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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 12, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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note at mediabuzzfoxnews @g i hope you'll go on our facebook page. we are back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. fox news alert right now. the cdc is working to confirm the second case of ebola diagnosed right here in the u.s. a nurse at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas has tested positive for the deadly virus. now dallas police are canvassing her neighborhood, trying to identify anyone she may have come in contact with. hello, everyone. welcome to "america's news headquarters" i'm arthel neville. >> and i'm eric shawn. the cdc admits this morning there could be even more ebola cases to come right here in our country. right now the agency blames a break in safety protocol for this latest case. the infeted nurse helped to care for thomas eric duncan, the 42 liberian man who contracted
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ebola in west africa, brought it here, and died in dallas on wednesday. in new york city our newsroom with the very latest on this patient. >> the cdc says the health care worker treated and had extensive contact with duncan on multiple occasions while wearing full protective gear, a gown, gloves, mask and shield, and yet, at least preliminarily, looks to still have been infected with ebola. now, the cdc's investigating a quote clear breach in safety protocol at texas health presbyterian hospital. that not only may have led to this possible infection, but may have infected other health care workers. >> unfortunately, it is possible, in the coming days, that we will see additional cases of ebola. this is because the health care workers who cared for this individual may have had a breach of the same nature of the individual who appears now to have preliminary positive test. >> the cdc is sending additional
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staff to the hospital, and now investigating where this breach took place. looking at whether high-risk, desperate procedure used to try to save duncan's life, kidney dialysis and respiratory incubation, for example, may have led to this infection. and among other things, they're also investigating perhaps how the workers took off that protective gear. a high-risk task that if done incorrectly can lead to contamination. an additional person who may have been in contact with the nurse is also in isolation, hazmat teams have been sent to the apartment complex where the nurse lived. the cdc says there is potentially new risk to those outside of health care workers who cared for duncan in the initial 48 people who may or may not have been in contact with duncan. the worker is in stable condition, and in isolation. she had been self-monitoring for ebola symptoms after caring for duncan, and checked herself into the hospital with a low-grade fever on friday night. the blood test, preliminary one last night, shows she has a low
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amount of the ebola virus, and we will get a confirmation from the cdc later today if it is, in fact, ebola. eric? >> all right, thank you so much. we are staying on this throughout the whole hour. we will have more on this possible second case of ebola. how ebola spreads, what we can do to protect ourselves. the facts, not the fear, when the doctors join us on "sunday's housecall" coming up in about 20 minutes at the bottom of the hour. arthel? fox news alert as the battle against isis now rages on different fronts in two countries, in the syrian border town of kobani fox learning u.s.-led air strikes is intensifying and word that kurdish fighters are holding on as they work to stop the islamic state in its tracks. but the terror group is gaining ground in iraq, where triple homicide bombings have killed more than two dozen people. greg palkot is live from the syria/turkey border with more. greg?
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>> arthel, there is isis trouble across the mideast region. we'll get to iraq in a moment. but now let's get to the breaking news here closer to where our position is in the syrian town of kobani. centcom confirmed they launched three more airstrikes against isis targets there and sources close to the kurdish defenders of the town tell us now attacks are stepped up they are having an effect. they are serious now, one told me. the recent clashes between kurdish fighters and the terrorists have left big casualties on both sides. the death toll now said to be over 500, including civilians. and we are told isis is rushing in more fighters and getting ready for a major new offensive. this is becoming a grudge match and a very dangerous one, to boot. now over to iraq. isis on the offensive there, as well. in the wake of a wave of bombings saturday around baghdad which left over 50 dead, there were more isis bombings today to the northeast of the capital. and yes, more attacks in the
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anbar province, that is to the west in iraq. control of that could mean a big threat to baghdad, and 1500 u.s. troops who are stationed there right now. one report today even goes so far as to speculate that the isis move on this seerian town of kobani was just a decoy to distract attention from their moves inside iraq. our feeling on the ground is something different. our feeling is that isis wants to have it all. back to you arthel. >> okay, thank you very much. we're going to have a lot more on this battle now under way near baghdad as greg just reported. and what needs to be done to stop the iraqi capital from falling in to the terrorist group's hands. >> -- if cobanny will fall -- >> there is no -- >> what happened at the moment from commission to freeing all the kurds are being signed up and moving to the region but
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they're going to try to hold on. it is a matter of days unless western nations do something. >> that's the chairman of the kurdistan national assembly of syria pleading for more help from us. they want heavy arms for the sieged city of kobani. turkey is still refusing to send in the tanks to stop isis. the u.s. airstrikes while they've been effective somewhat have not completely turned back the radical islamible terrorists. this as the u.s. warns of a looming slaughter of the trapped citizens by isis. sadly the world has seen this before. you know, ambassador, president clinton said one of the greatest regrets of his tenure was not stopping the genocide in rwanda. is president obama, even with these airstrikes, repeating the same tragic and seemingly avoidable history now? >> well, it could well be. and the irony, of course, is that it was this president who ordered american-led airstrikes in libya when he feared
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gadhafi's forces three years ago were going to take the town of benghazi, and conduct massacres there. yet today the president's all be invisible. i must say stepping up the airstrikes around kobani is probably the right thing to do. but, i don't think that alone is going to stop isis. and the inevitable consequence, while we're at it, is the town will be flat whoever takes it over. >> why don't we parachute in arms? they say no boots on the ground but how about special ops to help the brave kurds? >> i think this is a critical point. i think the administration is way, way behind. its own stated plan to make sure that the kurds had adequate arms and training. i mean there was a point where everything was going through the government in baghdad. which meant that almost nothing was getting through. then we heard that the administration was sending aid directly to the kurds. my information now is that except for perhaps nonlethal assistance, everything is going back to the government and
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baghdad again. it's no wonder that the kurds who are, of course, de facto independent from the government and baghdad are not being well supplied. that obviously leads to difficulties in clashes like what we see now. >> so basically, they're left on their own and we've got the airstrikes but they've got just simple weapons against all that stuff that isis stole from us and in terms of turkey and its president erdogan, he's not doing anything. is he playing us? >> well, i think he's playing a multisided game here. just on the kurds one more thing. this is another example, that's very damaging to the united states, of rhetoric by the administration that's not matched by performance. i mean the administration is entitled to whatever policy it's going to pursue. but when it declares a policy and then doesn't implement it that has serious consequences. now on erdogan, i think you've got to ask whether erdogan doesn't fear the kurds in some respect more than he fears isis. he was knowledgeable in letting isis radicals get through in to
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syria, because he wanted an effective army fighting the assad regime and enemy of his. and i'm not at all sure that in the back of his mind, erdogan isn't saying i've got one enemy the kurds, fighting somebody else, isis, that i don't particularly like anymore. his tanks are sitting watching it happen. and i think this is a very, very cynical decision by erdogan to let the two of them fight it out. >> so he's willing to haved kurds blood on their hands, willing to let the town be sacrificed for his own self-interest? >> i think that's exactly right. that's why i think when turkey at least this government the erdogan government comes to nato and says we need help, i don't think the erdogan government has clean hands in this matter. and i think it's another example why to do what we need to do, which is destroy isis, which i think is a legitimate objective you've got to have very much hands-on leadership and intention for the complications of the area. i have to say. i don't see leadership coming from the white house.
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i don't see it coming from the united states. and believe me, this is hard enough under any circumstances, but if the united states isn't out front leading for our own safety's sake, i don't see how this can succeed. >> quickly ambassador, what do you predict will happen? >> well, it sounds like kobani is still on the verge of failing. but i think the other facts you were reporting earlier, about isis' success in western iraq may be more significant over the long-term. i think they now threaten the baghdad airport. that's going to have enormous consequences. and again, we seem to be sitting back. >> and that's anbar of course the blood and treasure of our troops in 2003 more on that coming up in the newscast. ambassador john bolton, always good to see you. >> eric, russia saying it has pulled more than 17,000 troops away from the border of ukraine. the kremlin says the troops were there for drills but ukraine and its allies accused them of helping insurgents leading the west to put sanctions on russia. pro-russian separatists have
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been battling government troops since april. russian president vladimir putin has announced similar withdrawals in the past but nato says the troops never left. a haunted hay ride accident has happened in maine. it killed one rider and injured 22 others. the person killed was a 17-year-old girl. the teenage boy and the hay ride's driver are reported in critical condition. the sheriff describes how this tragic accident took place. >> the vehicle was traveling in this direction coming out of the ride, going downhill around a sharp curve, and he missed the curve and went into the wood line. and it looks like the trailer jackknifed and hit a tree. >> when we went down there it was just -- there were a lot of people just laying around. >> police say a mechanical problem with the jeep that was pulling that hay ride may have contributed to this accident but they are still investigating the exact cause. arthel? >> eric we have brand-new developments in the boston
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marathon bombing case. lawyers for the only surviving suspect joe car tsarnaev say a prosecution witness is prepared to testify that tsarnaev knew his older brother was involved in a 2011 triple murder. they want the prosecution to hand over that evidence claiming it is critical to their client's defense. legal experts say his team might try to use that evidence to show tsarnaev fell under the murderous influence of his late brother which could help mitigate his alleged role in the attack. tsarnaev has pled not guilty in the 2013 marathon attack that killed three people and injured about 260 others. and the midterm elections right around the corner as you well know. an up close look at one of the tightest senate races this fall. that's coming up next. >> yep. and the u.s. airstrikes, they're hitting isis but isis does islamic radical terrorists are still on the march. they're taking more of iraq,
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counting down to the midterms only weeks away now. the pivotal races coming down to the iowa. in iowa according to a real clear politics poll the race is as close as a whisker. look at that. ernst leading by less than one point. we have the latest on this race from washington. man oh, man it is close leland, who is going to pull it out? >> it is certainly close there, eric and close in a lot of states around the country where the control of the senate really lies. it's up for grabs both sides are spending money like there is no tomorrow. not only in iowa, but all across the country. and they're saturating local
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televisions commercials with attack ads and also trying to build a ground game in iowa the millions spent on the race to replace tom harkin became a hot topic in last night's heated debate with candidates trying to answer not only their opponents attacks but also those levied by the outside money. >> give you a chance to refute some of these ads being the super pac ads particularly. these are coming millions of dollars in money coming from forces outside of iowa, we understand both of which you have no control over at all. so what's the answer? >> i've never met michael bloomberg. >> okay. >> i have no idea what these ads are based upon other than a fear that i'm going to bring balanced common sense to trying to come up with reasonable solutions to reducing gun violence. >> the latest numbers say democratic groups are spending more as they try to hold onto key senate seats including
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places many places like colorado and michigan that were once thought to be safe. south dakota also remains a tassup. >> i think at the end of the day, in the republican column but it's a sign of the desperation of the democrats that they're plunging $2.5 million into south dakota here in the next 3 1/2 weeks. >> and consider this, more than half of the general election advertising aired by outside groups in the battle for congress has come from organizations that disclose little or nothing about their donors, a flood of secret money that is now at the center of a debate over the line between free speech and corruption with a very valuable prize that control of the united states senate up for grabs. >> we'll be covering them all on fox news channel. >> listen to this one. talk about a labor of love. the annual north american wife carrying competition taking place in maine this weekend. yeah, nearly 50 couples competed against each other, the 270 yard
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obstacle course. the event originated, by the way, in finland. because the creator felt, quote, there should be at least one news story that makes people laugh. that's good. the prize included women's -- winning the women's weight in beer. the woman's weight in beer, and five times her weight in cash. all those ladies look in good shape though. >> the wife carrying competition. >> yeah. the wife carrying competition. >> oh, man oh, man. >> okay. >> what's wrong with that? >> having fun in maine. >> yeah, it is. all right meanwhile, a lot of other stuff going an around the world today. not just ebola but isis. we've been reporting on the battle for kobani. what about the battle for baghdad? the islamic terrorists are gaining ground with the city closer and closer we're told. that's raising worries about the possibility of the iraqi capital falling. could it? the u.s. says no. but is that confident prediction right?
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thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. despite the u.s.-led airstrikes, isis gaining ground in iraq. nearing a complete takeover of anbar province. isis is also infiltrated other areas surrounding baghdad. raising fears that the iraqi capital could fall. u.s. and iraqi forces are now working together to protect key spots like the baghdad airport. >> not going to wait until they're climbing over the wall. they were within, you know, 20 or 25 kilometers where -- >> of baghdad airport? >> sure. >> and had they overrun the iraqi unit it was a straight shot to the airport. we're not going to allow that to happen. we need that airport.
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>> joining us now retired captain chuck nach. want to cover a lot. why is the airport there in baghdad so crucial to the u.s. and allies? >> it is a main logistics hub and it's also the life line directly to the capital where you don't have to use the road networks, many of which are calling under attack by isis. >> and greg palkot just reported that the iraqi -- they're in iraq the isis bombings are continuing pointing out, of course, that we have 1500 u.s. troops stationed there. let's talk about the fact that isis is getting closer to baghdad, though. what's the implication there, captain nash? is isis more emboldened? >> they are more emboldened, and of course, the more victories, the more adherence that they gather they're pulling people in from all over the world. latest estimate is about 15,000 foreign fighters. so as they start to get close to baghdad, and they are encircling
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baghdad, the airport is just outside the main city limits, and they are at abu ghraib, the islamic state has already taken over abu ghraib which is about eight miles from the airport. so, the isis forces, the i.s. forces have shot down iraqi helicopters, with shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles called man pads. so they've already demonstrated that they know how to use them, that they have them, so the next thing that could happen is, you could get commercial and logistics flights that are flying out of baghdad international and you start stuffing surface-to-air missiles into those things and it's going to be havoc as well as artillery rounds being fired into the city of baghdad to demoralize and heighten the sense of siege that is probably already taking root. >> so, another item that greg palkot listed in his report was that word on the ground there that perhaps the fight in kobani is nearly a decoy and that isis
9:26 am
wanted baghdad all along. what do you make of that? >> they're smart. that could have been part of it. but, i think that they've spread so much, and they've infiltrated so much that they can do everything that they're doing, and keep the pressure on across the board, because that provides problems for the coalition. so in one aspect of this, they're putting the heat on the iraqi forces, and rolling them up, which improves their stature in the world, as far as drawing foreign fighters. they're showing victory. and on the other side of this, they're drawing off effort into syria that could be used against them in iraq. so, they're keeping us hopping. >> are we at a critical point, where we must lose this thing against isis? that's not possible, right, we're the u.s. >> yes, and no. yes, and that is if -- if they start pounding baghdad with artillery, and you have a mass
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exodus of people running out of baghdad to where it looks like in people's minds like the helicopters on top of the embassy in saigon, if you set up a scenario like that -- >> captain nash i have to go. i apologize. your customers, our financing. your aspirations, our analytics. your goals, our technology. introducing synchrony financial,
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i'm arthel neville time now for "sunday housecall." >> and i'm eric shawn. joining us dr. marc siegel. and author of the interpulse unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. >> and dr. david samadi, from lennox hill hospital. we're going to begin with this breaking news this morning that another person this morning happening another person in the united states has tested positive in preliminary testing for ebola. dr. siegel, hello to you, sir, and tell me, they they're reporting that there's a


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