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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 17, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. on, tonight. >> it may make sense for it may make sense for us to have one person just to make sure that we're crossing all the ts and dotting all the is. >> president obama appoints an ebola czar, we'll tell you what's behind this decision. >> he throws in a west africa travel ban and an ebola border security. >> once again, the far left lurks to divert the far left issue of racial politics. when will this kind of stuff st
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stop? >> he's highly deresponsiveness denlt. >> if the mexican government is ever going to do anything. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. ebola and race, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. one of the big dividers in this society is race, not builtry so much, almost all americans accept that -- should be treated equally by their fellow citizens and government. the problem with race is how it's used in public policy. racial approximately ticks has created the grievance entry,
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where some -- feel they should be compensated for their abuses and they should also get money or subsidies, repar rations as it's called. and because of slavery and the forced removal of them from their natuive land, they want stiff. it is,pushed by white liberals because they feel guilty that some mean norths are not succeeding in america. those are victims and -- blanket dispensations for irresponsible behavior. all of this above is corrosive to society. welcome the ebola controversy. three black nations in africa
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are ground zero for the spread of the deadly disease. 14 other african nations have now banned west africans in the ebola zone from entering their countries and 14 other nations have other travel restrictions. but when talking points and others suggest the usa do the same thing, we're attacked as racist, by pathetic ideological alones that could not care les about protecting the folks. this is a public health issue, not a race issue. mr. duncan lied to authorities and he paid for that with his life and this has embarrassed american health officials. so today obama appointed a political guy, ron klain, to be his, quote, ebola czar. >> it may make sense for us to have one person in charge so
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that after this initial surge of activity, we can have a more regular process, just to make sure that we're crossing all the ts and dotting all the is going forward. >> the appointment of mr. klain as -- head of the cdc who has mucked things up big time. but will approximate president obama protect the american people by stopping travelers from the ebola epidemic area. >> i don't have a philosophical objection to a travel ban if that's what's going to keep america safe. the problem is in all the discussions i have had thus far with experts in the field, experts in infectious disease is that a travel ban is less effective than the measures we are currently instituting. >> it doesn't matter, mr.
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president, you do everything you can to protect americans, this is not a compare ty situation, you do it all. if there is one more ebola case in the usa a travel ban will have to be imposed. that's the memo. criticizing some of the ebola coverage, he's seen sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. on media buzz. what is your beef, howard? >> my beef is the relechbtless coverage -- live video of the car carrying the nurse to the airport before she's flown to nih, arngd this whole ritual of calling for frieden's scalp. we need to create a pin natt that, but it's symbol i'm, it doesn't bring us any closer to
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solving the problems. >> does it not mean that performance in life and death situations in imperative? do you not believe that? >> i do believe that performance is very important. i believe that frieden has done a very mediocre response. >> we went through the secret service scandal, and the cia scandal. >> last time i checked, he's still in charge of the cdc. now to cover his butt, president obama appoints this new guy, who doesn't know anything about health matters, but he's a spinner. he's going to get what the white house wants out there, klain. i don't mean that in a
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derogative way. >> interesting the president last night, you slowed to the clip, he said he was going to kf appointing a czar, he obviously had already decided to appoint ron klain. >> because frieden's screwing up. you say guys like me are making him a villain and it doesn't sol the problem. >> frieden couldn't explain whether you get it on a bus or not, howard, that's what creates panic, not foolish over the top reporting, and i agree there's some of that, but i don't think it's epidemic, part the pun. >> i don't have any objection if frieden is fired tomorrow. but his not having a philosophical objection to a travel ban. >> he knows he's wrong, they can't explain why there's no travel ban, and he goes, well, it's not as effective, you don't
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have to do anything else, just throw that in the mix, do all the other things, you're screening at the airports, oh, you know those guys are going to pick up ebola, those guys with no medical training out at the airport, oh, hey, there's one, come on over here, that's insane. >> the administration is going to cave on this sooner rather than later with the midterm elections three weeks away. >> you do everything you can. the african nations have it. they know, and therefore you can't come in there if you're from the help democrat eck areas, and europe, now we have spontaneous and france looking at people, they're looking -- it should have been done a long time ago, howard. >> i agree with your talking points about keeping race out of this debate. some comment tate fors on the left, have suggested, implied, that those who are calling for a travel ban are racist.
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he said a black man doesn't want a travel bang because he's an affinity for africa. >> every issue is racial, every single issue. well, look, they're paying a huge price over there at msnbc, you know that, anybody who can see the neilson ratings knows that. >> don't you agree with me, that this is already been covered -- >> some people do it, but not the serious people how wart, we don't do it here, i don't think cnn has done it. yeah, they have the little car, going to the hospital. >> the volume is deafening. >> doesn't offend me, people are on to the story. next on the run down, is the economy affecting consumer
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does breathing with copd... ...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. who is the boss segment tonight, ebola and the economy as we reported earlier this week, the stock market has lost almost a trillion dollars in value since the ebola scare began. here to tell u us if there's some linkage, from our sister channel, fox news network. >> it should be called our brother chachnnel. i told you this before, i have only 24% of my portfolio in the stock market, because i think the stock market is rigged, they manipulate the market somewhat,
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it's not a sinister conspiracy where there's guys in a basement in moscow. i know if there's a terror attack, or this ebola thing, the market is going to go down 1,000 points, which indeed it did, but the specific question is, did ebola drive it down. >> it's a rational reason, and the thing i find interesting, only one in ten house holds in this country are directly invested in the market. burned in 2008, and perhaps never to return. it's a rational response, it's a rational response for this market to tell off in the face of ebola.
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>> and the fed and this gets complicated, keeping the interest rates artificially low. >> to keep it simple. the fed put $4 trillion into this economy, and we are still looking at anxious moments in the markets. >> but the regular person doesn't have a degree in economics, they're affected by these crazy stock market g gyrations, people pull back buying, cars, homes, when their portfolio goes down, retired people see their iras and that stuff going down, and say we can't aren't affected by this. >> before we are seeing a market break, a pause. >> those interest payments are taxed. absolutely. >> they taxed the 1%.
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>> they taxed the 1%. they want it to be a 0.5%, what we're watching in these markets, and the people are talking about, don't panic about ebola. >> it's good advice. >> it's very good advice, but they're trying to say the thing, don't panic, they're trying to say to you, please, leave your minute where it is. >> i am. am i an idiot? >> under no circumstances are you an idiot. >> i'm not selling if it did. >> you have to make a determination, and i'm sure you and your advisors have, are you confident in the stocks you own? >> i know i ain't selling in this madness. >> the reality is, this is a time for extreme caution, that's a very wise decision. >> i'm not buying, but i'm not selling stuff that's going down.
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>> everybody that's investing in this market right now had better be extraordinarily confident. not only is there the selloff. you hear uniform chorus, don't panic don't panic, that's when you need to be cautious. >> what are y >> you need a big mattress to pull all your money under it. >> each day, directly ahead, geraldo, another guy with a mat tes, with an update on sergeant andrew tamaricki. and ann coulter, on why the democratic party is screwing everything up. up ahead. woman: everyone in the nicu --
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factor follow-up segment the sad ordeal of marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi, charged with illegal weapons possession after he made a wrong turn into mexico, he had three personal guns in his vehicle. his mother tells us his condition is getting worse. >> i urge attention and collaborative action among the united states and mexico for the expedient resolution of an draw's judicial process expecting whole heartedly that release is justified. my son is despondent without treatment and he needs to be home. >> you had a long talk with jill today, she is obviously very concerned, she sees light at the
8:22 pm
end of the tunnel to this extent, today is the final day of this hearing before having this case dismissed. the judge has under mexican law, 15 business days to render his decision to free this man and to end this unbelievable ordeal he has been through. in terms of his -- let me just say the mom remains cautiously optimistic, she has an excellent attorney now, it's the third attorney that's been on the case, but this one, benitez, she says it's hard to read the judge's poker face, but she says she feels it will largely be in her favor. >> the mexican psychiatrist did tell the judge that he has post traumatic stress disorder. >> not only does he already have that, he has a va bed already waiting for him, she wouldn't
8:23 pm
disclose which hospital, but following up from the va hospital, they have a private facility for him to be in retab. as for his physical condition, aside from the emotional problems, remember for seven months at la mesa, remember he was brutalize e ed and tortured she believes his arm is broken. now he's in a prison in tijuana, he is receiving better care, he is not in the general population, his situation is far more humane. >> the judge says you've got 15 days to make a decision whether to dismiss the case, we assume the judge will do that, but assume he doesn't, shouldn't president obama get involved and get this guy out of there? if president obama can't get
8:24 pm
this man out of there, we're really in big trouble. >> the problem of course is that we have to be on the same page with mexico in the regard that we believe that heavy weapons in mexico is a danger, having weapons is a very severe crime. it's about losing faith. >> and you know what everybody's going to say? shut up. >> you're not telling me to shut up. >> no, when you go out there and pedal this nonsense, president obama has an obligation to get the man out. >> you put me in a position where i have to argue with you. >> no, you have to agree, that's all. >> this is a criminal case, how would we feel if the president of mexico was intervening in a criminal case. >> if he had the stones to do something right, i would applaud it. >> if there was arrogance on the part of that judge in mexico,
8:25 pm
but there hasn't been. i believe that the cautious optimism of the mother is well warranted. >> hopefully that's right, but if it isn't, then i'm going to pressure mr. obama to get this man out. i'm not making any threats, but trust me on that. ron klain, the czar of ebola, the president of the united states has missed an opportunity to the take decisive action that would have calmed the budding an -- the man who wenl to new orleans at the heart of the disaster of hurricane katrina, when there were dead bodies in the -- the military assets and the civilian assets all working together, he's a man with the affiliation with emery -- this is a chump.
8:26 pm
>> a chump? >> he is a political hack, he is a highly regarded political hack, let me say that, he's not a doctor, he can't talk to the military with authority, we have an opportunity here -- >> all he is is a mouthpiece. >> it's another political person, and my first person is why did he take ron klain? did he not have a job? it was a terrible choice. a terrible message. >> he claims he's going to take the place of frieden and pull out the stuff, he's a spinner. >> he's a politician and he should not have gotten this job, we need an authoritative leader. >> it's looking more and more like a cartel leader every week, there is mud, and the glasses and everything, he's so distinguished. >> thank you.
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the "new york times" taking tourist to iran, we'll let the boys vent, but next our mad as hell segment. >> go to the nearest window, stick your head out of it and yell, i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. try sunsweet amazin prune juice. also available in light. ♪ [safety beeping] ♪ [safety beeping] ♪ [safety beeping] ♪ the nissan rogue, with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is your imagination. ♪ nissan. innovation that excites.
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from oklahoma city: fox's anchor, what makes me mad has hell today is your lack of respect for my general raegs, you often portray us as technozombies locked into our cell phones with no with regard. i might be a little hard on the under 30s because i do agree that they're, you know, addicted to machines in large part, but do we have any data on that? >> they could be a little dopey, but we were all a little dopey when we were younger, 29% of millennials follow the news today and they get most of their information online. >> 29% of under age 30 or age 40. >> under ages 32. >> that's appalling. >> do you think more should be reading the newspaper? >> 29%, heather, did you ever
8:32 pm
ski watters world? second letter is ed wall, marietta, california, forget about the cdc or the obama administration putting a ban on liberia, let's pressure the armiarmy airlines into canceling all the flights to and from those countries. >> some of the airlines do fly through some of the affected countries, they fly through liberia and new guinea. >> delta and united go there, but not directly, they have indirect flights. >> i don't think we have any jet liners going in there. >> more than 1,000 people that come to the united states from ebola stricken countries every single week. i talked to people in the airline industry and they say this, here is why those flights
8:33 pm
won't be stopped temporarily like british airways has, because the administration puts subtle pressure on the airline industry and they can wreak havoc with the airlines through the faa, they can take away some of those routes. >> so this goes back to this being politics, and nothingal else. letter number three, frank, i am beyond mad,approximately bhauchl's fund raising trips, has anyone calculated the number of dollars spent for the number of dollars raised. >> a lot of news organizations have tried to get this information. the white house will not give out that information. >> even to you? >> in fact they don't even give a reason for this, because it would be embarrassing to this administration and also to other administrations as well. >> foya will get it.
8:34 pm
>> they'll get information on the cost of flights. >> next from larry, corona, california, i ahmad as hell that our state of california is spending 165 million of taxpayer dollars to build more glchbs -- how much does the state of california spend on illegal aliens? >> actually a lot more than he was talking about. 24,000 just to handle this dmv issue alone. it's estimated that it could cost $25 billion annually for the state of california alone. and that includes social programs. >> that's why i don't have any money out there. final letter,egan, mad as hell jesse watters doesn't host your show when you're out. if you were running the factor,
8:35 pm
but watters in my chair? gu gutfeld who can barely order lunch -- should we give watters a shot at one hosting this show? what's your vote. >> i say yes, absolutely. >> all right, heather, it's 1-0. the crew is all going no. all right, if you're mad as hell, we want to hear about it, please write us at fox we come right back, ann colter on the continuing unpopularity of the republican party. and the "new york times," taking folks to iran for a good time. it's a blast over there. patented sonic technology with
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the unresolv i'm bill o'reilly, tonight, midterm elections 17 days away, and right now many are predicting republicans will win the senate. but a fox news poll asked what
8:40 pm
they thought about both parties. 36% favorable, that's low, 43% favorable democrats. here to explain this complicated situation, ann colter who's a republican. were you surprised at that? i was. >> not really, the country has changed and we keep thinking this is the same country that it used to be, democrats have been bringing in ringers since the 1965 immigration act, you think it's the same people voting, it isn't. the democrats get basically every immigrant group to block votes for the democrats, even though -- >> but the performance of the obama administration in the last two years. >> yeah. >> right, so you would think that even people who are inclined to vote for a party, might take a step back and say, you know what? all of this stuff really isn't working. >> you would think so, but you also have the massive issue of election fraud.
8:41 pm
>> that poll wouldn't have anything to do with election fraud. >> they aren't pushing the issues that americans care about. they're allowing themselves to be painted as the party of wall street and not the party of the people. if they're going to win, they're going to have to be the populous party. >> each party needs a face, you got the clintons for the democratic party, you got barack obama for the democratic party. who do you have for republicans? >> you're right. scott brown is running one of the best campaigns this year, as is tom cotton. >> and brown is making gains. >> he is. and i predict now, cory guard never will lose in colorado because he's the worst on immigration, it's not helping him, he's 30 points behind. >> what do you want him to say, everybody should be deported?
8:42 pm
>> no, but how about a border. a fence would be nice. >> i don't know gardner, but i think he's for that, he wants the border to be patrolled in a responsible way. >> instead of sucking up to a group of people that will never vote for you-- >> there are things, and i just want to make one more point. i think mitt romney is going to be the nominee. >> i really hope so. >> i really believe he's going to do it because nobody else is getting any traction. >> i would say it has to be either ted cruise or mitt romney. >> he's very, very smart, the only other issue is whether he can run for president. >> he's a harvard guy.
8:43 pm
minnesota, you've been there, right? minnesota seems like a very, very common sense place. al franken votes for obama 97% of the time. is a shrill dishonest hack, anybody looking at his record knows that. and he's going to be re-elected, it looks like. >> i can explain that, again, immigration, he gets 90% of the somali vote. >> how many somalis can there be? >> about 100 ,000? >> there's 100,000 somali registered voters in minnesota? >> okay, so maybe 50,000. i didn't mention the mong and the hispanic voters out there.
8:44 pm
these are now voters coming in, and point two, you do get to election fraud there, like 500 of al franken's voters turned out to be felofelons. hollywood closed ranks around fra fra franken. he was on comedy central talking about rob reiner having sex with his son. and we saw a tape of christine o'donnell on politically incredible. you'll see the real al franken after this election. >> what 53% of minnesotian s
8:45 pm
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back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just what the heck just happened. you might have seen an advertisement for a trip. if you have money, big money, they will take you to iran for a little fun. so gutfeld, you look a little bit like pat boone tonight. >> this trip, it's 13 days of hiking, no booze, what thomas
8:49 pm
frieden, this is a great idea for fox news, for fox news, having people pay to go on trips with knocks news anchors. for $3,000 you can go clubbing with greta. for $5,000, you can go bungee jumping -- you can go 10 k, a week with o'reilly, bill o'reilly at a vermont bed and breakfast, for $20,000, it's just a weekend. >> it sounds like a bowl of fun. questions on the accomplishments of -- >> we're not making this up.
8:50 pm
this trip is being led by a former "new york times" reporter, not freeden, but they are taking people for a lot of money over there, i'm guessing they have to wear the hazmat suits because you're going to be in a nuclear facility helping them develop their you don't really get to do that a lot. >> i would rather go to colorado with maureen doud. >> scratch kabul, detroit off my bucket list. but tehran -- >> wouldn't it be rich if the "new york times" crew -- because i don't think any conservative individuals are going to go over would you both agree it's going to be kind of the upper west side of manhattan. what if they're all taken hostage? remember what happened? >> right. >> what if they grabbed them all? >> this lady that gave the tour hung out with the ayatollah. >> maybe that's part of it
8:51 pm
optional 18-year extension you're taken hostage. >> it's an adventure. >> i would rather stay at a bar with bill hemmer. >> really, gutfeld? >> yeah. and you know what? that's worth it. >> you can't drink alcohol there, but you can get stoned, with rocks, if they catch you with a beer. on north korea, another place where you don't want to vacation, kim jong-un is the leader. can we put the picture up? kim disappeared, mcguirk. >> yeah. >> he disappeared and they thought that he was dying or may have gone on the iranian trip himself. what eventually happened? >> apparently the dumpy little dictator here broke his ankle because his body was too fat for his feet. he was wearing high heels they say. >> who's they? >> the reports. >> reports? from the free press of north korea. >> it's a closed country.
8:52 pm
>> exactly where do you get your information about heels? >> the daily mail. >> he could have been chasing his wife across the 38th parallel and she fled. i don't know. this bloated little shrub who waddles around pyongyang while he's got all these emaciated people, it's a sad thing when you think about it, what he sits in the palace and stuffs his face. he's useless this guy. >> gutfeld, your haircut is similar to his. >> again, i look up to him. he's one of the few people -- >> you can look up to him. >> he was missing. where was he during this whole time? >> yes. >> he was obviously auditioning for "the view." be but they already have one psychotic dictator in rosie o'donnell. his existence still to this present day shows you how cartoonish and awful this world is. and when america is not on the stage, you end it with a police lineup of scowls, dirt bags and madmen. >> yeah, this guy has nukes. at.
8:53 pm
and china enables this guy. >> we've had churchill, bill clinton and rob ford, some great leaders in the past who have been overweight. it's not that, it's the fact his people are starving. >> standing by the high heels remark, mcguirk? >> yeah. it's hot. >> all right. "the factor" tip of the day about food. the tip moments away. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that c take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. before we craft it into a sandwich. the tender, slow-roasted turkey, the zesty cranberry mostarda, the freshly baked flatbread paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup. a delicious meal made just for you only at panera bread.
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"the factor" tip of the day on food, in a moment. but first as we mentioned earlier this week, some "factor" viewers are already buying copies of "killing patton" for christmas gifts. that's a smart play. we're anticipating many orders because the book's flying out of stores number one everywhere. get your order in early. go to we will have a cutoff date on these. we'll even personalize the books for you. i'll write whatever greeting you want and sign it. that makes a great gift at a
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very moderate price. now the mail, texas, we had two students on the flight with the nurse who was infected with ebola. the result three schools are now closed. precautions are a good thing, cliff. this is going to pass. john, texas, bill, how can you say president obama's not responsible for the two sick nurses when he will not institute a travel ban? because the first ebola victim mr. duncan arrived here from belgium when ebola was contained in africa, john. few predicted what was going to happen. florida, ed henry asked the white house spokesman who is going to be held accountable for all the ebola mistakes. that's obvious. it has to be george w. bush. atlanta, georgia, ebola's killed one man in the u.s. so far. the flu kills more than 30,000 every year. where's your fist pounding over that, o'reilly? lazy thinking, jeff, on your part. millions of folks get the flu. it's rarely fatal. most who die are elderly people
8:57 pm
with respiratory problems. 70% of those who contract ebola die. an ebola epidemic in this country would cause panic. the flu is the flu. wise up. ed withholding his last name somewhere in wyoming, bernie did not tell the whole truth. eric holder is a muslim just like obama. when is somebody at fox going to tell the real truth to the american people. tucson, arizona. bill, after watching you with jon stewart i was impressed by the positive message you sent to those who live in poverty. you can make it, if you get educated, work hard and conduct yourself in an honest way. if you do that, america will provide opportunity. and the left just doesn't see it that way. jean, blowing rock, north carolina, bill, your tip is right on. when debating stand your ground and use some humor. but for me, a woman, i get too emotional.
8:58 pm
here's what you do, jean, think about bill murray in the movie "meatballs." he's a camp counselor and telling his campers it just doesn't matter over and over again. if other people disagree with you, it just doesn't matter. don't get emotional. michigan, just finished killing patton, it is by far one of the best books on world war ii i have ever read. much thanks, bill. you're welcome and thank you for reading killing patton. the reviews on amazon, by the way, are very interesting. already they're approaching 1,000. i just was cruising. the ones who hate the book didn't read the book. they reviewed me. there's really some real thoughtful reviews on amazon. "the factor" tip of the day, food. when i was growing up money was tight, so my father was a fanatic about "cleaning your plate." one problem, my irish-american mother was not the best cook in the world. even my german shepherd barney walked away from the offerings from the table.
8:59 pm
my dad would sometimes tell my sister and me that poor children in korea did not have much food. so we had to eat ours. one time i said, well, let's put a stamp on these mashed potatoes and send them over there. two weeks later i emerged from my room. to this day i have trouble leaving food on the plate, but that's bad. and here's the "factor" tip of the day. many americans eat too much. when you are full, stop chewing. also drink a glass of water with lemon before chowing down. you'll be much healthier. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o' name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, it's a positive word, please be waggish when writing to "the factor." please be waggish. i'll work some of those in now. i think we've exhausted every
9:00 pm
negative word in the world. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here, we're definitely looking out for you. you. breaking tonight concern with ebola cares popping up across the country and concern growing over the risk of a deadly outbreak. the white house is addressing the crisis by putting a political operative in charge of life and death decision making. welcome to a "the kelly file" special, ebola in america hosted by an anchor who's suffering just a cold. what started as a distant health threat in west africa has just in a matter of days become the newest crisis to lead the administration reeling and americans wondering about the people who are supposed to be keeping us safe. it was only a few weeks ago president obama promised when it comes to ebola we have little to


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