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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 13, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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improv. and october 29th and november 1st. cap city comedy club in austin texas. and stacey is coming with me on the road. >> outnumbered, overtime, next on tv. "happening now" on tv now. >> starting with a fox news alert brand new details on the female nurse that was infected on ebola. new questions that raise if american hospitals are prepared to fight the deadly virus. >> at some point, there was a breach in protocol and that breach in protocol resulted in the infection. >> a deadly mistake causes a nurse the first person to be contracted. >> who has been around that purpose and searching for answers on what went wrong in texas. after government reassurances that the virus was contained.
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>> there is nobody in charge. we need somebody in charge! >> also, one month after the conviction, oscar pistorias awaits his sentencing in the death of reeva steenkamp. >> you are looking at a broken man who lost everything. >> can the blade runner are miss prison time. >> and going air-borne with small children inside. >> and it gets you to a point where they landed. >> it is all "happening now". first, the centers for disease control warning that more health workers could be at risk for ebola after that nurse tested positive of the virus in texas. i am eric shaun in for jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in
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for jenna lee. the nurse became infected treating thomas eric duncan who died last week after traveling from liberia to visit family in texas. the hasmat crew cleaning outside of the apartment building of the nurse in dallas. the cvc director apologized for giving the impression that the nurse was to blame despite wearing protective gear. >> how is she doing today? >> hi, eric. the last report is that she is in stable condition. we received an update from the cvc director tom freeden said she is closely monitor in isolation. she was exposed to thomas eric duncan who died of ebola. and while the nurse wore the protective clear dr. frieden said it was a breach of protocol
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that caused the transmission and addressed that today. >> people on the front lines are protecting all of us. people on the front lines are fighting ebola. the enemy here is a virus. ebola. it is not a person or a country or place or hospital, it is a virus. it is a virus that is tough to fight. doctors say that it is the removal of the protective gear when workers can be most vulnerable. the health care family has requested privacy and limited information on her now. >> what is done to control the spread when you deal with the has mat suits. and the protocol. >> reporter: eric it is an ever- changing protol. hospitals across the country to think ebola. when someone walks in the emergency room with a fever.
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it has to be on the list of considerations here. as to the the cases here in dallas. teams are on the ground interviewing anyone with the nurse and duncan. they are developing a map of potential exposures. >> we need to consider the possibility of additional cases particularly among the health care workers who cared with the index patient when he was so ill. that's when the health care worker became infected. >> even a single infection dr. frieden said it unacceptable. >> that's for sure. we have had two and a possibility of more. a listia, thank you so much. heather. >> i sick passenger prompting an ebola scare in a cross country flight. the united plane taking to the
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runway. a female passenger started vomiting and exhibiting flu- like symptoms on a flight that originated in new york city. fellow passengers. >> and i am sobbing. >> and public health officials checked out the passenger who had not been to south or had been to south africa and not west africa and there was no risk of infection to anyone on board. >> that's giving you the indication of the considers out there. and the new case of ebola sparking other worries that the disease could spread further. do you really think that health officials are doing enough to stop the possible cases? we'll examine the vital questions. does the cvc have a handle on the ebola or should the head of
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cvc step aside or are you reassured. take a look at the live chat and go to fox"happening now", and click on america's asking. and we want to hear about it. >> two senate candidates meeting face-to-face for a debate amid a force battle in kentucky. mitch mcconnell finds himself in a close case with grimes. the average polls show that senator mcconnell is leading grimes by three points and we'll bring in jonah gold berg and a fox news contributor. we'll talk about the race in kentucky. allyson grimes her infamous
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sound bite and as to whether or not she voted with president obama and she responded four times and refusing to answer that. and what is interesting in that piece that came out, she was specific about being a clinton democrat. and this race is it boiling down to an antiobama race which is what the republicans want or boiling down to be something else? >> the negative approval for the large amount of disapproval for barak obama is like background radiation in american politics and in almost all of these races and it is something that you have a strong political constitution to be able to resist the effects of it, if you are a democrat. allyson grimes who had a lot of potential and now looks like she
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can't handle the environment examine and the embarrassing and awkward video and she can't answered if she voted for barak obama in the past is a good example of it. in that kind of environment. simple soft ball politics are opportunities for gaffes. >> and we have a close race. and the real clear politics show a three point difference and those mistakes mean a lot. the other race is what is going on in colorado? how is that shaping up? >> for someone like me the war on women rhetoric that we are hearing from obama and democrats is disinagainious and a lot of words that start with d, including dum. we have seen mark udal who
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nicknamed the nickname uterous. he is overplayed the war on women and turning out not doing what he needs to put himself over the top. a politics where we don't treat the women in any other issue. would be better for everybody. and nice to see from my perspective that that strategy is starting to hit the point of diminishing returns and corey gardener pulling away the purple or blue state. and it is big amounts of money that are spent from both sides in these particular states and how is that going to influence things? >> sure, in some of these you
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don't have the space time continue oum to buy more ads. a million in south dakota. that would buy who knows how much air time in south dakota at this point? and you are seeing it all over the place. and one of the things that helped the democrats. they are spending more money. and outspending republicans 2- 1 and they claim it is it all of the evil koch brothers and villians who are throwing the money in republicans. when the reality is the money is on the democratic side and the mainstream media portray it as the republicans. >> and the republicans need to pick up six seats to control the senate. do they do it?
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>> kansas is worrisome and it is possible democrats could. but right now, you are looking at possibly seven seats. >> right now, severe weather system in our country and take a look at aftermath of strong storms that happen in southwest arkansas. a tornado apparently touched down there and caused damage. emergency officials say tragically one person was killed and four others were injured there and now there are tornado warnings headed to louisiana. it has taken one life, do you think it will get worse? >> i do not only today but overnight tonight. the weather radios, have them on and make sure your batteries are fresh. they will extend up from the gulf coast to the ohio valley
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and they are producing tornados, tornado warnings actively in louisiana and pushing in arkansas and tennessee. several tornado warnings here and arkansas to tennessee and we are dealing with a tornado warning and looks like rotation with the storm. and more of the same is expected in the afternoon and evening. and daytime heating is involved and there is a line we are watching this afternoon. still watching this. this is tonight, monday night and then overnight and dallas. watching all of the moisture from the gulf of mexico. and pushing in wednesday and thursday from the northeast and atlantic. we'll not see the threats we see today. recap, extreme weather threat moderate risk here in little rock east of that and memphis to nashville. and the yellow shade we have to take it sourcely because we
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could be dealing with large wind and isolated tornados. this is the ingredients will come together. and this moves in to the southeast up to the midatlantic. active deadday today. and we'll keep you posted. >> certainly in the afternoon and evening. people have to watch out and listen to the warnings, heather? >> will kobani be saved. what the u.s. needs to do to get turkey and other countries to defeat ice six. two toddlers injured after a bounce house flies in the air in the the farm. the children were not supposed to be inside. how are the children doing and who is at fault? canned le
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>> people were hurt in a ferry crash in san francisco. the boat was carrying 200 people when it crashed in a harbor piling. injured passengers were treated mostly for cuts and bruises and it was not that serious. but the coast guard is looking into how the collision happen. there was no structural damage to the ferry but it is taken out of service temper alley. >> a popular tourist attraction. two toddlers were injured after a bounce house went air-borne. it trapped the children inside. and they are live with more on this story. >> the two boys, found their way in the bounce house that was closed to the public according to the owners of sullivan farm where it was blown up but not innous. they got around bales of hay
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that was used to block the entrance. and it was inflated on saturday to do a security chance. they left it up sunday to driveway out and no one was supposed to be in there. a strong gust of wind came up and next thing they knew the thing was air-borne. >> i saw the bounce house fly up in the air high as this building behind me and it was like flipped and came crashing down. one by is said toe okay but the other is in critical condition. the state fire marshall and police are looking into the case. there are no regulations on bounce houses and safety standards differ. in new hampshire rental bounce houses are not regulated. but inflatables are tethered
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down. and the owners of the farm said their inflatable was not tied down because it was not ready for use. >> it only had threes and no spikes. and while i was inspecting it. it got wet. >> the owner had ordered the question to be delivered but it didn't get there in time. the father of the injured boy, said they were led to believe it was open. >> still questions there and we hope that the boys will be okay. >> trying to stop iran from building a nuclear bomb. negotiations over teheran's nuclear program are back o. will diplomats make a deal before the quickly approaching deadline. or will the nuclear talks stall again. >> bounce house on wall street.
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you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. >> right now the powers are up gaebs a lombing deadline to try to stop iran from having the ability to build the nuclear bowl. secretary of state john kerry taking part with the negotiations. negotiations have been dead looked. and iran refuses to cut back on the the uranium enrichment program. we are told that they could extend the talks a third time. is that progress or buy teheran
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more time? here is mark. first question, is iran playing out the clock like the fourth quarter and some say they are doing that so they can have break out capability of building the bomb. >> absolutely, they have been playing for time for years. these negotiations have gone on for a decade, first with the europeans and now p5 plus one. and iranians have build up the nuclear weapon's agreement and getting more sanctions and we are paying them to extend the agreement. the economy that was on their back is on his knee. >> and rahany was the the chief negotiator when he said they are
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trying to create a quiet, quiet atmosphere. and guess what, they fooled the world and they continued their nuclear program and lied about it. you think rouhani is doing it again. >> rouhani is a master of nuclear deceit saying in 2003 and 5 he was willing to compromise on the elements of the nuclear program that iran had perfected in order to buy time of the elements that it hadn't perfected. he's willing to consowed on reversal temporary basis. and those elements that they know how to do and build. and now he's bought himself time to work on those elements of weapon that iran needs to perfect. >> iran said they want it only for peaceful. but what about parchan.
10:26 am
number one they will not let u.n. inspectors to hin spect it and the israeli said the iranians tested nuclear detonation. what does it tell you. if the iranians have a nuclear complex and a sophisticated facility and not letting the u.n. inspectors in? it tells me and the world that iran wants a nuclear weapon. and it is interesting, the iranians sanitized the base. if they went in tomorrow and did proper soil testing, they would find something because the iranians paved over. why don't they let them in? they don't because they will not create a precedent to allow them in military bases and that is where they will do weaponization work. if we do an agreement.
10:27 am
the supreme leader will never allow the international in the bases. >> and so do you trust iranians or are they full of it? >> i think rouhani and all of these men are united in the objective that they had for years and that is to build a nuclear weapon. and the answer for the united states. escalate the economic pressure and restore the credibility of our military threat. one way we could do that is oliterating assad's air force and send a message that we will not allow diplomacy for diplomacy sake. and we don't want them to look like the israeli- palestinians negotiations that go on forever and undermine israel and america at the same time. nmr. kerry will be there with
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the other members of the world power and they will probably punt upon again. we thank you so much. >> thank you. >> heather? >> heavy fighting against isis in iraq. apache attack helicopters are to defend a crucial location from the terrorist. we'll have new details on the battle. and the cvc scrambling to stop the spread of ebola. what health officials are doing to prevent more cases here on u.s. soil. >> we have to rethink the way we address ebola infection control. even a single infection is unacceptable.
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>> last week on wall street. the stock market showing signs of stabilizing and up a smidgeon. that is good news after last week's huge losses when stocks swung wildly. and it ended lower because of renewed fears of the potential down turn in the global economy. s&p 500 fell 3.1percent. >> a mea culpa from the cvc head concerns the nurse that contracted ebola from dallas. he apologized for perhaps suggesting that she was to blame
10:33 am
the infection as opposed to a break down in safety protocol. >> our focus to say would the protocol say would it prevented infection. some interpreted that at finding fault with the health care worker i am sorry, that was not my attention. >> we have the doctor gillispie. >> you heard the head of the cvc speaking there. do you believe they know what happened in the case? and how should americans feel confident in what they are say something >> we don't and the cvc doesn't sound like they know the incident in which the care giver was infected and that is something they are going to have to figure out. we know it is a tragic thing she was infected and there will be
10:34 am
investigation to find out how and make sure we have higher vigilance and so that we can minimize the risk. >> why did it happen and who should be held accountable? should it be the head of the cvc or he is resign? >> i can't say who should be held accountable. and patients with ebola and this nurse and other care givers ran to them to care for them. i know that is the last person we should blame for it? >> correct. and here is a question i would like to ask you and like a clear answer on this. americans want to know if in fact you can contract ebola from bodily fluids. we don't know if it was a break down in the protocol. we don't know how this nurse contracted the disease, and so is it not possible at all.
10:35 am
and how is it the case that ebola is not spread by anything but bodily fluids and not proffer morphed in to something else. >> ebola is only spread by bodily fluids and we do know that it is complicated to remove the personal protective garb that care givers are using. and you are using providers that are trained and how to remove that and that's what they do day in and out to train. we don't know if the dallas staff had that degree of training. not everyone had that degree. we don't know if it happen in that instance. that is most likely when it could have occurred. >> three patients were treated at emo university hospital in atlanta where you are working and so are you concerned about
10:36 am
what you see happening with a nurse now being diagnosed with the disease who went in to treat and protect this patient? >> i don't think you can't not be concerned. i am concerned about ebola. it is it a frightening disease. and that said in the er. we are trained to take care of deadly diseases. menigitus or flu or ebola. that has emphasized us to all of us there is no room for error and we have to be extremely vigilant. the cvc said engage ebola and questions why they are not thinking about it before now. >> and now the fight against radical islamic terrorism. general martin dempsey revealing new details about the fighting against isis in iraq. they are determiningsly close to baghdad airport.
10:37 am
15 miles away. that's so close the general said the u.s. apache helicopters were called in for the first time to fire on the approaching isis army. >> you will not wait until they are climbing over the yard. they are within 25 kilombeters. >> of baghdad airport. >> and had they over run the iraqi unit it was a straight shot to the airport. we'll not let that happen. can they hit baghdad? terrorism analyst and author of the "lost spring" and the walid ferris. we haven't avoided isis. they are rolling up victory after victory and it will take us to stop them. >> it will. and speaking of baghdad, most predictions or projections do see a catastrophe maybe coming very fast. general dempsey talking about
10:38 am
iowa sis from the the wall and we'll not have them come to the wall. and my concern is that isis may be inside of neighborhoods of baghdad and waiting for the wave coming from the outside to meet it. it is it a complex mission to defend baghdad. >> what does that mean if isis has territor cells as they are waiting for reenforcement to come in like what is happening in kobani. >> take the examine of, where emen. you had the iranial militia sitting inside of the capitol. and they rose and met them n. baghdad, the sectarian. majority of shian and the other is sony and what isis has proven, that in every sunni neighborhood they have cells. my concern they arise if isis
10:39 am
gets close to the airport. >> they are quiet right now. but we are told that baghdad will not fall and they tell us that will not happen based on the iraqi army and militias. >> look. if it is a city is unified and the wall of the iraqi army and we are supporting them. it may not fall from the outside. but what may happen, the trojan horse from the inside may rise and that could be a problem. but let me say one thing. sunni areas only would rise and not isis in shiite. >> would it be a blood bath. >> that means a division of baghdad. if isis is successful in penetrating sunni side of baghdad it is a divided city. >> and calls for air drops to help the kurdish militia members that are fighting off the isis
10:40 am
fighters and what can we do to try to help them stem this tide? >> what we can do in that decision, eric is do more of what we are doing. and bring different types of planes to make sure we are countering isis and secower -- secure the passage of turkey. eredoni said what does kobani have to do with turkey. if there is a blood bath and the blood is on his hands. >> if turkey is a member of nato and would denmark and great britain say it has nothing to do with it us. and we are concerned about isis taking over kobani. he is act as a member of nato.
10:41 am
and they say the ambassador from turkey said these allegations are misguided and they are a member of the coalition train the rebels and the administration said they had a deal with the air base and turkey said no deal. >> and we'll give you a quote about turkey. it has instigated against allied israel and broke up a israeli spy spring and in recent years erdobegan defended iowa ran and hesbollah and muslim brotherhood. hams. and what choice does our president have? >> the president must call on the president of turkey in public and said you need to help us and if you do, we'll help you against the isis regime.
10:42 am
but the promises are consuming time. and kobani could fall in six days and training the opposition is six months. do your math. >> that would be a huge propaganda success for isis even though the administration said it is not. >> and a olympics star could go from a life of luxury to a prison cell. we'll learn the sentence of oscar pistorias convicted of killing his girlfriend. the defense is hoping that pistorias' mental state will keep him from prison. >> he will need therapy. and list of a broken man who lost everything. lated. i had 3 different 401(k)s. lated. e*trade offers rollover options and a retirement planning calculator.
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>> hi, everyone. i. gretchen carlson. coming up on the real story.
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the exclusive interview from a doctor that believes ebola will soon be transmitted from the air. and where are the ashes of thomas duncan and clothes and other stuff where has it got to go when it was burned. one state said not in my backyard. >> and inspiring kids to study science and technology. we'll speak to them live all at the top of the hour. >> that sounds interesting. a judge about to decide oscar pistorias' fate. the blade runner faces 15 years in prison on a conviction of cull papable homicide in the shooting death of reeva steenkamp. they said pistorias was a broken man after steenkamp's death. >> it was a decision.
10:47 am
he was just weeping and crying. and me holding him. nheather hanson and the criminal defense attorney. thank you for joining us. >> oscar pistorias a broken man. jana, how will that influence the judge's decision? >> it will greatly influence the judge for a couple of reasons. in south africa, there is no jury. she was not insulated by 12 people. she decided the facts and if you remember in the trial, he had a period where he was throwing up and crying and inconsolable. and this judge appeared to have sympathy for the man. i think that is going to weigh heavily in the decision. >> the judge has a lot of leeh
10:48 am
way. and in south africa she can give house arrest. the range from 0 years in prison to 15. and now the prosecutor came back and cross examined that psychologist did you know that oscar has a new girlfriend to take away the idea of a broken man. i think the judge is sympathetic to oscar especially given the fact he would have a disability going into prison. >> is that it fair to the parents of reeva steenkamp? does that mean justice is served? >> there is a couple of interesting things going o. you have to remember what oscar was convicted of was negligence. that means, i made a mistake. not that i did it intentionally. and that is the conviction she is sentencing o. whether he is get of murder, it doesn't matter, 0- 15 years.
10:49 am
and the parents, i don't know if they are pounding the fist. they quietly settled way back when. and i think they might think that justice has been served. >> what do you think will happen and what is the next step? >> it is witnesses for the prosecution who will talk about aggravating factors and things that made it worse. it is more likely pistorias will appeal and that will only be if they are not happy with the sentence. they are happy with the finding of negligence and not intentional. and i would be surprised they would appeal unless he gets prison time. >> i don't think he will see the inside of a prison or jail because of the disability and the judge's sympathy. i think house arrest and probation and call it a day. >> because of the disability and star power.
10:50 am
>> i don't know that that plays a huge part. i think it plays some role. he can mentor and compete and hopefully turn his life around. they will have a probation compete and hopefully turn his life around, the ability to have a probation officer to keep a rein on him, if he starts doing things with guns, with firearms, with drinking, they can rein him in. i think that will have some impact. >> that's interesting. they will have someone monitoring him to keep a rein on him. how will that work? >> they are not gonna just let him loose. they will have somebody like a probation officer would be here who checks in, makes sure you're not breaking the laws, makes sure you're not having an arsenal in your house, doing crazy things, you don't have any privacy rights really when you're on probation, and that could last for five years or more for him. >> gonna get something, not a whole lot. >> a decision by the end of the week? >> likely. she is gonna do it in writing, as we were talking about before, it's going to be a long decision. so we might not hear this week, it maybe the next few weeks. >> we will see. remember what you said. thank you for joining us.
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dozen so-called green buildings are built around the country, you see the sign, do you think they are using az little energy as they claim? a new lab in california designed to answer those questions and help builders find a new way to make the buildings efficient. claudia cohen is in berkeley with the details. hi, claudia. >> reporter: hi, eric. that's right. today's new buildings aim to be, but studies show many end up using twice the energy expected and once they are built, it's too late or too expensive to make significant changes. but this federally funded project here in the berkeley hills is out to change all of
10:55 am
that. it's called flex lab and among other things, it features a rotating office building simulator to help companies avoid costly mistakes while protecting the environment. >> so we have these sensors at different heights on the wall. >> reporter: senators, interchangeable lights, even chill and heated water to run the hvac systems, just some of the cutting-edge features flex lab can offer expanding companies to make sure their next building uses the least amount of energy and provides as much comfort as possible. it starts with a mockup on a rotating test bed that monitors sunlight exposure throughout the day. >> we can change the lights. we can change the windows. we can change the heating and cooling systems. and then we can run that as a system so we can see how to control it for low energy. >> we see it as a chance to really test drive our buildings before they are built. >> reporter: biotech giant genentech used flex lab to help design the electrical, ventilation, lighting systems and more in its new seven-story
10:56 am
office facility. >> we believe this building is going to be 30% more energy efficient than any of our other buildings on campus a lot of innovation that's going into the design. >> reporter: flex lab now teaming up with pacific gas and electric and other companies that are going to have to comply with tough new building rules here in california aimed at reducing greenhouse gases in the state. builders are going to want to have some assurances that the systems they use are going to work and eric, to that end, flex lab could be a game changer. >> well, sounds like they at least now know how to study it claudia, thanks so much. heather? transmitting ebola by air. why one top expert says that the virus can be contracted more easily than we have heard. keep it right here for our coverage of this developing story.
10:57 am
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out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. over the past two weeks, our very own john scott has been on the adventure of a lifetime, john traveling to east africa, visiting tanzania, where he saw
11:00 am
these adorable little monkeys, decided to imitate them there and he did this, he climbed mount kilimanjaro, all for a good cause. john will be back tomorrow. he will be updating you on now with all the details. >> looks absolutely fantastic. >> good for him. >> for once, look forward to someone's photos. >> love to do that. we will welcome you back, jon. hope you had a great trip. we start this show with a fox news alert. dallas hospital workers who treated ebola patient thomas duncan now under close observation after one nurse is infected with the deadly virus. hi, everyone, i'm, gretchen carlson. hope you had a great weekend and we are about to give you the real story. the centers for disease control, well, now they confirm one nurse in dallas has, in fact, been infected and that she contracted ebola despite wearing protective clothing, indicating "clear breach in protocol," but it's unclear exactly what that breach even was. meantime, hazmat


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