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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 21, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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"red eye." >> set your dvr so you'll never miss an episode of "the five." "special report is next." this is a fox news alert. i'm brett baier, we are now just two weeks away from a midterm election that could decide the balance of power in washington, specifically the u.s. senate. this is how the breakdown stands democrats 45% republicans 55%. as you look at the breakdown around the country, we look at the tight races, if you were to have the election day, the average of polls, the republicans are poised to pick up in alaska, in montana, in south dakota, even though that's
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a tight race, it's trending toward the republicans, you would have to give it to them if the race was held today. the same is true in iowa, in arkansas, in west virginia. in louisiana, it's likely it will go to a runoff, that will be december 6. there the republican is favored so you would give it to the red column. here's an interesting race in kansas. you talk about the real clear politics average of polls, exactly tied. now this race is very intense and senator pat roberts has just come out with a new ad. >> greg orman helped elect obama. >> roberts trying hard to tie greg orman the independent directly to president obama and he's just like many other candidates around the country. as you take a look at the map, you could look to new hampshire. this has to stay blue according to to the real clear politics average of polls, but the average is tightening significantly.
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scott brown, the republican has closed the gap here, there will be a debate in new hampshire p tonight. and an interesting factor in this race, senator jeanne shaheen has changed her position on ebola, she's now in favor of a travel ban, something she was not so sure about last week. as you look around the country, north carolina also has to stay in the democrats' column as of now but the race has tightened dramatically. kay haygan up just 1.2%. there is a debate in iowa but thom tillis is the only candidate who will be there. thom tillis will debate by himself tonight and this is a race that's coming down to the wire. if you take a look at georgia, this is a high hopes state for democrats, and it is tight. the republican who's expected to win, david perdue is only up by .06%.
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in this race, michelle nunn, the democrat is trying to tie back to a former president. >> have you seen this picture? it's the one that david perdue has tried to use to attack me in this campaign, but what he doesn't say is it was taken at an event with president bush. >> something the bush camp is not happy about. the former president putting out a statement today through a spokesman, saying, quote, michelle and her team have been repeatedly told that president bush did not want them to use his photo as part of this cam pain. apparently the nunn team feels they can repeatedly disregard the former president's wishes, which is very disappointing because it's so disrespectful. so itexpect that race to reallye a focus for both democrats and republicans moving forward. this is how the maps look as of today. if the election were held today, the breakdown would be 53%
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republicans, 57% democrats achkd the republicans would have control of the u.s. senate. president obama knows as he looks around the map. he is something of a downer in this election cycle and he's okay with this. but the president has once again given republicans more ammunition in their strategy to link vulnerable democrats to a struggling party leader. here's chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> president obama's chief pollster joel bennington was spotted today in and an mated conversation with white house political director david seeman. as democrats who have been trying to distance themselves from the president, inexplicably found them entangled together once again. >> the bottom line is though, these are all folks who vote with me, they have supported my agenda in congress. so this isn't about my feelings being hurt, those are folks beingabaleyies and
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supporters for me. >> it's going to be difficult when you are a colossal tried for years, everybody was hanging on your every word and everything was magical. >> for the second time this month, the president gave his party heartburn by suggesting his party will be front and center. >> even the president's long time advisor david axelrod said that that comment we a mistake. saying the president is doing interviews with african-american radio shows to help turn out the vote. and suggesting some candidates may lose, but keeping the president's coalition at bay. >> democrats who are running in red states, blue states and so-called purple states are going to need the strong support of those voters who supported the president and his re-election campaign, that
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they're going to need the support of young voters and hispanic voters and asian voters, african-american voters of course. >> instead democrats keep turning to former president bill clinton and first lady michelle obama, both back on the trail today, mrs. obama trying to do some cleanup work after mispronouncing the name of the democrat senate candidate in iowa. >> let me say that one more time. bruce brayley. some of you may remember the last time i was here. i got it wrong. but although i may a slipped up on bruce's name a couple of times, what i know i got right are bruce's values. >> now the president's ebola czar ron klain doesn't start work until tomorrow, but various reports today suggest he's already in line for another job. replacing dennis mcdonough on
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whether ebola should be the top priority. he said ebola is the priority and the reports are off base. >> sometime for another installment of our new segment, tracking the elections. teacher's unions will not give up on democratic control of the senate. they're pouring millions into close races in key states. mike emanuel reports on a political teaching moment. >> reporter: the nation's top teachers unions are on track to spend a fortune on the midterm elections and tv ads and ground game designed to make a difference in sen torl races. >> the real clear politics average of recent polls has democrat incumbent senator kay haygan up barely by 1.2 points. tillis, the speaker of the house in raleigh has been attacked on education funding and responded in a recent debate. >> it's simply false, since
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2011, we're spending a billion dollars more a year in education. this year, we provided an average 7% pay increase for teachers. >> teach90% of their money goes towards democratic candidates or against republican candidates. >> reporter: in kansas, republican incumbent sam brownback leads in the clear politics average of polls. >> we have been very focused this term both on united states senate races and gubernatorial elections, but as you know, the bulk of the policy happens at the state and local levels. >> american mfederation of teachers has-trying to margin marginalize teachers, dampen the
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vote. they're expected to spend $20 million while the noa will spend in the $40 million range. cash for dues makes them a powerful political force. >> they raise a lot of money for democratic and liberal campaigns or against their opponents, they get that money from the public employee union members who receive their salaries from the public taxpayer funds. the union members don't have much choice, that money goes to political advocacy even if they disagree with wit. >> among the concerns for the union are republican led efforts to stop them from automatically deducting dues from teacher's paychecks, the fear is if the dues aren't automatic educators could resist paying them and the unions may not be the same political force in the night. up next, ordained ministers facing jail time for refusing to reform same-sex marriages. here's what some of our fox
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affiliates are covering tonight. a group of middle school students were stung by aggressive bees. someone accidentally stepped on a nest during gym class achkd 26 students were stung. only one company is licensed to rent bikes in central park, but there are some violence by illegal vendors and even death threats. you're taking a look at kansas city's kaufman stadium. they're getting ready. game one of the world series, the hometown royals coast the san francisco giants. it's the royals first-time in the fall classic since 1985. the giants on the other hand have won approximate two of the last four world series. that's tonight's look outside the belt way from special report. we'll be right back.
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the intersection of church and state is often a dangerous place to travel from all sides. president obama has just said he thinks gay marriage is a constitutional right. while in idaho. some christian clergy members could be forced to perform the ceremony or go to jail. >> don and mary knapp have been performing weddings for 25 years. they own the wedding chapel. because the knapps refuse to marry gay couples. a stand that may have the couple breaking the state's anti-d anti-discrimination law. >> based on what you're telling us, you're a for profit service,
3:15 pm
you're performing civil services as well, you would likely be in violation of the ordinance. >> same-sex couples just won the right to get married last week, the marriage act was struck down by a federal court. the knapps say within days they were asked to marry two men. the ordinance with penalties of up to six months in jail, violates their constitutional right to practice their religion. >> the government is forcing two ordained ministers to violate their ordination vows and threaten them with jail or fines simply for carrying out their faith and exercising and marrying people like they have always done. >> but the city appears to be backing down. just before filing their lawsuit, the knapps registered as a religious corporation which is exempt from the law, wedding chappings are an illegal gray
3:16 pm
area, but it's a fight the city may avoid. >> i understand the way the law is currently written right now, that the religious freedom has the priority, it trumps that other desire of mine to see more equality in that area. >> with more complaints filed against the hitching post, its unclear if the da will prosecute the knapps. there's also a wedding chapping that will not marry gay couples. there's also photographers, florists that won't work gay weddings. chur . churches are also becoming involve in another controversial issue, immigration. and what president obama may have planned for the 11 million undocumented imgrants in this country. >> reporter: in a movement that almost escaped service. two weeks ago a bit for vendors
3:17 pm
to handle 4 million or as many as 9 million id cards, for what some experts say is huge immigration requirement. the white house suggests they may be planning an executive amnesty order that will sir couple vent any immigration reforms. >> he is going to do an executive amnesty, and he is going to do it if congress does not pass immigration reform. >> with respect to the benefits that could derive from this, ironically, i think it's better to have folks begin the process of assimilation. >> even before president obama took this action, churches were moving on their own to solve the immigration issue. houses of worship say they're answering to a higher authority, by providing safe havens for illegals and openly goading the
3:18 pm
government in an evident to force lawmakers to fix a broken immigration system. >> reporter: agents should avoid entering sensitive areas, including churches and schools, that works because the law was never openly defined until now. >> the obama administration is ordering millions of idst has more -- showing that the president is agenting on no other higher authority but his own. a law enforcement source
3:19 pm
confirms to fox news three teenaged girls from denver are back home after possibly trying to travel to syria to join islamic extremists. they were tracked down in germany, we are told that two are of somali desent, one of sudanese deisn't. jeffrey foul had been arained on a charge of leaving a bible at a nightclub. two other americans remain in north korean custody. still ahead, the extremely tight race for senate in louisiana, one that might not be over on election night. first, will new regulations for ebola patients keep health care workers from becoming infected.
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the top official with the world health organization says we could know by december if experimental ebola vaccines are safe and they could be in the field by january. in texas, governor rick perry has designated two new facilities for the treatment of ebo ebola, one in the dallas area, the other in galveston. meanwhile the mother of amber vinson is relieved that new guidelines for treating patients have now been issued. john roberts have that from atlanta tonight. >> reporter: with nurses anna vinson and nina pham fighting for their lives, the cdc has issued new protocols for protective equipment. >> we will never know exactly how that happened, but the bottom line is that the guidelines didn't work for that hospital. >> reporter: the new guidelines are actually stronger than what the cdc recommends for health
3:24 pm
care workers on duty in africa. it recommends a higher grade surgical mask or a full coverage hood with power air supply. according to the cdc, workers at american hospitals perform procedures more risky than what's zone in africa. >> we're here today, because one health care worker getting ebola when caring for a patient is too many. >> in new york today, hundreds of health care workers were shown the new guidelines by cdc staff. but seeing is not enough. the guide lines call for repeated practice in how to put it on and take it off and his supervisor to watch him every step of the way. airlines have agreed to accept
3:25 pm
multileg bookings object floug the airports that are performing ebola screening. if a traveler lays over in a third country, then buys a separate ticket to the u.s. dhs officials told me that customs and border patrol agents are told to be on the lookout for border travel. anyone who travels from liberia, sierra leone or new guinea will be subject to extra inspection. >> john roberts in atlanta, thank you. you have spechbnt almost a billion dollars in the past few years to keep government workers from working. pet peter doosy tells us in any case, it's a reward for bad behavior. >> nearly $57,000 was paid to administrator workers onned ad n
3:26 pm
administrative leave. a new report finds personnel matters are the number one reason for longer than average leave. and quote, examples of personnel matters, include investigations into alleged misconduct, criminal matters as well as security concerns, a well as t settalmese settalment agreements, this report focused on policies at five federal agencies, including the gsa, the general services administration yes jess mealy was placed on leave in 2012 for more than a month after planning an extravagant conference. neely is just one of more than 53,000 government worker who is tallied up to three months of paid leave over three years. hundreds of others had between three months and three years. >> in the private sector, nobody would be sitting home for three years, waiting for the company to resolve theired a minute straif and personnel problems.
3:27 pm
>> chuck grassley says, quote, paid administrative leave is not authorized by any law, it's been allowed over the years as part of agency discretion and this report shows it's out of control. the white house said today most paid leave is construct ive and used for thing like bad weather. >> in 90% of the cases, we're talking about federal leave that's for less than 20 gaydays streamlining the reasons their employees are not in the office because right now those records are not accurate. the dow gained 215 today, the s&p 500 was up 37. the nasdaq finished ahead 103. next up, one of the democratic senators fighting for her political survival, by criticizing her president. be sure to check out tonight's grapevine to find out which country has been accused of putting toilet paper in its sausage. please go to my blog at
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over the weekend we took a special look at how pocket book and paycheck issues will likely decide which party controls the u.s. senate for the next two years. in louisiana, if no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff in december. tonight the two front runners,
3:32 pm
mary land dprielandrieu, the ded republican challenger, congressman bill cassidy. >> people in washington criticize me all the time. >> that's senator landrieu speaking at an oil and gas business event at the port of lake charles. >> not only are we creating jobs here, for us, we're helping to create a middle class in america. >> i sat down to talk with her. she's a powerful figure in the senate, chairing the committee on energy and natural resources. but she's also been in washington for three terms, so how can she claim to have nothing to do with the unpopular regulations that worries so many local energy related businesses. >> they ticked down no votes on the senate floor on the keystone pipeline. and not one single piece of legislation, voted on the senate floor that's come out of your committee. >> i have actually raised the support of houston pipeline from
3:33 pm
three democrats to 11 and did everything i could to get a vote on the floor of the senate. >> why didn't that happen? >> because i'm not running the senate, i promise you if it were running the senate, we would have had a vote. her leading republican candidate thinks that's ineffect chul chul. >> the only thin she's gotten through are president obama's appoint appointees. >> she is chairman of the senate energy and natural resources committee, you say that's not enough? >> she thought her top priority was getting her senate floor vote on keystone pipeline, she was unable to do that. but she has also said that senator harry reid has senator majority leader, why would you make your first vote for him as opposed to voting for one favoring our state. >> even if she hasn't got every vote she wanted, landrieu's
3:34 pm
issues have made -- she also helped get one of the few export terminals for liquefied natural gas through washington's regulatory maze. >> i help walked the country through when the country was not sure. i said what do you mean you're not sure? >> the sabine plant about an hour away from lake charles employs 4,000 workers, when up and running, it will employ 6,000. >> while we have got the power to design an energies policy for this country that recognizes the blessing of natural gas as a bridge fuel to the future. >> cassidy meanwhile claims senator landrieu's most notable trait is her allegiance to the party. >> the president has a hostility
3:35 pm
to the energy industry and mary landrieu supports him 90% of the time. >> we talked to a lot of folks here, and they like you, they know you, but you're going up against senator reid and obama administration that is against what they're fighting for. >> it really isn't this election about who is in the white house or who is the minority leader or majority leader for the senate. people want a senator that will fight for them. >> as we mentioned earlier, the latest head to head polls, give cassidy consistent but not overwhelming leads, in the so-called jungle primary down there, another republican and several others are also on the ballot. if you're interested in joining me for a google plus hangout, join me at 2:30 p.m. to discuss the midterm elections. sent me an e-mail for more
3:36 pm
details. it's a chance to interablgct wi me and others about the hottest races and the hottest issues. the president seems to have more ammunition to use against democratic candidates in red states. issing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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>> some of the candidates, there -- it is difficult for them to have me in the state because the republicans will use that to try to fan the republican turnout. the bottom line is, though, these are all folks who vote with me, they have supported my agenda in congress. >> the president's comments also act as a light of fire under republican voters as well? >> i think you would have to do an analysis state by state to decide, what sort of impact comments like this have. i think what the president's
3:40 pm
focused on is making sure that democrats in each of these states understand the stakes for this election. >> well, for the second time in a month, the president has given heartburn to some of these democrats running in red states with that interview with al sharpt sharpton, what about this? what is the energy behind it and how does it factor into this race. associate editor of the hill and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> it did just happen a few weeks ago that said all of his policies, every single one were going to be on the ballots. mitt romney likes to think bean bag and it's incredibly humiliating. president obama has been asked to stay way out of sight but raise hordes of money for a ground game for the democrats. >> it's not about him? >> i think it's hard for him to swallow, he's also trying to make the argument for why they
3:41 pm
need to vote for joe schmo, at some level he has to be connected to the lawmaker he's asking everyone to turn out for. >> he's such a narcissist that even when it would be advantage stage outside for th ous to not be for him. we have seen democrats scrambling too get out of the way of president obama, their time is better spent here in washington, when she was asked if he should come up, we have other democrats doing everything they can to create this distance and every time he says something like that, he brings himself right back to the conversation which is exactly what republicans want. >> look, this is a guy who six years ago had a worship service at a denver stadium, being cheered by people while he was
3:42 pm
behind greek columns, a few weeks earlier, he had been the hero of 200,000 germans in berlin. i still don't understand what that speech was about. here was a man -- i mean, as rich lowry said earlier tonight, he was a citizen of the world, the most interesting, most sought after political rock star on the plangtet, now he's got t hide under his desk until november. it's his way of saying, i transcend the party, i'm bigger than the party and i'm still here. he's not going to go out and campaign for these candidates, and it's hard for him to hear. the man is under stress. >> first of all in colorado, a tight race, it has trended towards the republican, represent corrie gardner in
3:43 pm
recent days, you see the real clear politics average of polls. hillary clinton is out there for senator udall today. >> mark udall has stressed women's rights in his campaign, i want you to understand that has far as i'm concerned and as far as mark is concerned, when he fights for women's rights, he is fighting on the frontier of freedom. because women's rights here at home and around the world are clearly at risk. women's rights are like the canaries in the mine. >> that's really interesting, because you have the denver post out there, really hammering mark udall for a single issue campaign on women's rights. in fact in a debate, the denver post reporter called him mark uterus, not even mark udall, it
3:44 pm
ereal ere really got to that point and now here's hillary clinton going out there arguing that issue. >> the one single issue campaign, senator udall was obnoxious, bombst stpollsters wg out in focus for the voters why is he using all thursday issues that are important to us, like the ri the rise of isis, not contraception for women. now the question is whether the president should have done something by executive order to say the colorado race, and as much as hillary clinton wants to make it to all these swing states. >> it's easy to see these women's issues not really taking hold in any of these races.
3:45 pm
>> you have to assume to democrats that either the udall campaign have to poll on whether this remains -- it is almost embarrassing for him to have to make this argument after he was scolded by the denver post, to republicans for running this one issue campaign. and yet, he has continued, not just this appearance by hillary clinton, his campaign has continued to focus on that. there is still radio ads run by national democrats talking about cory gardner and her war on women. and it remains the focus of this campaign and it certainly sounds out of touch. >> it's now the average is two points, not 1.2 as it was earlier in the show. and you see the debate later on tonight, kay hagan is not taking
3:46 pm
part, she said she did flee, she's not doing anymore. >> it's not the married women, incidentally, who are the ones who are democratic, so it's the increased turnout. u but it is getting embarrassing. on the other hand, what else do democrats have, there's a lousy economy, unpopular president, all hell breaking loose all over the world in the words of obama's own secretary of defense. and what they're doing is using the old playbook. you know, in the colorado race, it's particularly embarrassing. gardner has come out for over the counter contraceptives.
3:47 pm
you can't be more pro contraceptive than having it over the counter than prescription. i think it's confusing because i think in 2016, it's going to have a lot less salience and they're going to have to come up with a way to make the case for women. and the republicans ought to start now, working on the economic arguments, if the democrats are so interested in you as women, how come, and you go into all the economic indexes where women have suffered. >> several women doing pretty well, in that michelle nu nurks n is really running a pretty good campaign down there in georgia. and allison lundergren grimes is a contender. >> they have pulled their money out of grimes' campaign, it's going to be interesting to see what actually winning if either
3:48 pm
one of them does. >> and michelle nunn -- coming up, the president's evolution on same-sex marriage. and the legion of super fans. no sign of him yet. keep looking. [ narrator ] their mission: to get richard sherman his campbell's chunky soup. hi, baby! hi, mama! take us home! wow! it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. beer... cheese... beef... bacon... ♪ i love it. and mama loves you. [ all ] awwwwww! it fills you up right. introducing [ all ] awwwwww! a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until the am. new aleve pm the only one with a safe sleep aid. plus the 12 hour strength of aleve.
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business,
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i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. i believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. [ applause ] >> for me as a christian, it's also a sacred union. >> at this point, what i have said is that my baseline is a strong civil union that provides them the protections and the legal rights that married couples have. and i think that's the right thing to do. >> i think same sex couples should be able to get
3:52 pm
married worked out at the local level. historically. issue. >> everybody different's opinions on this issue. everybody should be equal. >> president obama's evolution on gay marriage this week telling new yorker, quote: in this piece, he told me now believes the constitution requires all states to allow same sex marriage, an argument that his administration has not yet made before the supreme court, quote, ultimately i think the equal protection clause does guarantee same sex marriage in all 50 states. we're back with the panel, charles? >> look, once you constitutional right, defense of gay marriage, which is not necessary. it's one way to to argue. then i think you are like three-point fringe on the religious rights. that there is a case, i think we are going to talk about. >> in idaho. >> ordained ministers who refused to mary gay couples and they may be breaks the
3:53 pm
city's antidiscrimination law. >> that may happen inevitably. in one of the early decisions overturn prop 8, one of the early pro-gay marriage decisions it, it says the only reason to oppose it was prejudice. whereas i think there were a lot of gentlemen of the jury just folks -- religious folks it's a belief system and religious obligation one woman and one woman. once you define it as a right and say anybody who is against it is acting only out of bias or prejudice then you are going to trampling on the religious rights of a whole lot of people. that's where this thing is. the president is imprudent talking about it as a right. it is should be something that the society decides, perhaps ought to be allowed but what once you define it as a right, have you overridden a long tradition and many millions of people who believe otherwise. >> it's clear that the issue
3:54 pm
has he involved. as the president has evolved, he may have evolved faster than america is evolving. but it changing. and when polls and perceptions. but, as far as the constitution and how you read that on this issue, i think that that is pretty interesting. >> i think -- it rays a lot of questions, why now? he is not running for office again. this is not going to galvanize a big teaming mass of voters on november 4th for the democrats. it's just so interesting that he was, you know, really a student the constitution. himself is. a professor would come out now and say he believes now, suddenly that he has a new interpretation of the constitution and it's a right. it's just very interesting on the timing and what he is aiming at. >> you know, you talked about earlier is he making all these calls to african-american radio stations and african-american groups. there are a loot of african-american communities who have a real problem with the gay marriage issue. >> yeah. >> overall. >> right. >> it's almost like he is
3:55 pm
fighting where to. >>ing to gling between interest groups. >> basically in short the summation of the modern democratic party, right? i think charles is right on what this might do to popular opinion on gay marriage. i don't think it's wise if you are a gay marriage propony -- proponent. gaining acceptance, government compulsion of, you know, private, you know, churches or privately held corporations or businesses to perform marriage ceremonies, that's not a winning argument, i think if you are a gay marriage proponent. i do think there are people who can make the argument, have made the argument that the equal protection clause that you can be -- that you can basically say the equal protection clause provides the right for people for gays to marry but also doesn't require the government to compel others to perform the ceremony. shapiro at the cato institute and others make
3:56 pm
that argument. >> it's heading to the supreme court. >> yes. it will be their decision that the words right or not and i think it would be a a big mistake to go ahead and to be that sweeping and uncompromise. >> stay tuned for all star predictions for this big game that starts tonight. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise.
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you are log live at kansas city coffman stadium where game one of the series is set to kick off an hour from now. you can watch it live on local fox stations. exciting world series every year. we thought we would ask the panel who is going to win it? kansas city or san fran? >> a midwest team in the heart of barbecue country which players bought fan's beers and go on with the royals in seven. >> a.b.? >> in keeping with tradition because i don't follow baseball i sold my vote to the highest bidder.
4:00 pm
it's going to be the royals and brandon makes history with the college world series. >> wow, quickly. >> royals in 6. >> i'm taking san fran, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for special reports, be back tomorrow. this is a fox news alert. three american teenage girls caught trying to join isis. plan turned outside town. slipped through o'hare snarpted chicago and on to a trans-atlantic flight then they were stopped in germany. their plan, to join those savages, isis. young americans joining isis a terrifying and growing trend. first it was the minneapolis area. and now apparently the denver area. and it isn't just these three girls this weekend. one month ago, 19-year-old shannon conley of the denver area pleaded guilty for providing material stuart to isis. now, she also got arrested, but she got arrested at the denver airport. she was headed to join isis to serve as a nurse at a


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