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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 13, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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unafraid. "on the record" right now. let's face it. this is escalating. it is getting worst. isis terrorists gained control of an iraqi military training camp. that is a bad sign. we take you live to iraq where conditions are deterioratindete first to texas. tonight new information on the first person to contract ebola on american soil. she is a dallas nurse who treated the patient who died from ebola and it is not us saying ebola could spread. it is the head of the cdc. the cdc director warning he would not be surprised if more people get sick in the coming
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days. alicia is live in dallas. >> reporter: we actually have breaking news. the university of kansas hospital in kansas city, kansas is reporting that they now have a patient in an isolated portion of the hospital because he or she called ahead and arrived with a high fever and ebola-like symptoms. this patient recently worked on a medical boat on the west coast of africa. here in dallas the cdc says the nurse who contracted ebola from thomas duncan is clinically stable. she was part of the team treating him while he was in isolation before he died. because she was wearing gowns, gloves, masks, the director of the cdc says there should be expectation more people will be diagnosed. dr. freeden saying he was not trying to blame the nurse.
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she is not the enemy here he said, the virus is. he said this teaches more education needs to be done for the nation's hospitals and the agency needs to change how it addresses the spread of the disease and tells hospitals to think ebola. when patients walk in with ebola symptoms and travelled. the oeshed press reported 70 workers helped to treat duncan. cdc says right now it is trying to create a map of potential exposu exposure. that means they are talking to anyone who could have possibly come into contact with the nurse or duncan. he said they will make a large map and start narrowing it down from there. >> thank you. now cdc director saying we have to rethink the way we address ebola. rethink?
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well, that means there is a problem with how it is being done now. good evening, doctor. >> good evening. >> doctor, does the information about the nurse and apparently she followed the protocol, is there something wrong? is there a defect in protocol for health care workers working with people who may have ebola? >> i think there are extra measures that could be put into place to protect health care workers that are treating ebola patients. there are differences in existing protocols. i know that the cdc protocol is somewhat different from the msf protocol especially when it comes to infection control measures. according to msf guidelines after removing personal protective equipment you are sprayed with a chlorine solution.
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that is what we did in liberia. i think that as an extra measured safety because you are insuring that if there is ebola virus that is on your gloves, on your gown, by spraying bleach on yourself you are actually insuring that the virus will die and basically providing an extra layer of protection. >> that seems to pak a lot of sense especially since msf has done well with health care workers in liberia. we have the situation in dallas with the health care worker. why wasn't cdc doing stricter protocols? >> i don't know the answer to that. i think dr. frieden would be the one to answer that question. however, i think this is a great opportunity to revise existing
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protocols and see how we can as a nation and community provide an extra measure of safety to all health care workers that will be exposed to ebola patients. i think there will be more ebola patients coming. i think we need to make sure that all health care workers are safe. >> before we get to the more alarming statement that there would be more ebola patients coming i'm curious, ebola i'm told if you come in contact with blood or vomit or a liquid material, how long is this contagious? if you have blood that has been infected with ebola, how long does that virus remain contagious? >> ebola virus can remain in a bodily fluid primarily in blood for several days. >> and i take that is true of vomit, as well or on clothes, the same thing. >> that's correct. you want to be extra careful.
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>> the statement made that you expect more, that is a grim statement, the head of the cdc has said that, as well. why do you think that? because those are the odds? why do you say that? >> i think we have seen an increase in the number of ebola patients in west africa and there is a lot of travel. we live in a world where people cross borders. i'm not surprised that we are seeing ebola patients here in the united states. i think it was a matter of time. i think what we need to do now is prepare ourselves. we need to encourage hospitals to have more training. we need to do more drills and really make sure everybody is prepared. >> as i understand it you are the doctor who gave the experimental drug to dr. brantly in liberia. did you help administer that drug? >> that's correct.
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and the physician who administered to ken brantly. >> what was that like? just when one of your own and you have an experimental drug from canada, what was that like? >> you know, we weren't sure if ken brantly was going to survive. i was with him on july 31 when his clinical status deteriorated. i wasn't sure he was going to survive and all i could think of was his family. i thought of his wife amber and of his two children. and i prayed and i really asked god, i told god, i said i don't want him to die. i want him to see his family again. we had given him every known treatment. we had given him supportive care, iv fluids, antibiotics. he received potassium to
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supplement his electrolytes. he received every single treatment available for ebola that is known. he had this experimental drug and the drug had been brought in on a canoe. initially dr. braptly refused to receive it and wanted nancy writebold to receive it. he was either going to die or we thought we could give him a chance to survive by administering this drug. it was very complicated because it had never been tested in a human being before. there had never been a clinical trial. >> it is just amazing what you did. i hope you come back because i
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fear we will have a lot more to talk about in the next days and weeks to come. thank you, doctor. >> thank you. this is a fox news alert. a change in american strategy in iraq. it is expanding. now u.s. manned helicopters for -- chairman of joint chiefs of staff saying isis got within 15 miles of the airport. good evening and tell me what is going on in baghdad right now? >> reporter: the situation in baghdad is pretty tense after the latest by general dempsey about isis trying to infiltrate the international airport. engaging targets with apache helicopter in the vicinity probably engaging splinter cells
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in the area. this is the first time the united states announces using helicopters in this battle against isis. taking into consideration that isis has recently changed methods of operation. they stopped moving in large convoys and using small numbers of vehicle transporting between locations. according to field officers and some of the militias on the battlefield they said it is almost secured. some units of isis and [ inaudible ] this is by the government and the united states of america. >> thank you very much. a senior u.s. official telling fox news isis making other big gains near baghdad seizing a key gateway to
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baghdad. ed henry live with the latest. >> reporter: that military base is in the town on a highway leading to baghdad. as the pentagon continues to insist that the capital of iraq is not in jeopardy the facts on the ground continue to tell a much different story. the apache helicopters were brought in because of fears that general dempsey admits and says they had about a week or so ago that maybe baghdad was in some jeopardy. they pushed back with the apache helicopters and other methods. the bottom line is we are seeing trouble on the syrian side of this, as well. the city continues to be in jeopardy. it has been for days now. our own has been on the ground there and he says the u.s.-led air strikes have had impact in slowing isis down. they are not stopping them. they continue to make gains both on the syrian side and the iraqi
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side of the border. that is big trouble for the president and the administration because they signaled no change in strategy in terms of going beyond air strikes and sending ground troops. that is something general dempsey left the door open to. the president's national security council says the president has not seen benefit to sending ground troops. >> what is the level of alarm at the white house about this? this is a change in circumstance. it is getting worse. there are no good signs. >> there is not at all. in fact, there is a local official today told bloomberg news this is completely desieged. when talking about the key city in anbar. they are under siege. this local official said it will be overrun and it is important because there is the second largest dam in iraq that will be overrun in days unless the u.s. does more to help. the president's side is he has
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been trying to help inside iraq as well as syria. it does not appear that the air strikes alone are doing the job. we expect iraqi security forces to be the ground troops. they are not doing that. on the syrian side moderate rebels are not fully trained yet. no secret we know isis is barbaric. first beheading american and british hostages and bragging about capturing, selling, enslaving women and children and using religious reasons to justify horrible treatment of women and children. for more on this nice to have you back. tell me, they are now bragging about what they do to women and children. >> this has been going on for a little while and the state department said it a few days ago and said there were about 1,000 taken down and up to 4,000 women and girls abducted by
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isis. >> where are they being captured? all over iraq and syria? are they all in one spot? >> they are being brought back to different isis training camps and brought in and sold within that group as wives for the fighters. >> how are they justifying this? >> religiously. they are saying somehow this is permitted under their version of islam that fighters are allowed to have this to help resist temptation of women otherwise. >> are they killing the women? >> there are executions of women who resist. there are executions of women reportedly who were not, were believed to not be married just because they didn't have children and are resisting, as well. >> as i understand it they are putting the faek effect on the
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internet. >> this is the total dehumanization of a population and a way to show they can reward their own fighters as they will no matter american air strikes or resistance of iraqi government and populations. this is total power on the part to go into the communities to the most vulnerable people, children, young girls and do what they will. >> do you see anything going in the right direction or is this growing? >> i get a lot of pentagon reports on what is happening. the number of air strikes is definitely back on the rise it seems. >> effective? >> effectiveness depends. i think we need more time to see what is happening. they are being hit more outside the capital but the reasons there are more air strikes is
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more targets need to be hit. >> any discussion about boots on the ground? >> not that i know of. >> no one is mentioning that. >> it is not american boots. you can't get enough iraqis to fight. you can't get the other countries in the region to do it. the most pressing shift is whether to have a no fly zone. turkey would be the first to let its boots on the ground come in and help. then you are talking about fighting assad and that changes everything. >> thank you. joining us representative. >> it is just horrific. it is repulsive. >> i guess the beheadings was bad enough. and they are threatening another one coming up. we are hearing stories about what they are doing to women and children. how does this stop? >> and in this, this is the fourth english language digital
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edition of their barbaric acts where they put horrific photos so that everybody sees this is the part of their campaign. and one of the last entries in this magazine called the final chapter or something like that, the final crusade, they publish the letter, a etaller supposedly written by constituent, one of the beheaded journalists, his last letter to his mom. they say in that publication that just because he was jewish was enough to merit the beheading. we see this glorification of sexual slavery saying it is written in law that men are allowed to take the women of the infidels and have forced marriage, sexual slavery and
4:18 pm
selling girls as young as 8 years old. they say that is their right according to their law. >> what is our obligation or our responsibility or our duty, if any? where do we draw the line for us as we watch this? >> we have wonderful groups like human rights watch. they just put out a great report about -- to let people know. >> that tells what happens. are we supposed to do anything? are we obligated or do we watch this? >> we can't just watch it. we cannot be watching modern day slavery and beheadings and raping children before our eyes. it is time to take action. let's get this white house engaged and tell the truth to the american people. i think that more people will join us in this fight. this is going on and these guys are not ashamed of it. they are publicizing it.
4:19 pm
let's save this generation. >> there will be a lot more if saudi arabia could help, too. >> congress woman, thank you very much. straight ahead u.s. war planes in iraq forced to hold fire. chairman of joint chief sending new warning. you can't make this up. crazy clowns terrifying an american town with machetes. is it your town? you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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is isis outsmarting the u.s. military? here is what we know. since u.s. started air strikes
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isis has gotten better at hiding. here is chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general martin dempsey. >> the enemy and they will be harder to target. they know how to maneuver and how to use populations and concealment and so when we get a target we will take it. >> former navy seal joins us. that is grim news. it sounds like isis is hiding, more difficult to get. that is not a good sign. >> as they take over more area and assume more people into their project i will call it, it makes it easy for them to hide because they can just act like a normal person. they can say i'm not isis. i'm not a radical extremist. i am a part of the population. that is the problem. we are fighting an ideology. >> does that make air strikes less effective if we can't find them and don't know if they are hiding.
4:24 pm
>> it does make them -- it makes it harder to put effective air strikes out because we don't know where to hit. we can hit all the vehicles we want cht that comes down to the root problem. how do we measure success? is success destroying buildings, vehicles or fighters, we don't know. this is a failure of the obama administration. we need to look forward and see what are the goals here. >> if you are looking at goals. the signs is we have anbar being taken over by isis. we have khobani being overrun by isis and isis 15 miles outside baghdad and isis hiding from our planes trying to kill from above. we have isis killing women and selling them into slavery and children as young as 8, as well. i would not say that the overall campaign has been profoundly successful though i admire our military for trying so hard. >> this is an attempt by the
4:25 pm
obama administration to put a political stitch in before the november election. if we wanted to solve the problem we need to bomb them like berlin in world war ii. we sent the troops in afterwards to make sure the job was done. that is the only effective way to complete this task. >> if we don't, what happens? just stumble along like we are doing it? >> i talked about it in my book that iraq would fall and we would be back fighting this war again. we fight this same war every decade in the same region. baghdad will fall, i believe. >> baghdad, i don't know, we may not be there when it falls. we only have ten seconds left. i would like to see other nations help. i'm talking about saudi arabia mostly. >> absolutely they should. countries like france are helping. thank you. >> thank you. let's go off the record.
4:26 pm
this is a test for all muslims in the united states especially those who lead mosques and call themselves moderates. isis said it will execute american peter cassig. he is a muslim having converted to islam and an american. isis kidnapped him in syria and isis plans to behead him citing the quran as justification. american muslim leaders you must condemn the isis interpretation and demand release of this innocent captive. this is an important test about you and the contents of the quran and your interpretation of it. we need to keep hearing until isis has been wiped from the earth. right now an innocent american muslim's life is on the line. silence is not an option. that is my off the record comment tonight. straight ahead, the nation
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is on edge with response. so is president obama. the clock is ticking. mid term elections 22 days away. will republicans take control of the senate or not? our panel is here next. i'm angela, and i quit smoking with chantix. people who know me, to this day they say,
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4:31 pm
heating up. in state after state the gloves coming off fast. >> your next word is prior. >> may i have the definition, please? >> prior, a washington liberal out of touch with arkansas. >> one of many competitive races determining the future of the senate. >> the american people believe the senate is broken. >> republicans need 60 for a majority so the spot light is pointed right at key elections like this one in alaska. >> we have to cut fire wood and diesel on an airplane. we have 17 horses. if we don't feed them they don't survive. i think alaskans are ticked off that our senator is not showing up for his job. >> and then louisiana where a cbs poll finds mary landrieu down six points to republican bill cassidy. >> even though i am a republican and don't always agree with her louisiana can't afford to lose
4:32 pm
mary landrieu. >> these are critical. a democrat hasn't won in kansas since great depression. and just as surprising a fierce battle in kentucky. senator mitch mcconnell taking a four point lead over democrat allison prime. an election where ads like this could make a huge impact. >> i'm not barack obama. i disagree with him on guns, coal and the epa. >> and the minority leader firing back. >> allison grimes refusal to say who she voted for president is now the nonanswer heard around the country. >> did you vote for president obama? >> dodging whether she voted for president obama. >> and kentuckiens expect her to cast a tough vote. >> can republicans take the
4:33 pm
senate? joining us now, rick, first to you. if the republicans take the senate and get ready because you will have the flip question, how does it change people's lives in america? what does it mean? >> it means that we will have more bad washington functioning because we have at least another two years of absolute grid lock. i think it will be a position that the president will have to decide do i start to sign off of some things or a couple of things i may not have loved and reposition ourselves. i think it will be the warmup act. i think the real impact is felt in 2016. no one will expect a burst of legislating. it is not going to be a pretty picture. >> if democrats maintain control of the senate what does it mean? >> i think you have more of the same. it will be the same leadership and more grid lock. there might be if they hold it
4:34 pm
by one and they lose a bunch of senators in red states and hillary is under pressure starting her campaign over obamacare there might be some bipartisan work where democrats see they want to fix part of the law. that could be the most i could hope for. i don't see big bills passing. i see a lot of polarization. >> i see that it is momentum. whoever wins gets momentum going into 2016. going into the mid terms it is everything. >> the odds are in favor of republicans taking the senate right now. i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. i wouldn't be surprised if we woke up and found that they won ten senate seats. if you look at the races everyone is looking at polling averages which are slim margins. republicans have small lead in a couple of states. >> if you look back harry reid was supposed to lose in 2010. he was down by like three percentage points and ended up
4:35 pm
winning by five points. the polls can be wrong. they have been wrong in the past. there is also two weeks left in the election and a lot can change. >> is this a statement of the president to see if the country is worthy? >> it is a statement he can't go anywhere. he is going to do a campaign event for a governor in connecticut. he cannot venture to places that determine the election. this will be the final judgment on the obama era and the idea that he could lose the senate even after seeing states like colorado and iowa being the final which is extraordinary. >> listen to this, texas gubernatorial candidate wendy davis sticking to guns defending her nasty campaign ad targeting greg abbott. he has been confined to a wheelchair for years. >> a tree fell on greg abbott. he sued and got millions.
4:36 pm
since then he spent his career working against other victims. >> today davis defending that ad staged an event surrounding herself with disability rights activists including two people in wheel chairs. your thoughts for wendy davis tonight. >> she dug in and she wants to defend the ad and say his record in terms of victims' rights and it is still a good issue for her campaign. i am stunned by this. everybody says it is desperate and clearly is. i thought she was running knowing she was setting herself up as a formidable presence in the state for leader of the democratic party there and possible future senator when the time was right if the state purples up eventually. what she has done in the campaign has been really disappointing. the ad is truly embarrassing. >> i think she turned out to be a terrible politician. she had a great personal story and then going along the edge which she didn't have to do.
4:37 pm
it is like she is going out of her way to shoot herself in the foot. >> i wonder if she is giving up on texas politics like she wants to be the next michael moore or next msnbc host or not even interested in winning anymore. i think it is crazy in the first place that she would have given the fact she took out such a hard line stance on abortion i don't think she was in a position to win in texas. this shows me she basically is giving up. >> what is the most fascinating? >> i love the kansas race. you have sam brown embattled. i love scott walker's race. >> florida is great, as well. >> you have the class of governors elected in 2010 and then obama in '08. you have the tea party wave in '10 and obama in '08. you can see a bunch of republican governors. >> i love the wisconsin one because i am from wisconsin.
4:38 pm
what race do you like the most? >> i agree with florida. when i see people going down like hillary clinton and vice president biden to help out charlie crist it is hard to believe. she needs that state in her corner. i really do as we discussed i think he is going to win. it is just unbelievable. most floridaens tell you they don't have a good choice. the outcome will be a surprise. >> walker? >> walker looks like he has the edge right now. that is a really important race. in 2016 if walker wins it is almost certain he is going for president. if he doesn't that reshapes the presidential race. >> thank you. don't forget to watch hannity tonight. he has on texas attorney general greg abbott responding to the wendy davis ad. straight ahead a gut wrenching plea from the parents of uva co-ed. you will hear from heart broken
4:39 pm
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grief stricken parents of hannah graham making a heart wrenching plea. one month ago her parents begging for anyone who knows where their daughter is to come forward. >> somebody listening to me today either knows where hannah is or knows someone who has that information. we appeal to you to come forward and tell us where hannah can be found. please, please, please help end this nightmare. >> weekly editor in chief, is there any update in this search for this co-ed. >> this search continues and a
4:44 pm
statement from her parents toju pleading for anybody to end the nightmare for them and put an end for the search going on. they have been searching all over the city of charlottesville and covered moist of the rural large area that surrounds the city and into nelson county. they were 15 to 20 miles in a spot south of charlottesville acting on a tip. that didn't turn out to lead to anything. >> are they routinely getting tips still this month later that there have been spottings? >> i think the tips continue to come in. i know there were over 3,000 about a week ago. i think it has probably slowed at this point. they seem to be getting calls and information that they are following up on. >> jesse matthews in custody charged with her kidnapping. they clearly think he has something to do with this. they kidnapped her. they must have more information, i hope.
4:45 pm
>> they have something. they have something that allowed them to say that there is this forensic link. they charged him with abduction with intent to defile. what they have as far as evidence they have been keeping quiet about. >> how are the students in the area? are they worried? feeling insecure in terms of being out late at night or do they think the guy who did it is in jail and safe? >> initially in the first weeks afterwards i know there was a lot of anxiety and talk about safety. that is going on still. i do feel like it has quieted down and that level of anxiety seems to be dropping off a little. i certainly hope people are continuing to take precautions. it does seem like the high level of anxiety and intensity has settled. >> certainly it's been one month ago tonight and every day that goes by gets bleaker.
4:46 pm
elizabeth smart came home. maybe the family will get lucky on this one. courtney, thank you very much. we will continue to follow it. thank you. >> thank you. this is bizarre but real. it sounds like a horror movie but it is not. crazy clowns armed with mu hachs and baseball bats terrorizing an american town. find out where next.
4:47 pm
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police say they believe this started with someone copying the likeness of the clown named for a small town not far from bakersfield, part of an art project gone viral by a husband and wife team who photographed themselves looking scary and post it online. police say they received 20 reports of weapon wielding clowns roaming the streets of bakersfield and it is not because of just scary faces but apparently carrying weapons everything from bats to machetes and one report of a clown with a gun. police say by the time they show up to reports the
4:52 pm
>> there are all sorts of clowning projects around the world really that are meant to scare people. police say they are not taking this lightly at all whether a joke or not. they want to stop it and they want to stop it now. >> this next story may be long war finally trek each other down and older but their friendship is stronger than ever. >> 38 years. that's how long it took these vietnam vets and best friends to finally reunite. >> i love you, buddy. i love you. >> their story begins in 1971. the two serving aboard the "uss
4:53 pm
white plains" a supply ship where they were exposed to agent orange. >> i was 17, he was 18. they called us m&m. >> but after the war, in an era before the internet, unable to find each other. rick tried to reach out at a denver gas station in 1976. he did have a phone book and five bucks worth of change. >> call them up. is this joe martinez? yes. were you in the navy? nope. sorry. you know? >> reporter: and now, nearly four decades later, this letter finally connecting the two veterans. >> i've been trying to reach you. you were my best friend. >> reporter: at long last, they reuniting. >> feels the same. we're old now. >> is this joe martinez? rick! >> you could just feel love over the air waves. >> i haven't been this happy
4:54 pm
since i don't remember. >> i'm going to cry for the rest of my life thinking about this day. >> and the vets are now sharing the memories with their families and they promise never to let 40 years go by again. coming up, tornado threats right now. millions of americans under the tornado threat. janice dean is here with the very latest next. feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. ♪ want to change the world? create things that help people. design safer cars. faster computers. smarter grids and smarter phones. think up new ways to produce energy. ♪ be an engineer. solve problems the world needs solved. what are you waiting for? changing the world is part of the job description. [ male announcer ] join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here.
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so ally bank really has no hidden fethat's right. accounts? it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. this is a fox news alert. severe weather threatening millions of americans in the path of severe and dangerous storms. tornado watches in several states. janice dean is tracking the storms. janice? >> hi, yeah, look at the watches, latest one in the ohio river valley 1:00 a.m. local time and within the watches we are also seeing severe weather warnings and dozens of tornado warnings in the afternoon and now the evening east of hamilton in towards alabama. so we'll be continuing to watch this line as it continues to move eastward overnight tonight. we'll watch the potential for severe weather into the
4:59 pm
overnight hours, into tomorrow and really not going to escape the coast until thursday. across the northeast. so the threat for severe weather continuing really within the next 12 to 24 hours. the rainfall, greta, incredible. flash flooding is a concern and just to recap into the overnight hours, these are the areas across the mississippi river valley and great lakes and pushing the southeast up towards the mid-atlantic. on tuesday when it finally moves offshore and we are watching a hurricane. this is gonzalo and moving westward and northward and this could make a direct hit on bermuda over this weekend. as a category two, possibly a category three hurricane and lots to talk about. we'll keep you up to date. >> thank you. we'll see you tomorrow night here at 7:00 p.m. if you watch live, dvr us. we have fox news go on the fox
5:00 pm
news app or and watch us any time and you heard the panel about wendy davis's defense of the wheelchair ad. go to gretawired and tell us what you think and sean hannity at 10:00 p.m. and watch it then, too. good night from washington. tonight -- >> i wouldn't have the confidence that somehow taking temperatures would prevent the spread of a virus like that. >> we can get the sickness very easily. >> overwhelmingly, americans want the federal government to stop west africans from comie i to the usa but the obama administration will not do that. we'll tell you why. we have health reform. we got a significant financial reform. >> even though the polls show president obama's job performance is dismal, liberal zealots support him. we'll take a hard look at that. christopher columbus. do you know what he did? >> discovered something, i don't know. >> also ahead, today is columbus


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