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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 22, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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like i need to say more. follow me on twitter. let me know what you think. stay tuned, sean hannity's got everything you need to know about what happened in canada today. he's live next. [ gunfire ] >> a scary situation underway in ottawa. shooting outside the canadian parliament. also reports of gunfire inside the halls of parliament. >> you heard two gunshots. and we saw a bunch of people running. >> need to leave.
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>> dressed in civilian clothes and a hoodie and a bandanna. >> everybody was just in shock. couldn't believe that something like this could just happen or be real. >> we're going to do everything we can to make sure we're staying side by side with canada during this difficult time. >> welcome to "hannity." and this is a fox news alert. terror on the streets of canada today. a canadian soldier was shot dead while standing guard outside the national war monument in ottawa during a shooting attack on that capital. the gunman then stormed the parliament building firing multiple shots inside before he was stopped and killed. the entire country remains on high alert. and tensions are also running high at this hour right here in the u.s. more on that in a moment. but first with the very latest we turn to fox's own david lee miller. he's on the ground in ottawa. david lee. >> sean, at this hour there are still many more questions than
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there are answers about this gunman. a gunman who killed an army corporal at the war memorial here in ottawa. and then proceeded to move to the parliament building where he fired as many as 40 rounds. the gunman now identified as michael zehaf-bibeau. he recently changed his name from michael joseph hall. this after converting to islam. he had a number of legal problems in the past. he had pled guilty to robbery as well as drug possession. the canadian authorities identified him as a "high risk traveler" and had recently confiscated his passport. ottawa at this hour, sean, slowly returning to normal. the area known as parliament hill where the shooting took place is no longer, they say, a security threat. the prime minister stephen harper spoke to the nation just a short time ago. and he described what took place today as an act of terrorism. he also said that an incident on monday when a jihadist ran over a soldier with a car killing him was also an act of terrorism.
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the prime minister did not rule out the possibility that more people might be involved in today's shooting. listen. >> fellow canadians, in the days to come we will learn more about the terrorist and any accomplices he may have had. but this week's events are a grim reminder that canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world. >> and lastly, authorities have now identified the 24-year-old corporal who was shot to death at close range. his name anthony cirillo. his cousin taking to the internet just a few hours ago putting forth the following message, "addressing the killer, you destroyed my whole family. you will get what is coming to you." tomorrow we expect an additional briefing by authorities here to learn if there may be a number of others involved in what took place here in ottawa today.
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sean. >> david, the second attack in three days. the people have got to be really not on high alert but there's got to be a level of intimidation there. >> people are very jittery. a short time ago i got the opportunity to speak to the mayor of ottawa. and he tried to put people's concerns in perspective. he said that this is a city of nearly 1 million, sean. so far this year until today there had only been four murders. today marks the fifth. he said this is extremely tragic, but it is an aberration. but this is still a city very much in shock. it is not just any city, this is canada's capital. ands a you can see behind me there are still police cars blocking off capitol hill from the general public. it is a city still very much traumatized. the prime minister though said canada will not be intimidated and underscoring that we just got word a short time ago that the parliament as scheduled is going to sit tomorrow and
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conduct business. sean. >> david lee miller in ottawa tonight. now, president obama spoke to the canadian prime minister stephen harper following the attacks earlier today and said the u.s. will do everything it can do to standby canada's side during this time. fox's own ed henry, he's in washington tonight. and he has the very latest, ed. >> good evening, sean. you're right. the president offering condolences to the prime minister in that phone conversation we're told of course. but on top of that the obama administration moving quickly to do two things, protect u.s. interests inside canada. that's why the u.s. embassy in ottawa has been on lockdown. but also we hear of norad, the fbi, various federal agencies tonight higher state of vigilance though the u.s. military says they're not under a higher state of alert. but they are making sure the homeland is safe tonight. the republican chairman of the house foreign affairs committee just a few moments ago put out a statement saying he believes that the deceased suspect is an apparent jihadist though the president a few hours ago in his comments in the oval office
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would not call this a terror attack. listen. >> -- all the information about whether this was part of a broader network or fan or whether this was an individual or series of individuals who decided to take these actions, but it emphasizes the degree to which we have to remain vigilant when it comes to dealing with these kinds of acts of senseless violence or terrorism. >> you hear the president there saying suggesting possibly it's terror, the former republican speaker of the house newt gingrich tonight tweeting that he believes the president is delusional in terms of taking on radical islam. white house officials pushed back on all of that by saying, look, all the president is doing is making sure all the facts come in in this investigation before categorizing it in any direction, sean. >> you know, ed, if you look at the canadian media as the story was developing today and then of course the prime minister saying this was a terrorist act, it's hard to understand why there's
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this mysterious reluctance and resistance sort of like ft. hood and kind of like what happened in oklahoma with the white house not being willing to identify this. >> well, look back to benghazi, obviously a couple years ago, and the administration for days suggesting it was not a terror attack and then obviously got burned by that when the facts came out. that may be one reason obviously why they're a bit jittery or cautious about going in any direction until all the facts come in. yes, the prime minister of canada tonight very clearly called it a terror attack. president obama before he spoke, speaking a few hours before the prime minister, perhaps they're waiting for mu facts, but you're right, we were speaking to experts this afternoon who almost immediately after seeing how this played out said this certainly at least appears to be a terror attack, sean skbl you know, ed, one last question. few people remember but it was just a couple weeks ago that isis specifically mentioned canada in terms of being a terror target because of their support of the united states and
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their effort against isis. when i heard this today i said here we go. >> sure. that certainly also points to terror. doesn't prove it's terror. but points in that direction as potentially a retaliatory terror attack because of the u.s. coalition against isis. you're right to point out the timing of this, sean. remember, the canadian parliament voted to move forward and join the u.s. coalition on october 7th. that's just barely two weeks ago. and what did they do in terms of that? no ground troops in canada, but they said we're going to join the u.s.-led air strikes against isis. the timing of that just two weeks later for this to play out in canada this week certainly raised a lot of eyebrows, sean. >> ed henry at the white house. thank you. taking to twitter to comment on today's tragedy in ottawa. according to a source that translated this for fox news, a tweet read "soldiers of islamic state who are everywhere around the globe declared war on
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coalition countries." here with reaction fox news strategic analyst lieu tenant colonel ralph peters, mark stein, you are canadian, i was very impressed with the prime minister immediately identifying this as terror. >> he understood what it was. when a man who recently converted to islam fires a bullet through this brave corporal standing ceremonial guard at the national war memorial, he is not just killing that corporal. he is putting a bullet symb symbolically through the heart of the canadian state. that's what that war memorial represents. he walked up wellington street a couple hundred yards, stormed into parliament. if it hadn't been for the brave act of the sergeant at arms, which is another ceremonial post -- i mean, this is a guy
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who wears a goofy hat and carries mace before the speech of opening parliament and he realized in that split second his ceremonial role had turned real and he took down that murderer. and i hope there are enough people who understand we are going to be called upon in the years ahead to know when our safe soft lives turn -- >> the eerie part of all this is the prime minister was with parliament right there where this was happening -- >> yes. it's what they call caucus day when the government and the loyal opposition meet with members of parliament. but the prime minister's office is just across the green. it's like a two-minute walk from where that shooter was to the prime minister's office, which is a very lightly guarded building. it's the complete opposite of washington. it's not a high security, background check kind of town. it's very relaxed. very informal. and it looks as if that will be
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one of the great losses. >> colonel, what about mark stein's admonition that we better be prepared in the weeks, days, months ahead that this is going to be happening on a regular basis because they are at war with us. >> oh, yeah. that's a no-brainer. they've told us they're going to do this. the problem with the president and the administration and the left refuse to believe what our enemies tell us they're going to do. sean, this tragedy -- by the way, i think ottawa is a beautiful city. i actually like it better than montreal. and that's harassy. this is canada's 9/11. not in a sense of broad destruction or carnage, but in a sense it went right to the heart of canada's symbols and government, right to the heart of the parliament building, the war memorial. it was a real violation. and i think it was a real -- and mark certainly know ths better than i do, by sense it was a deep, deep shock to the canadian
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psyche. and the other hand it was a huge -- this is a huge propaganda victory for the jihadis. and they'll exploit it. >> and they're claiming sglit they are. the thing is another thing we refuse to understand is that the jihadis and all these terrorist -- whether it's beheading people in the desert and videotaping or running down canadian soldiers in the street, for the thugs and thug converts, literally the scum of the earth, jihad is now cool. >> right. >> you know, mark, it's not just canada. canada was warned that this likely could come, but similarly they're saying we'll see you in new york. we're going to raise the flag of islam in your white house. >> right, right. isis are not idiots. you know. they understand when you kill a soldier what you tell the little old lady and the schoolboy and the teacher is that anyone can be killed. so the ft. hood guy, he got into a military base and he killed
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american soldiers. the fellows who beheaded rigby on the streets of -- the other guy -- the town with the royal military college, he understood that's where you go when you want to kill soldiers. and when you kill soldiers, you tell people who are farmers and accountants and software designers that no one's safe. >> to instill fear. >> exactly. >> and also defeating them is key, but we'll get into that later. mark, thank you. colonel peters, thank you. >> thank you. coming up tonight, intel sources confirm to fox news tonight that there was an increase in terror chatter leading up to the shooting today in canada. our very own catherine herridge, she's going to be here with those breaking details coming up. but first tonight -- >> do you approve of the job president obama is doing? now, there will be a chance to follow-up, but this is a yes or no answer. do you approve, yes or no? >> in some ways i approve and in
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some ways i don't approve. >> and she gets laughed at. democrats running scared with less than two weeks to go. coming up next, bob beckel, frank luntz. here as our countdown continues. hi kitty. [ male announcer ] you know that guy whose bad breath could make a kitten cry? don't let it be you. one swish of scope kills millions of bad breath germs freshening your breath. so you can be the guy whose breath doesn't make kittens cry. [ meows ] scope. the freshest fresh, guaranteed.
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welcome back to "hannity." so we're less than two weeks away from the 2014 midterm elections and all signs are pointing to a likely republican takeover of the u.s. senate according to a new a.p. poll. the majority of likely voters in this country or 55% believe that republicans will be victorious on november 4th, 45% think the democrats will retain control of
7:17 pm
the senate. now, meanwhile democrats continue to distance themselves from the president. why, oh why? watch this. >> do you approve of the job president obama is doing? now, they'll be a chance to follow-up, but this is a yes or no answer. do you approve, yes or no? >> in some ways i approve and some things i don't approve. [ laughter ] >> i'm democrat but i'm as angry as everybody else is about barack obama. >> did you vote for barack obama in 2008 and 2012? >> did you vote for president obama in 2008 and 2012? >> would you leave her alone? >> did you vote for president obama 2008 and 2012? >> you know, this election isn't about the president. it's about making sure we put kentuckians back to work. >> did you? >> i was in '08 a hillary
7:18 pm
delegate. >> here with reaction to this and much more the co-host of "the five" bob beckel, larry sabato and frank luntz. your friends are all running away from the anointed one. >> you know, i'm surprised you're so shocked by this. they did this to george bush in the sixth year and bill clinton in the sixth year. the last two -- >> don't they sound stupid saying -- >> of course they do. it's the most ridiculous. say we don't associate with obama's policies. anybody against obama's policy is already going to vote for the republican. so what they ought to be doing is surrounding themselves on popular obama programs that help turnout. that's what it's all base turnout. if you had 5% increase in blacks in louisiana a close race, it would make the difference. >> larry, let me put up on the screen the percentage of the time, the sixth democrats, and what they voted with obama. look at 99, 97, 96, 99.
7:19 pm
how do you run away from a president when you voted with him that often? i don't think it's possible. can they pull that off? >> no. there's been an outbreak of amnesia on the democratic side. but it doesn't work. as bob was suggesting, look, the right answer is to say, yes, i voted for president obama. he was the democratic nominee in 2008 and 2012. i've generally supported his policies. i disagree with him on a, b, c, d. and now let's talk about the future. you have to take your losses and run with it. plus, you have to energize your own party's base. >> yeah. all right. let me go to an ad in florida. frank luntz, this is what you do so well. and you dial some ads. this has to do with charlie crist down there. >> i'm running as a republican. >> an independent. >> a democrat. >> i think what we need to do is repeal this thing. >> i think it's been great.
7:20 pm
>> i think it is a decision that a woman should make. charlie crist is pro-life. it's important that we pass this stimulus package. well, i didn't even have a vote on the darn thing. charlie crist hasn't changed. >> i think that's one of the most entertaining ads i've seen all this cycle, frank. >> because it's all about credibility, sean. the key in this is not whether you voted for or against barack obama, it's whether voters can trust you. whether you look them straight in the eye and tell them exactly where you stand, say what you mean and mean what you say. those clips that you had at the beginning of your segment here were incredible because it demonstrates the candidates either don't want voters to know where they stand, or they're just misleading them. and either way i think this is having a poisonous effect on the democratic incumbents. when i was on your show a month ago, i wasn't sure whether the gop would capture a majority. i now believe they will because
7:21 pm
of those clips, because these candidates are unwilling to say what they mean and mean what they say they're being punished. and charlie crist may end up being punished in florida as well just being on every side of every issue. >> that was an amazing ad i've seen put together. bob, what do you think's going to happen? >> first of all, what frank said here, i would take those cuts in the beginning and make an ad for the opponent. it's ridiculous the idea these people could say who they didn't vote for. they're democrats. it's just the worst kind of politics. my count is 52 for the republicans. 48 -- >> i think i'm about the same area you are. >> that's tonight. i want to say this tonight. >> you might sleep on it and change tomorrow? >> no, i don't change it. we have to do this day by day. things change. you'd be surprised. >> larry, since october or certainly after labor day, any movement that we've really seen except with maybe the exception of georgia has been towards the republicans. is that going to continue, you think? >> yeah, georgia and kansas i
7:22 pm
think are the two main problems. follow our crystal ball a little bit, we haven't changed at all. in january we said the map and the math favors producing a republican senate of one, two, three-seat majority. we're in exactly the same place. so a lot has changed and yet nothing big has changed. >> yeah. all right, guys, good to see you. we're going to watch. it's only 13 days away, bob. thirteen days away. >> you're a kid before christmas, aren't you? >> no, i'm not. i'm not making a prediction. >> because if you put your fingers on it, it could change. >> okay, thank you. still tonight, a live update on the developing situation in canada. first, breaking news out of ferguson. law enforcement insiders now claim that charges are "very unlikely to be filed against officer darren wilson" in the shooting death of michael brown. there's a reason for it. when we return, cornell west who was arrested last week in ferguson will give us a live in
7:23 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." details regarding the information into the shooting death of michael brown are beginning to leak. and according to former st. louis police county fitch it's, it's unlikely officer wilson will be charged by a grand jury. listen to this. >> it was an intentional release by someone familiar with the federal side of the investigation, in my opinion for the sole purpose of preparing the community for what may be seen as many as bad news as what are not going to be federal charges. >> here to discuss, author of the brand new book, there you see it "black prophetic fire."
7:26 pm
good to see you. enjoy having you in studio. what we're hearing is and i'm reading from "the washington post," more than half a dozen unnamed black witnesses have provided testimony to the grand jury in st. louis largely supporting wilson's account of the events that happened and that is that he reached in the car, was trying to get the gun which explains why the first shot was fired within the car and that in fact he was the aggressor threatening the officer's life. you were down there. we actually have a picture of you being arrested in ferguson. does this in any way -- we'll show it. does this in any way change your mind? i don't like seeing you arrested. you're a friend of mine. i would have bailed you out. >> well, i was down there really just to support the young people. let them know that i love them a and. >> were they nice to you when they arrested you? >> it was a little rough going in. got a little hole in my suit. i don't have a lot of suits. but once we got inside they were very kind. we want you to be kind to young
7:27 pm
people as you are to us. but back to this case though. i think we all have to have a sense of integrity and simply be committed to a fair trial. >> yeah. doesn't look like there's going to be a trial. doesn't look like there's going to be an indictment and people are threatening to burn down the city if they don't get what they want. >> they have to have a transparent process. you can't keep this under cover and leak this and leak that. we have to have a fair trial to make sure -- sure that the system is proceeding in a fair and just manner. >> you've been a critic of barack obama. every election season this drives me crazy. i'm a conservative. i think we're all children of god. >> you and i agree with that. that surprises a lot of people. why is it sean hannity is your brother? i said yes he is my brother. >> we were hugging on the street of new york. >> he is my brother because we're human beings and we know what it means to be human but at
7:28 pm
the same time we can have our disagreements and it's very real because when it comes to wealth and equality, presidential industrial complex, the plight of our children, we're concerned about it, but we have different ways of going about it. >> let me show a history of democrats in election years using the race card. and then i'm going to show you what they're doing this year. watch this. >> when you don't vote, you let another church explode. when you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. >> on june 7, 1998, in texas my father was killed. he was beaten, chained and dragged three miles to his death all because he was black. so when governor george w. bush refused to support hate crimes legislation, it was like my father was killed all over again. >> they are in favor of affirmative action if you can dump the basketball or sink a three-point shot. but they're not in favor of it
7:29 pm
if you merely have the potential to be a leader in your community. don't tell me we've got a color blind society. >> their going to put y'all back in chains. >> an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity towards president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> say no to the racist agenda of chris mcdaniel and his tea party. >> all right. that's the past. here's this election. you got a poster put out k kay hagan doesn't win, obama's impeachment will begin and leaflets being put in predominantly black neighborhoods. same thing in atlanta. you can see right there. two little girls posters in georgia evoking ferguson in an effort to get out the black vote. does that disgust you as much as that disgusts me? that disgusts me. >> i think as you know i have a disgust for both parties. mean spirit when it comes
7:30 pm
towards the poor, too milk toast, too empty in terms of not taking a stand. we have to be clear there's one stay in contact with humanity across the board, no racist appeals, willy horton, jesse hams -- >> but every year. isn't this to gin up the black vote? to create a false narrative? isn't bearing false witness one of those big commandments we read about? >> it's wrong. there's no doubt. but i think there's no doubt black brother and sisters will vote for a democratic party because they still see in the republican party too many folk when they talk about black people it's a matter of black people themselves bearing all the responsibility or most responsibility as opposed to society -- >> lyndon jopson -- >> that's right. that's right. >> well, it's a party of lincoln. it's the party of the voting rights act.
7:31 pm
people like al gore's father weren't there. >> but nixon knew what he was appealing to, some of the george wallace to shift -- >> are these ads similar too what you condemn of the republicans? >> i condemn both of them. we have to have a high standard. where is the integrity, honesty, dece decency across the board. >> when are we going to do stage together? >> you let me know. >> you look at malcolm x -- >> frederick douglas, idab. wells, great allen baker -- >> no better speaker than martin luther king. >> oh, yes. >> good to see you, colonel. thank you, professor. coming up, canadian authorities say they were caught off guard by today's atact despite there being a terrorist attack monday in quebec. we'll have all the live breaking details including reports there's been an increase in terror chatter in recent days. but first tonight. >> so what is more offensive?
7:32 pm
>> a little girl saying [ bleep ] or the [ bleep ] unequal and sexist ways. society treats girls and women. >> that video not only disturbing, downright vile. here with reaction to that as well as the return of the most infamous intern monica lewinsky as we continue on this busy news night on "hannity." [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain, stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz.
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7:38 pm
>> i'm [ bleep ] powerful. >> and ready for success. >> so what is more offensive? >> a little girl saying [ bleep ] or [ bleep ] unequal and sexist way. >> women are paid 23% less than men. >> for the exact same [ bleep ] work. >> society is teaching girls that our body, butts are more important than our brains. >> leads us to thinking our worth comes from our waistline. >> why you should not be worrying about the shape of my [ bleep ]. >> here with reaction from the fox business network imus in the morning producer bernard mcguirk and our other contributor. >> great. i have some colorful words to share about that. i mean, really? >> how does that advance feminism? >> it doesn't it. this is a for-profit company runt by some branded company
7:39 pm
that's selling antisexism collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts with some proceeds going to charity. >> right. what parent would have let their young daughter do that? >> don't look at me. i actually agree with dagan. i think this is insane. i cannot imagine allowing your kid to actually tryout. like how do you say the word the right way. it's bizarre. they put them in ballerina outfits and makeup. it's weird. >> it's disgusting, obnoxious and the morons who made it should be arrested locked up for child abuse. >> and parents for exploiting their own kids and getting paid. >> don't you hate those pageant kids too when they're dressing them up -- >> now you're in my wheelhouse, the south. don't alienate the south. >> i'm talking about the jonbenet ramseys. >> sounds like "the view"
7:40 pm
commercial break. they are cowards. say girls shouldn't be assessed by the size of their butts, et cetera. go after the entertainment industry. go after the amusement industry. >> the message here is there are issues of domestic violence as we know with ray rice and that conversation -- >> what does that have to do with this? >> if you watch this ad that's what the girls were talking about. yes, it was a message -- >> little girls don't need to know those words. >> i'm not defending it, sean. i'm just saying they've ruined the message. that there is a message here. >> let me play with you monica lewinsky's first appearance in more than a decade. it's been getting a lot of chatter. watch this. >> thanks to the internet and a website that at the time was scarcely known outside of washington, d.c., but a website most of us know today called the drudge report. within 24 hours i became a
7:41 pm
public figure. i was patient zero, the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the internet. >> if you have sex with the president, whatever you define as sex, isn't it kind of likely that if that becomes public that might be a big deal? that's not the drudge's fault. that was a big story. >> she was exposed, not bullied. >> she clearly has a thing for the old horn dog. that is obvious. every time she opens her mouth she hurts hillary clinton. so she's entitled to speak -- >> the conspiracy side of me says is she doing it now to pave the way? >> no, she was a victim of bullying. she continues to be a victim of bullying. >> it was the clinton operatives who bullied her. she doesn't say anything bad about them. >> she is the biggest doop of the last half century because she didn't get a reality show out of this. we've got reality shows
7:42 pm
following the waxing habits of no-name housewives from coasts. talk about people eating foam out of sofa cushions and that's their addiction and this is a girl that doesn't have a reality show? >> what is she going to do though? he's not president anymore. so what would the camera do? follow her around? >> i feel sorry for her. i feel like her life stopped as soon as that became exposed. she never got over it 16 years later. >> you're not over it because you're still beating her up about it. >> i'm not beating her up. move on, monica lewinsky if you're watching, move on with your life. nobody cares. >> she was the victim of a predator. let's be fair. >> that i'll agree with. >> she was also 22 years old. and the guys that make life and death decisions at 22 years old, at some point you have to get over it. >> she's a grown woman. she made a decision. >> she's striking while the fire is starting to get hot again. >> 16 years later?
7:43 pm
>> well, if. [ applause ] -- mrs. clinton runs. >> on the imus in the morning program, which i watch every morning. >> yes, indeed. >> fox business network. if you're not sure where to find it, log onto coming up next on "hannity." -- [ inaudible ] >> or did it take everybody by surprise? >> i think it's still too early to confirm that, but that i think from our reaction i think it's caught us by surprise. >> how is it possible that they were caught off guard by today's shooting? there was another terrorist attack this past monday in quebec. when we come back, fox's own catherine herridge is standing by live in d.c. with the latest terror chatter. and later tonight question of the day straight ahead.
7:44 pm
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get fire adapted now at this is a fox news alert. new details emerging this hour about the gunman that opened fire in ottawa today killing a canadian soldier before being killed himself. sources are telling fox news that he was believed to be a canadian convert to islam. fox's own catherine herridge is
7:49 pm
standing by in washington tonight with the latest intel. catherine. >> well thank you, sean. a u.s. government official says the 32-year-old suspect's real name is michael joseph hall, describing him as a convert to islam as investigators drilled down on his social media traffic for connections to known extremists including the individual blamed for this hit-and-run in neighboring quebec monday which killed one soldier and seriously injured another. a leading canadian newspaper is reporting tonight that the suspect in today's shooting who also goes by the name michael zehaf-bibeau was recently designated a high risk traveler by the canadian government, which means he was likely to travel to syria or iraq and his passport was seized. that is the exact same data set we saw with the suspect on monday. earlier canadian authorities confirming that there was no warning. the signature of a lone wolf operation. >> i think that from our reaction i think it's caught us by surprise. >> how is that possible?
7:50 pm
>> again, it's too early to get to the bottom of all the details of what transpired. it's an ongoing police operation. >> a counterterrorism source tells fox news there was a spike in including day of reckoning is coming. this is part of a broader pattern of rampant social media traffic from isis and follower that's began at the end of september. fox news first to report an air force father and son targeted online by isis and last week a joint intelligence poll was issued to law enforcement and the military about possible targeting by isis and followers. no group claimed responsibility. so far no direct link has been drawn to the suspect in this case. >> catherine, great information, thanks for joining us.
7:51 pm
>> you're welcome >> here with more reaction is steve emmerson. isis calls for these long roles to attack canada and the united states. do we glean their followers and converts and this seems similar to oklahoma. . >> i don't buy the notion that isis is the root to be blamed here. long before isis was created and born, islamic terrorism was being carried around the world for 20-30 years. and it's radical islamic theology that is responsible. >> there are calls for lone wolf attacks we saw beheading in oklahoma and incident in canada today. >> remember, not just the call for lone wolf attacks but the accusation that there is a war against islam is, in a sense a
7:52 pm
call for a lone wolf attack. we're going to basically tell a young muslim to be angry against the west, the united states, and to avenge the killing of muslims by the west. exactly what happened in new jersey. didn't get a lot of attention as you know. a muslim convert killed four men, confessed to it. said he was a jihadist. wasn't charged with terrorism, just with murder. we didn't want to carry out, you know, the charge of islamic terrorism. this goes on all the time today, look. in israel, president -- >> this is important, compare, contrast with us, the canadian prime minister, no hesitation. immediately identified this as likely terror. our president is reluctant. why? >> this goes back to the
7:53 pm
beginning of the presidency. he banned the us of the term "islamic terrorism". he won't use the term islam when it's the belongs on radical islam. uses a term violent extremism as a euphimism. and it's really not just a problem of responsibility, but a problem of taking the only responsibility away from clerics in mess mos ykz and imams he invites to the white house. he didn't obligate them to condemn these fattwahs calling for the killing of infidels >> steven harper is to be
7:54 pm
commended as is david cameron. they have condemned radical islamic extremism and have spoken up for western values something our president hasn't done. >> coming up next, tonight's question of the day. straight ahead. i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go!
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welcome back to "hannity" time for the question of the day. you're asking me what is my favorite college football team? easy. notre dame. it was very hard when they were playing alabama, my wife graduated from alabama but i was certain they're going to win. head over to facebook. and we'll be following your responses before we go, we hope you'll record "hannity" the series each
8:00 pm
week night. start your day with fox and friends first at 5:00. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. terrorism. thanks for being with us. i will see you tomorrow on the five. greta back tomorrow. >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight. a violent terror attack on canada's parliament. what's behind it and why won't the world yaw night against terrorism? we'll have a no spin report. >> fears of another ebola case on american soil. a patient is undergoing tests at university hospital in newark, new jersey. >> is that a scare tactic? is mr. rose and other journalists trying to frighten you? that's what some supporters of president obama are saying. we will have analysis of that situation. >> what do you say to people who say the justice system is going through its cases? let it


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