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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 14, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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you also have to do that in public. >> let's have a shoutout for fox and friends in the morning. >> special report is up next. this is the fox news alert, i'm brett baier in washington, we are kpabexactly three weeks from the midterm elections that could affect the balance of power here in washington. as you take a look at the breakdown of -- cause cuss with the democrats. if you take a look at the snare yeses today, if the election was held today, based on the average of polls, and remember, some of these are very close, could go either way, but we're going to give it to the leader as of today, republicans would pick up in alaska, in arkansas, in colorado, as well as in iowa, in south dakota, in west virginia,
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and in montana. that would be 52-48. look at what we didn't do, kansas, that's because it has moved to a tie between the independent and the incumbent pat roberts. a tie would leave it republican. look at the 12 closest races, and just give them check marks. as of today, the democrats would hold on to these races, louisiana would likely to go a run off on december 6, democrat iowa would go republican, all of these republican, and the tie going do the incumbent. you would have to pick up six checks, here you see seven as of today, the republicans would control the u.s. senate. carl cameron is in lexingtolexi kentucky tonight. mike emanuel wraps up seven of
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the most competitive excepts and brit hume on where the ration stands right now. >> constitutional right for privacy at the ballot box. >> the opponent as spent most of her time trying to deceive everybody about it her own views, there's no sacred right to not announce how we vote. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell t senate majority leader has a higher rating in his home state than favor. when grimes tried to blame mcconnell, he pounced. >> all of the jobs that have been lost here in the state.
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>> secretary grimes, if i may, congress didn't pass the measure. >> reporter: it's been the year's most expensive race with $100 million expected to have been spint. while conservative third party groups pummel grimes. >> grimes backed obama's re-election after he declared war on kentucky coal. allison grimes, president obama, a vote against coal. >> the real clear politics -- and reached back to the 80s to attack mcconnell on immigration. >> reaches back to the heart of everything that's wrong in washington. >> she went out of her way to call herself a clinton democrat, asked to explain the difference between obama democrats and clinton democrats -- >> making sure that we are building from the foundation off. >> mcconnell stopped at the d
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distinction between -- >> grimes came armed with several attack lines. >> whether you call him senator gridlock, senator no show or shut down. >> him clinton comes to campaign for grimes in kentucky tomorrow night drawing further attention to the distance that grimes and mcconnell have put between themselves. chief congressional correspondent tonight on some other hotly contested races. >> a tree fell on greg abbott, he sued and got millions. >> the texas governor's race has gotten -- wheelchair ad against republican greg abbott who uses a wheelchair. >> she doesn't have anything to run on herself because she knows
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she is connected with barack obama's big government agenda of raising taxes and imposing heavy handed regulations. >> reporter: the "houston chronicle" editorial blow has called the ad a low blow. davis defended the ad today even went further. >> in his entire republican career, he's been working to kick that ladder durown and den that same opportunity and justice for other people. we thought it was a very fair and important ad to point that out. >> when tom cotton voted against it, he turned his bang on arkansas women. >> reporter: the arkansas senate race has also gotten -- on the issue of domestic violence. colt on the went on offense in yesterday's debate against democrat incumbent mark friar, noting the president's agenda # 3% of the time. >> barack obama said his policies are on the ballot, every single one of them. i agree with that too. in arkansas, those policies are
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called mark pryor. >> congressman cotton has allowed his ambitions to get the best of him, he will do anything, say anything, vote however he can so that he can get their money to win this race. >> reporter: republican challenger ed gillespie went off mark war ran for voting with the president's agenda 90% of the time. >> i did not offer her a job. nor would i offer her any kind of position. >> this is very serious in terms of the federal bench as a big impact in our lives and we need to make sure that qualified people are put on the bench. >> former republican senator john warner who in a new ad praises the democrat for reaching across the aisle and
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putting virginia first, a very rare bit of bipartisanship in the final stretch of this campaign. let's step back and look at the big picture, almost three weeks to the hour before the first polls close. on election night. senior political analyst brit hume is here. good evening, brit. >> well, with just weeks to go, as you heart, the political stars seem almost perfectly aligned to give the republicans not only a stronger hold on the house of representatives but control of the senate as well. the president's approval rating is weak, historically a critical factor in a six-year midterm and most of the key races are in states mr. obama did not carry in 2012. polls indicate republicans are highly motivated this cycle while democrats are demoralized and uninterested. a vote by an uninterested voter counts the same as that of a highly motivated one. and two years ago national polls showed a v end while milt romney still had
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a chance of winning. gop strategyists were skeptical of those state polls, most of them done by little known pollsters. on election day, the state polls proved correct, as the democratic turnout boosted by the best voter mobilization effort ever gave mr. obama a convincing win. no one knows the democrats can mount a similarly effective ground game for this midterm election with mr. obama not on the ballot and democrats running away from him anyway. it's never happened. but then again, what the democrats did in 2012 never had either. brett? >> no matter the environment, it all comes down to this ground game. democrats as you say, are well positioned on microtargeting. what about the republican ground game. >> republican, that this sort of ground game derby began in 2004 when republicans brought out the best ground games to date ever,
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was a major factor in george w. bush oning re-election. democrats went to school on that and by 2012, they had created what by then was the best ever, which means that republicans now playing scratch up were trying to do in two years, what the democrats had done over an eight-year span, they may have done it, we won't know until election day. but it will be hard too get they have caught on to what the democrats did in 2012 all right. what's the most interesting rates for you in the midterms? let me know at up next, the president talks of set backs in the war on isis. first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 17 in des moines, iowa with a woman who went into a health clinic with stomach pains and left with rare has been know am knee yotic twin babies she did
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not even know were coming. she was about 3 weeks along. doctors did an emergency c-section. scary moments on an american airlines flight. take a look at this, intended to go to dallas, the cabin's wall panels cracked loose on both sides of the jet. that had many passengers screaming, eventually the pilot turned the plane around and landed back in san francisco. pressurization was never lost in that cabin. here's a live look at indianapolis. a double decker tour bus headed to chicago flipped on to its side this morning, one person is said to have broken an arm, 17 others with lesser injuries. interstate 65 was shut down for several hours today. that's tonight's ely look
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a world health organization official says there could be up to 10,000 new cases a week for the next ten months. here in the u.s., the young nurse who became the first person infected in this country is said to be in good condition tonight. nina fam is thanking people for their concern and getting help from a recovered patient. alicia has the latest tonight from dallas. >> reporter: in an attempt to calm fears, the centers for disease control say they're review -- the cdc director acknowledged failure in the early response to the virus. >> i've been hearing loud and clear from health care workers from around the country that they're worried, that they don't feel prepared to take care of a
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patient with ebola. >> the admission came with a renewed response, within hours of a confirmed ebola case, the cdc will now send a team to assist local hospitals. >> for any hospital anywhere in the country that has a confirmed case of ebola, we will put a team on the ground within hours with some of the world's leading experts on how to take care of and protect health care workers from ebola infection. >> reporter: the president also commenting on the reorganized efforts. >> we have the public health infrastructure and systems and support that make an epidemic here highly unlikely. but obviously one case is too many. >> reporter: the agency is working to track anyone associated with the two ebola cases in texas. for the first time today we heard from the nurse who contracted ebola while caring for duncan.
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texas health presbyterian releasing a statement from 22-year-old nina fam saying i'm doing well, and want to thank everyone their for kind wishes and prayers. fam recently received a blood transfusion from dr. kent brantley. doctors hope the anti-bodies in his plasma will help fam's recovery. >> a single infection in a health care worker is unacceptable. >> reporter: as hospitals scrabb scrabbleable to put -- while these efforts play out here in the states t situation in africa does not seem to be improving with thousands of people becoming infected each week. the world health organization warning today if the global response to ebola doesn't improve in the next 60 days, many more people will die. >> now to the war council on
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isis, president obama met with defense leaders from his anti-it's cities coalition, most of whom are desperately trying to defeat the terror group, while desperately trying to avoid the fallout. >> reporter: in the heaviest day of shelling yet, the u.s.-led coalition conducted 21 air strikes along the turkish boarder. the strikes slowing isis until the militants are still on the march inside syria. and in iraq today, isis surrounded yet another town west of baghdad with a military base. as they edged closer to total control of the strategically important anbar province. >> the fact of the matter is isis is still advancing despite two months of air strikes and those air strikes haven't been nearly as effective as they can be because we have failed to put
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air ground controllers with the force on the ground that could guide those air strikes. >> the dire situation on the ground as president obama met with air chiefs of 20 u.s. allies. after touting several successes in pushing isis back in the early days, the president acknowledged he was deeply concerned about kobani in syria and anbar prove vince in iraq. >> as with any military effort, in will be days of progress and there's going to be periods of set backs. >> reporter: that admission came one day after isis seized an iraqi military base. >> are we winning? >> again, we're talking about a coalition of 60 nations that are working closely with iraqi security forces. and there is no doubt that we can point to the success in the early days of this strategy. >> the claims of success run counter to what even the president's liberal allies are saying, with "washington post"
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columnist eugene robinson today demanding to know what the bombs are accomplishing. at this point, the war against the islamic state can be seen only as failing. i'm not sure whether the president and his aides are guilty of optimism or self-delusion, and along the syrian turkish border. >> we have just witnessed another u.s. coalition air strike on the western side of kobani, we are told there have been multiple strikes in the last several hours and they might be having an effect. that black flag of terror that we have been showing you on top of the hill on the eastern side of town, it is gone. sources tell us it was taken out by a coalition air strikes. however itsis is hanging in there. and secretary of state john kerry today did some cleanup work of susan rice's comments
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and potentialably launch air strikes. kerry says there's no discrepan discrepancy. al a bizarre speech attacking the west appearing to endorse some of the isis's plans. >> doesn't sountd cleared up to me. mpgs still ahead, trying to jump-start the iranian nuclear talks before next month's deadline. maria bartiromo in new york city with some insight on a whacky week on wall street. than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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wall street did not veer sharply in either direction today, the dow lost 6 today, the s&p 500 was up three, the nasdaq gained 15 and a half. let's talk more about the markets in what has been an
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extremely volatile market in three days. good evening, maria. >> hi there, brett, thanks very much. today was relatively quiet based obvious what we have been seeing over the last couple of weeks, the market is nervous and we have seen really a lot of worry about the global economic story, you have europe which continues to look weak and deteriorating. today we got some numbers out of the german government that morale is at the lowest level in years out of germany. manufacturing data in germany falling sharonly and that set the tone for a lot of the bears in terms of the european story. germany the largest economy, europe, our largest trading partner, so there is little worry that the world story is going to impact earnings in the u.s. at a time that we are just beginning to hear from corporate america for the third quarter. a lot of earnings have come out over the last week and a half, and it's only going to pick up
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in the next week. in china, everyone thought that china was going to be the place that american companies wanted to sell to, 1.3 wombillion peop the fact is china has gone from economic growth at its peak, all the way down to -- i think china is going between 3% and 4%. so there is real worries about the global economic story. even though we are looking at an economy in the u.s. that is stabilizing and improving. but you can't look at the u.s. alone without looking at all of this weakness happening outside of our shores. oil is sharply lower, we're talking about the lowest levels since sometime in 2012. we're talking about the mentality that there is enough oil in the word, the positive, the strong dollar also influencing the price of oil.
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you're going to have -- you really want to be i in equity. >> if you're not sure where to finding box business network in your area, just log on to fox elizabeth warren is ripping president obama in the after math of the 2008 financial crisis. he picked his economic team and when the going got tough, hiss economic team picked wall street. they protected wall street, not families who are losing their homes. the white house had no direct response, but maintains the president has a clear record of protecting consumers. please join me on saturday,
3:27 pm
we'll talk to people all over the country. here's a sneak peek. some 2000 miners have lost their jobs in harlan county alone. other businesses, depended on the miners also failed. once thriving harlin county jobs have --. >> we have citizens digging through the trash just to eat. they feel like they have been forgotten. and that has a devastating mental effect on the entire population. >> american payday, the big squeeze, premiers saturday, 10:00 p.m. eastern. another embarrassing example of using the wrong stock photo for your political ads and chris christie on what he would rather die than do, it may surprise you.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine, it's a lesson you would think candidates would have learned by now. using stock photos to represent real voters can backfire. this ad attacking maine republican governor paula page. it was made by the maine forward pac which was mainly the dprak governor's oh. this guy representing out of
3:32 pm
work mainers is not unemployed at all. the beak con reports he works -- when it comes to misrepresentation and campaign ads, there's plenty of blame to go around, last month, for example, a former milt romney strategist lost an ad campaign, republicans are people too, reportedly to show a more diverse face of the party. but then someone noticed that the republicans are black woman is actually a stock photo model whose image is all over the internet as an attorney, an engineer, a glasses model just to name a few. republican new jersey governor chris christie would rather die than be a senator, really. >> i would rather die than be in the united states senate. i would be bored to death, you watch me just walk out and walk right into the potomac river and
3:33 pm
drown, that is be it. >> one person tweeted that christie's comments sounded like a guy who's planning on running son. a pet who was -- the daily breeze reports nigel was no worse for wear from his years away, but there was one startling difference. he had lost his british act sent and now he speaks spang initiate. one major clue as to who he's been hanging out with, he's keeps asking for larry. secretary of state john kerry will participate in talks dollar burdened by skepticism on both sides. >> as he prepared for a critical face to face with his iranian counterpart in vienna, secretary of -- nuclear negotiations with
3:34 pm
iran will fail to reach a deal and perhaps be extended a second time beyond the looming deadline of november 24. >> i'm glad that all the pundits and speculate fors are doubting whether or not they could be reached. they know more than i do. >> kerry and his aides say they still think an accord can be reach eed wherein iran will take -- and the u.s. and european union will ease their sangations against tehran. the regime sent mixed messages. >> we believe that within in the remaining 40 days the issues can be fully resolved and settled. >> reaching an agreement in this sound of talks is highly improbable. because the outstanding issues that have yet to be settled down include a lot of topics. >> the iayatollah --
3:35 pm
>> they had their own political audience, as we all know. >> conservative foreign policy analysts see the obama administration aslikely to ink a weak deal. >> we have made dangerous counter proposals downing the line, the right to enrich, not forcinger rang a reactor that will be capable of producing plutonium. >> while she was seeking to rule out it another extension for the talks, she said she wasn't ruling out anything in or out, she said she simply wasn't entertaining my question. >> james rosen, at the state department. a federal grand jury here in washington has returned a superceding indictment against the only suspect in u.s. custody. charged with syst ed witd with t
3:36 pm
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why are you reluctant to give an answer on whether or not you voted for president obama. >> bill there's no reluctancrel this is a matter of principle. our constitution grants here in kentucky the constitutional right for privacy at the ballot box. >> so your reluctance is a matter of principal, standing on principle rather than answering the question? >> i'm not going to comment on a constitutional right here in kentucky. >> it's not -- i voted for john mccain. and by the way, in 2012, 116 out
3:40 pm
of 120 kentucky counties agreed with my judgment. >> a debate last night in kentucky, short time after that debate ended, the reporter down there, tweeted, grimes, allison lunderg -- this has we find out on this particular race, that the democratic senatorial campaign committee is doing something interesting, the dscc has spent more than $2 million in kentucky and continues to make targeted investments in the ground game while monitoring the race for future investments but is currently not on the air in the state and with no plans to get on the air in the state. there you see the spread in the real clear politics average of polls. that's where it will begin, a look at the midterms. >> george will, national
3:41 pm
political correspondent on national public radio. george. >> the impressive thing about democrats across the country is how well they're doing as measured by running ahead of the president's job approval. prior in arkansas, his losing narrowly to tom cotton, but running 16, 17 points ahead of obama, which is really astonishing, and what we just read there about the democrats strategy, they mentioned the get out the vote, that's the crucial thing this year. in north carolina, the democrats say they have identified half a million women voters, and 375,000 african-american voter who is voted for obama in 2012, but skipped the 2010 off year elections, they think and they're probably right, if they can get a large portion of those people to vote in this year's off year election. >> what about the dscc? >> i think wire at the point in
3:42 pm
this midterm election where candidates have to make decisions. an investment in kentucky is just not worth it. they have got a lot of other vulnerable democrats, there's a lot of other races where their money might be better spent. kay haygan has managed to hang on to an extremely kindly lead there. kentucky is just not at the top of their list. >> a new poll out there in new hampshire that has scott brown up. the real clear politics average in new hampshire now is down to 2.5. that's a big deal, because it's not a race that democrats thought they would have to really defend or spend to defend. >> if brad wins in new hampshire, question know it's a wave election, that it will be a landslide across the board, that's one of the big reaches. but in kentucky, you remember, lincoln is said to have said
3:43 pm
about the civil war, i would like to have on my side, but i must have kentucky. if republicans can't win kentucky, in this year with all the factors go in there their on popularity, the president, things abroad, things at home not looking good, and with a fairly weak candidate, grimes' response is preposterous, the idea that people can't be forced to disclose the vote in the ballot box, there's a constitutional requirement that you not disclose it. you simply ridiculous, and that you would double down, i really do think is a sign of how much of a rookie she is. i'm not surprised at the dncc pulling out. there is a race they're not going to win, but the fact that it's close indicates that republicans are doing a lot worse this year even though they're getting a majority than they should be doing. >> all these models, this is how it looks for the major modeling
3:44 pm
of whether the republicans are going to pick up the senate, the washington post is the most aggressive, 95%, new york times, 72, 538, now take a look at week astandard, jay cost. a definiti and it's safe to say that control of the senate a toss up. and even if they won, republicans would be a fool to take victory as a vindication. >> we're looking at the wrong number, if we're looking at the amount of money spent on broadcasting, this isn't volunteers anymore, these are paid people, and they're sopping up a much larger portion of campaign spending than they used to, at this point in the campaign, they scrataturated pe
3:45 pm
with broadcast ads. the return on get out the vote may be much larger and we may get a surprise this year. >> i want to talk about a race that we haven't talked about and i believe it was virginia, we believed that it was -- they had a debate. let's take a look at the rcp average of this race, it has mark warner up, 49.6 to 38.6 in the average of recent polls. but gillespie has been closing up as of late. one particular issue came up again. >> this is very serious in terms of the bench has a -- qualified people are put on the bench and i would never play politics with recommending usual appointments. >> when i heard that phillips was considering resigning from the senate. i reached out to his son joseph, to find out what was going on. during that conversation, we
3:46 pm
brainstormed about possible opportunities. i did not offer her a job. nor would i offer her any kind of position. >> a lot of people say, what is this all about. it's a state senator who flipped parties and resigned, which made the comp situation of the legislature flip and -- under obama care in that state. >> and that was a call with senator warner that maybe he was trying to prevent this guy from doing that, what can i do for your children? that's what this is about. i still think this is too big a gap for gillespie to close. he's setting up very nicely to be the governor in virginia. if there is a real wave, however, then all sorts of people get swept up, even people with a gap like that. i don't know if we're there yet. >> when you watch that sound
3:47 pm
bite, you see that gillespie had a real opportunity that has been missed. when warner says i called him got his reskinning and thin we brainstormed about the daughter's job opportunities, what are you doing, brainstorming about employment for a daughter, this is about whether you're going to leave the senate or not. and that was an opportunity for gillespie to say, this is an issue of possible corruption. instead he said, we want to make sure we have the best judges, this isn't about the quality of the judiciary, it's about the use of nepotism and favors and to do stuff you shouldn't do. this is about the governor who is guilty of corruption. it wasn't an issue in which he could have nailed warner who was way ahead because he was a popular governor and a popular senator. but i think mara's right, unless there's a way, this seat will remain with warner. >> we'll continue with this discussion and some breaking news after a quick break.
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a tree fell on greg abbot. he sued and got millions. since then, he spent his career working against other victims. >> greg abbot has built a career i can kicking the ladder down behind him and denying to others the very same justice that he both deserved and received. we need to call this what it is. hypocrisy. >> she doesn't have anything to run on herself, because she knows that she is connected with barack obama's big government agenda of raising taxes and imposing heavy handed regulations that will crush the jobs in texas. so she has nothing left to do other than attack me. >> democrat wendy davis
3:52 pm
defending her ad that's one runs as you saw a piece of it there. greg abbot. breaking news u.s. supreme court has vacated a texas -- the fifth circuit which essentially blocked the abortion restrictions that were in place in texas. now, there is a temporary hold on that. that means that those abortion restrictions can go forward, those abortion clinics can go forward at least temporarily. we are back with the panel. mara, what about this race in texas it and how this ad is reverbiating around? >> i think the race -- she was so far behind anyway. i think the ad has caused controversy because is it fair to talk about your opponent who is in a wheelchair and use that in an ad? you know what? this has absolutely no effect on the race. she wasn't going to win. she is behind by curvature of the earth. i don't think this changes that at all the problem you can see in that exchange is what is happening this year. republicans have a message, barack obama you don't like him. big government, obamacare,
3:53 pm
and democrats in these races are trying, sometimes separately to try descratly to try to find some about to change the race. she tried and sometimes it doesn't work out. >> i mean, today defending it greg abbot has made a career of kicking the ladder down. >> that was a bad met for. he can't kick anything. bad idea. >> george? >> the whole war on women thing has been really worn out by this point. >> worked in the past didn't work so well this time. colorado, "the denver post" endorsed mark udall now known as mark uterus. >> cory gardner. >> on the ground and run obnoxious one issue campaign. so gynecological on contraception and abortion. contraception has been access to it has been a constitutional right for 49 years. abortion has been firmly in the control of the judiciary for 41 years. and we are arguing about
3:54 pm
this think are treating women as civically it literate and i don't believe they are. >> all abortion clinics would remain open as opposed to the fifth circuit that closed and put a hold on all of that activity. i want to turn to foreign policy since we are -- had that piece about iran and the deal that is pending and the iranian leader saying they think it's possible to get this deal and secretary kerry saying the same thing. thoughts on that as we are now within 40 days of that? i think what the signals are they are going to reach an agreement. it will be a terrible agreement for the west. it will allow the iranians to enrich. it will leave them as a threshold nuclear state so that the administration will claim the fig leaf will be, it doesn't have a bomb, the real story will be we will leave iran within three months, four months, of going any time it wants between here and eternity
3:55 pm
which means it's going to be essentially a nuclear power in the region. as a result of that i guarantee you it will be a nuclear arms race in the most unstable area in the world with the worst people on earth we will regret this for generations. >> mara, you think the administration is really pushing? >> i i truly don't know if there is going to be a deal. this deal would have to stand up to scrutiny it would just have to. otherwise, there would be complete rebellion in congress. >> that's really. >> it's not going to go to congress. >> that's the question there are ways to actually compel them to go to congress. the house can save no money from the federal treasury can be spent to implement or enforce this agreement. >> we will follow that every step of theway. the iran deal or no deal. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a look at the influence of money in politics. people with type 2 diabetes
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changes in urination, and runny nose. ♪do the walk of life ♪yeah, you do the walk of life need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. senate majority in november. liberal donors are often outraising and outspending conservatives in many of the
3:59 pm
key battleground states. but you wouldn't know that if you listen to top democrats. one late night show picked that up. >> we must reduce the role of money in politics. >> stem the core rofs influence of politics. >> it may undercut your message when you are condemning a thing that you have clearly mastered. >> president obama headed to his 53rd fundraiser at the year at gwyneth paltrow's house. >> tonight the president will attend a fundraiser for the democratic senatorial campaign committee or the dscc at the home of real estate mogul rich richmond. >> may not be the best way to send a message about your contempt for money in politics with back-to-back fundraisers from the homes of lady goop and literally a man named richie rich. >> thanks for inviolating us in your hont.
4:00 pm
that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and under afraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. and this is terrifying. the world health organization is now warning there could soon be up to 10,000 new ebola cases a week. 10,000 a week. also today for the first time we are hearing directly from the dallas nurse infected with ebola as she is fighting for her life in a just released written statement. nina pham saying i'm doing well and i want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers. i'm blessed by the support of family and friends. and am blessed to be cared for by the best team of nurses and doctors in the world here at presbyterian health presbyterian hospital in dallas. there is is more ebola news tonight. dozen of other hospital workers who may have had contact with thomas duncan who died are still being


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