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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 21, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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let's just say i appear to be a better interviewer than humorist. but i gave it the old college try. go to, follow me on twitter,@megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." the 2014 midterms are exactly two weeks from today. and tonight ahead of this extremely important election we've put together the biggest conservative names in politics. the great one mark levine, ann stein, sarah palin, they're all here tonight. but that's not all. tonight the words of president obama that will haunt red state democrats on november 4th. >> the bottom line is, though, these are all folks who vote with me, they've supported my agenda in congress. >> we're heading to the hannity big board for a comprehensive update on the state of the
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midterms. she's back. >> i fell in love with my boss. but my boss was the president of the united states. >> highlights from the most infamous intern first public address in a decade. >> i think the woman is real. republicans deny they're waging a war on women? >> yes, it is a war on women. >> the rallying cry but liberals are singing a different tune in 2014. >> the fact is obama's down, particularly for women, i don't think he makes them feel safe. >> a shocking revelation from outgoing attorney general eric holder. >> i think the inability to pass reasonable gun safety laws after the newtown massacre is for me something that i take personally as a failure. >> tonight we'll remind mr. holder of a few of the other epic failures. all of that plus the great one mark levine, mark stein, anne
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coud much more. an all-star "hannity" starts right here. tonight sh days and counting until election day 2014 and the question remains will republicans take control of the u.s. senate? joining us now at the "hannity" billboard, my good friend bill hemmer. >> very good. about a week since we talked? >> yes, sir. >> here is the state of things as we see them according to the polls now. not voters, but the polls. the what if scenario, 45-5 is your opening mark. republicans need 6 to get control of the senate. really very little if any change in west virginia. that still looks very favorable for the gop. likewise for montana. but we talk about south dakota, what's going on out here. it has a little bit. let me show your audience what's happening. you have a three-way race. mike brown still has the lead, the republican, but he's drafting votes, pressler is the former senator away from rounds, but right now for the sake of
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our discussion -- >> i'll help you. >> it still looks like south dakota. so now down to this part of the country. something's happening in arkansas. we saw a poll that put tom cotton up 8 points. he's consistently had the lead over mark pryor in arkansas. if that is true -- >> that poll came out after the clintons were down there campaigning for them. >> this is true. as of five days prior. for the sake of this argument -- >> you took away my job. >> i blew it again. arkansas would go republican if the polling is right. same is true for dr. big cassidy. go ahead. >> there we go. >> he seems to still have the edge down there. >> i'll be out there in a moment. but in iowa, joni ernst still has the edge. >> a 2 1/2 point lead. >> if you watch the polling sometimes 2 1/2 but sometimes only a point or a point and a half. >> the real political average i saw today was 2 1/2 unless
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that's changed. >> the trend is in her favor. that's the important thing. i today would go republican. same thing for corey gardener in colorado. >> that lead shrunk a little bit. >> what democrats would argue is you're not counting hispanics in your polling. in 2010 that's the case. i don't know if that will happen in 2014 but right now corey gardner has the edge, out here in alaska dan solomon. if that's true, you're at 53-47. so now the argument -- >> this is important to hold this, that's very close in kansas. >> it seems that pat roberts, for whatever reason, has gotten some sea legs under him. he stopped the bleeding. >> but what's happening down here in georgia? >> that's nerve-racking because you got two big democrats and you got none on the senate side and carter the grandson of jimmy carter. >> this is perdue, the republican and nunn, the
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democrat, you need to get 56% otherwise you get the runoff in january. at the moment too close to call. one race we don't talk a lot about, the debate in new hampshire, jeanne shaheen and scott brown, she still has a 2.4, 2.6 point edge. >> this is really tight. >> he's forcing her to spend money, he's forcing democrats to spend money. he's made a race out of a battle that probably wouldn't have been one a few months ago. >> he's confident there's a shift in the lack of popularity of the president, obama care, isis, ebola, they seem to all be taking shape. >> he's been hitting her a lot on that, too. i want to show you and your audience, what the president talked about this week on the al sharpton radio show. red state democrats who have roted for him. our polling as of two weeks ago in these red states now, arkansas, alaska, colorado, your
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approval rating for the president. >> brutal. >> and the disapproval well over 60%. >> you got the low 30s here. >> this is true. the name might not be on the ballot but as he said the issues are. i'll leave you with that. >> good friend bill hemmer, thank you. as you just mentioned, while democratic candidates in those battleground states had gone to great lengths to distance themselves from a very unpopular president, the commander in chief, he must have missed the memo because he's not helping to make their case. listen to this. >> the bottom line is these are all folks who vote with me, they have supported my agenda in congress. they are on the right side of minimum wage, they're on the right side of fair pay, they're on the right side of rebuilding our infrastructure, they're on the right side of early childhood education, so yeah, this isn't about my feelings being hurt. these are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me.
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and, you know, i tell them, i said, you know what? you do what you need to win. >> here with reaction to that and much more is nationally syndicated radio talk show host, i call him the great one, mark levin. did you know al sharpton had a radio show? apparently he does. he says i'm not on the ballot, michelle's pretty happy, but make no mistakes, these policies are on the ballot every single one of them. a lot of democrats are curious. >> first of all, i didn't know that al sharpton can speak in complete sentences, and i'm still not sure that he can. the democrats are running away from him, the republicans can't get close enough to him. this is not just obama. this is quintessential statism. it's a disaster, it's an impossibility. every one of these incumbent democrats are pretending they don't support obama supported him over 90, 95%. they supported obama care,
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amnesty, massive deficit spending in this debt and all this is coming home now and it's a disaster. the country's gone to hell under this president, under the democrat party. everybody knows it. my problem here is the republicans are running a very quiet campaign. they're not standing up for any principles, very little substance. this is an enormous opportunity to expand the republican party, to build it, to create momentum for 2016, and they're not doing it. while the republicans i believe will have a very good night in two weeks they could have had a better one. >> i think you're right. they've been timid, they've been afraid of their own shadow. they haven't inspired people to go out and vote for them. it's more things are so bad, that's why they're getting the votes. what do you make of what's going to happen after the election? the president has delayed executive amnesty, the president has delayed giving health care premiums because they're going up for most people, is the president really committed to defeating isis?
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i think we'll find out after the election. those things worry you? >> with obama, you'll see his full mussolini coming out with his pen and his phone, these executive fiats that are unconstitution unconstitutional. he'll do everything he can to further screw up the country, whether it's the border and amnesty, whether it's the economy, it's god knows what. he's been a very divisive, very damaging, very counterproductive president and so has his party. that's why you need to throw harry reid out of the united states senate and take over the senate. i don't want republicans to think they're going to be joyful with mitch mcconnell and the republicans do. the first thing they need to say is we need the presidency. but keep it in mind. we get rid of harry reid, then we nominate a conservative for president of the united states. >> we have two issues that come up. i often point out that during every election, i see the democrats play the race card. i have gone through the history of this, both on my show and the
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radio show. you have got in north carolina a flyer, pro kay hagan using a lynching image warn of obama's impeachment if a democrat loses. in georgia, you've got a whole bunch of images being sent out. if you want to prevent another ferguson in their future, you've got two young african-american kids "don't shoot" and their fingerprints on it. what are we to make of that tactic they're using in georgia and how do we respond? >> this is a hateful race-baiting party that really has no good ideas let alone knew ideas. i hope african-americans around the country understand that the democrat party has always used them. the democrat party stood for slavery against lincoln and segregation all the way up from the civil war into the 1950s and '60s. first civil rights act was 1957 dwight eisenhower, he sent the army into arkansas to open that
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school when a democrat was blocking the doorway, faubus. most republicans voted for it. the 1965 voting rights act most republicans voted for it. you can look at fdr's first nominee to the supreme court, hugo black, was a former lawyer for the klan in obama. you can look at robert byrd, that wasn't that long ago when the democrats rallied behind him in the senate, former klansman. they don't have a history of lynching anybody, blocking school doors, they don't have a history of racism of any kind. for one time i'd love for them to stand up and rub the democrats' face in the real history. >> if democrats were running, especially in the red states, i'll put up on the screen the percentage of the time they voted with the president. mark pryor, 90%, udaul, 99, kay hagan, 96, begich, 97, landrieu, 97, jeanne shaheen 99.
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you have candidates who won't even admit they voted for obama and now jeanne shaheen and kay hagan have changed their opinion on a travel ban. are these election year conversions? would we expect any different voting pattern if they did get re-elected? >> these are deceitful hab fufu politicians. do you want chaos on the border? do you want immigration amnesty? do you want massive debt? do you want more redistribution of wealth, destruction of jobs, outsourcing of jobs? if you like it, then vote for your democrat. the fact of the matter is none of these democrats that are running are moderates. they're all radicals. none bleeb in small government. they all believe in massive centralized government. none of them believe in the working man and the citizens of this country. they spend more time worrying about illegal aliens and how they're going to be taken care of so forth and so on, the democrat party is a disaster. it's become a radical party. i have problems with the republican party but the
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democrat party really has lost its way and they need to get a good swift kick in the ass in this election. >> well said. tell us how you really feel. the great one, mark levin, great to see you. coming up on "hannity" -- >> if you're not out there competing in the schools, competing in the pop culture, competing in the media, competing in the mainline churches, then the air that we breathe becomes liberal. >> the one and only mark stein is here to explain what conservatives need to do to take mac back. also tonight -- >> i fell in love with my boss in a 22-year-old sort of way. it happens. >> she's back. find out why monica lewinsky is speaking out after ten years of silence. ann coulter and sarah palin. ♪
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welcome back to "hannity." even if the republican party wins back the senate two weeks from tonight that liberals will still be the winners in the eyes of the american people the other 364 days of the year. the undocumented mark steyn, don't say you weren't warned. that's pretty provocative. you're talking about we're really losing the culture war. >> yeah, basically, if liberal attitudes become the default setting of society, a lot of people don't want to think about complicated issues or unpleasant issues. they don't want to thing about islam. they don't want to think about massive debt that will cripple their children's lives, and
7:17 pm
liberals are very good at giving them a kind of cute slogan that says this slogan will get you through it. coexist. you put a coexist bumper sticker on your car and you don't have to worry. >> you do believe that republicans get the senate? that's your thought process? >> i think the bounds of probabilities. >> the odds are. >> yeah, will tip in my own state of new hampshire and enough key places to turn the senate republican. the question then is, is it just a wasted victory like 2010 or do we actually do something with it? >> the worst case scenario from my perspective and i was talking with mark levin earlier, i think we would plug the hole in the boat. nr in other words, america's taking on a lot of water. they can get a lot done, lay out a different vision and give people an alternative. >> that vision is an important part. what's happening is the model of
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the social democratic welfare dependency state since the second world war has run out of gas. it's over. and to persuade people to move off that model actually requires you to have a conversation with the people and change minds. >> but that's the republicans, that's where they've been timid. they haven't inspired people. >> no. >> i agree. >> that's not something you wait till november. you should be doing that every day of the week. i think it's a tragedy that there's 50 million people on food stamps. >> 50 million. >> the democrats' position is wouldn't it be great if 300 million people were on food stamps? >> 50 million people in poverty. >> right. >> those numbers have gone up tense of millions under obama. you're not just talking about millennials when you talk about the culture wars and gay marriage and abortion, you're talking about health care, isis, borders, debt. >> yeah. >> so real significant issues. >> i'm talking about attitudes of these things.
7:19 pm
the whole position of the left is that they don't want to win the argument, they'd just as soon cancel the argument. so if you query open borders immigration which is an existential issue for any nation, then you're a racist. so in other words, you have to let in the ebola guys because otherwise as there were people protesting outside this building today, your xenophobic. there are guys out there who say we let in the ebola guy and that demonstrates -- >> there's a secret entry that next time i'll bring you in that way so you can by pass that. >> no, i love that when they said xenophobic in america. i said i'm canadian. >> i'm having a hard time understanding -- because i think most people are inherently good. people are weak, but i think people are inherently good. you don't think people recognize debt and opportunities that we're robbing our kids' future?
7:20 pm
i think they get that. >> if you look at the debt, people think it's above their pay grade. the reality is if you take the total debt, three quarters of million family. this nation is on course to become the first nation in human history to be a nation of negative millionaires. and that's real. that's not something with a bazillion zeros on that only the federal reserve understands. that's you and your life. >> hasn't government done a pretty good job of mixing up millions, billions and trillions so people don't know the difference? >> i was impressed that the democrats made the word "trillions" stick because before it was a number you only ever heard in astronomy. like so many trillion light-years from earth. >> it's not a very optimistic outlook for america then? >> well, i am an optimist. my book concludes with a portrait of william wilberforce who was an obscure back bencher
7:21 pm
who ended slavery. it was thought to be a national condition of man. had existed in all human societies, like the trees, it was like the grass, it was like the sky, like the water, just a fact of life. and he changed that in the face of huge opposition. and so the right man can make the difference. >> you see that person? do you see one person that you think might be able to do that? besides you. you can't run. >> i'm happily ineligible, but i think that's the -- >> who? >> well, i like ted -- >> ted cruz? >> you know why i like ted cruz, because whether you agree with him or not, he's interested in dragging you in his direction not conceding the ground. >> mark styn, "don't say you weren't warned." coming up next on "hannity." >> 1995 we started an affair
7:22 pm
that lasted on and off for two years. and at that time, it was my everything. >> all right, she's back. monica lewinsky makes her first public address in a decade talking openly about her relationship with president obama. later ann coulter reacts to that. and which political party is really waging a war on women. and dana lash. [ bell rings ]
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hi michael! looking good! trying to keep up with you!
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i told my producer karen that i take metamucil because it helps me feel fuller between meals. it's just one small change that can help lead to good things. now she's breaking up with the vending machine. nope. i call that the meta effect. [ female announcer ] 4-in-1 multi-health metamucil now clinically proven to help you feel less hungry between meals. and promotes heart health. experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line and see how one small change can lead to good things. welcome back to "hannity." monica lewinsky is back in the public spotlight again. this time she's on a mission to end internet bullying. take a look at what she had to say yesterday in a speech at the forbes annual under 30 summit. >> i fell in love with my boss. in a 22-year-old sort of way.
7:25 pm
it happens. but my boss was the president of the united states. in 1995, we started an affair that lasted on and off for two years. and at that time, it was my everything. i was threatened with up to 27 years in jail for denying the affair in an affidavit and other alleged crimes. 27 years. when you're only 24 yourself, that's a long time. chillingly told that my mother, too. that my mother, too, might face prosecution. what does it really feel like to watch yourself or your name or your likeness to be ripped apart online? some of you may know this
7:26 pm
yourself. it feels like a punch in the gut. as if a stranger walked up to you on the street and punched for me, that was every day in 1998. >> at least she's a little more honest than this guy. >> i want you to listen to me. i'll say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman, ms. lewinsky. indeed i did have a relationship with ms. lewinsky that was not appropriate. in fact, it was wrong. >> here with reaction, author, columnist, our friend ann coulter. how are you? >> good, thank you. >> i feel she got stuck. >> i can't believe you're making me talk about this. i needed three espressos just to get through that speech of hers. >> come on, what's your thought? >> i once felt sorry for her.
7:27 pm
at this point it's getting to be some aging celeb's farewell tour. we're hearing about it all over again. i knew all of that a decade ago. now the only reason i'm here right now is because the most important political event at this point in our lifetimes is going to happen two weeks from now. i'm here to talk about the election and not this aging intern whose greatest moment was being attacked by matt drudge. the reason this election is so important is because we have blown senate seats. i say we, you have the republican consultants on one hand you cannot trust because they're beholden to the chamber of commerce. and then you have the tea partiers that cause them to lose elections. if it weren't for republicans and the tea party -- >> why the tea party? >> christine o'donnell, i can cry with tears of rage about how we lost missouri.
7:28 pm
we could have taken out this claire mccaskill, but no, we have todd akin. >> you're giving us a history. >> we would already have 50 seats. but that's important because we have some republicans, some base running off and voting for the libertarian or the third party candidate. no, you cannot do it this time, republicans. a lot of republicans are running this year. i would like to never hear from again. i detest. yet, you have to vote for them because republicans do not just need to take a marnjority, they need to take 53 seats because we're likely to lose two or three seats two years from now. if we're ever to repeal obamacare, we have to get the seats and then elect a republican. >> listen, i agree with you. but, but, but, but -- >> scott brown in new hampshire, my total love. we have some fantastic candid e candidates out there.
7:29 pm
>> i have a but. >> but you have to vote republicans in north carolina. >> republicans they need to develop an inspiring vision. >> yeah! >> and what's missing from the republican party as far as i see right now is a dynamic, bold, leadership plan to fix the country. the country's sinking. we're taking on water. >> yep. we're taking in all of central america. and the republican party won't mention that because their donors want the cheap labor? and then you wonder why the base runs off and does crazy things like primary pat roberts and pat cochran who not only voted against amnesty, they voted against reagan's amnesty. why did they have primary challenges? because our leadership has let us down. so you have the base angry and just striking out at anyone. there are republicans, by the way, who deserved a primary challenge, but not now. >> i'll give you one reason why i agree with you, the supreme court is one. but i'll give you a second. >> obama care! >> because this will stop
7:30 pm
obama's agenda in its tracks which is hurting the country. >> yes, and by the way, i'm here to warn the rest of you, since i'm one of the 1% who is already subjected to obama care. it isn't just the money. you won't be able to see a doctor any more. >> you have obama care? >> no, that mean is have no health care. everything is out of pocket like for matt drudge and the rest of us self-employed. you don't know what's coming, america. notice that it's been waived until after the election plus the amnesty. now, meanwhile, if republicans take the senate in a big way and have the house, the media has been able to get away with portraying the gop as the do nothing congress because most people don't understand there's a senate and a house. harry reid bottles everything up. the house has been doing fantastic stuff. if we have the senate, too, with mitch mcconnell and john boehner passing repeals, they won't be able to maintain their republicans are doing nothing
7:31 pm
like passing birth control laws. they have to get everything out of both houses of congress and our do nothing president keeps vetoing. that will set up a presidential candidate very well for 2016. this is a very important election, please, republicans -- >> we only disagreed on a minor point. you've been missing in action. >> i'm writing my next book. i had to come out of my cave. >> the coulter cave. >> obama is down on everybody. and particularly for women, i don't think he makes them feel safe. i think they're feeling unsafe. >> radical left wing liberal tina brown is not minss words there. sarah palin is here to respond to that and much more on this busy news night. [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action?
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♪ take a big breath >> welcome back to "hannity." the left's false claims may have fooled people back in 2012 but they're backfiring in 2014 with the merps two weeks away even tina brown are finally admitting the truth that it's actually president obama, his poll sirks not the gop, that are wrong for women. watch this. >> the fact is that obama's down with everybody, let's face it. i think that particularly for women, i don't think he makes them feel safe. you know? i think they're feeling unsafe. unsafe economically, with regard to isis, about ebola, what they feel unsafe about is the government response to different crises. and i think that they're beginning to feel a bit that obama's like that guy in the corner office who is too cool for school, calls a meeting, says this has to change, doesn't put anything in place to make sure it does change, then it goes wrong and he's blaming everybody. >> here we reaction is sarah
7:38 pm
pal palin. first your reaction to that. what do you think? >> ironic because that little lady tina brown, she's such a big part of the problem. she and her ilk being so uber-uppi uber-uppity, so cocksure of their elitism that they support liberal men who have kept women, unfortunately, kind of embracing this lie that they should be dependent upo so tina brown, chick, you're a day late and a dollar short. they've been beating the crap out of strong commonsense strong conservative women for years she and her ilk. so again day late and a dollar short, tina. >> it's have interesting here. the left claims they have a monopoly of compassion for minorities, for women, for hispanics, et cetera. they make a big deal about mitt romney having women's resumes in binders but look at the silence. you hear very little from the
7:39 pm
left about radical islam and the treatment of women under shariah. why do you think that is? i have a hard time understanding that. >> because these maladroit fake feminist women, they have such a double standard. so hypocritical as they would support anyone who would have sympathy for muslims who do treat women so poorly, so inhumanely and not do all that they can to stop the rise of radical islam that would come adversely affect america's interests. no, these women, again, they're quite hypocritical because they support somebody like, say, barack obama, whose failed policies have kept them dependent on a failed government that has led to recently, you know, one in five families being on food stamps, 44 million americans not finding a good job. more latchkey children than ever in this country because of a devalued dollar based on liberal
7:40 pm
economic policies lead to cost of living rising and women being in the workforce whether they want to be or not. no, these women, their sympathies are aligned in the wrong party. >> two weeks from tonight the midterm elections, we heard from mark levin and mark styne and ann coulter. where do you stand? i expect there are senate candidates who i don't find are conservative enough for me. i like the idea of stopping obama's agenda and the senate having to vote or houn house bi. what do you think is the most important thing here especially for people saying, well, my guy's not conservative enough for me. what's your reaction to that? >> a vote for any liberal running for senate, especially is a vote for obama and policies, the runaway debt, the disrespect that we're feeling all over the globe when we use
7:41 pm
to fill this void of leadership that's all gone under obama. so anybody who would vote for a democrat senate candidate is going to be voting for continuation of this failed status quo barack obama. >> so nin other words, even if you have an uninspiring maybe establishment republican, are you saying you would vote for them to get the majority in republican hands in the hopes they will stop obama's agenda? is that a fair synopsis? >> yes, in this case, in this go-around, the very worst republican will be better than the very best democrat because the democrat would line up obviously with barack obama's agenda. at the end of the day, those democrats in the senate, they all go home and their daddy is barack obama and their uncle, i guess is harry reid because they fall under the fold of those two
7:42 pm
ultraliberal radicals, obama and reid. so yes, we don't need any more democrats in that -- lining up on that side of the ledger under barack obama and harry reid. a vote for a liberal senate candidate is a vote for harry reid and barack obama. >> it's amazing these democrats have voted with obama 96, 97% of the time are doing everything they can to distance themselves from him. to see that dance. >> it's cracking me up in alaska. mark begich, marky mark, so phony baloney full of his i stood up to barack obama, no he voted with obama 97% of the time. the gift that we were given yesterday, in gop establishment you better not blow it. you better take this gift of gold and capitalize on it. yesterday barack obama was out there saying hey, these dudes voting with me in the senate, the ones who are running, especially in a red state, got to get them back in there because they're going to keep
7:43 pm
voting with me. well, mark begich, mary landrieu, others of their ilk, that's who he's talking about. that's who we have to make sure we don't send back to the senate. >> governor, thank you. may see you on the campaign trail. appreciate it. coming up next on "hannity" -- >> the inability to pass reasonable gun safety loss after the newtown massacre is for me something that i take personally as a failure. >> now, that should not be the only thing on eric holder's mind as he prepares to step down as america's top cop. what about fast and furious? does he have any regrets about that botched gun running operation? dana lash is here to weigh in. and tonight's question of the day. straight ahead. st or nothing. the quietest or nothing. the sleekest... ...sexiest, ...baddest, ...safest,
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7:49 pm
something that i take personally as a failure and something that i think we as a society should take as a failure. >> here with reaction, author of the brand new book "hands off my gun" defeating the plot to disarm america. dana lash. you reminded me we met one or time, but i didn't remember. dana is in studio for the first time. >> you are busy. >> no no. we were doing a speech together this weekend. >> that's right. this saturday. then next week we're in orlando. >> are you going to jacksonville, too? >> no, not jacksonville, because it's halloween. i got to get back for the kids. >> just dress up as a democrat, that will help. >> i don't want to terrify the children. >> that's the whole point. for years democrats went after our guns. >> yeah. >> now they're more afraid because politically the american people don't want to give up their gun rights. >> no, they don't.
7:50 pm
that's why nothing -- it's never passed federally. i always call dianne feinstein the punxsutawney phil of gun control. she comes out every five years and displays these assault weapons on the table and she says they're going to ban them. it didn't happen last time. this is a seasonal thing. they've figured out that kroger doesn't legislate. >> he's responsible for the big gulp ban in new york, which is absurd. >> there's a cover of your book. we'll put it up. >> you're holding an ar. i have about half a dozen of them. >> i have several. i got a lot of death threats. you have to prove that you need it. i think i'm one of 1500 people
7:51 pm
that's all they granted a permit to. >> that has a carry permit. that's an infringement. >> i'm also big into martial arts. >> we don't believe in outsourcing our self-defense. the average response time for 911 is 20 minutes. that's 20 minutes that i don't want to gamble about my children's lives or we've got a great line up tonight. mark stein, ann coulter, you're a popular conservative. i'm looking at this year as i want to plug up the hole in the boat because america is beginning to sink. >> yes. >> worst case scenario if republicans take control of the senate, president's horrible agenda stops and maybe republicans can do some good
7:52 pm
things. >> i dislike harry reid as senate majority leader more than i dislike any republican. here is the problem. say we're successful and are able to get the senate. we have republican majority in the senate, in the house what happens if they're really bad? you're paving the way for heaven for by the hillary clinton. >> i think we're going to find out after the election. >> we don't know. . >> i know. >> i don't think the president is as committed to degrading and destroying isis as he says. >> i know. it's going to be like a box of chocolates. you don't know what you're going to get after the election. >> are there people that you like that stands out? because you're an out spoken conservative. there are people that i like.
7:53 pm
like ted cruz i can't believe he was thrown down the stairs by his fellow republicans by doing what everyone of them promised. >> who are the people you like? >> mike lane, rand paul on certain things. he's walking in the center. it's fine. that is what they do. but i really in terms of saying outloud whoi like i don't like a lot of -- >> you don't like -- >> do you like rick perry? do you like scott walker? do you like nikki -- >> yes. i like everyone to an extent. i wish scott walker is stronger on right to park. i wish chris christie was a little bit better on gun rights and energy. >> they keep getting down graded. >> this is not something going
7:54 pm
to happen in one election cycle. we have to do it in incremental baby steps. it's a generational fight. don't want harry reid. >> there is the book right there. she even autographed it for me. >> coming up, today's question of the day, straight ahead. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. and only national is ranked highest in car rental customer satisfaction by j.d. power. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro.
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welcome back. time for the question of the day. when did i, and you first become interested in politics? i first became interested in politics my parents, i drove them crazy because i'd listen to talk radio. the great pioneers, barry barbers and barry grays and those guys then, ronald reagan became president. that is it. fell in love with him never stopped watching or listening since we want to know what you think. and tell us when you began to
8:00 pm
get interested. record "hannity" the series. start your day with fox and friends first. thoivenls we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> the factor is on, tonight. >> let's put the cards on the table here. >> the brown people coming from the south, the arab people coming from the east, the black people coming from africa. >> yes, that's right. the left now saying the ebola controversy is racist. so is the isis situation. so is illegal immigration. america is really a bad country. we'll have a special report on this madness. >> if you have a travel ban in place. it drives people underground. >> white house guy ben rhodes now backtracking big time as the administration does impose travel restrictions on the ebola areas. we will tell you what they e.


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