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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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because he doesn't care? vote in our gretawire poll. good night from washington. and sean hannity studio audience tonight 10:00 p.m. might want to watch it sounds good. >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight trying to seal off a entire region of the world if that were possible could make the situation worse. >> the politics of ebola still a very hot issue. we will have an update tonight. >> now we got a report darren wilson say he was in fear of his life. the only gun there was darren wilson. >> sharpton continues to convict a missouri police officer of murder even as new evidence emerges, we have a follow-up that may surprise. >> you what do you think of this whole ebola controversy. >> from where? >> here in the united states? >> oh, it's nice. >> also ahead, what do the folks think about the ebola chaos? jesse watters tried to find
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out. >> ebola what's that mean? have you ever heard of ebola? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why americans believe things are outs of control. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. new poll of likely voters from states where midterm races are tight clearly demonstrates that most americans are uneasy with the state of the union. when asked by politico of which the following comes closest to your own view? 64% say things in the united states feel like they are out of control. right now. 36% are confident that the country can meet its challenges. next question, thinking ahead several years, are you optimistic or pessimistic about the country? 49% optimistic, 50%
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pessimistic. finally if the election for the house and senate were held today, for whom would you vote. 41% democratic candidate. 36% republican candidate. 23% don't know yet. now, that last question seems not to be logical. if a whopping 64% of americans think the country is out of control under the obama administration, why would anyone vote for a democratic candidate? the answer is emotion. democrats have been very successful in convincing some voters that the republican party favors the rich and antiwoman. the republican party has not been able to put forth a leader to refute those allegations effectively. plus never poll american women continue to favor democrats no matter what happens to the nation that what is certainly true. have not been successful in making america a stronger country. we're much weaker than we were six years ago? so if you are voting for the country then you would be less likely to support the democrats. but if you are voting just
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for yourself, and what you can get from the government the option the democrats provide entitlements is attractive. part of the reason the u.s.a. is in trouble is that president obama puts ideology over tough practical solutions. ebola is a good example. overwhelmingly, merption want travel ban imposed where the ebola epidemic is raging. >> trying to seal off an entire region of the world if that were even possible could actually make the situation worse it would make it harder to work healthcare workers and supplies back and forth. experience shows that it could also cause people in the affected region to change their scrafl, evade screening and make the disease even harder to track. >> with all due respect those arguments are weak. here are the facts the countries senegal and nigeria have prevented neighbors from entering that strategy has been effective.
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senegal and nigeria have largely avoided the ebola epidemic. those governments open say the travel ban has helped them stave off the epidemic. based on that, a travel ban to america is certainly appropriate. at least until american health officials get organized to contain any ebola intrusion. but the president continues to say no. that's just one of many examples of ideology trumping practical solution to vexing problems. summing it up, we are living in a very dangerous, complicated world and we problem solvers not idealogues in office. that's the memo. now for the tore story, reaction, joining us from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams. my logic is once again flawless, juan and you know. >> you know i have long admired your intellect and logic. i think that's why folks tune in because you are a man who really has common sense, bill. i think in this case you are looking at some facts in isolation because you talk about people who say, you
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know, the country is chaotic situation. they have been saying that for more than a decade. >> not at this rate. >> oh my gosh, it was 82% in may of 2008, that's before the financial collapse, 82% say the country is going in the wrong direction. >> ron, there is -- juan, there is a difference between wrong direction and the way that the politico put it there is a big difference in that. let's stick on the ebola thing because that's what folks are interested in. >> let me stick with your talking points memo. i think that is part of an attack the republicans have trying to undermine obama. undermine confidence in government, trust in government. credibility of government to say oh, things are out of control because of obama and the democrats. i think though when you break out why people don't have trust in government, and ask about the economy, republican and democrat oh, yeah, we have equal confidence in each other. when it comes to minimum wage, equal pay, when it
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comes to education. >> let's go over. >> democrats more. they think democrats are more competent. >> the ebola thing is i very very illuminating, mary katharine, because the senegal in nigeria who those countries border the eched area. they have shut it down completely. we are not going to take anybody in here. 21 day incubation period. we can't tell on our border who has it and who doesn't. we don't want to, we are brothers to you, but we are not going to let you in. it's worked. they say it's worked. but president obama, huh-uh, logic doesn't matter. go. >> well, i think here's the issue. that the screening process in place clearly didn't work even though we were promised it would work. that's when people go whoa let's try something else. i'm willing to listen to epidemiologist who says a travel ban isn't the best idea. they don't bother to explain that to the american people. what they do is say shut up stupid little people, we will not be doing a ban why are you racist? that is not the way it to communicate about this. >> you heard the president say mary katharine to be fair. >> weeks later after people started asking questions
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about this. >> civilians at the airport can stop. this now, juan, do you it realize. >> hold on, wait a minute, i will get back. at jfk and new york. between 1 auto west africans come in today. editorial in the "new york post" head of the firefighter union said this is instain. firefighters in new york city we respond to all kinds of emergencies, all right? and we don't have the equipment. we don't know who we are doing. if we have 150 up to 150 west africans coming in every single day, our people are at risk that is powerful argument, juan, right there. >> that's not a powerful argument. >> it's not? >> firefighter union doesn't know what he is talking about, blowing smoke. >> think about this. this how is it going to work. people have flu, people have aides, all kinds of diseases if that's the issue. firefighters at risk. i don't think they are making national policy. >> he is talking about ebola. >> okay. well, what is ebola? there is no ebola in new york, i don't know what he
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is he talking about, the potential exists just like it existed in class. >> this is stirring up paranoia and fear without any legitimate grounds. >> go ahead, mary katharine. >> let me speak to juan's point where peoe are undermining the president and faith in government. nobody needs to. the facts on the ground show that these clumsy bureaucratic systems are not working. the president himself was the guy who ran on saying shed your cynicism. cynicism is a choice, sheep better choice. when you are in charge of clumsy federal government ever government and this is bipartisan. best not to have perfect faith in how it will work every second of the day. you cannot governor on hope alone. when he leaks to the "new york times" is he super mad how these things don't work well. he doesn't have faith. he is he undermining faith according to juan in the federal government's response. it's not good at doing these things, it does too many things. if the guy in charge is not wig to look closer and make sure it's doing its job it ain't going to get done. >> mary katharine ham and juan williams. new evidence county racially ferguson missouri case.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today! contact segment tonight, the ferguson missouri death of michael brown, front page articles in the "new york times" on saturday says there is compelling evidence that there was a struggle between the 18-year-old and police officer darian wilson on augustth. the article quotes anonymous sources but the information seems to be coming from federal people and it says: that officer wilson was pinned in his vehicle, struggling with his gun as mr. brown apparently grabbed for it. then, officer wilson fired twice inside the car. striking mr. brown in the arm, the second bullet missed. forensic evidence shows mr. brown's blood on the
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gun, on an interior door of the car, also wilson's police uniform. finally, the source in the article says civil rights charges are not likely in the case, that's why we know it's a federal source. now, there was no mention of the other five times michael brown was shot. so clearly what happened after the initial struggle in the car, is yet to be defined at least in this article. that, of course, vital to the case. therefore, no one, no one should be stating any conclusions but they are. >> you are asking me to believe that a young man that was shot and knew he didn't have a gun, ran back at you in toward a gun that already shot. >> how you can justify killing and shooting down a man in the middle of the
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street, execution style, again, simply because his only crime was walking in the middle of the street? >> joining us now from los angeles, the lawyer for michael brown's family benjamin crump. first of all, what did you think of the "new york times" article, mr. crump? >> women, as the lead attorney for the family we still haven't gotten anything official from any of the investigators, nothing from the prosecutor's office so we are looking at this allegation the week before your audience are each if we are to agencies true as you expect, mr. o'reilly, it doesn't explain the other shots in the fact that michael brown jr., everybody says he was running away from the police officer so that's what his family is begging for and asking for, charges to be brought so there can be a trial and it can be transparent so they can see really what happened. >> all right. >> when you read the article
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in the "new york times" and this was obviously leaked by a federal official. could have been the fbi, we can't speculate. it's somebody who has seen this evidence there is no doubt about it that article raises reasonable doubt. that's what it does. so it couldn't is been good news for you if you believe an injustice was done and i assume you do. if that article could not have been good news for you. why don't see it as that, mr. o'reilly. because remember from day one his friend dorian said that the police officer tried to pull him into the car and that he struggled to get away and there was a shot fired and they took off running so this is very consistent with what his friends said from the very beginning. and what we are saying it doesn't matter. >> all right. and i understand that you're going -- that that friend has to be taken -- his testimony has to be looked
5:16 pm
at. very rare that a police officer tries to pull somebody through the window of a car but be that it may. >> rare somebody tries to enter into a police car, too. >> if is he trying and i don't want to try the case on tv. i just want to make this statement. if mr. brown is drying to get into the car that's that's a what different story than a police officer pulling him into the car. what do you think when you hear al sharpton and i know you have associated yourself with him and i was surprised to see that by the way, convicting the police officer in the media. that doesn't seem to be fair to me i think reverend al as well as many of his supporters are saying that we don't need this secret proceeding called a grand jury. what we need is a trial that's very transparent and that due process not only for the police officer but michael brown jr. >> don't you think he goes further than that? the grand grure is our system here.
5:17 pm
don't you think mr. sharp top and others have gone a little bit further than that? they basically convicted the police officer? you haven't. i haven't heard you do it but they have. this makes, i think makes all fair minded people a little queazy. >> well, mr. o'reilly, i think one thing in reference to the grand jury, it's a choice by the prosecutor to take it to a grand jury. he could have just brought charges. probable cause he can just charge. prosecutors do it everyday. especially a lot of people in that community in ferguson. they don't send to a grand jury. >> in a case like this. >> they have their day in court. >> let me defend the prosecutor for in a moment. in a case like, this that high profile, they want to make sure that the evidence is heard from impartial grand jury. i think that's a responsible way to go. but you are almost dodging my question. you are standup guy mr. crump. >> i won't dodge your question, mr. o'reilly.
5:18 pm
i enjoy coming on your show. >> i think many others including african-americans don't like anyone, any american being convicted in the media by people like al sharpton. >> i don't think it's just reverend sharpton everybody has an opinion. we should have everybody get their due process. the police officer should be innocent until proven guilty. and i think all the supporters have been saying that they want their trial they want it to be transparent. then you want due process for michael brown jr. as well, mr. o'reilly. >> certainly do. >> we want it to be fair. >> absolutely. >> that's what we always talk about. >> you and i are absolutely simpatico on that. we want a fair trial with all the evidence examined and a fair outcome. mr. crump, we he will talk to you again and we really appreciate you coming on. directly ahead, brit hume on religious people caught up in the intense gay marriage controversy. karl rove on who americans want hillary clinton to run
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hume zone courts are legalizing gay marriage. in idaho two christian ministers say they are being threatened legally if they do not perform gay wedding ceremonies. the alliance definiting freedom organization has now filed a federal lawsuit on their behalf. also in houston, texas, gay marriage controversy involving protestant ministers as well. joining us from washington is brite hume. take the houston situation first. apparently there are search sermons involved or were involved, correct? that's correct there was a subpoena issued in a civil suit in which the city of houston is a defendant and the city in responding to this lawsuit issued a subpoena for all these
5:23 pm
religious records including the sermons of a certain group of ministers who were involved in the activism that relates to an ordinance that the city passed that these ministers and others are trying to get repealed through a referendum and that's what gave rise to the civil suit and this asked for the sermons and other things. that caused a big roar in houston. the mayor has now said we shouldn't have asked for the sermons. she has taken the word sermons out of the subpoena. but basically there she is, the mayor. aniece parker. basically the subpoena still stands and being fought over. >> what's in play here is houston passed a city ordinance saying you can't discriminate against anybody. it was led by this mayor whoson an open lesbian. in order to get that out of there, they wanted to vote. the houstonians, wanted to vote on this local law that was passed.
5:24 pm
>> they wanted referendum. >> to get it out thereof. >> get it repealed. >> obviously a objective thing and anybody can be hauled into court and said you said a nasty thing about blacks or gays or hispanics or whatever. and so it opens up all kinds of things. >> what happened is, bill, that they got the number of signatures on the petition. >> on the ballot. they don't want it on the ballot. >> the mayor and her group threw out a lot of signatures saying they were invalid the pastors and others suing saying that was a false claim. >> it's a big mess and the thing should go forward and it is in the context of that litigation that this subpoena was issued. >> it's my theory that the rulings by the federal judges to legalize gay marriage has emboldened these local people who run roughshod over constitution. i will point to idaho where two ministers, christians say we don't want to perform gay marriages and then the town people going if you don't, we're going to
5:25 pm
prosecute you they have a wedding chapel called the hitching post. it's not a church. they are ordained ministers these two. they have this wedding chapel, there it is where they do these weddings, these marriages, and they say, i think correctly, that it is against their faith, their religious beliefs to perform homosexual marriages. so, they are now under threat of. >> legal -- >> -- being locked up if they don't do them at the hitching post. i don't think that the city would try it if it these were church weddings. because they are -- they have got this commercial establishment where weddings are performed. >> but they are christian ministers. >> yes, they are. legitimate ministers no doubt they are ordained and being asked to do something against their faith. >> these little people in these towns have taken the federal rulings and go, you know, we are now going to come after you people if you don't agree with us. >> i have my doubts, bill, as to what they are trying to do with these minister also stand in court. my guess is that it probably
5:26 pm
will not. the courts will either say on first amendment grounds that freedom of religion grounds that they don't have to do this or the courts could simply say under the religious of freedom restoration act which is what the the supreme court used in the famous hobby lobby case they wouldn't have to do this. >> the ordeal that these folks have to go through. >> they are having to go through, this you are right. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. surprising new poll on who republicans would like to run for president in 2016, karl rove on that. then watters world, the ebola edition. >> do you think the cdc has done enough to combat ebola here in america? >> i think so. >> do you know hot cdc is? >> correctional. ing. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. it's monday.
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it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪ personal story segment tonight, last week i had a little go around with our pal jon stewart about white privilege. that is the liberal theory that says black americans have a harder time making it because of historical injustice and the white power structure. after the debate i asked fox news contributor stacy dash, the actress, who is mixed race to talk with me about her life which has been somewhat difficult. but ms. dash has overcome adversity in a very interesting way. >> so i met you for the first time out in los angeles at the emmy thing. and i was talking to you. i was stunned. and i really mean that about
5:31 pm
how tough your upbringing was. all right. let's start with your biological parents. both of them were drug addicts; is that correct? >> yes. >> and how did that affect you when you got old enough to understand it? >> growing up underwhy understand why they weren't around or why certain things were happening, fights were happening or moving so much just didn't understand. >> when you got into school, you told me that you were an angry girl. >> yes. >> how did that fan fest itself. >> i would rather be mad than sad. you know, when you have so much sadness, it's excruciating and i found that if i were angry, it motivated me more so how did that anger demonstrate itself. >> it did in just my actions. >> and then fights break out. >> yeah. i had to fight a lot. >> why? >> i had to prove that i was not going to be pushed around. >> why would they push you around?
5:32 pm
you look like a nice person. >> because they call me an oreo. >> because you were mixed race? >> yeah. i thought i was better than somebody, whatever. >> you were actually physically fighting. >> yeah, physically fighting. i would find the biggest one the biggest bully and that's the one i would kick out. >> you would fight the biggest bully's but butt. >> i don't fight. >> you were a tough, crude child, right? >> yes. >> so then finally, you get into high school. >> i went to catholic school in los angeles. then i came to jersey and went to high school not -- it's a public school. >> public. >> but something happenings to you, right? >> yeah. >> you wised up a little bit. >> i was a good student. i was always a good student because in sixth grade mr. ackerman, my teacher, he just inspired me so much and made me love learning, i wanted good grades. >> you run away? >> i was angry because i was
5:33 pm
a ballerina and i got accepted to the dance theater and my mother wouldn't let me go. at that point i just thought you know what? nothing i do is going to be good enough. i couldn't have that mentality. >> so where did you run away to. >> my godfather. >> so you graduated from high school. >> um. >>um you decide decide the decid to become an actress, how did you get clueless. >> so, shopping with dr. suess. >> at least i wouldn't skin a collie to make my backpack. >> that's funny because when i read it i knew i would get it. >> i have asked you repeatedly not to call me woman. >> so then you get the movie and you become a movie star of some note. >> of some note, yes. >> after that you have children of your own, right? >> yes. >> purr buoy lent relationships with men. >> yes. >> your world is still kind of chaotic, right? >> yes. >> then something happens to straighten it all out. >>? it really just happened recently in the past four or five years. i realized that anger is unsustainable. it couldn't keep motivating me.
5:34 pm
so, i had to find another way. and i just got closer to god. i just decided to surrender. >> to let god map out your life for you and accept what happens? >> yes. >> once did you that, all right, what happened? >> doors opened that i never thought. would. >> give me an example. >> this job. i never in a million years would think i would be a contributor. >> to fox news? >> how hard is it? to grow up by biracial. >> it's not hard. it's what you make of it how you execute it how you live your life. what you are. >> you bring a different perspective from a point of view that's hard scrabble. you correct me if i am wrong, but you don't believe that society put you down, do you? >> no, no. i don't. now all we have to do is walk in the opportunity. what has to happen is the disenfranchised and the uninformed need to be educated. >> but you see he professors
5:35 pm
like carnell west at princeton and well educated people saying to minority people, you know what? no matter what happens, it's not your fault, it's white privilege. >> no. that's the propaganda that's false. then that makes it someone else's fault. your life, your destiny, anything you want is dependent on somebody else. that's not true. >> are you a happy person now as an adult? >> yes. >> i say to people when they say to me, this that, and the other thing, i say everybody has stuff. >> yeah. >> everybody has stuff. you just got to overcome it? >> that's it. >> and you have. >> it's your responsibility. >> you are on the factor. >> i'm so happy. >> very interesting interview, i thought. when we come right back, karl rove on who republicans want to run against hillary clinton in 2016. later, college kids going wild in new hampshire. wait until you see this moments away. i am totally blind.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm in i'm bill o'reilly in the election 2016 segment. widely believed that hillary clinton will run for president on the democratic ticket. who will challenge her. new poll in the "the washington post," abc news asked productions who they support. mitt romney 21%. look at that jeb bush 11%.
5:40 pm
mike huckabee 9. rand paul 9 chris christie 6. ben carson a, paul ryan 5%. joining us now from las vegas where is he winning big karl rove. does that poll surprise you? >> >> a little bit but not in the way you might expect. i would expect mitt romney to have a higher number than 21% because set best known of the field. my suspicion is if people thought he was running, that his number would be higher, most republicans have concluded from what he said over the last two years that he is not a candidate. will not be a candidate is not going to be a candidate particularly as his wife said as she said recently that they are done done done with that if he were a candidate or perspective candidate or people would have assumed he was going to run, i think his number would be higher. >> you know i'm a simple man. you have said that many times behind my back that o'reilly is incredibly simple. >> you are too sensitive. you are a too sensitive kind of guy. >> would why anybody on this
5:41 pm
planet get up at 5:00 in the morning to talk to chris wallace on "fox news sunday" if he or she were not running for president as mitt romney recently did? >> yeah, look. he has been very energetic in helping republicans. >> no, no, he is talking about himself. >> i know. but i was with him on friday and people asked him that question. he said look, i owe it these people, joan earnst one of the person people in the state senate tone doors me i feel obligations and i want to hope. >> you really believe mitt romney is not running for president? >> i think right now he doesn't want to be a candidate. i think i think there might be circumstances he might accept a draft. we don't have draft in american modern politics. >> he is going to pain, wait and see. >> let's turn over to the senate and some races are tightening. this is stunning. "the denver post," all right. the marijuana-laced newspaper has endorsed the republican candidate. i was stunned it was
5:42 pm
powerful endorsement. most of the time they don't matter a lot. when they run counter to type seen as the center left paper and very strong endorsement. new generation of leadership for the state. work party lines. also hit mark udall very harvard on the idea of running a single issue campaign, in fact, one of the editorial board members in a debate asked senator udall if he knew that he was being referred to as senator uterus because all he was emphasizing was abortion and birth control. and it fell flat. the point was women are concerned about jobs, economy, the security of the country, health, healthcare, a lot of things and not just abortion and. >> udall loses? >> i think udall is going to lose. real clear politics average today is 46, 43. cory gardner in front and if you look at it since
5:43 pm
october 1st. the gap was a point and a half. today it's a three point gap. the big issue there is male imbalance. the first year that colorado is going to do mail in ballots. if you take a look as of last night, the republicans were 46.8% of those people who had returned their ballots thus far. the democrats were 30.8. >> interesting. all right. i only have two minutes to get in three races, all right? new hampshire, scott brown, gaining, you say; is that correct? >> yeah. the real clear politics average has him down 2. a as of the first of october he was down 4. this is a state where retail campaigning matters. it's a small state. he is the best retail campaigner on the republican side. is he closing. the question is, will he close fast enough and far enough? >> all right. north carolina, the hagan the incumbent still leads but against, that's getting tighter? >> yeah. much tighter. tom tillis was 4.2% behind in the october 1st real clear politics average. today he is down 1.2.
5:44 pm
interestingly enough, is he running the bill o'reilly play. ebola, isis, and we also have a late breaking scandal was discovered that senator hagan's husband took $400,000 in stimulus money, literally a couple 'of months after she went to the united states senate and voted for the stimulus took $400,000 to modernize manufacturing plant and hired his son to do the programs and took the $400,000 when the son came in, $114,000 under budget the family rather than returning the money to the federal government pocketed the unused money. >> that's not good. >> not good at all. >> now 20 seconds in iowa. joni earnst wins. she is a republican. does she win? >> i think there is going to be very tight. the polls are are essentially flat. she is up by 2. a in the real clear politics average which is where she was at the beginning of the month. interestingly enough, the democrats have returned 11 -- 400,000 of the million voters are going to vote
5:45 pm
early. 11,000 more democrats who have requested early ballots than republicans. and 3800 more than returned them. but compared to four years ago, the democrats then had a 23,000 advantage on requests and 17,000 advantage on ballots returned and they still lost the election. they lost the governor's race. 53/43 and senate race 63/33. >> not let you bring that little board into the casinos. don't try the bouncer also grab you. >> i don't gamble. besides, you have got from your visit. >> with your prediction record that is a wise move. >> oh, that was -- you know, that was personal and petty. that was personal and petty. >> that's me p and p. karl rove, everybody. watters on deck. he was the ebola edition for us. then college kids chaos in new hampshire say it three times. college kid chaos. right back with those reports.
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians.
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tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world, polls show most americans are are well aware of the ebola situation and many are very concerned. we sent watters to the port authority bus terminal in new york city to sample what the folks are saying. >> what do you work of this whole ebola controversy. >> from where? >> here in the united states? >> oh, it's nice. >> it's like the disease coming from the dirty water. >> have you ever heard of ebola? >> no. it's a deadly virus. >> oh, like the bug virus? [ buzzer ] >> i had had found myself sick at my stomach. very catchy, too. >> that's scary. >> personally, i think people are overreacting about it.
5:50 pm
>> i think this t. is a conspiracy. >> how does the work? >> networking. do the science. >> how do you get ebola? >>ebola? >> juices, fluid. >> oh, me like it. >> how do i know i have it? >> your eyes turn very red. you get headaches, stomach aches. >> it's sort of like a bleeding fever sort of thing. and it's really scary. i wish there was a little bit more information available publicly to let me know what i could do. >> now, what country did ebola come from? >> the united states. >> europe. >> does not come from europe. >> south america. >> africa, right? >> right. >> got to come from africa. i believe like the animals that be in the jungle or stuff like that they be doing a lot of experiments. >> now, do you ever ride the
5:51 pm
bus? >> yeah, i just rode the bus. >> the cdc says you can give ebola to someone on the bus but you can't get ebola on the bus. >> really? that's weird. >> did you know that you can give ebola on a bus but you can't get ebola on a bus? >> stop it. >> what you talking about, willis? >> do you think the cdc has done enough to combat ebola here in america? >> i think so. >> do you know who the cdc is? >> correctional -- i don't know. >> center for disease control. that's what the cdc is. >> i don't talk like that where i come from. >> where do you come from? >> i come from heaven. >> god bless you. the president just appointed a czar to oversee the ebola crisis. do you think that's a good idea? >> ever since he's been president he knows exactly what he's doing. >> do you know what a czar is? >> no. >> oh, she's adorable. >> it's a person that he's appointed has some knowledge. >> actually, the czar that obama
5:52 pm
appointed has no medical experience whatsoever. do you think president obama has done enough to combat ebola here in america? >> yes, yeah. >> what has he done? >> got people jobs. >> does that fight ebola? >> he's done everything he can. he's signing bills left and right. >> do you think obama's doing a good enough job combatting ebola? >> no. no. it wouldn't be here. he should have took precautions or steps beforehand. now it's here. it's too late. >> do you watch bill o'reilly? what about watters world. >> the government controls the media. we all know that. >> so obama's controlling this interview right now then? >> he is controlling the interview. >> hold on, the president's telling me something. all right, thank you, mr. president. do you ever watch "watters world," he wants to know. >> yes, i did. >> i'm watters, and you're in my world right now.
5:53 pm
>> there's always one guy in the locker room who's going to run around snapping towels at the other guy's privates. >> here's a piece of advice. >> what? >> don't mock the interview subject in new york city on the streets. >> you're giving me advice now? >> not there. here, that's for sure. >> anyway, it's the same old story, right? >> i know. >> people don't watch the news, they don't read the newspapers. >> but it's understandable because the cdc's confused about what ebola is. and that's why people are confused too. >> the busting you can give it but you can't get it. >> that doesn't make any sense. >> this is frieden. >> right. >> "watters world" we get a halloween assignment you're going to like. just be careful out there. >> all right. >> we're going to have you vote in our brand new poll, should watters, god help
5:54 pm
us, guest host "the factor" when i'm not here? >> i voted all weekend. >> yes or no. "the factor" tip of the day, wild at the pumpkin fest. the tip moments away. my name's louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had tried to do it in the past. i hadn't been successful. quitting smoking this time was different because i talked to my doctor and i... i got a prescription for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it was important to me that chantix was a non-nicotine pill. the fact that it reduced the urge to smoke helped me get that confidence that i could do it. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a
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"the factor" tip of the day, college kids gone wild at the pumpkin fest in new hampshire. first, we are on our annual campaign to convince you to become a premium member. here's the deal, get a daily newscast just for you, the no spin news. get great discounts on all of our stuff for christmas or hanukkah. also, you can directly speak with me on the message boards. so we hope you check it all out on now the mail, manchester, england. o'reilly, you seem obsessed with the travel ban. has it ever crossed your mind
5:57 pm
thomas duncan was unaware he had ebola? >> here's what's on my mind. mr. duncan knew he helped a woman who eventually died from ebola. he knew that. he also knew he'd been exposed to the disease. but he did not tell american immigration officials. in fact, he lied to them. and they had no way of verifying his story. with an incubation period of three weeks, all nations should impose the ban. jack carter, troy, ohio, your analysis of the obama administration's food dragging on the travel ban has been excellent, but you don't seem to admit that it's intentional. the president's sympathies are with the africans and they don't seem to care if a few americans die. that's not based on fact. some on the right believe the president's not instituting a travel ban because he's sympathetic to africans. you should have asked him to identify those people. come on, joe. it's all over the net. the letter before you spelling it out. imperial, nebraska, bill, regarding your tip, in my house we too had to clean our plates.
5:58 pm
my mom said there are starving kids in africa. i replied name one. i too spent some time in my room. phoenix, arizona, bill, just finished "killing patton" and was reminded how the unchecked evil of hitler and stalin is ever present in this world. jihadists have the same mentality. i'm coming to see you and miller in charleston, west virginia this coming friday and i'm geeked up about it. i don't know what geeked up means, but we'll be there at the municipal auditorium friday night. it will be lively. i promise you'll like it. in new hampshire, the annual pumpkin fest was held over the weekend. unfortunately it was invaded by college kids from nearby who got rowdy after drinking heavily. when a reporter tried to cover the story, this is what happened. >> the festival coordinator is on site, she's not letting me do my job and report to you. she would not like me to tell you what's going on. >> if you think that inciting these people is a good idea, i
5:59 pm
am going to pull the plug on you. because you are here as a guest of the pumpkin festival. and i assigned you this spot. >> you heard it here first, everybody. >> do not alarm our guests. thank you. >> when you report the news, when you report the reality, the people in charge want to shut you down. this is against freedom of the press, folks -- >> quite a live shot. but here's a tip of the day. we continue to tell all americans, especially younger ones, that if you become intoxicated in public, it is very likely that that will be captured on a cell phone and put out there on the net where it will remain for ever. anything you do in the public arena can now ruin your life. some of those students are going to be expelled. not a great thing to have on your resume. "the factor" tip of the day, wise up. please check out fox news factor website different from o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day do not be a
6:00 pm
jackanapes. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the centers for disease control orders a dramatic change when it comes to handling ebola ditching the rules that it was defending on this broadcast less than a week ago and raising new questions about how they are dealing with this virus. good evening, everybody. i'm martha mccallum in tonight for megyn kelly. in just the last couple hours the cdc made a big announcement. they've now outlined tough new safety standards for anybody who's coming in contact with ebola. but it was just last week that the cdc director tom frieden was on "the kelly file" defending the old rules after the first health care worker became infected. >> i looked at the website. and it says you're only supposed to wear one pair of gloves and


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