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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 13, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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tonight. ms. megyn up next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin always stops here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new evidence that the u.s. military campaign in the middle east is doing little to stop the terror army known as isis. while the administration seems to be saying that everything is just fine. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. just a few hours ago we got reports that today alone at least 30 people were killed in iraq's capital city of baghdad. just the latest bloodshed from a group that came close to capturing the baghdad airport on friday. joint chiefs charmt general martin dempsey said our only option was to call in apache attack helicopters to prevent them from taking things over completely. that's not good. also, despite the president's promise to degrade and destroy this group over the weekend isis claimed control of a critical
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military base. despite a series of coalition air strikes there just hours before. the leaders of anbar province, that whole region just west of iraq's capital were today warning there were some 10,000 isis fighters now in their neck of the woods. they're begging for ground support. isis has 80% of anbar province, which we fought so hard to secure. but when national security advisor susan rice just yesterday was asked about how this terror army is continuing to make such significant gains in iraq, here was her response. >> right now you're reassessing the strategy or no? >> no, chuck thrks is very early days of the strategy. the strategy's very clear. we'll do what we can from the air. we'll support the iraqi security forces, the kurds and ultimately over time the moderate opposition in syria. but we are not going to be in a ground war again in iraq. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry is live tonight in washington. ed. >> good to see you, megyn.
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bottom line is top officials like susan rice continue to say and paint a rosy scenario about how the mission to destroy isis is going. but the facts on the ground are telling a much different story. you had scathing assessments today in both "the wall street journal" and "the washington post" suggesting in iraq and syria isis is very much on the march. you mentioned the situation in iraq, let's not forget syria, kobani, this key town on the syrian/turkish border. militants pounding away trying to take that city over. what's really setting off alarm bells in the administration is what's happening outside baghdad. as you mentioned this military base overrun by isis. it's on the highway leading to baghdad, which is raising concerns that the militants could get full control of anbar province despite what was a pretty optimistic scenario laid out yesterday by susan rice. listen. >> our air campaign is off to a strong start. we've seen very important successes in places like mosul dam, sinjar mountain where we
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were able to rescue many hundreds of -- tens of thousands of civilians at risk. and this is going to take time. >> take time and local officials in iraq and syria saying they may not have that time in terms of the air campaign general martin dempsey yesterday again left the door open in an interview on abc to potentially recommending to the president we'll need ground troops. susan rice shot that down again saying the president doesn't believe that will be a benefit to the anbar province today told "bloomberg news" that when you look at it that the area in anbar is "completely besieged." that's another key town, the second largest dam in iraq, he's saying this local official that that town may be overrun in the next few days, megyn. >> one by one by one these cities fall. ed, good to see you. so the administration says it's not going to change course and there will be no additional u.s. troops on the ground in iraq. but our next guest says he knows how to fix this thing without american troops. eric prince is founder of
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blackwater, a global private security company that did extensive work in the mideast including in iraq, also a former navy s.e.a.l. and author of "civilian warriors." erik, great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> where the air campaign? >> that's a great question. if the administration was serious about it, they'd deploy from kurdistan so you would have a transit time of five or ten minutes from the front lines, not two and a half hours if they're flying out of bases further out in the gulf or aircraft carrier. >> you're saying something like blackwater could do that. >> something that's going to deliver or cost effectively on the heads of the enemy getting six to eight loads a day off an aircraft is far bether than maybe one load. the cost of kill we'll probably be spending millions of dollars for every isis enemy we're actually killing. >> i know you believe we're a
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bloated federal government in many departments including at the pentagon and that this is too pricey and too slow and that it could be done better by private industry. let me ask you this, who right now is leading our friends, the iraqi army, the rebels in syria? because today ed henry mentioned one quote, there was another quote from a fleeing fighter, fleeing as in taking off in iraq to "the washington post" saying we don't have any leadership. we could have kept our bases and simple reinforcements and ammunition, but there's no one here to lead us. >> the majority of the iraqi forces are still under the control mostly of iranians. the iranian forces, taking over the old cia base on the east side of baghdad. the problem with isis being this close to baghdad airport is that with a little bit of artillery or mortar fire they can shut off baghdad airport effectively trapping all the americans that are there at the embassy. >> a couple miles outside with the surface-to-air missiles that can take down airplanes. that's why dempsey's saying we
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had to do something. >> the president september 10 said there will be no combat role for u.s. forces. well, attack held cometers flying close air support direct to iraqi forces support is definitely a combat role. >> the question is whether that combat role should get more significant as susan rice says, we're not changing the strategy. and it doesn't apparently matter how many cities fall including anbar province. remember the headlines? we pulled a couple just to remind viewers that was the sunni awakening. that was the anbar awakening they called it where they turned the tide during the iraq surge and now 80% under isis control. >> look, isis is operating inside the u.s.'s decision loop. they know how the u.s. campaigns operate. they know how u.s. air operates. the second in command of isis was imbedded in fallujah -- he knows what tactical looks like. they took a town two weeks ago just north of fallujah. doesn't make much sense to do that because it was a shia
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prison. but it oddly looks like the same u.s. embassy compound and breached with truck bombs through the walls. almost seems like a dry run rehears rehearsal. >> last question. if we let private industry do it, to whom would they be answering? >> to whomever needs them. i throw it out there as a discussion point because private forces have been part of u.s. national security since the country started. and obviously there's a big controversial -- the big controversy about u.s. combat troops being in there, someone has to be in. if the u.s. is serious about stopping isis. because obviously air power alone is not doing it. >> that's a big if. good to see you. >> thanks. there's also controversy over additional remarks by national security advisor susan rice after the country of turkey accused her of making statements this weekend that were not true. you may remember ms. rice as the woman who set off a firestorm on benghazi suggesting the attack was all about a video. a couple months later she went out and praised possible
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deserter for his service when we traded five taliban leaders for sergeant bowe bergdahl. and now this, watch. >> what happened this week in cairo, in benghazi and many other parts of the region -- was a result, a direct result of a heinous video. the government had nothing to do with it. served the united states with honor and distinction and we'll have the opportunity to learn what transpired in the past years. first of all, the turks have just within the last several days made a commitment that they will in the first instance allow the united states and our partners to use turkish bases and territory to train. that's a new commitment and one that we very much welcome. >> a new commitment we very much welcome. but the associated press this morning reported that a turkish official says there is no new agreement with the united states on using an air base in southern turkey for operations against the islamic state group.
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and this has led to a tense back-and-forth today. joining me bret stevens, 2013 pulitzer prize winner for distinguished commentary. good to see you. susan rice, has she stepped in it again? >> evidently. the national security advisor is supposed to be the clearinghouse of information for the white house. she is the national security official who is closest to the president. these are ongoing negotiations. we know for the last week that they've been quite tense when it comes -- >> we're trying to get turkey to do something. >> right. the nato ally that happens to be on the border with syria and iraq. and it can provide us with a kind of basing that we need to more effectively take the fight against isis. john allen general been in turkey negotiating this. so when susan rice announced an agreement had been reached, you would thought that agreement would be signed and sealed. >> that was big. even chuck todd was like what? >> right. so the contradiction, the
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flatout contradiction goes to show the inability to get the messaging right and also to get the diplomacy right. this is a sensitive diplomatic negotiation. you would think the national security advisor wouldn't go out in front and announce an agreement that hasn't been reached. that's going to make matters more problematic. >> in the meantime seems some of the media are turning against the president and his strategy. there was a "the washington post" editorial today that reads in part, the strategy is incoherent as well as morally questionable. and the administration today just digging in saying we're not changing it. >> this is a foreign policy that seems to be conducted not with our allies in the region or even a view towards degrading isis. it's far left of the democratic party. this is about maintaining this commitment, no troops on the ground and a very limited involvement. and i would say almost the pretense of a campaign to degrade and destroy isis. because when isis is consolidating its gains, as you
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just said earlier, over the entirety of anbar province, strengthening its grip over all of eastern syria, they're not being degraded. they're winning. so why is the national security advisor saying something that is so manifestly contradicted by facts on the ground. >> that's why senator john mccain came out today and said they are winning, they are winning this war. the administration can't want that. i realize they're war weary. they don't really want to be fighting this. they wanted to end the wars, not begin the wars. but they don't want to lose what they've engaged in. >> right. >> and the problem with them is procrastination has made and will make the problem that we face with isis that much more difficult. are we really prepared to let isis capture or destroy the baghdad airport, hold our embassy personnel hostage, create another saigon 1975 situation helicopters coming off the roof of the embassy. that would be a foreign policy as well as a political nightmare for the administration.
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so as someone once said this kind of policy is worse than a crime, it's a mistake. >> bret stevens, good to see you. >> good to be here. u.s. airways apologizing over the way one of its employees treated a decorated u.s. army ranger. see why this has become such a big controversy. and new questions raised over how the obama administration has mishandled the ebola crisis, as a nurse in texas is now diagnosed with the virus. and in moments an exclusive interview with the attorney to this man. you don't recognize him there, but you might there. nadal hassan, the ft. hood shooter who killed 13 and wounded 30 others, the new twist in this case and how it involves our own catherine herridge just ahead.
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developing tonight, a 26-year-old nurse who was treating the now-deceased ebola
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patient in dallas has now been diagnosed with the virus herself. this is raising questions about the promises our government continues to make about this disease. >> the chances of an ebola outbreak here in the united states are extremely low. >> well, just days after the president said that the first ebola patient arrived undetected on our shores. >> in the unlikely event that someone with ebola does reach our shores, we've taken new measures so that we're prepared here at home. >> not really. the ebola patient from liberia escaped notice at both airports and even at the dallas hospital where he went to report his ebola symptoms. then he was left in his apartment to interact with several others while symptom attic. not to worry, we were told. >> the cdc is familiar with dealing with infectious diseases and viruses like this. we know what has to be done. and we've got the medical infrastructure to do it. >> whatever the cdc knows or
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doesn't know, this dallas hospital apparently didn't know it or wasn't adequately taught it because now a young nurse has the deadly virus. today they tell us no travel ban from west africa is necessary. and that any hospital in the united states can handle ebola patients if properly trained. really? joining me now dr. anthony fauci, the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and also serves as one of the key advisors to the white house and department of human health and services on initiatives concerning infectious disease threats. doctor, thank you very much for being here. a lot of americans tonight are wondering why should we trust anything the feds are now telling us about ebola? >> well, i think it's important to point out the difference between an outbreak and unfortunate events that occurred regarding the dallas situation. an outbreak is when you have an explosion of cases. and the way you stop that is by doing contact tracing, if
9:17 pm
someone comes into the country or someone getsinfected. >> okay. fair enough. outbreak, i see your point there. >> okay. >> what about the rest of the representations about how we're prepared to deal with it and the cdc says the hospitals are ready and already we have the very first patient treated by the very first medical team infecting a nurse. >> well, again, getting back to that's not an outbreak, that's an individual situation that's very tragic that the nurse got infected. what it likely is something went wrong in the following of the protocol. it was not the nurse's fault. these things happen. they're accidental. the cdc is right there now trying to figure out two things, one, how did it happen and what happened, and importantly what needs to be done to more proactively train the people who are taking care of ebola patients so that this does not happen again. >> on that front some are advocating we really just not need to train these doctors at
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various hospitals, we need to ship them to emory that already have the training to deal with these patients. >> i think anything is on the table to be considered. there are probably a lot of hospitals that have properly trained can do it. there are four that have been identified because of their expertise in training that clearly can do it. but that doesn't mean they are the only ones that can do it. >> should this nurse be getting that experimental drug that helped save the other two doctors we brought back from west africa right away? >> first of all we have no idea whether the zmap helped save the other doctors. that was impuric administration and we don't know whether it works. but to your specific question whether or not a patient gets an experimental drug is really a decision between the patient and the physician. because it is still an experimental drug that has not been proven to be effectively and could conceivably be harmful. so those kind of decisions are made on the basis of judgment on
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the physician's part and whether the patient is willing to take. >> what are her chances of survive sng. >> you know, it's very difficult to say. if you look at what's going on in west africa where the care uniformly is not as good as it would be in a tres yar care hospital, 50% of the people survive. so right away even under general broad conditions, if you have good intensive care that she might need, i don't know if she needs it right now, that her chances of survival hopefully are somewhat better than that. but it's at least 50/50. >> quickly i have to ask you, a progressive group has come out with an ad suggesting that austerity cuts to the budget including the cdc and the national institutes of health are responsible for the ebola break. you're featured in the ad. we're going to go through it later. do you agree with that? >> well, i don't know what i'm featured in but i wouldn't say anything is responsible for what's going on in ebola.
9:20 pm
i think what others have said is that certainly the nih funding has been flat, which means functionally because of inflation it has gone down. i don't think you could point and say it's because of that that we're having a problem with ebola. i think that would be too specific. in general the biomedical research enterprise is not as robust as it should be if in fact you had increases. but i would never say that this is the reason why we're having a problem with ebola. not so at all. >> dr. fauci, thank you for being here and all that you've been doing. >> thank you. tonight, we will show you how some democrats, as i mentioned, are using ebola threats for an election. and controversy erupts when a decorated u.s. army ranger is denied a simple request on a u.s. airways flight. we'll tell you what it was that resulted in the airline apologizing. and former obama defense
9:21 pm
secretary leon panetta, his cia contractors who fought on the ground in benghazi that night are here live to help us figure out what's really
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u.s. airways is now apologizing after a massive public outcry. first sergeant albert marly was on a recent flight sitting in coach when he asked to have his uniform jacket hung up. but a flight attendant said no, that the closet was for the first class passengers only. when this story leaked out it quickly went viral. trace gallagher has more in "the kelly file" investigation. >> his interview at various hospitals to be a surgeon. he wears the uniform during interviews because he's very
9:25 pm
proud of his medals, as he should be, he's a qualified army ranger, path finder, special forces and numerous other decorations. he was flying coach. he asked the flight attendant to hang his jacket in the first class closet. she refused citing company policy, except there is no policy. the airline later said it's because there was no room in the closet. but one first class passenger says baloney telling fox and friends the flight attendant never mentioned anything about space. listen to him. >> she kept saying that it was against company policy. at that time i offered to trade seats with sergeant marly. and she was not enthusiastic about that idea. and said we needed to take our seats or she was going to get the captain. >> other first class passengers also offered up their seats. the sergeant politely declined. finally a first class passenger
9:26 pm
took the jacket and hung it behind his seat. that might have been the end of the story but passengers took to social media and it caught fire. now u.s. airways, part of american airlines, has apologized repeatedly including a senior manager of the airlines veterans and military initiatives who also happens to be a captain for american. he said "we simply did not get this one right. we will always try to do better and work hard to align our core values, especially as they relate to the commitment we have for our men and women in uniform." the airline says it hasn't yet reached out to sergeant marle because he never complained to them. megyn. >> and he probably never will. trace, thanks. still to come tonight, wait until you see the campaign ad that now blames republicans for the ebola outbreak. and next in a "the kelly file" exclusive, we will sit down with the first -- for the first time with the attorney for nadal hassan, the ft. hood shooter who killed 13 and injured 30 others. see what his client has just
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. from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. we have new details tonight on a new twist in the ft. hood shooting case. and it involves a letter that nadal hassan sent to pope francis and our own catherine herridge. hassan writes about jihad writing the willingness to fight for all-mighty allah can be a test in of itself. and encouraged to inspire the
9:31 pm
believers. in a moment hassan's lawyer will first, trace gallagher with more on the letter. trace. >> megyn, the letter begins with nadal hassan inviting the pope to understand the purpose of life as defined by all-mighty allah. quoting here, christians are specifically warned by the god of abraham to believe in the quran and not say jesus is the son of god. and calls those who attribute devin tito christ and reject the quran liars. hassan makes multiple references to the quran including a list of guidelines for believers. in the section you talked about jihad he emphasizes it's not good enough to believe. you have to believe and fight because fighters have a greater rank in the eyes of allah. and jihad is an example of a good deed. there is no reference to the ft. hood massacre where hassan killed 13 and wounded 31. the defense department continues to call the shooting workplace violence despite the fact that
9:32 pm
hassan has repeatedly referred to himself as a soldier of allah, even signing that in his letter to pope francis. the lawyer for the ft. hood victim says his clients continue to be ignored by the government they were serving. listen. >> very, very annoyed that the government won't recognize the obvious that our government won't understand and declare what the whole world understands and that this was an act of terror. and which hassan is proudly trumpeted. >> trumpeting previous terror and supporting future terror. in august catherine herridge also obtained another letter in which he pledged his allegiance to isis. so far the administration says he does not meet the legal definition of a terrorist. megyn. >> trace, thank you. joining me now john gal gan, the ft. hood shooter nadal hassan's
9:33 pm
attorney. he's served as his attorney for nearly five years. and you, sir, are the man to whom this letter in its original form was handed with instructions that you deliver it to the pope, to your sister and to our own catherine herridge. and i ask you having read the full thing whether this makes clear as so many of his commune k kagss have that this was not a case of workplace violence. that this was jihad plain and simple. >> i don't know where they come up with the term workplace violence. i've been in the army 30 years, been in the practice of law for almost 35 years. workplace violence is not the crime for which he was charged. it is not a punishable fence under the ucmj and certainly not an aggravated factor that would warrant the death penalty. nadal hassan was charged with mass murder. >> not terrorism. >> no. they could have elected to proceed along that line, but the government chose not to. although during the course of the trial a lot of the evidence that they presented seemed to suggest, or they wanted the jury to believe, there was a
9:34 pm
terrorist base to that. >> you've met with him repeatedly. you've represented him. you've been with this case from the beginning. >> correct. >> let me ask you this way, finish this sentence, he murdered 13 people and shot 30 others because he believed -- >> by his acts that he would be saving the lives of women and children in foreign land, muslims, who in his opinion were subject to being killed because of american policy. >> and that's why he wanted to argue that the reason he did it was in defense of others, which the judge shut down. but is there any doubt in your mind that this is somebody who believes in the jihad? he believed that his weird version of islam mandated that he do this? >> i believe you correctly stated what his -- >> okay. and yet the judge shut that down. and the question i have for you is why then to this day does the government deny that this was jihad? that it was terror? >> i simply can't answer that.
9:35 pm
i mean, i've had discussions with the plaintiff's attorney in the civil case, and he and i are in agreement about most of the facts. you know, there were two trials at stake. there was a trial involving nadal hassan. very little to dispute about the facts in that case. also on trial was the army. i remain convinced to this day that had nadal hassan been killed, the whole look would be -- >> because you say the army was warned. he was warned repeatedly that he was becoming more radicalized. >> and that's not just me. that conclusion was made in the report. the irony for whatever reason they decide they want to keep this under the guise of workplace violence, but at the same time they want to pursue the death penalty. both of those are big mistakes. >> to this day you say he's not as interested in legal briefs as he is in asking you for what kind of documents? >> well, religious documents,
9:36 pm
books dealing with -- commentators on the quran. >> your sister is a nun. >> that's correct. >> okay. this is very interesting. he has been sentenced to death. >> correct. >> will that likely be carried out? >> i don't believe it will. >> why? >> the army has a terrible track record when it comes to the death penalty. 80% reversal rate since the day these tragic events in november of 2009, already three people have come off death row. most of them have had their sentences changed to life without the possibility of parole. the last ft. hood case where there was a death penalty involved involved a soldier been on death row for over 23 years. >> if they were -- if he were to let his appeals play out and they were all denied and the conviction and the death sentence stood, how would it have to happen?
9:37 pm
>> it would have to be approved by the president. >> the president personally would have to approve of it. >> correct. like i say, lovings been on death row for 23 years. i would venture to guess if we were to submit any of the current cases except for nadal's which is not right for presidential decision, i don't think the president would -- >> final question. has he expressed any remorse to you ever? >> i can't say that it was remorse in the traditional sense. i think he feels that he didn't accomplish what he believed -- >> so remorse that he didn't kill more people? >> well, no. that he wasn't more effective in getting people to believe that in his trial i think he really was hoping he'd be able to demonstrate there are millions of people out there in the world who like him believe that american policy's improper and that life under islamic law,
9:38 pm
sharia law, is more preferable to what he currently has. >> incredible. john, i thank you for being here. all the best to you. >> i hope fox news continues to follow this case. you've done a good job on it so far. >> thank you, sir. my best to the sister. >> praying for you. >> amen to that. well, we have breaking news from the special congressional committee investigating the benghazi terror attacks. it concerns former defense secretary leon panetta and statements he recently made contradicting the president on these attacks. two cia contractors who were there that night join us next. it's monday.
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breaking tonight, special congressional committee investigating the benghazi terror attacks making news tonight on "the kelly file." the committee telling us it expects to speak with former obama defense secretary leon panetta after mr. panetta last week raised a host of new questions about the benghazi attacks. last week our own bill o'reilly asked leon panetta about allegations from cia contractors who were in benghazi on the night in question who say that their attempts to rescue our ambassador and others at the consulate were delayed by order. and that americans died as a
9:43 pm
result. >> mr. panetta, do you believe those men? >> i have no reason not to believe them. i think if in fact there was a 30-minute delay, i think that it is important for the congressional committee to look into that and find out determine what happened. >> those contractors join me tonight. former army ranger, chris, and john retired marine sergeant both in benghazi on september 11, 2012. thanks so much for being here. chris, let me start with you and get your reaction to the fact the benghazi committee is now demanding to hear directly from leon panetta who appears to be contradicting his boss and the administration that has previously cast doubt on your accounts. >> yeah. it validates what we said. so i'm happy for that. but it also makes me a bit angry. i don't know why he waited so long to come forward with this. it's been two years. so, you know, it should have
9:44 pm
come out, geez, two years ago. so i'm a bit frustrated. but also a bit -- feel a bit vindicated that at least now people know we aren't lying. we're telling you truth. this is what happened. >> repeatedly the administration said there was no "standdown order." that anybody who says there was a standdown order is lying, is fear mongering, and you were there. you were at the consulate, the cia annex, wanting to help, realizing the ambassador might be in trouble. and chris, what were you told? >> i was told personally to wait twice. and then john was there. he'll tell you. he was told to standdown once. so three times we were delayed. >> yeah, i got the standdown order about 15 minutes, ten, 15 minutes after tom got the wait order. we still waited about another ten minutes before we decided to go on our own.
9:45 pm
>> so you're calling in. you're speaking with whom? >> we're speaking with -- >> bob. >> okay. with some guy named bob who's telling you not to go. and after repeatedly being told by him not to go, you say we're going. we don't care. we're leaving. then you know what happens after that. then you come back. then benghazi's happened. and you come back here and hear the spin on it and they tell us and keep telling us that that's just some right wing lie to make the obama administration look bad. your reaction to that, john, was what? >> well, it was an official standdown order from bob. he was our chief of base. i mean, it happened. i don't know any other way to explain it. get ahold of bob and let him come on and talk to gowdy. >> is it frustrating for you, chris, to hear these direct challenges of your eyewitness account and the smearing of your
9:46 pm
character by effect? >> can i say it it really -- me off honestly. that's why we wanted adam smith and congressman schiff to come on with us. at least mr. smith had the guts enough to do that. but, yeah, it does. it really angers me. because we did what we were supposed to do. and we saved lives. and we risked our lives to do it. so you're not going -- how dare you come and call us liars? it's basically calling the kettle black. i'm still get angry talking about it. i think i always will. >> the other contradiction we saw from leon panetta last week was whether he described this as an attack by terrorists to the president on the night in question. here's first mr. panetta and then exchange our own bill o'reilly had with the president earlier this year. watch. >> we told the president that there's an attack that's going on, that terrorists are involved. >> did he tell you it was a terror attack? >> bill, i'm answering your question. what he said to me was we got an attack on our compound.
9:47 pm
we don't know yet who's doing it. >> john, your reaction to that. >> you know, if he believed it was a terrorist attack at the time, the moment rice came out and said what she said about the video, that it was not a terrorist attack, he should have came out immediately. i mean, that's why they're there put in that position. not to just keep covering things up left and right. i mean, it's time for the integrity to come back into this country. seems like all of our leadership doesn't have any. >> chris, do you think we're on a genuine search for the truth now? or do you think it's still politics? >> yeah, we haven't had much luck with politics and congressmen so far. i think we're moving in the right direction. but, you know, i won't say until the end of it. i can't say. i hope so. but i think we're going to keep telling the truth on our end. and if it keeps having more people come forward and telling the truth, eventually it will get there. but i don't think we can do it with congress and subpoenas alone.
9:48 pm
it's going to have to be people with integrity to come forward out of their comfort zone. >> and be able to tell the truth. >> thank you both for being here, guys. >> thank you. >> we'll continue to follow it. up next, new ad just in time for elections blaming republicans for ebola. >> cut. >> cut. >> cut. >> cut. >> cut. >> cut. >> cut. >> cut. >> cut. >> cut. >> make a cut. many americans who have prescriptions fail to stay on them. that's why we created programs which encourage people to take their medications regularly. so join us as we raise a glass to everyone who remembered today. bottoms up, america. see you tomorrow. same time.
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9:51 pm
with just three weeks to go until the critical midterm elections, there's a new ad from a progressive political action group that pretty much blames the republicans for the ebola outbreak.
9:52 pm
here's a little of that. >> washington actually can cut spending. >> the cdc says it's discretionary funding cut by $585 million since 2010. >> cut. >> less government. >> cut. >> cut. >> cut. >> our budget has been flat since 2003. responding to an emergencyinfection of these threats is particularly damaging. >> that was the left hook. the right cross with the sequestration. >> the nih saw its budget slashed by $446 million. >> chris stirewalt. >> it's very powerful unfortunately there is one problem. and i give you exhibit a. let's watch. >> well, i don't know what i'm featured in, but i wouldn't say that anything is responsible for what's going on in ebola. i think what others have said is that certainly the nih funding has been flat, which means functionally because of
9:53 pm
inflation that has gone down i don't think you can point and say it's because of that that we have a problem with ebola. i think that would be too specific. >> oh, but point they did. >> oh, well, what does truth have to do with any campaign ads? that's the last thing anybody's thinking about. the democrats are down. they're way down. they're having a terrible year. they're three weeks away from election day. it's pretty heinous. when it gets heinous, you do heinous things. we sigh it in individual campaigns around the country. now we see as a motif. as democrats understand they have this deep vulnerability on the issue of ebola because of the administration's handling of it they're trying to turn it around. it's not just groups like this. it's the groups like the dccc and other official national democratic organizations that are testing out this message of blaming republicans for ebola. >> and blaming them on an issue that there's been considerable strife between the parties on which is the size and strength
9:54 pm
of government. so many of president obama's big government programs have been riddled with problems especially over the last year. and it's sort of come to a head. and now they think they've found one thing where they can say what we need is bigger government. >> well, there's that. except for this. there's so many ways you can poke holes in this. the internet had a great time as democrats were talking about republicans cut and what trimmed. we see studies into duck genitalia. we see all of the classics that have been pointed out over the years. these are the things getting funding and you're saying it's not going to ebola because republicans have capped spending, well, what about your duck genitalia, sir? >> lines you never thought you' hear on national television. he >> no. ar o it's true.t >> let's talk about the duck genitalia, shall we? >> quite so. >> all right, chris. good to see you. thank you for that explanation.
9:55 pm
>> you bet. >> we're coming up with "hannity" on the top of the hour. >> if she wants to attack a guy in a wheelchair, that's her prerogative.exttack a as for me, i'm running a different type of campaign. i'm running a campaign focused on solving the problems of texans. people with type 2 diabetes
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9:59 pm
there was more than one who offered that service personnel -- was it a marine? yeah. their seat. would you do that? i would absolutely give up my seat. and you should do it even if the guy doesn't want the seat, which he probably wouldn't take the seat. but it's the little things. it's the bare minimum we can do to help these guys. so we're taking your tweets on it. go to also at kelly, there is an extended interview between my husband and yours truly about his book. so if you've read it, you're interested in it, you can see an 11-minute exchange. tune in tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern. brit hume will join us live. we'll see you then. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly wright. a tsunami warning has been issued for the coast of el salvador this hour. it's the result of a 7.4 underwater earthquake that struck off the coast of the central american nation a short
10:00 pm
time ago. the quake's epicenter was in the pacific ocean about 105 miles southeast of is an salvador. the u.s. geological survey has measured depth at almost 44. local reports report the quake was felt throughout central america, but there are no immediate reports of damages or injuries. and there are states of emergency in several communities across the midwest and south at this hour in the united states. it's the result of a major storm system that spawned multiple tornadoes on monday. at least two people were killed. the storm toppled trees and power lines, and overturned trucks. thousands of homes and businesses are without power. that's a look at news. i'm kelly wright. "hannity" start news. tonight, another case of ebola in america. >> but at some point, there was a breach in protocol, and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection. >> new fears that the


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