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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 7, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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our chairman roger, and with chuck who is ininstrumental in starting our home. 18 years ago today. >> thank you. and outnumbered over time on the web, "happening now" now. >> we start with a fox news alert. terrorist arrest in london. scotland yard rounding up men on suspicion of a terrorist plot. >> this is "happening now". teaturing on the brink of collapse. the key city in syria under siege and isis advancing despite u.s. air power. can the coalition stop the terror network before it marches on. >> plus, infedility. >> what was it to him. she was needlessly and brutually murder. >> the salashes trial of
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a former church usher who prosecutors say hired a hit man to kill his wife in cold blood. >> the first robotic. >> science fiction coming to life. >> software. drones and robots and the new study on the wave of the fut and you are should we be worried about robots replacing humans in the work place. it is all on "happening now". >> but first, we start with our top story. police in london arresting four men on terrorist charges. i am jon scott and welcome to second hour of "happening now". >> they are searching homes and cars in an ongoing terrorist investigation. amy has more from london. amy? >> reporter: hi, shannon, with
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fears of terror attacks on the rise and isis. terrorist arrest have gone up five- fold here and scotland yard rounded up four more men accused of plotting terrorist attacks. we don't have the details of what they are believed to have gotten up to. it comes on the heels of nine arrest last week including high- profile islamist who was released on bail. these arrests are people are sympathizers and propaganda and possibly one layer removed from potential attacker ares. but the mood is edgy in britain and what happens in words and writing is as much. and 1000 dangerous websites are taken down by cyber cops here. prime minister cameron has been
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vocal about this especially since the man behind the beheadings appears to be british. he worries about keeping the home land safe and keeping young extremist from travelling to iraq and syria and those who go may not be welcome here at all. passports will be confiscated and there are more than 80 terror related arrests in uk this year. >> thank you. >> and shannon, now the fight for ka boni. we may be hours away from the syrian border town captured by isis. kurdish fighters are struggling to keep the city. there are reports of 12000 citizens trapped and 9000 isis fighters bearing down on them. tens of thousands civilians fled
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in to turkey. satellite images show how entrenched isis has become. they are surrounding the side on three sides. the turbishy border and black flag of isis is flying in triumph. signs of the unrelenting progress continues despite the coalition hair strikes that are meant to fight them. turkey is sitting on the border not doing thing. turbish kurds demand they act to protect kaboni. turkey's president calling for ground forces to save kaboni. his troops have not moved one bit. edhenry joins us live. >> eric, good to see you. the black flag from isis,
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a chilling reminder of what is happening in syria and in addition to the gains on the iraqi side of the border. 9000 heavily armed isis fighters outgunning the syrian moderate it's ground that are our allies and intelligence officials say hundreds are dead. and as you suggest could be thousands dead in the next 24 hours and all of this playing out as leon panetta starts his bock toward the memior and critical of the president's policies in iraq and inside syria. and panetta on nbc's today show warning again, look, even though he pushed for the u.s. to help rebels and arm them, he's not sure they will be able to get the job done and suggesting u.s. boots, more of them may need to be on the ground. >> in order to do it, you need to have boots on the ground. in order to obviously embed is
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train those forces and in syria, we would like to have opposition forces be the opposition forces on the ground. >> and all of this raising questions of a strikes defeating isis. and mccain and graham say the air action that president obama is taking against the islamic state will deserve support but not destroy. it the u.s. has to go after bashar assad. you can see vice-president biden issuing an apology to the turbish president. the edoga n is nervous on what is happens. vice-president biden is expected to apologize to saudi officials. third apology based on comments he made last week. it is a fragile coalition. saudis and turks are important
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members there to help us defeat isis. >> and waiting to see what the turks will do if anything with the tanks and the not moving to save ka bodi yet. >> and reports about this, and an american who went to syria to join the fight against isis. brian wilson, his name. and former u.s. military soldier from ohio. wilson spot with a journalist saying he's far from the the only western or american who joined the kurdish fighters battling isis. >> i am from ohio in the united states of america. and most people in america are against the islamic state and there are a few americans that wanted to come here and help in any way we can. everything is fine there. they are very nice and very
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accommodating and very good people. >> wilson as we know, is the second american to join the kurdish fighters and kurdish official said this man, identified as 20 yoor old jordan manson is from wisconsin and joined the fighters. he reportedly was injured with chap nel wounds in his leg and recovering from a fight in the hospital there. it is it a super tuesday of sorts. candidates are squaring off in five states, four weeks before the critical election. three of those states decides which party controls the senate. alaska, colorado or iowa. what should we look for tonight. we have joe and marlin. >> we'll start with alaska.
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we have an incumbent up against the strong gop contender. what will be the make or break in alaska? they don't have a huge population and until election day, it is tough to know. >> it is tricky and we look at the tea leaves, one would say in the ads that went up in alaska and that's what i do to gauge the mood. and a super hard hitting and not factual about a murder case that he had to end up pulling from the air. and that gave me a feeling of panic there. and on the other side for sullivan. they came out with an a d for them. she won a write in this candidacy. you can see where that is headed with the antidotes. >> the senator is among the incumbents who tried to distance himself from the president
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saying you shpt rule by executive fiat and those kinds of things and you think it puts daylight between him and the white house? >> that's the attack he has to take and has been taking. i agree with kathryn, he had a good lead until he ran that ad, and now that disa pated and sullivan is looking stronger. in the debates as you move forward. bagige will do everything he can to distance himself from obama and sullivan will do everything he can to tie bagige to obama and get voers to think of it as. begich doesn't want that. i think this is a toss up. but it has been moving toward sullivan in the past few weeks. >> in colorado, we have senator
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mark udoll. and his chnger, congressman corey gardener. this is tied in the real clear politics average. it is a tight poll all along. when i talk to colorado democrats a few months ago. they thought it was a joke that corey gardener would get blown out and no way he would be a challenger, but joe, it is a race. >> it is a race, i don't think the base will impact here. colorado's adapted an all male ballot and every voter received their ballot and in the process of voting and democrats have a huge ground game knocking on doors and helping to mail those ballots in as the gop is doing. and i think by the time the debates all happen, most, colorado will have a refuge turn out. and that benefits udoll.
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this is not one that the republicans have a chance picking up. >> i would disagree that they don't have a chance. i feel better about colorado than i do north carolina which is a bad possession for the democrats. the battleground is alaska, colorado is telling. udoll has been on the air with many millions of ads on birth control and war on women theme, and i think it hasn't worked which is interesting sort of a tactic that the republicans can take forward here. and we'll see what happens with the debates. udoll will not do statewide televised debates and at times, in the debates, he's been caught, for instance endorsing a carbon tax which is not great in colorado. and gardener is a good candidate
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and that is driving colorado and iowa. they are good candidates. >> you mentioned iowa joe, couple of sentences on iowa. >> that is a toss up. that one will go down to the wire and both parties throwing everything they can at that race. braly is again made mistakes, and the republicans have taken advantage of. it and it is still a race and i don't see that decided until late in the morning in november. >> joe and mary kathryn thank you for joining us. >> you, too. >> and we gear up for midterm elections in november. thousands of students in hong kong are fighting for their elections. the crowd is thinning out after days of tens of thousands in the streets and they spread out over the protest areas. students and government leaders
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agreeing to hold talks to address the protestors demands. >> they are supposed to adhere to a ceasefire. new video emerging from ukrainian and separatist troops exchange fire in the the airport of the eastern city donetsk. the government will deploy drones to monitor the events on the ground. and tension between india and pakistan. we'll bring you an update on what is going on there in a moment. thousands of isis terrorist closeed to capturing the key town of ka boni. what is the next front against the is slammic terrorist group. >> nasa astronauts performing a space walk.
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>> and getting them ready to go. alex how do you read here? >> we are great.
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>> isis appears ready to capture a key city of kabon i. and that raises fear of a massacre and a major triumph for the islamic terrorist of isis. and the next front line will be lebanon. and lebanon is a small country and dealing with its own political problems and feeling the affects of isis including a rash of kidnapping. they house 1.5 million refugees lebanon emerging as the next
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front line in the islamic offensive. david joins us from the washington institute. and a former middle east advisor to former secretary of defense donald ramsfeld. how vulnerable is lebanon? >> i think it is vulnerable and over the past three years. hesbollah and iranian backed militia is fighting on the side of the assad regime. they are coming over the border to capture and kill leb anese troops and capturing hesbollah. the state is having a hard time coping. >> everybody is looking for kaboni. and the lebanon border and you think that the honcho of group
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of isis has his sites on lebanon? he talk about spreading the islamic state for iraq and syria. other say thei sill for the lehaven't and that includes lebanon? >> the territory is ripe. lebanese sunnis have not been radicalized. but they have sat and watched as assad regime kill 200000 sunni muslips and they are getting upset. and of course, you have isis right next door fighting hesbollah. and there is some that joined the revolt in syria and isis is next door and taken over a sunni village which is right along the border. >> isil captured ursan and were
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repelled from that. what about gaining more territory and how is that possible? and can as you say take over the country? >> listen, lebanon has an armed forces and it is integrated. sunni and christian and the army but they have had a hard time containing the group. and the group kidnapped a troops and beheading them. i don't know if the army will contain it. it seems as if they are well armed and get 100 million or so a year from the united states. and they are helped by hesbollah on the ground and they are generating anger in the hesbollah and shiite community and lebanon and that is tearing in the social fabric of lebanon. >> something else to look out for.
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>> a high school in new jersey cancelled the football season for the rest of the year after football players were accused of billing and hassing. the local prosecutor office is looking into the bullying allegations. >> as constituted in the anti- bully statute that took place on a persuasive and wide scale level and a level in which the
10:26 am
players new and tolerated and in general accepted. >> no charges have been filed and the superintendant said the investigation is preliminary. >> the pentagon clarifying information about whether u.s. troops will have contact with samples of the ecola virus. the mission to fight in the west africa. thomas duncan begame sick soon after traveling to feces tex from liberia. health officials are monitoring people who came in contact with him. officials in spain are treating a nurse that contracted the disease. she cared for a person. and that is the first known of transition of ebola outside of west africa jennifer griffin joined us with the latest on this.
10:27 am
>> reporter: we just received a briefing in the pentagon from the general in charge of africa and overseaing the 4000 u.s. troops deploying to west africa. 350 u.s. troops arrived in liberia and the pentagon set up three labs manned by a team of highly trained u.s. military and infectious disease specialist. there is a standing request. and we asked general david rodriguez if any of the troops had contact with the patients affected by ebola. >> and the mobile apps are testing people, okay. and they will have the ebola virus. and now, those are trained in the highest level of something like nuclear biological chemical and they are trained in a high level. during a white house background yesterday, administration
10:28 am
officials say u.s. troops would be working closely with liberrian troops as they construct emergency troop units and safety protocols would be followed. >> the health and safety of the team supporting the mission is a priority. let me assure you by providing training and adhering to strict medical profiles and carrying out integration measures, i am confident that we can insure that our service member safety and the safety of their families and the american people. >> he emphasized that the few dozen u.s. military personnel who are in contact with ebola sam pels. working in a environment. >> thank you so much. >> shannon, meanwhile tensions are flaring up between long- time rivals. troops and india and pakistan
10:29 am
exchanging fire. two dozen were injured and nine died. it is a long running dispute over kasmir. they have been following in the reon and the 2003 ceasefire held up despite occasional scrimmages. and another virus causing serious concern in this country. it is called the entroovirus and linked to the death of a young by and four others. what is to keep it from spreading in the schools? he was a church usher and rottary club and now add accused killer to the list and the murder for hire trial begins today in a case of bizarre twists and turns that we couldn't make up.
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>> right now, health officials are scrambling to contain the mysterious strain of enter0 virus. it is reported in 43 states and district of colombia. a medical examiner confirmed that four-year-old eli waller died of the virus. laura joined us with the latest. it seemed like a rapid spread. >> it is indeed and concerning and schools across the nation are on high alert to keep their
10:34 am
classrooms clean and disinfected as the virus spreads in an unusually rapid place. in states like new jersey and maine and illinois. it is cases that are confirmed. school administrators are disinfecting services and counting cases of sick kids and reporting to health officials and sending out notices to parents at home and school. it is important for parents to call the pediatrician if your child shoes signs of the virus adding that most will be able to fight off the virus. >> if they develop a high fever that doesn't seem to be breaking and the child is wheezing and not able to catch their breath. >> best way to prevent the virus is hand washing. cvc recommend that schools should not rotate to unaffected
10:35 am
class rom and don't allow kids to share tois or equipment without disinfecting. those in the community are trying to figure out why there is a spike of the enterovirus. but the numbers go up it will overlap with the upcoming flu season and put pressure on the health care system. it is a reminder to get the flu shot early this year. >> we should remember that this year. >> including the doorknobs, too. >> and thank you, laura. and four senior executives are about to leave the veteran's administration a scandal over the long wait times of veterans trying to get medical care. it will be making it easier to dismiss the employees and staff in the va phoenix system said those problems have not gone away. doug mccully following the
10:36 am
disturbing story from washington. >> it was last august that president obama signed the veterans reform act and allowed for the firings. and a month later, new va secretary bob mcdonnal said few were fired because of ongoing investigation. >> how we have to wait for the actions to take due process. we are impatient as you are. and we have hundreds of investigationing ongoing. and we are not allowed to take definitive action. but we are doing all we can. >> well, finally just yesterday in a series of press releases. the van announced the proposed removals instead of outright firings. the van inserted in the law a second appeal's process that gives senior executives time to
10:37 am
quit. to keep the unemployment record clean. one slated, director of the center retired three days before his firing and prompted miller to write bragging about the removal of someone who announced his retirement is disingenous. one of the whistle blowers told fox news that little has changed there. it is almost like the players are still in the game and no one is benched for bad conduct. and in another case susan taylor who faced dismissal was offered another senior position at the department of energy. the department of energy rescinded the job offer. >> it is astounding that there is not been more action. doug, thank you so much.
10:38 am
shannon? >> the murder trial of a former church urberb in illinois begins today. he is accused of hiring a hit man to kill his wife. prosecutors said he was having an affair and had his wife killed to pursue an alternative lifestyle. he's denying any role in the death but pled guilty of trying to have a handyman who strangled his wife killed in jail so he couldn't testify against ba sharia. truth is stranger than fiction. we'll have our fox news alert and criminal defense attorney, welcome, ladies. okay, he's accused of hiring a hit man who had mental disabilities to kill his wife. and that guy said this is what happened. and trying to hire a hit man to kill the hit man in jail.
10:39 am
>> if you didn't think the handyman hired to kill your wife really was get, why would you hire someone to kill the handyman who killed your wife who will be the star witness against you in the the trial. >> what does he do with this? you have to pick a jury and this does not sound good. >> the handyman is not credible. he gave a confession and the police waited a month to arrest him. this is after under pressure and obviously everything was called. that is an issue here. this handyman, pled guilty. he met with attorneys and decided he was not guilty, and wanted to withdraw his guilty plea and not until he was rebuked by the judge he said, i will stick. >> he's not credible. you can't manufacturer. the defendant hire, the
10:40 am
defendant is in jail not for killing his wife but hiring someone to hit the handyman. >> why would he spend the rest of his life after hiring someone to kill someone not get? >> and the prosecution has 87 witnesses. murder for hire was my speciality. it is astounding. this is one of the best. but to have 87 witnesses lined up for the prosecution to talk about the mistress and or mistresses. it is one of the oldest in the book. >> he's in jail on having a hit man to. >> and if hoo was your client with mounting evidence and would you try to get him to convince him to. >> and not at all. it is not mounting evidence if i am defending him. you will try to use the motive. there is no forensic evidence
10:41 am
and none that connects him to the murder at all. >> he didn't do the murder. >> and this is somebody who is not credible. and the police didn't believe him. and the reason why they asked him to kill is a dispute over golf clubs. >> what about the alternative lifestyle that the husband was living and wanted to live for freely. bondage and all kinds of things and house full of sex slaves and these women, said he courted them to be part of the harem. and one of them was apparently lured with olive gift certificates and a t- shirt. that is not persuasive. to me most women -- >> again, you can't make that up. she will take the stand and part of the 87 people taking the stand. and you said what you nsd the
10:42 am
olive garden, that is so believable. and whether you fall for it or not. that. elievable because you >> how much would you fight to keep all of the stories out of this particular trial. you think you would should success and all of the bondage parties and everything else. what do you think? >> i definitely would fight as hard as i could. what will happen, they will try to confuse the jury members. let's convict him because he is a badman and despicicable and basically ties him to the letter. there isn't. >> and you got one star witness. and this is someone who is mentally challenged individual. >> and all of the communications feeding up against the accused husband and handyman and conf s confessed. that call comes in. and it is irrelevant.
10:43 am
and shouldn't come in. and if it does, don't give it much weight. it is to somebody who is not credible. they didn't believe the confession. and for 2000 and an old cadillac. >> and that is mentally challenged? >> and that is more than an olive garden gift certificate. she's very passionate. and thank you very much. all right, eric? >> a lot of olive garden. one famously democratic state less blue this mid- term season. we'll tell you where it might be and what it means for the closely- watched race there and plus, we'll have this. man oh, man. look at that. huge chunks of dirt and rocks from a mountain and a highway below. the drivers barely escaped.
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>> coming up on the real story. will our troops fighting ebola be in contact with epolea patients or not. in the pentagon briefing it was yes. after recent nos. and we'll bring you the latest and the va said they are firing four people over the recent weight loss scandal and one of them announced the retirement. what is the real story there? >> move over ebola. the real danger to americans is another virus that kills tens of thousands of find out in the top. hour. >> tons of falling rock shutting down a highway and all caught on tape. check it out. >> the boulders collapsed just moments after highway patrol in china stopped traffic because of strange sounds coming from the
10:48 am
mountain. it came down flying. it could take 2 or 3 days to clear the road again. >> back here at home, it is a reliably true blue state. and now the governor of massachusetts has democrats feeling nervous. mitt romney and scott brown was the exceptions. could there be a third? hi, molly. >> hi, eric. massachusetts governor martha cohenis a veteran of state politics and the democrats who lost the u.s. senate seat to be won by republican scott brown in 2010. she's hoping for political redemption in the race for governor. but in the democratic bay state she is struggling. the first female attorney general is in a dead heat with
10:49 am
charlie baker who was a republican nom no for governor in 2010. baker is a businessman who served in the cabinets of two prior governors and spent years of harvard health care. and there is a wide money gap. bakers team has 1.5 million compared to cokely's camp 266000. and so the congressional delegation giving money to help her out. and her fund-raising hasn't picked up but she will have to rely on outside groups to help her and run the right ads to help her out. >> this gives charlie baker a great opportunity to get his plan out for the state in your years and margarety will not be able to respond. >> massachusetts is a true blue state prior to the current democratic governor coming in
10:50 am
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two astronauts performing
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the first space walk in more than a year outside the international space station. an american and german astronaut moving a broken pump into a storage location during the six and a half hour mission. nasa cut back on space walks in 2013 after an italian astronaut nearly drowned because of a flooded helmet. nasa has since fixed the problem with the space suits and a follow-up space walk is scheduled a few weeks from now. well, take a look around you and ask yourself who among us will be replaced by a machine? our new report says one in three jobs, that's 30%, will be performed by i robot or software by the year 2025. that is only ten years away. lawrence of the fox business network joins us to talk about the challenge for both employers and employees. lauren, i don't believe it. never going to happen. impossible. are you kidding me? that's one-third of the jobs. >> the three of us, which one of us is going to lose our job by 2025? >> hopefully none of the above.
10:55 am
>> i hope the robot is pretty and smart, right? this is the prediction that one in three of us will lose our jobs in the next decade or so. robots are doing more than physical work. they're thinking as well. knowledge is becoming automated. machines can make sense of data sometimes faster and more accurately than humans can. guess what, they don't call in sick, and they do not need health care benefits. at a conference going on right now in orlando, gartner predicts that in the near future drones will be standard in industries from aing culture, surveying the fields, right, to oil pipelines, doing inspections of their territory, and then robots will eventually be used in schools. not just grading multiple choice exams and reading essays as well, interpreting medical data and hospitals. analyzing financial information for wall street. it's not just low skill work that super machines can do. it's splekt wal work as well. those high-skilled jobs. this shift to this type of smart technology is happening so fast. it's a challenge to i.t.
10:56 am
departments in companies everywhere if they don't adapt will they fall behind? this is something the global head of research at gartner mentioned in his keynote, and it's something i think we should all start wrapping our minds around. he said this, and it's a quote. smart robots may provide companionship. companionship from a robot? >> no, no, no, i will choose any dog every time over a robot. floz way i'm hanging out way robot. >> here's me and my robot. it's crazy, but this is the future. as i see it and gartner sees it. lawrence disagrees. >> thank you for that report today. >> you are welcome very, very much. >> all right. >> thanks. the anythings's largest retailer, wal-mart, announcing it is doing away with health insurance for part-time workers. is obama care to blame? how is that going to impact thousands of people? plus, a dramatic makeover for a world famous landmark. the changes way high up on t eiffel tower that has tourists buzzing.
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it's a view from the eiffel tower you've never seen before. the tower now has glass floors enstalled on the first level. tloosh at that. it gives the visitors a dizzying new look of everything from 100 feet up, and it's all to celebrate the towers' 125th anniversary. wow. >> that's it for us. up next "real story with gretchen it starts right now. >> thanks, guys. we do start with an alert because a key syrian stronghold could fall to isis fighters at any moment, and now the president of turkey calling for ground troops. i'm gretchen carlson, and we're about to give you the real story. the fierce battle underway right now. air strikes continuing, but kurdish forces on the ground are out numbered, out gunned and struggling to drive the terror group back. the town of kobani important because of its proximity to the turkish border. an isis victory here would be a serious blow giving the terror group control over a


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