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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 11, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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this is "the kelly file." welcome to this very special "hannity" conversation. radical islam in america. we were promised that al qaeda was on the run, we were told that america was more secure because osama bin laden was dead. and we were even led to believe that isis was nothing more than a jayvee team of want-to-be terrorists. with extremists on the march all around the globe, it's time for us to come together, time for us to unite to confront this growing threat. because make no mistake about it, radical islam has reached the shores of the united states of america.
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>> terror attack at the marathon in boston. clearly an act of terror says a white house spokesman. >> this is a fox news alert, the u.s. military says 12 people were killed and 31 wounded when at least one soldier opened fire at ft. hood army base in texas. >> this is a fox news alert, a beheading right here in america in oklahoma. >> yeah, sounds like he's running around out here. >> okay. >> and that -- that's a gunshot. >> woman decapitated and then the killer took his knife to a second woman stabbing her. and now new fears that the suspect is linked to islamic extremism. >> the tragic events out of
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boston, ft. hood, oklahoma and elsewhere prove that the threat posed by radical islam is real, which is exactly why over the course of the next hour we're going to confront this issue head-on. but before i bring in our star-studded v.i.p. panel, let's first take a look at a newly released a.p. poll. it reveals that only 19% of americans are extremely confident that the government can effectively minimize a threat now posed by a terrorist attack. let's be honest, who can blame them? for years president obama has downplayed the threat that is posed by al qaeda. and when isis began to gain traction, he dismissed them as the jayvee team. here's what i mean. >> osama bin laden is no longer a threat to our country. we've put al qaeda on the path to defeat. we ended the war in iraq. we focused our attention on those who actually killed us on 9/11. and as a consequence al qaeda's core leadership has been decimated. >> if we are joined by the
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international community, we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influence, it's effectiveness, its financing, its military capabilities to the point where it is a manageable problem. >> pretty scary from the man who's responsible for keeping americans safe. and on that note let's start this "hannity" conversation on radical islam in america tonight my distinguished panel for the entire hour includes the co-host of the five, bob beckel, author of "a battle for the soul of islam," dr. jasser with us. and also with us indianapolis area imam muhammad sadik. and fox news military analyst colonel david hunt. i've got to start with this, was ft. hood an act of terrorism? was boston an act of terrorism? was oklahoma the beheading an act of terrorism? >> clearly. >> all examples of terrorism?
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>> we call workplace violence in ft. hood. it was ridiculous. >> that's ridiculous. 13 dead, 30 injured. >> clearly an act of terrorism. as obviously the boston marathon. >> imam? >> i can't say what it is. i can say what it isn't. it has nothing to do with islam. but i can say it was a terroristic act. i can also say it was a horrible act and something we all appall -- >> how can you say -- are radical islamists, those that believe in jihad against the infide infidels, those that want holy war, those that view apostates to be killed and death to apostates. >> i keep trying to tell you, sean, you cannot put islam and radicalism together. >> why not? >> no. once -- islam was revealed by god. you cannot take god's word and then take something -- >> people use islam and the
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quran to justify the killing of innocent men, women and children and promised 72 virgins in heaven. is that not radical islam? >> no, they use their understanding of islam. >> now we're parsing words. >> sean, it's so important to take the opposite approach of what my friend, imam sadik is doing here. you can't treat the problem unless you diagnose the problem. won election in egypt, the islamic republic of iran, the islamic wo ha byes all over saudi arabia. all over the world you have this ideology that's thriving. some say the violent component might be 5% to 10%, but the political ideology has won elections. and this is what drives -- this is why it's so important to call ft. hood terrorism. >> and oklahoma. >> exactly. because it's violence that seeks a political ends. whether it's a beheading, whether it's ft. hood, whether it's the boston bombing, these are individuals that have a
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virus that didn't come out of thin air. it's political islamism. the brotherhood's virus gets into their mind and they become antiwestern, antiliberty, anti-american and commit a random act of violence. >> this is your religion. >> it's not my islam. >> no -- >> i'm adult enough to say it's a version of islam. if this country doesn't start targeting as far as the ideology -- >> it is not just this country. it is the entire world that needs to confront radical islam. bob beckel, we don't agree on a whole lot. you have said i want to open up my show "the five" and provide a forum for moderate muslims to confront and condemn radical islam. >> well, you know, i'm not overstating the case. i was the first one on this network to come out strongly on this issue. and my point was that if you look at boston, and if you look at 9/11, those two particularly,
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there was not a single head of a muslim state, not a single imam, not a single cleric, not a single person of any standing in the community in the middle east who ever said they thought this was wrong, that it was not the following, that the prophet would not have approved of it. and i said one thing bluntly which got me in a lot of trouble, but i'm going to repeat it. if you don't speak out, you either agree with these people or your cowards. >> all right. if those that are watching the hijacking of their religion that don't have the more radical interpretation of the quran, then you can interpret things any way you want, i guess. those that take jihad seriously, infidel seriously, holy war seriously, if you -- and take neither christians nor jews and we'll get into this in more detail, are they afraid? it seems they can only be one of two things, dr. jasser.
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either they're afraid they will be targeted and labeled an apostate. we know the penalty of which is death. or are they silently supportive, perhaps, of that interpretation of islam? >> well, i think it's all of the above. i think there are components of those of us that are trying to reform that see what happens to people like me that speak up and get targeted. >> how manyt out on you. >> i can't tell you the number of times islamists target me as being not a muslim or some type of tool or any other way to avoid the message that we need reform. with all due respect to my friend bob, the left -- why aren't you waking up your friends on the left? they have prevented us from having the conversation we need. this is not a partisan issue. the feminists, the gay rights movements and others that the left values -- >> under sharia gays are killed. >> women don't have rights. >> islamics have found a home -- >> i put my credence up against
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anybody. it was a liberal that spoke out -- not a single conservative -- what we have to do is recognize this is not a liberal conservative issue. it requires us to say in unison that we are a country that is under attack by individuals, by organizations, by others -- >> by ideology. >> can i take the workplace violence for a second? the one thing i will say to defend the justice department. if you declare an act of terror, it doesn't fall under the patriot act -- or it does fall under the patriot act. and that means it would be much more difficult to have this guy convicted. if it's workplace violence, it's easier -- >> let me stop you. >> i think that's right. >> the official line of the administration is that ft. hood is workplace violence and that oklahoma they refuse to say an act of terrorism. so you're at odds with a president you're pretty supportive of. stick with that. you're at odds with a president you generally support a lot.
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>> i believe it was an act of terror. but i believe it's easier to prosecute if you call it workplace violence. >> but the first report on ft. hood didn't even use the word islam, jihad, haze name wasn't even in it. and then the william webster report two and a half years later did address some of the ideologies. but it is just, i think, absurd and insanity that we're not addressing the ideology of jihadism. >> it's not more difficult, bob. and the problem is that the justice department has drug its feet as partly the army has on prosecuting this guy. i don't care if you call it stealing cats and dogs, the guy should have been executed for a long time ago for what he did. the definition -- my problem is that it was so obvious not to call it an act of terror and to go to workplace violence. the problem with both definitions is the government has not prosecuted this guy. we just haven't. >> why can't we just start -- okay. and they live happily ever after. what happened to once upon a
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time? meaning where does the story start? we all agree. we're americans. i'm an american. let's understand we're all in agreement, i believe, that we don't want any harm to come to any innocent person and especially american citizens. >> but i've had you on this program. and i ask you is hamas -- hamas' charter says to obliterate israel. i ask you if they're a terror organization and you say no. >> sean -- >> no. that's a big deal. if you can't admit the obvious. if their charter says to kill jews and obliterate israel, that's a terror organization. >> okay, sean, here's the thing that i don't -- >> why would you say it? >> can i explain? we have a little time here. first of all, not only is hamas's charter needs to be revised. not only does it need to be revised, but -- >> you want to revise their charter or they're the fascists that run the organization. it's not the charter that runs the crime. it's the fascist. >> let your brother talk for a little bit. >> you're killing me. >> i know. we're going to leave here as
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brothers. >> but you're saying they're not a terror organization. >> i'm saying if we start there and start with where all this stuff started, we don't look at what they say, i don't want to get into condemning -- i don't want to get into hamas. i want to come together first on the idea let's save our country and let's save innocent people. then we as americans -- >> the only way you're going to start is for people, good people, to challenge a charter that calls for the destruction of a state and innocent people. >> sean, if we start at the beginning -- >> you're an imam -- >> you're apologetic. >> i'm not apologetic. but there are steps that we must take to get to that. that way we'll cut the cake fairly and we won't just be singling out -- >> got to stay there. coming up next here on "hannity". >> the united states is not and never will be at war with islam. islam teaches peace.
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>> if president obama's been saying islam is a religion of peace, but some say recent world events may prove otherwise. that and more as we continue a
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the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. i'm also proud to carry with me the good will of the american people and a greeting of peace from muslim communities in my country. islam is not part of the problem in combatting violence extremism. it is an important part of promoting peace. our enemies respect no religious freedom. al qaeda's cause is not islam. it's a gross distortion of islam.
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the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam. isil is not islamic. no religion condones the killing of innocence. and the vast majority of isil's victims have been muslim. we have reaffirmed again and again that the united states is not and never will be at war with islam. islam teaches peace. >> all right. since his first year in office president obama's been parading around the world proclaiming that islam is a religion of peace. however, right here in america just last month this man alton nolen beheaded one of his co-workers after trying to convert her to islam and others to islam in a broad convert or die. that movement now fueled by isis, that terror network is very much on the march. which is why tonight we've put together a distinguished panel to help answer the important question, is islam truly a religion of peace? all right. this is where we get into -- i'm going to start with you, dr. jasser, into very controversial territory.
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because we're raising a very important question. i look at boko haram, i look at isis, i look at al qaeda, the muslim brotherhood, islamic jihad, hamas, hezbollah. they all are terrorist organizations that base their belief system on radical islam, or one might argue the strict interpretation of the quran. now, if you read the quran, i see take neither christians or jews for your friends, lots of talk about infidels, lots of talk about jihad, holy war, et cetera. if you read it literally, is it a religion of peace? >> well, families like mine that came here and felt we could practice our faith more freely in america than in syria or any other islamic majority country feel that we have an interpretation of islam that is consistent with ma dernty and with liberty. but we would be fools ourselves. we need an intervention as a faith to realize that these by-products are not coming out of thin air. there is a fascist supremacist
10:18 pm
interpretation that dominates so much of the media. >> and it's growing. >> now, the interpretations you gave though, sean, are english interpretations of arabic script. every faith, even the catholic church had 300 years before lay christians could read their own script in latin. islam has the same time of reformation that needs to go through where we can interpret our script, our passages. that word for friend doesn't mean friend, means legal -- >> let me ask you this because as westerners, as americans, we look at life for women under sharia. i don't care if we're talking saudi arabia, iran. what do we know in saudi arabia? women can't drive. women can't be seen in public without men they're related to. throw this to bob beckel. you see in iran, gays are stoned to death, women are stoned to death for adultery. four male eyewitnesses needed for adultery. women must cover themselves under sharia. >> first of all, let's take a
10:19 pm
look at -- answer to all those is yes. but let's look at isis for a second. they're the most clear and present danger. the isis religious interpretation goes back to 1720s when the most radical of islamists -- >> they go back earlier than that. >> kwhen they took over and ousted the saudi family. >> yeah, mid-18th -- >> and the wohabis have been and always will be terrorists. if you associate yourself with that brand of islam, and i think we got this exactly right, it's a branding issue here. if people were to take christianity and pick out in revelations as many people do who attack christianity and say look what it says in revelations, you can say that it's a terrorist -- >> we don't have a problem with christians persecuting women and gays since rigid radical interpretation of the bible that they justify killing innocent
10:20 pm
men, women and children. >> because historically we cleaned that up. >> they did, sean. we call them the crusades. >> i'm talking about today. modern day today. >> it happened in the catholic church. and it's happening in the muslim world now. but you just can't pass over history -- >> i'm suggesting with modern day threat and what life -- all of these groups are under one heading, and that is radical islamist. they all believe in using their faith to justify their actions to be at war with the infidels or nonbelievers. that's the difference. and they're willing to kill for it. and their system of justice is oppressive. >> all i'm telling you is in history we've got other religions doing the same thing. as far as the current thing is going, you can define it anywhere you want. the problem we have is that how we're doing it on my side of the street is simply bombing 25 years in iraq, hasn't worked, four separate presidents.
10:21 pm
we have got no understanding about shia and sunni and what's eating -- >> do we care women have no rights under sharia? >> of course we should. in every country. including our own. >> limited rights. fair enough. >> but the point i'm saying is -- sean, the biggest problem is we want to solve it. we have to do it systemically. start picking up effects and not even understand causes. we have to understand the causes and effects. >> you cannot not fight it now -- >> i don't mind that. but the effects, the effects, the effects. there are causes. >> cause is what? mixture of state and religion. >> i'm saying you cannot put an islamic state with a bunch of crazy people. islam -- >> there's no version of the islamic state that i would ever support, especially as an
10:22 pm
american but let alone as a muslim who believes in liberty. >> state, radical, crazy, desperate people. >> you're endorsing theocracy. >> i'm not endorsing it. >> 20 beheadings in saudi arabia -- >> i mention all these groups. they're all under different heading, boko haram, isis, al qaeda, muslim brotherhood, islamic jihad, hamas, hezbollah, are they all in your view radical islamic terrorist groups? >> no. no. no. >> they're not? >> because, sean, you have to -- >> if you can't acknowledge a simple truth like that, i don't think this conversation will get very far. >> sean, you don't start off in quantum mathematics and ask -- >> all right. i'll check them off. is boko haram a terrorist group? >> i would agree with that? >> is isis a terrorist group? >> i would agree with that. >> is al qaeda a terrorist group? >> is isis a terrorist group? >> i would not agree to that. >> is hamas a terrorist group? >> i would not agree with that.
10:23 pm
>> is hezbollah a terrorist group? >> i would not agree with that. >> is islamic jihad a terrorist group? >> i don't know much about that. >> is sharia often used to suppress women and minorities? >> sharia is used -- >> in the practical world. >> sharia has to stay where it was created. and it has to be revised. let me say this, if we go back and take a look at some of the laws -- don't feed your horse downtown in new york city in the middle of the day -- >> we have to take a break. real quick. >> real quick. we need to be very careful here about trying to change other religions what they believe in. but there is the fact is, imam, that that religion, your religion, a part of it, has declared war on us. and we have a responsibility as a free nation to eradicate that threat. obama's right. we're not at war against islam. we're not at war against you. we're at war with those who use
10:24 pm
your religion to radicalize and kill people. >> but, bob, are we talking about the religion or some crazy people who come and put their -- >> so you don't admit we need reform? >> i'm not going to disagree with that. >> you are? >> let me finish this point. just because some radical people come and put one foot in the door. keep in mind one foot in the door, keep it all in the insanity they had before they came to islam because they can't find intelligent people at the doorway. >> there's an awful lot of doors. >> we have to take a break. when we come back. >> i know at least tennis is fighters have been caught coming across the mexican border in texas. >> it's no secret our southern border is not secure. if congressman hunter is right, we're in deep trouble. stay with us as we continue this "hannity" conversation on radical islam and america straight ahead. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax
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welcome back to this special
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edition of "hannity," a special conversation about radical islam in america. it's no secret president obama lacks a sound strategy to defeat isis and the terror network overseas, but what about the threat it poses to this homeland? earlier this week republican congressman duncan hunter sounded the alarm about terrorists entering the u.s. watch this. >> i know at least tennis is fighters have been caught coming across the mexican border in texas. >> how do you know that? >> because i've asked -- because i've asked the border patrol, greta. >> border patrol just let isis members come across the border? >> no, they caught them at the border. therefore we know that isis is coming across the border. if they catch five or ten of them, then you know there's going to be dozens more that did not get caught by the border patrol. >> still with us to discuss how to prevent extremists from entering this country is our distinguished panel. bob, you're sitting there rolling your eyes and carrying on. >> this guy's a chairman of a committee -- >> i went to the border and i was briefed by border officials.
10:28 pm
this was the meeting that obama was supposed to go to when i went with governor rick perry. and one of the things that all of these agents including former navy s.e.a.l.s. told me was they were catching people from yemen, syria, afghanistan, pakistan. now, there was another report -- >> that's been going on for years. >> my point is don't you think it would be in our best interest if we want to not get hit again by terrorists to maybe secure our border? >> i don't think that's a place we need to worry about it. >> you don't want to secure the border? >> no, i want to secure the border. but i think it's a fool's game. >> colonel -- >> i'll buy the 13-foot ladder. it would be silly. >> colonel -- go ahead. >> i just want to say when you listen to hunter and you start spreading this fear about isis coming through the border of mexico, it is absurd. canada might be a place you want to come through. there is no organized -- >> i put a fence there too. colonel -- >> you sure? >> colonel, i fear that what's
10:29 pm
happening with the spread of isis, all the territory they're gaining, everything they're gaining in syria and iraq, and then you look at libya and then look at north africa and then look at the continent of africa, we see this rise of radicalism, it seems to me there's such a hatred towards the west and israel that it's not a matter of if, it's when they attack. and i believe it will be sooner rather than later. i hope i'm wrong. >> okay. first of all, we've already been attacked. >> i mean the next attack. >> okay. we've got american soldiers dying all over the world, particularly in afghanistan and iraq. and we've got guys being beheaded. and we've also got 9/11. we've been attacked by terrorists. >> the next big attack on the homeland. >> could come from a lot of places. quite honestly, i think ebola may be more of a danger right now than isis is. and let's get back to this border thing. i'm surprised -- as a combat veteran, greta pinned him down,
10:30 pm
inexcusable what he said about isis. but it's not true. they have caught yemen and pakistani and whatever, you can't prove it. prove it. >> colonel, i sat in a briefing -- >> they didn't say isis. >> why would somebody from syria and yemen and afghanistan and pakistan be crossing our southern border? [ overlapping speakers ] >> you can't be quoting border guys telling you -- they didn't tell you that. >> i'm talking about the guys on the ground. the guys that are doing the arresting. >> did they tell you they were with isis or not? >> no, they didn't tell me. >> it's not about isis being a group. it's about the ideology. let's put it in perspective. 9/11 was 19 guys. ft. hood was one guy. the beheading in oklahoma, boston was two guys. in isis right now we've got the fbi confirmed last week 12 guys. we've talked about a hundred. there are thousands from europe fighting with isis. it's a lot easier, colonel, to do an attack in the united states than it would be to go
10:31 pm
to -- >> "60 minutes" claimed he had a hundred. what did he do the next day? he asked american citizens to help identify him. the fbi director was talking -- he didn't have those names. >> if there are terroristst coming over that border, they should be losing their jobs, lousy -- >> i can't believe you're so naive -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> you show me what we have done. >> bob, i sat there -- >> you sat there with a bunch of special forces, right? >> i've been to the border ten times. how many times have you been there? so what i'm tem telling you when you see a quarter of a mile away a family from el salvador walking across the border, that means we are vulnerable. secure the border. the enemies of this country are coming, they are committed to their cause. they're willing to die for their sake of allah and the promise of -- >> mostly a latin american issue
10:32 pm
is a lot of children. isis is not coming across to attack. >> call it what you want. >> you can't say with any certainty there will be a major attack. >> there's no certainty what you're saying is true. >> put up where you say the president lacks a serious strategy. the president has the best strategy in these intelligent statements he's made by saying this is not islam. do you know how many people he puts in check by making a -- >> are you kidding me? are you kidding me? they're laughing. the newspapering are laughing -- >> newspapers may be laughing, but there's a -- there's muslims that welcome the acknowledgment that they are not -- >> the monarchy supposedly allies are calling them islamic and we are not. >> standing up and saying -- how many would be coming across the border. >> we got to take a break. coming up, christians all over the world being persecuted and killed. stay with us as this special edition of "hannity" continues straight ahead.
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," a conversation about radical islam in america. now, amid the rise of extremist groups all around the globe, nonmuslims, specifically christians, are being persecuted for their religious beliefs and in some places are facing dire threats to either convert or to die. take a look. >> the cost of doing nothing against isis is written on the faces of these iraqi christians. isis forced them to convert to islam and using them as slave labor. >> isis issuing an evil ultimatum to christians in iraq, convert, pay a tax, leave or be killed. >> but right now at this moment iraq is not the only country where christians are currently suffering persecution. christians in china are facing the most brutal crackdown in decades from their own government. >> from 2012 to 2013 the number of christians martyred around
10:39 pm
the world nearly doubled. and of those 2,123 christians martyred in 2013, syria alone. >> christians being persecuted all around the world. the question is how should america respond? still with us our very distinguished panel. imam, let me start with you. for example in mosul, we saw all these people, these refugees in the mountains of sinjar. they were kicked out of their homes. they were told convert or die. should we kill those people that are forcing christians out of their homes, raping christian women, taking their homes away? or do you think we could sit down at some table and have a moment with them? >> no. >> should we kill them? >> first we need to identify them. >> okay. >> and we did. >> isis. >> it can be isis. don't put the name islam to them. the greatest weakness -- >> they call themselves islam.
10:40 pm
>> i don't care what they call -- >> so excommunicated -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> allow me to finish, please. >> should we kill them? >> i'm going to get to that point. >> i'm waiting. >> we're in agreement. but i'm going to be clear who we're killing. the point i'm trying to say is all this persecution against christians is the greatest testimony against this is not islam. when you go to the quran, there's no force -- >> you may want to -- >> take neither christians nor jews for your friends. >> we both cleared that up. >> dr. jasser -- >> but it's not saying friend in the context of judaism. >> it talks a lot about christians, jews -- >> i just want to say the point i want to make is that what is going on this persecution -- >> we should kill them. >> yes. if they break the law, kill them. >> the islamic state says they are the islamic --
10:41 pm
>> they can say that. >> these apologetics are going to continue to cause us not to have a strategy -- >> it's not apology. >> somebody who loves my faith, i love it in a matter that i want it to be fixed to reform the twisted interpretation people are -- >> people want to kill you because of your position. >> if you want to kill -- >> minority christians are being persecuted. triple and quadruple that ten, 20 times moderate muslims like myself who are imprisoned -- >> this has finally drawn the line with me. i have been speaking out about this for -- i am an evangelical christian. under the banner of islam, islam not isis or anything -- they have killed coptic christians, leaders of your religion, moderates, have never had the guts to say a word. you may have, but you're all alone, which only indicates to me -- where are they?
10:42 pm
that ridiculous cloud you've got out there which is a bunch of apoll polgists -- >> when it takes bob beckel, islam refuses to speak up the death and mutilation of christians before bob was there. >> put the fire in your belly at the democratic party -- >> i don't think. >> excuse me. david cameron had the courage to say it. obama should have said it. a lot of people should have said it. but good god you people -- >> you tell me you people? i'm the one at the tip of the spear in this battle. >> hey, bob, bob, bob, let me speak up for dr. jasser. he has -- on his head for speaking out. >> that's fine. i want to know how many doctors there are out there. >> not enough. >> if you mislabel this, you're going to cause a classic civilization --
10:43 pm
[ overlapping speakers ] >> it's an american-islamic leadership coalition. we have 20 different leaders. and you pay attention to the oic -- >> and you guys -- >> no, he's saying he agrees with you. he agrees with you. >> i'm saying is when you say this, that's fine. except your religion has condoned -- >> hang on. let me see if i can settle this dispute between you. you agree that muslims are too quiet about radical islam? >> absolutely. >> and you agree these groups have not spoken out. tell bob. >> it's not radicals. it's moderates that have not spoken out. >> he's saying that. >> cowards. >> absolutely. >> the reason they're cowards, they continue to be cowards -- >> with a saudi crown family bought and paid for by the wohavis, talks to anyone a leader of a muslim country who purports to be a non-radical islamist --
10:44 pm
>> will you join me in preventing -- you're giving moderates a pass sfl what moderates? i'd like to see the moderates out there fighting with me and i'm a christian. >> absolutely. we need to light a fire under the feet of every moderate muslim who doesn't want imam telling them what islam is or islam isn't -- >> dr. jasser, is this a result of this interpretation of the quran? in other words, muhammad is a controversial figure. if i were to mention certain things right now about muhammad's life, a lot of people would want to kill me. if we talk about his wives, we talk about the age of his wives, right? am i wrong? >> and i think islam needs to go through what america went through when it rejected theocracy, you had the jefferson, thomas paynes and others who took back our rights >> are there any issues about muhammad that trouble you? >> not in the way i was told the stories. but the narrative of muhammad can be modernized so that certain aspects that were possibly fit for the seventh century can be modernized.
10:45 pm
but if you demonize the messenger of what we believe is the word of god, that's not a reform, sean, that would ever work. >> let me give you -- sean and others rightfully upset christians are being persecuted. the problem i've got with it is u.s. soldiers going how many places in the world do you want? we don't have a lot. so we react to this kind of criminality, that's soldiers going back into combat. >> it's a war of ideas. >> no, it's more than war of ideas. it's much more. >> netanyahu said there was a battle for the master race. this is now i think on the same level of evil as naziism those that buy into radical islam -- convert or die is about a master religion. >> it is not islam. it's not islam. [ overlapping speakers ] >> we got to take a break. more "hannity" --
10:46 pm
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first of all give credit to fox because coming back to what bob was saying about speaking out -- sgli appreciate you for coming on. >> i appreciate you making it possible on behalf of our muslims out here.
10:52 pm
know how outraged we were -- i can still -- >> but you can't get around bob's point. >> what is the legacy going to be for our country, you cannot say, yeah, it's a political muslim hood. >> so you're giving a broad brush back. >> is it the job and responsibility of the united states of america to eradicate radical islam? do we have ability to do it? we don't. do we have treasury to do it?
10:53 pm
we do not. do we have a responsibility to protect our citizens? yes. israel, yes. >> you make the point they're at war with us. we didn't declare this war. >> war in 15 countries. >> september 11th commissioner report said they're beheading us and saying they're going to raise our islamic flag in our white house . >> i understand words coming out of someone's mouth. it's called draft. you want to do what you want to do. but idea is draft. >> this is a 21 century cold war. >> the ideological war. >> the question for everybody. quick answer. is radical islam the next modern nazis the world is going to have to fight? is it becoming that big of a threat? >> if the world were willing to
10:54 pm
join with us without -- >> yes or no. >> the answer is, i'm not going to. it's too simp mritic. >> good answer. >> this radical is islam of the tip of the iceberg. >> radical people doing terrible things they're doing, yes. >> good to see you all. >> thank you for having us. >> we have more "hannity" coming up right after the break. stay with us. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress.
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tonight on "red eye." >> come up on "red eye" did they consider change our currency to crab cakes? how this bold move will affect the stock market. plus, have the president and joe biden force other leaders to say "red eye" is the best show ever? >> finally i got romney to say it. it was like oh my god. >> and finally, what was lou daabs doing while you were sitting on the couch last sunday? the world's most electrifing newsman discusses how to properly go hard or go home. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. she is so hot that the sun sues her for plagiarism. i am here with


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