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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 20, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> shannon and i will see you here in one hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here today, one lucky guy joining us from our sister network, fox business network and he's outnumbered. >> what did i get myself into? >> sandra brought some reinforcements today. business channel domination. >> i like it. >> we'll explain why women like men better as bosses. i can't wait. >> fantastic. bring it. >> that's a good one. let the games begin. great to have you. and developing now, ebola in
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america. the pentagon assembling a team of experts that could help the c.d.c. in any future hot zones in the u.s. we wait for the release of new safety protocol with call for protective gear with no skin showing. all this after america's top infectious disease expert admitting the previous guidelines were inadequate. some members of obama administration may have overstated the country's readiness for the deadly virus. dr. anthony, head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases on "fox news sunday." >> what we need to do right now is make sure when we talk about things that we talk about them, there aren't absolutes. you want to have a delicate balance between assuring the american people but not scaring them with the fact that there may be a risk. so we do right now, nothing is completely risk-free and that's what people need to understand. >> meantime, the ebola crisis
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seems to be eroding. the high respect americans have long held for the cdc as the public sees it as another troubled government agency. check out the new poll. 37%, fewer than four in 10 americans, believe the cdc is doing an excellent or good job. this is a far cry from the 60% who felt that way just last year. what has happened? a crisis in confidence in government agencies and now with the cdc. >> now it's the cdc and what i love is the announcement from the pentagon about the 30 person squat team. a team of experts that's going to be put together that can be sent into any situation that does encounter, you know, one or multiple cases of ebola. the bottom line, going back to the comments, basically saying that the administration's missed message all along has been basically saying there's no risk involved here. they just have a lack of straight forwardness with the
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american people is what's dissolving the confidence in the government. >> i would say a little hysteria went a long way. i know the news media was condemned for ramping this up to hysterical proportions but we had the obama administration mislabelling the risks, mislabelling our readiness to address this stuff. my brother is a critical care doctor. he would tell you right off the bat, this is easier to get than you believe. it's not airborne. it's not like getting the common cold which i may have right now, but it's a lot easier than they were letting on and our readiness was not there. when you go to a hospital and you're in a critical care setting, right, the doctor and the nurse has to do about 40 different ee vaesive brother -- procedures on you. there's all sorts of things that they have to check on you. they also have to clean your sheets a bunch of times. that opens you up to infection and none of our hospitals were ready. they will be now. i have confidence. if you know doctors, they will tell you in new york city, they're ramping up to deal with
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this thing but they weren't. >> you're on the phone with the hospitals, i know. you've been covering it on the business network and at first they were saying we're not prepared. >> there was no protocols for nurses. >> it's not like the first time it's shown up on the block. >> for our block it is. >> so we should have been better prepared to say, yes. we messed up. we're going to get it right. >> i'll tell you who it isn't sufficient for and that's all that matters because there are warriors in the fight against any disease, particular this will one that has no cure and has a kill rate of 70% in some places around the world. national nurses united was on with us for a special hour, ebola in america yesterday in fox news and their copresident told me, you know, it isn't enough to say you're sorry. a c.e.o. can apologize but it doesn't fix what we need fixed. we waited almost two days for the new cdc guidelines to come
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out. the loss of faith among the medical professionals that we had on and the nurses union is really at a very frightening peak and what she said is that we're waiting and have written now an open letter to president obama and congress members for them to step into this. don't just leave it in the hands of the cdc but what she said is for once and for all, she would like to see the president use his executive authority and put forth the guidelines, the extra staffing and so on and so forth across the country for whatever strike force would be needed to surge bed numbers, whatever. she wants it to come from there. >> do you feel better knowing that we have ebola swat team now? >> that's something that i think should have existed already. i think that's what people are asking themselves at home. why are we so unprepared? what else are we unprepared for? if you're saying this 30 person swat team is needed, why didn't this exist already to come out? you're saying we have no emergency plans if something like this or similar to this or
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different from this were to happen again. why don't you know that people have to be covered in full protective gear? if you don't know it, who is expected to know it? this was in the news for months. maybe not here but it was news in africa for months. it's something here that people should have been prepared for. you know people travel, you know the possibility exists they may come here. right now it's a little late. >> you seem skeptical of the 30-person swat team. >> it should have been in place to begin with. i don't think this is very -- i not so difficult to figure out that you shouldn't have skin showing because if i have this showing and i have got some contamination there from doing these invasive procedures like you said and i do this and rub my eye -- >> remember what the doctor said at first, that you can't get it that way. he all but ruled it out. >> that's true. now you know. meantime, as the government faces qstions of urgency, when it comes to fighting the deadly virus, ebola czar is also facing criticism. the white house insider, two democratic administrators unnoticable, no show at two
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white house meetings. since his appointment on friday. critics ted cruz saying it appears to be more about political appearances than public safety. >> mr. klain is not a doctor, not a health care professional, doesn't have back beyond in these issues. we don't need another white house political operative which is what he's been. what we need is presidential leadership. the person who needs to be on top of this is the president of the united states standing up and leading and treating it as a public health emergency. >> fair criticism. >> that's what the national nurses united copresident was saying. that she wants it to be at a presidential level to get involved because she doesn't trust that these government agencies are going to be able to handle all of this. this is just coming across. house oversight committee aide told fox news we're going to see another hearing but this one in real time. not looking just back at the mistakes that were made but looking forward. it has not yet been confirmed whether the new ebola czar, ron
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klain, has been invited to testify. this hearing is scheduled for friday. it will be departments of human -- health and human services and the department of defense will have confirmed attendees there so we'll have to watch. >> how about this -- i mean, come on, poor attendance already. appoint it friday and miss the only two meetings? that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. >> i would just say this. i think it's good he has a point person for this. i would feel a lot more comfortable if leon panetta was chosen for this job. i think he knows what he's doing and from administrative standpoint. the bigger issue is the president. before the first nurse was infected with ebola, president obama was in the city, speaking in a fundraisers with very small groups of people, including rosie o'donnell and some of my sources were in that. he basically downplayed any threat to ebola. he said this is not going to be an issue here. this is not a problem for us. it's totally contained. nothing is going to happen. he basically said we should be worried more about cyber
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terrorism than we should care about ebola and some of this has to come from the top. if the president doesn't take something serious like this, then you worry about everything else within the context of that. mr. klain might be a really smart guy but then start questioning his ability since he's a political guy. >> there wasn't anything fact wall about what ted cruz said. what we do know is that he's a former chief of staff to vice president joe buyeden and vice president al gore. he's calling it a political operative. what he went on to say is that we should be less concerned about giving the public the feeling that the government is to top of this, more concerned about the government actually being on top of that and i think that's really the concern is that by putting him in charge, it is more about releaving the public and relieving their fears of ebola than actually tackling the ebola problem itself. >> fair point. >> people are arguing it needed to be -- some are saying it needed to be a doctor or someone
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in the medical profession and some are saying it needs to be an organizer, somebody good with communication. why couldn't you find someone that had experience in the medical profession, who had handled issues like this and also was good at communicating to the public? why do we always have to choose? >> why does he need anybody extra? i don't understand. we got the guys on the ground. why do we need this gentleman? >> let's get some results and shut this ebola thing down. how about that? seven high school football players are facing charges in a sexual assault hazing scandal rocking a town but now some victims are reportedly downplaying what happened so them. will prosecutors be able to make a case? plus -- nearly a month after one new york city protests, a new demonstration is planned against an offer that many say glorifies palestinian terrorists. are they right?
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and will the big names joining them make a difference? and right after the show, catch a conversation from the crowd. join us for "outnumbered overtime." click on the overtime tab. will you? tweet us your questions or comments or tell us what topics you want to hear more about. stay with us. you're driving along,
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starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. >> you are watching our yoit numbered "and we're glad you are." big name politicians could give some force to what's happening today. rudy giuliani and pataki. many people are saying the opera glorifies palestinian terrorists. the story is based on the 1985 murder of leon clinghoffer on a cruise ship celebrating his 36th wedding anniversary with his wife. that ship was hijacked with palestinian terrorists. they shot him in the head, his body washed ashore on a syrian beach a few days later.
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this will be the second large new york demonstration against the work since the mets season opener last month. protestors then were carrying signs and calling the opera propaganda, masquerading as art. i want to start with you on this. the met is rolling this out. it's art to them. a lot of people pushing against the fact that within the play is a humanization of the terrorists telling their story, too. your thoughts? >> i think good art is controversial and if that's the message they want to portray, and i haven't seen it so i don't know that that's actually what's going to come through, a lot of people there said we're sympathizing with the people who suffered, but good art is controversial. you can write about it and express why it was a problem for you or why you think it's a problem for the community but i'm not interested in silencing anyone. that's a slippery slope. if people want to advocate for silencing, advocate for
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silencing anything. >> through the years that this play has been put on, because it's been around since 1991 but this is the first time we'll see it at the met which is probably the most premier stage it would have been on, kinghoffer's family says this is hurtful to see the stories told from the perspectives from the four killers on board the ship, almost explaining why they did it. >> wouldn't any of us be upset if one of our family members were tortured and murdered, who was disabled and thrown overboard to die and -- i mean, i don't understand the point here. i'm glad the people are protesting. i think it's in very poor taste. people say we're artists, expressing -- whatever. i'm happy for the people that don't go and see it and i hope it closes soon. >> a lot of people feel the way you do. the met issued this statement. let's take a look at it if we can. the rumors and inaccuracies about the opera and its presentation at the met, there
9:18 am
it is, are part of a campaign to have it suppressed. the met will not bow to this pressure. charlie? >> listen. i'm an advocate of the first amendment. i would just say this. you know, we're in a society right now where the left, including the artistic left, will celebrate a crucifix in a jar of urine. they will celebrate that. but they -- you know, and they wouldn't do that, they wouldn't celebrate a similar situation if it was -- had anything to do with islam. so there is a degree of political correctness here. i think it's open season to write about, to do this about jews. i will say this. how can you find -- could you imagine doing a play about the holocaust and finding some sympathetic prison guards or just get into the heads of the prison guards here? that's where political correctness runs amok and the left should be villafied.
9:19 am
do i say pass a law? no. but put them in their context. they want the artistic left to outlaw the word, the washington redskins. you cannot say that on tv yet they have no problem glorifying terrorists. >> he was murdered because he was jewish. >> when i met statement, i was reading into it they're claiming that a lot of protestors have not even seen it and that a lot of campaign against it is based on rumors and inaccuracies which i thought was interesting. but they're standing behind their artist calling this a responsible work that addresses difficult, contemporary topics and basically saying the artists have the freed only to do that and the freedom to show that. i'm going to say i probably stand by that. >> beginning tonight, eight performances will start. a baritone portrays william who will appear on the stage at the met and will sing aria of the fallen body. and that will be followed by, i guess, the explanation for the
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brutal act of terror and violence on board that ship. as we learn about the past of the four terrorists, and people can make their decision whether they want to see it. i think it's an important conversation to have. >> and hopefully decide not to go. new developments in the high school sexual assault hazing scandal in new jersey. several coaches now suspended with pay, including the head football coach. their fate could be decided at a school board meeting tomorrow night where he could lose his job altogether. seven players on the team are now facing charges but some, now some of the victims are reportedly trying to minimize what happened to them in september. that could make things even harder for prosecutors. meantime, state lawmakers reportedly plan to introduce new legislation this week to legally require teachers, school administrators and coaches to report child abuse. is it going to be difficult, kimberly, with your legal background for the prosecutors to actually make their case
9:21 am
here? especially considering some students are walking back some of their previous comments or at least, you know, lightening up what actually happened. >> absolutely. especially with time passing, witnesses become reluctant, memories change, facts shift. people don't want to go forward. that's why sexual assault and domestic violence cases are some of the toughest any prosecutor can put together. the case can change shape so many times before it even gets to a courtroom. it makes it very difficult to prosecute. maybe that didn't happen or i changed my mind or there's indidn't statement. jury statements talk about the credibility of witnesses where jurors are instructed that if a witness gives several inconsistent statements, you can disregard their testimony in its entirety. very difficult. >> what makes it more difficult is the fact that the season has been cancelled, right? now you have all these kids going to school. everybody is angry and now everybody is looking for snitches.
9:22 am
and this makes it a very ugly picture for the school. >> without getting into some of the gruesome details of this case, there are allegations. we don't know if they're true. anybody that has been in a jock setting, there's a degree of haze that go goes on, especially if you're a freshman. >> not like this. >> not like what they said. i've never heard anything that over the top. the smaller kids get beat up until they get bigger? absolutely not. the question becomes this. let's just say the gruesome stuff out of it which we don't have to repeat on air. >> it seems like a locker room run amok. >> the question is accountability. >> i don't know about the charges themselves but the fact of the matter is kids were getting beat up randomly and, you know, i think -- i believe that much. i don't know about the rest of the stuff. >> anybody who knew about it, the teacher or coach should be dismissed if these charges are true. there's no place for this in
9:23 am
education. >> and former dean, here you have -- okay. so the head coaches, they're still getting paid leave. >> crazy. >> five of them are tenured. >> terrible. >> it's impossible. when you have someone who is tenured, it's almost possible to get rid of them. it's really, really hard. it shouldn't be that way which is why i don't support tenure and a lot of people battle against that. not only is it hard to get rid of them but they have contracts that say if you're suspended and nothing has been proven, they have to continue to get paid so as of right now, people are looking at this and saying, what's the consequence? will there be a consequence in the future? they will have to prove something major. >> it could be decided tomorrow. >> we're talking about bullying and the gruesome details you don't want to talk about have to do with alleged sexual acts and things that happened. we're also talking about bullying when it gets the truth out now because the town, some people in the town now are pressing against the facts coming out. i think they might be inching toward the necessity of a federal prosecutor to go in
9:24 am
there and i would be curious to know what kimberly thinks about this. open it up and talk to the people, people who know each other trying to get to the truth. >> we get some objectivity and clean hands that doesn't have skin in the game. >> the key in prevention is the parents. absolutely. if you're going to prevent stuff like this from happening in the future, parents make all the difference. >> it's a difficult story. it keeps getting harder, even with the new polls showing likely voters favor a republican led congress, bold prediction from the democratic chair plus you think people were walking out of a blowout football game but they're actually leaving a speech given by president obama. more on that. big day? ah, the usual.
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moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered." democratic national committee chair still confident her party will keep control of the senate next month and calling the republican effort to drag the president into races a failed strategy. here she is on fox news sunday. >> we're going to hold the senate because over the next couple of weeks and leading up to even today, the one question that voters are going to ask themselves who has my back? on issue after issue, democrats have stood up for jobs, for the economy, for investing in education and health care. those are issues that voters are talking about. >> but even as she says that, a recent poll shows that 49% of likely voters prefer a republican-led congress compared to 44% who want democrats to lead it. kimberly, i know it's her job. it's her job to say this. she's supposed to say, yeah, democrats are supposed to take
9:30 am
it. where is she getting her stats from at this point? >> it doesn't matter. it's debbie. she thinks if she says it, it's going to manifest and become reality. she cannot deny the fact the trending is not going in their favor and what i think this means is bye-bye. >> how long will she be the spokesperson? >> i would like to challenge what she's saying and bring you in on this because isn't the one thing that all voters care about heading into the midterm elections, the economy? and she's sitting here talking about you are going to want to vote democrat because they care most about jobs. aren't most people leaning more republican now because they don't like the situation they're in with part-time work? >> i think it's jobs, i think it's the president's handling of issues like isis or ebola. it's somewhat in her defense, i watched that interview. she was with her republican counterpart. neither of them gave me a lot of confidence. do you know what i'm saying?
9:31 am
one of the reasons why you see karl rove hedge as much as he hedges is because in predicting republican taking the senate is that he knows they can snatch the defeat out of the jaws of victory any time. there's no republican message right now other than the president is horrible, which he is. >> they'd better get it right. if they had a chance, this is it. >> when i listen to her counterpart, there was no message, direct message of the republicans. i was astounded. i watched newt gingrich take the house. that was an amazing feat, contract for america. we had a list of priorities. what are the priorities now? that president obama is bad? i'm telling you, my one worry here as someone who is right of center, who believes in freedom of markets and who thinks president obama is the antithesis, we don't have
9:32 am
republicans with a message. >> look at his approval numbers. they're not good. people don't want to campaign saying i'm advocating president obama's policies. do republicans have to work so hard? >> i don't think it's as much getting republicans out to vote as it is democrats staying at home because they're frustrated. the president of the united states has come to your town, right? you're going to walk out. g.o.p. strategist, mike murphy, may have said it best. the president is looking at a congo line of screw-ups. >> that's a perfect segue. president obama certainly has his critics but now it looks like the thrill may be gone for some of his supporters, too. check out these pictures as we were referencing thousands in the crowd this weekend. the president made a rare campaign appearance in the blue state of maryland but not long after he began speaking, everybody is like, bye-bye. that was pretty rude, actually.
9:33 am
it began looking like a blowout football game in the fourth quarter. observers say it appears to be hundreds of people headed for the exits. a recent poll finds as many as one in seven americans say they regret voting for the president two years ago. it's not a good number. that poll taken in six states with key midterm senate races. this could be an indicator going in now to this home stretch for the midterm elections, let's talk about a little forecast of things to come. >> i think people are tired. i feel like people sit at home and feel like they've heard the same thing from him over and over again. what they haven't seen is the results. i think a lot of people ran in, caught a quick snap shot and now i don't have to hear this again. show me the jobs. show me the results. >> probably should have let him finish. >> did you go to the democratic convention in 2012? it was pretty mundane affair. it wasn't --
9:34 am
>> i have been but not that year. >> it was down in charlotte. it wasn't packed. there was not a lot of enthusiasm. and guess wa? he won. now, i will say one thing. the democrats have in down to a science in get out the vote. does the president's immense negatives and his ineptitude on saying that ebola is not a big deal and then admitting it is and isis and all of that, does that outweigh that? i don't know. that's the one thing, the reason why karl rove is hedging. when karl rove hedges, you know something is up. >> i think the "chicago tribune" editorial page actually did have something important that it pointed out even though i disagree with the three reasons why he states the thrill is gone. it's away from the real problem. but he points out that every two-term president in recent decades suffered a dip in approvals halfway through the second term. we can all agree with that.
9:35 am
that's history. obama's second term is startling for a man who became the first democrat since f.d.r. to win a majority of the popular vote in two elections. isn't it more about how far he's fallen and how fast he's fallen? >> i think also, when you look at that poll, how many people regretted the first time versus how many people regretted the second time for voting for this president. he got in twice for some reason. that slide has not happened in six years. i argue it's happened in two. >> people have an inflated sense what he could do. he felt like he was going to create the sense of diplomacy and he was going to -- everyone was going to like us because he was there and people believed him. they bought the story. that's why you see a huge drop. >> people don't have that much faith in a lot of people that get elected president. they believed in him and they're disappointed. they're hurt. he was going to bring hope and change and all of this stuff. where is it? >> the buildup was tremendous. >> remember the moment when he
9:36 am
said he couldn't change washington after promising for hope and change? >> can't keep your doctor, either. just saying. >> all right. an incredible act of heroism and it's caught on camera. a man darts into a burning building to save someone trapped inside. the details of this heart stopping video. plus a popular nursery rhyme under the microscope as some child care centers say the lyrics would be racist and sexist. and right after the show, it's our special time. outnumbered overtime. log on to fox and click the overtime tab. send us your questions, your comments, tell us what topic you want to hear more about. twitter, facebook, make harris happy. jump on the live chat. tleer tleer
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♪ >> it's a nursery rhyme many of us remember singing as children. bah, bah black sheep but the lyrics were so innocently loving, now being change by child care centers in at least one country, australia. they say the word "black" could have racist connotations and the line "one for the little boy who lives down the lane" could be considered sexist. a lot of parents wonder if it's political correctness gone too wrong. >> it's outnumbered. what can i tell you? listen. if you're going to outlaw the washington redskins, i can see going after this. this has been going on for years. this is funny because it's so over the top. but i would say for the least last 30 years, colleges campuses have been outlying certain
9:42 am
descriptives. i think one of the reasons why president obama was so slow in addressing ebola, the ebola panic or whatever it is in this country was -- there was a degree of political correctness. this was stuff coming out of africa. he didn't want to seem anti-african and he was so slow off the bat and it prevents logic from taking over. this is absolutely. illogical. >> you were a high school dean so i'm sure this has come up. >> it has and what happens at schools is just avoidance. administration gets fearful of parents, of reactions you're going to have from administration leaders, from the community. if you put on a performance and there's a controversial song that one person in the audience might be sensitive to, so they just avoid everything and you have bans and get caught. >> so sandra, what is offensive in this? can you see the other side at
9:43 am
all? >> i'm mildly amused as well because they went after humpty dumpty. they changed it to have a happy ending. >> he didn't fall? >> all the king's horses and all the king's men, they couldn't put him together again. now they count to 10 and get up again. >> we're going to have revisionists in history. >> there's the witch in the wizard of oz. come on, people. >> why do we have revision in history? >> i think people have too much time on their hands. >> i think this is more than that. i think this is a concerted effort by the radical left to basically change the culture. for -- >> that could have been your lead. >> thank you. >> you think that's happening i in australia? >> it's happening all over the world. try teaching had you beeniuck f.
9:44 am
>> some people would argue there's no way to use it without being derogatory but i see your point. >> that wasn't his intent. >> as a mom, would you want these nursery rhymes not be sung to your little one? >> come on. i'm oil. i can't remember all the new lyrics. i have the old ones down pat. let's leave it at that. there's only so many tricks i can do here. >> you hit the nail on the head. if we get to pc, then we never deal with the issues. >> we have to talk about them every day. it becomes a very carrie situation. sometimes it's in australia which is how many miles away. >> it happens here, though. tell that to teachers and administrators who sit in meetings in 10 hours because a parent got offended. >> if you want to change it in the privacy of your own home, that's completely fine.
9:45 am
>> i agree. i think it's crazy. >> so the deal they struck is if you don't want to say the word "black" in the school, this is what the superintendent said, call it something else for the sheep and next year they'll try to have multi cultural sheep? >> call them purple penguins. that's the good thing. >> the right gets involved in this. remember the whole teletubby thing? >> who would you rather work for? a man or a woman? the surprising results of a new survey on who would prefer whom as a boss.
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>> we know you want more outnumbered and it's coming up but first, let's go to jon scott with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> good to see you. in the next hour, we're expecting a news conference. will police in indiana reveal the identity of a suspect they say confessed to the murder of one woman and then led them to six more bodies. a serial killer at work in the hoosier state and nobody knew until now? plus the only person in u.s.
9:50 am
custody in the benghazi terror attacks in court today. he's pleading not guilty to new charges that could bring the death penalty. we're live in washington, d.c. search is on for a good samaritan that saved a person from an inferno and part two of my vacation. >> you look so good in the pictures. >> do you think i made it? don't answer that. >> you ask me trick questions. >> i do, jon. >> amazing. >> he may be outnumbered but now it's my turn with the story. did you know more women than men would rather work for male bosses? a gallop poll finding 33% of americans prefer a male boss in a new job. 20% would rather work for a woman. most said it would make no difference. but that has some poll finding women are more likely than men to want a male boss. nearly 40%.
9:51 am
i just screwed that up. but here is the bottom line, guys. i never read off a tell prompter. i made it. >> you did pretty well. only one word. >> and i didn't like freak out totally. bottom line is this. i always liked women bosses. it's the male bosses i wanted to knock out. >> tell us why. >> for many reasons except for bill. i love him. but this is interesting. why are women bosses so challenged in this respect? >> i don't know. i mean, i like bosses in general. when you're doing the right thing and they're telling you you're cool, i like my bosses. i don't care if they're men or women. >> i've gotten along with women very well and i'm a difficult guy. sheila -- she will attest to that but i found them more nurturing. if i gave them 100%, they're very nice. and i felt like -- >> do you know why? you want your love cup filled. that's the thing.
9:52 am
you do. >> i found that female bosses are rougher on women than they are on men. there's a gender dynamic here that happens. i used to have male friends that said that female boss, she's so good to me. i'm wondering if it's the way the women used the female employees. >> what we're taking out here is the obvious dynamic that occurs a lot in the corporate setting, sexual harassment. that does occur. that's a real problem. for the dynamic, it sounds like what we're hearing here is the dynamic is, i should be working for a female boss. i'll be breaking more stories. >> you want to be nurtured, charlie. >> he does. >> straight down the line, kimberly, i like working for someone confident what they're doing, confident in their message and strategy and you know how you fit in the strategy so i'm all for the right person for the job. however, i think that men and
9:53 am
women lead very differently. i would be curious, charlie, how are these female bosses nurturing you? >> i felt -- listen. i just felt like when i gave 100% to female bosses, they came back and went to bat for me harder. ief always felt that way. >> interesting. >> and i was in difficult situations. i worked at the "wall street journal" during difficult times when there were corporate scandals going on. eliot spitzer wanted my head around a noose. >> a noose around your head. >> whatever. they went after me and female bosses went after me more than male bosses. >> i'm going to boss you right now. i'm taking over your prompter. tennis champ serena williams furious at russia's tennis chief over comments she called sexist, racist and insensitive about her and her sister venus.
9:54 am
what he said that got him banned and fined. óqoqúúñ@
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
sererra williams blasting the president of the russian federation calling recent comments he made about her and her sister as bullying. he referred to them as william's
9:58 am
brothers and frightening to look at them. the chief called his remarks a small joke. he was banned by the women's tennis association and fined $25,000. what do you make of this? >> it is interesting to me. i will yield my time to jenna. >> i think my opinion is that some men can't handle a strong woman. >> and i think she's strong and tough and hey, i don't know. i think it is ridiculous and inappropriate. >> here is the the double standard. she just won the u.s. open and they say you are performing like a man. yeah. charlie, why would when a woman does well are they compared to men? >> this is not shakespear making the comment.
9:59 am
he is three french fries short of a happy meal. it was stupid and racist and made no sense and completely inaccurate. they are attractive women and good at their job. >> and smart business women. >> they are getting paid. >> i think the fine was not over done. >> fining someone for speech. i have a problem. do we have to fine idiots? >> he holds a respected position. he gets fined and is it okay? >> so is vladimar putin. >> i think he is have been fined. >> i love that she used her voice and called him on it. you go, girl. >> they are amazing athletes, and i will not compare them to men. thanks to charlie for joining us. >> not bad, charlie. >> starting fights.
10:00 am
>> and if you go to fox business.comand go to channel finder and we'll stay right here for fox news overtime to the web. "happening now" starts now. fox news alert. a suspected serial killer in custody linked to the murders of seven women. >> we are learning more about who he is. this is "happening now". >> they desperately want that town. >> but the american- led coalition doesn't want isis to get. it and now it is a u.s. stepped up air are strikes in the terror group. and first of its kind operation in syria and your names will be given to the medical examiner for identification and autopsy. >> the looming question, w


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