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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 4, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

7:00 pm or follow me on twitter. have a great weekend. welcome to this audience edition of "hannity." there is a crisis of confidence that is engulfing president obama for his favorable to lead at home and abroad. tonight we're here to lay out the reasons why. how did they end up where they are in control of so much territory? was that a complete surprise to you? >> well, i think our head of the intelligence community, jim clapper has acknowledged they underestimated what was taking place in syria.
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>> isn't a person getting inches from the president worth someone getting fire >> yeah, it sounds like he is running around out here. >> he drove to the front of the business, entered the business and did server her head. >> this was not workplace violence but an act of terrorism. >> the chances of an ebola outbreak here in the united states are extremely low. >> an individual traveling from liberia has been diagnosed with ebola in the united states. >> our current commander-in-chief and members of his administration are in way over their heads and the example that best proves this point is their ignorance when it comes to terrorists who want to kill innocent americans. we were assured that we no longer had to worry about the
7:02 pm
threat. >> i am not talking about al qaeda's grandiose vision. that vision is abseward and we are not going to organize our counterterrorism policies against a feckless delusion. >> we put al qaeda on the path to defeat. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> we ended the war in iraq. we focused our attention on those who killed us on 9/11. and as a consequence al qaeda's core leadership has been decimated. >> now unfortunately, some americans believed all. that but when we started to learn more about a group called isis and the threat they posed not just in the middle east but around the world, president obama was asked about the seeming new new terror network in january and he said that the analogy we use around here is sometimes and i think it's
7:03 pm
accurate if a jv team put on a lakers uniform, doesn't make them kobe bryant. >> we don't have a strategy yet. >> if we are joined by the international community we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influence, its effectiveness, its financing, its military capabilities to the point where is it a manageable problem. >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> and that's why we put together tonight's distinguished audience as we cover the hot topics from isis to oklahoma beheading, the secret service scandal and ebola and much more. with that we bring in our panel. how could the president be so wrong about isis? john you follow, you write, you're a great author how could
7:04 pm
you be that wrong? >> because he wanted to be that wrong. it is the axiom of this administration that it has been a stalwart warrior against terrorism and that the murder of osama bin laden put -- killing of osama bin laden put paid to al qaeda and so 2012 was spent with that argument and once that argument is made for a year it's not as though the white house can turn around and say gee, sorry i know we said that during the election but we were kind of wrong and we didn't really mean it and we're in a lot of trouble now. so they had to hew to the narrative line they created. >> after he attacked the intelligence agency something he is well known to do, which is blame somebody else but himself he said they got it wrong on isis. he didn't read his daily
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briefings and knew about isis in granular detail if he would have read them and was warned with pinpoint accuracy everything that would happen if he left iraq too early. how could he be that out of touch. >> barack obama ran and won as an anti-war leftist. that's why he spent the last six years of his presidency minimizing the islamic terraterror threat and threats of all manner and nature. he doesn't want to have to deal with it. this also explains why he is pressing forward of the gutting of the military. it is a leftist i'dology. he has tried to deny the threat, deflect attention away from it so he could continue his transformation here at home until he could not do it any more. john pointed to the beheadings of two americans. once that generated enough outrage, then he had to act --
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his heart is not into this. >> let's go to tamera. tamera, you defend the administration a lot. this goes back -- let's remember they were called overseas contingency operation. the official position of the government of the united states and this administration today is that what happened at fort hood is an example of. workplace violence. they're saying but they're not suretive is that is workplace violence in oklahoma. isis is not islamic. the president was asked if we are at war with isis. he says we're not at war with isis. why can't he get the basic things right? >> there are people on the left like myself who do not yea with this president and think he is lazy in his leadership and policy and does not listen to the intelligence that is coming to him. so to blame an entire group of
7:07 pm
people is irresponsible. >> but they are fighting back. isn't it interesting that all of a sudden the intelligence community and all these leaks he was warned about isis and the ramifications of pulling out of iraq. >> that's not a leftest ideology. >> it's the president's leftist ideology. >> it has nothing to do with him being a leftist but it is being a poor leader. that's what it is. >> and leon panetta describes that in his book. he wanted to stay true to that -- >> is that the bible? >> no but he said he wanted to abandon iraq. that is his ideology. that is the left-wing ideology. >> this is irresponsible. >> one month ago, obama said about the syrian opposition, he said it's a fantasy that won't happen. these are doctors and pharmacists who couldn't possibly aid our efforts. that's now become the core of
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his -- >> you know, let's not simplify this. we're dealing with barbarians. every day i get videos from the great navy seal friends i have, they send me videos of beheadings and putting people's heads on poles to use the social media to influx into the united states of america and get more people to join up. this is the world war 3 beginning. these people out there are b barbarians. and the only way to defeat them, if they don't want our boots on the ground we have a lot of heroes, and navy seals and people in england they should put together a mercenary force. they wouldn't be like the iraq -- >> i would go for that. if they said do you want go -- >> you want to fight isis. you view it as a clear present danger. >> i would be happy to. >> if i could run i'll go with
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him. >> we'll put you in a tank. >> you have heroes in england. these are not the iraqis that stand there with their hands behind their back and get their heads sawed off. they have real military guys. i put my navy seals and guys in america get them over there. >> i put your whole detective squad against them. let's turn to the muslim side of this question. the president has come under fire for saying the islamic state is not islamic. yes, it is. we have boko haram, we have the islamic jihad. we have isis. we have al qaeda. we have hezbollah, we have ha hammes all in the name of your religion and this boards you. >> there are two islams. one is the pristine islam and
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the other one is mangled up islam. there are other books by scholars in the past and they are rightfully quoting it -- >> i'm a quran expert. but it talks about infidels and holy war and jihad. a rigid interpretation is how they justify what they're doing, correct? >> absolutely correct. >> so they read it verbatim. it talks about jihad and that justifies killing in the name of allah. >> they do not read that way. but they have been conditioned to read that way. the scholars -- >> i have read the quran. >> the muslim scholars have misinterrupted the whole thing including the one don't take friends for jews and christians. >> jihad infidels. you're an imam.
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>> is it -- >> why is the majority of what we see in the media today all anti-christian and anti-jew why is there not a cry -- >> convert or die. >> i'm glad you mention that. if you google it there are millions of muslims all over the world have condemned isis. i was the first to condemn. i wrote to president obama. >> over a billion muslims. >> don't retract -- >> your voice is -- i find moderate muslims that have their religion being hijacked their voices are almost mute. there is a fear because what happened? they're labeled an aposition state. you have fat whats called on you. >> i have. >> let's go to the imam. this is happening in the name of your religion. i asked you once if hezbollah is a terrorist group and you would
7:12 pm
not give me an answer. in the charter it says obliterate the state of israel. >> it is hamas. >> i would not condemn hamas. >> hamas's charter says to eit will be rate israel. >> change the charter. >> change the charter? >> are we going to talk or scream or try to -- >> go ahead. >> first of all, what i would say is this. first of all, anybody who has an ounce of sense knows that the tag that was given to these people, barbarians, that is perfectly accurate. but you can't substitute barbarian with islam. they may take on the idea of islam. but christianity, ju dayism and islam it's like a -- we invite
7:13 pm
everybody in. let me just finish -- >> judaism does not invite everybody in. >> but islam does. >> yes, we do. >> you can't scrutinize everybody who comes through door -- >> hold on. in the mosque in oklahoma we're told they had back room meetings. this was the convert or die position. >> if someone comes through the door and says they want to kill anyone who is not muslim which is what the oklahoma guy put on facebook i would say you are not allowed in here. you would let someone like that in? you just set you let everyone in. >> let's be real. >> let's be real, sir. a grandmother was beheaded in the united states of america. >> do i get a chance to talk or to respond? i'm -- >> hold on. >> one at a time. >> go ahead.
7:14 pm
>> first of all. this man, if he was a muslim for three years what was he before that? and do we indict what he was before that? >> he spoke in arabic and asked for a muslim lawyer. >> what about the man who just killed his six children. >> let's say -- >> he was a violent criminal before he did this. let's not make the fact that he found religion as an excuse. >> all over his facebook page. >> he was a crazy person. he went postal -- >> don't -- >> he went back to his employer who fired him and killed someone there. >> all over his -- >> that is not the quran. >> all over his facebook is influence of radical islam. >> everyone who is christian who kills someone -- >> give me the isis comparison -- >> the ku klux klan. >> about the klan. >> how about it? >> the jewish comparison. in the 1960s there was a radical
7:15 pm
right wing group called the jewish defense league and main stream jews attacked it. when 28 arabs were killed, main stream judaism went after him worse than anyone else. that is the model. >> that is a mass murder not a religion. >> that's what i'm saying. >> we have to take a break. we'll get back to you when we come back. our audience is just getting warmed up. we confront the extremist ideology that is to blame for the brutal beheading in oklahoma when we return. introducing
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welcome back to our welcome back to our audience edition of "hannity" as we examine the crisis of confidence of our current commander in chief. before he stepped foot in the oval office, president obama was busy crisscrossing the globe
7:18 pm
boldly declaring islam is a religion of peace. you may remember this. >> the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. isil is not islamic. no religion condones the killing of innocents. and the vast majority of isil's victims have been muslim. we have reaffirmed again and again that the united states is not and never will be at war with islam. islam teaches peace. >> all right. now in light of the brutal beheading in oklahoma late last week and other acts of barbarism around the globe, tonight we are asking whether or not president obama's truly literally taking the threat of radical islam seriously. here for reaction we bring back our studio audience. ainsley earnhardt, we have learned a lot about this guy in oklahoma. we learned that he wanted a
7:19 pm
muslim judge, that he asked the judge -- i'm sorry, a muslim attorney. and he also was speaking in arabic as he was beheading this poor woman. >> that's pretty scary. he has a photo of an isis leader on his facebook page. his facebook page has since been taken down. he referred to the group as his brothers. he also told co-workers that women should be stoned for an offense. he also went to the same mosque as a 9/11 conspirator. and inside that mosque behind closed doors "they taught the true teachings of islam which include the choice to nonmuslims that you must convert, live under islamic rule or be fought against jihad for the sake of allah." also on facebook he wrote america and israel are wicked. wake up muslims, he says. and posted a photo of the burning twin towers and said don't y'all know why the eastern part of the world hates america. everything god says don't do america does. >> before i get to you, joe. let me ask a question -- how many here doubt this guy supports radical islam. who doubts it? >> sean, sean -- >> oh, come on.
7:20 pm
i read the quran. i bet you he hasn't even read the quran. >> how is he any different -- >> how is that lunatic -- >> no one -- >> these are people motivated -- >> they're not the extremists. >> he's a criminal and using the quran and using islam as opportunistic. what we're not talking about is how much -- >> ainsley just gave you facts about what this guy would do. >> he's crazy. this is not an indictment. this is not an indictment on the religion. and what we're not talking about -- >> based on -- my friend joe. >> joe. >> sorry. that would mean that every radical islamist just say is crazy and not a terrorist. that's what you're saying. >> anyone who's going to use the quran or any other religious artifact to extract -- to commit crimes of violence is someone who's a criminal and someone who's not -- but do you think this individual who was a violent criminal before he
7:21 pm
converted was a christian-american who was a christian committing acts of violence. >> joe, you got noncriminals in america and england going over to the isis for religion. that's what they're doing. >> committed acts of violence before, joe. put them in jail. >> joe, they're not criminals that are running over there. they have no criminal records and they're joining up with isis for religion. >> that is different -- >> sean, between joe and myself we have, what, 30 years of being criminal defense attorneys. i've been a criminal defense attorney for almost ten years. let me finish. let me finish. let me finish please. i'm not defending him. i'm not defending isis and their behaviors and the barbaric acts of certain people who are part of that group. however, this is a man who is a crazy person who will probably go and say that he's insane and ask for an evaluation by the court just because he is saying he's a muslim does not mean -- >> what i heard from ainsley is
7:22 pm
a sympathizing radical islamist. and we could say the same thing about every group and every member of the group based on what these two were saying. >> you certainly could. what was 9/11? air rage? based on the arguments we're hearing to be the that's exactly what we're hearing. the fact of the matter is an american grandmother was beheaded on american soil. then you have the obama administration hedging, well, we're not quite sure if it was terrorism or not. look, this was an act of terrorism on american soil. and you have to stop appeasing these islamist -- he's an actor. he's a criminal actor who had a violent history and is using the quran now as his motivation. come on. >> let me go to noel in the back. >> now he's a spokesperson for terroristic groups. >> noel, what about 9/11? >> joe, joe, joe, what about ft. hood, that major hassan, was that workplace violence? was that workplace violence?
7:23 pm
distorted he's using the quran as his defense -- >> noel. >> people using the quran to commit acts of terrorism. >> commit crimes and murders and then -- do we? this is a single isolated incident by a single human being. you guys are killing me. this guy is not isis. come on. >> ainsley is making a good point. >> joe, you're talking about because this is a single individual this can't be a terrorist attack? what about the boston marathon bombing? that's a terrorist attack. those were two brothers. >> we got to take a break. we'll go back to mutual corners when we return the american people can't even feel secure that the president of the united states and the first family are safe in the white house. we'll explain how the secret service security breach is also leading a crisis of confidence as "hannity" continues.
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headquarters the hunt for eric frein. he is accused of shooting a pebz state trooper on september 12th. a second trooper was wounded in the attack. a scranton, pennsylvania newspaper saying that frein texted a friend of his saying, quote, all is good. a haitian dictator has died of a heart attack. he took over at 19. he earned the nickname "baby doc" his reign lasted 15 years before controversy forced him to leave the country. he returned in 2011. now back to "hannity." welcome back to this audience edition of "hannity."
7:27 pm
earlier this week, the entire country was shocked and appalled to learn that the man who jumped the white house fence made it much further into 1600 pennsylvania avenue than originally reported and to make matters worse, members of the obama administration were contradicting themselves about the matter. listen to what press secretary josh earnest said about the head of the secret service julia pierson before and after she resigned. >> she is more than qualified to do her job. she is somebody that's very difficult responsibility. but he continues to have confidence in the ability of the leadership of the secret service to protect him and his family and to implement the necessary reforms to strengthen that security. >> director pierson offered her resignation today because she believed it was in the best interest of the agency to which she has dedicated her career. the secretary agreed with that assessment. the president did as well. over the last several days we've seen recent and accumulating reports raising questions about the performance of the agency. and the president concluded that
7:28 pm
new leadership of that agency was required. >> oops. just 24 short hours later those comments clearly prove the crisis in confidence that's engulfing the obama white house and it's warranted. we bring back our studio audience. we have two former secret service agents here, dan, running for congress in maryland's sixth district and also -- we have three incidents. we have the fence jumper made it much further into the white house, even past the stairs going up to the residence. >> sure. >> which is scary. we have the second incident in 2011 six shots fired at the white house and took them four days to determine they thought it had nothing related to do with the white house, which i disagree with. and then a guy with a gun got on an elevator with the president of the united states. isis, our enemies are watching this. we got to protect our president. >> right, no question. there's no partisanship in that. these were clear failures. there's no putting lipstick on them. now you have a tutorial video on youtube basically how to jump the fence on the north lawn, which if you had a triage of problems, that to me is the most
7:29 pm
frightening. the only thing i can hope is there's some kind of exhaustive review and it really breaks up the bureaucracy in the dhs and gets some answers and actually secures the facility. i would argue there have been holes in it the entire time and just been subjected to bureaucratic pressure. on even little things, sean, like changes the anesthetics of the white house. >> i heard he walked through the door, literally pushed aside one agent like it was nothing and then walked into three different rooms. >> right. >> an officer, sean, uniformed division officer, let's not confuse that with agent. >> sorry about that. >> that's okay. >> one has to wonder in this day and age, what if he had god forbid a bomb strapped to his body. >> that's exactly right, sean. that's why in my view lethal force should have been used. and perhaps this is where dan and i split on what we think about this, but you have to look at the white house actually as a living thing. it's not just a building. this is the home of the president of the united states. he had just left. the president could have easily have had to come back to the
7:30 pm
house for any number of reasons. and if mr. gonzalez had been running rampant through the house at that point, that could have caused quite a problem. >> doug. >> sean, there's a bigger issue in all of this. it is the insecurity of the united states both domestically and internationally. and the failure as americans and patriots to articulate a rationale for our values, freedom, liberty, democracy, freedom of religion. sean, we don't hear that from our president. we didn't hear it tonight. and as an old fashioned american patriot of the john f. kennedy style, i say we have to do that otherwise we will lose no matter what the debate is. >> don't we have to recognize -- you and i disagree on a lot. we do agree a lot on foreign policy. don't we have to have the courage to identify terrorism for terrorism. >> we have to identify terrorism. >> why won't this president say it? you're a democrat, why won't he say it? >> he's wrong. but what is right about america is the vast majority of the american people democrats, republicans and independents.
7:31 pm
>> doesn't it project a weakness? it projects weakness to the world. >> of course it does. but don't we emphasize the positive, sean? what brings us together rather than tearing us down. >> let me go to nicholas first and then i promise noel. nicholas, go ahead. >> as far as the white house jumper. >> yeah. >> i would have shot him. >> you're a former ranger. >> sniper. >> sniper. >> what's that? >> i want to shoot with you. >> let's do it. yeah. >> let me just -- let's say the guy that pulled the gun -- pulled the trigger finds out later it's a guy with ptsd, which it turned out to be. i want this guy to get help. he's a former guy that served this country. i don't want to put him in jail. i want to make sure he gets help. >> well, ptsd, there's a lot of guy who is have ptsd. >> there's 250,000. so he shoots him. now you're going to have the liberal media come out and say he shot this guy, why'd they shoot that guy. >> so much technology, sean. >> you can never appease the liberal media. >> oh, come on.
7:32 pm
>> wait a second. wait a second. >> hang on. we got to get these people in. carl. >> there's no appeasing the liberal media. you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. >> let's say it becomes a black/white issue. let's say it becomes ferguson, trayvon martin, now, noel, you've got a whole different set of issues comes up. >> well, back to your point on terrorism and the white house not really fully saying -- calling terrorism terrorism. you have to realize obama's background from the very beginning. this is someone that palled around with bill ayers. look what bill ayers' background is. this is someone that went to a church that basically preached hate. so you've got to realize -- >> hang on. she's making the point. let her make it. noel. >> the point of it is is obama is someone that's antiwar, antiterrorism. tamara, stop. thanks.
7:33 pm
>> wait for the mic. >> he doesn't want to call terrorism when it's actually terrorism. that's what it's about. and it's jeopardizing our national security. >> alex, let me bring you in here. >> well, i would like to find out from former secret service why was the front door not locked? isn't there a security device? i mean, i think it was congressman isis asked that. wasn't there -- >> that's the key point here is of course he didn't have to be shot. if things were working right, he would have been detained before he got to the door. so the question here -- let me finish for a second. >> i'm in the security business. >> yeah, i know. so what. that's not the point. >> detectives could have observed him going over the wall, an alarm could have went off, dogs there, it didn't happen. >> of course. i worked in the white house like a lot of people here or a lot of -- you know, it's mind boggling to think that he got anywhere near the door. he should have been stopped near the door. the question then is a managerial question. it's a larger managerial question.
7:34 pm
>> sean, we have nonlethal options. the man was an iraq war vet with ptsd. are you prepared to put a rifle slug into his head -- let's fix it before talking about blowing the guy away. i'm not apologizing for it. it was a massive failure. are we arguing we should put a bullet in the head of trespassers? >> i'm a former navy s.e.a.l. >> what about the rules of engagement you guys had? >> that's the problem you're talking about tonight. there's two issues. to sum it up as far as the islamic caliphate goes. look at history. in 1900 over a million and a half armenians were killed muhammad, he carried out the first caliphate, basically the movement of islam. but the other problem you have is leadership. what happened at the white house with the secret service comes down to this, if you don't have a plan, you're going to react. if you have a plan, you respond effectively. and that's the problem. things are not being looked at
7:35 pm
beforehand. and this administration is 100% reactive. >> we'll take a break. when we come back it's not just issues on national security that have now sparked this crisis of confidence. president obama promised us all that the chances of an ebola outbreak in america weren't going to happen. well, guess what, a case has been diagnosed in texas. there's growing concern tonight from coast-to-coast. our medical experts, they are on our panel. and we'll talk about issue when we return. ue when ugh. heartburn.
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welcome back to this audience edition of "hannity." so when the ebola outbreak first erupted in west africa, americans watched in horror and wondered if in fact it could make it to our shores. president obama assured the country we had little to fear. >> first and foremost i want the american people to know that our experts here at the cdc and across our government agree that the chances of an ebola outbreak here in the united states are
7:41 pm
extremely low. >> today, we are providing the information that an individual traveling from liberia has been diagnosed with ebola in the united states. >> so with hundreds of people now reportedly being monitored in texas and beyond, americans now can only hope that others weren't infected. we bring back our fox medical team. dr. siegel, a lot of people are worried. we went from 12 being monitored to 18 now a couple hundred. >> can i make a point on secret service. >> you can do whatever you want. >> look, i want to say from three years of riding mountain bikes with president bush is that the biggest problem the secret service had were keeping up to him. they were devoted to him. so i don't want the whole division -- >> i have a secret service american flag pin. i agree with you 99.9%. it may not have been the secret service on the outside because there are different layers, many, many layers that get -- that have not factored in here.
7:42 pm
do americans have to worry about ebola? >> yes and no. but i want to start by saying it's clear that there was a delayed response here. that's the biggest problem. looks like president obama delays on everything. he delayed on isis. he delayed on this. the biggest hope we have of squashing this outbreak or epidemic in west africa was to get people there before, boots on the ground before, build the facilities before, teach the health educators before. no, no, listen. the military is very, very good in this kind of a situation. >> do not send the military into that. they don't belong there. >> the kind of military they're sending in there are the ones that know how to build this infrastructure that is needed there. they are very smart at fighting emerging infectious diseases. here's to sean's point. there's going to be cases here now because we waited too long. it is not going to be a sustained epidemic here because it is very difficult to spread th >> we have an infrastructure, a medical infrastructure.
7:43 pm
>> that's right. >> that they don't have in the countries where this outbreak is killing so many people. dr. radcliff, air france, great britain have stopped travel to some of the countries involved. the president on the very same day this guy went in the hospital said we won't send anybody back to some of these countries. is that a mistake? >> i don't think it's a mistake. ebola is a part of this world and we have to deal with it. it's not contained to one country or one city. >> why should we let a country that's being devastated and impacted, why let the people in here? the people aren't allowed to go to france, not allowed to travel to great britain. why are we letting them come here. >> understand ebola wears a very different face in the united states. the testament to this is -- >> why are we letting them bring in disease inspite of our ability to cure it. >> look at what happened to emory hospital. they brought back people and treated. they were 100% effective. >> i love emory hospital. i lived in atlanta. i don't want to go to emory hospital.
7:44 pm
>> one point i want to make is i can't understand why we're not at least checking temperatures here. they have guns they can literally shoot infrared temperatures. we're doing it over in west africa. but when they're entering the united states we're relying on customs officials to recognize sick people. >> we've got to take a break. we'll come back. we'll continue. we have a lot more to happen. president bush was right when he warned in 2007 what would happen if we pulled out of iraq too soon. how many americans lost their lives? 4,000. brian sat down and asked the president about this and more. also what he thinks about the rise of isis. those highlights and our studio audience reaction next. those hi audience reaction next. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree?
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7:50 pm
innocents and beheads people because of their religion or because of their point of view is dangerous. there's a short-term strategy the human condition national security. >> we bring back our audience. do you hear that. >> did i. >> the nature of the enemy and their sympathizers. and you don't want to call them terrorists. oh, he's a criminal even though all of his facebook page -- everything is about a quran. >> he's a criminal. >> he's a terrorist were the 9/11 hijackers criminals or t
7:51 pm
terrorists. i he's a islamic radical. >> he's a radical not an islamic radical. >> he's using a tactic to change people's beliefs. >> that makes him a terrorist. >> it's not a believe. >> can i say that this is part of isis's strategy. they want lone wolf terrorists here in america. >> do you think isis targeted this guy? >> there's propaganda. >> let me give you the time line. the time line is -- >> you are giving -- >> it's all about islam, what do you mean? >> you can't remove islam from this. >> by you buying into it, you're allowing them to recruit that kind of thing. >> let me help you with the time line. the time line is simple. three days prior to the beheading in oklahoma, the head of isis called for lone wolves
7:52 pm
to do specific things, bomb cars and behead people. how often do you read about beheading people. >> here is the thing. this guy used the guise of terrorism and isis to commit a crime. it wasn't a rannedon act of violence to further the desires of isis. it was someone in his former place of employment where he was disgruntled. the fact that you're unwilling to admit this is going to make it easier for us to fight this war on our front lawns. they are going to do what they are trained to do which is behead people -- >> today's twitter has the isis people telling you we know where you live. soldier's families. we're going to get your addresses. >> nicholas, respond to that. >> i think as far as the isis situation, yeah, he was a remember of isis. there's no if, ands, butts abs
7:53 pm
it. on his facebook he supported it. he's a part of isis. he's a terrorist. >> he had jesus christ written across his stomach. >> one at a time, doug. >> we lose our focus on what president bush said. president bush was right about short term and long term because we're so busy arguing about terrorist or not terrorist. >> isn't it embarrassing to hear how weak our president is. >> president obama is doing the best. >> your president is weak. >> when he said islam is not terrorist, he was telling the correct information. >> hold on. >> we make a grave and very dangerous mistake when we start conflating joihadism with menta
7:54 pm
illness. >> when he went to trial his lawyer tried to claim he was crazy and he slammed on the desk and said i am not crazy. i am a jihadist. >> i want to say i think this guy is a terrorist. i think he is a member of isis. either you are or you are not. members of isis were former leaders under saddam hussein. they are part of an organization. >> coming up, we will have more hannity coming up right after this break, straight ahead. right after the break. straight ahead. e. his long day of doing it himself starts with back pain... and a choice. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. honey, you did it! baby laughs!
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big hand for your audience tonight. thank you all for being with us. we will see you back here on monday. have a great weekend. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," has the" red eye" staff taken casual friday too far? we go behind the scene. 1k3 how is channing tatumn taking the news he no longer has the world's largest six pack? we debate washer board style and does the vice president want to payoff the national debt using leprechaun gold found at the end of the rainbow? >> we have an incredible opportunity before us. it has always been the promise, the promise over the horizon. but it has been a promise and it was always just out of reach. >> none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that santa claus sued her by giving her --


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