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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 18, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." yesterday president obama raised the possibility that he might be appointing yet another czar. >> i will answer this one question about an ebola czar, it may make sense for us to have one person in part just so that after this initial surge of activi activity, we can have a more regular process just to make sure that we're crossing all the
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ts and dotting augull the is go forward. >> ron claim, he's a former chief chief of staff of vice president biden. what does klain know about ebola? the white house ask being asked those questions. >> it's already coming under criticism from republicans from capitol hill, that are saying that's a shocking development, isn't it. >> it takes three weeks before election day and republicans are seeking to score political points, stop the presses. >> what does ron klain know about ebola? >> what we weren't looking for was not an ebola expert, but an
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implementation expert, than's what ron klain is. >> it is, ron klain by all accounts is a well connected staffer u he knowles a lot of people in washington, he also ran the president's stimulus package, which i don't know if that was anything i would write home got. i also think that the response that josh ernest gave today, know that that would be an instinct to say what he said, but this was not the day. >> what would you have said? >> first of all president bush would have called me and -- calm nerves and show people that you are on top of things and you are putting the best possible person in place, and you're not trying to look political. instead it was the opposite.
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the other thing this appointment could have done is show a little gravitas. i don't expect anybody to be an expert in ebola. i do accept their recommendation that he is a good implementer, if they anticipate the concern as a lack of information flow from government to medical professionals, perhaps ron klain ask the guy to do that. plus, ron klain is not going to get to directly report to president obama. he will have to go through other layers like susan rice and lisa monaco. others that have left the
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administration who have left have complained about that exact process. ron klain is the president's choice, and we have to trust that's going to be a good one, but i think they could have made a better decision. >> it actually mai think that f, whoever was going to run this had to come out of the white house. >> why? that's not true. >> i think it is, i think you need to have the power of the president when you're making decisions. you don't need a doctor to be on top of this. there are plenty of doctors out there. but ron is a guy who can implement a campaign, it's a campaign, a communications campaign and nobody is better at doing it than he is. >> people think it's a political problem when it's actually a public health concern. they answered their political problem, instead of their public
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health problem. they have a facts problem, you can't blame the communicators for the fact that they got things wrong on the ground. >> communication isn't that at all. >> bowling, nice magic trick. >> when this was announced, i literally thought it was a yoke, i thought they were kidding, i thought it was a joke, i googled wrong klain, and the hanging chad issue, i was literally saying where's the medical experience. i'm not saying he needs to be an ebola expert, but don't you think the guy who's going to have run the infectious disease response have some background in infectious disease? >> it's a communications issue. >> how do you -- when two nurses contract ebola from a dying man,
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it's not a communications problem, it's a virus problem. it's a medical problem. they pick the wrong guy. this is why america is fearful of ebola, not because they think they're going to die of ebola, but it's the government's handling it. not that they're going to die of ebola, but how is the government keeping us safe. >> it makes you wonder, who was considered, who was in the pool of candidates? was it charlie sheen, lindsay lohan, appointing klain -- it makes me think that the white house is just pranking us, that this isn't just an adm administrati administration, it's the world's longest episode of "jackass." we need a majestic,
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inspirational leader, someone that will instill confidence. it could be somebody in the military, it could be somebody that everybody trusts. how about the guy that kevin spacey played in a miniseries. and you know what's great about this guy? he loves to tweet. >> when they're debating how this guy should be, how about taking advice, from who would be not partisan, who would be uniting in getting the country back to a calm tone? >> somebody like a democrat, a long-term democrat who had been a governor, who had done some of these things, who actually had to manage a big crisis and know what the governors are doing and the health care professionals. you're right, yesterday, i did say they have a communications problem, but i don't think they have an overarching problem. i think they should have better information flow so that the president and the vice president
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have all the informs they need. i think there's something like a chad allen, who ran the response, the coast guard admirable who was unable and ill equipped to contain it. >> this was not, they didn't address crisis management, they addressed crisis pr, so now we have more czars than 18th century russia. what's great about this is that he reports to susan rice, which is encouraging, but i guess tommy beater was out of a job. >> the idea that somehow you're talking,somebody that's weak here, you're talking about somebody who knows about something -- >> very good as a political operative. kevin spacey played him in a movie. but here's the deal, now's the time to shore up and do something right. you're right, let's not pick a political operative. let's pick somebody that -- >> actually if they were really
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thinking political, they should have picked a republican, because then that would have quieted all the criticism. somebody like a bill frist. >> that would not have been a bad idea. >> he was a u.s. senator, he has extensive training in africa and he actually ran a hospital. >> he would have been a good choice. but nobody i can think of in washington who has the connections that he has with obama who can implement a president's decision, implement an administration wide decision. ron klain is the% person i can think of. let's talk about something else, let's talk about the troops, let's talk about ebola, west africa, sending our soldiers over there to handle this problem, and talk about how much training they're talking about if any, let's listen to
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frieden talk about it. >> their plans do not include any care for patients with ebola or any direct contact with patients with ebola. that said, we would always be careful in country because there is the possibility of coming in contact with someone with symptoms and being exposed to their bodily fluids. >> on whether this is a good idea or not. >> it's a terrible idea. it's the president's whimsy. this is how he believes the military should be used, not fighting terrorists, not defending america against violent enemies, but tearing these people away from their jobs, from their families and expose them to incredible riskses. i think the president should ask for volunteers and not order them. >> i actually disagree with
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colonel peters on this one. although i did not serve in the military and he did, so everybody should take my thoughts with a grain of salt, and i think everybody does with a mountain of salt. everybody with -- the military is a very valuable asset, they take care of one another, and i feel confident that trying to stop this outbreak over there is better than dealing with it over there. >> now we're ordering people to go over there instead of volunteering to go over there. now they get four hours of training, so i understand the argument that he's making, taking them away from their families and their children and compelling them to go to west africa. so let's see what happened. >> they said these guys are all prepared to do that. >> this is the national guard, so they're serving as reserves until they're called into duty. >> we should all be questioning whether it's smart to send, now
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it's up to 3,900 troops. 101st airborne and marines -- and some morgues for dead bodies, ebola -- >> in the hospitals or the morgues, where they are, they're building them, that's what they do. >> let's hope that's all it is. a couple of hours training, we have nurses with decades of raining, two of them now with ebola. my question is why aren't we sending our people there to do that? >> what's the alternative. >> send the money. >> the countries who have contained this so far, thnigeri what they did what they did was eradicated ebola. it's a muchr deal if they stop it there, this has gone how many weeks now, three weeks? you use sensationalist on this. >> three so far, bob, what happens if -- what happens if
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three of these mararines come bk with ebola? >> i think the troop role must be defined and the role must be what they said it is, which is only to build beds and to leave and not have any contact whatsoever with patients, which is what we're being told, if they have absolutely no contacts with patients, i don't have a problem with it. we are really good at building things and if we can help, we should help. but i want to just touch on what the president said about the travel ban which just kind of stuck with me. he said he had no philosophical objection to the travel ban. and that's old news. someone remind him that this is isn't a class project where you're making a paper mache volcano. so your philosophical arguments mean nothing, should you do it or should you not do it? >> he's uncomfortable with
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making very fast decisions about things. >> i just want to ask, first of all, just one point, if we send them money, send the liberians money, that would be really wasting money, because there's nobody evident there in thleft y that can do the stuff that we can. >> god forbid if we lose any lives on top of it-- >> that's the problem with this whole show. >> it's my opinion -- >> i don't think we're driving the anxiety. don't make a sensational statement. >> i haven't made a sensational statement. you've made the sensational statement. >> let's be calm, we're all going to die. there you have it. >> there's the door, runners, anybody? take it. >> coming up, she put her life on the line to take care of the first ebola patient in the u.s.
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and she became a patient herself, what is ebola patient pham doing now?
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the first person to contract ebola in the u.s. is nina pham. we got a chance to hear how she's doing from herself. >> we're really prude of you. >> let's not lose sight of the reason she's fighting a deadly virus.
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pham and vinson were wearing protective gear when they were caring for thomas duncan. how did they contract the virus in hearse the hospital's director. >> we know that nina was the first person to -- nina's protection -- we have no indication that nina or amber had any break in protocol. we were working with the best information we had. >> let's bring it around, if there's no break in pre-toe come. it either means the protocol is broken or they don't know -- >> i think it was -- the two cases are from health care workers -- this is not infections in a community, it's somebody treating a dying person. it was something that threw up
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in front of the pentagon today everybody was freaking out. every time anybody throws up, it's not going to be good. this is going to be bad for binge drinkers. >> some woman threw up in the baha bathroom and they locked her in. >> there are other things you can die from besides ebola. >> if the protocol was followed, how did they contract it? >> this is the problem, i guess, that's what's most, you know, disconcerting is the fact of the matter is they were trying to do everything right, they were trying to follow the protocol and wear the right gloves and follow all the protocol, we don't know at what point she became contaminated and infected.
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we don't know if it was after she was taking her gear off and removing it. whi we don't know. i wish we knew so that we could improve the protocol. that's what's worrisome, so we have to go through and try and retrace the steps. >> there were a number of health care workers who dealt with this man. there were two people who got the ebola but the rest did not. i think the dallas administrator has to be very careful or he opens himself up for lawsuits. this hospital was not prepared and that's not obama's fault. >> i actually disagree, bob, because i think the administration, having waited so long, and cdc in particular, getting the protocols in place for these hospitals all across the country, because you don't know where somebody's going to show up. and you don't want to have the full hazmat suits at every
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single place. how do you weigh that risk? it's a cost-benefit analysis. three weeks ago at a press conference, dr. frieden made it sound like everybody because trained across america. >> why do you think he thought that, dana? why do you think he sounded so confident and self-assured that everybody was well trained, i think he was very surprised by whopd. >> you're overconfident and you undermine your own. >> the texas health presbyterian hospital has come under fire for the virus spread, but also initially turning away the now deceased thomas eric duncan, here's what the hospital chief had to say about that. >> we were well prepared to take care of a patient walking in holding a sign that says i
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ebo ebola, and it was a gentleman who walked in off the street with a set of symptoms. obviously his second visit came with neon sign. we're proud of how we managed that. >> enough, k.g.? >> i don't mind this guy, for some reason, it must be something in his voice. >> we're proud about the way -- what is that? he's dead. >> i like his honesty about the rest of it. that last statement belongs nowhere in that piece, because obviously it was a fail, he was saying we have to learn, we made mistakes, we tried our best, we're going back over all of it to make sure that this doesn't happen again, because even one casualty from this is unacceptable. >> bob, there were reports of medical waste from eric duncan, thomas eric duncan piled up in a room. >> if those -- if those things are true, they didn't follow
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protoc obviously. of all the people who came in contact with this guy, by the time -- he had advanced stages of ebola. so far we have two people and they're still alive so far. >> the other thing that maybe we don't have it in that clip is the question of when he first comes in, and he has flu like symptoms, so they sent him home, or did they hide the information because he wanted -- i'm curious about that. >> he did say liberia. >> that's why i think people have a lack of confidence in the government's response and the protocol's in place, because two plus two equals four and they didn't even seem to have that equation. >> i don't blame these hospitals for making mistakes in the beginning of this kind of
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experience. you remember back in 2011. the cdc created a website for the zombie apocalypse, it was a website and a graphic novella they did to warn americans of an impending apocalypse, it's their way of saying if you can deal with you can deal with this. they were so proud that this went viral. it again brings into question priorities. the real winners are kids, they must love the news media because they're closing schools for this when they shouldn't be closing schools, every what if scenario that they do means another school closure and then those kids get to go play in traffic, they're more likely to get hit by a car. halloween has more scares than one. stick around.
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. is it too soon to wear fake protective suits. around online store. the viral costume of the year, when it comes to 2014, with it's cascades of catastrophes, there's so many gruesome competitors. seriously, remember how it almost began? fight 370 gone and forgotten. and russia's ukraine, featuring
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the downing of a -- there were riots in nering son, and a sudden and absurd secret service fiasco, and the kicker, ebola, a new maroon 5 record? i assume the wheels have come off the wagon. but the wagon has officially implod imploded. there's one man in a costume who keeps showing up to the party late, unprepared and aloop. it's no wonder that this halloween president obama will be going as the invisible man. >> yes, every year. carl, thank you. >> please meet today. >> k.g. do you think that dressing in a costume that's
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somewhat alarming is -- >> i once dressed as a democrat. a pants suit. >> i wouldn't -- i wouldibilin'r that ebola costume. i think it's disrespect follow to people who have died in africa. you think if people are young and stupid, they can get away with things like that. >> just dressing up in general, it has to be 25, and then you're done with halloween. >> it's like an adult dressing as a spongebob. >> i'm not saying dressing up as a victim, but dressing up in a hazmat, maybe might break the tension that you feel every day, by showing up in the hazmat shows a little levity? >> anybody who would do
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something like that as an adult, even as a younger person. if my kids went out in a hazmat suit, i would make them put something else on. people have died and it's potentially a very dangerous situation, you go out wearing a hazmat suit? >> isn't it like dressing like a fireman? fires are deadly. >> i'm okay with the hazmat suit. >> i'm okay with the hazmat suit. >> it's halloween right now. i need one every day. >> you get in trouble for wearing a hazmat suit on tv, and i understand that, cnn morning show, and i understand that, the tweet they had to take down. you want to have fun, go do your thing, everybody understands it's halloween. if you want to wear a hazmat suit, wear a hazmat suit. what is your most regretful
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costume. >> i remember one time, i think i was snow white. >> yes. >> but the thing is, in colorado -- >> who's against that? >> but seriously, halloween for me is totally ruined because you always had to wear a coat over your costume because it doesn't really matter what you wore. >> if you were going as snow white, i was one of the dwarfs. >> isn't that funny? all right, now we know. okay, ahead, how a child's online postings could possibly get parents in trouble, next
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parents of children under 18.
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listen up, if your child has a facebook account, can you be held liable for anything and everything they post? some -- a fake profile on facebook. it had the name and picture of a classmate with defamatory comments about the girl. the ruling marked a legal precedent on the issue of legal responsibility over their child's online activity. kimberly, is its legal? actually i know, that's somebody else's line. can parents be held liable for something their kids say on the schoolyard in. >> the answer is yes. because the appeals court reversed the first court that denied this claim. and the reason they used is interesting. they say the parents could be held liable because you can prove that the parents were the approximate cause of the
1:41 am
suffering and the defamation that occurred, because this posting was up for 11 months, it was up for a prolonged period of time, it wasn'tlike it was up there for a couple of weeks and then took it down. we will hold you responsible for postings that your child does, because we're alleging that you were negligent and you failed to supervise your child and their social media content, that's a big deal because there could be significant financial repercussions from it. >> do you think you should be responsible for all of your children's postings? >> i hope parents know what's going on and choose not to do in the to do anything about it in order to be held accountable. they're called children under
1:42 am
18. at around 12 or 13 years old, there are things they're doing on social media that the parents could. dream of them doing. >> did the parents have knowledge and did they fail to act? >> they got a call from the other parents so they knew. >> if another parent calls and says your kid has some nasty stuff about my kid on his facebook take it down, and they don't, they can be held liable. >> can you imagine having to check your child's facebook and anything else. >> this was essentially bullying this child, she did receive a lot of harm. any parent that knows their kids drinks that allows themselves to dpr drive a car, they should be held
1:43 am
personally responsible. >> greg, do you think it's rulings like this that make parents tend to be those helicopter parents that -- >> facebook would be better if it was actually a book of faces. i don't have kids, it's court ordered and i worked very hard to get where i am in life and i'll be damned if i'm going to let it be ruined by some offspring. there is why every time my wife and i talk about kids, i go, no. i deserve -- i'm not going to get sued because of little greg jr.'s mistake. but it's not about the kids, it's about the parents posting embarrassing things. kids are smart about this stuff. what about lonely drunk adults, who post selfies after they have
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been in the hot tub. how about your friends mom makia hot tub. >> not to mention their colleagues. . if you knew you would have to run four miles to burn off that bottle of coca-cola you're about bottle of coca-cola you're about to drink, would you buy
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at
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those are the people carrying kimberly's clothes home. have you ever looked at a food label, seen the high calorie count and not buy it? scientists are saying that may not be enough. what they're proposing is to list how much exercise you would need to burn off the calories you take in, a bottle of coke, that's a four-mile run. a cheeseburger, a 4.6-mile hike. is this going to encourage healthier eating? >> i am not for government rules
1:49 am
that would put more impositions on government s and restaurants. as human beings, we can be as informed as we want to be. i don't think making restaurants do it is the right thing. they basically want to have restaurants spoon-feed us like little birds because we can't make decisions on our own. >> i like to be fed like that. >> is it an intrusion on private industry? >> can i agree with dana, i don't want it to be manadated, but what a great idea this is. i would look at it and say, do i really want to have to run two miles or whatever to burn this off in let pepsico figure that out. >> i think it's funny, though, if they put this on, i would love it. i'm amused by this. i'm for sure, not going to do all that running, no way.
1:50 am
>> greg, how about you, you're a workout fanatic, do you think this is a good idea? >> the best way to keep trim is to move to a developing country. i say that our problems are not actual problems. what's significant is that we have done this in magazines for years. exercise data is more effective than calories to deter eating, because exercise is really bad at keeping you trim, that's why when you get this fat about coke, oh, my god, 4 1/2 miles, the reason that blows your mind is that exercise doesn't help you lose weight the way that low calorie diets. you have to decide that there's portion control and high protein diets are the way to go, i have seen really fit people who are
1:51 am
fat because they just eat. >> why do you eat chinese food? >> that's the problem. i am fat. >> in 21 days, people with 30, 40, 50 pounds sometimes, and all they do -- all they do is they sit there, they don't move, they're not getting any exercise, they're just not eating. >> bob, have you ever decided not buy something because you saw how high the calories were? >> if the cheeseburgers, i would have to run to buenos aries to burn off the cheeseburgers i ate last week. i think it would be depressing for people. if they look at this stuff and say, if i buy this thing now, i've got to run -- >> who runs? but that's the point. exercise is inefficient for losing weight. >> you see that, oh, i got to
1:52 am
run six miles, you also need some caloric intake to survive and have a brain, so you've got to be careful, because then it's suggesting that you have to do all this kper size. >> you have to be on naked and tan, not naked and afraid.
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>> sorry. sorry. ebola strikes again. it's time for one more thing. eric, stop it. >> all right, michael moore blaming ebola on the gopgop-- >> a second nurse affected with ebola took a flight to cleveland after she registered a fever. we have a report that she contacted the cdc and was told that she could fly. did she in fact call and ask for guidance on boarding a commercial flight? >> she did call the cdc and we discussed reported symptoms as well as other evaluations. >> because you let a nurse board a flight to cleveland and because you seem to be making it
1:57 am
up as you go on, you earned yourself fool of the week. let's just hope next week, you're not fool of the week. >> he didn't have an easy week, that's for sure. >> first, i'm going to ride tonight talking about stuff. and -- >> greg's secrets to happiness. >> almost forgot to do that. yeah, it was me. let's go to greg's secrets to happiness. >> to kellogg, the giants begin the pennant! >> greg's secret to happiness, san francisco giants winning all the time. >> and my happiness. >> yes, love this team. >> love it. >> amazing team. all right, that's it. i was going to say something else. oh, part of my diet advice i left out is resistance training, it builds muscles because muscle
1:58 am
metabol metabolically, muscle burns more than fat. last night i attended the 2014 latino stars event, that's erica rivera, that's geraldo's wife, we had a fantastic time, great food, rice and beans. >> chips. >> what's wrong with you. i did my best. >> i don't know why i asked. >> why is that always during my one more thing. i just called on you. >> the pope francis has decided to do something that absolutely shocks me. the sistine chapel is 1,600 years old, it's revered and he despited to rent it out for funding raiser.
1:59 am
i love you, pope burks that's one bad decision. >> what's the company? >> porsche. >> wow. >> all right, i don't know what to say. >> i mean, it's been a great half hour. >> i probably caught like three infections already. . >> go ahead and try and take from my childhood. two things, one of his favorites, being named america's most interested politician, that's not the right cover, but there is a cover that would actually make more sense, because this is what five fan photo shops did. the most interesting dog in politics, is america's dog jasper, and bob, make sure you have that. that's why this is is the best dog in television ever. >> that's w eet's why dogs are
2:00 am
politics. >> anything with that dog is brilliant to you. >> we got to go. set yourthank you for joining mr "the kelly file" special, ebola in america. welcome to the revolution. >> from the streets of san francisco to the death howl of kentucky coal. >> doing good. obama killed. >> americans are worried about what the future holds. >> i thank the lord for my job every day. >> even in louisiana's bustling oil patch. >> one of the best jobs that i have ever had. >> workers fear that washington is aiming to shut them down. >> you take away the oil industry, going to have people back in the horse and buggy days. >> concern about middle class jobs, it's the issue that may decide this november's election. >> i'm not on the ballot this fall. these policies are on the


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