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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 20, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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business.comand go to channel finder and we'll stay right here for fox news overtime to the web. "happening now" starts now. fox news alert. a suspected serial killer in custody linked to the murders of seven women. >> we are learning more about who he is. this is "happening now". >> they desperately want that town. >> but the american- led coalition doesn't want isis to get. it and now it is a u.s. stepped up air are strikes in the terror group. and first of its kind operation in syria and your names will be given to the medical examiner for identification and autopsy. >> the looming question, whether they belong to missing student
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hannah graham. found only miles from where they once lived. >> it is very touching and sad. >> and oh, thank god. a stranger rushes in to a burning home and comes out with the elderly man who lived inside. the woman who captured the hero coming to the rescue, all on "happening now". >> now back to our top story. a possible serial killer behind bars in the heartland as investigators search for what may be a trail of victims. i am shannon bream in for jenna lee. >> i am jon scott. look at hammond, indiana, a news conference is under way. police identifying a 43-year-old
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man who confessed to a murder in garry, indiana. a decade's long horror story may be only now coming to life. here is mike in chicago with the latest on the case. mike? >> reporter: jon, murder charges are sought. with that suspect we just identified. his name is darren van. 43 years old and public reggistry of sex offenders said he was arrested and charged with devient sexual behavior. the suspect moved around. gary, hammond, indiana just one of the stops. >> court records in 2004 and 5. he was also in austin, texas. he appears to be a person who
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has moved back and forth between a number of states. >> reporter: chief said they are linking him to six deaths, possibly more. the victim from friday night 19-year-old girl strangled in a room of motel six. she contacted him from chicago back an escort service. same way of contacting a nice jones who was found in an abandoned building. that was the case for the six women. they were found in abandoned buildings and traced a phone number and that led them to the suspect. thus far, he is cooperating. and the cases could go back as far as 20 years. guys, back to you in new york. >> mike, what a story. thank you. the only person arrested in
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the attack on benghazi pleading not guilty to new charges, among them murder of an ambassador that could get him the death penalty. he was captured in scombrun. prosecutors say he is a senior leader of a libyan terrorist group. kathryn, you were in court this morning, what happened there? >> reporter: shannon, i was 20 foot from the benghazi suspect when he entered a plea of not guilty to 17 new charges including murder and attempted murder contained in the the indictment that makes no mention of a video or demonstration as the reason for the 2013 attack. but rather alleges that the leader of the attack in benghazi learned that the u.s. intelligence agencies were operating in eastern libya and he was determined to drive them out of benghazi. to that end, he took two dozen operatives and heavy firepower,
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among them assault rifles, grenade and rocket propelled grenades and mortars to attack the u.s. consulate and annex. he oversaw the theft of massive documents and computers from the consulate that contained the location of the cian operation. we are talking about an annex that is a cia facility and so the identification. facility and everything connected with it is classified. >> reporter: since fox first reported on the theft of the computers back in july, the state department unsuccessfully argued that classified information was not compromised in the 2012 attack. today the prosecutors were asked if this is a single suspect in the case and they left the door open to more in the future. shannon. >> thank you, kathryn very much.
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>> reporter: you're welcome. >> could be trouble looms for the democrats in the u.s. with over two weeks until the midterm election. recent polling endicates that president obama is losing support among women. back in 2012, women played a crucial role in the reelection victory and fast- ford to today, declining popularity among female voters could tip the balance of the senate to republicans. let's talk about why. amy to dared is here and jonah gold berg is a fox news contributor. what is it, a b, that seems to cause so many women according to the polls, to have lost faith in president obama and maybe democrats? >> well, i think you have to look over the course of the last few months. the war on women and discussion of reproductive rights and women's health issues worked as a galvanizing issue.
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but in the last few months, the border crisis that came out of no where and out of control and later learned festering two years and allowed to deteriorate and the arrival of isis as a new unprecedented threat to our home land, seemed to come, again to americans out of no where, and something that the president allowed to worsen. and then the statements from the administration that ebola would never come here and now it is it here, made voters across the board nervous about the way that the administration handled crisis and they are not motivated to vote, even the women who supported the president in the last two elections? >> jonna, is that the way you see it? >> the war on women have played out. republican candidates are saying how can i be against birth control if i am for over the
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counter bird control. it dawns on women that there is a cynicism behind the democrat appeal that tries to tell them to panic about the issues over and over and over again, and where i think a b is right. all of the sudden there are other pressing issues that came to the fore, that people recognize as probably more important than the perennial partisan wedge issue that the the democrats keep trying to drudge up and hyper ventilate about. we are seeing the return of what we called brief after 9/11 security moms. people are worried about terrorism and you know, organ li questionifying diseases and an open border more than the arguments about birth control right now. and so maybe for right now, and obama's incompetence are swarming the normal playbook. >> we have seen in isis, ab
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known to behead journalist and children and if you are a mom watching what the group is doing to innocent little kids in far away lands, it is awfully repulsive. >> right, women vote along with the population, they prioritize the economy and security and something like a health crisis like ebola, those are the kinds of things that trump other issues at a time like this. that is why senator mark udall, in colorado where the president only beat romney by two points struggling to talk about women's health issues and there is a back lash and he's not talking about the issues that are priority to voters and therefore he allowed his rival and challenger to sneak pass him in the polls and win the endorsement in the denver post
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because he overdid women's issues. >> i might have mixed up the groups. among married women, they typically have gone conservative and gone for president mitt romney. >> this is one of my great frustrations with the way people talk about the war on women. the women who are the majority of the country and electorate, are somehow the homog nis group that vote on birth control issues, is sort of demeaning and sexist if you think about it. ask the republicans legality the mainstream media and democrats get away with it. mitt romney carried married women by a large woman and mitt romney carried white women by a large maggin and the idea of women voting as a block is ridiculous. minorities are usually democrats for all sorts of reasons and it
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skews the data a little bit. but we talk about it as if there is only one way to appeal to women which is ridiculous. and i wish the republicans were better at pushing back. >> we'll see what happens in two weeks and a day. thanks. >> great to be here. the cvc releasing new guidelines for handling ebola. the nurses that fell ill have a long way to go. and also this. >> there is a man inside. caught on camera, a really good samaritan runs in a burning home to rescue a complete stranger. an important message for americans eligible
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the cvc releasing new guidelines to help stop the spread of ebola.
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the virus has killed 4000 people in africa and one man here in the u.s. stricter protocols come after first group of people in contact with dunn van are cleared. trying to move on now with their lives. will car is in dallas. will, at this point we know it is it a numbers game and a time game. how worried are officials that someone else will come down from ebola in the initial duncan case? >> reporter: local leaders are cautiously optmist being the first 48 are cleared. and they had contact with thomas eric duncan when he came to the hospital and sent home. 48 people can now move on with daily activities and that includes his family members and fiance who lived in seclusion in a house provided by the local
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catholic community in a gated neighborhood. this morning, local leaders called on the community to welcome them back in the community since there is no chance they can get ebola now they are outside of the 21 day window. >> this is a defining moment for dallas. the world is watching dallas. and dallas must determine if dallas will deal with this with grace and compassion and have the thing that separates us from all other animals is the ability to reason and our faith. >> reporter: outside of those 48, there is 120 people monitored here in dallas. here in the texas health presbyterian. less than 15 employees who are under voluntary isolation. >> and the nurses who treated mr. duncan and tested for ebola,
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how do we know what they are doing? >> reporter: nina pham is in maryland in the national institute of health and in fair condition. her boyfriend and three family members and her dog bentley are all in quarentine as an extra precaution. and amber vincent is in emory hospital in atlanta in stable condition. we learned that the cvc is momonitoring 100 people she had contact with in ohio. and contacted every person on the plane with her and there is a lot of criticism of how the nurses came down with ebola in the first place. we expect the cvc to come out with guidelines about the attire health care workers can wear. you can expect they would require the nurses to be covered head to toe which those two nurses were not. >> thank you.
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>> and a quiet town in new hampshire rocked by violence when a small pumpkin festival turns chaotic. and now police who made 49 arrests are looking for more suspects. and in virginia, police find human remains that could be those of missing student hannah graham. and our legal panel will look at the ongoing investigation and where it goes from here. your customers, our financing. your aspirations, our analytics. your goals, our technology. introducing synchrony financial, bringing new meaning to the word partnership. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. enagage with us.
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. right now's small new hampshire city is working to track down students who turned an innocent halloween festival in a full-scale riot. this was the scene. crowds running through the streets and throwing bottles and rocks and dozens of arrest.
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and other students spent sunday cleaning up. police are reviewing photos and social media to track down anyone who played a part in the chaos. the search for a missing university student appears to have come to a tragic end. human remains in charl lotsville were found not far from where hannah graham was seen a month ago. police say it is now a death investigation. joining us is heather hanson, a trial attorney. and thomas spillborg. and you hope that the woman would be found. but it doesn't appear to be the case for hannah. what a story. they have 32-year-old jesse matthew. they charged him based on the
10:23 am
evidence in the apartment, but it is a long way from linking him to murder, right? >> the dna evidence from the remains are going to likely tie him to this murder and rapes that happen in the area as well. and that's why there will be a meticulous investigation of the remains and forensic examination will be important. >> a metallic concert the student left and in 2010, her body was found in a field and that body just a few miles away from where the latest discovery was made. >> unsolved mystery, but i think the authorities believe this is a connection and it is likely hannah graham. and the prior crime committed in 2009. and take a step back, jon.
10:24 am
i don't know how barren the remains are. they have to determine cause and manner of death. if it is homicide, they are going to try to link to the killer. if they determine it is other than than homicide it is another can of worms. >> they have video of jesse matthew apparently the last person and we remember the emotional pleas. but he was seen with her last, but you have to connect a lot of dots to build a murder case from a video tape. >> it will be important to find the remains and do the examination. and although you have to connect dots you can do so and create a picture. we have seen that happen. and this is something that the prosecutors are not letting out all of the information they have so they are able to do so. this case could be a serial situation in a case where they to have the death penalty.
10:25 am
>> and they have done a good job of keeping things close to the vest. they have searched his apartment and car multiple times and what about the fact that he show up at the police and wants a lawyer and runs out and hides on the beach in texas. >> when that information gets to the jury assuming they tie him to the crimes, that was the strangest thing. he spoke with a lawyer and said basically said never mind and goes camping on a beach. >> and led the police on a high- speed chase so frightening they were forced to break it up. >> he was charged with reckless driving in addition to all of the other crimes. it shoes a state of mind consistent of being get with the types of things he will be charged with.
10:26 am
>> apparently couple of instances in the college campus, sexual assaults and so forth. this is a guy who should have been locked up a long time ago. >> there is a creep factor going on here. but his defense might be yeah, she is dead but i didn't kill her, it was an accident. >> it is a difficult case. but we'll watch it. jana spillpoor. and heather grant. i am sorry. >> i will take. it >> healther hanson. thank you both. >> shannon? >> and the u.s. military delivering reenforcement to kurdish fighters in kobani. it is not popular with the turbish leaders. how will it impact the fight to stop isis. captain nash weighs n. >> and the search for a mystery
10:27 am
man who ricked his life to save a stranger from a burning home and then vanished. >> oh, my god. where is the fire department. >> i am william. [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action?
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the obama administration shifting its strategy in dealing with isis supplying weapons to the kurdish fighters in key town of kobani. secretary of state kerry said the decision was made because it would be irresponsible not to do
10:31 am
so. we have chuck nash. good to see you, sir. we are looking at the background call and explaining the decisions and the air drop in the area and saying they would not characterize how turkey responded to the news, but we can guess, we know it is something they didn't want us to do? >> yeah, they didn't want us to do. as a matter of fact all of the countries with turkish population. one thing they share is the dislike for the kurdish minorities and international vaccination that go through the red credit sant. they will vaccinate kids in isis controlled areas and rebel controlled areas and not the kurdish areas. long story short, the white house did the right thing, a no
10:32 am
brainer, had they not dropped the supplies it would be a massacre laid on the doorstep >> and what it would have done morale wise and recruiting for isis. but what about the issue of aid. aid is proveded and medical supplies and food to desperate people. we know that there are hundreds of thousands of refugees in the region and a concern that the aid is going to areas controlled by isis and giving them food and medicine and propping them up and we are trying to wipe them out. >> it is a real dilemma and you hit the nail on the head. essentially all of the foreign aid, and including u.s.- aid for international development, that stuff gets sent in convoys that
10:33 am
leave turky and drive to syria and it is, there was a article in the daily beast that said the aid convoys are getting through because either the turkish transport companies hauling the aid or the aid agencies are paying isis emirs to let the convoys go through. and we are funding, it is a another source of the funding for isis to get the stuff through, and if we don't pay them and get the stuff through, then the people suffering are going to suffer and they will blame the united states which is total poppycock. isis controls the area and everybody knows it. >> does that give a rise to getting boots and intelligence on the ground and direct these things and whose boots are on the ground. we have concerns about the iraqi army and whether they are up to the task.
10:34 am
>> the iraqi is not up to the task. they are gangs and militias. there is leadership that is decimated. syria is even worse. you can't protect those kinds of convoys by saying we are going to lay in thousands of american troops to escort the convoys, that was difficult enough to getting up from kuwait to baghdad when we controlled iraq and let alone doing an operation inside of syria where we control nothing on the ground. >> all right, retired captain chuck nash. thank you for your service and also for being with us today on the show. >> my pleasure. back in this country, a look at one of the most important aspects of a successful campa n campaign. d.c.s had a edge but the republicans might be catching up.
10:35 am
mike emmanuel is live in the dc bureau with more. >> reporter: jon, so much of the focus is energizing the voters to the go to the polls. we looked at the rnc now that is quite busy in the stretch of the 2014 campaign. republicans are trying to learn from a 2012 shellacing and they demonstrated a ground game and campaign edge. folks in the rnc are ready. >> we are communicating with the voters on the doorstep and traditional mail and land lines and mobile device, we are communicating with the voters and digital advertising. >> we have to be nimble and planning takes part. we move in real time and have things planned out in advance. we have creative art and messages that we know will work
10:36 am
based on the testing. >> reporter: in iowa the race with joni ernest shows he is up 2.5. democrats are bringing in more voters that sat out in the 2010. but the 42 and half percent of the iowa voters and republicans are around 40 percent. >> it is fair to say the republicans are getting better in the ground game and what is happening in the last off and on elections, they haven't matched the advantage for democrats, a good ground game will bring you 2- 4 percent advantage and in a close election and close race that is a significant difference. >> and final grades on the the ground game will not come out until after election day, jon. >> we'll look forward to the results, mike thank you. >> a selfless act of bravery,
10:37 am
caught on camera a man walking in a burning house and saved a complete stranger and then this guy just disappeared. in fres no, a woman screamed that her father was trapped inside. william pecks up the story from there. >> reporter: he is a reluctant hero and speculation now. a selfless act seen and hailed by viewers doesn't want to be found. here he is in the fres no fire. a disabled man on oxygen is inside. a man enters screen right, and walks in the burning house and others watch despite the daughter's desperate pleas that someone save her father. >> we need to get the dad out of there. oh, my god. is everybody out. >> no there is a man inside.
10:38 am
>> the mystery man inside two minutes and yelling to the fire department and then he walked out with the victim on his shoulder and sats him down on the sidewalk. and the video goes on five minutes and when the videograpper scans the crowd. the hero is long gone. >> the man is calmly walking toward where the house was and fire was where the guys were and walks back there and i kept filming and next thing you know. he is carrying this man and we said thank god, we are greatly relieved. >> he was alone and apparently wants to stay hidden. he nor his friends came forward and identified him to the fres no fire and police who speculate that he is illegal immigrant and works in the local fields or packing houses and fears he
10:39 am
would be deported and explains why he did not stick around and left before the police arrived. >> he was in the right place at the right time for the family. we'll see if his identity comes to light. william, thank you very much. >> and a new study claims more than 60000 kids are claimed by medication mistakes each year. and we'll speak to a pediatrician about what parents can dpo do. >> someone gets stuck in the chimney. we'll not talk about santa claus here. but how the woman got call. >> we called the cops and it was a fatal attraction match. it was not that bad but it got bad that quick.
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>> hey, everyone. i hope you had a great weekend.
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monica lewinsky talks about her affair with president clinton. what made her tear up? >> and your local walmart will provide health care. only $40 a doctor visit. and don't miss our first real people segment. folks like you doing unique and special things. and we are talking all- american burgers and all in the top of the hour. emergency teams in southern california rescue a woman stuck in the chimney. they had to use soap to get her out. the woman was not hurt but the chimney had to be demolished. she was trying to break into the home of a former boyfriend. not a good idea. >> never a good idea. >> she is facing charges of illegal entry and lying to
10:44 am
police. oops. a study highlighting a problem involving kids and medication mistakes that can lead to hospitalization and death. the study found that every eight minutes, a child is affected by an medication error by parents or care giver ares. most were pain killers. the kids being given the medication twice. the younger the child the more common the problem becomes. it makes up a quarter of the cases in the study. they have a assistant clinical professor. and doctor, thank you for joining us. and i had no idea it was so high. it seems preventible? >> it is. thank you for having me. medication errors are preventible and it was shocking when the study looked at ten years of data and each year,
10:45 am
63000 children are affected by an in home medication error. not in the hospital. but as you mentioned, they are mostly young children. >> these are the things that mom or dad or baby-sitter giving the child medication, is it that the prescriptions are not clear or they don't have time to discuss them with the doctor or labels not good enough. what is the brake down? >> it is all the above. parents are tired and sleep deprived and in the mitted of the night medication errors are made. and typically it shoes that medication errors is when a parent would give one and an hour later another care giver or parent will repeat the medication because they don't realize it was given. i like to teach parents keep a medication log and write down the child's name and medication and dose and the time you are
10:46 am
giving that. there is no confusion when a parent is wondering, did they get the fever reducer or antibiotics? >> and the children are not much help by telling mommy and dead i took. it there were thousands of them and some of them led to death. i can't imagine how the care giver feels for a mistake. >> it is serious. there were 25 deaths in the course of the study and 4500 visits to the emergency room. other mistakes were in liquid medication. when i give them in my office i try to educate five milleter equals five cc's equal one tea spoons. you don't want to use kitchen teaspoons. use the dosing device that comes
10:47 am
with the medication, and if there are questions at all call your pediatrician. >> that is great idea advice. >> it helps me to remember when you are there and much safer whether it is you or your child. doctor, thank you for your time. >> just ahead. part two of the mount kilijamario. trying to reach the highest peak for charity.
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians.
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tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. the first hour of happening now, we showed you our trek up mount kilimanjaro and tanzania. 24 of us answered a call from a
10:51 am
christian charity for a clean water project by trying to reach the top of the tallest peak in africa. the dawn of day three brings us a welcomed sight. the clouds of the previous day are well below us now, affording the views of two of kilimanja kilimanjaro's volcanic peaks. >> we get our first real good view of our target. >> above the clouds and most of the vegetation, there's little here to block the wind that usually screams of these altitudes. the shorts and t-shirts we wore as we began the trek give way to parkas, hats and gloves. the howling wind finally pushes the clouds over our camp, creating a faint rainbow in the high-altitude sun. kilimanjaro is not a technical climb no ropes or ice axes needed but it can be deadly. about ten people die trying to climb this mountain each year, usually victims of heart attacks or the altitude.
10:52 am
it also claims some who aren't climbi climbing. along the route we find the wreckage of a kenyan tour plane that crashed here in 2009, killing four italians. kibo camp is our final stop before the summit push. our tents are sitting more than 1,000 feet higher than any peak in colorado. >> and so on the seventh of october at 15,500 feet, my first snow of the season. >> it's the beginning of a very short night. >> so, now it's time for the final climb, bedtime was at 6, we woke up at 11, now just after midnight and we are going to the top. >> more movements deliberately slow. we climb a trail that's frozen, crusted in ice and snow, a full moon overhead allows many of us to turn off our head lamps. >> we are at about 18,000 feet now. more than halfway up this section of the climb. and trudging along.
10:53 am
>> we reach gilman's point, 18,500 feet, just before the moon sets, temperature, about 15 degrees fahrenheit. still, nearly 1,000 feet to climb but now, we can see well we are above the summit and the sun light arrived to warm eastern sky and finally, the sun breaks through and the mountainside glows. to our right, the crater of the volcano that built kibo to our left, the incredible summit ice fields. and finally, on the fifth day, after 30 hours of climbing, we reach the sign at kibo summit, the top of kilimanjaro, our trek to the roof of africa is complete. so after all that, 30 hours of climbing, we spent about 15 minutes on the top of the mountain. >> did you? take it in, your photos are beautiful, the video just amazing. >> thank you. it was -- >> now, tell me about the charkt the whole reason behind this drive and this climb. >> we raised money and a lot of
10:54 am
fox viewers actually made donation and i'm very grateful. we raised money for clean water projects in a couple of villages in tanzania. we hoped to raise one and came one enough money, we got two. >> great news. >> so it's cheap water. i'm gonna do something, put it on our website about the charity, compassion international and about the clean water projects. >> you had to be in good shape for that. this was no joke. >> yep. >> those temperatures, the altitudes. >> actually, coming down was tougher for me than going up. now, my knees are somewhat battered. >> fabulous shape. seven or eight surgeries and coming -- made the climb up and then down overnight. >> a lot on your back. >> and then we hiked seven miles down the mountain on climb day and then another 14 miles the next day. so it was -- took us five days to get up -- >> around here feel very lazy and slothful. i feel like a human sloth sitting in this chair right now. >> well, i did try to do a
10:55 am
little bit of preparation, but then as viewers might know, i tore my rotator cuff and aid sling and, yeah. >> kudos to you. >> thank you. >> for bringing back such a wonderful account of it so everybody who donated can share in it as well. >> they are doing some great work over there, like i said, i will put something on the happening now show page about the work that we did. >> a imgoing to sign up forth ironman right after we get off the show. >> sounds good. >> thanks, john. >> thank you, shannon. the cdc issuing new guidelines to keep people safe from ebola as testing begins on nina pham's dog, bentley. you have seen the pictures. could her pet pass on the virus? we will find out, the director of the texas ebola task force is going to join us live. this is kathleen.
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a unique pumpkin carving contest in the florida keys is under water. artists of all ages taking part in the on ul event off key largo, trying to carve faces and sea creatures 30 feet below the surface much the biggest challenge keeping the hollowed out pumpkins from floating away. this year's winning design was a sea horse. i like t. >> also tough to keep the barracuda away. >> they get hungry. >> they do. hey, peyton manning marks another milestone in a fantastic career, four touchdown passes in last night's 42-17 trouncing of the san francisco 49ers. that bleaks brett favre's record for career touchdown passes. of course, i said up to midnight to watch the game, which made for a short night when you come in for "happening now," but hey, good job. and thank you to the new england patriots for letting us have wes welker, whose reception helped
11:00 am
tie the record yesterday. >> listen, impressive. seems like a great guy. good for the sport. >> i think so and the denver broncos now america's team, according to one poll. they have supplanted the dallas cowboys. >> spoken like a true denver broncos fan. >> the real stor"the real storyn carlson" starts right now. >> today the real story, all the details about ebola case around the country. the u.s. finally deciding to air drop weapons the kurds battling isis, plus, our countdown to the midterms has begun as some high-level dems distance themselves from the president and some ralligoers even walk out. new guidelines in place for health care workers treating ebola patients but did they go far enough? hi, i'm, gretchen carlson, hope you had a fantastic weekend. welcome to the real story today. the new guidelines are part of a strict set of revised guidelines set to be leased by the


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