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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 17, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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politics. >> anything with that dog is brilliant to you. >> we got to go. set your dvr to record every episode of "the five." president obama's -- called for increase within the president's own party for a travel ban. this is "special report." good evening, i'm brett baier. the fight to keep an ebola scare that's affected 4,400 people in africa from ever breaking out here has a new czar tonight. he's what they call the ebola response coordinator, he has
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zero experience in medicine, but he has government coordination and congressional relations. meanwhile the kind of challenges that even a hint of an ebola connection with bring. the difficulty in dealing with and tracking down people who may have been exposed to the virus, but we begin with chief washington correspondent james rosen at the white house tonight, with reaction to and questions about this new layer of bureaucracy on ebola. >> republican lawmakers were quick to raise questions about president obama's choice for an ebola czar and the white house was quick to dismiss those questions as an effort to, quote, score political points. >> in selecting as his ebola response coordinator ron klain, a veteran democratic campaign operative and former chief of staff to presidents gore and biden, president obama wanted
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swung with extensive management experience. >> we didn't want an ebola expert, but an implementation expert, and that's what ron klain is. >> zero experience in infectious disease control, while the american people are trying to have proper calm and more focus and this is a job that the cdc and the white house and the hss ought to be doing, let's put someone in charge that has no idea fwha'what they're talking . >> reporter: obama aides also said klain's appointment was no rebuke to lisa monaco's -- will be able to devote 100% of his time on the effort. >> when did it dawn on president obama that lisa monaco would not
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be able to spend enough time on the ebola situation. >> president obama has spent a lot of time with his team that is responding to this crisis. >> reporter: in addition to monaco, president obama already had on his team -- and over at the department of health and human services, an assistant secretary for preparedness and response, whose job the hss website describes as to lead the nation in preventing, responding to and recovering from adverse health effects from public health emergencies. >> we're here to help the administration get prepared so that they're ready and they can recover as quickly as possible. and we're here to help them plan for that and we're here to help them recover. >> the white house had no
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answer, officials said he will begin his work very soon and that he will stay on the job an estimated five to six months. >> james, thank you. much of the response to the -- -- ebola crisis is in laipt. >> reporter: the cdc is trying to track down passengers who is may have been on texas nurse amber vinson's outbound flight from a wedding planning trip to ohio. she's now in an isolation unit at emery university hospital. and officials say they can't rule out the possibility that she was displaying symptoms including a low grade fever while flying across the country. >> someone who has been in close
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proximity or has treated these patients that they would go out and expose other people. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry is urging president obama to place persons with possible ebola exposure on the federal no-fly list. this came out as a lab supervise who handled medical tests for thomas duncan -- she's considered low risk and shows no signs of the disease, mexican authorities refused to allow the vessel to make a scheduled stop in cozumel. nina pham, the first health care worker diagnosed with ebola appears to be in good spirits. she released this youtube video. nih doctors say her condition is fair and stable. >> we fully intend to have this patient walk out of this hospital and we'll do everything
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we possibly can to make that happen. >> reporter: while all ebola patients are in highly specialized medical centers with special containment units--trained staff on the proper use of personal protective equipment or ppe. >> it takes meticulous attention to detail. and i think it's also taught us that health care workers really need to practice putting on their ppe, taking it off and then they need to practice some more. >> reporter: as long as the ebola outbreak continues in west africa, officials here at the cdc say they can't rule out the possibility of additional u.s. citizens coming down with ebola as well as additional scares here in the u.s. scare occurred at the pentagon when a woman getting off a bus threw up in the pentagon parking lot. defense officials say seven officers who assisted her were placed in isolation and the woman brought to a nearby
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hospital after she told authorities she had recently visited liberia. but multiple sources tell fox news the woman later confessed to making the story up, and said she hadn't been out of the country any time recently. >> jonathan, thank you. let's put the ebola situation again in perspective tonight. so far there have been just a handful of cases diagnosed and treated here all together and a few dozen people are being monitored and only one reported death in the u.s. so far. now to the war against isis. the american general in charge of the effort says air strikes are forcing isis fighters to change behavior and tactics. general lloyd arson says that baghdad is not in danger. senior foreign affairs correspondent has the latest tonight from the turkey-syria
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border. >> reporter: has the isis take year of kobani been stopped? while our sources say terrorists still hold 20% or more of the town, some officials claim the militants are in retreat. if they are, it is in part because of this, u.s. airpower. >> in the last few minutes we have been seeing more u.s. air activity in the skies over kobani, in our estimate, there have been well over 60 -- falling into the hands of the terrorists and still being defended by kurdish militia. >> 66 air strikes against the terrorists also called isil by late today. commander general austin thinks it's working and worth it. >> the general has made a decision to make kobani his main effort. he had continued to pour manpower into that effort.
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>> reporter: as for iraq, deadly isis bombs come to hit baghdad, nearby anbar province is being major rung. >> once the iraqis are able to get a better handle on the situation inside of their country and regain control of their border, that will help to localize the problems a bit more. >> reporter: sources tell us that isis continues tory enforce its ranks and may be coming up with surprises. exiraqi air force fighters we were -- what these men confirmed to us is they want to fight. these men appreciate u.s. air strikes but officials would let them back in. turkey is still not getting involved in kobani and is controlling the border.
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this man says we want to fight ourselves against isis. up next, why we may not no unt know until after the first of the year which party controls the u.s. senate. fox 13 in tampa bay with a case of grand theft toilet? police have charged the man with stealing brass valves and telling those for cash. there's still no sign of accused cop killer eric freen, one trooper was killed. the other has just been released from the hospital. freen is believed to still be hiding in the northern pennsylvania woods. and khon in hawaii, preparations are being made for hurricane ana.
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at last report, an was two miles south of hilo. the government has -- that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. fifteen minu fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know certain cartoon characters should never have an energy drink? action! blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. introducing the birds of america collection. fifty stunning, hand-painted plates, commemorating the state birds of our proud nation. blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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. we're talking about count downs in the election day, it could be weeks after that before we know who controls congress. >> reporter: it could be a cliffhanger, the likes of which the country has not seen in 14 years. runoffs won't end until next year. >> if i had to predict the headlines, at least in the early editions on election night, it would be senate control still up in the air. >> that's because in two of the
3:15 pm
closest most important races, louisiana and georgia, candidates must reach 50% to win. but georgia's runoff isn't until january. >> we will have the biggest runoff you have seen in your life, one in louisiana and a second one potentially in georgia. >> reporter: republican david perdue and democrat michelle nunn are running neck and neck. the republican committee poured in the $4 million into the race, the democrats a million more. remarkably, georgia could derail the gop's chances of taking control of the senate. >> a runoff with control of the senate hanging in the balance will be a bloodbath, nothing will be left on the table. >> reporter: republicans are more confident about louisiana, they fully believe the so-called jumbo primary will go to a runoff and that republican bill
3:16 pm
campbell will prevail. the real clear politics average shows him up five poinls in a head to head matchup. republicans should win a runoff in georgia too. chambliss easily took the roundoff in 2010. >> really you have to ask the question, if the republicans can't take control of the senate under ideal circumstances in 2014, when can they take control. >> with republicans leading in other crucial races, what happens here in georgia may end up not mattering, but if senate control comes down to georgia or louisiana, it's katie bar the door. we'll be watching. next up, comedy or tragedy, depending upon your politics. unlike a lot of democrats we have been telling you about, he does not seem to be in danger of
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losing his seat. to republicans that's a tragedy. >> reporter: this is a race that should be closer, according to one analyst, incumbent democratic senator al franken barely wong in a recount. he has a 3-1 cash advantage and a double-digit lead in the poll. according to larry jacobs, franken's group was not necessarily there for him last election. >> it may be the national image of the republican party that's hurting mike mcfadden here and maybe a real drag on his potential. >> reporter: so it's not a mistake massachusetts elizabeth warening is -- with weeks to go, he made time for a round table
3:18 pm
discussion with planned parenthood and railed against the supreme court's hobby lobby decision. >> this should be overturned, hobby lobby, this turns on its head the whole notion of religion. this reflects on the freedom of a woman to choose where she wants to use contra stepation. >> reporter: mcfadden's campaign is -- making energy cheap and streamlining government. he rarely mentions franken's name without linking him to obama. >> they're connected at the hip. al franken has been a rubber stamp. he's voted with the president, and he's been the most partisan senator in the democratic party. >> reporter: close association with an unpopular president does weigh franken down but he's been able to counter that by getting
3:19 pm
out of d and wearing out the shoe leather here in minnesota. brett, back to you. >> mike, thank you. still ahead, how the government is taking money from your pockets to track down criminals who just walked out of jail, we'll explain that one, but first, why the markets keep going up and down and up and down and back up again.
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stocks ended a crazy week on a very high note. the dow surged 263 points today. the skp 500 was up 25 points.
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if you're wondering just why your 401(k) balance seems to be resembling a dribbling basketball lately, a lot of it has to do with things outside of america. jim engel tonight on how the global perspective is influencing your family's finances. >> reporter: the financial markets hate uncertainty and with ebola, ongoing crisis with is isis -- >> the global economy is slowing down, in particular europe has worsened, china has slowed down quite considerably and the worry is that is going to impact u.s. earnings. >> there's nowhere the u.s. can export if everybody's growing at these slow rates. >> reporter: the dollar has been growing slower than other currency which also hurts imports. >> those products are going to
3:24 pm
be more expensive, because the dollar is so strong. >> reporter: several economic indicators suggested that the economy is also losing people. >> the u.s. is doing the best of everybody, and when you get news that it's not doing that well, that's a bad day. >> reporter: today recent declines in consumer confidence reversed boosting the dow by triple digits. >> reporter: rebounded slightly in october, gave investors a lot of confidence that there's been a little hiccup in the growth path and they should stay in u.s. markets. >> reporter: gas prices are down and that means holiday shoppers will have more money to spend. >> it will be very important, as we approach the holiday months. -- consumers will have more money to spend and they will start spending it. >> lower prices keep declining
3:25 pm
that could discourage job creation. traders expected and wanted what they called a flush out to correct overvalued stocks and with the market having lost about 9% recently, they now have it. brett? >> jim, thank you. please join me later tonight with a look at how your paycheck may influence the vote in the midterm election, we'll examine major senate races like the one in kentucky, and how president obama's 2008 promise about coal -- >> he has no idea what he's done to this little part of the country, whether he cares or in the not i don't know. he's killed this part right here. it's gone. it's gone. >> fox news reporting, american payday, the big squeeze airs tonight, saturday and sunday, you can see the times there, set
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the d skrrvr. trying to keep free speech free on college campuses and according to one group, there may have been a little bit too much freedom recently. next on the grapevine.
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the utah national guard is looking into whether a risque swimsuit photo shoot took
3:30 pm
place -- the hot shots 2015 calendar, men who seem to be members of the national guard appear and officials want to know how all this happened without approval. >> if this video was shot at a government restricted facility using government special'sed equipment--or their security protocols rmpblt robust enough to keep a bunch of calendar girls and their crew and assorted groupies out. >> students at yet another college say school officials have tried to stop them from districting copies of the constitution on campus. members of concealed carry of southern oregon kd about the -- end the policy of restricting demonstrations to a designated
3:31 pm
free speech zone. the students say they were threatened with disciplinary action if they did not move. in april you may remember students in hawaii filed lawsuits over a free speech zone and last year a student in california got a $50,000 settlement from his college. and finally, it is official, yogurt is the state snack of new york. this week governor andrew cuomo signed the bill into law. you will recall the debate over whether to elevate yogurt over other snack foods in the empire state sparked some spirited banter among law makers. >> had you considered cashews as the potential state snack? had you consider eed pretzels a the state snack. >> why yes, in case you were
3:32 pm
wondering, texas's state snack is chips and salsa. and in utah, it's jell-o. tonight, adding insult to injury, a story sure to get your attention, you are paying money, big money for law enforcement to recapture criminal illegal aliens who are being deliberately released back into the public. >> a convicted aggravated felon, citizen national of mexico, a documented gang member. >> reporter: agents hunt for the worst of the worst while jails across the country play catch and release. >> law enforcement agencies are not honoring our detainers that is really undermight have beening our authorities and our missions. >> 270 county jails have decided to ignore federal requests to hold illegal aliens for deportation. >> of these convicted felons, 75% of them are going to
3:33 pm
reoffend. so if we can get them in the jails before they get an opportunity to reoffend and create more victims, i mean for us, it's just a win-win situation. >> to change forces agents to recapture the criminals. >> i thought it was parole. >> local police jailed amar del rio, a man with attempted robbery conviction and let him go. along with this man, with prior drug convictions and deportatiodeportation s and assault with a deadly weapon. >> citizens who have been accused of crimes only and have done nothing wrong. >> reporter: rejecting detainers releasing 9,000 criminal aliens this year. >> the notion that if these counties don't honor i.c.e.
3:34 pm
detainers, they're putting people at risk. >> reporter: others cite felonies by recently released felon aliens. privately, some police chiefs disagree with the catch and releast policy, but say politically, their hands are tied. brett? >> william, thank you. here's some updates of some other stories we're following for you. the pentagon is not staying when it will release its report on sergeant bowe bergdahl, the captured soldier who was traded for five taliban commanders earlier this year, we're told the army completed it's investigation last week into allegations bergdahl deserted his unit. the military denies postponing the release of that report until after election day. we are asking every day. sergeant bergdahl is currently at ft. sam houston in texas. a high ranking official in
3:35 pm
the va administration has reskinned. let's accused of steering business barred a favored contract. the va had begun the process of firing her. >> -- resolving disputes over local elections and gas supplies, pro russian separatists have been -- we'll continue to update you on all of those, meantime the president appoints his ebola czar, will it make any difference? and how could all of this affect the midterms? we'll ask our panel when we come back. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup >>because i make the best chicken noodle soup
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need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. in this country there are important responsibilities that the cdc has with communicating
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with health care facilities across the country, and -- it's the responsibility of mr. klain to coordinate those efforts across agencies to make sure that we are maximizing this whole government approach. but ultimately the buck stops with the president of the united states as it always does. >> he doesn't really have any expertise when it comes to ebola or public health? >> when you talk about critics of this choice, i want to make sure that -- >> his area of expertise is in implementati implementation. >> ron klain named to that position. ron klain, a veteran campaign operative, former chief of staff to vice presidents gore and biten. there was quick reaction from republicans to this choice. >> i don't like the position of ebola czar, we have a director
3:40 pm
of health and human services and she can coordinate achkd many of these agencies are under her watch. i don't understand why a tick was made of this man, this is a campaign operative that has zero experience in infectious disease control et cetera. >> we welcome the national editor for the political report, and syndicate columnist charles krauthammer. what do you think of ron klain? >> let's see, where do we begin? in some ways, there's in the much of a choice here in the administration, they knew they needed a point person who wasn't affiliated with the cdc. they wanted someone what -- when republicans say they didn't pick
3:41 pm
someone who was nonpart san, they picked a pretty partisan person, they were looking for someone who could the two things, somebody that was part of the bureaucracy, and somebody that the administration could trust, somebody they didn't have to worry about things getting leaked and stuff. at the end of the day is going to be is this issue contained and how many more cases are we going to see and how many other cases we're going too see pop-up in other states in the country. >> lisa monaco was running it from a white house point of view, you have the hhs secretary birdwell, and you have nicole laurie who was an expert on infectious diseases. >> i don't have a problem with bringing somebody in with the idea of trying to make that process more efficient, somebody
3:42 pm
who is known to have the ear of the president, or the vice president, somebody that can move bureaucracy and try to get answers. i don't have a problem with that in principle, the problem is that he's not coming in to report to the president. he's reporting to lisa monaco and susan rice, he's coming into the bureaucracy. if i'm a republican, i don't focus on who he is or the fact that he doesn't have medical expertise, i focus on the problem, and the problem is the president and the lack of urgency that we have seen from the president. >> it's a pr move from beginning to end, it gives the appearance and motion that this is what obama specializes in you have a secretly service scandal, you fire somebody at the top so you have the appearance of -- what
3:43 pm
klain would do, he said his job is messaging, so we have a virus on the loose that turns your organs into liquid and the answer is to appoint a guy to do saging, if you're like obama, you say all hell is breaking loose all over the world, but it's because of facebook and twitter and everything else. evening now the administration is late, but it will change on the idea of a ban for travel. they said today, it's now on the table, it wasn't on the table up until now, and one more case imported then there will be, it's the rules, the protocols, this idea of self-quarantine. people have no idea what self-quarantine is. they should be given absolute instructions from the cdc and not have questions, am i allowed to go shopping at the grocery
3:44 pm
store. >> it factors in, as most things do to the midterm elections. here is senator kay haygan back on october 7 about the possibility. >> a travel ban could be one part of a broad range of issues on how we can work through this. you know, just -- >> you're open to that? >> i am open to a broad range, but the problem is, if you isolate those countries, you're not going to solve the problem, the problem is, how are we going to stop this virus, contain it and ultimately kill it? >> and then here the north carolina democrat on october 15, about? same question, quote, that's not going to help solve the problem, the travel ban, that's not going to contain this epidemic that we're seeing in africa. and then today, i have said for weeks that travel restrictions should be one part of a broad strategy previcinity ebola from spreading in theist and in africa. i am calling on the
3:45 pm
administration to temperaturery ban the travel of non-u.s. citizens from the affected countries in west africa. >> and there's a couple of other democrats who are saying similar things. as we get closer to the election, this is not the issue they wanted to be talking about. they wanted this election as a referendum on the president, not on ebola. it keeps the focus on the very thing that great -- they would much rooter be talking about what they're doing personally in their zpaets or anything especially other than, boy, we kind of botched a government that's response to a very serious crisis. >> we're not going to play the mark pryor question about how the obama administration's doing in arkansas. michelle nunn released this statement, and she's running a great cam pain in georgia.
3:46 pm
she's essentially tied. she said this, as we continue to gain new information about this horrible disease, our public health officials should take every precaution to make sure it doesn't spread, i support a temporary travel ban to affected countries in west africa. nobody's worried about the to, they're worried about the from. >> we can't have a travel ban from these countries because essentially we'll video a travel ban to these countries. this is the first in what will be a very very long line of democrats that will begin today through the-week-o weekend, maks call for travel restrictions, it needs to be something that the populous can understand and it takes the issues away from these candida candidates. there will be a number, dozens, probably of democrats who will begin to make the same call. >> we asked for clarification, whether that was just a wrong word that they used, but they never got one.
3:47 pm
>> it makes no sense, of course. look the argument that you heard from haygan, well this isn't going to stop the epidemic, having a ban on travel, of course it's not, nobody has said it would. but it's one of many steps, including quarantine u finally what he's doing which is to evacuate, not to treat patients from local hospitals, because local hospital -- and also, i think there's going to be the issue of privacy, release the name of people two have it. particularly on the travel ban, the administration is going to cave, as they approach the administration, obama ask going to look at the polls on that and i think he will likely switch.
3:48 pm
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3:51 pm
each week we ask you to vote online in our friday lightning round poll and your favorite topic you can see it right here. you chose the economy. it's been a a wild ride on wall street ended up 263 today on the dow. we're back with the panel. charles, there is just this uncertainty, the global situation. a lot of factors. >> right. i mean a lot of crazy convenience from isis -- events from isis to ebola. events have slowed down in europe, germany looking at a third of the recession. greece approaching insolvency again. china slowing down although not going over a cliff and the reduction, the collapse of i'llcz)eoi prices. in the short run that always unsettles the markets. in the medium in the long run it's a boone. put a quarter of a trillion dollars in the pockets of americans in spending money which is going to help us get out of this and to
3:52 pm
reboot the stock market. >> we asked our panels to choose a race that they are watching. one that is interesting to them. amy, you start? >> i'm watching iowa. that's going to be a great place to watch on election night. that is going to tell us what kind of night it's going to be for both parties. i think if republicans win the state. earnst republican here that is a sign of a very big night for republicans. also a good sign for republicans looking toward to 2016 winning a state that's not red. this is a state obviously that barack obama carried both times. that's a state that i'm going to be watching very closely. if republicans don't win, democrats win there, doesn't mean that they can't win control of the senate, but it does mean it's going to be a much later night. >> steve? >> i'm also watching a race if we are talking about it on election night it will say some very important things. it's the maryland governor's race larry hogan the republican is running against anthony brown who is running in effect for martin o'malley's third term. this is a race that should not be close at all. i mean, barack obama won the state in 2012 by 26 points.
3:53 pm
martin o'malley won re-election in a heavily republican year in 2010 by 14 points. and larry hogan running on a very simple spend less, tax less message in maryland has some polls that show him within seven points of anthony brown who ran the maryland healthcare exchange and has been beat up because of it. if we are talking about this race on election night, it means that it's been a very very good day, good evening for republicans across the country. >> watch that georgia senate race we talked about earlier. that's going to be close. >> another governor's race in a state where it shouldn't be close. in massachusetts martha coakley vs. charlie baker. they are in a dead heat. 10% undecided. this state with a 3 to 1 democratic registration advantage over republicans however, coakley, you will remember is the democrat who lost the ted ted kennedy seat and special)m=js$ëu)jjp &c@ 2010 scott brown. so, she could lose it again. >> okay. winners and losers down the
3:54 pm
road here. charles? >> my loser alisyn grimes in kentucky the candidate who refuses to say she voted for obama. when you begin to look foolish, it's really hard to shed the image. my winner, nigel, the per line parrot. disappeared from his owner four years ago, reappeared. owner has him again. as you described so charmingly on tuesday, he reappeared having lost his british accent and now speaking spanish. we have no idea who parrot napper is however, nigel has been asking for a guy called larry. larry, if you are out there, turn yourself in. we will find you. >> winners and losers? >> i can't compete with that the loser is the obvious one the cdc. a year ago the pew poll had americans rank who they thought was the best agency, the cdc was number one.
3:55 pm
by the way, next was the veteran's affairs department. both obviously have had a very very tough year. for my winner i'm going to pick the kansas city royals. even if you are not a baseball fan you have got to love this story in an era where we have been talking only bad news. underdogs, winning, first time since 198 a. being in the world series. i think it's a lot of fun. listen, i like the o's and the that nats but i'm going to cheer for these guys. >> ted cruze. my loser is this woman at the pentagon who lied about having traveled to africa. >> lie beeria, not just africa, to one of the three affected countries to liberia. we all react to these kind of stories and potential crises in different ways. but, one way that you shouldn't do it is to be a complete moron and that's what she was. >> we don't know the whole story there yet. >> i would put her on
3:56 pm
quarantine on those grounds alone. >> i'm for it. >> we followed it all day here trust us. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for al a turn tiff names for the military operation against isis. [safety beeping] ♪ [safety beeping] ♪ the nissan rogue, with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is your imagination. ♪ nissan. innovation that excites.
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finally tonight, as we told you this week, operation inherent resolve is now officially the name of the u.s. military mission against isis in iraq and syria. some are saying that doesn't sound intimidating enough. but one late night show found out that compared to other options, it could have been worse. >> operation forceful talking to operation cold shoulder. just ignore them. just ignore them, you know. and then finally we have operation we can't even. and finally operation isis isis baby. >> oh, yeah, the cold shoulder, that's what you do. tune in tonight 10:00 p.m.
4:00 pm
eastern time. hannity is giving us his slot for this hour of reporting. we have been all over the country the past few months. it's amazing, people's stories is a big part of the mid terms. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. this is a fox news alert. an ebola scare in washington, d.c. today a scare near the pentagon. a bus packed with people quarantined when the woman got sick and falsely claimed she had been to africa. also today, president obama pointing an aebola caesar to point the nation to this giant medical crisis. not a doctor, no medical background, a lawyer and lobbyist and democratic political operative. is this the best person for the job? the best president obama can do? the white house already under fire for handling of ebola response. has the administration's ebola response been botched right from the beginning all the way back in march the world health organization reported ebola outbreak


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