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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 7, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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tell me what is your favorite? we hope you'll start your day with fox and friends first at 5:00 a.m . thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. next, "the o'reilly fact" good night. to ro'reilly factor is on tonight. >> leon panetta says the president made a huge mistake on iraq. and tonight the cia chief will answer tough questions about america's security, what happened in benghazi and killing terrorists. >> the president as commander in chief has to have all options on the table. also ahead, the president of mexico says u.s. immigration policy is biased against his people. >> it's unfortunate to hear this exclusionary tone. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now.
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hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. no talking points memo so we can get right to former secretary of defense and cia chief leon panetta. his new book "worthy fights" is out today destined to be a best seller. in the book mr. panetta talks about terrorism, presidential leadership and touches briefly on benghazi. he also tells the moving story of his immigrant parents and his own rise to become one of the most powerful men in the united states. from july 1994 to january '97, mr. panetta was president clinton's chief of staff. before that he had been a congressman from california for 16 years. he left washington in '97 but returned in 2009 to become the director of the central intelligence agency under president obama. in 2011 he became secretary of defense. a position he held until february of last year.
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somebody like leon panetta knows how about how the u.s. government really works. this morning on the "today" show, mr. panetta was asked about isis and why president obama pulled all u.s. troops out of iraq instead of leaving a force behind. >> i think he really did want to do what was right, but his feeling is if malaki doesn't want this, why should we keep pushing on this. >> maliki overran parts of iraq earlier this year. leon joins us now, by not leaving u.s. troops in iraq, president obama committed a colossal blunder, did he not? >> there's no question that not maintaining a true presence in iraq so that we could continue the momentum towards trying to secure that country and try to hope that it could govern itself in the right way, i think was a mistake. >> all right. i say it was a colossal blunder,
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not just a mistake, a mistake is -- uh, driving your rear-view fender into the wall when you're parking your car. this is a colossal blunder that has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people. because isis is now expanded throughout syria and iraq. and is even today slaughtering people. now, the why of it. so you and a bunch of other people, hillary clinton, secretary of state, went in and said, you know what? you have to keep some troops there. did you pound the table like i would have? or were you diplomatic like you usually are? >> well, i think we made a very strong case that we had to maintain at least 10,000 troops. >> and you looked anymore the eye and said, i, leon panetta, secretary of defense, and i'm assuming mrs. clinton did the same thing, i, hillary clinton, secretary of state, i'm assuming the cia did the same thing, all three of you looked barack obama in the eye like i'm looking you in the eye right now and said,
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you have to keep forces there. and he said, well, i don't -- eh. >> bill, just to keep the record straight here, i think the president did support providing that $10,000 -- $10,000, the 10,000 presence in iraq. he supported the diplomatic issues we wanted to continue. the real issue is how hard did he fight to make it happen? >> he didn't do anything. maliki is being threat upped by the iranians as you know, the iranians didn't want the force in there, did they? >>. no, the iranians were trying to influence maliki. >> and obama didn't say, we're keeping those guys in. because maliki couldn't have got them out. so, all right, we know what happened. you know what bothers me here, and you're part of the problem here, is that the united states
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is caught by surprise by everything. all right? isis, we department know. clapper didn't tell me. you saw that, right? on "60 minutes," did you see that? that's embarassing. isn't that embarrassing? >> well, i think that when things like that happen, it's more than just an intelligence failure, it's a policy failure as well. >> but he didn't admit that, did he, the president. >> well, the fact is when you look at all of the issues -- >> did he admit that it was his fault? did he say it was his fault? >> no, he quoted jim clapper saying the intelligence failed. i understand pointing to clapper's comment here, but i think when you look at the situation, it's more than just an intelligence failure. it's a policy failure. >> okay. have you ever heard barack obama in your conversations with him as the cia and chief defense secretary say, i was wrong, i made a mistake. >> i have heard him admit to mistakes. the real question is whether or not you learn from thoseless sops and then do the right
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thing. >> and obviously in your book you don't think he learned from the lessons. >> well, he certainly has learned the importance of now taking on isis and going to war against isis. >> oh, bull. come on, he tells the enemy we are not going to put soldiers on the ground to get you. >> wait a minute, let me answer your question. he now has made very clear that we aught to maintain 10,000 troops in afghanistan. obviously, he worked at that, he worked with -- >> he had to do that. >> he worked with new leadership. >> had to. >> but it's something we should have done in iraq. >> let me stop you here. i read your book, all right? >> good. i'm glad you did. >> i'm sorry, but according to you, he hasn't learned from his mistakes and he doesn't admit his mistakes. >> well, i want him to learn from his mistakes. >> i know you want him to but he doesn't. >> you should, too. i want the president to succeed. >> you want all americans to be protected and we are not being protected. isis caught him by surprise, correct? correct? >> yes.
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>> putin caught you by surprise, correct? correct? that's pretty big. that's pretty big! we know what putin did in crimea. >> but you didn't know he was going to do it. >> i don't know if he knew whether or not putin -- >> 75,000 children from guatemala, honduras, come to the border. this administration is caught by surprise. you see the big picture here? i'm sure you do, you're smarter than i am, much smarter than i am. the big picture is the obama administration doesn't know what the deuce is doing on. >> i think the big picture is this is a president who wants to do the right thing for the country. the real question is, whether or not he's willing to -- >> so did john tyler, all right? okay? there's a performance level, is there not? this is -- would you say to be fair, and i know i'm being tough on you, but that's what i get paid to do, all right? would you say that president obama's foreign policy has been effective? yes or no?
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>> yeah, but bill, you've got to put this in cop text. let me do that, okay, just to be fair. in the four years that i was there, president obama supported the operations i was involved in in the cia. he supported the bin laden operation. he supported the operations we did at the defense department. i think he provided pretty strong leadership with regards to the war on terrorism. i think the last two years have been a lot of mixed messages in terms of what the united states' roll is going to be. and i think he's back with the position on isis, i think he's beginning to see that we have to take a strong stand against terrorism. >> beginning to? >> well, he's back to seeing how important that grid is. >> how many people have to die and be beheaded, beginning to? here's my beef in the big picture. drones, very good. i have no problem with that. you guys did an excellent job, you found them, killed them. bin laden, don't give me this was a brave thing. the cia under your direction, found him, all right?
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where's the doctor, the pakistani doctor that helped you do that, where is he? where is he? >> he's in pakistan. >> yeah. where? where? >> in prison. >> in prison. why hasn't our president gotten him out? why? >> we have mad a lot of requests to the pakistanis to do the right thing. >> are we still sending them money? yeah. >> of course we are sending them money. >> why? that doctor is in jail. he will be sentenced before he gets out. you see what i'm talking about, there's a way to do stuff. and i tell you what, our enemies throughout the world and this includes china and russia, do not fear the united states now. do they? >> it's very important when the president says something that we do it. and i think that's one of the problems with taking the position on chemical warfare in syria. we drew a line and stand by it. >> give me a straight answer, do our enemies throughout the world fear us? >> i think they are getting a mixed message as to whether or not the united states will stand by its word. >> so i'm taking that as a no.
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because that emboldens the bad guys. because if they don't fear you, then they go and do bad things. because putin knows northbound is going to stop him, correct? >> when you deal with putin, you have to deal with him by strength, not weakness. >> have we been dealing with putin by strength? have we been dealing with putin by strength? >> i would have also provided military aid to the ukrainans. i would make sure nato was strengthened in terms of the surrounding countries and would provide an additional energy resource to other countries to make clear to russia that they alone cannot blackmail these countries through energy. >> that was not done. why was it not done? >> well, i think that's the kind of tough position that needs to be taken if we're going to take
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on putin. >> in the initial part of this interview, i'm seeing a president, all right, from your eyes, former cia chief, former defense secretary, who is either incapable or doesn't understand the dangers that the united states faces. that's the message i'm getting from you. >> i think this president is smart enough to understand the dangers. the real question is, can he translate that into the kind of action that will help protect this country? >> okay, so so far he has not done that, except for the drones, all right? why? is he not a courageous man? does he not trust the military? what is it that holds him back from doing the tough things that neutralize our enemies? >> bill, he is taking the right step for now with regards to isis. >> i don't believe you. >> we are going to war against
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isis and doing air attacks against isis. we have troops in iraq to try to help the iraqis. i mean, i do believe that the president understands isis has a real threat to the country and we have to confront them. >> here's how impotent president obama's foreign policy is. right now as we speak, people are being murdered on the border of syria and turkey by isis. number one, we didn't bomb isis as they approached the town that they're sieging. why? i don't know, we didn't do it. number two, the turkish army is on the border within eyesight of the slaughter. and won't come over to fight isis. are you kidding me? this is -- isis is winning. they are winning. because the west and the anti-terror forces don't have the will to confront them. >> isis is going to be a tough and resilient enemy. there's no question about it. i think we are taking steps to try to confront them. i think the problem is, this is
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going to be a long and sustained effort. and i don't know that the american people are prepared for that, but i think the president has an obligation to say to this country, we are confronting an enemy in isis. this is going to take time and we've got to be committed to doing everything necessary to defeat that enemy. >> would i be wrong and a mean guy to say, i don't believe barack obama has the stomach for the fight? >> look, i'm a guy who believes that barack obama by virtue of what i've seen from the time i was there, has the guts to do the right thing. the real question is, will he make the decision to do it? >> okay, let's take a break. i have many more questions. and we'll be back in just a few moments.
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continuing now with leon
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panetta, the book "worthy fights" hits the marketplace today and will be a best seller. christopher stevens and three others were murdered in benghazi. it remains controversial today because of misstatements by the obama administration and unanswered questions o. tennessee night of the attack, security contractors were one mile away from ambassador stevens who was under fire. the men say they were ready to help but were ordered by a cia officer to wait. >> we actually jumped up and got ready to go. as we tell in the book, we were ready to go within five minutes. >> within five minutes. >> within five minutes we were ready to go. >> and then how, mark, how long did they keep you from not going? >> almost 30 minutes. >> okay. so you were ready in five and wasted 25 minutes. >> easy. >> so mr. panetta, do you believe those men? >> i have no reason not to believe them.
8:18 pm
>> they wouldn't tell me the name of the cia officer who wouldn't order them to help the ambassador and the other americans under fire. they said they will tell congress when congress resumes hearings on benghazi. isn't that very disturbing? >> i think -- if, in fact, there was a 30-minute delay, i think that it is important for the congressional committee to look into that. >> to find out why, correct? >> and to determine what happened. >> the other thing i want to know about is susan rice going out telling the world, seven days after the attack, that it was motivated by a spontaneous demonstration off an anti-muslim story. we don't have to listen to the soundbyte, again, we all know it. on the night of the attack, you told president obama you believed it was not a spontaneous attack, it was a terror attack. is that correct? >> general dempsey and i were over talking to the president
8:19 pm
when we got word about what was happening, and when i told the president, was that there was an attack that was going on in benghazi. and that we were concerned that the cons late there was in trouble. and it was based on that the president then said, let's try to do everything we can to see what happened. >> did you use the word terror attack? >> i used the word attack, that there was an attack by terrorists. >> you said an attack by terrorists. all right. attack by terrorists. now i want you to listen to this soundbyte. roll it. did he tell you, secretary panetta, it was a terrorist attack? >> you know what he told me was there was an attack on our compound. >> he department use the word terror? >> in the heat of the moment, bill, what folks are focused on is what's happening on the ground, do we have eyes on it? how can we make sure our folks are safe? >> did he tell you it was a terror attack? >> no, and i'm answering your
8:20 pm
question. what he said to me was, we have an attack on our compound. we don't know yet who's doing it. >> disingenuous? >> you know, look, come on -- >> disingenuous? >> we told the president there is an attack that's going on, that terrorists are involved in the attack. >> okay, let me stop you there. and you have to respond to it. you can make your own determination if it was disingenuous. >> of course. >> however, seven days after that the u.n. ambassador susan rice goes out after you and dempsey told them it was an ist no, no, it was spontaneous. when you heard ambassador rice say that, what went through leon panetta's find? >> the only thing i can think of is that she was working from the talking point that is the cia provided and those talking points basically said this was a demonstration. >> so that was pa tretraeus who
8:21 pm
that. so you and dempsey were ignored and pa tretraeus was listened ts that fair? >> there were talking point that is were not on point. >> subsequently they were wrong. >> my view was with the kind of weapon that is showed up, there was no question in my mind that it was a terrorist attack. >> again, you're way smarter than me, but that's what i said here on this set. guys don't show up in a spontaneous demonstration with mortars. and they were casing the place and had video of them casing the place. not exactly a great moment in the obama administration. correct? >> no, i think the conclusion in the talking points really should have -- what they should have made clear is that we simply do not have the information we need
8:22 pm
in order to determine what happened. >> all right. >> that's what they should have said. >> another quick break, i have another surprise question for leon panetta. he's loving this interview, everyone. just look at him, he's loving this. we'll be right back. ♪ [safety beeping] ♪ [safety beeping] ♪ [safety beeping] ♪ the nissan rogue, with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is your imagination. ♪ nissan. innovation that excites.
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in our final segment with lee i don't know panetta, author of the book "worthy fights" just out today. so i need a very direct answer on this, all right? >> of course. >> who is the better leader, bill clinton or barack obama? >> they are both bright, they are both able and both want to do what's right for the country. the difference is bill clinton likes politics, likes the engagement in politics. barack obama does not like that process of engaging in politics. and i think that hurts this
8:26 pm
president. >> how does it hurt it if he doesn't like the political spectrum and dealing with congress and other things with foreign leaders -- >> it hurts him in terms of getting things done. you have a stalemate in washington to begin with where there's stuff partisanship and division going on in the congress. and then, you know, if the president doesn't engage with them, then you have a situation where everybody gives up and they have basically give up on things. they have given up on the budget deal and immigration reform, they have given up on issues like infrastructure funding, on trade, on energy, i mean, that is what concerns me, because i think this country cannot stand another two-and-a-half years of stalemate. >> as the president loses the senate, which he very well may, you're going to have a real lame duck situation. now hillary clinton was secretary of state while you were secretary of defense. she was running the country, right? when you were chief of the secretary of defense -- >> she was very involved.
8:27 pm
>> the security in libya was bad and she department really do anything about it. is that unfair? >> i think it's unfair because if i know hillary clinton, if she knew there was a security problem in benghazi, she would have done something about it. >> then why didn't she know if the cables exist telling the state department, look, we need more people here. the british have been attacked there. >> i don't know that bureaucracy. i know the defense department, i don't know what happened at the state department, but i know one thing. if she had known that that -- that there was a problem in benghazi, she would have done something about it. >> shouldn't she fire the one that is got sacked except the whistleblowers because they asked and didn't get. >> i would have been concerned about not receiving that information if, in fact, it was out there. >> okay. now, when you think back about how the country has changed in the six years since barack obama has been president, i am worried about this country. >> me too, me too. >> and what is your primary concern? >> look, i'm the son of italian immigrants and my parents
8:28 pm
believe deeply in the american dream. and my father used to tell me the reason he came to the country was because my mother and he believed they could give my children a better life. i'm worried about whether my children will have a chance at a better life. you have this tremendous dysfunction in washington. you've got a number of threats that we're confronting or prolonged. we're dealing with a situation where i think this country can go one of two directions. we can be a great country in american renaissance or be in american decline. >> we are in decline now. is that a fair statement? >> i think right now -- >> we are in decline. >> i think we govern either by leadership or crisis. and today we are largely governing by crisis. >> when you say, and president obama hears this, that arming syrian rebels that we don't know much about is going to blunt the isis fanatics, guys like me say that's bull. that's not going to happen. you can make a little plan or whatever, but what's going to have to happen is it's going to have to be a sophisticated fighting force on the ground
8:29 pm
against these animals. that's what's going to have to happen. president obama doesn't have the heart or will to do it. the next president may. but you're not going to defeat them by training syrian rebels in saudi arabia and giving them a few weapons. that's not going to work and you know it's not going to work. >> you're dealing with a very dangerous and fanatical enemy in syria. and frankly it's not going to work just to do air attacks without having troops on the ground who know where the targets are and what's going on. now, if we have people that we can trust on the ground, that's fine. but if the military thinks that we aught to have special forces, boots on the ground in order to do what's right, i think the president aught to be open to that kind of -- >> once again he's not. once again he is not leading. no, he said he wasn't. he said it a number of times. he's not open to that. and that brings me to my last question. it's very possible barack obama is just not up to the job.
8:30 pm
>> i don't believe -- i don't believe that, bill. >> you don't want to believe it. >> no, because i want this president to be successful and this country to be successful. >> i know. >> and i think deep down he knows what needs to be done. but he's got to develop the will to fight, to get into the ring. >> he better get on it. he better get on it. >> i agree with you. >> leon panetta, thank you for taking the fire here. >> okay, bilg. >> the highlight of your week, wasn't it? >> i'm heading back to california. >> i know, i have known secretary panetta for a long time. and you're just an honest man and a great public servant and i want everyone to know that. thank you for coming in. >> thank you, bill. >> plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves on. we'll have charles krauthammer react sculpting the sleek body of the all-new mercedes-benz gla
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the personal story is reaction to the lee i don't kon with charles krauthammer. how did i do? >> you did great, leon panetta did great, president obama did not do well. >> explain. >> leon panetta is 20 years into the party. everyone knows he's a straight-shooter. you can tell from the tone of the responses to you that he's
8:35 pm
sympathetic to the president. but he loves this country and fools he has to say the truth. and what he said, the content of what he said, even though the tone was measured in restraint, was utterly devastated. he was basically saying this president cannot lead. he is in decisive and weak. what was so interesting is it wasn't even in the discussion that iraq or afghanistan, but this won't even be reported, but the thing he said about ukraine where he just sort of -- he laid out what should be done, what is obvious we have to do to give ukraine weapons, which we have not done to redo and reinvigorate the missile defense agreement with obama that he has not done. and he said this just outright, you said, why doesn't he do it? he absolutely has no answer. and then, you know, you're trying to get into obama's head
8:36 pm
or panetta's understanding of obama's head and he doesn't have an answer. and if you look at it in terms of what's happening in the middle east, there are two things that come out. it's not just indecisiveness and how tentative obama is, but it's also how political he is. remember when gates, bob gates wrote his book, he talked about how the decision-making about the surge in afghanistan and then leaving in afghanistan was essentially dictated by the political types in the white house. and you get the same thing in the panetta book about iraq. he knew we had to leave troops in iraq. it is one of the worst decisions ever made by this president. and you called it a blunder, which of course it is. and the answer of how it came about is that it was the political types in the white house who wanted to go into 2012 with no troops left in iraq, so obama could say, i ended the war in iraq. of course, he didn't end the war in iraq, petraeus ended the war
8:37 pm
in iraq, but it was the political nature of that that is the biggist indictment of obama. when he put the white house concerns about the political partisan fortunes of the president above the national security of the country. >> he, of course, didn't see it that way, the president, because he said, well, i couldn't predict what would happen with maliki screwing it up. leon panetta doesn't believe the obama administration purposely misled the country. he rather would believe that they chose petraeus' talking points over the pentagon. are you buying that? >> i think it's plausible. there was -- if you look at the e-mails that were exchanged just before the susan rice appearance on the sunday shows, there was a lot of political in fighting, a lot of blame shifting, remember
8:38 pm
the memo that said, this building, meaning the state department, doesn't like the talking points as they are now. trying to protect the secretary of state, trying to protect the defense department, so i can understand that. but i do think the major point is this again is driven by the white house by political considerations. you've got two months to go until an election. the theme of your election campaign is, i killed osama and the war against terrorism is essentially won, right? the tidal war is receding. so you have to construct a fable. and they stuck with that. you can say, well, at the beginning they weren't sure. fine. but they stuck with that for days and days. >> okay. charles krauthammer, everybody. his book, "things that matter" has now sold more than 1 million congratulations to charles. we come right back. some very strange ebola happenings. then is it legal for the
8:39 pm
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thank you for staying with
8:43 pm
us. president obama continues to reassure. >> it is important for americans to know the facts. and that is that because of the measures that we have put in place as well as our world class health system and the nature of the ebola virus itself, which is difficult to transmit, the chances of an ebola outbreak in the united states is extremely low. >> two things happened today. the nbc employee who contracted ebola in liberia got it from washing a car. he's currently being treated in nebraska. and a nurse in madrid, spain, got the disease after treating a person who got it in africa. with us, bob ihida, i'm not buying this at all. you don't get ebola from washing a car. >> hopefully he was masked or goggled, gloves, a suit. >> see, the cameraman probably
8:44 pm
didn't do anything of that. so you can get ebola from washing a car? >> we don't know what was in the car. we wonder if there was vomit, diarrhea, i hate to say this, but probably blood. >> why would anybody wash a car with all that stuff when he knows he's in an ebola done? >> that's a good question. there's a lot of slurring and backwash. >> the nurse in madrid, spain, she was in a hospital with all types of protecting. how could she get it? >> that's right. she had 15 years of experience in infectious diseases and was wearing the proper clothing and got the disease nevertheless. it makes one wonder. >> i call for no west africans admitted into the u.s., i know that sounds harsh, but for public safety, do you support that in that? >> i don't support that because it's almost impossible to enforce. >> let's leave the open forcement to the pinheads in washington. theoretically, to protect
8:45 pm
americans, i don't know why we have to admit anyone with a passport from west africa at this point. >> well, i think if we see or if the immigration naturalization service sees a passport that says, i've just left sierra leone, i'm going to look for certain imprints on the passport. you know, there's no direct flight between america. >> they go to europe and come here. >> so they go to berlin, paris, et cetera, they should look at the passports just as they look for other -- >> so you would stop them there? >> i would stop them there and question them and take a body temperature, i would have a nurse or a physician. >> see, now you're talking about things far beyond the airport facility. i have to run, doc, we appreciate you coming on in. >> thank you. illegal immigration, a spotlight with the mexican spotlight with the mexican president citi a long weekend is just an excuse...
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back of the book segment. did you know according to the legal customs and enforcement, i.c.e., 70% of adults caught with children illegally crossing the border since may have violated their order to report to u.s. officials after they were released? 70%. and speaking to cnn, the president of mexico says this. >> i think it's unfortunate for a country whose formation and historic origin relies so much on the immigration flows of many parts. europe, asia, for instance. i think this is a country whose origin to a great extent is one of migration. and that's why it's unfortunate to hear this exclusionary and discriminatory tone regarding the migration fields into the united states. >> what a bunch of bull. with us now, attorneys and fox
8:50 pm
news analyst kimberly guilford. for some reason, reason, even though they have oil and two beautiful coastlines, cannot support its own population so millions have to come here. be that as it may, so you are caught, kids, you don't have to be parents, uncles, cousins, whatever, i.c.e. lets you go, but says you have to come back. >> you have to come back within 15 days. you tell them where you're going to go, whether it's tucson or whatever. okay, please come back and report. >> tell us where you are. >> within 15 days. >> right. >> 70% do not do. >> do not show up. >> so you know what happens? >> you get a felony, right? >> no. nothing happens. you get another notice. >> another notice. they don't know where to send it. >> that's the problem. they send something, then a
8:51 pm
failure to appear. >> so no penalty whatsoever for ignoring what i.c.e. -- i wouldn't show up. >> nothing. >> right. >> if you miss a hearing -- >> so this is de facto legalization, so everybody knows. the federal government isn't even trying to enforce immigration law. let me be clear, not even trying. >> one more quick. 41,000 undocumented family members fail to report to i.c.e. >> and they don't know where they are, and they're all waiting for the amnesty that's inevitably going to come. >> in virginia, they had a turnover from a republican administration. >> they did. >> scandal-ridden, we should point out, in virginia, to a democrat governor terry mcauliffe. the attorney general is mark tarrant. a very liberal man who is now saying to the people of the commonwealth of virginia, i will not enforce the statutory rape laws for girls 13 to 15, is that correct? >> yes, he's saying that in his
8:52 pm
opinion that specifically they don't need to make a report of crimes carnal knowledge of a child between the ages of 13 and 15 years of age. this is not law. this is an opinion that he's giving. >> but he's not going to enforce it. >> he's also not going to enforce it -- >> so just to be very clear, statutory rape is of a minor. and when an abortion clinic or a doctor or a nurse or whatever finds that that has happened, they have to report it by law to state authorities. >> but that's what this opinion does. >> but herring says, no, we in the commonwealth of virginia don't care if little girls are raped. we don't care because i, the attorney general, am too damn lazy or an ideological zealot or both, to enforce this law. do i have it wrong? >> you have it absolutely correct. in fact there's no obligation on the part of nurses and caretakers to be able to -- >> in the state of virginia. >> right. >> so this is a disgrace. mark herring is a disgrace.
8:53 pm
we asked him to come on the program, he's a coward, hiding under his desk. but now open season on little girls in virginia. real quick, third one. mia farrow, the actress. >> right. >> is caught up in a quasiscandal because she traveled to ecuador to demonstrate against chevron oil. >> right. >> in a bunko scheme, right? >> absolutely bunko scheme. it was really brought by a lawyer here in new york to go down to ecuador and work with the government to sue chevron. >> to sue chevron oil. >> the ecuadorian court said, yeah, you're right, chevron came in here and destroyed our environment. and a new york judge said, wait a second. this was all done by -- >> so a new york judge ruled that this was a fraud. >> fraud absolutely. >> what was mia mapharaoh in it for? >> she was receiving -- >> she denies that, though. >> the facts speak for themselves. they wanted to put a face on
8:54 pm
their environmental cause. >> so she was the face on it. but the reports are she was paid almost $200,000. she said she was paid and not that much. >> and danny glover. >> danny glover, too, he got a lot of money, too. >> they wanted people who are identifiable, hollywood celebrities. >> these two are caught up in this alleged bunko scheme where chevron's now suing. >> yeah, of course, because chevron is saying you got this by fraud. >> chevron's lawyers depose glover and farrow. >> she says, i believed in the cause. >> of course, for $200,000 you'll believe anything. >> happy birthday fox news channel. no presents.
8:55 pm
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