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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 20, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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friend first at 5:00 a.m. thanks for being with us. thanks to our great audience. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. developing now, just got sprung out of quarantine. 45 people impose quarantine in dallas. back out in public, also tonight two nurses got sick with ebola treating ebola patients. some say it's because of their protective gear. did they wear it wrong? did the gear leak in the cdc expected to announce new guidelines at any moment. "on the record" investigates when i put on the hazmat suit to the test. also, breaking now, the search for a missing uva co-ed. right now race is on to identify human remains found in virginia. is it hanna graham? our "on the record" team is on the ground investigating. this is a fox news alert. isis launching multiple
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simultaneous attacks. keeping up pressure near baghdad. the u.s. military is now air dropping weapons to kurdish fighters inside syria in the town of kobani. tracking thee developments. tell me first what's going on in baghdad where you are and what's going on in kobani. baghdad -- targeting predominantly she a areas. targeting the city of can caballa. car bombs went off, targeting multiple areas in that province multiple casualties. baghdad, areas under severe for the week to 10 days.
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this is a form of isis retaliating against what's happening to them iraqi forces on the ground in anbar, closer to finally allowed iraqi kurdish fighters only the iraqis across the border from kobani. no turkish. and while that -- dropped drop off ammunition and other supplies to battle isis. saud, thank you. because of these new developments we spoke to admiral a short time ago. nice to see you, sir. >> good good to he see you,
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greta. >> i understand we are dropping some small arms or some arms at least to help the kurds in kobani. is that correct? >> that's correct. last night we conducted an air drop of some 28 bundles of arms, weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies to the kurdish forces that are fighting inside kobani. >> how did we do that? i mean, you know, was it just one single drop or multiple drops? what kind of aircraft? was there any dangers to our pilots. >> multiple air drops c 130 transport aircraft. they split the load between the three of them and it was in one mission. one sortee as we would call it, you know, together mission they took off enemy the time they got back. we did do an assessment this morning and able to assess but one of the bundles got into the right handle. the other bundle missed the
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target, but you may have seen in central command's press release today, we actually destroyed that bundle with a bomb so the isil terrorists couldn't get to it successful mission. done under cover of darkness last night over kobani. >> i take it that we did that because the kurdish forces in that city are not doing particularly well against isis or isil as you say. i take it had they been on a roll so to speak winning, we wouldn't need to do that. >> actually, greta, it's kind of the opposite. they have been doing very well against isil. we he that they are in control. kurdish forces are in control of the bulk of the city. doesn't mean it's not skill out of. they were running desperately low on arms, ammunition and medical supplies and needed it to continue it the fight. we have made kobani a priority because the enemy has made it priority. they are presenting
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themselves in much greater numbers there making themselves vulnerable, reviewing targets that we can take advantage of. we are taking add advantage of it that from the air. they have been fighting quite hard. >> let me talk about some of the simultaneous attacks they almost seem synchronized by isis including the area of the mosul dam i read earlier today. that of course, was something that the iraqi forces had taken back from isis before. have there been attacks in the last 24, 36 hours that put that dam at risk? >> there have been constant attacks through the iraq, greta. nothing that we deem that puts the mosul dam facility at any kind of imminent threat. again, doesn't mean that this enemy doesn't want that dam back, they do. and they continue to threaten other positions held by iraqi security forces and kurdish forces but nothing that we see right now that would tell us that the dam complex is in some kind of imminent threat of being retaken. >> i have also learned that turkey seems to be allowing kurdish fighters to cross over border; is that
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correct? is turkey now sort of stepping up a little bit more and participating more and helping more? >> i don't have anything on that particular report. i have seen those reports. again, i would kind of leaf it to the turks to describe what they are doing. but, look, turkey is a key nato ally and partner in this. they are on the border with iraq and syria. they have got more than a million refugees they are trying it deal with and doing quite well with that foreign fighter flow all by themselves a problem with that as well. they are in this coalition, they have said they are going to distribute. we know that they will, we have had had a great discussion with them just last week. three days european command and a central command team on the ground. turkey will step up. they continue to tribute. and, again, the specific ways they will do that that's really for the turks announce. >> how about saudi arabia? a lot of my viewers aren't happy that saudi arabia doesn't seem to be ponying up a lot in this. they have a lot of money. they could at least be footing a lot of this bill. what are they doing or not doing? >> they are involved in coalition air operations for one. and for number two, they
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have agreed to host the train and equip program that we want to get started. we to have a partner in the region so we can actually conduct this training. they have signed up for that. we have a team that's been working with saudi authorities to check out othe facility to build the regimen and curriculum and what is going to look like. the saudis have been a partner in this. >> out of syria, he has been so quiet in this. i have seen nothing. >> at least frat military perspective the way we would describe the sir yam regime as passive. certainly passive vocally as have you pointed out but also passive from interference perspective there has been no interference from syrian military forces at all in any of the activity that we have been doing inside that country. >> admiral, always nice to he see you. thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. always great to be with you. >> earlier this month john
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kerry insisted saving co-ban was not key to u.s. strategy. what's up? does the air drop of weapons show a change it in u.s. strategy. lt. colonel oliver north joins us. >> it's a change in u.s. strategy in part because president of turkey who is adamantly opposed to an independent kurdistan, he has long seen kurds in kobani fighting desperately to save their city as part of the problem. because they are all affiliate with the pkk the kurdistan workers party. he is allowing them to come through because he sees those as different kurds. kobani has been a side show a diversion ever since it started. al baghdadi the head of isis wanted something is to focus our attention while he went to the main fight anbar
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province inside iraq. what you have got going on in iraq is dangerous. 15 simultaneous attacks today. iraq being attacked every day as saud did during your interview with him from baghdad. every sing day suicide bombers are probing and penetrating and rehearsing for attack on baghdad. the isis forces are ultimately commanded by ago bad dagy who sees himself as a kay live. he is going to protect himself from the hegemon of shiites. >> why they are getting in baghdad. >> exactly. he is describing as as affiliated with the shiites. what i will tell what you it will make its would. if we do a deal with the ayatollahs in iran, nuclear weapons, we will validate what his propaganda has been saying now for month. if you look at the leadership of isis inside iraq, they are nearly all former republican guards senior officers. they know baghdad they lived
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in baghdad. they are the ones preparing operations for attack. most people and there is a report on it right now from people on the ground. these are boots on the ground. they are predicting that there is going to be a major attack in baghdad against the largest u.s. embassy on the planet. they are the gates of baghdad. they are coming for us. >> all right. isis is growing. >> every day. >> stronger? >> meanwhile while there is attention on doe bane and what is happening there that isis is exploding in growth and power and moving in on baghdad? >> indeed they are. invested now in three sides. on bar province which is the euphrates river valley going all the way from one side of iraq all the way out to the syrian border is now in the hands, except for ha haditha dam they will not blow up. they want to control that third of electrical power going into baghdad.
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>> what do you think president obama is thinking? >> i don't think he gives a dam. i think he is hoping that he can hold the lid on this until after this election so it won't be just another disaster for this administration. >> let's say that's true. move into december and january, isis has shown no indication it's shrinking or getting weaker. if it is getting stronger and stronger and growing in numbers, what happens? >> unless we can build a relationship with the sunnies we abandon in on garr. >> is there still hopeless. >> there may be time to get him over the election. force all this attack on the american embassy in baghdad, obama can take a deep breath and it really doesn't matter to him as long as he gets election. >> how good is the information? is this just supposition that our baghdad embassy is going to get hit? >> i think there is a lot of americans out there deeply concerned about it. >> deeply concerned or any sort of evidence, i mean beyond deeply concerned. i'm concerned every single day that i walk out i'm not going to get hit by a bus? what's the deeply concerned level. >> probably more likely
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baghdad gets attacked and you get hit by a bus. >> we got that one. thank you sir. in a fox news alert. the cdc calling the first two nurses who got sick with protocol a breach in protocol. no one seems to be able to answer. the cdc is announcing new guidelines for the gear work by healthcare workers treating ebola patient. john roberts live in atlanta with the latest. john? >> greta, good evening to you. we will get to that in just a second. first of all, though, some good news on ebola from here in atlanta just down the street at emory university hospital after being hospitalized and treated for some 40 days patient x is released today. doctor infected treating patients in sierra leone. he has chosen to remain anonymous. we understand in the days to come he will make some public statements. meantime in class today, more questions about nurse amber vinson who was infected with ebola and is currently at emory university hospital and how
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she got on that flight from cleveland to dallas a week ago. officials in dallas politely today throwing the centers for disease control under the bus saying cdc scientists did not check with policymakers in dallas before giving vinson the green light to travel. judge clay jenkins one of those policymakers said that was an sleuth mistake on behalf of everyone this morning apologized that it ever happened. now, to the new protocol guidelines for the centers for disease control putting out for healthcare workers, it's going on right now. the press conference, tele briefing actually. they are saying that there has to be three things that happen before healthcare worker is allowed to get near ebola patient. they have to be repeatedly trained on healthcare equipment. putting it on taking it off. no skin imposed in all of their moments in an ebola ward have it be super advised by a trained person who can watch for any little mistakes that they're making. they have to be clad head to
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tow toe in one of those impermable suits head on and face shield as well and double gloves where necessary to make sure to minimize the chance of contamination. we also understand and hope to ask this question in a moment here of the cdc director. thought being given, greta of not a travel ban per se but on restricting travel in some way, shape or form, maybe restricting visas or the type of voice saturdays issued travelers from west africa here from here to the united states. hope to bring you more on that a little bit later. greta. >> john, the doctor released today, an american getting care in the united states or is that someone from another nation? >> >> it is an american doctor. don't forget that all at patients contracted ebola from west africa and brought here to the united states are american citizens. thank you, john. and in a few minutes, i will try on a hazmat suit myself. anyway, john, thank you. today in texas, it must have felt a lit like getting a monopoly get out of jail card. the quarantine springing
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dozens of people who had contact with thomas did you know duncan. they are no longer at risk of getting the disease or spreading the disease that includes his fiancee and their family. will carr live in dallas. will? good evening greta now that 48 people have been cleared or will be cleared very shortly. these people had had initial contact with thomas eric done can when he came to this hospital and mistakenly sent home it includes his fiancee and several of his family members. they have been living in seclusion in a gated neighborhood in dallas in a home provided by the logical catholic church. there are still 120 other people who had some kind of contact with duncan or his specimen when he came back here to texas health presbyterian. all of those people are continuing to be monitored. this afternoon about 50 nurses held a press conference to express their confidence in texas health presbyterian. they say it's a safe environment. but then refused to answer
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any question. this, of course, comes on the heals of duncan dying and two of their own getting ebola. tonight nina pham is in stable condition at the national institutes of health, her boyfriend, three of her family members and even dog bentley have all been quarantined. the second nurse to have ebola amber vinson is in stable condition in atlanta at emory hospital tonight. the cdc is monitoring more than 1440 people who she had contact in ohio two weekends ago. they also contacted everyone on her flight from dallas to cleveland and then back to dallas. overall tonight, greta, local leaders tell us they are cautiously optimistic but still monitoring a lot of people. back to you. >> thank you. vacation pastors are not very happy calling the cruise ship a floating petri dish. dallas hospital lab worker who handled bacteriological samples. that cruise ship after being refused to dock. the lab worker and husband were quarantine ited during the cruise. thousands of passengers
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streaming on to the dock expressing relief to get off that ship. griff jenkins spoke to some of them. >> this has been the most horrifying experience ever. >> back in port, passengers on board the carnival magic finally home, days after learning that someone on board handled samples of the ebola virus. >> the whole hospital shouldn't be able to take trips right now, basically. i mean until they know for sure people aren't contagious. >> but not all passengers nearly as concerned. >> seriously? heart disease is the number one killer in america and, yet, nobody was pushing themselves away from the so, obviously we were okay. >> we really felt at no danger. it was fine. >> october 12th, the at risk passenger faces no travel restrictions and boards the cruise. days later on wednesday the cdc contacts carnival and the woman voluntarily self-quarantines on board the ship. >> i think we have you had have been at least aware of it. >> i think it was a problem with the cdc approving her to travel. >> the cdc probably should
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have stopped her from traveling, period. >> and saturday, the coast guard arriving, transporting health workers to administer a blood test, a site that instilled little confidence in the passengers on board. >> i'm glad everyone is okay and able to get off the ship. >> health officials confirm the lab worker has tested negative for ebola. and after leaving the ship, she and her husband drove home on their own a few hours before the other passengers. and straight ahead, the cdc as it announces new guidelines for safety gear, we wanted to see how difficult it really is for healthcare workers to get in and out of those hazmat suits. we're going to show you my experience firsthand. putting the suits on or maybe testing me. that's next. also developing news in the case of hannah graham. will the remains found over the weekend turn out to be the missing uva co-ed? does her body hold a clue to who murdered her? plus the suspect in the graham case just now indicted another rain rape and attempted murder in the washington, d.c. area. all the latest ahead. and news tonight, there may be a suspected serial killer
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jig moment ago the cdc announcing new safety protocol and protective gear guidelines. we wanted to see how difficult it is to put on and take off hazard matted suits that you see the doctors and the nurses wearing. so we enlisted the help of dr. lance the medical director of response unit for samaritan's purse. >> you are going to show me to put on this -- what do you call it? >> it's called pee or personal protective equipment. this is the hazmat equipment
11:23 pm
that we wear to protect ourselves against inadvertently acquiring ebola. >> everything here that i'm going to put on, if i were in an ebola clinic, when i was done at the end of the day, nothing is reused, right? >> actually, there is is three items that are reused, yep. the -- our boots, they -- but they are heavily chlorinated and placed in all that violet light in the sun that also kills the virus. we reuse that we also reuse these aprons, they are heavily chlorinated and also dried out in the sun. and then we also reuse our goggles. so, three items. all the other items are disposable and they are incinerated. >> tell me how do i do this? >> okay, so, greta, these are mine. these are yours. we're going to start off this is a tykin suit. let's put on your gloves. >> put this thumb thing on first? >> not yet.
11:24 pm
need an iq test to make sure i put all the fingers in the right holes. >> it's hard. >> one of the things we do is work in pairs so that i can see that you are putting on all your equipment appropriately and we also have a mirror so that we can monitor ourselves to make sure that all our skin is well covered you can do mine. we want to make sure that no fluid can get in between your glove and hazmat suit. >> pants in or out. >> put your pants over it. and you hold it down. okay? >> yep. >> all right. and then you are going to take this and this is your hood, it goes -- your head goes in there right like that. yep. and try not to let -- there you go. that's it. you want to make sure that no skin is exposed.
11:25 pm
all right. >> okay. now we have come out here after he seeing patients what do i take off first? >> first thing you want to do is make sure that they spray you can w. chlorine. >> sprayed me with chlorine. >> i'm fraying you with chlorine then you wash your hands then. you always want to wash your hands, knock. >> yeah. >> then after that you go ahead and take off your gloves,. >> that's just the first layer. >> yeah. >> after you have done that, then, greta, the next thing you want to do is take off your apron, okay? >> all right. >> lean forward. >> there you go. you try not to touch -- you try not to touch the item. on the stipulation you drop it in the clorn nation baath. >> wash your hands again. >> take off your goggles, lean forward, pull them off and drop them in the chlorine baath. then take off your hood and lean forward and drab it at the top.
11:26 pm
take your mask, pull it forward and drop it the can, wash my hands. then take off your suit. you try not to touch a lot of the suit, okay? and then i use those strings there. >> these right here. >> yes. >> you can pull it through like that. and then i need to do both at the same time okay. >> kick it off? >> then you just kick it off. >> threw you go then that goes in the trash? usually we kick it over to the trash can. you don't want to -- then wash your hands. okay. and then you go ahead and can you take off your gloves and then the sprayer is -- you are going to back out and is he going to spray your shoes. >> the bottom of my shoes. >> bottom of your shoes and then you step out and you
11:27 pm
exit. >> wow. it's incredible experience. a lot of work. >> it is a lot of work, greta. you have to do it very meticulously and carefully. you always have a high generalist that observes you do every step. it's easy to get them backwards. >> and tomorrow you can see more of our hazmat suit demonstration on and a thanks to samaritan's purse. en "on the record," investigating the hannah graham case and the human remains found in a remote area of virginia. the missing college co-ed and what clues does that body hold? should her killer be very nervous tonight? we went to the scene to investigate. a live report is next. also ahead our u.s. marine in mexico getting no help from his commander and chief. tonight, i have a new question for president obama. i will talk to you off-the-record straight ahead. it's monday. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure,
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this is a fox news alert. at any moment test could say show whether the human remains remote area have hanna grahams. the suspect accused of kidnapping graham has been indicted in the 2000 a rape and murder in the washington, d.c. area. griff jenkins is live in charlottesville, griff? >> hi, greta. that's correct. jesse matthew indicted for attempted murder rape incident in fairfax county. what's significant as we all learned the sad and perhaps relieving news over the weekend the discovery of human remains believed that
11:32 pm
of hannah graham was also in the vicinity of morgan harrington. we all remember that case. and now for the first time, we can connect some dots linking d.n.a. evidence between jesse matthew, hannah graham, morgan harrington in this 2005 incident. we spoke earlier with the editor of this weekly newspaper courtney stuart. here is what she had had to say. >> there are new very serious charges against mr. matthew related to 2000 a sexual assault in fairfax. that is the case that provided a d.n.a. link to the morgan harrington case. d.n.a. was found from an unidentified assailant on her shirt, which was located a few weeks after she disappeared in 2009. we didn't know who that belonged to. now, with the indictment against him, in this fairfax case, it starts to become clear that, you know, d.n.a. likely playing a role in these investigations and they continue to help them
11:33 pm
as they these other places mr. matthew may have been involved. >> now, greta, what's important to note is that jesse matthew has not been charged in the morgan harrington case but the d.n.a. evidence connecting those dots. so we'll sees a the story continues to play out here in charlottesville, greta? >> ted williams went to the scene where the human remains were found. >> greta, this is the road, the area that on saturday around noon time searching for uva missing student hannah graham came upon remains about 200 yards up this road; this is now not a missing person investigation any longer. this is now a death investigation. and ted joins us live from charlottesville. ted, as i understand it it,
11:34 pm
10 miles from where she was last seen. do you know why they happened to search there? is the man in jail talking good fortune in terms of finding her? >> greta, this is a very rural area where there are no lights. but what made this area important to it law enforcement was that jesse matthew lived in that area with his mother four miles from where morgan harrington was found in 2009. this was an area now that they wanted to search because method of operation having found morgan harrington in that area. >> but it's so vast. i mean, it really -- they just happened to be searching that area. so it wasn't like is he talking or they got a tip, you know, look in this area. they just figured this is where the other person is
11:35 pm
found and this is where he lives in the nearby area. they just searched the area. is that essentially what led to these remains? >> that essentially is what led to them. there was a search group on saturday searching that area. found nothing. decided to search abandoned property and there in a bed creek they found skeletal remains and they found clothing and they now believe that may very well be connected with the death perhaps of man na graham. >> i was just going to ask about the clothing. the d.n.a. tests haven't come back they have found clothing similar to what hannah was wearing that night? >> yeah. greta, what is also important as i was about to say is the skeletal was there i saw all sorts of animals. one of the animals i saw in that area was some the buzzards. buzzards have a way of dealing with scemght remains
11:36 pm
and as it pertains to the closing, try to remember jesse matthew was seen on the mall in charlottesville with his arms around hannah graham. if that is the case then there would be clearly a transfer of d.n.a. >> transfer of fibers as well. ted, thank you. and remains found identify her killer assuming that is hannah. what clues are on those remains, dr. michael baden with more. possible serial killer. seven people murdered. more bodies expected to be found. how many more?
11:37 pm
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11:40 pm
right now investigators are trying to determine if human remains found in virginia are hannah graham's. if that is hannah, she has been missing since september 13. so, will they be able to determine how she was murdered? forensic pathologist dr. michael baden joins us.
11:41 pm
good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. good evening. >> dr. baden, if those are her remains outside, since september 13, in the environment and the cause of death becomes very important in an investigation. >> yes. >> how would you determine cause of death based on the fact that body has been exposed to the environment so long? >> well, apparently from the description of the skeletal remains there, that there is a great deal of decomposition which would go along with the fact that the time of death is very near, 35 days she has been missing. but, if there was a shooting, a stabbing, a bat injury, that would still be able to be determined from the injury to pope and skelton. if she was strangled, which is the more common way that deaths occur in these situations then it depends whether the bone in the wind pipe, the adam's apple is still there. they are small wokens --
11:42 pm
bones that can be taken away. that would be important to see if there was an injuries to the skeletal structures in the neck to be able to declare that the death was due to strangulation. so that makes makes it more difficult to determine the actual cause of death. >> in light of fact that the body has been out there. if this woman, i'm assuming it's hannah, if she were were in a struggle with her assailant is it likely to be any d.n.a. on her remains at this time that could identify her killer? >> >> well, probably not. and the problem is, even if matthew's d.n.a. were found on her, it was seen on the security camera that the night that he was with her, touching her and holding her. now, there could be then a defense of consensual touching and that's what explains the d.n.a. but, they have enough
11:43 pm
circumstantial evidence to have, you know, probable cause. but in a trial, it may be difficult even if they found d.n.a., which is unlikely under those conditions of the body and the weather. >> i suppose if her clothes are torn, i don't know if that's from the environment or whatever, but that might be a little bit helpful in terms of, you know, whether there was a struggle of any kind, right? >> yeah. that's very good. buttons were torn off and things like that. that can sometimes be an important clue clue as to the fact that it's non-con essential encounter greta, wonderful. saw buzzards up there. there is a report on the internet that two weeks before the next door neighbor had called the tip line to say that he had seen buzzards around the abandoned house nearby it would be interesting to see
11:44 pm
if police responded to that tip because the next door neighbor was right. that was two weeks earlier and the body would have been in better condition. then we would know a little bit more. dr. bae den, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> house oversight committee wants to hear from the new ebola czar. why is ron klain refusing to testify? our political panel is here next. i'm going to talk to you off-the-record. i have some questions for president obama about sergeant andrew tahmooressi, our marine jailed in mexico. does the president know something we don't? if not, why is the president ignoring sergeant tahmooressi? i have a thought. i have a thought. i'i'i'i'i'i' hi, are we still on for tomorrow?
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the nation's new ebola czar ron klain says no thanks for a chance to testify in front of the house oversight committee. he officially starts his new
11:49 pm
job on wednesday so should he testify or not? joining us our political panel national journal ron foreign yea, susan ferrechio and john mccormick. john, should he testify or not? >> no. he has barely been on the job. there is plenty of people that can talk about what the problem has been. all the problems made going forward. he can't talk about what he is going to be doing going forward. he hasn't even gotten into the job. i think the criticism of the appointment has been just as political as the appointment. >> well, why appoint a guy who can't come in and know what he is doing right from the beginning? this is a big serious problem. wouldn't you want to appoint someone who right out of of gate. >> first day on the job write on the first page. >> actually i may have. i will say it's not a reporter we are talking about here. somebody who is handling an immediate crisis. part of the criticism appointing klain is that is he a political operative and not an expert so kind of shines a light on whether or not he was a good choice, you know, the fact that he
11:50 pm
is not willing to come before this committee. >> i think it would be helpful if he had some healthcare experience, you know, the white house is pointing to his chief credentials the fact that he oversaw the stimulus. i don't think the stimulus was exactly acknowledged to be a great managerial success. >> neither was the chad for gore in florida which he participated in. >> looks good to me. specific issue was brought to him. just one example. everyone has bad judgment. >> emergency response, that's the president of the united states. if you are going to appoint a czar. two people responsible for what's been going wrong. so, we're talking about the wrong things here. we don't need a czar, we need a president who is really on top of it if you are going to have a czar, actually give him authority to disrupt the current system. right now ron klein has no authority. >> it would be embarrassment. >> if he he appeared before that committee he would be disseminated by all the angry republicans in his lack of knowledge what's going on. >> let me move to another subject, controversial memo
11:51 pm
focusing a former pollster warning the democrats that they better get the african-american vote out and now today president obama is doing interviews with african-american radio stations like he has been doing for the last week or so is what his press secretary said today. >> that's a hugely important for the president to make sure that as many voters get out that are favorable to him as possible. you know, part of the story in georgia, for example, is the demographic change that's gone on right there. in the year 2,000, 72% of the registered voters were white. and now only 59% are. so that changing demographics definitely helping out the democrats. it's going to be very difficult for republicans to win if they can't learn to do better among this voting block. it makes a huge difference whether you 5% or 15% of african-american voters. republicans can't write them off just because they are going to lose the majority. >> let me ask a question near and dear to your vote the african-american vote in detroit. has the president earned that african-american vote in detroit? >> he will get a huge share. >> has he earned it?
11:52 pm
>> i don't know. i think that's a better question for the african-americans to determine. what's going on right now is blame shifting and excuse making. you have the white house blaming the folks who are running the senate campaigns for not getting out the black vote. just before i came on here i got a text from a very senior democrat involved in these campaigns blaming the white house. that's all this is about right now. >> the unemployment rate for blacks is nearly doubled what it is for the general population. 11.4%. >> which is terrible. >> it's terrible for the african-americans unemployment rate that high. >> president obama is not on the ballot. that's another issue. i mean, they have had record urine turnouts for the last two presidential elections better turnouts in mid terms. >> democrats know they where to lose the senate. that's why they are throwing each other under the bus right now. >>ible pa, thank you. >> let's all go off-the-record for a minute. i just don't get it why is president obama show nothing interest in our marine sergeant andrew tam tahmooressi?
11:53 pm
since march 31st the guy has been rotting in a mexico call prison plus struggling in a very sluggish at best mexican court system. what i don't get all these months later is why president obama is not all over this being the fiercest advocate. he is he sergeant tahmooressi's commander and chief. dent tell me is busy yes he is bidsy. president obama has a lot of chances to make a statement at a press conference or even in passing as he walks in marine one just to show he cares or at least he knows about sergeant tahmooressi. he even had a chance to bring it up with the president in mexico when they spoke over the summer. he never mentioned it. he ignored our marine. i don't get it all these months not one word about our jailed marine by president obama. if there is a a good reason president obama is stiffing sergeant tahmooressi. tell us. if he knows something about sergeant tahmooressi that would change our minds, tell us. i don't want to pushto get him out of that mexican prison if there is not a good reason not to. i'm also going dissergeant tahmooressi
11:54 pm
either. he fight four for this country i owe it to him you owe it to him and so does president obama. that's my off-the-record comment tonight.
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11:58 pm
this is a letter body count is expected to rise. indiana police say they have a possible serial killer in custody. fox chicago reporter craig wall live in indiana with the latest. greg? >> charges filed tonight against darren van. charged with one count of murder and one count of robbery but police suspect as you mentioned that there are six other cases tonight hook uphook up for prostitution web site. found him there. since is he arrest he has confessed he was trying work
11:59 pm
out a deal with prosecutor indiana. they have the death penalty, so the suggestion would certainly be that he was trying to get his own life spared. what we know about the victims is that they were all found in abandoned homes here in gary, indiana, only one of them had been reported missing. and one of them had been slightly decomposed in their body. police are now trying to put together details and investigate the claims that van gave them that he may be responsible for murders going back 20 years. so while these six bodies have been recovered in addition to the one found in the hotel, greta, police have a lot more work to do and there could be more bodies that turn up here in gary or in northwest, indiana. back to you. >> craig, thank you. >> and thank you for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. right now it go to and answer. this why do you think president obama won't speak up about sergeant tahmooressi because he knows something we don't know or
12:00 am
because he doesn't care? vote in our gretawire poll. good night from washington. and sean hannity studio audience tonight 10:00 p.m. might want to watch it sounds good. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" have you ever been carving a pumpkin and thought this is way too easy? we will talk about how to make difficult things more difficult. plus what does the president think you should say if tom shillue invites you to meet him in a dark alley? >> say no. and you know this! i am just telling you what you already know. >> and finally, how much do pets wait when their owner dress them for halloween? we will talk to one canine who refuses to put on a stupid costumes. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >>


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