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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 6, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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how can you not watch that? i don't know what's going to happen. but it will be big. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the threat of a humanitarian disaster unfolding at this hour in the middle east. despite u.s. air strikes and weeks of fighting by u.s. coalition partners, isis is advancing in syria and there are serious concerns tonight that the jihadists are poised to unleash a new massacre of innocence. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly reporting live from laguna nagal, california, fortune magazine most powerful women summit. the black flags over the syrian town of kobani. we saw this fighter plant the banner on the strategic hill top. broken through the last
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remaining forces defending this town and its 50,000 civilians. these are images of the lucky ones, desperate refugees who escaped across the border into turkey just six miles away. thousands of innocent men, women and children, muslims, christians, arabs, others remain tonight. their lives very much in danger. just hours ago senator john mccain offered this frightening warning that u.s. air strikes were not working and that a massacre loomed in this very area. >> there's a town called kobani surrounded by isis. and if it falls, there's going to be a mass slaughter. and there will be no better indication of the ineffectiveness and fecklessness of this air campaign we're now seeing. >> for days the u.s. military has been providing limited aid to kurdish fighters defending kobani. and rear admiral acknowledged that the u.s. was monitoring the
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situation and launching targeted air strikes to beat back the surging jihadist forces there. >> we've been long watching the situation around kobani. we've been aware of the threat they pose to that place and to the residents there. we have conducted air strikes in and around kobani to try to relieve some of that pressure. >> despite those efforts again tonight the black banners of the islamic state. look at that. are flying over this town. lieutenant colonel raf ralph peters. we saw it happen in fallujah. we saw it happen in mosul. we saw it happen in ramadi. and now we see the islamic flag over the town of kobani. which they say is a strategic and important location for these fighters. tell us why. >> well, it's important symbolically. it extends the caliphate. and the islamic state caliphate, megyn, is real no matter what the president says. and extends right up the border
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of turkey, secure vast threats. it's an important kurdish state and the kurds have been fighting hard to hold onto it. and it really is a battle for a syrian kurdistan. symbolic is very important. senator mccain is right. there will be a massacre. they're still fighting the streets. the kurds haven't given up. they're fighting house-to-house and block-to-block. but our president who launched this phony air campaign, this air campaign basically to absolve him of any blame to get his party through the november elections. this air campaign has been paltry from the start. he warned them we were coming. he hit empty buildings in the dead of night. empty camps. we're sending in jet fighters with small -- low yield precision -- guided hand grenades basically to blow up
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individual pickup trucks to kill three terrorists here. four there. outside kobani where the terrorists from the islamic state were out in the open in mass with their vehicles, their persons, it was the perfect target for serious air power. b-52s doing saturation. but this president will not do it. he doesn't want casualties, not only civilian casualties, he doesn't even want a lot of dead terrorists. this is all a fraud and those people in kobani among so many others are going to pay a tragic price for our president's outright cowardess. >> what are we going to do now, ralph? you're critical of the president. he's gotten involved in this air strike which is something many did not want him to do. but what are we going to do now? are you going to let this city fall? you have john mccain warning of a mass slaughter. most people never heard of
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kobani before, but experts like you and senator mccain telling us we need to worry. complete part of the main caliphate that they're after and the air strikes are not going to protect this town and already we see the black flag flying. what next? >> hit them with air power. hit them hard. before they got into the city when they're out in the open, now we can' very well carpet bomb the city. it's one travesty after another. president obama doesn't act to prevent tragedy, he reacts to tragedy. he mourns and does a little bit. it's going to repeat itself again and again and again because we are not at war with isis, the islamic state. they're at war with us. but we're just making this fraudulent pretend effort that we're doing something. oh, by the way, our allies in the gulf are doing far, far less and the turks as they sit on the border and watch this slaughter
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unfold, prime minister erdogan of turkey is playing a double game with us. we're acting as though we're the weak ones. we're not the super power. and what he is doing is he is letting the islamic state militants slaughter kurds. and then when the kurds are slaughtered, then he may act against the islamic state. he wants an islamist government in damascus, he just doesn't want islamic state. he wants his extremist in damascus. >> what does this do to the propaganda that isis offers out there? you know, the u.s. comes in and according to our own allies on the ground the air strikes are not doing enough. they're not doing much according to some. what does this do to isis and its recruiting efforts? >> megyn, you just asked a crucial question that nobody else is asking. and the answer is it's a huge recruiting tool because it allows islamic state, the caliphate, to say, see, the americans said they were going to destroy us. we're still standing. we're still advancing.
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we can stand up to america. and along with those beheading videos which may horrify us but they are catnip to all the young dudes in the middle east who are radicalized or discontented, et cetera. islamic state is a magnetic force for all the malcontents of the islamic world. and we are strengthening them by our shows, our displays, of weakness. oh, by the way, far from degrading and destroying isis as the president promised to do, isis is advancing on baghdad. they're advancing on kobani. they are gaining more recruits, slaughtering more people, gaining more territory. and we look and are indeed feckless, infective and cowardly. >> cowardly, ralph, you're not referring to the troops. >> no, of course not. >> the strategy. and the president's taken that from many corners now including
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some serious blowback from his own former defense secretary which we're going to get into in a minute. ralph, good to see you. we're also digging deeper tonight into new warnings from the fbi director that the al qaeda group known as khorasan is determined to attack america or its allies very, very soon. great. here's director comey. >> khorasan was working and may still be working on an effort to attack the united states or our allies and looking to do it very, very soon. i can't sit here and tell you whether it's their plan is tomorrow or three weeks or three months from now. given our visibility, we know they're serious people bent on destruction. and so we have to act as if it's coming tomorrow. >> seth jones served at various levels of u.s. special operations including work in afghanistan and his director of the international security and defense policy center at the rand corporation.
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seth, so they will strike the u.s. very, very soon. what do you make of his decision to identify that fact publicly? >> well, megyn, what it looks like is the fbi and other u.s. intelligence agencies have enough evidence right now that there are still efforts underway by al qaeda. we call this khorasan but let's be frank, this is al qaeda. al qaeda is plotting attacks based out of areas in syria both at europe and the u.s. homeland. and in particular even the air strikes that have targeted specific locations in western syria against khorasan, al qaeda, have not weakened the group's ability to strike targets that got westerners like david drudgen from france, that got arabs like muosu -- attacks as we just heard the fbi director note are potentially if not imminent then at least the
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u.s. is not entirely clear whether it will happen today or tomorrow. >> it's really incredible when you hear how frank the fbi director was. they may still be working on their effort despite the fact we bomb them. they're looking to do it very, very soon. we have to act as if it's coming tomorrow. we know who they are. we're going to track them carefully. but basically this is just a metastasis of al qaeda. okay. what exactly are we going to do? because we decided we were going to bomb them and now we're being told by the fbi director that didn't quite get it done. and now we're hearing from the folks on the ground the air strikes didn't quite get it done either. >> megyn, part of the problem is this organization in syria, we call it khorasan, i'm going to call it al qaeda, has a safe haven and sanctuary. they're operating with al qaeda affiliate that calls themselves al nusra. they aren't taking territory or ground away from these al qaeda affiliates. the problem is air strikes alone
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without a ground campaign are like mowing grass. we're mowing grass right now in syria. we've hit a few individuals. but without a sustained ground campaign including from locals, none of this is going to matter because they'll still have a sanctuary to plot attacks from in syria right now. that's really the biggest challenge with this strategy. >> he also told "60 minutes" and scott pelley, director comey did, that this is not as danger a time as when al qaeda was at its peak. we have better intel. we're able to see dots and connect dots. do you believe that? >> i think the intelligence community, the fbi, the cia -- definitely better than pre-9/11 with organizations like the national terrorism center that does bring a lot of these agencies together. the problem and the one pushback i give to the director is though that there are few places like syria where our intelligence collection efforts are not that good. the u.s. has put a lot of stuff
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historically including signals intelligence and human intelligence in afghanistan, in iraq, but in syria right now it's very, very limited in part because our presence there is so limited. so we're blind. we are partly blind in syria. this is where this organization that the fbi director said is potentially conducting or in the process of imminent attacks. we're probably more blind there than in any recent jihadist battlefield. >> wow. seth, thank you. also tonight another chilling message from the fbi director. this one concerning americans who have gone to fight on the side of the terrorists. and wait until you hear what he says our remedy is with respect to these folks, whom he says we have specifically identified. judge napolitano is next on that. don't miss this. and vice president joe biden spent some of his weekend apologizing to a couple of our mideast allies joining us in the coalition. we'll tell you what he did this
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time. and new revelations tonight from the book by secretary leon panetta and why these have the white house now in full-on defense mode. >> having served a number of presidents, one of the keysat y. so, yes, you don't try to repeat those mistakes. but you also don't get so nervous about doing anything that you fail to make the kind of tough decisions that sometimes have to be made by a president to protect the coun it's monday. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week.
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developing now, a new twist in how the administration is handling our security. we've been telling you about these warnings from the fbi director that terrorists are determined to strike america and our allies very, very soon. and we know some of the very people fighting on the side of the jihadis are americans. the fbi director now says these
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people whom he says we have specifically identified can travel freely back to the united states. seriously. listen. >> how many americans are fighting in syria on the side of the terrorist sns. >> in the area of a dozen or so. >> do you know who they are? >> yes. >> each and every one of them? >> i think of that dozen or so i do. i hesitate only because i don't know what i don't know. >> with american passports, how do you keep them from coming home and attacking the homeland? >> ultimately an american citizen unless their passport's revoked is entitled to come back. so someone who's fought with isil with an american passport wants to come back, we will track them very carefully. >> oh, great. judge napolitano is our fox news senior judicial analyst. they were in syria fighting with our enemies against us and against our allies and yet we're going to track them carefully when we allow them to come back
9:17 pm
in the united states. can we charge them with treason, judge? >> i'm shaking my head. i'm like you like most people in the legal community have a great deal of respect for jim comey, the fbi director. and what he said earlier in your first segment was true and profound and i'm glad he said it. but he forgot there's a statute called providing material assistance to a terrorist organization. so if he knows that americans have been fighting with isis and he also knows that the secretary of state has declared isis a terrorist organization, that is more than enough evidence for him to arrest them upon their re-entry into the u.s., it is crazy to let them back in and wait and see what they do. it's also a waste of fbi resources. and the director most respectfully, he's a fine lawyer and wonderful person, should be aware of that. >> well, who knows whether he's setting policy on this. but it is crazy. we've identified them by name fighting in syria with isis, a terrorist organization. and we are going to track them
9:18 pm
carefully when they come back into america with their u.s. passports. i looked it up. you know what? the secretary of state can revoke your passport or at least limit it, revoke or limit it they say, when for example they determine that you are in arrears of child support payments. child support, judge. that they can take your passport away, but if you take up the jihad with isis we're going to track your carefully. >> you know, i have a problem with his being hung up on the issue of the passport. the issue is not the passport. the issue is their freedom to move around in the united states of america after they have left training for some terrorist organization which is in and of itself a federal crime. that is more than enough to arrest them, charge them, indict them and keep them from traveling free around the united states whether they have a passport or not. he knows he can arrest them at jfk or dulles or anywhere they first land in the united states.
9:19 pm
and they'll never be free because a grand jury will indict them immediately. >> right. because the other thing that you can revoke somebody's passport on if you want to go back to the passports, if there's an outstanding federal arrest warrant for the person holding the passport. why don't we get arrest warrants, the isis fighters, the americans who went jihadi on us, and arrest them when they return to the united states? >> if he knows who they are as he says he does and i accept him at his word. >> he says he does. >> that is more than enough for his agents to file an application for an arrest warrant. and it will be granted. and then they would be held in jail until they were indicted. >> is it treason? a lot of the viewers think this is treason. >> technically, it is not treason. the constitution of the united states provides a very high bar for treason. it means you provided aid and comfort to the enemy by fighting against the united states. and the enemy is what congress has declared, not what barack obama has declared as the enemy. so the president by refusing to
9:20 pm
seek a declaration of war against these people has taken treason off the table. >> unbelievable. judge, good to see you. >> good to be with you, megyn. >> there's also news tonight on a 19-year-old from illinois who is reportedly determined to help the terrorists. his story just ahead. plus, a stunning new poll on the upcoming midterms and how a record number of voters are hoping to send a message directly to president obama. and new concerns tonight about the ebola screening process and the new solution just announced by the president.
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developing tonight, a 19-year-old illinois man now accused of attempting to support a foreign terrorist organization. he was arrested saturday at o'hare international airport.
9:24 pm
the story may not end with him. trace gallagher with more from our west -- i'm kind of in my own west coast here. it doesn't suck, i can tell you that. >> it looks beautiful, megyn. we are just up the road from you. in court today the 19-year-old told the judge he understands the allegations against him. he was arrested this weekend before he boarded a flight to turkey. he did buy a round-trip ticket but told the fbi he planned to stay in the middle east and that he was supposed to meet a contact in istanbul who would put him in touch with isis members. he believed his role with the islamic state would be in some type of police force combat role or public service. the criminal complaint says federal agents found a three-page handwritten letter from khan to his parents informing them he was on his way to join isis because he was upset that his u.s. tax dollars were going to kill his muz lick brothers and sisters writing, quoting here "we are all witness that the western societies are getting more immoral by the day.
9:25 pm
i do not want my kids being exposed to filth like this. he also invited his parents to join him one day. and included a warning to them saying "first and foremost, please make sure to not tell the authorities." federal agents also found a notebook containing drawings with arrows that might indicate where he planned to make the border crossings into syria. and statements like this "the is la lammic state in iraq and levan, here to stay. we are the lions of the war. my nation, the dawn has emergedemerged emerged." the criminal complaint talks about a possible other suspect, megyn, but they do not mention any names or identities. >> let me just ask you why you choose to do your reports from l.a. when you could be outside against a beautiful ocean like i am. >> i pitched it 18 years ago when they started this network,
9:26 pm
megyn. and they said no we're staying in l.a. you want to go to orange county, go 45 miles down the road. >> look who i'm talking to. i'm usually live in manhattan. at least you're in los angeles. for the viewers who missed the top of the show, we are here live for the fortunate most powerful women conference. power. that's why we're out here. more on that tomorrow night. well, vice president joe biden spent some of his weekend apologizing to not one but two of our mideast allies. wait until you see why. plus, former secretary of defense leon panetta today suggesting that president obama is more law professor than leader. ouch. that's next. >> i think the leadership probably would respond if the probably would respond if the president said, your customers, our financing. your aspirations, our analytics.
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harrowing details continue to come out in iraq against strongholds. the air strikes on the terror army are not going as we planned or as they were promised to the american people. in his exclusive interview with "usa today" this morning, former secretary of defense leon panetta who worked for this president for years says he fears we're getting into a generations' long battle with this terror army whose aim is to create an islamic caliphate. watch this. >> yeah, i think we're looking at kind of a 30-year war kind of history here in which it's going to take a long time to be able to go after these elements. >> joining me now, bret stevens, pulitzer prize winner and foreign affair columnist at "the wall street journal." he joins me now. to the president who wanted to
9:31 pm
end wars, not start them, has now gotten us involved in a 30-year war with a bunch of barbarians. that's how his critics are going to see it. >> look, the truth is it's not 30 years. it's a hundred-year war. the problem with the obama administration is the tide of war is receding, you can make it seas to recede g kanut and you can't do that. look, i think that it's important to stress that if we were able to defeat al qaeda and the shiite insurgents in iraq in two years, we can with the right mix of forces, do the same thing against islamic state now. but we shouldn't dilute ourselves into imagining that we'll be able to call it quits, come home and don't have a long-term struggle with islamist jihadi militancy.
9:32 pm
that's going to be the story of your lifetime and mine and our kids lifetimes as well. >> bret, you know that what happened in iraq with the surge and the turnaround there took, whether you agreed with it at the time or not, enormous courage. enormous courage. and general jack keane, who comes on our program all the time, was a key person behind coming up with that strategy. and it took a leader who is willing to put it all on the line despite the polls, despite everything to put more troops in there and make it happen. what panetta says, what mr. panetta is saying about his own former boss, this is a democrat panetta talking about the president for whom he worked, "president obama relies on the logic of a law professor rather than the passion of a leader. he avoids the battle, complains and misses opportunities." ouch. do we have someone in the white house right now who is capable of winning this fight? >> no, we don't. and that's one of the points that "the wall street journal" made especially as obama entered
9:33 pm
his second term is that he had surrounded himself with what we called a flock of doves. you used to have people like david petraeus and mr. panetta and robert gates surrounding the president. now you have susan rice, chuck hagel, john kerry. you don't really have a forceful advocate in the white house for telling the president, look, this is a fight that we have to win. this is a fight that's going to define your legacy. and you cannot afford, sir, to accept the islamic state as a permanent or long-term reality in the middle east because the problem militarily, strategically, ied logically, is going to be worse for us if we simply wait on events. >> secretary pa netd ta was also asked about the president's legacy and what it will be. he's not on camera by this. you'll see he's covered by pictures of the president and other things. but it's leon panetta's voice. listen. >> i think the jury is still out. the first four years and the
9:34 pm
time i spent there i thought he was a strong leader on security issues. i think he kind of lost his way. >> well -- >> he lost his way? >> well, i think he lost his way back in 2009 when he first came to the white house promising nation building at home, which was his mantra for several years. the idea that we could simply turn our backs on the problems of the middle east. that's the outgrowth -- >> to which the american people supported though. he ran on that openly. they were war weary. they said you're the man to get us out of there. and he did it. >> and back in 2012 people saw him as a foreign policy success. and now i think americans are coming to understand the cost of that delusion. you know, americans look to presidents to provide leadership when it comes to foreign policy. we look to the president and say this is the way the world works. these are the things i have to do. and even if you don't support me
9:35 pm
now, you will support me later. i think when americans look back ten, 15 years from now for real leadership from the white house, when they're least expecting it they're going to look to the years 2006 and 2007 when president bush almost entirely on his own decided on the surge, won the war -- at least during his time in office. won the war in iraq and allowed america to withdraw from the country with honor. and it's a tragedy that that victory has been squandered by his successor at a price, a new generation of american soldiers is going to have to pay as we tried not to combat the new threat in iraq. >> leon panetta said flat out we should have armed the moderates, rebels in syria and never sold out of iraq the way we did. bret, good to see you. programming note, mr. panetta will be on o'reilly tomorrow night and we'll have full coverage tomorrow night after the fact. showing the president's numbers taking a real hit particularly
9:36 pm
on foreign policy. tonight, a bombshell from gallop showing a historically high number of americans going to against president obama even though he's not on the ballot. gal up finding 32% will find a message of opposition to the president. the strongest response measured by gallup on this question in the last 16 years. it's higher than the percentage that wish to express their opposition to president bush in 2006 when republicans got killed in the midterms or even president clinton in 1998. chris stirewalt fox news digital editor. i'll never forget being on the set when the democrats won the house and the senate and they were jubilant with the arms up in the air. and yore telling me now gallup is telling us now that the electorate feels more strongly about sending a disapproving message to president obama than those voters did to p. george w.
9:37 pm
bush. >> oh, yeah. it's not a statistically difference, but the factor is enormous. it's the largest. i know you guys aren't totally bound -- >> i get it. >> exactly. i know you guys -- >> pretty laid back. but around here the freak out is on. and democrats really understand it. this is the point in the electoral cycle where the president is sharp diverging, the president saying don't worry my policies are on the ballot. make no mistake. >> why isn't is he saying that. came out this weekend and said that was a mistake. shouldn't be saying that. >> i have my own quack pot theory which is that the president probably believes the senate to be gone. the president is probably more interested in keeping around him liberal democrats who agree with him. but i don't think he's much interested in trying to help red state democrats who are probably going to lose anyway that he
9:38 pm
doesn't want to have to pander for. he wants, well, look, here's what we know about you and why that number's so high. what does he always do? faced with a crisis other than giving significant speeches is he moves less and than goes to his base. i expect only going to the left and to the political base. >> chris stirewalt, good to see you. >> good to see you. have fun. >> don't you wish you were here? doesn't everyone? it's so beautiful out here. look at this awesome sunset. we started the show and it was blinding. basically like looking at the sun which is why blinking. and now you can see -- now sort of an eerie calm -- oh, they want me to get back to anchoring the show. anyway, coming up, why vice president joe biden spent some of his weekend repeatedly apologizing to not one but at least two of our mideast ally
9:39 pm
who is are helping us in this coalition. and then police in philadelphia deciding to send a very powerful message about the decision by one far left college to honor a convicted cop killer. wait until you see this. plus, new effort to headoff ebola before sick travelers can arrive in america. ♪ who's going to do it? who's going to make it happen? discover a new energy source. turn ocean waves into power. design cars that capture their emissions. build bridges that fix themselves. get more clean water to everyone. who's going to take the leap? who's going to write the code? who's going to do it? engineers. that's who. that's what i want to do. be an engineer. ♪ [ male announcer ] join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here. ♪ [safety beeping] ♪ [safety beeping]
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their new term the u.s. supreme court today refusing to hear appeals from five states hoping to ban same-sex marriage. indiana, oklahoma, wisconsin, utah and virginia. the high court's refusal to take up those cases now allows for same-sex marriages to proceed in those states. also leaves in place lower court rulings that paves the way for same-sex couples to soon be married in a couple more states. bringing the total to more than 30 states and the district of columbia. >> the chances of an ebola outbreak here in the united states are extremely low. we've been taking necessary precautions including working with countries in west africa to increase screening at airports so that someone with the virus doesn't get on a plane for the united states. >> as we all know now that didn't quite work out. that was president obama speaking for the cdc
9:44 pm
headquarters a few weeks back before the u.s. received its first case of ebola. now, thomas kun duncan is fighting for his life and receiving treatment from a new experimental drug that supplies for zmap have run out. earlier this afternoon president obama announced that the u.s. is preparing additional measures to screen passengers in the u.s. casey has that story. >> whether thomas duncan frankly lives or dies could all be hinging on this experimental drug he is now receiving here at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas. a drug by the way that has never been tested in humans or in animals for its effectiveness against the ebola virus. it has been tested in humans for other diseases. it's primarily marketed to attack smallpox. meantime, an american freelance photo journalist for nbc news arriving in nebraska today from
9:45 pm
liberia, ashoka mukpo believes he got ebola by helping clean a car that someone with the virus died in. mukpo's own parents tried talking their son out of taking the assignment in liberia because they thought it was just too dangerous. >> i told him, i said he was crazy. >> and i begged him from a mother's perspective, i said please don't go. but there was nothing to do. he was determined. >> also tonight there is word that a nurse in madrid, spain, has become infected after treating a missionary for the disease who had been to sierra leone. this is the first known transmission by the way of ebola outside of west africa. and finally, president obama announced this afternoon that the u.s. government is preparing to screen airline passengers in the united states. the president did not give specifics, but top health officials tell fox news that they are looking at targeting passengers arriving from
9:46 pm
ebola-stricken african nations. something obviously americans and a lot of people have been calling for now for quite some time, megyn. >> indeed. casey siegel, thank you. joining me with more, dr. robert -- good to see you tonight. >> good to see you. >> we know they've run out of the special medication that saved the other two aid workers. do we have anything that will help the people who are in the united states currently suffering from ebola or at risk? >> we don't have too much. we're working very hard to produce what's called a monokoenl antibody. this zmap was interesting because it was grown on tobacco leaves and a very, very interesting -- that was directed against the virus. but the development is so slow and it's all been used up. and so we don't have anything available for the rest of possibly the populated infected people. we do look at developing these new drugs in what are called
9:47 pm
chinese hamster ovary cells, but that process has not really done well. it's faltered a little bit. so we don't really have anything right now in the pipeline that's going to give us enough drug to treat this virus going forward. >> just to clarify, did you say they're doing test on chinese hamster ovaries? >> that's correct. that's generally the cell in which we grow these antibodies. >> do they have to be chinese? >> no, they don't. but that happens to be the strain. it's a great strain. it's a great way to grow these antibodies. >> just wanted to be sure. wasn't sure how we were going with that. the other question i have for you is there is another reporter for another network who says the screening process now coming into the united states from africa is horrifying and shocking saying they're basically not screening. that the reporter said what do i need to do, i'm coming from a can you want wicountry with ebo
9:48 pm
and they said just watch yourself and what are you watching for? well, i can't tell you. should we be worried? >> it's pretty lousy right now. i i suggested to the airlines that we train at least one flight attendant in what to do and have available tyvek suits in the event that somebody is infected and either coming directly from west africa or from europe. we don't have that right now. if somebody's on a plane with a flu-like illness, it's going to look like everybody on the plane is going to panic and it may just be the flu. >> right. >> but we need to do something about one screening for patients that are sick and, two, once they're on the plane, handling things. >> quick question. two quick questions. is ebola coming to the united states in a greater measure, do you think? and number two, if and when it does, are we going to be able to handle it? >> i think it is coming to the united states.
9:49 pm
i don't think there's any question. the probability when you look at the numbers of having cases get through the 21-day incubation period from west africa, we're going to have them coming to the united states as we had previously with the fellow in dallas and also now you've just heard there's a case reported in spain. we're going to have that. are we prepared for this? i think we are prepared to isolate and treat patients with fluids and keep people alive as best we can. the key here is that in the united states we have wonderful procedures and processes in place to take care of people with a variety of conditions. we are going to be worried desperately about those patients that come to us and their contacts in the process of arriving in our country. but we're going to certain we're going to certainly see more cases. >> good to see you. thank you, sir. >> good to see you, megyn. >> coming up next, vice president joe biden and how,
9:50 pm
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well, a solemn moment in philadelphia this weekend where former and current law enforcement officers held a silent protest at the site where officer daniel faulkner was murdered 33 years ago. his convicted killer is now serving a life sentence. but for some bizarre reason he has become a cause celeb. to some on the very far left in this country. so much so that his alma matter in vermont asked him to speak at one of its commencement ceremonies on monday. in his speech delivered by video from prison, he credited the school for his love of education. 32 years ago officer daniel faulkner was gunned down in cold blood but abu-jamal. members of the media were not
9:54 pm
allowed into the commencement ceremony. developing tonight, vice president joe biden finding himself again in hot water for some of his off-the-cuff remarks about some of our mideast allies during a q & a session last week. trace gallagher has that story. trace? >> apologized twice in two days and some believe a third apology might be waiting in the wings all for one speech he gave at harvard's john f. kennedy school of government where he blamed the u.s. arab allies for fueling the rise of isis by giving aid to rebels fighting syrian president bashar assad. listen. >> they poured hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against assad. except that the people who were being supplied were al nusra and al qaeda. >> the united arab emirates foreign ministry was astonished
9:55 pm
at the remarks and demanded an apology and the vice president complied calling the crown prince of abu dhabi. earlier biden had to call the president of turkey and apologize for saying this. >> and the turks, president erdogan, told me, he's an old friend, said you were right. we let too many people through. now they're trying to seal the border. >> the turkish president was equally irate denying he ever made the statement and denying he allowed foreign fighters to cross his border. the u.s. has been trying to convince turkey to offer military support to help fight isis. and despite the apology, the comments by the vice president likely won't help the u.s. cause. vice president biden also questioned saudi arabia's human rights record comparing them to the soviet union under joseph stalin. white house says no apologies they know of are coming. megyn? >> trace, thank you. let us know what you think. go to our facebook page. or sent me a tweet @megynkelly. which i'm reading right now. we'll be right back. on my jour,
9:56 pm
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tomorrow, it's our show's first birthday. and do we have a look back for you. set your vcrs to give you last-minute suggestions for the highlight reel. see you tomorrow. live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. president obama says the international community is not doing everything it can to battle the ebola outbreak in west africa. after meeting with his national security team, mr. obama is
10:00 pm
convinced he needs to pressure foreign leaders to do more. he says the chances for an ebola outbreak here in the u.s. are low, but his administration is now working on additional screening protocols for airline passengers in this country and overseas. speaking of air travel, chicago's o'hare international airport is experiencing delays again. blame faulty phone lines at a suburban air control center. for a time the problem was also causing delays at chicago's midway international. late last month an arson fire at another chicago area control center resulted in more than 2,000 canceled flights. the damage there is still being fixed. i'm kelly wright. now stay tuned for "hannity." welcome to "hannity." tonight, ebola fears spreading across the nation as the infected patient in dallas turns critical. in a moment, a


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