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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 12, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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show. thank you to my panel and for all of you. i hope to see you right here next. week. another case of ebola inside the united states after a second person has tested positive for the deadly virus. welcome to "america news headquarters." i'm arthel neville. the cdc says this time it was a nurse caring for eric duncan. earlier the cdc director tom frieden said health officials need to find out if others were exposed.
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>> we are evaluating other health care worker exposures. because if this individual was exposed, which they were, it is possible that other individuals were exposed. >> all right. we'll bring in brian yelp here now in the newsroom. brian, they say this was a preach of a safety protocol. can you tell us how that happened? >> well, the nurse, let's break this down for people to this is she was wearing a gown, gloves, mask and shoes and yet still she was infected we bo louisiana. the presbyterian hospital is investigating a clear breach in safety protocol and where it took place. the particular concern is how workers are taking off their personal protective suits after dealing with an ebola patient. the high-risk task done
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carelessly can lead to contamination. >> when you have gone into and potentially swallowed or contaminated gloves, to remove those without any risk of a con nominated material touching you and being then on your clothes or face or skin and leaving an infection. this is critic importanted to and not do right. >> unfortunately, it is possible in the coming days we'll see additional cases of ebola. this is because the health care workers who cared for this individual may have had a breach of the same nature of the individual who appears now to have preliminary positive tests.
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arthel says treating the patient is responsible for the early diagnosis. >> we know she's in the dallas presbyterian hospital. the hospital officials say not to panic. they are handing out fact sheets and the second person she had contact with is also in isolation. meanwhile. a nurse battling ebola is showing signs of slight improvement. her viral count appears to be getting under co. however, they warn this is still a critical condition and could be farther
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from being investigated. we are live from the syria/turkey border with more. hi, greg. >> reporter: arthel, isis is on a rampage near iraq, but first developments closer to where we are now. they have launched three different attacks on isis positions in kobani. and sources close to the turkish officials tell us the terrorist advance has been stopped or at least halted since friday. still, clashes go on into the night between kurdish fighters
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and the terrorists and they have listened to both sides, the death toll we are told is now over 500 including civilians and we are told isis has rushed in more fighter this is coming a grumg match and a dangerous one. meanwhile, isis is on the offensive as well. we have a wave of bombings saturday near baghdad. there were more just to the two more there where we have 1500 troops. one report says this could be a decoy mission to abstract moves for isis on the ground, but on the look here isis aheres to
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want it all. thank you for that report, greg. and brand new developments in the crisis in that country. russian president vladimir putin ordered thousands of troops masked on the ukrainian border to return to their bases, but whether they will actually pull back is another matter, russia previously announced other withdrawals which the u.s. and nato say were not carrying out. >> the storm has been downgraded from a super typhoon but still dangerous for authorities calling for massive evacuations and warning about the possibility of landslides. david piper is streaming live from bangkok with the latest. david? hi, arthel. this typhoon is causing problems
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for the western part of japan and the eastern portion of jamaica. 45 people have been injured in okinawa so far. the japanese officials have been told 115 evacuations were told all right, well, the typhoon has caused many problems as 350,000 people were evacuated from india's eastern coast. a cyclone could sweep over it. at least six people have been kill there had with the winds being reporteded a at 1a widespread area there. and the understoodindian navy ht
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on watch there in different parts of the world. police in northern california have arrested a suspect in connection with the wild fir that devastated a small lumber town. the fire last month destroyed more than 150 homes and burned more than 500 acres. in the town called weed. thousands of ronald's followers say they believe in paying his bail. and the battle against isis as the fighting intensifies in
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today the u.s. pledged another $212 million to rebuild the gaza strip after the bloody war between hamas and israel. john kerry says the money will be used for food and construction materials. 11,000 people were wounded and about 100,000 people are homeless. with the new donation, the u.s. committed a total of more than $400 million to rebuild gaza. kurdish fighters and u.s.-led air strikes reportedly are managing to hold off isis at least for now.
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from taking the keyn town of kobani, the battle is unfoding near the turkish border prompting many to criticize turkey for a lack of action. this despite having tanks and troops apparently lined up and ready to go bringing in now jonathan chandler, the vice president of research at the foundation of the defensive democracies and the author of the recently published book "ya "yassir arafat." turkey is the bigger threat, would you say the real issue lies somewhere in between? >> well, i think that's right. i think turks have a point here in noting assad is a huge problem. that syria under his reign as a state sponsor of terrorism. they house hezbollah and hamas and palestinian running jihad.
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and at the same time what the turks are doing is unless we tackle the assad problem, which of course the president has been moved to do, then turkey is not going to come in and they are not going to save kobani. and they are not going to do the same thing and stave off a slaughter. so they are holding off this slaughter as blackmail against the international community. >> doesn't it hurt turkey as well, though? you have 1.4 million refugees from syria fleeing into turkey. and of course turkey needs financial support from the international coalition and the community at large, international community. so aren't they sort of shooting themselves in the foot, so to speak? >> well, i think they are shooting themselves in the foot in many ways. to be sure, they have taken in refugees and are paying the price for that and are doing it for the right reasons, but there are a lot of indication that is turkey is not a good allie for the united states. and certainly not for nato.
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we are talking right now about hamas figure that is have sought refuge inside turkey in their planning operations inside the west bank and the gaza strip as we speak. we're talking about leaving the border open so that isis could go back and forth. we have heard reports of isis fighters hospitalized at the headquarters and fund-raising inside turkey. these are huge problems. and then on top of that, right as the international community was trying to impose sanctions on iran, for its nuclear program, we learned that last year there were billions and billions of dollars, perhaps even more than 100 billion, that was being ferried out of turkey in the form of gold or other elicit financial means to help the iranians evade sanctions. so we are looking at a double-dealing country to raise a serious question. >> if you're saying the turkish government is dealing in duplicity, how does this impact the coalition in its fight against isis? >> well, look, we are begging right now the turks to join us.
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meanwhile, we have had the jordanians and the qataris join the coalition. the turks are saying they are not going to fight alongside us. it's just an indication right now they are simply not on our side. they may not be on isis' side or maybe we just don't know, but it is very hard to triangulate with these guys when we don't know where they are. >> how does that impact our fight with isis? >> it is going to make us weaker. we can't fly out of our major nato air base in turkey. so we've got to have flights that are coming out of places like kyrgyzstan or jordan or perhaps as far as qatar and beyond because we can't fly from the air base that's the closest to the from the. and so it is already tying one hand behind our back. it's going to get more complicated, i think, as the turks dmig their heels, dig in their heels. >> how do you put pressure on
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the turkish government to do the right thing and be a good allie? >> well, look, we should have been raising a lot of these issues a long time ago. the issues of iran and hamas and their border challenges with isis. i think we need to start thinking about sanctions. i think we need to talk about withholding some of the military aid that we provide them. there are some pressure points that we have with the turks. the problem is that up until now over the last several years, we have just decided that there are two valuable allies to challenge and this emboldens them along the way. >> and it seems isis is getting embolden as well. 20 seconds on this, do you think we are at a really critical point here? >> the kurds have held off in kobani and rather bravely, but i think over time if we are really not able to get in there and route out the isis fighters, it is very likely kobani will fall leading to a catastrophe. >> jonathan, thank you for
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stopping by. i'm sure we'll see you again. well, a family outing on the water takes a scary turn when their boat begins to sink right in the middle of the ocean. how their drama out at sea ended. plus, the bulls running for cover. oh, no! after a roller coaster week on wall street, our senior business correspondent brenda butner on what all the volatility means for your wallet. my name is michael. i'm 55 years old and i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain was terrible. my feet hurt so bad. it felt like hot pins and needles coming from the inside out of my skin. when i did go see the doctor, and he prescribed lyrica, it helped me. it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions, or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling,
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three kids and three adults were begging for help. >> the family eventually made it back to shore safely and their boat was towed to the local marina. investors strapping on their seat belts after a wild ride on wall street last week. the volatility saw the market going through its worst day of the year just this hours after recording its best. so what the heck is going on? let's bring in brenda buttner, senior correspondent and the anchor of "bulls and bears." good to see you, brenda. >> good to see you. >> how did we get here in the first place and how concerned should we be? >> first of all, don't panic. put things into perspective, we have had an amazing bull run for the last three years. the stock market's gone up quite steadily, slowly. everybody looks at the dow. i say to look at the s&p 500, which is probably what you have in your 401(k). last year it was up 30%. now it's up 3%.
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yes, the dow is in negative territory for the year, but we have been due for a correction for a long time. and a correction is not necessarily a bad thing. it means stocks will go down 10% from their recent high, but a lot of times that's the time to buy. you know, but when you panic, when you see the stock market going like this, you want to do something, right? you want to act. >> but you say no, maintain patience as usual or if you want to take advantage of some of the stock prices that have gone down, jump in. but mainly be patient and make sure you do what you always do and diversify, right? >> well, the thing is, a lot of times i get on the elevator and everybody says, what should i do with my stocks? are they going up or down? i don't know your risk adversity. can you sleep at night with a little bit of risk? what's your time horizon? if you are close to retirement, chances are you should get out of stocks and go into something else. but otherwise you shouldn't necessarily jump into bonds or
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jump into gold because history has shown that if you stay on an even keel instead of trying to avoid the worst days of the market, you will do better. >> so then you mentioned retirement, what about the folks who are close to retirement age and this impacted their portfolio, their 401(k), maybe not as fancy as a portfolio but the 401(k), the money they put away for retirement. is that impacted by this? >> well, yeah. if the stock market goes down 10% and you are in stocks, yes, it will. my rule of thumb is if you need your money in five years, off kid going to college or are nearing retirement, you should not be heavily in the stock market. because it is going to go up and it is going to go down. over time, it goes up. that's the way capitalism works. but you -- it may be going down when you need that money. >> yeah. so again back to the topsy turvy we are seeing right now, how long can it last? you say a correction is bound to
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happen. >> it's not a correction yet, but the truth is that wall street is getting news, good news in this year and bad news in this ear. we are hearing bad things from the global economy. germany may fall into recession. china is not growing as quickly as it should. and so basically the federal reserve, that's the bad news. the federal reserve is saying, we are going to keep interest rates low. and that means if interest rates are low, the only place you can go is stocks. so that's what has been pushing up the stock market. so the volatility is one day here and another thing to hear another. and investors want to act. just like i said, when they see this kind of panic. >> but that's going to keep happening. that's the nature of the beast, right? >> it is. a lot of it will spend on the election. a lot of it will depend on what kind of policies we see. but right now we have some uncertainty. so as you say, put your seat belts on but don't necessarily
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do anything. >> i'm going to take my money and put it in a paper bag in my mattress. >> that's okay. there have been many times that has happened. >> good to see you. you can see brenda on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. thank you very much. that's going to do it for me. enjoy the rest of your sunday. we'll keep you posted on the latest possible outbreak of an infected patient with ebola in texas. but first, up next is "a healthy you & carol alt." s charlie. his long day of doing it himself starts with back pain...
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