugate people to their violent political mess but he is as a recruiting tool. some estimate that has 3400 per month now joining their fight because of the social media recruiting efforts. bill: that is a big number, 3400 per month. how do they respond? are they making plans to fly to damascus? how do you track something like that? >> state department does respond, they put out messages, they have their own twitter
7:36 am
account, they tried to counter what they are saying but i think confuse the last couple of years and even now as to how much an offense they should go. there was a time they did not want to call this a war of ideas, they didn't want to show any kind of confrontation with the muslim world. i think we lost a lot of valuable time and doing that. i held hearings three and half years ago on the radicalization of the communities in the country only now this administration starting to target social media, two different muslim groups in this country showing why this not be involved with isis. i don't think there's enough money money in the budget, i don't think enough people involved, but they try to show why it is wrong to be involved in these tactics, white is wrong
7:37 am
to join isis. why they are doomed to defeat. right now it is looked on in some respects not sophisticated enough, not speaking the language. bill: may have an english language social media campaign called think again, turn away. when the issues is usama bin laden hiding in a compound with you throw away the life those who hide far away? that is how the campaign is now starting itself. will it be effective? >> i am no expert. those who are feel this is not going to impact young people. it is not the type of strong enough message that will dissuade people from joining isis. the has to be more in the idiom to target again the communities
7:38 am
they are and how it would impact them and that is not considered effective enough and part of that is because they are not reaching out enough planning experts willing to tell us how to do it. i think people trying to do the best they can but not having everything that should be there. bill: high time to figure it out. you have to reverse that tied, serbia did >> we talk about bombing attacks 15, 20 people on a good night. you compare when they are recruiting these thousands of people, it shows you what we are up against especially not using ground forces, military effort is not going to be enough to keep up with those numbers. bill: thank you. martha: an odd new kind of political advertising just in time for the midterm.
7:39 am
quite a show you some of this, tell us what you think. republicans are people too. will this work? a fair and balanced debate coming up. bill: reality setting in as they have learned a punishment for bank fraud.
7:40 am
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you love how the the public in the d of the ikea furniture one. lars larson, i watched this this morning at my house and couldn't help but laugh. i am not sure what exactly they are trying to achieve here, but republicans to put together ikea furniture in case you were wondering. >> i put together more ikea furniture than i can count. my wife puts me to work there. i get this because here's what has happened, the mainstream media and local politicians love to paint conservatives like me as knuckled dragging neanderthals who only care about our god, our guns and our religion and we hate everything
7:45 am
and we love money and that is all we care about. the fact is we are real people as well, and just to show that i will wish leslie marshall happy birthday. 29, that is a big one. bill: you real person, you. what you make of this whole thing? >> i do think it is very funny. i love you, but you are a neanderthal. we don't just hug trees and smoke pot and burn our brought on a daily basis. listen, i live in california, we know republicans do that, i don't drive a tilde, the list goes on and on. what is this for? it will not get more people to vote, left or right or undecided. questionable political platforms. it will not get more people to embrace the g.o.p. because it is not about how people labeled the people in the party but rather
7:46 am
how the politicians who are republican vote in the legislation. it is cute, but what we're doing talking about it and getting attention, he is succeeding. martha: the public and enjoy gourmet cooking. who knew. republicans had a very tough time with women down the board, all of the minority groups republicans lost on, have your group done a good job of trying to get warm their went to the hearts of those voters who rejected them in the last presidential election? >> we haven't done a good job. with not doing well with women when the president under paying his female staff members. optics do matter. i'm going to disagree with leslie on the fact optics matter. the president going golfing for five minutes after talking about
7:47 am
james foley didn't work well, and we realize an awful lot of american voters respond to how they perceive people. we are up against a real tough one here because most of the media paints republicans with very simplistic terms and i think you are profiling me for my sake brow line. i move that sent full of that remark. martha: you look at this effort and what they're telling us about the midterm elections, if the events going on in the world are so compelling that people are sort of breaking out of those categories that may have led them one way to the war on women, all that stuff, does it matter when you have these dramatic events going on in the world? >> yes, absolutely i think it does. historically it is the economy, all about the economy and we have reports today that have come out that show the economy
7:48 am
is doing well. although disapproval ratings are up now compared to a month ago, certainly that will correlate to the midterm election and how well or not swell democrats do, quite frankly can't ignore the fact people are more focused on other issues as well even if the polling doesn't show that. it is perception. this is not going to get more republicans in those very tight races. bill: we will see you next time. bill: shave that unibrow. shannon bream standing by. good morning. >> good morning, bill. as many as 100 people we know now may have been exposed to the latest case of ebola in the u.s. we have fox team coverage, plus
7:49 am
another virus blamed for four deaths and infections, it is spreading. we will talk to an infectious disease doctor and the latest offense in syria despite all of those airstrikes and fox news polling shows americans do not feel like they are better off. plus, senate rating changes at the university of virginia. we will look at the crystal ball. bill: thank you, shannon. think herbal active heroism, group of people working together to save the life of a stranger right there. while every business is unique,
7:50 am
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even develop a customized energy plan for your company. think of it as a way to take more control over your operating costs. and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. martha: an elderly man hit-and-run over by a car was rescued by good samaritans and it was all caught on tape. this happened in china.
7:53 am
knocked off his bike, run over by a car, people who saw the whole thing rushed over to help and could lift him up. he is in stable condition thanks a good samaritans jumping to the rescue. bill: well done. >> [bleep]. bill: and if you missed that moment on reality tv, you have not miss much. one of the entertaining moments for teresa and the real housewives of new jersey. today she and her husband will be sentenced. convicted after pleading guilty earlier this year. each could face two years in jail. in new york. the couple arrived in court, did they say anything?
7:54 am
>> no, not a word good to they looked serious, both wearing pantsuits and probably shaking in their boots. she has come out in numerous reports she was hope in the judge would have sympathy on her today and is trying to play the nice girl in her defense. she filed a legal documents asking she be spared jail time in her plan was to tell the judge the real housewives of new jersey was phony and she is actually really nice contrary to how she is portrayed on her reality show in her image as little more than a carefully crafted fiction engineered by bravo tv to script of lines clever editing. what she may not understand is the judges don't typically determine sentences based on personality, that your crime. while they have broken several laws, pleading guilty to bank is a fraud charges in march they admitted to hiding their assets from editors and filing false loan applications resulting
7:55 am
getting $5 million in mortgage and construction loans. that is bad behavior, bill. bill: and they kept quiet i wonder if nobody would find out. martha: he faces potential 47 months. also potential citizen of italy could get 21-27 months. tracy was hoped they were sentenced concurrently if the jail sentence comes through today's they could care for their four children and told tmz just want to do community service and home detention as a trade-off, that is one of her appeals in the court filing. bill: thank you. martha: the assad outbreak taking a new turn. this is an unbelievable story. what health officials are now doing to try to contain any crisis that could emerge.
7:56 am
7:57 am
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7:59 am
martha: fox news prime time went late night last night. bill o'reilly and david letterman get to know each other better. they is a h sat down many times before. here they are last night. >> chocolate or vanilla? >> vanilla. >> i'm going to go chocolate. >> all right. >> boats or airplanes. >> planes. >> planes. me too. weed or booze? [laughter] >> neither. i'm boring. i don't do it. >> two for weed. [laughter] bill: funny stuff. chocolate or vanilla. chocolate. he was promoting the book, "killing patton." not that he needs another plug. it is a booed book. i'm about 120 in right now. martha: next on my list. bill: check it out. martha: look for a free copy. bill: free copy. martha: vanilla, how about you?
8:00 am
bill: vanilla. martha: everyone at home are going, she is so vanilla. bill: o'reilly. she needs a free copy. make it happen. martha: happing starts right now. -- "happening now" starts right now. shannon: texas hospital faces serious questions about the first person diagnosed with ebola because the first time he came in sick they sent him home. welcome to "happening now." i'm shannon breen in for jenna lee. david: i'm eric shawn in for jon scott. dozens of people may have been exposed. thises is thomas duncan's family members are ordered to stay home. that hospital, texas health presbyterian is in dallas. duncan came to the hospital last week and according to reports he told nurses he returned from west after from can't. they let him go with those antibiotics. we're watching a


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