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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 14, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

10:00 am and "happening now" starts right now. and bring back the leisure suit. a fox news alert as we learn when the president will announce his pick for the next attorney general. >> and the white house briefing covering that and a lot more. this is "happening now". >> it's possible that other individuals could have been infected as well. >> a frightening new warning about bullpen. >> we have to rethink the way we dress bullpen. >> new questions of enough being done to stop the spread of the deadly disease in the u.s. and everywhere else. >> nothing will bring melissa back. >> a popular teacher tazed and dumped in a river. a search for justice for melissa jenkins. >> and a terrifying ride.
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a school bus driver arrested and charged with dui. >> i am shaking. >> the frantic calls from inside of the bus filled with kids and parents. >> i don't get this way easy but my heart is pounding. it is all "happening now". >> our top story, a young nurse in texas speaks about her personal battle against ebola. >> 26-year-old nina said she is doing well and the hospital is hopeful about her recovery. she was exposed to the virus while caring for thomas duncan. she contracted the disease following cvc protocol. she has received a blood transfusion from dr. kent
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brantly who donated two other patients in the united states with positive results. they join us live in texas. what do we know about the latest treatment? >> hi, heather. it is the ebola fighting antibodies in the the mrasmaportion of the blood to help nina fight the virus. dr. brandtly recovered from ebola after receiving a transfusion from a boy. he came to hospital to donate for fam. and also the nbc photographer who is showing signs of improvement. we are hearing from the nurse she released a statement saying i am doing well and want to thank everyone for the kind wishes and prayers and i am blessed by the support of family and friends and blessed to be
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cared for by the best team of doctors and nurses here in texas presbyterian hospital in dallas. pham is known as someone heavily involved in her community and doing well enough to talk and skype with friends and family, heather. >> that is great news for her. >> there is a possible case out of kansas. do we know anything about that so far? >> reporter: yeah, the university of kansas hospital said it plans to release the test results on a patient who walked in with a high fever and other symptoms. he caught their attention because he had worked off the west coast of africa helping to bury patients with ebola. his risk is low to moderate. >> he is in the right place for
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getting treatment and i feel comfortable with the containment. >> we are waiting an update from the cvc. >> thank you. meanwhile the death toll in west africa is rising. 4500 people have died, mostly in sierra leon and guini and liberia. it could sky rocket if something doesn't change. ebola is fatal 70 percent of the time. that is up from 50 percent. and we could see 10000 new cases every week in the next two months up from the current rate of a thousand a week. the health agency's goal to get 70 percent cases isolated to reverse the trend. we'll be joined by the former secretary of health and human services for a closer look and response in the united states.
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>> right now president obama is in a high stakes meeting with military officials to talk about the u.s. led strategy against isis. it is as the group assaults western iraq and we learned that isis has surrounded another town in the the anbar province. here's more on the efforts to combat the the territor group. what is the goal for the meeting? >> as the meeting gets under way with snieshgs 20 military chiefs and partners could not come in a more crucial time when it is increasingly clear that the bombing campaign is a blocking maneuver and hardly degrading and destroying isis as it was intended to do at lost in this point of the campaign. isis controls most of thenbar province and largest and most important province in all of iraq and only thing it lacks is
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the control of the capitol city of ramadi. the pentagon said the air campaign does amount to more of the pin pricks with 456 total strikes and 228 of them in iraq and 168 in syria. but they are not defeating the enemy. >> iowa sis is advancing despite the air strikes and they are not nearly as effective as they can be. we have failed to put air ground controllers with the force on the ground that could guide those air strikes in the population centers. that is the issue unfolding. >> reporter: there is a growing sense of our coalition partners as we hear of this are unwilling to provide the ground troops or more support for the air campaign without a u.s.
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leadership. they saw it in the failure to follow-through in libya and failure to follow-through with the redline drawn in the sand in syria and failure to keep the u.s. combat forces in iraq in 2011. they want to see an effort by the united states to demonstrate the commitment there. that will be the president's job when he meets with the 20 top military partners. >> they have a strong case to make to the presidentment >> president obama will wait until after the midterm to nominate a now attorney general to the staff. they are preparing for the prospect of getting that nominee confirmed in a lame duck session of congress. democrats want a delay for fears it would be a campaign issue. eric holder announced his
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resignation. >> and democrats have stepped up their raising and spending efforts in hoping of getting out the vote. one problem, it so manies that the voters are not necessarily responding. amy joins us now. it is looking lack luster. >> they will tell you it is not lack luster. mitt romney was stunned to lose in 2012, he only lost by 335000 votes in the swing states to president obama. but the democrats got everyone to the polls two years ago as we know and they are trying to repeat that. the problem is two- fold. democrats in the obama coa legislation don't turn out for
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midterm and interest is down from other election and it is a depressing slew of issues and nothing for the democrats to fight the republicans against. you know, get in the car and say this is my issue and i will stop republicans in their tracks. it is the reverse for the republicans. they are much more energized. >> it seems to favor the republicans according to a wall street journal poll out last week. when asked about the midterm senate election specifically and the most interested voters responding. 51 percent are voting republican. and democrats have the numbers over all in the category but not the enthusiasm to get out and vote. >> low interest voters favor
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democrats and high interest favor republicans by the big gap. and the other problem, for democrats, like i said, it is not, it is not, it would be unprecedented, john for them to turn out in great numbers. they have a generic ballot in 2010 and got wiped out. just because they have a lead going in it hasn't boded well for them in the past. it would be unprecedented for them to come out that are more male and older and white. >> they are walking on egg shells in the white house. how they are not even going to announce the name of the attorney general nominee until after the midterm election. add that to isis, slow economy recovery and jobless rate and there is not a lot of good news for the president and his party. >> even among his tepid
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supporters they are not confident and they are afraid of this being a new norpal after six years of his presidency. there is no reason for them to be energized come november 4th. republicans have a goal, they want to take the senate back. democrats can't have obama in the districts or states. he's in hiding and only doing an event for the governor in connecticut right now. >> thank you. >> a lot of candidates talk about the second amendment right. but do they have an edge over the competition. hear what experts think. and a bus driver in charge after a frightening ride for dozens of children. and then north korea's dear leader showing his face again
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after a mysterious absence. and where has he been and why does he have a cane now? . h alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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>> tensions flaring on the streets of hong kong as pro- democracy protestors clash with police. police dismantled the barricade and protestors are calling for fair election in hong kong. the chinese government is ruling that out and saying that voters will have to choose between candidates that the leaders in/beijing select. >> hiite fighters control a port
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on the red sea. conner has more. >> reporter: john, it appears we are seeing another middle eastern country descentgrate. it is a strategic port city home to the yemen largest oil refinery. a now weeks ago insurgents grabbed a large part of the capitol and now they seem to be setting up a mini state inside of yemen. pro government are embracing parts of yemen and it appears to be coming apart. saudi arabia and the united states are supporters of the yemeni government who are losing control.
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the hootsi rebels are well armed than a global terror organization. they are linked to yemen but not like isis and other al-qaeda that really do seem to have an islamic fundmentalist group. this group is backed by iran and there is ethnic divisions there. the united states has tried to prop up the yemen government and spent a lot of time and money and we are seeing that yemen is seeming to break apart despite the u.s. and saudi effort to keep it together. >> another troubled spot in the world, thank you. >> north korea's leader finally seen in public. kim jong-un hasn't been seen in a month now.
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now new photos released by the state and shoes a new accessory. joishgs north korea's young leader made an appearance and hasn't been sewn in public for six weeks. they showed him visiting a now housing complex in the capitol of pyongyang. he is smoiling and leaning on a black walking stick. they didn't say when they were taken and why the walking stick. report today also department mention why he was not seen in public. usually his face is slashed all over the north korea and every word spoken is covered. there is intense speculation and some suggested he was seriously ill and others claimed he was
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removed from power. and that is what they want to find going on. and the photographs will dampen down the speculation and they were released to show the international media kim is still in charge. it is clear that the 31-year-old has a health issues, but it doesn't seem that bad for him not to go back into the public so they can so him. >> interesting they felt the need it respond to all of the rumors. david, thank you. >> silicon billionaire makes his own contribution to the fight of ebola. mark zuckerberg makes a contribution to combat the deadly disease and it is a generous one and new questions of how the american health care system is prepared to dale with
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ebola here. a former top health official ways in.
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>> new questions of how health fors are hanling ebola officials here at home. and now the first case was diagnosed in the united states. and cvc has to look at failures from the airport to the er and find a way to fix it, listen. >> what we are are doing now, is implementing an set of steps to insure the care of that individual is safe and effective and look longer term at what this implies of what to do to care for ebola safely and
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wherever it arises. >> good afternoon, are we doing enough? >> clearly not. we are told by cvc we don't have to worry about ebola. and then it was in the u.s. and i unfortunately have to say we are not doing enough right now. and a broader and we'll see clusters and infection in the cities in the united states. do you feel that we are poised to be ready for that kind of an outbreak. >> an outbreak is notes inially something to panic over. that moans we -- means we have cases of the disease. we think it is certain that you will so more cases in the u.s. are we doing enough? obviously we need to do more on
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the screening end of people coming in the country and look at the protocols to make sure they are not infected. this is something that you looked at and can we handle 5 or 100 cases. what do you think? >> we have had 5000 false alarm and people thought they had ebola or said they had ebola. it challenges the system and they talk about the case in dallas and dozens of people are treating mr. duncan who passed away and now nurse pham. >> and the people who responded to take care of them and responds that more people could have been affected. >> that is in the hospital. >> no, no, no. we learned today 70 people responded to help take care of
10:26 am
him in addition to the people he came in contact with. a lot of people who could have been infected. >> let me applaud the brave 70 people who wanted to do that. this is what they are about. saving lives. but you are right. more people who come in together with an ebola patient it is not air-borne. but the more risk of infection in contact. >> doctors and nurses have the ability to say no. hands off. i will not be a part of taking care of the patient and they can go do something else? >> it is a combat analogy. if you are military personnel. you are trained for combat and public nurses and doctors tend not to shy away. but if they feel they don't have the personal protective equipment and backed up by the
10:27 am
administrator it is of the organization they would be more likely to shy away. >> you have a suggestion and that put u.s. personnel in some of the airports overseas. is that what they will seriously consider? i don't know where the administration is going on this. i think we need more screening. shutting the airports, there is a cost benefit analysis. there are costs to shut down the flights and what point do the benefits. >> you say it is more shipping and equipment and all of that. >> it has costs to dealing with the outbreak, in addition to the broader macroand economic cost and relations with the country, there is a bunch of factors that need to be weighed. u.s. personnel highly trained will be more rigorous than the
10:28 am
officials that let mr. duncan in the country. they could do a better job in screening. >> thank you so much. we have a lot to talk about. the cvc director will be on with response to the calls of has resignation. he will be on megyn kelliy on the kelly files. that is on the fox news channel. you returned from tanzania. and you went through screening. >> we changed planes in ethoppia and we had to go pass the heat sensitive cameras and took our temperature by a remote infrared camera. i thought the same thing would happen in dulles. >> and knowing that you know, that this is the nation
10:29 am
technological leader and there was no screen nothing dulles which surprised me but you said apparently that is coming. >> that is one of his proposal. >> the cvc is getting a big donation to combat ebola. mark zuckerberg and his wife giving 25 million to the cvc donation. this followed 9 million from microsoft paul allen. and the money will be used to fund the response effort in west africa and here in the u.s. >> a california woman trapped for hours after a car plunges off of a steep mountain. coming up the dramatic rescue. >> and a vermont man recorded the confession of a murder of a popular young teacher. >> they are trying to get to the
10:30 am
truth. and if it took using those words, then those are the words that we are going to use.
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isis terrorist surrounding a key town in western iraq and threatening to seize an important air base. this comes as the u.s. releases new details in the military strategy in northern syria.
10:34 am
jennifer griffin is live in the pentagon with more. jennifer, how significant is the progress made by isis forces innbar province? >> reporter: today it is very significant. this is separate from the iraqi training base that was abandoned by the iraqi military and overtaken by isis. and fox news sources report that isis fighters are moving to the air base. second largest air base in iraq. the u.s. was based there. and the capture would put the militants one step closer to the dam that the u.s. forces may yet have to help the iraqis to defend. >> what about syria. are the air strikes making a difference? >> reporter: it is interesting. reports from greg and his team there on the turkish border
10:35 am
suggest thatç increased air strikes have helped the kurdish fighters potentially take a key hill that was flying the black isis flag. that flag was taken down and no longer seen on the hill as you can see in the video. and possibly taken out by one of the 21 coalition air strikes that it carried out. right now human rights activist said that isis control half of the city of kobani. the turkey has refused to get involved but turkey is now striking kurdish areas in turkey. there is a eastern syria town and there was a fire ball. this is part of the coalition to
10:36 am
go after the funding for isis in syria recently earning two or throw million from black market oil. >> we'll hope they cut off that money supply. thank you, jennifer. >> so much going on, and busy 24 hour days for secretary of state john kerry and who will head to vienna meeting on iran's nuclear program. he's in france and meeting with russian foreign minister and discussed the ongoing tensions in ukraine. and also the hopes of reaching a lasting ceasefire there and james rosen is there with more. >> good afternoon. for secretary of state kerry who will be meeting in vienna with the iranian counterpart as the clock ticks down. both sides are facing bad choices. for secretary kerry first, he
10:37 am
conferred in paris with the erstwhile partner and the question to seek a second extension of the talks. ordinarily both sides would move to impose sanctions on iowa ran as they harbor the suspicion that the talks are not aimed at dismantling the uranium enrichment program but curbing it. on the iranian side hard liner ares, the country's supreme leader will set back the effort of splitting the a tom and suspend economic sanction. and over the weekend, the a ya tollah posted on twitter and set
10:38 am
forth iran's red line. and among the points staked out the enrichment capacity should not be in separate work units but afford the is slammic regime 20 times capacity. following that, the foreign minister said today, reaching an agreement in the talks is hilo improbabble. >> we believe there is sufficient time in the time that remains adequate to work through the issues to a ratify in a comprehensive agreement by november 24th. it is in everyone's agreement to have an agreement and assures the international community that the program is peaceful and they cannot get the nuclear weapon.
10:39 am
>> and secretary kerry himself was supposed to start a news conference. and we are waiting on those remarks. we'll bring those to you. >> thank you. >> a vermont man on trial for murder telling police a ghost manmade him do it. they are accused in the 2012 murder of melissa jenkins. the young mother was lured from her home and beaten and strangled and both suspects pled not guilty. the comments were heard on a police radio. doug burns is a former prosecutor. they are tried separately and he got a change of venue in his trial? >> it is a small town in vermont and they did get the venue changed to a different bigger
10:40 am
place. and the defense tried to keep out the confession he gave to the police officer and they were not able to get it out. >> in his confession he said a ghost man named kevin made him do it. >> he said something else. seven hours is a long time to interrogate somebody. the judge ruled it admissible. being charged separately because they have antagonistic and they blame each other. and the defense lawyer said the wife did everything. my client had nothing to do with it and he confessed to save her. >> getting back to that as well, if that phantom was out there as a real defense, you would think that the defense would use it as he was insane at the time. they are not doing that and that means it is just a --
10:41 am
>> not going to help him. >> i didn't mean to disregard. the ghost thing. number one crazy. >> her side said she has multiple personality disorder ares. >> he said also because of her disorders she told him what to do and he was under her control. he has less than a high school education, and under her thumb. but it was the wife did it. they can't have it both ways. >> and just so the viewers know. a victim is a 32-year-old teacher with a young son. and a venue moved by the way because everyone knows her and knows about the case. >> this is melissa jenkins up there on the screen. >> she was in a car and called
10:42 am
a former boyfriend and had her two-year-old son in there and she is going to go because the. >> they used plow. she said i am going to go over there and help get their car out of the mud and snow and loving the two-year-old there and it was discovered. >> and the two-year-old described for police how he sees this man grab his mother by the neck. >> they use that. they confronted him in the interrogation cell phone records, witness testimony including what you just described and that's why he broke down and gave it up. >> quickly, i thought a wife could not be forced to testify against her husband. >> if he is acquitted he could
10:43 am
say i did it. >> where they are acquitted of murder. >> and the person testifying against is the one that can waive that privilege. you don't think they will get off? >> not with the evidence that is there. >> i think they will be both convicted. >> including the fact and said this is a little weird. >> yeah. doug burns and elist, we'll continue to follow the case. >> political ads are everywhere and many of them feature a gun like this one despite the mass shootings that are high profile. what is fuelling the firearms phenom nan and the future first lady of oregon accused of shady
10:44 am
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>> hi, everyone. i am gretchen carlson. coming up on the real story today. up to 10000 people a week now could get ebola in the coming months. what will it take to crack down on the disease. bill o'rielly and others calling on cvc director to resewn. and a mysterious plane flying over the earth and about to land. what the heck is it been looking at? all at the top of the hour. nwell, after admitting to a fake marriage, the governor of oregon's fiance is facing more questions about an intended pot growing operation. a report by the kontv said
10:48 am
sylvia partnered with a man to buy land in washington state. the land was supposed to be used for an illegal marijuana growing operation. hayes is engaged to the oregon governor. and now she said she was in an abusive relationship back then and not proud of that period. she gave up her interest in the pot- growing property a year later. >> that's interesting. >> okay. well, just throw weeks before the midterm election and you can't turn on the tv without a campaign ad. and despite the mass shootings, guns are a popular theme on the campaign trail. featuring firearms in an adcan increase the politician's chance of winning. what is behind the phenomenon, hi, william.
10:49 am
>> reporter: you would think politicians would avoid the symbol that remains controversial. but guns represent a lifestyle that politicians aim to identify with. >> i am dr. beltran and i approved this message. >> is it effective? mom carries more than lipstick in the purse. ntwo years after the sandy hook. guns are making a combat. >> my grandfather used the smith and wesson to stop a lynching. >> we want to protect our second amendment rights. >> or willingness to fight. >> the federal government is too big and powerful. >> and targets include obama care and republican pin atta and
10:50 am
a drone and a tv set. >> we'll stand up to president obama's extreme gun control. >> and the nran is running their spot. gabby gifords is going after the candidates some believe it could backfire. >> you can phrase polling questions to suggest that most americans want to get rid of private ownership of guns or want to severely restrict it. in fact, in practice in most states allowing consealed weapons is a popular issue. >> giffords is on a nine-state tour right now to get that on the ballot. gretchen, in washington state it's likely to pass. back to you brsh. >> >> thank you so much. interesting issue there, and
10:51 am
that they have that in so many ads. it depends where you live. where you and i are from, midwest and out west -- >> much bigger issue. dramatic 911 calls as a school bus full of kids drift out of control. the calls coming up. dden things" dden things" ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos -- one with a double shot. heh, heh. that's not the coffee talkin'. [ female announcer ] start your day with kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal. with whole wheat goodness on one side and a hint of sweetness on the other, it's a delicious way to get the nutrition you want.
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a school bus driver in serious hot water in utah. cops say she was under the influence while driving a bus packed with kids. take a look at this dash cam video that captures the bus weaving down the road. our will carr has the 911 calls. he is in our west coast newsroom. will. >> other drivers, even some parents who were on the bus called 911 and listen to some of the phone calls as the school bus driver was weaving in and out of traffic. >> i don't get scared very easy,
10:55 am
but my heart is pounding. oh, oh -- >> what happened? >> honestly -- i am honestly shaking at this point. >> she can't maintain a lane. >> she's freaking us out, man. >> state troopers caught up to the bus on i-15 south and pulled the driver over and say she failed a field sobriety test and was under the influence. troopers say she had four bottles of prescription pills normally used to treat pain and high anxiety in her purse. martinez told authorities she had a prescription for the pills, but said she was not under the influence. instead, she said she just didn't sleep well the night before. want exactly reassuring to the 67 students, six adults, and a school employee who were on the bus. >> i can't imagine what the other drivers were thinking, let alone the people on the bus, and i'm glad i don't have to work with the wreed today talking
10:56 am
about people who are injured. >> the school districts that martinez has no previous red flags. she had a clean driving record and had been working for the district for six years, although her mother-in-law told our local fox affiliate stlax that she's been abusing prescription pills for years. she is on paid leave now while authorities can investigate. >> good thing the story does not have a far worse ending. will carr in los angeles. thank you. >> all those people really held captive to that driver. >> that had to be terrifying. >> absolutely frightening. >> president obama is to about to sit down for a high stakes strategy session on isis with top military advisors from 20 different countries. we'll bring it to you just as soon as it starts.
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this is night story to tell you about. they find a woman whose car plunged off a cliff. they airlifted her out this morning. you can see that right there. she was there all night long with serious injuries. she ran off a road near san
11:00 am
jose, california. police thought an onstar alert that it was off by several miles. rescuers used an app to track her cell phone, and they finally found her car. how neat is that. >> technology helps. once in a while. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. the real story with gretchen carlson starts now. a junk nurse contracted the virus from the liberian patient that she treated. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. we are here to bring you the real story. 26-year-old nina pham is now the first person for accurate the virus on american soil, despite wearing protective gear. she's a critical care nurse said to be in stable condition. meantime, the head of the cdc says they're monitoring about 70 other staff members at that same hospital who cared for thomas duncan before he died last week. alicia live outside texas health presbytean


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