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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  October 11, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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t make up the whole delicious meal made just for you. and this is our turkey cranberry flatbread sandwich, paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup. only at panera bread. welcome to "a healthy you." i'm carol alt. low-impact exercise like yoga can help reduce stress. find out how yoga can get you through the toughest times of your life. the designer of the new children's clothing line see candy joins me with some fashion tips to keep you stylish and warm this fall. share some secrets how she helped her husband cc sabathia lose 40 pounds this summer. but, first, do you have trouble taking off your makeup? i mean, all your makeup before you go to bed? i know i do.
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are those makeup remover wipes just got getting the job done? how about good old-fashioned cold cream. that's kind of gross. who wants that stuff near your eyes? today the founder of the makeup eraser is here to convince me that her makeup remover product does the trick. lexy, i tried this product, i was, i was over the moon when i heard that you could just take the cloth and wipe your makeup off. you didn't need soap or cream or anything. but i came up disappointed and i'll telly. i want you to show me how you use this product and tell me why it was i felt that way. >> i was shocked to hear that you weren't impressed with the makeup eraser. >> i really wanted to love this. i was so excited, i have to tell you. >> first-time users mistakes they make is they don't use the cloth first.
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the fibers are activated after you wet the cloth. >> it rejected the water. >> it rejects the water you have to drench. you have to drench the makeup eraser. and if you're wearing, go ahead, show me. >> okay. >> probably the only woman in the world that doesn't like super soft. if you're wearing waterproof mascara or high tar makeup it will be difficult to remove. >> i wear all raw. >> it really does. it has to be extremely wet. you know, it's funny because we have countless youtube videos of women removing their makeup on camera. >> i'm not just a crazy person that is going to do this. so many women who have done it. you have to wet it really, really good. the makeup eraser is really
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inexense positiine inexiine inexpensive way to remove makeup. >> so, i just feel like i got to get this nice and wet. >> do you need to wash it every time you use it? the makeup stayed whatever i did get off. >> a couple different ways to do it. you can throw it in the wash affthe end of the week or wash it under the sink. they use different types of soaps. >> you needed soap. >> no, you do not. you can throw it in your towel load and it will remove. the makeup will come out. >> if you're washing it under the sink. the makeup didn't come out washing it with water. >> you'll want to use a little bit. here we go. >> show me the magic eraser. i'm waiting. >> okay, here we go. >> as we know -- >> you're not like rubbing too much on your skin. >> not at all. you do not want to rub at all. fine tissue. you do not want to do that. very important. if it is high tar, just let it sit for 10 or 20 seconds. dissolve the makeup on the eye and help get rid of the makeup.
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>> what fibers dissolve it? >> this is a blend of polyester. no added chemicals. >> how did you find that this dissolved makeup? >> you know, carol, kind of a family secret. >> did you stumstumab ablable u? >> we were using it for years in my family and more family would come and it kept getting smaller and smaller because people kept taking portions of our cloth. and then we finally said every women needs it because it's so easy to take your makeup off. >> is your makeup off? >> not completely. going back and forth. let's finish that so i can take a look at this and so can our audience. i kind of feel sorry right now for them. let's see in this one eye. >> you can see the difference between -- >> okay. >> look to the camera. >> okay, so, it came completely off. i didn't feel the makeup being off because the cloth was so
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soft. do you like rub any tonic at the end? >> you absolutely can. >> to make sure there is no residue or supposed to be no residue. >> there really isn't supposed to be any residue. you can take cotton ball and baby oil and certainly won't be any makeup left. you can choose to do that. the makeup eraser is just an add-on. it is to remove your makeup so you can still use your cleansers and your nightly routine. very inexensive way to remove makeup. 1,000 washes and not consumable. you don't have to continue to buy it. >> it's $20 and easy. >> it's extremely soft. i have to say. as i said, i'm not a soft person, cotton gives me the willies. it was a little bit too soft for me. i see it does remove your makeup and, okay, we'll take one more like at the camera and convince our audience that this is something they can't live without. thank you, lexi, for coming on. up next, can yoga be the fix
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to a broken heart? we'll find out. don't go away.
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nissan. innovation that excites. welcome back. we've discussed the mental and physical benefits of yoga. many times in this show, but my next guest has found that yoga can help us heal after painful losses such as divorce, breakups and job layoffs. here with me now to talk about her workshop, yoga for getting over it, lisa kershner and kathleen flin, one of lisa's students who has benefitted from her class. i'll go right to kathleen because i'm a little skeptical because something like a death, for example, or a divorce, which can feel like a death, can be so devastating. how did you find lisa and how did you find the class helped you get over your loss?
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>> well, i lost my soul mate and i found that all the pain went into one of my disks and all of a sudden i couldn't stand up straight and lisa helped me release some of those emotions and heal body, mind and spirit. >> so, you actually felt that the pain you were feeling went to a physical place in your body that you could pinpoint? >> yes, because i couldn't face it and i went on a saga of having to get back surgery, but i still, i needed to release those emotions and yoga gives you a safe environment to do that. >> when you released it, when you found that you could release this, did the pain go away? >> yes, yes. it did. >> lisa, how did you find this benefit out of yoga? i mean, were there other students coming to you with the same physical manifestations of their grief? >> i started the practice when i was leaving in qatar, the persian gulf.
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and i didn't know that i was about to go through a big emotional trauma and upset, but i did notice that whenever i was practicing i started to have some emotional responses on the mat. and my teacher explained that some of the postures actually do create these emotions in the body. and then when my marriage ended very unceremoniously, i was dumped over the telephone -- >> how many years were you married? >> five. >> and he dumped you over the telephone? >> from another country. >> he couldn't face you? >> no, no. >> so, it's devastating twice because you don't have the ability to face your, basically, accuser, at the same time as that loss. did you have a physical manifestation of that grief? >> well, i was in a country where i was very isolated. i didn't have a lot of friends and i was working a lot and the yoga practice is what really helped me to be able to sleep, to be able to eat and to be able to get through with some
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dignity? >> why? what did you find in yoga that helped you and how did you connect it to the yoga? >> well, as i said, i have had these experiences when i was doing a lot of and that's a lot in what i was doing forward folding. and i was getting very sort of morose and sad and bring out toxins. physical, emotional toxins that are stored in the hip. sometimes you have an emotional response when you're doing that pose. and then what i discovered was i needed to move beyond that. and, so, i actually moved to india to study yoga and meditation and i started finding other practices that could help. so, it wasn't just the physical posture, the physical postures enabled me to find stillness and to be able to be still. and then i was able to really allow the experiences to sort of wash through me.
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and i wouldn't have gotten there without the yoga. and through the practice, i also discovered the real joy in the practice. so, a lot of what i started incorporating were twists and inversions and back bends and that has taken me to my happy place. >> okay. >> and i've just had that experience. >> you know, at one time when i was doing a film, i was working with sean connery's son and he said my father once told me you have to enjoy the process. i think many of us speed through life and we don't take the time. we think, okay, we're grieving and let's get through this grief and work a lot and push it to the side and not deal with it. i find when you push grief to the side and you don't deal with it, it actually has a physical ill effect on our health. >> yes. >> did you find that, as well? >> well, yeah. in my 20s i had a similar sort of devastation where my partner also of five years died unexpectedly. and i didn't face it with the kind of healthy approach.
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i took the more shame spiral of drinking and, you know, not great behavior. and i lost years. and then i had a choice to make this time, again. i could either move toward the solution or move toward the problem. and i didn't want to be that person. >> so, what i'm understanding from this is that this yoga can help you reach a place where you can accept what happened and physically get it out. >> yeah. >> through the stillness of yoga? >> right. it's a highly personal journey, but what i've discovered. now i have been teaching yoga for ten years and i've discovered that this is true for students everywhere. in the workshop, in particular, i like to give people tools to move forward. it's not a magic bullet. you don't sit down on your mat and then, i'm done. i'm over it. but you have these tools. >> work through it. it's a process. you give them the tools. >> through the physical practice as part of the release because it's not that i'm not a fan of
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talk therapy, but no understanding why some things happen. you just won't ever, there's not a good enough reason as far as i'm concerned. does that mean that you're going to get stuck in that? it's a choice. and i have students like kathleen who are brave enough to come to the mat and make that choice again and again and again. she's been my student for years. she just didn't come to the workshop. >> well, it seems to work for both you guys. perfect examples of the practicing what you preach. thank you for being here and thank you, kathleen, for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> up next, amber shares her full fashion tips for kids. don't go away. put your hands together
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welcome back to "a healthy you." this next segment doesn't have anything to do with physical health, but it does have to do with your mental health because getting your kids to dress appropriately for school can be a struggle from the toddler who doesn't want to wear his shoes to the teen who wants to wear a mini skirt in 30 degree weather. amber, who also happens to be the wife of cc sabathia, came up with a fall fashion line that will keep your kids looking good, feeling warm all autumn long and it won't break the piggy bank. she joins me now. amber, thank you for coming on today. >> thank you for having me. >> you started this line, why? >> so cc has been playing, this is his 14th season and we have four kids. that was my -- >> good for you, girlfriend. you look fabulous for four kids. >> we have four kids and going to the team stores and going and boys have blue and girls have pink and it. that was in the team stores and my kids weren't able to wear what they wanted to cheer on daddy. so i went to mlb with this idea
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thinking maybe i could get some fun clothes for the yankees and here we are now, it's been in stores for a year and we have all baseball teams, we represent all the teams and we have c candy. >> i have my models here to help me. here's a few looks from the 2015 line. this is bella and she's wearing the bright colors. i'm big on fashion colors. >> yes. >> so, i wanted something you could pair with the tennis shoes, match them up and comfortable, cute, they cannot only wear to a baseball game, but they can wear it to school, softball practice. >> i would wear those to work -- they probably don't come in my size. >> we only do infant up to extra large boy and girls. you take baseball and fashion and mix it together. >> thank you, bella. >> next we have tristan. so, this is our boy look. and you see even tristan has the matching tennis shoes. all boys now, my two boys want to match everything with their shoes. so, we don't have the regular
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yankee blue. we have the yankee blue with the hyperneon. long sleeves for when it's cold. colder weather and you match it with some jeans and it's really fun. >> the great thing is, you know, it's really boy stuff. it's not like girl stuff pretending to be boy stuff. it's really guy stuff and you look great in that. >> thank you, tristan. >> thank you. and next. >> and dora. now, dora has my favorite t-shirt from the line. >> okay. >> the 2015 line. >> sabathia, i like to see why it's her favorite. >> i love number 52. it's just cute, fun. we also have the name and number tees this year. you can wear it, you can style it up. you can see this is back to school. this is baseball. this is, you know, like i said, again, it's fashion meets lifestyle brand. >> oh, great, thank you. you also said you have infant. what do you have for the infant? >> i don't have the younger ones. this is a fun one. last season we did not have
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pajamas and in 2015 we had the pajama line. this is baseball meets super heroes. you have the little cape. you know, you could cheer on your team even while you're sleeping. and then, you know, you said the battle with your kids. the struggle. well, i have a very stubborn 6-year-old who loves mommy's line and love to support but she would only wear it with a tutu. all last year -- >> you made a tutu. >> i said, when she was wearing the t-shirt with a tutu that was so cute and here it is in the 2015 line. i'm sure every 6-year-old will want that, for sure. >> one of the things i read in your bio that you were cc's girlfriend right through high school. you know everything about this guy. when he started to gain weight, you realized that wasn't good for his health but also wasn't good for his game. i think that you always think that athletes are always in shape because they're working out all the time. but it didn't happen for you that way. and you involved the entire
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family in losing weight. tell me how you did this? >> you know, it's a lifestyle. it's not a diet. we made that very clear in our house. no one is going on a diet. we're all going to eat healthy tonight. we made certain charts for the kids. not snack all the time. a certain time for snack and for meals and substitute the snack with the fruits and veggies and make it fun. so, cc stepped in and we all began to eat healthy and the weight just began to drop for him. >> how did you get them to manage to understand it was fun? >> the one thing that we've done in the house is we cook together as a family. >> oh, great. >> that makes them excited about foods. >> involved. >> involving the children. they appreciate it. we did a garden in our backyard and they're growing their own fruits and vegetables. they're picking them and taking them to the kitchen and washing them. to go through that process, they appreciate the raw food more. >> and your husband? >> he's not in the garden. >> he's busy. >> i can't wait for the day i
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see him pushing a lawn mower. that would be great. he's not doing that. >> not those hands. those are valuable hands. go ahead, i'm sorry. >> all of us supporting each other and doing it together as a family is really important and what helps everybody. >> when you have that snack stuff out of the house, i mean, if you have the good things around, that's really what people will snack on. >> absolutely. you had to make those choices for everybody. did you include them in the choices so everybody got to pick one snack? >> the one thing cc has said that captain crunch had to go, the pop tarts had to go. >> because he was addicted to those things? >> he just loves the snacks that we kind of grew up on that weren't as healthy. we weren't educated about it, we are both from the inner city and we didn't know and now that we're learning, we're able to teach our children you know what's the good choices. >> so, basically what you're saying, a little bit of education and a lot of fun and it's involving the entire family to make this a goal that the whole entire family is trying to reach for. >> absolutely. >> out of that, there is a great clothing line for kids.
1:25 pm
>> yes. >> it's just so great to see someone who is high school sweethearts making it. congratulations. i wish you all the luck. >> i tell him all the time he's a very lucky man. >> he is. you are a very enterprising young woman. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. coming up next, i give you my take on distilled water on my take on distilled water on this week's "ask carol."old. i took nyquil but i'm still stuffed up. nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. really? alka-seltzer plus night rushes relief to eight symptoms of a full blown cold including your stuffy nose. (breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks. anytime. so ally bank really has no hidden fethat's right. accounts? it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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and welcome back. time now for our "ask carol" segment of the week. today lucy says on a recent show you mentioned that you should not drink distilled water. you said acline water is probably better. can you tell me why you said not to drink distilled water? it pulls minerals out of your cells and into the water. you can practically kill yourself drinking only distilled water. if you put one drop of distilled water inside the eye, the eye becomes opaque as the cells
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inside of the eyes are killed off as the minerals are pulled out of the eye. can you imagine? but distilled water is good in your appliances because it doesn't leave a residue. you know that white crystal stuff you see in your iron or on your water heater in your house? that's minerals and they're being left behind as the water burns off. in appliances, if you have the choice, distilled water would be better because it won't leave that mineral resresidue, but asr the body, it needs minerals. alkaline water is usually better. if you only have access to distilled water which would be unusual, but if that is the case, adding acline. it's better to see if you need filtered water or acalign water. if you have a question about health, fitness, beauty, message me on facebook or twitter.
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that is it for today. i hope you enjoyed our show and learning to be more of a healthy you. see you next time. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm arthe lp neville. launching new air strikes overnight in an attempt to keep the border town of kobani from falling into the hands of the terror group there. the strategic town is right on the border with turkey, the united nations warning that thousands could die if isis wins that battle. and some 500 miles away in iraq, isis militants are inching closer to baghdad, launching attacks around the airports and area suburbs. but the state department is


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