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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 2, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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now, it freezes up, but if you keep trying you will get through. these guys are waiting for your help. please try it. see you tomorrow at 9:00. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. despite the rise of radical islam that we are witnessing now in the middle east and beyond, the white house is now doubling down on its accomplishment of decimating al qaeda. just yesterday our very own ed henry pressed white house secretary josh earnest about this exact thing. here to tell us all the details of this, fox news white house correspondent, the one and only ed henry. you're pressing these guys hard. they must be getting mad at you. >> reporter: maybe a little bit, sean. jeh johnson president's homeland security secretary gave a speech in canada yesterday listing all the terror threats. it's obviously an important thing to warn not just the american public but the world about what's out there right now. he talked about isis of course. talked about al qaeda affiliates, which the president has warned about many times
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around the world. but then also listed core al qaeda inside afghanistan and pakistan, the homeland security secretary said did not mention that they had been decimated as the president has said many times. i asked john earnest, what is going on here? are they shifting policy? are they shifting message? listen. is the administration signaling that core al qaeda is no longer decimated? that they are part of this threat matrix? >> ed, we stand by what is demonstratively true, that core al qaeda, the network that previously existed along the border region between afghanistan and pakistan, has been decimated and destroyed. >> so they specifically say along the border they've been decimated. leaves open the possibility core al qaeda elsewhere around the world could be coming back. now, the other big security issue obviously is how is the president's strategy in terms of trying to decimate isis now?
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and remember the president has faced criticism about why he pulled out troops from iraq. why he didn't leave a residual force behind. what's changing now it's not just republicans saying that. his former defense secretary, leon panetta has a new book out saying they could have gotten a status of forces agreement with iraqi prime minister nouri maliki. the white house pushed back on that effort to get that agreement. panetta writing, "but the president's team at the white house pushed back, and the differences occasionally became heated within the administration he was saying. and those on our side view the the white house as so eager to rid itself of iraq that -- willing to withdraw rather than lock in arrangements that would preserve our interests. today, we should note retired general david petraeus who was the architect of president bush's surge in iraq in 2007 gave a qualified endorsement of the president's strategy currently against isis saying "there's a reasonable chance of
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success." not a ringing endorsement, but a qualified endorsement, john. >> ed, thanks so much. meanwhile, frightening news about the latest threat from isis. the u.s. army is now warning military personnel about the terror network targeting their family members. fox's own catherine herridge has the very latest, all the details from washington tonight. catherine. >> sean, fox news has reviewed a special assessment from the army threat integration center which issues early warning of criminal and terrorist threats to army commands worldwide. the advisory warns military personnel and their families to be vigilant after the islamic state also known as isis or isil called on its supporters to target their homes. it reads in part, isil has called on lone wolf offenders in the u.s. to use the yellow pages, social media sites like facebook, linkedin and twitter, to find their homes and slaughter them. while there's no independent
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corroboration, advises more than a half dozen precautions that include urging service members to limit access to their social media profiles online. this week the pentagon said the air strikes has isis under pressure at least in the short-term. >> that's a good thing. because if they aren't operating as freely, then they aren't as free to achieve their goals. that doesn't mean isil doesn't still pose a threat. >> in the statement the army told fox news that force protection levels have not changed, but the bulletin is a reminder to remain vigilant. separately a military source said these warnings are taken seriously because increasing the cost of security is a strategic goal for the al qaeda senior leadership. sean. >> catherine, thank you. meanwhile, president george w. bush is back, the 43rd president of the united states, sat down with fox & friends co-host earlier this morning and among a wide range of topics discussed was the current crisis in the middle east. and this warning that he made back in 2007. >> begin withdrawing before our
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commanders tell us we are ready would be dangerous for iraq, for the region and for the united states. it would mean surrendering the future of iraq to al qaeda. it'd mean that we'd be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. it would mean we allowed a terrorist to establish a safe haven in iraq to replace the one they lost in afghanistan. it would mean increasing the probability that american troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous. >> today, seven years later the former president's prediction is now become a reality. now, take a look at what he told brian earlier today. >> i know the nature of the enemy. anybody who kills 3,000 innocents and beheads people because of their religion or because of their point of view, is dangerous.
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and there's a short-term strate strategy, which is to bring them to justice, and a long-term strategy which is to encourage free society to prevail so as to marginalize their ideology. the long-term strategy just takes time. americans have got to understand that the lesson of 9/11 is still as important today as it was right after the 9/11 which is the -- >> steven hayes and outnumbered co-host kirsten powers with us. relax, the president's jayvee comment, the president a month ago saying it was a fantasy to support the syrian opposition, pharmacists, doctors and that comment that he made. blaming the intelligence community on "60 minutes." the intelligence community firing back, no, we warned the president in granular detail on isis and what would happen in iraq like what president bush said. how do you make that many
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mistakes? these are monumental. >> well, i would argue that he was right on syria. and that he's changed his position to the wrong position. so he was originally right that there really were no rebels -- >> he was right a month ago? >> well, that was his position even preceding a month ago. that has been his position all along that there really were no rebels that were in a position to that time we wanted to overthrow assad, we had a completely different purpose for it. they were in no position to overthrow assad. i think he was right. he shouldn't have changed his position. >> a month ago he was saying it's a fantasy. now it's the core -- funding the syrian opposition, the doctors and the pharmacists. what about that? i mean, president bush was so accurate, so dead-on, and he says i understand the nature of the enemy. this president won't say the islamic state is islamic. this president won't say what happened in oklahoma city or ft. hood is terror. we're not at war with isis, steve. >> this is the big problem. this president doesn't understand who we're fighting or if he understands it he's reluctant to say it. look at the fight we've been having in public, that the
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administration's been having with itself in public over the past two weeks about core al qaeda and who we're fighting. now you've got the white house saying this is demonstratively -- >> explain this. the khorasan group were all bin laden deputies and those aligned with him that moved their operation to syria. >> absolutely. the foundation for the defense of democracy said they were ordered by al zawarhi to move -- >> but they said in 2012 that it was decimated. >> well, that was false then. it's also false when the white house says it now. you don't have to take my word for it. ben rhodes said on september 23rd that the khorasan group includes some former al qaeda operatives, core al qaeda operatives from afghanistan and pakistan who made their way to syria. how can they at once be conducting -- planning operations against the west in syria having moved from afghanistan and pakistan and at the same time have been destroyed and decimated as josh
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earnest said yesterday. the white house sees this as a pr problem, a definitional problem. not as a war. you don't win a war if you're fighting a pr battle. >> remember the president didn't lift a finger as tikrit and mosul were all being desecrated. >> as far as i can tell the only foreign policy is do nothing to get him compared to george w. bush. and i thought the former president was quite restrained in his remarks to brian. because the reality is obama has sent troops -- or sent people -- americans, back to fight in iraq. that alone is evidence of a foreign policy failure on the part of the obama administration. and president bush, was too much of a gentleman to say that. >> he's been quiet the entire six years. yesterday was the one-year anniversary of let me run through issues. you admit it was a disaster. $2 billion later it's still a disaster. you've got the v.a., the irs, benghazi, illegal immigration
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problem that now every state has illegal immigrants in it. you've got north africa, libya, you've got -- let's see, afghanistan, russia, the ukraine, crimea, iraq, iran, israel, gaza, you can go through all of these things. and i'm not even talking about the economy. >> you don't really think he's responsible for israel and gaza? >> i think he should have stood up for israel more. >> okay -- >> i think he could have taken -- >> you could have had me for a little bit and then next thing you know it's going to be my dinner wasn't warm enough -- and obama's to blame. i don't think you can blame him for every single thing that happens in the world. >> no, but i think he's a poor leader. here's what george w. bush, this to me is revealing. i want to get your thoughts on it. he says obama never calls him. bush did talk to clinton. watch this. >> has president obama called you? >> he called me to tell me that the nation killed osama bin laden -- or s.e.a.l.s. team 6
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got osama bin laden, which i was grateful. no, he's not on a regular basis. which is okay. doesn't hurt my feelings. it's a decision he has made. look, presidents tend to rely upon the people they're close to. and he's got a team that he has grown close to over the six years he's been president -- or nearly six years. and he relies upon their judgment. and i understand that. >> we've been told by democrats he doesn't talk to them either. >> you know, it's remarkable what president bush said that he doesn't get called by obama. but it's not really surprising. i mean, humility is not a word that comes to mind when you discuss president obama. this is a guy who says i can do any job better than the person i hired to do it. i'm a better speech writer than my speech writers. i know more policy than my policymakers. it is not remarkable that someone with that sort of ego doesn't feel the need to call a former president to discuss matters that that president has been through already. >> i also think he doesn't think george bush was a good president and i don't think he has the
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kind of advice he wants. but -- i don't know about that actually. >> i do. >> i think if you look at clinton and carter -- carter used to complain that clinton never called him. i don't think clinton really thought carter was a very good president. didn't want advice from him. so i think it probably can be more -- >> whatever you think of the policy of your predecessors, there are things you can learn from talking to one of the few people in the world who's occupied the same office. i think the big difference between george w. bush and barack obama at least in the context of the war on terror and this, george w. bush, when things in iraq were going poorly, he listened to people who were criticizing his policy. >> change. >> and understood that it wasn't working. and acknowledged that it wasn't working. when barack obama sent -- you know, decided we were going to conduct air strikes in iraq and syria, he gave a speech in which he doubled down on his failed policies. he boasted in the second paragraph of that speech about withdrawing troops from iraq and announced that he was going to do it in afghanistan too.
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he won't -- he's unwilling to admit when he's made mistakes. >> look, i get you love george bush. it didn't vote for him. i don't have anything against him. i think he's a nice man. but let's not try to recreate him as the most amazing president. >> he won the war though. >> no, he didn't. what did we win? we didn't win. >> whoa, we won that war. the surge worked. >> he did not do what steve just said because he didn't fire donald rumsfeld until he was absolutely backed into a corner to do it. >> and then he changed course. >> people are pressuring him and telling him he's got to go -- >> real quick. got to go. >> but he did. but he fired don rumsfeld, changed course and created -- >> you're too late. >> 4,000 americans have been lost -- >> you burn the place down and then you have a surge that's successful. congratulations. great job. >> jason and i are the calm ones. all right. coming up next tonight on "hannity". >> it is my contention that the president of the united states
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right now is in a full blown cover-up. >> all right, the great one mark levine was not mincing words last night about the president and what he knew and when he knew it as it relates to the isis threat. coming up next, senator lindsey graham is here to react and explain why he is demanding access to the president's daily intel briefings. and later, rnc chair, reince priebus is here for a "hannity" exclusive to explain the gop strategy for winning in november. that's all straight ahead. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. welcome back to "hannity." mark levine made waves when he accused president barack obama of a full-blown cover-up on isis. >> it is my contention that the president of the united states
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right now is in a full blown cover-up. that's why he went to his favorite "60 minutes" correspondent. that's why he blamed his intelligence agencies for this. this has nothing to do with the intelligence agencies. it has to do with the intelligence between his ears. i want to know, did the president of the united states snow about the creation, the development of isis and this caliphate? i believe he knew about it for yea years. i believe he knew about it when he was running for office. >> to help answer those questions or more, my next guest wrote a letter to the president urging him to hand over the content of his daily intel briefings to congress. here to explain why, south carolina senator lindsey graham. senator, good to see you. first of all, what do you think of mark's comments? i think mark is dead-on. what do you think? >> i think the problem that we all have is we don't trust the president of the united states to be honest with us. this is the same guy who said i never referred to isis as the jayvee team, when he did.
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this is the same guy that said it was the iraqis decision not to leave troops behind, not mine. this is the same guy that blamed a video two weeks after the benghazi attack that had nothing to do with it. so the letter is written to the president to clear this up. he's thrown the intelligence community under the bus. if he's right, somebody needs to be fired. and if he's misleading the american people as him checking oit as commander in chief, i want to know that. >> well, james clapper, who he said himself admitted that it was an intelligence community failure, which by the way we were told that the president got presidential daily briefings every day, granular detail about the rise of isis, i don't think it's surprising now that the agencies, all these "leaks" saying in fact he was given lots of details about isis and did nothing and clearly on iraq he knew the consequences if he'd pull out early and not keep intelligence and training forces on the ground.
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we see what happened. >> the question is would this president shift blame to protect himself? the answer is yes. when he says he did not refer to isis as the jayvee team in january because they're so powerful now, he's trying to basically walkback that statement. at the end of the day he wanted out of iraq. the iraqis were willing to leave troops behind, but he would never give them a number. now he's throwing the intelligence community under the bus, i believe. but the presidential daily briefings could solve this problem. let us see what he was being told and make our own independent decision in congress for oversight. i'm worried our intelligence community is not functioning -- or is the commander in chief not functioning? we'll never know until we see the information. president bush turned over his presidential daily briefings to the 9/11 commission to make sure
7:20 pm
history recorded what happened on 9/11. president obama turn those daily briefings over so history can adequately record what happened regarding the rise of isis. did you miss it and ignore it? or was it the intelligence community? >> well, the intelligence community is saying that in fact the president was warned. he only apparently sat through these meetings, he missed 60% of them. what do you make of that? isn't that his main job? he played golf more than he sat through briefings. >> whatever you want to say about president bush, he was intent from the day those buildings crumbled until the day he left to protect this country. he was all over terrorism trying to keep the war over there so they wouldn't come back here. i can't imagine the commander in chief in the times in which we live not listening and asking questions every day about the threats we face. does he have a television? does he read the newspaper? clearly the rise of isis was there to be seen, but on the "60
7:21 pm
minutes" program he shifted blame. that's unfair, if it's not true. and if it is true, somebody needs to be fired. >> but the president is insisting that isis is not islamic. he's saying he said sunday we are not at war with isis. we're bombing them, but we're not at war with them. and ft. hood still characterized as workplace violence and apparently they have an unwillingness to even say what happened in oklahoma is an act of terrorism. what do you make of that? >> i make of a person, the commander in chief, our president, not being honest either with himself or the public about the times in which we live. 76% of the american people believe he's being too soft, too weak regarding radical islam. i bet you if you polled isil, 100% would say the same thing. if you poll their enemies, they would say he's weak, if you poll our friends, they would say he's weak.
7:22 pm
the american people have figured this out. and president obama constantly says things that make no sense. isil's at war with us, my friend. we should be at war with them. >> listen, i think, if this continues the growth of these terror groups throughout the middle east and africa, i think it's definitely going to hit the west. then we'll have a similar -- something similar to the 9/11 commission report. they were at war with us. they were beheading americans. they said they'd raise their flag, the flag of islam in the white house. they said they'd meet us in new york. there won't be any surprise here. the question is whatever the president knew, we had 4,000 americans die in iraq, the surge worked, and he stood by as ramallah and tikrit and fallujah and mosul and city after city fell. and he didn't lift a finger. he bragged about how he got us out of a war. he didn't keep the troops on the ground for intelligence and training purposes. is that his fault that iraq has been lost and isis now has this
7:23 pm
land mass? >> absolutely. it was clear to all of us who go over there for any length of time that we were leaving iraq in a bad spot if you pulled everybody out. if you'd left 10,000 behind, isis wouldn't be in iraq today because we could have stopped them. the iraqi army would still be in tact. political progress was still being made. i think he has two legacies he jealously guards, obamacare and ending the war in iraq. and this political strategy to defeat isil is going to fail is actually -- excuse me, a military strategy to defeat isil is not what we have. we got a military strategy around a campaign promise that i'll never have to go back into iraq. and he's creating danger to our country by allowing these people to grow and be unchecked. the air strikes are not going to work, sean. that alone won't work. >> i want to ask you unlast question. the kurds are saying it's not working. he's saying no boots on the ground, no shock and awe.
7:24 pm
our military experts, former defense secretary, have all pretty much said the same thing. they're saying to the president that's not the strategy that's going to win. do you think that this is directly related to polls that show the american people see isis as a clear and present danger and the pending election, the midterm elections, do you see a connection? >> i think he's reluctant to introduce troops on the ground as an option which clearly needs to be. you're never going to destroy isil without going in on the ground in syria and iraq to get them out. and america has to be part of that force, not the only part, but part of that force. i really believe he's worried more about not being george w. bush than protecting the country from a growing threat that he will never, ever, no matter what anybody tells him, introduce forces into syria and iraq that are necessary to protect us. he is trying to run out the clock. he's trying to do as much as possible and as little as possible not to have to go in on
7:25 pm
the ground. and he's wanting to get out of the job and leave this mess to the next president. and that breaks my heart for those who fought and died in iraq. and shame on you, mr. president, for putting the country in such a spot. >> all right, senator. strong words. appreciate you being with us. coming up, can republicans win back the senate? we'll analyze that next with our very own bill hammer and rnc chair reince priebus, he laid out his vision what he calls the new american renewal principaip of the republican party today. he will join me exclusively. and later,i breaking news on ebola patient in dallas hospital. we'll check in with our medical team. a lot of people in the country are afraid of ebola, have a reason to fear and is the government really telling the truth? we'll examine that tonight on "hannity." introducing
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welcome back to "hannity." here we are 33 days away from the midterm elections and the control of the senate remains uncertain. here tonight at the "hannity" big board to lay out exactly where things stand regarding the balance of power, america newsroom, our own bill hammer. how are you? >> hi, sean. nice to see you. >> you are the expert, we call the "hannity" big board. >> i call it the billboard. is that all right? >> listen, you're better than i am. >> here's what we wanted to lay out for you, the whole contest 3rks 2, 33 days from now with the balance of power and congress specifically on the senate. ignore all the numbers on the board and just think about this one here. if the republicans want to pick up the majority in the senate, they need six states. so here's what we did. go to the maps right here. there are in all practicality 16 races that are competitive right now. you're at 55-45 democrats to republicans. what's the scenario at the
7:29 pm
moment? republicans think the polling has been very favorable to them in a certain part of the country, one of which is west virginia, take that at 46. feel very good about south dakota. your at 47. very good about montana 48. >> those i would argue slam dunks. >> based on polling positions i think a lot of republicans would feel the same. right now the polling is favorable in arkansas. the polling is favorable in louisiana. and then there's 50/50. so this past week the polling has broken towards joni ernst in the state of iowa. that would give you your majority. >> i'm going for 52 here. >> all right. colorado. >> yep. >> republicans really like their candidate. he's made it very competitive against mark udahl in colorado.
7:30 pm
you can call alaska -- if it goes from blue to red and they beat vegas and dan sullivan goes -- >> i think sullivan wins that race. i think guard ner wins here, i think joni wins there. >> you're at 53-47. >> right now that's what i have. >> can i take a few back? >> whoa. you can't take it back. you just gave it to me. >> let's just say alaska doesn't break their way. let's say colorado doesn't break their way. let's say iowa doesn't break their way. you're back to 50/50. what's the democratic strategy right now? if you've been following this they think in the center part of the country they can turn kansas from red to blue, they've got an independent candidate by the name of greg norman giving pat roberts a challenge. >> he won't even say who he's going to caucus with. >> this is true. he's not gone on record about keystone pipeline. >> also harry reid asked the democratic candidate in that race to get out so they could support the so-called independent. so i think that would be a blue
7:31 pm
pickup. >> all right. i'll give that to you for the sake of this discussion. but beginning a lot of headlines just the past week as orman has about a five-point lead in some of this polling. democrats will tell you they've got far more money than republicans. they also believe in their ground game. and that's what they're hoping for. >> well, the ground game obviously helped in 2008, 2012. republicans supposedly made some changes, they think their ground game has improved. whether or not it's enough, i don't know. where are we in north carolina? >> kay hagan is running a good race. republicans like tom, speaker of the house. they like him. they think they should be doing better there. they spent a lot of money, both sides, republicans and democrats, millions and millions of dollars in north carolina. but kay hagan has an edge. >> i'm going blue -- wait, it's not working for me.
7:32 pm
>> now you can go. >> thanks a lot. i'm going here. >> colorado. >> too close to call. i'm going there. at least 52-48 depending on what happens here. this is an outside shot. new hampshire's an outside shot. those are the two i would be -- >> 53-47 in early october. >> either 52 or 53 is my guess. >> bill hemmer, good to see you, buddy. we have a lot more coming up here. now, as republicans work to gain control of the senate, republican national committee chair reince priebus is now laying out what he calls the party's 11 principles for american renewal. earlier today he delivered a speech at george washington university to explain. let's take a look. >> our party's three core values have long been a strong economy, a strong society and a strong defense. the principles of american renewal, which i'm outlining today, fit into those three categories. they represent ideas from across our party. these 11 principles yunite us a
7:33 pm
a party and inform our policymaking. these principles cover 11 vital topics. jobs, spending, health care, our veterans, national security, education, poverty, values, energy and immigration. >> joining me now to talk about his party's strategy for winning come november 4th is the chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus with us. sir, how are you? >> i'm doing great, sean. how are you? >> all right. first i got to say, i have been the biggest critic of republicans because i've been saying you guys need a governing vision that will inspire people. you didn't follow my model, so i criticize you for that. no, i'm kidding. but there are a lot of good things in here. i think it's important -- i think this has been missing from the debate that is what will republicans do if they get control of the house or senate? are you saying this renewal or principles for renewal is the
7:34 pm
blueprint and you want americans to know this? >> well, that's right. i mean, this idea that we're the party of no and we're just against obama, that's ridiculous. you're absolutely right. you've been pounding this drum now for about nine months. and if you look at your five principles, sean, school choice, energy independence, the penny plan, balanced budget amendment, they all fit nicely into these same principles. in fact, i think four out of five of them are right here verbatim. i think that that's what america needs to see. we have a responsibility. and i agree with that too as a party to tell people what we're for. we also have a responsibility to try to unite our party. i mean, we've got a lot of different voices. and i'm proud to say as far as party unity and this document and this vision, everyone from mike lee to john boehner to ted cruz, you know, to mitch mcconnell, to newt gingrich, they're on board with what we're doing. and social conservatives like tony perkins and others, they're on board as well.
7:35 pm
so we're unifying the party, telling people what we're supporting. it's important. >> i don't see anything here that's divisive. there's a coalition party, tea party, conservative wing of the party, i know they hate the word, establishment wing of the party. first of all, i think you outdid me because the constitution does in this day and age under obama needs to be preserved, valued and honored. this president in my view has run rough shot over the constitution. so i was glad you put that in there. the economy, i know you didn't put in my penny plan, but a balanced budget amendment is imperative. we've got to stop robbing our kids blind. >> well, i like the penny plan myself. i mean, as far as like specific types of litigation, i support that. but, you know, look, what's also important is give the american people a choice. so if you go look at school choice, every parent, what our party stands for is every parent
7:36 pm
in this country ought to be able to send their son or daughter to the school of their choice. no parent should be forced to send their child to a failing school. now, to most people that seems like a pretty reasonable thing to say. but that's not what the democrats believe. they would tell you that your child is doomed to the school that their zip code dictates. that's a choice. you know, things like the message on the economy. well, at first glance you say, what we're saying is that we want to grow america's economy, not washington's economy so that american workers get a leg up. now, again, another reasonable thing and position for us to take. but that's not where the democrats are at. they want to plant the seeds here in washington on concrete where they can't grow. and no matter what your position is on the growth of government, i think people across this country know that government has failed them. it's too big. it's gotten out of control. they go back to the constitution. >> i think this is a pivotal moment in our history. so i applaud you for doing it.
7:37 pm
and, mr. chairman, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> coming up, 100 people may have been exposed to the patient diagnosed with ebola in texas. now, is government being totally honest with the american people about ebola? our panel of doctors, they respond next. and later, dick morris here in studio with some eye opening information about hillary clinton and her ties to a left wing organizer by the name of sal olinsky. that and more ahead. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives,
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this is how it feels to hotwire. a delicious meal made just for you ♪ welcome back to "hannity." despite assurances that it was very ub likely the ebola virus would reach our shores, the first case of ebola currently devastating west africa is now confirmed in dallas, texas. texas officials have announced 100 individuals may have been exposed to that patient. and health officials describe the process of containing any future infected individuals at a press conference earlier today. take a look. >> we will determine if a person
7:43 pm
showed some type of signs or symptoms at that point we will get them to the appropriate hospital. at this time all our hospitals are set up to be able to deal with that process. but to give you a specific location i can't do that since we don't have that issue at this moment. >> here with reaction in studio from the fox medical a-team, dr. mark siegel, dr. nina radcliff. saudi arabia's banned visitors from ebola-ravaged nations. air france is not flying to these nations. great britain's not flying to these nations. have we made a mistake by allowing people to come in from these countries? >> we have to be realistic. this virus i our world today. we have to understand we need to deal with it when it comes to our borders. that's what we're doing. we have a coordinated response by the centers for disease control. >> but why did great britain and france do this? listen, sean, the numbers are still pretty small.
7:44 pm
but we also have to manage the fear factor here. let me explain what i mean by that. first thing we should be doing is taking temperatures on people coming here from west africa. >> they did. >> but they're taking temperatures of people when they leave west africa. i want them to use that gun infrared temperatures when people come in here. >> why not let them in until they solve their problems? >> let me address that. the numbers, just the pure numbers, don't allow for that because their numbers are small. but as long as we're going to panic here, we should do that. so i have two minds of this. medically, scientifically, the numbers much more likely someone coming in with malaria. but from the fear point of view we should do it. >> dr. braiden. >> the incubation period is so long in some case, 80 days, that you cannot block essentially pandemics like this. lessons learned at hospitals spending too much time on chronic illness and dying people instead of letting them die at home. we have ethical problems spending hundreds of thousands in the last six months of life. and they cannot take on these
7:45 pm
cases. and they're going to make mistakes. >> here's the question i have, should we be preventing people from countries with high incidences into this country? >> obviously we should. >> we should allow them in. >> we should not let them in. >> not let them in. >> temporarily. and also still understand that's not going to solve the problem. problem rely on the forms, you still have to have good medical care. hospitals are not tied up on endless number of sometimes unnecessary doing a groet job. we'll not see an epidemic here.
7:46 pm
>> coming up, recently uncovered letters between hillary clinton and left wing organizers saul olinsky. former clinton advisor breaks that down next. bonjour. comment ce va? bonjour. comment ce va? due cappuccini, per favore. domo... arigato? arigato united flies to more destinations than any other airline. namaste. over 5100 daily flights to nearly 60 countries. namaste. plus, over 230 us cities. dessert?
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welcome back to "hannity". t the free beacon revealed corresponds revealing just how radical hillary is, in 1971 wrote to him asking about his latest book because she needed quote new material to throw at people. this is a rare gyms into her left wing radical philosophy? joining me is the author of the book "power grab". what does this reveal to you? >> you can get it on and book stores everywhere. . >> i believe the entire country, me included made a mistake in 2008 not listening to you. when you kept pushing the connection between bill ayers and barack obama. we dismissed it as guilt by association and everything. when you combine four facts,
7:52 pm
hillary began her legal career as an intern for a communist law firm. out of the california communist party. secondly, she was one of the interns volunteered during their trial. and she maintained a close relationship with him and went to the water gate committee and stole documents from it to try to prejudice nixon's case. impossible to have a lawyer. >> you put that together, you need to ask if hillary is at heart a real radical. >> you know i was told at the time but prominent conservatives i was ruining my career by raising this question. >> i know. >> look. let's talk about the book. it's similar we didn't examine obama's background. are you saying the same thing?
7:53 pm
>> do you think hillary supports that, too? >> this goes further. >> explain. >> i believe i foun the reason behind obama's plan. i believe obama, if we are socialist european, all that stuff. to assure permanent democratic party control over the country. a one-party democracy. like mexico and japan had everything he is doing has to be seen in that light and counted in that light. that is why he wants to open borders and letting in 100,000 syrian refugees why$wk÷ he wants everybody to b labor union and fights hard against photo id. why he has obamacare. so everybody is on a string i said -- and that is why he wants judicial confirmation was out a filibuster. to concentrate power in the
7:54 pm
hands of president because he knows congress will be in the hands of a republican. >> he think he does want to radically translate that. >> book stores everywhere, >> thank you >> coming up more "hannity" right after the break. straight ahead. new york state is jump-starting business with startup-ny. an unprecedented program that partners businesses with universities across the state. for better access to talent, cutting edge research, and state of the art facilities. and you pay no taxes for ten years. from biotech in brooklyn, to next gen energy in binghamton, to manufacturing in buffalo... startup-ny has new businesses popping up across the state. see how startup-ny can help your business grow at
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>> that is all the time we have left this evening. be sure to tune in tonight for an hour, we examine how the american people are losing confidence from the president's lack of leadership when it comes to fighting isis, ebola and much, much more. join us every week night at 10:00 eastern here on fox.
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start your day with "fox and friends" 5:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. p.m. the loiferl factor -- o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> talk to each other. my daughter came up my first thought was are you serious? >> ebola panic rolling into the u.s.a. as the first victim might have come into contact with more than 100 people? what should the federal government do? we will tell you. >> new revelations that an armed contractor with a criminal history rode an elevator with president obama during a recent trip to atlanta. >> what's that all about? white house correspondent ed henry has the inside story. he will be here. >> also ahead, they are calling it shock and yawn as


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