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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 7, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> an airtanker fighting a fast-growing wildfire in northern california has crashed. rescue crews are still trying to reach the wreckage inside yosemite national park. no word on the fate of the pilot who was the only one on board. the plane was fighting a fire that has grown to about 130 acres and forced people from dozens of homes near the community of oresta. i'm kelly wright. hannity starts right now. for all your news headlines, log on to fox the president sends thank you letter to this mosque now? why not call for an investigation? >> why won't the fbi take a closer look at the oklahoma beheaders mosque? lieutenant colonel ralph peters
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has the answers. >> how about more than a billion people. >> fanatical. the only religion that acts like the mafia. >> ben affleck and bill maher square off over radical islam. they react to this left wing showdown. and liberals pull out the race card about how to keep america safe from ebola. >> the idea that we can keep out a whole group of people -- >> trying to do that is racist. >> buchanan is here to respond. >> the winners and losers of all the important 2014 midterms. all that plus another installment of question of the day. "hanni "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> welcome to "hannity." new questions about why the fbi is not actively investigating the mosque. last night on this program a man who says he attended that mosque reveals exactly what's going on
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behind closed doors. take a look at what he had to say. >> things that were taught behind closed doors were things like the choice that nonbelievers are to be offered by muslims to either convert, live under submission to the islamic state or to fight for jihad for the sake of the law. other things that were mentioned were open support aleast among fellow muslims for suicide bombings in israel. there was an instance when i was sitting with two members of the mosque, as i mentioned, and they stated to me, when the subject of osama bin laden came up, that if he showed up at their door, they would invite him in and would protect him because he's a brother in islam and we must protect him from those who don't believe. >> there you have it. let's get this straight.
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the mosque that is allegedly teaching a convert or die philosophy is encouraging the bombing of israel supports the man responsible for the worst terror attack on u.s. soil but are not being investigated by our government? pretty unbelievable. here with reaction to this and more fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters. so this guy that's involved in the beheading uses islamic phrases as they beheads this woman and attempts to do it to another woman. his facebook page shows his allegiance to the islamic state, the taliban, et cetera. someone comes forward about the radical teachings in this mosque. this weekend the mosque got a visit from a representative of the obama white house and a letter thanking them, supposedly they say, for what they did during -- in the aftermath of the tornado down there. i'm not sure i believe it. what's your reaction? why wouldn't we be investigating this mosque, this i ma'mam.
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>> it's political correctness run amok. let's look at political correctness for a moment. it started out as a matter of the liberal conscience but it's gone beyond that to be a reflex action, manchurian candidate, can't criticize islam ever, ever, ever. they're doing moss bombings and beheadings, but let's leave that aside. the primary victims of our unwillingness to be honest about islam's aberrant behavior, about islamic and islamist terrorism, the primary victims are muslims here and abroad. the average american muslim is a productive citizen who is not daily thinking about jihad but rather about how to pay the bills, kids' grades, et cetera, but our administration -- and bush did this, too -- they pander to the loudest voices, the radical voices and it's a
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disservice to american muslims. here's the crux of the problem to me, administration after administration has allowed foreign bigots and governments from saudi arabia's gulf arabs to fund american mosque religious schools. it's crazy. think about what we're doing. we're allowing these intolerant bigots to fund institutions here whose primary purpose as i've seen enacted in country after country where i've seen the saudis at work whose primary purpose is to prevent muslims from integrating into the host society. sean, you've been around the block, you know government. wouldn't it make sense for us to have a law that says no foreign state or actor can directly or indirectly fund any u.s. religious institution unless full reciprocity applies. in other words, saudi arabia, no chapels, no churches, no synagogues, you don't get to fund hate speep here.
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we're patsies and suckers and political correctness. >> so you have isis, bin laden, taliban supporter involved in the beheading of an american woman. they won't even say this is an act of terrorism. they preach behind closed door, convert or die. they teach jihad. they teach suicide bombings and support for bin laden. what should american law enforcement be doing, i would think, you want to interview the imam. you want to look at his phone records. you want to find out what contact he might have had. you might want to talk to other witnesses to find out what's being taught behind closed doors and investigate to see whether there are other members of this mosque that similarly may have these radical views. wouldn't that be a smart thing to do? >> of course it would. we're victimized any law-abiding muslims who are terrorized in the psychological sense by these
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radicals in our midst. we allow it to continue. when president obama -- he keeps saying it. when he said recently, islamic state isn't about islam. this isn't islam, the terrorists in the middle east, not just i.s., they had a ball with that. joking all over the internet, obama the islamic skcholar and what does he know? again i know you know, but for all the viewers out there, the religion of islam is in the midst of a huge identity crisis playing out in blood, sunni, shia, factions within those denominations essentially and it's going to take a long time for this to resolve itself. and in the meantime, what's argued is to protect american citizens. let's protect the law had been abiding muslims and stop the hate speech, stop the foreign funding of these mosques and go after the radical mullahs who
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are terrorizing american communities psychologically. >> the fbi director went on "60 minutes" this weekend that a terrorist attack could be imminent on u.s. soil. i can't sit here and tell you whether the plan is tomorrow, three weeks or three months from now. looking at it through that prism, hillary clinton has joined the chorus of deniers including the president and she said in ottawa on monday, whether you call them isis, isil, i refuse to call them the islamic state because they're neither islamic or a state. neither one of those statements is true considering the land mass they now have in iraq and syria. are they islamic, are they a state? >> of course they're islamic. they're one facet of islam, the most radical facet. and they do have a state. obama and company can deny it all they want, the caliphate is real, it is now and it is expanding toward baghdad and kobani. the president's living in -- >> and turkey. >> well, yes, around kobani and turkey, absolutely.
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and the president is just absolutely in denial. and calling it a beheading workplace violence, well, it was. but it was terrorism, too. they're not mutually exclusive. it's as if during world war ii we didn't call the nazis nazis because we were afraid to offend them. you call the enemy by its name. you call everything by its true name otherwise it's pure orwell. >> we have to wake up. this is really scary. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> certain people are bigoted against muslims. it's gross, it's racist. >> but it's no not. >> like saying you're a shifty jew. >> they spar over radical islam. i agree with one of them. which is it? bob beckel, greta van susteren join me to debate this left-win.
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and stick around for the hannity question of the dayp about here's a hint. >> you clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in. i am not in danger, skyler, i am the danger. a guy opens his door and gets shot and you think bad of me? no, i am the one who knocks. >> stick around. that is your hint. to find out what the question of the day is.
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♪ before i use it and lose my cool ♪ >> welcome back to "hannity." last week ben affleck was a guest on hbo's "real time with bill maher." ben affleck had a meltdown. watch this.
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>> we have been sold this meme of islam o phobia where every criticism of the doctrine of islam gets conflated with bigotry toward muslims as people. >> right. >> that's intellectually ridiculous. >> hold on. are you the person who understands the officially codified doctrine of islam? >> i'm actually well educated on the topic. i'm not denying that certain people are bigoted against muslim as peel and that's a problem. >> bigoted. it's gross, itses a racist. >> but it's so not. >> it's like saying you shifty jew. >> we have to criticize bad ideas. >> of course we do. >> but that's the mother lode of bad ideas. >> no. >> it's an ugly hypocrisy. >> you're saying that the idea that someone should be killed if they leave the islamic religion is just a few bad apples? >> the only religion that acts like the mafia, that will plp
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blp kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture or write the wrong book. condemn islam? >> killed more muslims. >> here to respond in studio two good friends of mip, the co-host of "the 5" bob beckel and greta van susteren. i don't like bill maher as a person but i think he's good for america. let me tell you why, because he says all these outrageous things. he's almost become an iconoclast because he's willing to speak the truth when so many others in the media are scared to death. >> good to provoke discussion, we should be talking about these things. we should stop hiding from the fact, look, we have a big problem in this country and we need the help of muslim leaders to step up and condemn radical islam because they're beheading people. >> why don't they, bob? >> you remember i was the first person to jump on this and i had
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fatwas thrown at me and i say fatwa this. the thing that bothers me about listening to my side on this is nobody takes into fact that killing christians who were there before the muslims were there. i'm not debating about the muslim -- about islam, i'm debating the issue of why as one muslim leader one head of state hasn't said anything about 9/11. >> no. >> here's my question. so we just aired in the last segment my interview with a member of this mosque where the beheader attended. >> right. >> okay. this person is saying behind closed doors their ideology that's being taught is convert or die, jihad, suicide bombings and a love for ben laden. >> and behind closed doors because he's afraid to speak out. the reason he's afraid to speak out is because there aren't great numbers speaking out with him. >> but you're an attorney. why are we not investigating, greta? in other words, i want to
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investigate the mosque. did the imam have contact with the beheader? was there e-mail exchanged in. >> i don't understand. we need to get the beheaders and the people that are preaching violence and causing this, we need to go after radical islam. for some reason people are afraid to because they're afraid they're bigots. >> but the biggest fear comes from the president. isis is not islamic. we're bombing syria and iraq but we're not at war with isis, the president tells us. >> i hope we are at war. we better be at war with isis. >> but we're not. i agree with you. the president said on a sunday show we're not at war with them. >> i'm really glad i came on here with you tonight to listen to you bash obama. i thought we were going to be talking about -- right after the boston marathon bombing there were 75 million muz lslims here student visa, 15,000 never showed up at the schools they
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got the loans to go to. we ought to stop lets these visas be issued until we find out where those are. i got bludgeoned on my side. >> i know you did. >> does it not seem reasonable? i'm sure many are out there trying to raise money -- >> may i ask you a simple question. the official position on ft. hood is still workplace violence. we can't even say the beheading in oklahoma -- look at this guy's facebook, he was a radical jihadist. we won't say it's terrorism. why won't your friends in the white house say that? speak the truth. >> the fbi made these decisions. >> but this is the white house. >> i don't know. i can't answer your question. i would assume if they thought it was terrorism, it would be a good catch. but you got to prosecute people. >> yelling all ining allahu akb
10:18 pm
killing people. >> you can say what happened at ft. hood and still prosecute them. >> what do you think of news suggesting that anyone who wants a travel ban is racist? we'll get into this later. >> i didn't know nbc suggested that. >> i don't think a travel ban will work because you grab the plane in monrovia, you fly to nigeria, fly to rome, take the train to paris and fly to dulles. i don't think a travel ban will work. but i don't think it's racist to think -- >> crazy, right? >> it certainly isn't racist. >> do you know anybody that's going there? out of curiosity? >> no, but the problem is flights are coming here. they stop in europe. >> it's just not going the other way. if you want to take a vacation -- >> the state department sends out travel alerts, go go to syria or liberia. okay, that will be my first point. >> this sort of filters into the issue of the border.
10:19 pm
i was down there recently, both of you know i was down there, on horseback, all-terrain vehicle, helicopter, boats. people are coming from syria, yemen, afghanistan and pakistan. don't you think with isis an issue and ebola, don't you think we a it to control and secure or bothered entirely now. >> the assumption you're making is thatter would not trying to do that. if you went down there you get back into the country ten times which is a serious breach. example number one. >> putting the jokes aside, don't you think we need to secure our border? >> yes, of course. i don't think anyone disagrees. >> if you and i agree, we agree on little. >> that's correct. >> why don't we just secure the border? >> okay, why don't we take the infamous 12-foot fence. i'll be the first one to invest in 13-foot ladders. >> doing triple or double fence, you hire more agents.
10:20 pm
you have them literally in zones and it's covered. >> we've spent an enormous amount of money on border security. >> apparently we haven't done it the right way. either we spent it the wrong way or haven't spent enough because we don't have secure borders. >> i want to say something -- >> the mexican government. >> you have done a great job for sergeant tamooressi. >> i had no idea there was a corner that you could turn and there was no sign for mexico. crazy. >> when i heard the story, i thought ridiculous. make an accidental turn, and go to mexico. then i go down there, if i go to san diego, i turn north, unfortunately it takes me to mexico. this is way too late. this is going on since march 31st. >> up next tonight the word here on "hannity." >> the idea that you can keep out a whole group of people that are america's partners, whether
10:21 pm
we like it or not is west african countries are partners. >> if you do that, it's racist. >> if they don't agree with something, they pull out the race card. dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers.
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welcome back to "hannity." you think all americans want to do everything possible to keep the deadly ebola virus from reaching our shores but not left-wing liberals. >> i was stunned by how many felt the solution was to cut off africa, no visas, no travel, keep them out. this is completely missing the point. what the world should be hysterical about is africa is facing its greatest catastrophic crisis arguably since the days of slavery.
10:24 pm
this could turn into carnage across a whole region if the world does not assist immediately. >> that would never work, keeping them out would not work and the idea that you can keep out a whole group of people who are america's partners, whether we like it or not, west african nations are partners with this country. >> and trying to do that is racist, let's just be frank about it. >> it is borderline, you know, racism and fear. >> racism. now, it isn't just a few liberals who have it wrong when it comes to ebola. my next guest says the government is thinking globally instead of patriotically on this issue. here to explain is the author of the best-seller "the greatest comeback." so now it's racist, pat. we don't want ebola in america and if you want a travel ban, somehow that is racist. surprise you? >> no, it really doesn't. i used to work over at one of those networks. >> that actually was your former
10:25 pm
network, but i wasn't going to mention that. >> well, let's just take the individuals and what they said. maximum absurdity. look, the first duty of a government, any government is to protect the lives and safety and health of its people. one of those folks said, that we just heard talked about carnage over there, catastrophic disease passing through that country. why in heaven's name wouldn't you want to protect our country from what unhappily is happening over there? >> to me, this is a no-brainer. actually, there's a similar sentiment that was expressed by thomas sole. he said the safety of the american people is taking second place to the goal of helping people overseas. then he says what it says about obama, it suggests that he takes his conception of himself as a citizen of the world more seriously than he takes as his role as president of the united states. you agree with that? >> i agree 100%. what i said the other day is americans have to start thinking
10:26 pm
patrioticcally and not globally. our first duty is to our families, it's to one another. when i was a kid, nine children in the buchanan family, two parents. we were regularly quarantined for measles, mumps, scarlet fever and things like that, chicken pox. it wasn't because they disliked catholic families, large families, it was to protect the community. the post world war ii generation, the greatest generation, had common sense. what we're seeing is an utter absence of common sense with people talking about, look, we've got the open the doors to people who are good people but they're carrying a deadly disease that's comparable to the bubonic plague. >> we had a doctor on last night who says we're purposely being lied to to stop panic. a doctor who battled the 1989 outbreak of ebola and said he would not rule out the possibility that it spreads through the air in tight quarters. they quoted another guy who
10:27 pm
oversaw ebola research said being dogmatic is ill advised because there are too many unknowns here. these are hardly people who are out in the mainstream who are warning us that the cdc and the government who are not necessarily telling us the truth. >> i heard that. but sean, if it did become a disease which was airborne like say influenza or something like that and it's deadly and horrible as this is, i'll tell you the steps that would have to be taken, you would have to shut down all airlines flights. you can't have somebody on an airliner who is sneezing if it was an airborne disease. and the least thing we can do from what we know now is to have folks quarantined for days before they come back to this country from place likes that and shut down the airline travel where everybody can get on to an airliner. this isn't done out of hatred of liberia. no country has been more generous to africa than the united states. >> two things we ought to do, first the travel ban.
10:28 pm
i don't care what they say over at nbc news, especially this countries that are greatly affected. if the american people are asked for their generosity and help, i'm sure it will be given. it is already being given by our reasons to control our border, isis and ebola and other diseases as well. fair statement? >> well, of course, our border should have been controlled long ago. you have crime, the potential for terrorism coming in, you have people coming in who are not checked for diseases as they are checked at airports and things like that if they're coming as immigrants. there are friends of mine over there at msnbc who would agree with everything we're saying here, sean. the first duty of the government of the united states is you protect and secure the people 100%. following that, if you got that done, then they say we need help over here, americans will be the first to help but the first responsibility is to your own family, your own community, your own country. and they have to learn that down at cdc. >> great britain, france, travel
10:29 pm
bans, saudi arabia, travel bans. the united states, no, we're not going to have a travel ban. what does that mean? >> let me tell you, you have one, two, three more of these arrange mjts like down in dallas where that guy got on a plane to come to the united states for treatment. he went to help himself and he endangered a whole community. you have one or two or three more of those and the administration and barack obama and his friends will turn around pronto. >> pat buchanan, good to see you. coming up tonight the mexican president agrees it is racist that some follow strong immigration laws. we'll play you the tape. we're now 28 days and counting until voters head to the polls. frank luntz is here to say what words are resonating with americans and what about those who vote with obama 98% of the time?
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welcome back to "hannity." we continue our countdown to election day to 14. we're only 28 days away. we look to the races that could shift the power in the senate. democrats are fighting to hold on to their seats in seefveral states and are distancing themselves from president obama and his policy. we did sh investigating and the truth is the following six candidates voted with obama almost all the time in 2013 alone. take a look. in arkansas, senator mark pryor, he voted with obama 90% of the time. mark udahl, 99% of the time. kay hagan 96% of the time, mark begich, 97% of the time, mary landrieu in louisiana, 97% of the time. jeanne shaheen in new hampshire she voted with the president a whopping 99% of the time. how big a factor will all those factors be come november 4th?
10:36 pm
here to discuss is pollster mark luntz. how are you? >> i'm fine. interesting that new hampshire race because it's a place i've been to. new hampshire has always been a independent state, she surprised people when she ran. and that 99% figure would really upset voters if they knew about it. that's not independent. that's not what new hampshire voters thought they were supporting six years ago. >> if you look at the real clear politics average he's down about four points. are you saying he's still in that race? >> he's absolutely in that race. we did some ad testing. i don't know if you got it, but he's now used the issue of immigration and shaheen's support of amnesty against her, and i think that that's had a significant impact over the last three, four weeks as brown has continued to shrink that lead. >> how big of an issue is obama care? how big an issue are these percentages voting with obama
10:37 pm
with the president's popularity sinking as it is, how big of an area nationwide? >> it's significant. in places like louisiana and arkansas, i believe it's the deciding factor in why those seats are likely to shift to the republicans. in states like colorado, iowa and north carolina, states where obama won by a narrow margin, he's no longer the asset that he once was. and even in a state like alaska, which is completely outside the lower 48, as they would say, it is the linkage between begich and obama that is at this point likely to cost begich that seat. people are angry with him because he doesn't show up to vote, and they're ang we with him that when he does he only votes the obama position. >> so if the republicans as predicted take montana, south dakota, west virginia expected. mark begich is down five in alaska, mark pryor and mary landrieu go down then you have
10:38 pm
joni ernst, that looks like a good chance for a republican pickup, you're saying new hampshire is still in play. is kay hagan going to hold on? i'm surprised she's up by three or four points. >> because of her advertising campaign. i'd be happy to show your viewers this. her advertising campaign is remarkable. she's been effective at selling herself as an independent, as being the most moderate senator of them all. and frankly, the republican campaign has not been as effective there. >> she votes with obama 96% of the time. that's not moderate. >> it's not moderate, but she was called this by national journal and she's been running it and effectively. your viewers need to follow one other state, which is kansas. the most vulnerable republican in the country. >> pat roberts. >> pat roberts has voted for john mccain and mitt romney overwhelming. a landslide there.
10:39 pm
roberts is even losing republicans. and what i don't know kansas understands is that they could actually give barack obama his majority in the senate if they throw pat roberts out. >> they asked the democrat to bow out of the race, he wouldn't even say up till recently who he would caucus. we know it's the democrats. he's avoided any tough positions even on the keystone pipeline. i'm surprised that roberts is still in that much trouble but you're right, he's in trouble. some have suggested that mitch mcconnell might be in trouble. he has nearly a five-point lead in the real clear politics average online. project veritas and james o'keefe, they did some undercover work and basically everybody that surrounds allison grimes is saying she's a liar on the issue of coal. this has only broken in the last two days. these are the two videos today and yesterday. let me know if you think this will have an impact.
10:40 pm
let me roll this tape. >> the ads where allison's up there talking about how she supports the coal industry. i started thinking to myself -- >> she has to say that because in kentucky if you don't support the polling figures that's death politically. i know that that's true. and i know that's why she has to say that, but you know what, politics is a game. you do what you have to do to get to point "b," and then you do -- i mean, it's a lying game, unfortunately. >> so she's saying something positive about coal because she wants to be elected. >> right. >> and in the state of kentucky if you are anti-coal, you will not get elected, period. end of conversation. >> she supports big coal. >> no, she's going to [ bleep ]
10:41 pm
them as soon as she gets elected. >> really? >> take my word for it. >> can i have your card? >> she's going to do what he has to do to get elected. >> i predict this will have a big impact on that race. >> mitch mcconnell will be the next senator from kentucky. call it now. if i'm wrong, throw me off your network. he's run a very effective advertising pain. he's proven that he's good for kentucky. one thing i know from kentucky voters is that they absolutely reject dishonesty, when you are so cold and calculating that you will say absolutely anything to get elected, even things that you don't believe in, kentucky will say to you, absolutely, positively no way. she's going to be punished for this, but not just her failure,
10:42 pm
it's mcconnell's demonstration -- even though they're anti-incumbent in kentucky -- his demonstration that he takes care of people, solves constituent problems will get him re-elected. >> she's accusing mcconnell of taking money from the groups. they gave the grimes ad four pinocchios which means that's kind of the biggest lie that you can tell. >> everyone knows where mcconnell stands. the positive about him and the negatives, that he's been around for a while. you can't lie about mcconnell's record and get away with it, you can't lie about coal and get away with it. but there's a bigger issue here which is that people will now say anything to get themselves into office. >> that's sad. that's why people hate politicians. how many republican pickups? what's going to be the number in january? >> if the election is held today, it will be really narrow but the gop will end up with 51 seats. it's more likely they end up with 50 than 52, but at this
10:43 pm
point they get the majority. it's up to republican voters in kansas to determine whether barack obama will have a democratic senate. they need to take that to heart. >> all right. frank luntz, good to see you. coming up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> when you hear some of the anti-immigrant language, the rhetoric, do you think it's racist? >> translator: i think it's discriminato discriminatory, yes. >> oh, really? discriminatory and racist to want secure borders? what the president of mexico said. then tonight's question of the day. (vo) you are a business pro.
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10:49 pm
origin relied so much on the migration flows of the many parts, europe, asia, for instance. i think this is a country whose origin, to a great extent, is one of migration. and that's why it's unfortunate to hear this exclusionary position. >> richard, do you know yourself what happens when people come from el salvador, central america, nicaragua, guatemala, you know what happens to them when they go into mexico illegally? do you have any idea? >> i do not know, sean. you'll enlighten me. >> the president of mexico by his own definition would be racist. you know why? because they put those people in jail or they deport them immediately. isn't it then by his own definition racist that he does that to the people of central america? >> well, not exactly.
10:50 pm
i think what the president's saying here pretty clearly is the language being used -- >> what language? >> the rhetoric that's being used by those who don't believe in immigration reform. >> give me the language. what language? >> i'm not the president of mexico, i'm saying what he's saying. >> i want to know what language is racist. you got to help me out. >> i'm not agreeing with his comments at all, but i'm saying he's saying the language that's being used is racist. >> do you know what he's referring to? >> you have to ask him that question. >> you don't know the language. >> people want to see secure borders and some kind of orderly immigration situation are racists. i'm the son of immigrants. they went u.s. embassy, did health exams, got a statement from my dad's father saying if they didn't get work they'd pay to bring them back they then came to the united states. that is what the people want. >> it's, okay. migration that he talks is
10:51 pm
legal. my grandparents came from ireland at the turn of the last century all four came here, went owe to ellis island and came here legally. i don't think anyone in america cares if you come into the country. check out your background make sure you're not somebody of ill repute, that you don't have a record and you're going to contribute to society. then, you come in legally. >> there is nothing racist about that. if we're throwing a party and inpeople, we'd expect them to come to the front door and shake our hands not come down the chimney and break in. >> like santa claus. >> breaking in everybody's house. once a year. >> wait a minute. i think in z.both my parents are immigrants from jamaica. they went through the process. that is not what i'm arguing here the concept is that in this country, i disagree there is nothing wrong with securing the borders but let's find a way to
10:52 pm
make sure 11 million people living in the shadows can oum out of the shadows. >> let's secure the border first. do what we keepsyi saying we're going to do. what is going to happen is that you get spending cuts last, tax cuts first. you always get sh you get the legalization of illegal immigrants but never get border secure. secure the border first. >> this is the thing i don't think those two things are mutually exclusive. if you ask ronald reagan he would say the same thing. >> ronald reagan passed amnesty in 1984. the question i have for you is why can't we do these two things at the same time? let's track down and build a fence at the same time. . >> i don't trust the same government that said they'd put
10:53 pm
social security money in a lock box and told us we can keep our doctor and save money. >> all those things and obama put the dream act into motion after congress refused to. there is a huge national security aspect. >> isis, ebola. >> exactly. brand new figures from department of homeland security. in 2004 we had 72 from afghanistan, 72 from syria. 168 from sudan. 257 from iran. now, most are coming here because they want to hard work. but maybe 19 want to kill us. >> here is where i -- >> so you want a secure border. it's wise to do so in the days of isis and ebola. >> i do think we need to have a secure border. >> glad to see one of you,
10:54 pm
anyway. kidding. coming up, the question of the day as we continue, straight ahead. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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welcome back to "hannity". time for today's question of the day. yesterday, we had a huge reaction. thousands of you, our loyal viewers told us who your
10:59 pm
favorite late-night host is. now, it's time for tonight's question. it's a tough one for me. what is your favorite tv show to bing watch? it's not "hannity" for me because i know what happened there are two shows for me. we're going to call this a tie. take a look. >> i got nothing for you. makes me wonder. >> i want to put criminals in jail. >> whatever you say. >> there is nothing to fear. >> you said i was a friend. >> there you have it. "boardwalk empire" "sons of anarchy". those are my picks.
11:00 pm
tell me what is your favorite? we hope you'll start your day with fox and friends first at 5:00 a.m . thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night.


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