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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. isis moving in on the baghdad airport. they are closing in on the ultimate prize in iraq. right now isis only 8 miles out from the airport. that is terrifying not to mention a disappointment for many americans who fought so hard in iraq. isis has lots of money, heavily armed heavily shoulder to missile. also today a raging fight for the syrian town of kobani, isis trapping civilians as that town now a massacre is feared. that's not all, isis could invade turkey greg palkot standing by on the border. first, the dangerous threat to the baghdad errant. kevin barron of the news web site joins us. nice to see you, kevin. isis 8 miles out from the airport.
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>> 8 miles out. there is conflicting reports from pentagon and intelligence how much they control abu ghraib or just there. >> that's the suburb? >> right. and whether or not the airport is next. that's the step the pentagon isn't willing to go so far yet. >> the pentagon doesn't actually hugely terrified at least the things i read. two weeks ago it was 50 miles out. the movement is not in a direction favorable to us and to the iraqi people in baghdad. >> that's right. and the pentagon keeps saying that they are doing air strikes as they have been instructed and they have been doing them for weeks. also been saying that they need help on the ground. right now it's the iraqi security forces fighting for themselves. no coalition of arab ground force on the way and no american ground force as well. >> you and i were talking about 7 a miles rather than but talking so close. what happens if isis takes the airport? what does that mean. >> it's a big if, i guess, is the point. when you -- inside the pentagon they still feel that baghdad will hold. the iraqi security forces that are in charge of defending baghdad are well
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entrenched and well defended and to include the airport. as well, the pentagon does not have a mandate to protect the airport. they are not the cavalry. there are some apaches there. there san element there. their job is to protect the american embassy and americans in baghdad, not the airport. >> how county pentagon be so certain in light of the fact that they're marching towards baghdad. auto miles 8 weeks ago. two miles tonight. anbar is now having terrific problems. mosul went down in june. we have seen isis growing. and so why pentagon -- what's the end carat to say that we should feel like this is working? >> think of the fences for the city harden as you get closer. this is like saying if they took lowden county versus taking washington, d.c. or just taking the pentagon different levels of defense that they are approaching. so, again, baghdad itself has appear stronger element of protection to it. there is a reason why i think isis so far hasn't tried to take back that. >> what's going on with anbar province. >> the pentagon says the pentagon influx. >> influx? >> influx.
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>> that doesn't sound good. >> not exactly what you expect to hear from commanders. haditha think other security forces are holding and others like fallujah in contested, i think they are far more than contested. >> are they alarmed? >> there is alarm, yes. absolutely. like i said there is a lot of regret and anger from commanders and troops who fought hard in the years of iraq to especially places like fallujah, to take those cities and to give them to the iraqi people. but the alarm now, i think, is past them. right? these groups of owe -- these cities have fallen, groups have taken them over. now it's baghdad. air strikes, what comes next. i think that's the concern the question that you are hearing over and over again. >> they use the term influx in anbar and because it looks pretty bad. so i am just having a hard time that they don't think that baghdad is influx in light of the fact that they keep marching closer and closer and closer and shooting down iraqi helicopters. >> well, if isis is in anbar and actually in control of a lot of those cities and
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pentagon describes it as influx they are not in baghdad. each if some elements of isis get into baghdad. it would be like you have seen elsewhere with terrorist campaigns, ieds very disruptive. not divisions marching into the city you hope that the calm that to have alarmist. i think the signs are are bad. anyway you are closer to it anyway. kevin, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> and breaking now, hundreds of civilians trapped and there are fears of a massacre. all of this in kobani on the turkey/syria border. fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is right there on the border. greg? >> greta, u.s. air strikes might be picking up against isis. but the terrorists do not seem to be slowing down. take a look at what we saw on the turkey/syria border today. appearances can be deceiving. overall the syrian town of kobani looks pretty peaceful today. for the past couple of hours
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we have been hearing a battle royale coming from the center of town. just along the long line of trees kurdish defenders. the isis terrorists have taken it over today. but according to the combat that we are hearing from there, the fight is still on. >> sources also tell us that isis now could have control of the only border crossing between kobani and turkey. that is the only way the kurds can get casualties and civilians out of there. reinforce. s and resupplies in. terrorists are making their moves despite that increased air activity. by our count, there have been 32 u.s. coalition air strikes against isis in and around kobani just in the past week. the concern here though is that they are all too late. and it's another tense night here in turkey on this side of the border. ethnic kurds have been clashing with police and turkish authorities, deadly riots have been across this country all this past week. folks are upset about turkey not doing more about isis. and so is the united states,
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general john allen who is meeting with turkish officials today in the capitol of encore are a. is he the head of the u.s. led anti-identifies campaign. but he doesn't seem to have changed too many minds here in turkey during this trip. bad news for those folks trapped inside of co-bane, literally face to face with the terrorists. greta? >> okay, greg. if those civilians are trapped there and that border cross something closed, they can't leave it. they are there. and if isis has been terrible to civilians in other parts of iraq and syria, is that what we can expect for those civilians trapped there? >> big fears, greta, if, in fact, isis take over. right now we figure they are in about one third of the town. as they move across, if they can gather another third of territory, then these folks are in real trouble. perhaps then the pressure will be on turkey to act. again, from our live position, we saw rows and rows of turkish tanks.
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their pointed towards kobani but doing absolutely nothing that might be the game changer if thousands of civilians are in jeopardy of dying and other torture. back to you, greta. >> so the question is with isis getting closer and closer controlling kobani and closing in on baghdad, it is gaining ground in both is syria and iraq. is there anyone who thinks air strikes are enough? congressman and air force veteran adam kinzinger joins us. good evening, sir. >> hey, greta. thanks for having me. >> all right. well the summary that anbar is in flux, that's what the bernanke calls it which to me is a really bad sign. you have kobani that is now taken over by isis and the civilians can't get out and probably get massacred by isis. we have seen what they have done other places and now isis is 8 miles outside baghdad and we have been doing these air strikes for ant no. can you tell me if these air strikes are working? >> let me first off say i literally feel sick. actually feel sick hearing about this stuff. and knowing what's going to happen in kobani, i mean, these isis -- these are elderly folks left near the
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people who couldn't leave. are the air strikes helping? yeah, they are helping something. some. i just got back from iraq. bombing of isis in iraq has been able to stop their momentum it did save row robel. particular them off a little bit. go ahead. >> let me ask you that. slowing them down. but we haven't stopped them. i mean, look at the inroads. look at the progress they have made. how can this be a success. >> it's not. the thing is we can slow them down. the inevitability is going to happen. i have been advocating for air strikes for along time. i didn't envision pinprick exercise. i envisioned something like shock and awe like 2003 and puts isis on the heels messing with the wrong country. that isn't happening. disrupting some supply chains, blowing up barracks but all we are doing what
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appears to be the inevitable without some bigger action. this president ', i mean, look, i have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt when i can, i really have. he is constantly two or three steps behind what this terrorist group, if you can you even call them a terrorist group. whatever is worse than terrorists is what they're. he is two or three steps behind them constantly. like he is doing what he has to do so that he can politically look like he is he doing something but he is fundraising and everything else. disappointing and shocking. >> how terrible is baghdad we know isis has shoulder to air missiles. taken down iraqi helicopters twice this past week. i assume they can paralyze that baghdad airport pretty easily with those. how vulnerable is baghdad? >> well, i have to disagree with your previous guest a little bit. i think it's vulnerable. even the psychology of isis in baghdad will have huge impact on the baghdad pop police, on the military that we have season the military melt away before in tough situations. and i tell you what, if they do take or disrupt the baghdad airport, that means
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american supply lines are cut off. that means, you know he, even the civilian population are not getting the supplies that they need. that starts to be reminiscent of saigon. when we look at what happened back in saigon, there is a lot of lessons to learn today which is don't yawn. don't pretend like this is not going it happen. don't say the inevitable isn't going to happen like we saw in saigon. baghdad is a a threat. we have to be ready for the moment at which we are going to have to step up. >> i just note that kevin barron, he actually was just telling us what the pentagon is telling him. >> right. that wasn't, you know, i mean, he, too has concerns, i think just about everybody. not to mention the disappointment to many americans, all the blood lost and all the disappointment there to try to rescue this country and now look at it. where i was based at is under isis control. no point when i was sleeping there in 2008 and 2009 did i ever imagine this would happen. and here we are. >> i was in kurdistan in september two weeks later
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fallujah goes down and mosul in june go through the whole thing. things weren't so bad even last december. anyway, thank you, congressman. >> thank you, thanks for having me. >> and before he was first elected in 2008, president obama promised his supporters he would close gitmo. now, six years later, it is still open and the white house is now contemplating bypassing congress using executive power. the "wall street journal" reporting the white house is currently drafting options to override a congressional ban on transferring detainees to the u.s. speaker of the house john boehner tweeting president obama's plan to import gitmo terrorists to the u.s. is another example of duration's legacy of lawlessness. representative ron deisn't a toes joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> what's your thought about the presidents -- at least the white house is apparently developing these plans to try to close gitmo? >> well, it's concerning in two ways. one, in the "wall street journal" article they said well, maybe the president will just veto the annual defense authorization bill. that bill is critical for our troops, particularly those who are operating overseas.
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and the idea that he would veto that and choose his ideology over the troops, i think would be so outrageous. and so then that leaves us with him unilaterally taking executive action. as the speaker pointed out, he can not do that consistent with the constitution. congress has consistently voted to prohibit him from bringing terrorists to the united states and we voted to remove funding for him to do that. so he would be usurping our lawmakerring law making power and power of the purse. >> down to 149, 37 hang on to no matter. what 23 have been designated for a military commission. basically a military trial. it costs $2.7 million a year per person to keep them in gitmo. it's only 78,000 per person in super max. nobody has ever escaped from super max. so what is the objection to moving to like super max in colorado? because nobody gets out of there and it's certainly a lot cheaper?
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>> because they are unlawful combatants, terrorists. they are not common criminals. super max has common criminals. i know we have prosecuted terrorists who have made it to our shores before but it's an apples and oranges comparison. that is a marital operation that is going on there. it's not a civilian justice system. part of the reason it costs a lot is because they get three special meals a day. they get around the clock medical care. they get the korans when they want it. they are treated far better than they would be treated almost anywhere else and that's costly. i would like to see us trim back on that for sure. >> is there any way to -- i mean so, you bring them to the united states, do they get expanded rights? is that the problem. >> yeah, absolutely. i don't think you're going to be able to bring them into a federal prison. they are going to immediately go and file a writ of habeas corpus and the judge is going to follow the domestic law which is either bring charges or release the prisoner. and they are not entitled to the same constitutional rights as you or i are or
4:14 pm
other american citizens. >> all right. these numbers are astounding. bringing them to the u.s. we save $390 million a year. it's not just a question of money, it's also a question of national security and safety. but it seems to me that there must be some way to figure out this solution without releasing them. anyway. you have got to go through the right way. get the congress to vote what you want to do. we have not been willing to do that thus far. so you can't go it alone. >> congressman, nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. doctors at a nebraska hospital say his condition slightly improved. photo journalist is receiving both an experimental drug and blood transfusion from ebola survivor dr. kent brantly and then there is this: a ebola scare on flight. a passenger reportedly sneezed and announced to all other passengers that he had ebola.
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when the plane landed men in hazmat suits the passenger from the plane the plane was cleared and checked. the passenger falsely yelled he had ebola. now to the $60,000 question where in the world is kim jong un in the mysterious north korea leader has not been seen in public since septemberrd. now today what is very peculiar the leader was mia from a national event. fueling speculation that he is either seriously ill or has been overthrown. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. you know where he is, right? >> is he campaigning with president obama somewhere. >> ouch. >> we don't have a clue what the real situation is. and that's really the first point here other intelligence about north korea. not kim jong un's whereabouts is inadequate and has been for decades. the best we come from south korean speculation that he is ill. that shouldn't make us feel
4:16 pm
any better. >> i mean, what difference does it make if we know where he is? just because it's sort of a cat and mouse game and we are curious? it's still a nuclear armed country. still at war with the united states. you know, what difference if we can't -- if we don't know if he is dead or alive or in the hospital. >> well, let's assume it is a health condition. nonetheless, the fact that he has been invisible for a month now, especially on this highly symbolic political an verse searp of the founding of the north korean communist party. >> which is also a slight to his father that he wasn't there. >> right. could be an indication there is political turmoil as well. that has direct implications for the united states. first as you say, because this is obviously a nuclear weapon state. so what happens to it is critical. plus, let's be clear. if there is instability in north korea, if it looks like the government is about to collapse, u.s. and south korean forces have had contingency plans for years to go into north korea to try and find and secure the nuclear weapons, the chemical weapons. so, this is a matter of you
4:17 pm
are general is is i for the united states and south korea. >> you know, iivel there three times. and what has always struck me is how every single person i met. not that i had much contact because they control what you do there. is hates us. or scared of us and really thinks that every single day of the week that you and i and everybody watching this show is busy trying to figure out how we are going to kill the people. unbelievable. they sore convinced of it. >> there is enormous paranoia. really very little we know other than speculation about what the power struggle is in time. that's why control over north korea's nuclear weapons program becomes so important so that generals or others don't abscond with technology, with materials, with the peps themselves. and so that's what brings us to a very, very potentially dangerous point when we don't know the level of stability inside north korea, which is pretty much where we are now. >> there are reports that number 2 and number 3 in the government were recently in south korea. like last week that was like pretty big. the two of them together. what did that mean? >> that prompted a lot of
4:18 pm
the speculation about a coupe inside north korea. that's why high level officials who were thought to be antagonistic that kim jong un had ventured out of the country. this is like reading shadows on the cave wall. south korea intelligence isn't much better. >> that country is absolutely sealed off from the world. it's the strangest place. >> it has nuclear weapons. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> "the weekly standard" steve hayes says the obama presidency is in tatters. failure upon failure. steve will be here next to go "on the record." our commander andrew tam tahmooressi sitting in a a mexican prison after mistakenly driving over the mexican border. now see what we have been able to do coming up. uhhh. no, that can't happen.
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well, this headline is a siz swler, the obama's presidency. describing president obama's time in office as failure upon failure and steve joins us. good to see you, steve. >> good to be here. >> very expensive article. and it really picks the owe blam that administration apart piece by piece. >> yeah. what i wanted to do with this piece and it's pretty long was take the longer view, i mean we do so much day-to-day reporting. we get caught up in the cycles, but i wanted to take a step back and say okay, we are almost six years in. where are we in this presidency? i think it's very hard to come to any other conclusion but that we are looking at a failed presidency right now. >> okay, women, what did de? we got bin laden and i should say that he did issue the order. >> give him credit. >> obamacare, that would be other part of his legacy and the jury is out. a lot of people hate it jury is sought for many other
4:23 pm
people. only other significant thing is gay marriage that was done largely by the states although his attorney general didn't fight it other than that go through the list. everything. speech in cairo going to solve the problem. muslim world that didn't happen. immigration speech 2010, that didn't happen. climate change, that didn't happen. gitmo didn't happen. iraq is falling apart. transparency, we don't have any. even the "new york times" transparency. it goes on and on and on. >> i think you can go issue by issue. look at the world right now. he ended the war in iraq. he, in effect, ended the global war on terror. he decided not to get involved in syria. and, yet, here we are now. doing air strikes, pinprick air strikes to save iraq from imploding, you know, we are not actually going to get involved in syria. it's clear that al qaeda is back. this was core al qaeda that was supposed to be defeated that we are fighting in iraq and syria right now. >> that's what he said in his 2012 the democratic convention. i mean, he stated he end the war in iraq. what's your definition of
4:24 pm
how he ended it. if it ended so abruptly it's now catastrophic problem. i don't consider that ending it. >> you are right. you are absolutely right. he ended it. he didn't win it there is a big difference between the two. but is he running around the country telling people boasting that he ended the war in rawngeght look at the speech that he gave to announce these new air strikes. it's like he hasn't learned anything. he boasts about having ended the war in iraq and promises that he is going to withdraw troops from afghanistan, not learning any lessons what a lack of a u.s. presence there has done. >> air strikes definition of his foreign policy. but the problem is that he got pushed into it because two americans got beheaded. the american people turned against him. the american people basically directed him to do it. that was the american foreign policy that was not his. he was looking the other way the last six months. >> during the 2012 campaign one of the things he said repeatedly on the stump was we are going it nation-build here at home. we are going to turn our sights inward. it was clear to a lot of people at the time that the world wasn't going to cooperate. the world doesn't work that wait a minute the united
4:25 pm
states can't just decide we want to focus on what we're going to do at home and not pay attention to the world. i think we have seen the results of whatnot paying attention to the world has yielded. >> he would say it's the republicans up against me every step of the way. >> i think the republicans have been up against him every step of the way. no question if you look at polling that republicans share some of the blame. go back to the beginning stages of his administration when he passed the sim columbus he in effect said to nancy pelosi and the democrats you take this do what you want with it. he said he was going to listen to republicans. he had them over for cocktails at the white house. in terms of actually conclude dollars any policy ideas he has rejected that pretty consistently all along. mitch mcconnell said to me just a couple months into the obama presidency, if we are willing to compromise, if he will actually take some of our ideas, if he is actually talking about substantive compromise. what we are not willing to do is go and meet with him and have happy talk with him and have him campaign and govern on his own and that's what the president has done
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the united states is not and never will be at war with islam. isil is not islamic.
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wntdy davis, the democrat wants to be the next governor of texas, she wants it so much she may have just reached a new low. check out this ad, new aim at opponent greg abbot he has been confined to a wheelchair for years. >> a tree fell on greg abbot. he sued and got millions. since then, he spent his career working against other victims. abbot who argued a woman whose leg was amputated said she had artificial limb. failed to do a background check with sexual predator. sided with a hospital with a dangerous surgeon who failed patients. greg abbot is not for you. >> abc political director rick klein washington examiner susan father rich choo and national review
4:31 pm
rick rogan. rick, i don't know what the story is behind the lutes and people take great license with that when they decide people talk about lawsuits. the wheelchair. >> once you have that immanuel everything else you say is basically irrelevant. this is the kind of ad you get it cut and put it in the back drawer and say let's not go there unless we absolutely have to. now they are at a point three and a half weeks out in the race down double digits in the polls. this is a desperation move. hard to explain why you would knowingly run an ad like this unless you feel like you need to do something pretty dramatic to shape up a race, very widespread condemnation. not a federal race where she would have to say my name is wendy davis and i approved of that at the end. no tag line. >> this race is a lost cause for i had her anyway. when i saw the ad i thought that's a terrible ad i also thought this is someone who political races who cares because you really can't resuscitate her poll numbers at this point. she has never really done well. she is in a red state.
4:32 pm
from the beginning there were problems. not much she can do to resuscitate it. this is sort of a hail mary they just missed very badly. >> tom, i don't know, i assume she saw the ad. i assume that she okayed it. i don't know that for sure. but i do know that the campaign sort of informal slogan about six months ago which she never condemned. we stand with wendy. and that we stand with wendy was sort of a i thought a covert reference to the fact that her opponent was in a wheelchair. >> clearly a maivel miscalculation. susan is right that it reflects actually desperation on the part of the campaign. actually they decided to lose here. >> a hail mary pass? >> hail mary pass. it's a on goal. it's catastrophic. if they had gotten rid of the image of the wheelchair. election model gives republicans a 95% chance of winning the senate.
4:33 pm
that's the highest number i have seen. >> i had them at 94. i think with all these numbers, look, we know there are just more paths for republicans right now. a lot more paths for republicans to win the majority than there are for democrats to hold on to it we keep seeing strange headlines that are developing like south dakota, like kansas that suggest otherwise, but the fact is you look at the map, it's expanded in the republican's direction. they have a a lot of ways this can go right. democrats are now in the position that mitt romney was n 2012. he needed inside straight. he needed everything to go right. that's where democrats stand right now. republicans just have a lot of phats to victory. >> less than a month out. time something everything. the polls are getting more accurate now. they are getting likely voters. less time, the undecideds are shrinking and republicans are still ahead in many of these races that are pivotal this them taking on the senate. if you look at the individual races, you are still looking at three points, four points, that's the kind of lead some of these republicans have. what does that mean? that means it's not 7 points. i mean, still a chance a
4:34 pm
republican could get ahead, depending on what models they are using for turnout. all kinds of things can factor. in let's think back to 2012 when that polling was disastrously wrong. i thought 25% was a little bit high. i would say 60,%, 70%. >> tom, the candidate opposing senator mitch mcconnell out in kentucky dropped what seemed like a stink bomb yesterday that she wouldn't say she would vote for president obama in 2008. asked like three times. she should have been ready for the question. i don't know what her answer would have been. she should have been red are for it. as much as we were all aghast. i don't think that's going to effect her term out. >> no, i think it's just the whole campaign really across the board from democrats has been similar in many ways to the republican senate campaigns in 2012. in the sense that there is this absolutely desire to run away from the president. and yet, at the same time, president is saying it's his legacy essentially that is going to be decided by this election. be a sleuth discontinuity
4:35 pm
disconnect between the two sides. the democrats are looking at the wendy davis out there, obviously a governor's race there is a broad concern across the country in terms of what actually democrats do in this election and what they say. >> the president is out campaigning and for the democrats to raise money. and fundraisers so so while theying away from him maybe across the country in different races they sure aren't running away from the money is he getting them. >> a number of political rallies he has done this election season, zero. he has not done a single rally for a big public event for a democratic candidate. that's going to change next week. be limited to very blue areas, places drive up the turnout. it's remarkable for this president especially he is not going to be playing in any of the places that will determine control of the senate. susan is right. it's close in a lot of these races. you would think there would be something about democratic turnout. he has seemed so toxic that candidates that don't want him there. >> interesting. even the runup to the election is going to be interesting to see who stumbles and who does. panel. thank you. and hollywood actress green
4:36 pm
netanyahu paltrow did it again. wait until you hear what the movie star said. she said it with president obama standing right next to her. that's coming up. first, "on the record" is shaking up the border it, has to do with sergeant tahmooressi still in a mexican prison. what did we do? here's a tease. you have to wait for the whole story. >> i might miss that first sign, it's not illuminated. the second sign on the street line might have some illumination. it's late at night. and then, of course, the third sign that says mexico is not illuminated. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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our "on the record" team works really hard putting spotlights on big problems. hoping to get them fixed. happen inspect well, yes. a big now underway at the border crossing where sergeant andrew tahmooressi made a wrong turn that landed him in a mexican prison. here is part of our "on the record" report that is a big reason, a big change was made look at the sign mexico
4:41 pm
only o. not illuminated and the other sign is faded. other sign over here mexico only no u.s.a. graffiti over no u.s.a. mexico only. here is the confusing part. you would be inclined to want to go to that direction to san diego. since the direction of san diego. if he had intended to go to mexico, you would expect that he would look for a road that would go in that direction. we're coming right up to where he got on. right beyond this shrubbery. all right, i'm standing in the left lane because i want to return to the u.s.a. and can you see the return u.s. sign. and so i can stay in the left lane. but is he over here to the right. he can't get over here. to the left lane i'm in to make the u-turn, this is the only lane you can make this u turn. you can see how he has got to cross which would be impossible all these barricades, this is where the u-turn is right here. i'm making the u turn. he couldn't get over there he would have to cross over these lanes, cars are going, it's late at night. it's dark. i have got the option. i'm making the last choice but he couldn't get over to
4:42 pm
this point. so, you can see how impossible it was for him to get to where i am. making u turn. i'm making the u-turn to go back to the u.s.a. but he could not. look over here to my left, see his options? were zero. he couldn't cross over the cement barriers, and so he had to go to mexico. >> so, what is being done to fix this confusing intersection? california assembly man tim donley joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening to you, greta. >> i was quite pleased to see that on may 23rd the california department of transportation you sent a letter and gave us a shoutout. when you got no answer you kept at them august 25th, 2014, you also gave us a satout when you wrote them. tell us what happened. >> absolutely. did you such a great job of really showing what the problem was. that i thought well, what can i do as a california state assembly man? i can at least ask this california state agency, caltrans to make their signs visible and make them clear
4:43 pm
because it's so obvious from your report, which you just showed that you don't know that you are actually leaving the united states and have no choice and really no effective way to return to the u.s. if you make that right turn we got a letter back. that was what was so surprising. first letter dismissed our concerns and little bit -- well, it was dismissive and maybe that's because i was -- at the time i was running for governor against the director's boss but, you know, now that there is no politics involved and i'm not running for anything, i sent a follow-up letter, and i was really surprised to get a letter back from the director of caltran saying we took it seriously we have improved the visibility of the signs we do have. you saw how poorly maintained they were. there was graffiti all over one. we are also going to put new markings on the actual pavement so that you can see if you are in that lane, you
4:44 pm
don't have a choice but you are going to mexico so you need to take some action it will be sort of like a warning track. >> now, the video that we shot, and the picture we are showing is all daylight. this complicates the fact that at nighttime is that it is a lot easier to make a mistake and make that turn. are these new signs that california transportation department has put up, are they lighted signs so they are more visible? >> i don't know if they at lighted as opposed to being not illuminated before, but they are certainly have the bright yellow so that you can't miss it because previously the coloring was just blended into the background. but i intend to go down there myself and see both at day and at nighttime. the bottom line is this is so much better than having nothing i think it also when you think of sergeant tahmooressi who you have covered from the very beginning who has been in
4:45 pm
prison now longer than most serious criminals who commit crimes here in california, this really shores up his case. if you have a major government agency in california acting to correct a deficiency, there is clearly something that has made many people make that same mistake and it should back up and shore up his case. >> and thank you, sir. when you go down there, make sure that you start your drive in that parking lot because that even makes it more complicated. you will see what i mean when you get down there, where he was actually parked. as you will mone, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta for everything you are doing. >> actress gwyneth paltrow needs a teleprompter. just months after making working mothers really angry by saying her job as an actress is harder. she said something equally thick-headed i will tell you what she said and i will tell you what i think about it that's coming up. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts?
4:46 pm
that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
4:47 pm
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let's all go off-the-record. remember in march when gwyneth paltrow said she thought working mothers who have 9 to 5 jobs have it easier than she does as an actress? and let me add an actress who makes millions and millions of dollars. specifically, paltrow said women with office jobs are able to do things in morning and come home in the evening, unlike actresses with unpredictable travel schedules and long days on set. basically she was saying whoa is me the rich actress. what a stupid thing to say, right? she got slammed for saying it. so naturally you would think she would wise up, right? not so fast. she didn't wise up. she back at it again. last night while hosting a fundraiser with president obama on her side at her fancy hollywood mansion. the paltrow said quam pay policies have very important to me as a working mother. paltrow is a working mother? she may be literally right
4:51 pm
but not your typical working mother. she just doesn't walk in the shame shoes as 99% of working mothers. nannies and millions can make it a whole lot easier. by the way, paltrow didn't get it all wrong. i would agree with her on one thing, women should get equal pay for equal work. someone needs to get that actress a teleprompter. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. so, what do working mothers have to say about gwyneth paltrow's latest comments? radio host and mother of five joins us. joinna, nice to see you. am i off the mark or on the mark on this one. >> you are right on the mark, greta as usual. there is no comparison at all between gwyneth paltrow's lifestyle and 99% of the working mothers in this country that don't have nannies and maids and chefs and live in the lap of luxury like she does. that comment was completely uncalled for. it parallels other comments she has made in the past as
4:52 pm
the one you pointed to but also the one that said that her job was a lot like a military tour of duty. this woman is completely out of touch even tmz said something about she turned something that was supposed to be a presidential fundraiser into the dating game. it has been mocked even by hollywood's own. >> i know the president has to go out and raise money all politicians have to go out and raise money. someone that fronts the fundraiser for you to be so out of cink and especially with what typical democratic policies i would assume. looks terribly he a lettist. elitist. i think about the moms sitting at home who really are concerned about things. i have talked to women all over othe country about this. the thing that people, that moms really are concerned about are things like national security. things like the ebola outbreak. things like nick security, gas prices, gressry prices.
4:53 pm
she is not concerned about those things evidently. and with more concerns with having the president to her home to have this ritzy expensive fundraiser when maybe what the fundraiser should have been doing was sitting and watching having his supporters support him while he works. what do you think of this just doesn't get? >> why did she say anything? >> i think she is completely out of touch as frankly so many in hollywood are. they should stick to acting because that's what they do. and probably forego the politics especially when they are going to claim to speak in the expert realm. the flirting that she did on this and then i don't know if you caught this, too greta, when she said something about we need to give him as much power he's needs to do whatever he wants to do. i hope she understands that there are actually three branches of government and that balance of power is what keeps her free in this constitutional republic. apparently she doesn't get the most fundamental things about government. maybe she should forego the
4:54 pm
politics for a little while. >> i think so too, i think women should get equal pay for equal work. so while i think that she is a little bit of a dunderhead on the other things and, you know, so far out of touch with everybody else, i do agree with her on that one. gina, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, greta. coming up a trip to the zoo turns to a horror for a 3-year-old. you will see what happens next. don't forget to watch sean hannity tonight 10 p.m. eastern. discuss radical islam in america. that's tonight at 10:00 on hannity. if you can't watch it, dvr it.
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ready set to speed read. first to arkansas, a boy critically hurt after following into the jaguar exhibit at the zoo after his grandfather placed him on the railing above. the child fell 10 feet into the animal's enclesh. zoo keepers used fire
4:59 pm
extinguishers to keep the jaguars away from the child. once married an 18-year-old ethiopian immigrant so he he could get a green card. she said she had accepted 5,000 todd's marry the immigrant. that was back in 1997. they laterred divorced. royal engagement for angelina jolie private at buckingham palace. honorary dame. campaign and sexual violence. >> we are told dame jolly's brad pitt and kids were at the palace. if you can't watch live, you know what to do your dvr. and here is another thing, if you want to watch us live as you commute home, we have another solution, go to the fox news app. or at fox news watch us any time. no excuses. none whatsoever. right now, go to and answer. this. would you describe hollywood
5:00 pm
star gwyneth paltrow as a work mother or not. vote in our gretawire poll. up next o'reilly factor. good night from washington. see you on monday. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> offered me a job? >> that's right. >> okay. >> maybe the president should take the gig. with white house scandals mounting, president obama ramps up his fundraising blitz across the u.s. as he totally disengaged from running the country? we will debate it don't you think the reason isis was arrested when saudi hijackers attacked us we invaded a different country that had nothing to do with it. >> oh shoes, is he america's sweetheart, rosie o'donnell, a notorious 9/11 truther blames america for the creation of isis. and she has got plenty of company on the far left. we will analyze that tonight.


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