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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 3, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is friday, october 3rdrd. a fox news alert. >> nbc news professor now eff t effected with ebola in africa. the fear at home growing by the menu. what is being done to contain that virus in texas. >> isis using social media to target military personnel and their families in their own homes. what the u.s. army is now saying about this threat. >> this high school students will probably think twice before skipping school again. >> guess what i am doing? we are going to go to class and
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sit together. >> too tough? "fox and frien and friend/* -- friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first". it is friday morning. always nice to say that. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> just diagnosed with ebola in africa. >> fears spreading fast as we know more people in texas came in contact with the infected patient thomas duncan. >> we are live with what is taking place.
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>> nbc news professors makes four americans working in liberia to contract the virus. he identified him as a freelancer for the network he has worked in the country for three years. he has been bloe flown back for treatment. they will isolate themselves for 12 days. the family of a liberian man in dallas is now under quarantine. they ordered them to stay in their apartment after he tested positive for the disease. he helped a ebola infected pregnant woman. >> thomas eric duncan lied on an exit form to get out of the country. he is in a dallas hospital cause ago scare across that state. >> if they are just being in the hospital that should not be a problem for anybody.
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they are not at risk. it's the people working with the patient and working with any of the bodily fluids. >> who had contact with the infected man. they were originally worried about a few handfuls of possible exposures now they are talking 100 individuals including kids. one of them went to school and was us isolated. some say the parents are invest isolated. when it comes to identifying and isolating patients at the borders when flying in from places like liberia. when duncan was given antibiotics and was sent home
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despite saying he was in liberia they had an over site in the electronic area. >> a lot of confusion and concern. >> the cdc is lying to us a micro biologist in full protective gear protesting saying that the cdc's handling of ebola inside of the u.s. is flawed. >> a chance of transporting ebola the same day in dallas. >> dr. gilmo believes he said he is outraged with a flight going from guatemala to atlanta. >> they didn't ask if i was sick. they asked if i had tobacco and alcohol. the cdc is asleep at the wheel. >> they claim there was no breakdown in screening. thomas kun dan was not showing
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symptoms when he boarded a plane to dallas. >> is the cdc prepared for the deadly virus in the u.s. log on to the facebook page for a live debate #keep talking. >> now to another fox news alert. american military families directly threatened by isis here and abroad. chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge has the latest on this threat. >> fox news has a special assessment from the integration center. criminal and terrorist threats to army commands worldwide. the advisory warns military personnel and families to be vigilant after the islamic state also known as i sis or i say si is isil threatens to target their homes. they called on lone wolf offenders to use facebooking linked in and twitter to find the address at service members
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show up at their homes and slaughter them. there's no corroboration of the threats they add vise half dozen precautions that caused them to limit social media profiles on-line. the pentagon says air strikes have isis under pressure at least in the short term. >> that's a good thing. if they aren't operating as free ry they doesn't mean the isl isn't still a threat. >> levels haven't changed but the bulletin is a reminder to remain vigilant. these warnings are taken seriously because increasing security is a goal for the al qaeda leadership. turkey is joining the fight against isis. the turkish government granting new powers for military operations in syria and iraq. the terror group titleening its
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grip on border towns. australian prime minister tony abbott announcing his country will launch air strikes in isis in iraq. they provide specific contributions to the international coalition. >> former defense secretary leon panetta unloading on the white house for sending forces out of iraq. he says quote the white house was so eager to rid itself of iraq that it was well to withdraw rather than lock in arrangements. it could have effectively advised the iraqi military on how to deal with al qaeda's resurgence and sectarian violence that engulfed the country. book comes out october 7th. >> now it is time to look whose talking saying the problem with resident obama comes down to one thing, trust. >> we don't trust the president
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of the united states to be honest with us. this is the same guy who says i never referred to isis when he did. it was the iraqi's decision not to leaf troops behind not mine. this is the same guy that blamed a video two weeks after the benghazi attack that had nothing to do with it. >> to the weather new millions waking up without power as the storms wreak havoc on several states. this is at arlington baptist college. it was crushing wars in the parking lot. >> neighbors cleaned up after enormous trees ripped from their roof and slammed into cars. >> what, we expect today? >> we won't see the severe threat yesterday and overnight. we are going to see powerful
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thunderstorms over the gulf coast a powerful cold front and along that we could see potential of showers and thunderstorms even severe weather. severe threats go for the gulf coast still a thunderstorm watch. still no tornado warnings thankfully. we have a severe thunderstorm warning in central alabama and we see all of the moisture pushing across the great lakes and the midwest. it will be cold enough for snow probably overnight into tomorrow for the upper midwest. see right there minneapolis wet snow for you heading into saturday morning. all of this pushes eastward across the northeast and over the mid atlantic toward saturday but clearing out for a nice weekend for most. >> we are going to go straight from summer to winter i think. >> thank you. they are going from the real
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housewives of new jersey to the big house. he will spend 15 months behind bars for pank and mortgage fraud charges spending $4 million. >> her husband joe got 41 months. they staggered it for the sake of their young daughters. he will do their time first starting january 5th. >> in the ferguson police shooting she claims her account was hacked. they did not tweet the statement about the officer. the statement says quote i know someone sitting on the grnd jury of this case. there isn't enough toward an arrest. >> he says she hasn't used her twitter account in months. the investigation of the michael brown shooting death is complete. the grand jury expects by next month it will decide if to charge examiner wilson. >> a sweeping abortion law in texas that will shut down the
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majority of the clinics there. the law has gone back and forth since governor rick perry signed it. abortion clinics have to leave hospital level operating standards. that means 13 of the state's abortion clinics will be forced to close. >> medal of han another recipient making a spectacular entrance for the marathon. he will set a world record skydiving to go a massive american flag. he sustained major injuries when he jumped on a grenade to save a fellow marine in 2010 despite 30 surgeries he finished the marathon last year. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. president obama is at it once again. >> while good affordable healthcare might seem a threat to the freedom of the american people on fox news it turns out it is working pretty well in the real world. >> the president attacking fox
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news. is that strategy working with the american people? >> more than 50 years since praying was banned in the classroom should it be overturned? what americans really think. >> a wild police chase after it was stolen at gun point. flush flushl
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>> a wild 90 minute police chase in southern california watches as the armed bank robber heads the wrong way against traffic. he gets back in the stolen truck. the dramatic end as the suspect loses control flies off that freeway and then the truck slips over. the man climbs out, he does
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surrender the man is wanted in a string of bank robberies. >> talk about an unexpected adventure. park goers stranded for two hours on the 150-foot high fun wheel. the ferris wheel came to a complete stop he had to turn it by hand to let every one of the passengers off one at a time. it is now under investigation. >> the controversial history plan that sparked massive protests in colorado still alive this morning despite students, parents and teachers demonstrating for days. the jefferson county school board voted 3-2 in favor of the curriculum. reviews that make history courses more patriotic. there was a compromise he would allow more student and teacher involvement. students stormed out of the classes by the hundreds in recent weeks to protest.
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>> more missing e-mails at the irs. an ohio based company saying lois lerner wasn't the only employee at the agency having hard drive problems. they are in a multi-million dollar lawsuit with the irs separate from the targeting scandal that rocked the agency. they say three separate plies would be efed in their case. the hard drives were quote wiped clean. >> the nation's biggest bank revealing a summer data breech was the biggest in history. a staggers number impacted. >> 2014 was the year of the data breech and now a message for the chase customers. the bank revealing details of a cyber attack. # 76 million households and 7 small businesses effected. the first was in august they
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used the web site as well as jp morgan on-line. it potentially affected all who used their app. no account numbers or pass words were stolen. it denies reports of a second hack attack. they are working on it with law enforcement officials. they are recalling 114,000 vehicles. they are for the 2013 and 14 model years. the problem is small livers that can cause electrical shorts. no accidents have been reported. gm believes only one percent of the vehicles being recalled are actually affected. none the also if you are ke-- n they say the 15 st. recall this year.
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remember the they were pull r pulled back in 2004 and they are back. they are putting the snack back on the store shelves. they will do so in january. we are waiting for the september jobs report. stock futures are looking pretty good right now. futures are higher by 67 points. >> that's good news. >> i don't remember those m&m's. >> i will gbuy you a back in january when they come out. coming up medicare scam -- a medicare scam that took millions from the elderly. now the feds are cracking down. will the victims get their money back? >> she will probably think twice before skipping school again. >> so guess what i am doing ricky? we are going to hold hands and we are going to go to class and sit together. >> we will explain all of that. we are going to ask you is this tough love or too tough? >> it is getting cold out there we are revealing the best shows
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there's a boy riding on his bicycle you can read too grandpa! ♪yea it's always better when we're together♪
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>> president obama taking direct aim at fox news in the campaign street. he tried to rally democrats who may not bother to vote in november by touting his policies on the oeconomy and battl obamacare. >> you hear them running around talking comb obamacare. while good affordable healthcare may seem like a threat to the freedom of america the american people on fox news it turns out
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it is working pretty well in the real world. >> that brings us to our look at who is talking. syndicated radio host laura ingram said president obama's strategy is not working. >> liberalism obama style is failing. it is fox's fault, it's laura ingram's fault. she is being mean to obama. this is a classic olinski tactic he always employs. i got off the phone with one of the top cardiologists in washington, d.c. he said, laura, networks are shrinking. doctors radio retiring. the patient doctor relationship has been compromised clear why yous seriously. people don't have any clue yet as to what is going to be happening in healthcare. >> in other news heading to the supreme court the retailer heading in the hot seat after refusing to hire someone with a head scarf. the store did not discriminate
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the teenager did not say she needed religious accommodation. they appealed the case on the girl's behalf. >> to pray or not to pray in american classrooms. 50 years after a supreme court ban a new gallup poll says 50 percent are in favor of prayer in school. a large majority of americans take issue with a ruling that was made decades ago. it is time now to brew on this. what would you do if your child was skipping school? one mom taking drastic steps and shaming her daughter on social media. >> every day this week. i can show you. >> no. >> guess what i am doing, ricky? we are going to hold hands and we are going to go to class and sit together. >> public humiliation seems to have worked.
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jeanie crutchfield says her daughter hasn't missed a day since her video went viral with 163,000 viewings and counting she did this to punish her after she found out she had been skipping school. we want to know good parenting or tough love gone too far. send us your comments on facebook, twitter or fox friends and we will share them later in the show. >> it is 26 after the top of the hour. he's calling out the white house for ignoring the marine jailed in mexico. >> sergeant tahmooressi is who we should send over to fight isis. you make one mistake even so small your government won't back you up? >> montel williams going on the record. >> never before seen wedding photos of jfk and jackie, how they went unnoticed after all of these years.
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is she serious? ♪words, can't bring me down♪ ♪so don't you bring me down today♪
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>> it is friday october 3rdrd. a fox news lart. an nbc news photographer now affected with ebola in africa. the fear at home growing by the minute as well. what's being done to contain the virus in texas? >> isis threatening our military members and their families. the target now in our own backyard. the brand new warning from the army. >> this from a guy who wasn't ready to handle an amusement park ride. he passes out not once, not twice, but three times. oo "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> good friday morning.
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welcome to "fox & friends first". we always enjoy it when you join us. >> jordan sparks such a nice girl. she has been here several times. fearings of an outbreak spreading fast as we learn more people in texas came into contact with the infected patient thomas duncan. leland vittert is live for us with what the cdc is doing to keep us safe. a lot of people asking that, leland. >> a lot of people are asking that question and a lot of people saying they are simply not doing enough. start with the nbc news photographer. that makes four americans working in liberia to contract the virus. the network identifies him as a freelancer for the network. he has worked in the country about oh three years much like every other american before him he will be throflown back to th united states for treatment the rest of his team will be on a charter flight and isolate themselves for 21 days. that's the ink bags peink gagee-
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incubation period. a relative tested positive for the disease the man helped an ebola positive pregnant woman in liberia and hopped a a flight to the united states days later. thomas eric duncan lied on a form to get out of the country. he is liying in a dallas hospital. >> no one is supposed to go out of their air apartment. they are not even allowed to come on the porch. cdc is communicating with em this. they are going there and monitoring them every day a couple you are hours a couple of times. >> the big issue is trying to figure out who had contact with the infected man and then cleaning the apartment where he got sick. originally health officials were worried about a few handfuls of exposure now we are talking
2:33 am
about 100 individuals one of them went to stool before being isolated us kaing parents to pull their kids out of dallas area schools. health officials say it is unnecessary since it is only spread with bodily fluid it is unlikely casual contact with someone especially if they are not symptomatic could spread the virus. there are more questions and answers about how the u.s. is handling ta possible outbreak. remember when duncan showed up at the er a few days ago in dallas he was given antibiotics and sent home despite saying he was in liberia. they blame it on an oversight in the electronic medical records. have a great weekend, leland. >> is the u.s. prepared for the deadly virus? head to facebook to join in on
2:34 am
the conversation. #keep talking. to another fox news alert for you. isis targeting military personnel. the warning to soldiers. >> this is a warning from the army threat integration center. it confirms the concerns we have heard all along about the lone wolf attacks here. it's not the idea of isis fighters coming here but isis encouraging people already here to do their bidding. it may mean u.s. service family members are in the cross hairs. if you are on social media they could use the information to provide details of their address and loan offenders could track
2:35 am
them down. army force levels hasn't changed. this document is a reminder to stay vigilant. it provide renewed emphasis on force protection measures to ensure the safety and security of our dod component. defense critical infrastructure, personnel and dmunity. what service members are being told is to be extra cautious if in fact they are using social media and to be especially careful about providing any personal information like addresses and so on, something that can be used to actually identify them. ainsley? >> thank you so much for that report. have a great weekend. a marine ejected from an aircraft over the persian gulf is presumed lost. two crew members ejected when they realized it might crash. one pilot rescued but search crews could not find the other. this is the first casualty in the united states since isis
2:36 am
operations. with international focus on iraq and syria it is easy to forget the threat poseed by iran. netanyahu warns of the massive consequences if they get their hands on this. >> the consequences whether iran or isil or isis have fanatical it had hapz in previous with the nazis 60 million people died a third of might have people died. it can't happen again. >> it warned militant islam number one target is ultimately the united states. prosecutors in oklahoma will now seek the death penalty for alton nolen the muslim who
2:37 am
murdered a person. he remains behind bars until his next court hearing in two weeks. >> two pennsylvania state troopers recovering a the home after they were hurt searching for accused cop killer eric frein. the man fell 20 feet to the ground when the there are of a p subjecter's tree fell beneath them. two pipe bombs three left behind as a trap. the head of faa says crews are working around the clock to replace equipment. delays persisted across the midwest region. hopes are the facility will be fully finks allergen by october 13th. the faa chief is set to visit the control center today. the suspect brian howard being held without bond he faces up to 20-years in prison.
2:38 am
oo >> some strong storms moving out of the south. >> janice dean has that plus your weekend travel forecast. good morning, januarice. >> threat for snow across the upper midwest. it will not accumulate but we could see wet snow ore the midwest. look at the temperatures cooler drier air mass ahead of a warm unstable one. that gave us the threat for severe weather yesterday and overnight. thankfully the watches and warnings are expiring. watch this mess across the mid wegs as we go through time overnight tonight. minneapolis, green bay a quick shot of snow for you. not going to accumulate. overnight saturday into sunday. it's not going to be a huge deal but just seeing snow on the radar is going to make people panic a little bit. tropical storm simon this is going to be become a hurricane the next 12-24-hours. it will effect baha. you could see delays in atlanta
2:39 am
and miami. have a good weekend. >> you, too, janice. >> never before seen pictures from jackie and john f. kennedy's iconic wedding. look at them cutting the wedding cake. another shows the wedding party. here are the newlyweds outside the church in new port, rhode island. >> they are beautiful. the photo was found in the photographer's darkroom after his death in 93. the family just put them up for auction. >> it is 39 minutes after the top of the hour. a toll birth worker said she couldn't say god bless you because it's offensive. now she is turning to the law. does she have a case? >> the heart pounding sniper revealed the promise bradley cooper made to chris kyle before he died.
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>> welcome back. a disgusting phone scam. called by police who claim to be for medicare are told they are getting a new card. they request bank account numbers to verify their identities. they have prose enthe operation's assets so money can be returned to victims of the scheme. be aware. >> to new jersey now a toll collector forced to stop saying god bless you because it might offend motorists. the women now filing suit against the garden state parkway claiming her former boss violated her first amendment rights by trying to silence her friendly greeting. i always say it, have a good day. god bless. people would tell me i am the friendliest tollbooth worker i met. it says no phones no foul
2:44 am
language no radios it doesn't say don't say god bless. she is seeking back pay and a cash settlement after she quit. lawyers for hacked celebrities including jennifer lawrence and kate upton threatening to sue google for $100 million over their leaked photos. they are accused of object fying women by making millions off the photos. google claims it removed tens of thousands of the pictures within hours of getting the request. >> time for the 5@5:00. netflix adding old favorites for october. shane rising into town. sleepless in seattle. makes for a perfect movie on that chilly night if up want to curl up on the sofa with your loved one. the gilmore girl series is now available. that's a whopping 153 episodes. the third hunger games film hits theaters in november so you can
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get caught up by watching the second one which is called "catching fire." and "rain man" hits netflix on october 31st. old de but goody. >> wrap up and watch the movies. >> the time is 50 minutes until the top of the hour. roughly 400 people were on flight with the texas man diagnosed with ebola. is it safe to fly? we will have a live report. a pep talk like none other. >> last night i was thinking about what i did i was thinking about what you all do. i was asking myself this question why do i do what i do? >> actor matthew mcconaughey taking a new roll as coach? >> first let's check in with brian kilmeade. >> remember he played the coach in we are marshall. trying to recover after that plane crash. let me tell you what's coming up the next three hours. secretary of defense leon pineda
2:46 am
accusing his real boss of why we left iraq. the united states is ready for ebola. have we proven that yet? is more of the exclusive interview with george bush you have not seen yet. senator rubio is the next president or wants to be. he will weigh in. geraldo rivera talking different stuff. plus what's it like to be engaged to a left wing liberal. the actress who said yes to alec baldwin will be here live. interesting.
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>> montel williams testified before a house panel begging lawmakers to help speed up the fight to get him home. he went on the record also blasting the white house for abandoning the marine. >> yef leader in this congress from congress to the senate to the president i think right now ought to feel embarrassed by the fact that you can talk all the trash you want about going out and fighting isis. remember, it's little guys like -- i say it this way. little guys. big boy. sergeant tahmooressi who is protecting our democracy, that is who we're going to send over to fight isis. it's guys like him. how many of them are going to jump right now to do that when you recognize if you make one mistake even so small your government won't back you up? >> tahmooressi locked up in mexico now for six months after accidentally crossing the border with guns that he legally owned here in the u.s. to a fox news alert. united airlines notifying
2:51 am
at least 400 people who may have been on a flight with texas ebola patient thomas duncan. health officials now trying to reassure the american public that it is safe to fly. we have a reporter live in tampa with more. >> no question the ebola outbreak is scary and on the minds of a lot of people. but we have to put it in perspective and according to the c.d.c., they say the likelihood of catching ebola at an airport or on a flight is very small. before a person catches a flight in africa they are asked a series of questions, whether or not they have been in contact with someone with ebola, if they're experiencing some of the symptoms as well. and the traveler is also screened three different types before they catch that flight. for example, eric duncan in the case of dallas, he was screened before entering the airport parking lot,
2:52 am
the terminal building and before he got on that plane. his temperature at those check points was a consistent 97.3. he didn't have a fever so when he was traveling he didn't show symptoms. therefore, he was not contagious. that's why the c.d.c. says there's really nothing to worry about for a lot of those people who were traveling with them. although if you speak to folks catching a flight this morning, they're a bit worried. listen to this. >> you have to be careful as well. you don't know like, you don't know wh has it. you can't tell by looking at them. >> obviously there's always a scare. >> the key point to remember in all of this, if a person is not showing signs of ebola, likely they're not contagious. back to you guys. >> thank you. we appreciate it. it's the first look at the heart pounding trailer for american sniper. >> [inaudible] >> a woman and a kid?
2:53 am
>> can you confirm. >> negative. your call. >> can't wait for this. bradley cooper playing the most lethal sniper in u.s. history, chris kyle. cooper only got to talk with kyle once before he was killed at a gun range last year but cooper made one proms as he discussed bringing kyle's book to the big screen. he told kyle to put aside his fear of hollywood and trust him in telling his story. >> it is 53 minutes after the hour. a battle over the bathroom. why starbucks is under fire for refusing a customer. >> a mom is going to
2:54 am
extremes to stop her child from skipping school. >> we're going to hold hands and sit together. >> tough love or too tough? your e-mails up next.
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three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening for you today. an nbc news photographer just diagnosed with ebola in africa. he is expected to head back to the u.s. for treatment. as we learned, the infected patient in dallas came into contact with at least 100
2:58 am
people. is the c.d.c. prepared for the deadly virus in the u.s.? head to our facebook page, #keeptalking. a new threat from isis is targeting the family members of american military personnel. thousands of cars and trucks have a new defect that could cause them to stall in 2013 and 2014 g.m. models. >> matthew mcconaughey firing the football team at the university of texas with a rousing football talk. >> you anticipated that pass wherever it was, and you picked it. but you were that close to holding back. or whatever that is, if you had been a little quicker. [inaudible] i knew it. i knew it. i made that. >> very nice of him. next the bad.
2:59 am
a pregnant woman not allowed to use the rest rook at starbucks -- restroom at starbucks even though she said she would buy something. the employee even threatened to call the cops. starbucks apologized. the ugly. one man learning the hard way that roller coasters aren't for him. >> screaming] [bleep] [bleep] >> he passed out three times. poor kid. >> now it is time for your brew on this responses. a mom in wyoming be punished -- she punishes her daughter for skipping class by following her to school, going to classes with her and recording the whole thing and posting it on social media. >> we asked is this good parenting or tough love gone too far. on facebook jerry says good parenting. >> paul writes on facebook humiliation to me is a form
3:00 am
of mental abuse. in this case the chances of that strategy backfiring are huge. >> j.r. on twitter says it's tough love as well as good parenting. thanks to everyone who respnded. >> we hope everyone has a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it is friday, october 3. a fox news alert. another american diagnosed with the ebola virus. this as we learn the first inspected man lied to get to america. so many developments this morning to bring you, and we have them all coming up live. >> meanwhile a followerer member of president obama's inner circle throwing his old boss, m obama, under the bus. and wait until you hear the administration's response. >> we pulled out the troops and there was no one there to protect the gains. >> megyn, are you arguing that 10,000 troops or 5,000 troops or 25,000 troops would have prevented, would have been able to fight back against


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