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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 15, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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specialized isolation unit in atlanta. 29-year-old amber vinson arriving at emory university hospital wednesday. the hospital has already treated three americans with the virus. vinson and the first nurse in the u.s. to contract the virus, 26-year-old nina pham, both treated thomas eric duncan. duncan who had flown from the u.s. from liberia died from the disease last week. hurricane gonzalo remain a powerful category 3 storm as it heads toward bermuda. it's packing top winds of 120 miles per hour. forecasters warn the island could see heavy rain and storm surge. gonzalo swept through the eastern caribbean this week killing at least one person. two others remain missing. i'm lauren green. "hannity" starts now. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. new fears that american hospitals are not equipped to contain ebola in this country. now a second health care worker
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that treated thomas eric duncan at a dallas hospital has tested positive for the virus. she's been identified tonight as amber vinson. the cdc is warning that an additional 75 workers at the same hospital may have been infected. in addition, the u.n. official that is heading the mission for ebola emergency response is now warning that the world has 60 days to beat ebola or disaster loom. take a lock. >> ebola got a head start on us. it is far ahead of us. it is running faster than us, and it is winning the race. if we do not reach these targets within 0 days and the numbers spike, many more people will die. we either stop ebola now or face an entirely unprecedented situation for which we do not have a plan. the penalty for failure is inconceivable and unacceptable. >> here with the latest on the fight against ebola is fox' own jonathan standing by in atlanta.
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jonathan? >> reporter: sean, amber vinson, the second dallas health care worker who became will ebola, will be transported to emory university hospital here in atlanta. there she's going to be treated in the same isolation unit that successfully treated two ebola-infected missionaries over the summer. kent brantly and nancy writebol. a third unnamed patient who arrived at 'emory is undergoing treatment but is expected to be discharged in the near future. the first health care worker to become ill with the ill not in dallas also appears to be improving. for now she'll remain where she is at texas health presbyterian hospital. although it's still unclear exactly how the dallas health workers became infected while caring for ebola patient thomas duncan, cdc investigator have been looking at the way medical workers around the world are putting on protective gear, perhaps more importantly, how they take it off. apparently some of the hospital workers in texas were wearing three or four layers of protection. now while this may sound safe,
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cdc official say extra layers may actually increase the risk of contamination while taking them off. extra layers are more cumbersome to remove. in the process, whatever's on the outer layer can get on the inner layers and eventually on to your skin. the cdc is also in the process of contacting all 132 passenger who flew you aboard frontier airlines flight 11 3 from -- 1143 from cleveland to there's/ft. worth on october 13th after learning that amber vinson of on the flight. she apparently had no symptom other than a slight fever but checked into the hospital hours after returning to dallas. cdc official say while it's unlikely that she infected anyone on board that flight, she should not have been flying commercial in the first place given that slight fever and given that one of her co-worker had become ill with ebola. the cdc is contacting all of the passenger on that flight out of an abundance of caution. sean? >> thank you. amid growing calls for the u.s.
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government to do more when it comes to stopping ebola in its tracks, president obama, he actually postponed a number of previously scheduled fundraiser today to convene a cabinet meeting on this developing crisis. fox's own ed henry has all the details at the white house. he's come a long way in the unlikely event that someone with ebola reach our shores and the chances are extremely low of an outbreak here. >> you're right. he said that about a month ago in atlanta when he was down at the cdc headquarters. they've obviously had to eat those words. he's scramblinging to show he's on top of this. the cabinet meeting went on for well over two hours. they're trying to show we've got the sleeves rolled up, on top of this. canceling phrasers is a big deal -- fundraisers is a big deal because it's before the election, they need the money. and the president has continued campaigning the last couple of years through various crises. hours after the benghazi attacks, for example want went forward with a rally las vegas. this summer the jetliner of shot
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down over ukraine. the president went forward fund-raising in new yorkment at the time, white house aides said we don't want to unduly scare people by changing the president's schedule at the last minute. they didn't have any such fears today. they flipped on that. the president wanted to show they're putting new measure in place. listen. >> what i've directed the cdc to do is that as soon as somebody is diagnosed with ebola, we want a rapid response team, a s.w.a.t. team essentially from the cdc to be on the ground as quickly as possible. hopefully within 2 are taking the local hospital step by step through exactly that. >> the cdc is saying the second nurse should not have flown from cleveland to dallas. yet the white house is still not instituting a travel ban on flights from west africa where the ebola virus has broken out. they say, look, we've got procedures in place to stop any outbreak. but i can tell you that the
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republican chairs of the house and senate transportation committee tonight are saying they want to see additional safeguards put in place. >> the president said in the unlikely event that it makes it here and also said the chances are low for an outbreak. wrong on both accounts. more importantly, the head of the cdc, dr. frieden, said you don't need a special hospital room to take care of ebola. all you need? a private room and bathroom. he said essentially any hospital in the country can take care of ebola. he said that less than two weeks ago. how could they have been so wrong? >> yeah. he was wrong. and what's interesting is josh earnest for the second straight day said, look, we have full confidence in dr. frieden despite some of those comments. the other issue they're they've got questions today about who's really in charge here. you've got dr. frieden. then all of a sudden, sylvia burwell, popped up on the "today" show. there was a convention call to be led by dr. frieden. secretary burwell took the lead
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instead. seems that they're now trying to eclipse dr. frieden even as they say full confidence. based on statements, they bringing in all kind of other officials to show a leadership role. in the end, that could be problematic, as well, if you don't have one top official who's really taking the responsibilities. >> all right. ed hen trie white house. thank you --. while the cdc reviews protocols for treating ebola patients, there was no set system in place when thomas eric duncan arrived in the emergency room in dallas. according to a nurses union statement, duncan of left if an open area for hours, and health care workers treated him without proper protective gear. members of national nurses united held a convention call with reporters today demanding an action be taken to protect the health care worker that are fighting on the front line of ebola. >> this is outrageous that this is our responsible. this is the responsible of our elected official to actually protect this nation and to protect the first line of
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defense. so what we've done is to draft a letter to the president. we sent it, and we're sending it to the governors of the united states and to the congressional caucus. we're sending it to congress. sending it to the president. we're sending it to the governors and sending to anyone who will listen. we're asking the president of the united states to invoke his executive authority to protect the nurses and other health care workers in the country. >> here to respond is our panel of medical experts. former u.s. surgeon general dr. richard carmona, and former new york lieutenant governor and chairman of the committee to reduce infection deaths is betsy mccoy. betsy, if you listen to what roseanne demorrow of the nurses union is saying here, said that there were no protocols. "those protocols were not in place any where in the united states as far as we can tell. we're deeply alarmed." then she said the nurses strongly feel unsupported, unprepared, lied to, and deserted to handle the situation
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on their own. >> lied to for sure. you heard the president of the united states earlier tonight lying to the american people again, repeating the lies that the head of the cdc, now the centers for denial and confusion, has told the american people for many months now. the president said he hugged the nurses at emory university after they treated an ebowl patient. em-- ebola patient. emory university mursz had much more equipment and training, inadequate protocols the that the cdc said -- >> in the unlikely event it gets here, he said the chances are low for an outbreak. the head of the cdc said, oh, you don't need a special room. you need a private room with a private bathroom. >> listen to the weasel words both used. frieden said early on there won't be a widespread, he said a spread will not be likely, right? and tonight the president said, well, there may be more cases, but it won't spread widely.
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what do they mean by that weasel word widely? how many deaths are acceptable? one, two, ten? it's unacceptable for northern dye from ebola. >> doctor, when you look to the nurses and nurses union, they feel, i'll use their words, unsupported, unprepared, lied to, and deserted. told to fend for themselves. yet, the cdc director and president said the opposite. >> sean, i am deeply concerned. not only as a physician and surgeon general, but i'm also a registered nurse. i know that nurses are pretty much the barometer of all of our health systems because they're by the bedside 7/2. when nurses make these allegations, we have to take them seriously. conduct anning investigation immediately -- conduct an investigation immediately and cease any activity that puts health care provider at risk until we have answers. >> the cdc director said there's nothing particularly special about the isolation of an ebola
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patient. >> total lie. total lie. treating an ebola patient is so perilous, right, that hundreds of doctors and nurses in africa is died attempting to do so. not just doctor and nurses who are inadequate -- >> doctors without bored verse lost, what, nine -- 16 are infected. >> some of the top epidemiologists on that continent, head of hospitals in major cities have died from ebola. it wasn't because they lacked equipment or training. >> here the question -- should dr. frieden be fired? >> absolutely he should be fired. when he first offered false assurances to the united states, he knew they were a lie. chow hospitals in the united states that can -- how can hospitals in the united states that cannot stop the spread of staph and common infect that's kill 75,000 people a year in hospitals, how can they possibly chrome ebola? >> doctor, i don't think he has any credibility. he can't be a credible spokesman on this issue any longer. he been so wrong. as recently as october 5th. >> well, sean, here's the thing that i'm most concerned with as
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a surgeon general. there was an assumption that all the work we did in the last decade regarding preparedness after 9/11 which included biopreparedness for all of these agents that we are running into today. that in fact all the hospitals were trained, practicing, and doing all of the thing they were supposed to do. if this major hospital is having these problems, it is incumbent to not assume that for any other hospital. we have to to a equipment assessment to ensure the integrity of system that we set up over many years is intact because people will be at risk if not. >> thank you for being with us. we have a lot more on the cdc coming up on the program. and ebola. member of the obama white house taking heat for downplaying the threat from the beginning. all while the left is trying to politicize this and blame it on republicans. we'll try to check in on with the architect on politicizing of this for his reaction. first, meet the parents of the nbc cameraman who did come down with ebola.
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and welcome back to "hannity." doctors say the american video welcome back to "hannity." doctors say the american video journalist infected with ebola while working in liberia, ashoka mukpo, continues to show improvement every day. we're happy to report that mukpo was happy enough to return to social media. he tweeted, "back on twitter. feeling on the road to good health. will be posting thoughts this week. endless gratitude for the good vibes." joining me with more and on his condition are his parent, mitchell and diana with us. very scary. he's in our thoughts and prayers. house he doing now? >> -- how's he doing now? >> he's actually doing very
10:16 pm
well. today for the first time, he tentatively said, well, dad, i think i'm out of the wods. he sort -- woods. he sort of could barely squeeze it out. he clearly is feeling and acknowledging that he's going to get better. >> how -- what did the doctors do differently for him that maybe we can learn something from if it look like he's going to make it through? >> that's a great question. i think it's not so much what they did differently. it's that he presented earlier in his ill ness. by the time he landed in nebraska, he had yet to develop any serious symptoms of ebola and had not yet developed a serious diarrhea that people can get. so the mainstay of therapy is supportive care which is simply fluids inside people's veins. >> what do you make -- i know this is a very hard question to ask. diana, you're a mom. when you hear the world health organization expecting 10,000
10:17 pm
new cases a day for the next couple of months, raising the death rate from 50% of those that contract the disease to 70%. that's scary, i'm sure, as a mom. >> it's scary. i know at this point and truly believe that ashoka is going to recover and come home to his family. but it's a devastating world catastrophe and something that i hope can at least be thiswhat alleviate -- somewhat alleviated. >> as he was there watching this death and sickness and illness around him, he did know the risks, i assume, mitchell? >> absolutely. and we clearly talked about it before he went, while he was there, and one he got sick. and i tried to dissuade him from coming. i did everything i could. he felt because of his commitment to the liberian people and culture he wanted to go and shed a light on the impact of the ebola epidemic on culturally and socially and economically on the culture. and at the same time, he said to
10:18 pm
me a long time ago, dad, i think that when people are rescued properly and treated properly, the death rate from this illness is not what it is in west africa. today when he was feeling better, he reminded me, four, that he was right. >> does he know specifically how he contracted the disease or believe he knows? >> he doesn't really know. i mean, he has some question. maybe he helped disinfect a car which transported an ebola patient. he's wondering even though he did have protective gear if something might have splashed on him. honestly, he doesn't know, he was covering for the media. a lot of sick people and so forth and being very, very careful. he's not really sure how it happened. we don't know. >> it seems that emory university and nebraska hospital have done a better job than what's going on in dallas where you now have two medical professional that have been impacted by this.
10:19 pm
did he also receive a blood tranfusion? >> he did. he received a transfusion from dr. kent brantly, an ebola survivor. anda's clear that -- and it's clear that survivors of ebola carry antibodies that your body form again the ebola virus. as of reported, my feeling -- and of course i speak for my wife -- his willing not district of columbia brantly's willingness, he of a family -- h he of a family vacation. to give blood to ashoka remarkable in terms. his generosity. >> the first nurse, miss pham that contracted the disease in dallas, i understand that there was a match there in terms of blood type. thank you both for updating us on your son's condition. and he's still in our thoughts and prayers. we wish you the best. i'm sure you've been through an awful lot. we appreciate you telling us. >> thank you, mr. hannity.
10:20 pm
>> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. comingp, have we all been lied to all along about the ebola threat? we'll check with the architect, karl rove. he's here to weigh in on the obama administration's mishandling of the growing crisis. is it time for heads to roll at the cdc and elsewhere? later, we check in with our panel. what do they think about all this. that's coming up ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action? osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ nurtures and helps defend your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ready for action.
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welcome back to "hannity." so in the wake of the ebola outbreak in west welcome back. in the wake of the ebola outbreak in west africa and subsequent entrance into the u.s., the american people have been hearing nothing but mixed messages when it comes to the virus, its containment and likelihood of an outbreak at home. watch this -- >> i have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of ebola so that it does not spread widely in this country. >> because of our health care
10:23 pm
system and our able to do the contact tracing and isolation, we won't have an outbreak. >> people should take solace in the fact that, quite frankly, we know exactly how ebola is transmitted. it's not transmitted through the air, through food or water. only through close contact with the bodily fluids of an individual that has symptom of ebola. >> here with treekz this and much more, former bush chief of staff, fox news contributor karl rove, with us. got an article in front of me on the hill. "ebola is the 2014 october surprise." do you agree with that? >> it certainly added to the fears people have had about america's position in the world, about terrorism, the strength of our military, about the respect for america. it's made -- we've seen in the last five or six month the reemergen of the secure mom -- re, mergeens of the security moms and dads that dominated the election. while that began this summer with isis, ebola fairly or unfairly add to the concerns and
10:24 pm
has made security and defense and terrorism a much higher issue in the election than might have been thought. >> let's go to the cdc director, dr. tom frieden. said essentially every hospital in the country can take care of ebola. you don't need a special hospital room. all you need is a private room with a private bathroom. this is october 2nd and 5th. in july he said any advanced hospital in the country has the capacity to isolate a patient. there's nothing particularly special about the isolation of an ebola patient. and then the president saying that it's in the unlikely event that someone with ebola does reach our shores, extremely low chance of an outbreak here. wrong on every front, carl. i would think the american people are getting disgusted about it. >> yeah. they are. and it add to the send of incompaten in washington. look -- incompetence in washington. look, they need to talk more ironically enough. for someone who doe hearing as much as we do from the administration, it might sound strange coming from me.
10:25 pm
the administration needs to explain more. look, the word outbreak refers to not a case or two or three or four in dallas. talks about something spreading throughout the population. from the begin they should have said, look, while an outbreak isn't likely, there may be isolated cases where people come into the country or where health care workers are affected by this. they should have been honest with us. you know, i welcome the president's decision today to have the cdc send a team of trained individuals to any hospital that has to dole with this issue within 24 hours. they should have done from the beginning. they should have thought ahead. this of part of -- i remember the discussions about avian flu, h1n1 during the bush years. this of one of the real concerns, would every hospital in america be able to we'll do this. and if not, how could you provide the training, assistance, and direction to do it. and ebola is more -- it doesn't spread as fast, but it is more difficult to deal with than some of these other diseases that the
10:26 pm
cdc has been talking about. >> even if the cdc changed views on transmission, direct contact with bodily fluids, we learned you might be able to get it within three feet of people. now people are saying it might be aerosoled out of the lungs and that could be a potential. the world health organization seem to be far more dire in their warning. they're saying the incubation period may be well beyond the 21 days. they're saying it might as long as 4. they also are wash -- 42. they also warning of increasing cases and the death rate going from 50% to 70%. that's a dramatic change. and we have 150 people from west african countries coming into this country every single day. >> yeah. i understand what the who is saying. it's taken a number of months for the disease to progress to the degree that it has in west africa. so i don't want to say that -- there's a prospect immediately of 10,000 people in the united states. we're in west africa in a large
10:27 pm
expansion with a large population. a thousand people a week are contracting. it will continue to grow until this is isolated and and quarantined. what i don't get is why we are talking about having people check for this here at the united states. why not be talking about checking it at the very few number of international airports to be found in the most in the country's where this is affected? they're not a -- >> a travel ban. >> you know, i want to be careful about that. i'm not the expert. i want to defer to the experts on this. but it does strike me that when in doubt, be more kawesch you on rather than less. strikes me that t not smart to simply say we're going to have untrained workers sitting at facilities, five facilities in the united states which only get 90% some odd percent of the west african traffic. why not about at the place where there's 100% so you can make a good sense. if somebody -- if you say, you know, we've tested you, we've --
10:28 pm
>> carl, african countries. african countries, middle eastern countries. the saudi, france, great britain, they all have travel bans now. if you want to -- if you really want to travel ban, i think between that and securing the borders we solve a big problem with, a, isis, and also with ebola. let me if to the politicizing of this. you've got obama proposed cutting the cdc. in his original budget for twoirl, he was put in his budget to cut funding for the cdc's public health emergency prepared not by $72 million. democrat are saying this is republicans' faulted. you're reaction? >> this is shameful. look, the president did not make the cdc an important funding priority like his predecessor did. more importantly than that, he deluded the mission. he allowed for the -- the centers for disease control to start getting into wellness programs, for example. and to expand their research
10:29 pm
into things that don't affect disease. you've heard about the study on marriage. the cdc funded a study on marriage to find out what happy marriages are. i mean, please. what does that have to do with the fundamental core mission of the cdc? >> last question. we're at 20 days outside of election day. i've looked at all the polls. i know you have a white board. if you had to guess, what happens on election day 20 days from today? >> look, it's going to be close. if you look at the real clear politics average, the republicans lead in three democratic seats out the margin of error. three -- by double digit, three out the margin of error teamwork inside the margin of error. and they trail in one race by inside the margin of error and two outside the margin of error. this would tend to indicate that the republicans have r on the verge of taking perhaps as many as eight seats. could be nine. could be seven. it's going to be in that range of six, seven, eight, nine.
10:30 pm
i believe seven to nine. on the republican defense seats, there are really only three up for grabs. kentucky where it's three points for mitch mcconnell. the senatorial committee has pulled out advertising indicating they're writing it off. they're moving it to georgia. in kansas where pat roberts has come from over five spients behind two weeks ago to a tie in the real politics average, i think we hold all three of these, though georgia is a concern and may take until january to set because the winner has to get 50% there. and their minor -- they're minor party candidates. my view that the republicans look like 51, 52, 53. >> louisiana will be december. georgia nbc 5 january before we get the final number? >> january 6th. did you keep your voter registration in atlanta, snaen. >> no, i did -- sean? >> no, i did not. carl, i follow all the election rules. i'm a registered conservative in new york. thank you, my friend. ahead, subpoenas for sermon?
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the "name your price" tool... it isn't a dream, is it? nope. sorry! you know that thing freaks me out. he can hear you. he didn't mean that, kevin. kevin: yes, he did! keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive. welcome back to "hannity." tonight welcome back to "hannity." on a great american panel from our sister network, imus in the morning producer bernard mcgirk, fox news correspondent geraldo, and "fox business'" megan mcdowell. should the cdc director, dr. tom frieden, be fired? he told us october 2nd essentially any hospital in the country can take care of ebola. he went on to explain all you need is a private room, hospitals they have training, there's little risk to the population. any advanced hospital has the capacity to isolate a patient.
10:37 pm
they just need a room and a private bathroom. should he be fired? >> take a combat leader out in the middle of a fight is outrageous. it is absolutely irresponsible. >> combat leader? he's a combat loser. >> not only did he do that, he blamed the nurses. >> let me finish my point. not only should he not be fired, we need a surgeon general in the united states. why don't we have a surgeon general? if the president's nominee is unacceptable, what the president has to do is appoint an ebola czar right now. tom frieden, head of one agriculture dealing with this, is not sufficient. you need an ebola czar. the man we should appoint is lieutenant general russell henri who headed up the united states army, big run one. he brought calm new orleans in the midst of the chaos of katrina. he's working with emory university as he speak. he's been in charge of biowarfare for years -- >> hold on a second --
10:38 pm
>> lieutenant henri -- >> the biggest issue is an american people that do not trust anything anybody says. we're a crisis of confidence is in the making. if you don't change the person talking to the american people, all hell is going to break loose. >> the president said that the chances of ebola coming to the united states were remote. well, it came in the form of a man from liberia. then he said if it does come, we're prepared. we weren't prepared. starts at the top. it doesn't matter if there's a surgeon -- >> let me go through the specifics of what the president said. he said in the unlikely event that someone with ebola does reach our shores, we've taken measures so we're prepared here at home. then he said we have taken the necessary precautions including working with west african country to screen at airports. the screening wouldn't have prevented this guy, thomas duncan. then you have the head of the cdc saying you don't need a special hospital room to do it. essentially any hospital in the country can take care of ebola. you just need a private room and a private bathroom. he said that october 2nd, less
10:39 pm
than two week ago. then he said there is nothing particularly special about the ice las vegas of an ebola patient. wrong, wrong on every count. >> see, you got to go -- then to blame the nurses, to say there was a breach of protocol when the protocol wasn't sufficient, that was outrageous. that was akin to president obama blaming the intel guy for the lack of isis knowledge beforehand. it's outrageous. he had to go, this guy. >> you can be historian if you want to be. if you want to cure this problem, listening to what i am saying. you need an ebola czar going forward. lieutenant general russell henr i. his phone is on his desk. he's ready to answer it. he fixed katrina. >> fire him. this isn't history, this is less than two weeks ago. that's right. >> reporter: or be fired. >> we're focus -- resign or be fired. >> we're focused on flights into the u.s. the two nurses who got the disease, this is from one patient. one gets on a plane? we can't even control the spread of one man who flew into this
10:40 pm
country with ebola. wh in the lord's name are we going do if somebody else shows up with it? >> i'm going to take it a step further. frankly, his inaccurate comments in early october, and the president's inaccurate comment autos -- especially the cdc director -- are directly responsible for those nurses -- >> please! what about dallas pressie aboby hospital? nay got the notices -- >> all you need is a private room and private bathroom. >> addresses the general assembly of the united nations. the next day the guy presents with 101 fever, severe abdominal pains upon you know what happened at that hospital? they saw a stereotype. they saw a poor, black, unveried man and said, okay, here's two aspirins upon put the blame where the blame belongs. >> get him out. >> the w.h.o. saying we could have 10,000 new cases of ebola every week. they're raising that from 15% to
10:41 pm
70%. it seems to me it should be all hand on deck. how appropriate for the president to take a day off of fundraising and met with somebody. >> this goes to everybody, though. there has to be personal responsibility with every health care worker in this country. >> they were told something different -- >> i know, but if you're treating somebody who has aggressive ebola -- >> they were told the hazmat suit is sufficient -- >> they ought to know better. >> you can't blame the nurse. that's outrageous. >> we have every day, we have 275,000 international passenger come into the u.s. about 150,000 come from at-risk regions of west africa. why -- are you again a travel ban? >> i am absolutely against a travel ban. they never work. they have never worked for anything, any disease. >> you're against controlling the border, securing the borders? >> you need to fix it in west africa. if you don't stop it there -- you just said, you quoted the world health organization, god bless you. 10,000 new case a week. do you think -- cases a week. do you think that by stopping
10:42 pm
flights from west africa you're going to stop the 10,000 from kissing 10,000 more and 10,000 after that and after that? >> though. i am telling you the first step is prevent is come from coming here. secure the border, which i know you're deathly against. teamwork a travel ban. >> listen, i'm glad you're not a detective because we have two american health care worker -- >> dying -- >> with ebola. they got it from a guy who got off a flight from liberia. can dumb can anybody be? >> he presented at the hospital, bernard. >> it shouldn't have been him in the first place. if i was if the medical profession for three days and a guy came, i got letter here, fever, yes, i have a fever. abdominal pains? i have pains. sweating, he's sweating. and you send them home with a couple of aspirins and -- [ all talking at once ] >> here's my prediction -- there will be a travel ban. a few more of these cases, a few more of these cases crop up and we find out these people have been on airplane and in public places with fevers --
10:43 pm
>> i'm going to make you an offer. everybody that comes from sierra leone, liberia, they can live at your house. at geraldo's house. you have a manning. >> remember when the -- look who's talking. remember when the unaccompanied grim children came and were going to take over the world? they were going flood our streets. what was the last you heard of that? 4,000 come to the new york area. they have families, elk, doing just fine. we can fix this. we need a vaccine. we need the cure. we put a man on the moon, we can fix this. looking forward, being positive, not making political -- >> we've got to go. thank you. catch bernie anddati dagen in t morning. in texas, government officials are demand, pastors turn over their sermons. they should never agree to this. we'll tell you all about it coming up next.
10:44 pm
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10:49 pm
battle to enforce an equal rights ordinance in the city. ministers who fail to comply with the subpoena could be held in con temperature of court. we reached out -- contempt of court. we reached out to the mayor's office. a statement said, "while the mayor agrees with those concerned about the city, legal department for pastor sermons." it continues, "neither the mayor nor city attorney, feldman, were aware subpoena were issued." the city will move to narrow the scope during an upcoming court hearing. here to detail their fight for the first amendment is pastor steve wriggle and eric stanley is with us. pastor, i'll start with you. did you get one of the letters, subpoenas? >> i did. yes, i did. >> what did it say? >> well, it wanted my sermon and e-mail and techs and anything said about the equal rights ordinance or homosexuality or
10:50 pm
including mayor parker. if i'd ever said anything about her. communication with the congregation, wanted any of that. >> what i have read is that i guess this is the first openly gay mayor of the city, correct? >> yes. >> okay, they passed an ordinance where men can use the lady room and lady can use the men's room, correct? >> they passed an ordinance that has to do with public accommodations, gender identity, and gender ex-perez which basically mean that however you express yourself, doesn't matter biologically what you are, that's what you are on that day. >> in other words, that would mean, as i'm interpreting it, that men could use the women's rooms and women could use the men's rooms, et cetera i understand there was a referendum movement where you needed 17,000 signatures. you got over 50,000. yet, they still rejected it. is that true? >> we had a company conduct a poll in the city. 82% said they were not for this ordinance. we gave it to the council, the mayor.
10:51 pm
they passed it anyway. we enacted a referendum, a petition drive. we gathered 55,000 signatures. we needed 17,200. of those 55,000, the city secretary stopped counting a little over 19,000 because we passed the threshold of acceptable signatures, and then the city attorney threw out more than 30,000 of the signatures. >> okay. and eric, you're with the alliance for defending freedom. your group is active in this. it would seem that this ordinance comes in direct conflict with a little amendment called the first amendment. fromme of speech. freedom of religion. freedom from -- addressing grievances. all in the first amendment. am i correct, sir? >> you're exactly right. this is an unprecedented attack on the first amendment rights of pastors. the city of houston has subpoenaed five pastors. they're asking for 17 different categories of information including text messages between
10:52 pm
their congregation members and the pastor, and including the pastor's sermon on issue like homosexuality, gender identity, or the mayor. and these have no relevance to whether there is enough signatures on the ballot to put this issue on the ballot. in addition, as you noted, it violates the first amendment rights of pastors. this is nothing more than political retribution. >> it seems like that. look -- >> they're not backing off -- >> we haven't gotten to the point where you must hold specific views on controversial issues even if they contradict your faith. is that where we're headed? in other words, there are a lot of religions -- go ahead. >> according to the city of houston, that's exactly what they say. they want to be the arbiters of what is right and wrong. now they want to troll through pastor sermon to determine if what they said is true or false. they don't get to make that determine. contrary to media reports, the city is not backing off. the mayor tweeted on her page that if the pastors were talking about this issue from the pulpit, their sermon are fair game. do we really want government
10:53 pm
official to be trolling across the content of pastors' sermon? >> i'll ask you this from my perspective, under no condition should you comply with this unlawful edict and set a precedent this way. you will go to jail to defend your rights to preach and freedom of religion? >> i'm very willing for the mayor and city attorney to read them. i'm not willing to hand them over because the state demanded that i do that. that's why we have alliance defending freedom involved in this. i'll tell you this, with all due respect, there's no one that knows the mayor or the city attorney who would believe they did not know about those subpoenas until yesterday. >> if you need it, i'll come and bail you out. i believe if freedom of religion. >> okay. >> and regardless of what other pastors, i don't know if it's the same denomination. i'd be glad to bail out.
10:54 pm
i may even bring you a cake with a file it you get sent to jail for preaching what you believe is your deeply held religious faith. all right? that's my prom i. i'll bail you out. >> thank you. >> thank you both. coming up, the question of the day ahead. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup >>because i make the best chicken noodle soup because i make the best chicken noodle soup for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®
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tell me your favorite movie. while you're at it, maybe you can help me narrow down my favorite movie. i don't know. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. we hope you'll set your dvr and record "hannity" the series every week did night he-- weeknight. see you back here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. nurse number two amber is struck with ebola being rushed from dallas texas to emory university hospital in atlanta. the private secure plane is expected to land in atlanta any minute now. also today the draw dropping news that the infected nurse had flown on commercial jess just hours before she went to the hospital with a fever the tell tale sign of ebola. sending out alert to passengers on that frontier aerials flight with the nurse. just moments ago president obama announcing a cdc swat team will immediately go to any local hospital where ebola is diagnosed. we have lye team


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