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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 18, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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not only are we grateful, but an entire community is grateful for your commitment and work. i'm now going to turn the microphone over to the county police chief, steve selles. >> as we've been reporting, the police in charlottesville, virginia found human remains, we're not quite sure where and they have not positively identified those as those of hannah graham who has been missing now for 35 days. that university of virginia charlottesville sophomore who has been missing. >> they're believing to find those remains in the walnut creek part, which is the location of the scheduled search for the missing student, hannah graham. we haven't confirmed the remains of the bodies that have been found. but peter doocy is live in washington and he has been covering this story as it has developed. what are you hearing from your vantage point? >> reporter: you can tell a lot just now listening to chief
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longo down in charlottesville. he was very upset. he was morose and he said shortly before noon today, some volunteer searches or rather professionals from the chesterfield were searching an abandoned property off old lynchburg road, it's a little more than ten miles away from tempo restaurant, which is the last place that hannah graham was seen alive exactly 35 days ago today. 35 days ago, is when she lost went missing on a saturday night. they say they did find human remains and that those searchers from the chesterfield, virginia sheriff's department who were part of what has been described as an unprecedented search have already made a very difficult phone call to hannah graham's parents. they are now awaiting the results of some forensic testing, but based on the tone just now from the authorities that we heard in
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charlottesville, they obviously think this is bad news for the entire graham family. it's very sad, as you pointed out, the people in charlottesville, and you got a sense for this being down there -- they really wanted to find her and they were hoping that they would find her okay and a testament to that is the fact that tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., 200 people had registered to search this walnut creek park which is not too far away and could actually possibly be where they found these human remains. so after 35 days, the search effort was strong. people wanted to find her. they wanted even any kind of clue that could suggest where she might be. but right now some professionals from the chesterfield sheriff's department did find in an abandoned building human remains and it seems like it might be bad news for hannah graham's family and everyone who loved her. >> peter, you can say again that this has certainly been an
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unprecedented search. they used unmanned drones. so far police have received more than 3300 tips connected to the hannah graham case. people have been really working tirelessly down there to search for the missing heather graham. let's bring in now rod wheeler. he's a form dc homicide detective and a fox news contributor. you covered this case as well. again, this body that we are reporting, not having confirmed it's the remains of hannah graham, but it was found in the walnut creek park, which is the location of the scheduled search for this student. what are your thoughts right now? >> reporter: there is a few things going on that's very important with regard to the investigation itself. first of all, as peter indicated, this area where they found the human remains is about 9 1/2 to ten miles from the tempo restaurants where the shopping mall is where she was last seen. so the viewers have an idea as to where this is exactly, it's off of route 29, which is a major highway that goes between charlottesville and this particular city, which is north
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garden, virginia. that's the actual city. one other thing that's very important. there is an elementary school, i'm very familiar with this area there. there is an elementary school, red hill elementary school. most people are familiar with that school, very good school with a community, very nice community, right behind that school is the walnut creek park. that walnut creek park opened from obviously may and then it closes after the holiday, labor day. so it had just recently closed. but the police not only did they search that area once before, but the dogs, the police search dogs actually got what we call a hit on that area on the ground area there. i do have more information. i don't want to really share much of it right now 'cause it hasn't been confirmed. but the police dog found a hit. if you notice yesterday, police chief longo made a statement. he said we're going to start digging in certain areas. guess where the first area was. the same area not far from where the police dog found the hit. so that's what we have right
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now. they have recovered the human remains and what they're going to do is send them out obviously to the medical examiner to try to match up some dental records and things like that because over a period of about 30 to 35 days, the body really starts to decompose. they're going to have to try to verify that, who this person is they found before they actually say who it is. >> rod, at this point in the investigation, what about hannah graham's parents? has she been contacted -- have they been contacted to kept abreast of what is happening at this moment in real time? >> yes, they have. that's a good question. my police source, which is right there in charlottesville, told me the parents were contacted early this afternoon and they were told that it is a possibility that these human remains may be that of hannah graham. but the police did not confirm that because they would not know that at this point just from finding the remains. but they did enlighten them as to what they found and they are keeping in contact minute by minute with the family as they get more information. >> you know, rod, one question
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about jesse matthew, the suspect charged with the disappearance, with abduction, he was a cab driver. he knows the area because he was a taxi driver before he worked for the hospital. police say they had a forensic link to the disappearance in 2009 of managerren harrington -- morgan harrington. her body was found after 101 days. her body fou a hay field, also ten miles away from charlotte. could there be a connection? what does that tell you? how do police make the connection between these two and what are they doing with that now. >> reporter: that's very good observation. let me let you know and the viewers know that where the remains were found today is not far from where morgan harrington's body was found. and not only that, but the suspect in this case, matthew, has relatives that live in that area out there in charlottesville not far from where north garden, virginia is which is where the remains were found today. so i think what we've to do here is connect the dots.
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but i can tell you firsthand, matthew is very, very familiar. and i don't want to convict the guy yet. but he's very familiar with this area. he has relatives in that area. and route 29 is a major roadway that he and everybody else traveled. >> are you surprised, rod, that this investigation, this search didn't start here? >> reporter: well, they had searched that area before. they had search teams that went through the park a while back. when i was there in charlottesville a few weeks ago. >> that one of the areas that they were searching. what really gave them the nod i any now, i believe, was the search dogs. see, with search dogs, you have to be careful 'cause sometimes they get what we call a hit and sometimes they don't. it's a false positive. but they took the dog back a second time and got another hit. and again, there is a little bit more information. i don't want it share yet 'cause it am hasn't come out. but i think based on that, coupled with the fact that someone perhaps gave the police department information that they may find a body there, i think that was the thrust, if you
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will, that enabled the police department to go back today and really start digging. >> i see. rod, stand by for us. we want to bring in -- we're going to bring in dr. baden to talk about the condition of the body. we're not sure this is the body of hannah graham, but she has been missing since september 13, a month and a week here. you talk about the police dogs, the false positive and going back in because of course they have to be very, very specific and confident. what now happens in this investigation? >> you're right. thank you. >> dr. baden, you're there? >> yes. >> hi, this is arthel neville here. i wanted to ask you, sir, these human remains, we're not sure if it's those of hannah graham, but seeing that hannah graham has been missing since september 13, if this were to be her remains, what would the condition of the body be at this point? >> the bodymk
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dental records to the teeth that will still be in excellent condition after 35 days. and they may want to check the dna. in the old days, dental match was good enough. now they want to be triply sure. she'll be readily identifiable. the cause of death would be important obviously. and if she had any kind of stab wound or blunt instrument injury or gunshot wound, for example,
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they would be readily identifiable immediately. >> dr. baden -- >> if she was strangled, it would be more difficult. >> dr. baden, you talk about the identification of a body in these cases. what about trying to find of the of the killer, jesse matthew, accused as it stands now. they obviously is dna from him 'cause they say there is that forensic link with a previous co-ed who was murdered in 2009. >> right. >> what do they coo? what do they look for? can you explain the next step? >> that would have to wait 'til the medical examiner does their investigation. sometimes they can find -- the problem with foreign dna here is according to the suspect, he admits being with her. being with her can get consentual can get dna. they would do a rape kit certainly it find out if his dna is there. the issue would be everything was consentual and she went
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away. but that would take detective work to show that he's the last person with her. the stomach contents would be important. if they can figure out what she last ate when she was seen that night in a couple of places and if the food is still -- some of that food is still present in the stomach, that means that the person with her, which is the suspect in this case, would be the only one who had the time to meet up with her and that she would have died in his presence. >> how do they make that case? they have the videotapes, the last one shows her kind of running by a gas station or the tapes of the bar downtown charlottesville after 1:00 a.m. that apparently show the suspect accompanying her. then what if he says, well, i don't know. she left and i didn't have anything have anything to do with it. what do police have to do? can they, without any witnesses,
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put it step by step to potentially have this prosecution as a murder case against him? >> well, partly the circumstances you described. last one seen with her, he denies t. he runs away. he's had similar problems with other women in the past who lived and died. but if she had eaten something with him or just she went into his car, for example, and that food is still in the stomach, that means that she died very soon after she met him and part of the issue would be whether there was a sexual assault and they have to prove that it's a homicide to see whether or not she was strangled. be the neck muscles have
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hemorrhage in them, marks on the neck, because that's going to be important no matter what to say well, maybe she just wandered off and collapsed and died of natural causes. they have to show that it was a violent cause of death. in these situations, strangulation that's most commonly employed and that should leave neck marks and the best thing is that they have an airtight case and say look, she got into his car. she was never seen alive again. and he ran away. >> they're not there yet. again, we're reporting human remains found, although not yet identified by authorities as the remains of hannah graham. >> i think that perhaps sometimes they wait for the dna. but the medical examiner will probably have to make some decision of that tomorrow. >> all right. dr. baden, thank you so much. >> good to talk to you. >> we'll keep you posted on
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whether or not the remains of those are that of missing uva student hannah graham. we'll keep you posted. in the meantime, we have this for you. texas governor rick perry, the latest officials calling for a travel ban from west africa as we wait for the cdc to issue new guidelines for health care workers to better protect themselves so more people don't become infected. the cruise ship magic is being monitored for possible sign of ebola and heading back to port in galveston, texas. this is after mexican authorities refused to let it dock. one of the passengers who handled thomas duncan's blood vials in dallas, along with her husband, are in isolation. the passenger works at dallas health presbyterian hospital where duncan died, but so far after 19 days, authorities say she's showing no signs of ebola. four people are now being treated for ebola on u.s. soil,
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including two of the nurses who cared for duncan. nina pham, who is in fair condition at the national institutes of health in maryland and amber vinson, who is in stable condition at emory hospital in atlanta. let's bring in alicia acuna, outside the hospital in dallas with more. >> reporter: hi. we're still waiting for those cdc guidelines that they're going to update. we heard it was going to happen today. we're still waiting for that from the centers for disease control. this is with regard to the personal protective equipment that nurses should wear when they are treating someone who is infected with ebola. this comes after the cdc heard from health care workers on how inconsistent the specifics were when nurse pham and her colleague amber vinson worked to care for duncan. at last report, she was in fair condition. vinson is at the unit at emory university hospital.
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the cdc says vinson may have been symptomatic for ebola when she flew on flights to and from cleveland before checking into the hospital. the patient who she contracted the virus from died on october 8. duncan was remembered today in a service by family and friends in north carolina. he leaves hyped his mother, who was in attendance, not there, his fiance and her three children. louise and her sons are expected to be released from quarantine tomorrow. she says someone from the hospital recently called her and in a statement she says the purpose of this call was to apologize to me for the death of my fiance, thomas eric duncan, and express regret that the hospital was not able to save his life. this official said the hospital was deeply sorry for the way this tragedy played out. >> i'm sure she was surprised by the phone call as well. certainly not expecting that this would happen at this point
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in the game. so her response was one of gratitude. >> reporter: the ripple effect from duncan's death does continue. a technician who handled some of his lab work is on a carnival cruise ship that you mentioned. he's not showing signs of symptoms, but has quarantined himself to a cabin. and according to carnival, they will be returning to galveston, texas tomorrow morning. arthel? >> okay. thank you very much for that update. battle against eye circumstances they reportedly been suffering heavy casualties in the fight for kobani. that battle rages on. the u.s.-led coalition has been launching new air strikes in support of the kurdish forces who have been bravely battling back against the forces on the ground in kobani. now they're getting the upper
3:18 pm
hand in the fight to keep this strategic town on the border from falling under isis control. greg palkot is near the turkish-syrian border. >> reporter: the latest word that we are getting is that there has been more air strikes in the last 24 hours throughout the region, including against the terrorists in the syrian border town of kobani why the fighting goes on. where we are getting from our contacts is there have been three in the center of town between the terrorists and kurdish. they have claims that isis has been driven out. sources tell thaws 20% of the place is in the hands of isis. amid new word tonight the terrorists could be readying yet another offensive. as we watched all week, u.s. air strikes continued. one contact telling us that one targeted isis right where the two sides were fighting. began a sign of a close coordination between the united states and very brave kurdish fighters in that town.
3:19 pm
the reports of isis shells landing on the turkey side of the border and a turkish tank firing back. no confirmation where those shells hit. turkey has been reluctant to get into this fight. the latest wave of u.s. air strikes also hitting other locations inside syria, as well as in iraq. a clear sign that isis is threatening on several fronts. eric? >> thanks so much. arthel? new developments in the search for a man who carried out a deadly ambush targeting pennsylvania state troopers. what investigators are saying about possible sightings of the dangerous suspect more than a month on the run in the pocono mountains. >> overnight we had a sighting for which we are assigning a high level of credibility. individual description was consistents with frien and he was observed carrying a rifle when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america.
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now to the mid terms. president obama hasn't exactly been burning up the campaign trail for the mid terms lately. it seems some democrats in tight races would rather not it seems have his help publicly. not so, though, with president bill clinton, the former president back to his own stomping grounds. all weekend he's in arkansas, happens to be in hope, arkansas, his hometown where he was born.
3:24 pm
that's where he's helping a variety of democratic capped dates. arkansas is not the only red leaning state where he's planning to drop in. so will a former president help democrats more than the current one? tammy ruse is a fox news contributor and our other guest. is it better to have bubba than obama? >> look, clearly yes. i worked a bit on the 1992 clinton campaign and his effect in retail extraordinary. now, what this also tells you though, is you think with hillary being the supposed nominee, or at least the one most discussed, you would think that she should be able to have the same kind of impact or that she would be wanted. i think it's telling that she is not the one doing this, that they're still relying on bill clinton. but it also speaks to the fact that he is kind of separated from the negatives i think a
3:25 pm
both president obama and hillary clinton have at this point that bill clinton doesn't have. >> she went off to colorado. they had that big, you know, steak fry at tom harkins' place, how come she's not there? >> i think she's picking her racing carefully. she's going to be tagged with the winners and losers in this race and i think there is a clear separation so as not to have that being the talking point going into her decision to whether or not she runs in 2016. did she help or did she hurt candidates? i think it's probably strategic, but i think tammy is absolutely right. bill clinton has this rare quality to translate very complex policies to the average person and with all of president obama's oratory skills, i don't actually see his ability to do that over the last two years o'clock let alone in the midterm elections this year. so he's still bill clinton is the standard bearer of the democratic party. >> the standard bearer of the
3:26 pm
democratic party is trying to help mark pryor, the incumbent democrat, he's been trailing in polls against tom cotton. let me read you a piece from about bloomberg news. bill clinton in bubba land. arkansas pretty much surrendered to bill clinton. even many of the democrats can't stand obama. if bill can pull it off for pryor, the logic goes, it's dry run for his magical powers for hillary in 16. so tammy, what about those magical powers and if he does pull it off for pryor, does that mean he's got them and if pryor loses, does the former president lose his magical powers? >> well, look, even six years ago the magical powers should have been even stronger and they weren't even able to help his own wife. so you've got a problem here. the jensen sus is that pryor had done a lot of damage in a tuesday debate, that bill clinton is not really going to
3:27 pm
be able to help. real clear politics average now has the republicans picking up eight senate seats. so this is a very difficult time. bill clinton seems to be their hail mary pass. but remember, if he wasn't able to make a difference in 2008, i think you're looking at less of an ability to make an impact right now and especially for someone in that kind of position, not even in his home state. that's how desperate the democrats are and how much in trouble they are. >> finally, he's got those magical powers in 2012 at the convention. really pushing the president. remember that speech? >> great speech. >> 2008, big boomerang, especially in south carolina that really hurt hillary. does he still have those powers and what will happen? >> i think if you compare him to obama in that sense, i definitely think he has the power. i think the obama coalition that was fantastic for him in 2008, what it really did not do is translate to other candidates. the one thing that i think the clintons do very, very well is harden the party structure and
3:28 pm
bring out a lot of folks who probably were a little disenfranchised and disaffected over the last few years. so i think he has a bit of a magic touch and i'm hoping that even -- >> i think it's too late. >> i don't know. look, even the -- >> sorry, basil. >> even the democrats are pulling out of ken condition. but bill clinton still going there. so we'll see. >> is arkansas today. you know with a that means? that means -- >> thank you. eric, we're covering the breaking news on the hannah graham case. what investigators found today and where the case goes next.
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fox news alert. the latest on those developments. investigation of a in a graham, the student macing for more than a month. police late this afternoon said they found human remains, but they are not confirming that they do belong to miss graham. she the university of virginia sophomore who has been missing now for 35 days.
3:33 pm
those remains are being sent to richmond, the state's capitol, for forensic testing. graham disappeared a little more than a months ago in charlottesville. the suspect in her 'tis appearance, jesse matthew, junior. he's been charged with abduction with intent to defile. graham hasn't been seen since the night in charlottesville when she was seen on surveillance camera tape with the suspect following her. her disappearance prompted massive searches involving more than 1200 volunteers. it's included emotional appeals from both law enforcement officials and her heart broken parents, john and sue. we want to get back to our other top story, president obama has his point man to handle the ebola crisis. ran klain is in charge of the response to the virus. but his expertise is not infectious disease. he is a former chief of staff to vice president joe biden. so why did the white house choose him? joining me now, fox news contributor, pat goodell.
3:34 pm
good to see you. >> good to see you. >> and i know that you know mr. klain personally. so i want to start with this. how would you describe ron klain's characters and capability as a leader? >> first of all let me say i helped with the joe biden campaign in 1997. he was very, very smart and very enthusiastic. over the years he has become pretty much a political operative. a major one in the democratic party for debates and messaging. i have no idea why they chose him for this job except for one reason. the white house is concerned about politics and political image and not having a czar to actually do something. ron klain for all of his abilities has never run anything. this is ridiculous. it's about as ridiculous as my being named ebola czar. my problem with ron is he's become so partisan and in florida when he was vice president gore's chief of staff
3:35 pm
and was inducting the -- on the recount fighting on the recount issue, he was out there every day spinning, obfuscating. on the one hand saying he wanted voters, every vote counted, and then they tried to restrict military ballots. his whole role has been very partisan, very political. and it is about spinning a message. he said no the "new york times" he felt his job was messaging. he has no qualifications for this job. >> so if his job this time around is messaging, what is that message? >> it is to -- >> as you know, there is so much growing criticism of the cdc and government's handling of the ebola cases in the u.s., anything from hospital preparedness to training and protection for the health workers. does putting ron in charge of the response to ebola ease americans' concern that the u.s. is not prepared to handle just a few cases of ebola?
3:36 pm
>> it should leave people even more concerned because he's report to go susan rice and to the other lady in the white house. he's not the czar. he's not running anything. the problem with the cdc, the problem is having someone likely had during the gulf spill, you know, the bp spill where the coast guard admiral went in, he knew what he was doing. he effectively dealt with it and reassured people, got it done. that's what we need here. the country is quite concerned about this. but it tells me that the white house again is probably -- it thinks its problem is image and messaging and the election. i've got news for them, this could blow up. he is not -- naming him a czar is just a pure pr move to have somebody out there trying to -- as i said, spin the american people and they're going to be spun on this. >> well, you know just a short time from now we've got the midterm elections. do you think the voters will speak out on this particular
3:37 pm
choice at the ballot? >> i don't think it's about this thank choice. i think the entire handling of ebola. look, if the president knows how serious it is, it's the only thing he's ever canceled fundraising trips for to come back and do his job, he didn't do it when we had the beheadings. we didn't -- he didn't do it in the malaysian aircraft. he didn't do it when the embassy had to be abandoned. the problem here is politically, this could be the straw that broke the camel's back, if you will. >> i have to go, but let me adhere, wouldn't you think the president really weighed the political possible political damage involved here? >> i can't figure out how they've been doing their politics for the last several months. i think you have a very junior, all political operative staff that knows nothing about actually operating a white house in and this president has paid a heavy price and as i said, i think this after the secret
3:38 pm
service debauchle, the va, all of this, and much less isis. this could be the straw that breaks the camel's back on election day. >> pat, as you know, the white house is saying that mr. klain has strong management credentials and extensive federal experience overseeing complex operations. i do have to leave it there. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. he's been on the run for more than a month. now a possible big break, possible new sighting of eric frien, the triple shooting suspect. this happening in the woods near a casino golf course in pennsylvania within the last few hours. police say a man who was spotted in the pocono mountains last night is also believed to be frien. frien is the suspect in last month's deadly ambush at a police barracks in pennsylvania that killed one trooper, severely wounded another. bryan llennas has the latest. >> that 37-day search is heating up thanks to those two possible sightings of frien over the last
3:39 pm
24 hours. staffers in mount pocono tell fox search teams are searching near the golf course after a possible sighting near the second hole. this is within a few miles of swift water where a sighting occurred last night. a woman was walking along the road when she came within 15 to 50 feet of a man who was likely frien. he was dressed in black, carrying a rifle and had mud on his face. it happened near pocono mountain east high school. the school frien attended. the pennsylvania governor reiterated today they will not rest until he is found. the search has already cost several million dollars. police are hopeful that changing weather will work in their favor. >> the worst the weather is for him, the better it is for us. we believe that as the leaves off trees, technology kicks in quite a bit more. aircraft become much more effective. >> reporter: frien is described as a self-taught survivalist,
3:40 pm
someone who dislikes police officers. so far police have found abandoned weapons and ak 47, pipe bombs of a trip wires and abandoned camp site and even handwritten notes describing the night frien allegedly shot two pennsylvania state troopers, killing corporal brian dixon and wounding trooper douglas. douglas was released from the hospital on thursday. homeowners have reported finding blood on two porches. it's unclear if it's frien's. police are awaiting lab results. behavioral scientists are telling police they believe frien could strike again if he gets a chance. there is $175,000 reward for any information leading to his capture. eric? >> hopefully they're really closing in, they can finally get him. thanks so much. the u.s. stock market taking investors on a wild ride this week. so what's around the corner and exactly what does this all mean for your bottom line? we'll report on that after the break a party?
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so how do you like that bungee cord they call wall street? the dow surging by hundreds of points one day, look at that. only to plummet back down by the next. 330 points. then up, then down. then up. then down. then they say this is the way it's going to be. founder of harrington capital management joins us. i have to tell you, you're either saying throw it up or going like this because you don't want to see -- are we going to have these 200 point spreads from now on? >> it seems as if the market needs a therapist, right? these swings are very intense, right? so i think actually, it continues. i'll tell you why. this past week in terms of the dow jones from the high to the low was the most highest swings in three years.
3:46 pm
people can say, well, that has a lot to do with the middle east. it has a lot to do with the jobs reports that aren't as strong as we'd like. it has something to do with the fact that the chinese economy is hinting that it is slowing a bit. the retail sales number domestically, in the u.s., that number did not help the situation. but what is even more interesting, eric, is that this next week in october, 20% of the s & p 500 companies are going to be reporting earnings. now, the market moves a lot based on earnings. so if we see missed estimates, whether it be revenues or the earnings number, i think you're going to see october continue to be extremely volatile. >> we don't like octobers. they got a history on wall street. what do you think will happen with the s & p? it was suffering with a while and then suddenly it went up and that's where you can do pretty well. what do you think will happen with the earnings and how that will affect the dow? >> it's a great question. i happen to think that earnings are going to come in a lot
3:47 pm
lighter than people think. i don't think -- i think the estimates -- >> i think there is going to be a softening for the remainder of october. you brought up an interesting points. when you look at the calendar, it is always a fact that october is the highest volatile month in terms of swings within the dow and the s & p. but when you look at what's going on in the world, the volatility is increased dramatically and i think for the remainder of october, i think that the earnings estimates are going to come in lighter. it is all eyes on the s & p 500 companies going to be reporting in the next two weeks and if that doesn't work out as planned, i think we can see a dow jones -- you saw the dow jones touched 16,000, eric. i think we could dip below that in the coming weeks. >> they say all those brainiacs. it's a buying opportunities. is that true? what's going to happen in january when 401(k) money starts pouring back in? >> i think there are buying opportunities.
3:48 pm
there is president obama doubt about it. you have to be sector specific and stock specific when you're looking at these buying opportunities. that's where i think a professional money manager comes in very well in terms of identifying those opportunities. but on the whole, i think that you don't want to pour all your money in as this dip happens, but averaging in in terms of when you're buying into the market, that is something that i think would be very helpful as this market dips a bit. >> all right. thank you. i'm going to try darts. do one on a dart and we'll get back in six months and see how the stock does. >> much more fun, darts. >> the market needs a therapist. we move on. much more than a line from shakespeare, it's canine soldiers on the battlefield fighting alongside our american heros. their story is out in a new book and we're going to talk to the author about it, coming up next.
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there is nothing like the relationship between a man and his dog, especially if that man is a soldier and his dog is a faithful companion on the battlefield. dogs have been active members of the military since world war ii and are a huge advantage against
3:53 pm
the ied or improvised explosive device. there is a new book telling the story of these fearless animals "war dogs, tales of canine heroics, history and love" the author rebecca frankle is here now. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. first i want you to start out and talk more about the intensity and the importance of the relationship between the war dogs and their handlers. >> yeah. i think it's a very important part of the work they do. i think anyone who loves dogs, we all think that we have a special relationship with our animals. of course, we certainly do. but when you're doing the intense work that they're doing, when you're responsible for people's lives, it becomes ever more important. >> i believe i read in part of your book you said how it's helpful the war dogs being on the battlefield helps with ptsd later. >> yes. >> tell me about that. >> sure. i think a lot of handlers who have come back through war, and i talked to handlers from
3:54 pm
vietnam, from iraq and afghanistan, and they all said that they were able to sort of preserve a part of themselves a little bit more differently than the soldiers they went to war with who weren't handlers. i think of course, it's part of the way dogs relate to people. they sort of have this sixth sense, this ability to detect sadness and offer companionship. it provides them a little bit of added protection. it provides them a source of comfort and relief and i've had stories where after a long day, after losses of life, that some soldiers have just broken down and they didn't break down to another soldier. they were able to break down and it was the dog's company they sought from. >> tell me about your personal affection for an experience with war dogs. >> oh, well, not all war dogs are as friendly as you would expect a friend dog to be perhaps and they're very pretechtive of their handlers. not every dog was as willing to be as friendly as maybe i wanted
3:55 pm
them to be. certainly there are a few that when they're not working, they're just friendsly, lovable dogs. i got to do some predeployment training at ypg in houma, arizona. the marine corps run has three week training course. i spent two weeks of it with them watching them do tactical daytime drills and nighttime drills, too. and you see what they go in preparing themselves to go into combat and it's a lot of long hours and it's a lot of training and there is time to relax and have fun and hang out. but a lot of it is looking for explosives, looking for bombs, preparing themselves mentally for what they're going to face when they go overseas, and it's a long road, but i'm glad and grateful they have that time to prepare. >> certainly incredible creatures, no doubt. wrapping up here, just what -- what's the take away from your book? >> i think right now particularly where we are with the military and with our
3:56 pm
involveme again in iraq at the moment and even as we're drawing down troops in afghanistan, we're going to keep a large contingent of soldier there is and it's important to remember how useful and how significant the contribution is that the dogs are making and that even as we draw down our troops, we want to keep our dogs with them for as long as possible. >> we want to let everybody know we've seen those soldiers as well and they have dogs, too. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> wow. they're heros. they really are. >> god bless them. >> yes. that's going to do it for us. >> i'm eric shaun. >> i'm arthel neville.rp." julie banderas is up next by the top minds in brain science. find more real possibilities at
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fox urgent police announcing a short time ago human remains were found during the search for missing uva student, hannah graham. good evening, everyone. i'm julie banderas. this is the fox report. just a short time ago, police in virginia revealing a search team has found human remains that might be those of the 18-year-old college sophomore. hannah vanished on september 13 in charlottesville, virginia. a suspect in custody. the discovery was made in a public park just miles outside of charlottesville, virginia. police are now asking anyone familiar with the area for help. it is important to note the remains have not been identified. though hannah's parents have be


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