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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 23, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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twitter exploding in anger, one person saying i missed a homer. i hate you comcast. >> not smart at all. thank you so much for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning everyone. today is thursday, the 23rd of october, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. a canadian soldier shot dead while on guard in the country's capital. [screaming] >> lift your hands. lift your head. >> the killer, a muslim convert also dead and as isis urges more of these attacks, the white house now increasing posture. what happened to raising the threat level? a live report straight ahead. >> another day, another breach at the white house caught on camera. another intruder scales that white house fence, jumps right over it. what happened next? we got details on the
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latest security breach and the hero dog that took him down. >> they took a punch in the face first. eight million air bags at risk of exploding, so what do you do if you think yours is on the recall list? one word of advice, the government website cannot help you. shocker. mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ >> good morning everyone. let's get right to that fox news alert. home grown terror sets off chaos in canada's capital city. [gunshots] >> a gunman storming parliament shooting a canadian soldier to death at the national war memorial. now canada's prime minister calling it an act of terror. >> the gunman, a canadian who recently converted to islam, had a history of trouble with the law so how
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did he slip under the radar. doug luzader is in our capital city, washington, d.c. what else do we know about this guy? >> reporter: good morning. we know the basics of what happened yesterday, how this guy made his way from the national war memorial across the street to the parliament apparently firing shots in both places. we don't have all the information as far as motivation is concerned. for intelligence agencies, that is going to be key. was this an act of terror as identified already by the canadian prime minister? some of the dots are being connected by an article in toronto's globe and mail number indicating that the gunman, zihab-bibeau, had been identified as a high-risk traveler. he indicated to a friend that he wanted to travel with libya, according to this article. he had brushes with the law. when they took a close look at his family, they found his mother had been a top immigration official there in canada. analysts we have talked to
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say this is very little doubt that there is a connection here to terrorism. >> in my opinion, this is no doubt this is an act of terrorism. i think this is more than an act of home-grown terrorism. i think this was a sophisticated al qaeda or islamic state plot to exploit a security vulnerability. >> one would imagine that security folks here in the nation's capital, in washington, were certainly on heightened alert yesterday, nothing specific beyond the fact that security was apparently ramped up around arlington national cemetery and that may have to do with the fact that this attack began at the national war memorial there in canada. >> thank you very much. remember back after 9/11 whenever we would get a lot of intel -- we should point out that apparently there was a lot of chatter about something that was going to happen in canada for the five days leading up to what happened yesterday. in the old days we used to raise the threat level here in this country. now when the federal government -- because that
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is so bush era. when they want to let us know they were taking things seriously they increased the posture. and the f.b.i. made it clear yesterday, they asked all u.s. offices to raise the alert posture to keep an eye out. >> you wonder why we're changing the name in this if we ought to be paying more attention? what do you think your ears will perk up to more? posture or terror threat level? this of course as isis is continuing to urge lone wolf style attacks. if you're unable to make it to syria and fight for us, create as much death and destruction and push your anti-western culture message there in your own backyard. >> they recognize this guy. they said we're keeping your passport, we're going to keep an eye on you, but clearly they weren't keeping an eye on him. all these guys out there that could potentially be radicalized that the f.b.i. does such a great job identifying, i don't know if we have to find a way to track them to understand
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when they start going into motion rather than after attacks saying yeah he was on our list. we took his passport away last week. what does this mean for us? what does this mean for canada from this day forward? chawrks -- charles krauthammer weighs in. >> the appeal is so much that it could spark attacks around the world without lifting a finger, wowtd -- without organizing, and that's the new face of terror. >> that's interesting because as charles krauthammer brings up, islamic terrorists, they're rat -- they're radicalized, and in these cases you have two guys who had their passports taken back because the country recognized them as a threat and they had a willingness
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and looking to go overseas and be radicalized. and there seems to be such a reluctance to say islamic terrorists, almost hard to see frustration north of the border. >> there is no islamic terrorism when you've got a group called the islamic state out there beheading people, american citizens, british citizens and saying what they're doing, they're doing in the name of islam, when you've got a man born and raised in quebec, running down canadian soldiers and then calling 911 and saying he's doing it in the name of allah. or this man today gunning down a canadian soldier and attempting to gunning down politicians. he came close to gunning down politicians who were meeting in caucus rooms just off the hallway he ran down and he was linked to islam, linked to mosques that have questions raised about them. >> in the last 18 hours or so on twitter some outfit -- it is suggested that it's linked to isis --
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put up a picture of the shooter, and they said this is the guy who did it. but while he has been identified as the person in the picture, the group behind the particular twitter account has not been verified, so it has not been published. what is curious is why canada? it wasn't that long ago where the prime minister of canada, stephen harper, said we're going to stand with the united states, we're going to stand up to isis and going to try to bomb them over this. >> is this punishment for joining the coalition with the united states? last week we saw images of the lawmakers on caucus day in their chamber barricaded with chairs pushed up against the doors. another thing is that the security in that building had been questioned in the past. there's a lot of tourists that visit the area frequently. but is this canada's 9/11? obviously not in scope with the destruction and the number of deaths, but just the psyche of the people there, is something going
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to have to change? >> you think about the man that lost his life yesterday, seemed like a great guy. he was there unarmed, he was in the ceremonial position. >> the guy on the left. >> screen left, i should say if you're looking at it. this is an honor evidently, obviously to mark the monument, what we call the tomb of the unknown soldier, a tribute. the gun is not slowed. therefore, he was a -- the gun is not loaded. there was he was a victim. he could not fight back. >> the shooter got out of a purple toyota, shot the man right there, corporal cirillo. after he shot him, the shooter raised his arms with a shotgun above his head like in triumph. then he ran up the hill into the main building outside the caucus rooms and that's where he ran
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into 58-year-old sergeant at arms kevin vickers, a long time police officer, a member of the mounties. he had a gun on him. he realized what was happening and he shot the guy dead according to a number on twitter. there he is on one of his ceremonial days. >> thank goodness he had the where wherewithall to grab his gun. he had been serving with the mounty police. thank goodness he got his gun. >> younger brother called the mom and said john is okay. he shot him. you could see the gunman being shot down by the 58-year-old sergeant of arms in the hall. amazing situation. >> sergeant at arms office is right down the hall, heard all the ruckus and
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went running toward it. this is video taken by cell phone camera. that's when things went -- people started shooting. >> it wasn't just one or two shots that the terrorist did. people reported it sounding like dynamite and that there were so many shots fired the smell of gun prow der was prevelant around the block. >> we're just lucky that the sergeant at arms was there and he had a gun outside the caucus room because if the gunman had gone inside with all those people, you know -- we don't know what could have happened. so that makes the argument about guns. >> in canada where they have much stricter gun control laws. ten minutes after the hour. ainsley earhardt up from your show to help our show. >> that's so sad. you all were showing pictures of the dad who died. it doesn't change the fact that the kid will grow up
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without his dad. here's what's happening this morning. another brutal terror attack. caught on camera. a terrorist plows into a group of people outside a train station in jerusalem killing a three-month-old american baby and injuring eight others. the 20-year-old driver was later shot and killed by police as he was trying to run away. another day another breach at the white house, a man caught on camera fighting off secret service dogs after jumping the fence. the unarmed man made it 20 yards across the north lawn before the secret service arrested him. that jumper has been identified. he is from maryland. his father told a local news reporter his son has a history of mental illness and suffers from paranoia believing he is always under surveillance. charges are now pending. three million more vehicles are at risk of having a faulty air bag that could explode but the government air bag where you can look up your vin bag to see if your car is
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on the list is not working. the 7.8 million vehicles affected includes certain models of toyota, honda, mazda, nissan and general motors. officials are urging everyone to check with their manufacturer or contact their dealership. kansas city royals take game two in the world series. yes. >> had had -- that's hammered to the left. it's gone! >> now it is good. the action starting in the sixth inning when the game was tied, the royals stepping up to the plate and bringing in five runs for a 7-2 win. the series is tied 1-1. game three heads to san francisco tomorrow aired on fox at 8 p.m. eastern time. those are your headlines. steve, congratulations. >> that's more like it. coming up, voters cap ballots for republicans but oddly the computer switches the republican vote to a
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a fox news alert right now, the f.b.i. on high alert as fox confirms a spike in the isis related chatter leading to yesterday's rampage in the canadian parliament. we have a former policy advisor to the house homeland security committee and an expert in this area. joshua, what should we take from what happened yesterday? we can't say you're surprised if you're a canadian investigator because he was on their radar as a convert, they took his passport away but what was missing that would have stopped this attack? >> good morning, brian. there are a bunch of things here that i think the canadians maybe now this morning have learned, and that really is if you're going to take somebody's passport, you really have to lock them down with surveillance. there were probably a bunch of activities that the shooter participated in prior to the shooting that would have led investigators yesterday to really question him and to possibly stop this. we have to understand that this isis threat, whereas
3:18 am
they're trying to possibly travel overseas, if they are not allowed to travel overseas, they will just turn their anger inward and we really have to clamp down on that. >> what lights up his background for an expert like you? the fact that he's had two drug offenses, been arrested before, converted to islam? what about his background lights up as a consistency with others that would do similar acts? >> i think one of the most disturbing things that i've heard with this case, when i heard the oklahoma city case recently is that the local imam turned his back on his con gre gant and -- congr egant and said we kicked him out. what i would ask the muslim community is where is the personal action? if they identified him
3:19 am
being more radical, more weird in their words, they had a duty to report that, a duty to talk to the law enforcement in order to prevent something like this. we can't just turn our back anymore. >> tell me if you think this is significant. a week after britain says we'll join you in the coalition they behead one of their hostages. now canada said we'll help you out in iraq in some way, shape or form, we have two acts in three days. is this a pattern that shows command of isis that is essentially giving the go sign in various countries? >> i think the central word coming out of isis for months has been to attack the west. so these -- the canadian participation in our fight against isis is not really the motivator here, although it's going to help push people, the self-radicalized people offense the edge and have them sort of step up to the plate and carry out these
3:20 am
attacks. but these attacks, these lone wolf style attacks are here to stay. >> joshua, i'll tell you what we see. the canadian embassy is around the block, penn station ten blocks away. immediately within an hour all our guys are on the streets, the nypd and national guard. what should we learn from that here? people watching mostly in america are saying what does it mean to us going to work today? >> you just need to remain vigilant. we should not be afraid. we should just be observant. put your cell phone down for a little bit and watch your surroundings. >> joshua katz, thanks so much. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. a whistle-blower goes public about what's going on inside the v.a. >> i think this is where v.a. really just expects the public to be stupid and believe the lies that they're telling. >> guess what happened just eight minutes after that interview right here on
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how are you feeling? hope you're doing well. quick headlines from the campaign trail. you know what this say. chuck norris doesn't sleep. he holds air hostage. or does chuck norris tell g.p.s. where to go? you get the point. this morning he's hoping he can tell voters where to go. norris stumping in texas for the republican hopeful greg abbott. abbott taking on wendy davis. errors in a chicago voting booth causing republicans to vote for democrats. candidate jim moynihan went
3:25 am
to vote for himself but instead the machine selected his democratic opponent. election owe officials took the machine off service blaming if on a calibration error. >> a whistle-blower goes public about what is going on inside the veterans administration. >> i think this is where the v.a. expects the public to be stupid and believe the lies they're telling. >> shortly after that interview with neil cavuto on fox, that v.a. whistle-blower was asked via e-mail to attend an administrative meeting to sign a notice that he wouldn't talk in public anymore. when he declined the v.a. told him mr. davis, with all due respect, the notification sent to you was not an invitation to which you can decline. what did they want him to sign and why the threatening note? that whistle-blower, scott davis, appears on television again. good morning to you. he's in atlanta. >> good morning, steve.
3:26 am
>> so it was eight minutes after you left the air with neil cavuto that you got the e-mail where they said you've got to come talk to you. what were they trying to do? >> shut me up and distract me from the fact that 47,000 veterans died while waiting it get their applications processed and 890,000 veteran applications for health care have never been processed by the department of veterans affairs. >> what you did was was you said because i back in january already filed for whistle-blower protection status, i don't have to come. what they were doing was they were saying because this is an open investigation and now you're part of it, you can't go blabbing to neil cavuto or steve doocy or anybody else what's going on at the v.a.? >> exactly. they freaked out because i was on fox news. what they tried to do was say mr. davis, we're going
3:27 am
to have an investigation and you have to participate in our investigation. unfortunately, this came after i had already spoke with the inspector general's office, after i had already contacted the white house. by the way, the white house with the blower complaint got leaked and after i testified in congress. now they're telling me you can't talk to people anymore because we're having an investigation. >> what do you mean somebody at the white house leaked your whistle-blower complaint to your supervisor? that's against the law. >> it is against the law. unfortunately no one will step up to the plate at v.a. or the white house and admit who gave the whistle-blower complaint to my manager here in atlanta. i as a united states citizen have the right to petition the government including the office of the president about violations and mistreatment of our nation's veterans. unfortunately, that complaint which was given to white house deputy chief
3:28 am
of staff rob nabors made its way back it atlanta where my neighbor was able -- to retaliate against me. they changed my job description, changed my hours of operation and reporting structure. i worked with veterans, participated in outreach activities and tried to promote health care awareness about v.a. health programs. so they went back and said you can't talk to anyone. you're not going to communicate anymore. just like they wanted to shut me up for talking to neil cavuto, they wanted to shut me up from being able to talk to veterans. >> you're here today. it hit the fan a couple of months ago. people think we haven't heard anything, they must be fixing it. you're here today. are they fixing it? >> they're not. thank you for asking the questions. i have brochures from where v.a. tried to promote the affordable care act. instead of educating the veterans about the problem and the backlog with the
3:29 am
pending applications, they're not doing anything, they're just going to send a letter. they spent over $10 million promoting the afoacial care act -- affordable care act and yet they will spend no dollars educating veterans about how to deal with the problems with the enrollment system and the on-line application problem if your application for health care ends up in a pending backlog. here's the shocking part. the man who is over this area of v.a., over health administrative services at the v.a. got a temporary promotion during this entire scandal. and you would think the president knowing about this issue, the secretary of v.a. knowing about this issue they would ask phillip mckowsky for his resignation instead of a temporary promotion. >> you would think. thank you for your service
3:30 am
and telling us what is going on. it is 6:30 here in new york city. a fox news alert coming up. a disturbing attack on canada's government shows new weaknesses in the fight against terror. a congressman back from iraq tells us what this terrorist group is capable of. remember those illegal immigrants released from jail because the government wanted to save money. we were told they didn't have criminal records. now we know the truth and it is disturbing. we let loot a lot of bad people. ♪ ♪ i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know.
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are you down with crestor? ask your doctor about crestor. we've always been] at the forefrontumman, of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ detect hiddethreats... ♪ see the whole picture... ♪ process critical information, and put it in the has of our defenders. reaching constantly evolving threatbefore they reach us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. a fox news alert. terror on canada's capital city. >> lift your hands! [gunshots] >> a gunman recently converted to islam storming parliament shooting a
3:34 am
canadian soldier to death at the national war memorial. now canada's prime minister calling it an act of terror. investigators scrambling to determine if the gunman had ak connell polices. >> -- had accomplices. >> the sergeant at arms fired the fatal shot that killed the gunman. >> nathan cirillo, the victim, this believed to be the last picture of him seen on screen left taken moments before the shooting and posted on twitter. >> this attack comes three days after another canadian soldier was killed in a hit-and-run inspired apparently by isis. >> the question this morning, are we doing enough to defeat the militants and are we safe here at home? with us is representative adam kinzinger, an iraq war veteran himself. >> you just got back from irbil? >> i was there two weeks ago. i left in 2009 as a pilot
3:35 am
in the military. we had won. we were in mop-up operation. iraq was basically together with some difficulties. when i went back two weeks ago, it is a mess. sad to see. >> do you see a connection between there was a hit on, two terror attacks in canada in the last three days? >> it's being attributed to isis. a few weeks after canada signed on with us, a coalition to defeat them over this. over time we're going to find out was there a direct link in terms of discussions. no doubt these two hits in canada were inspired by the success of isis. what you have is these people bent to jihaddism that are seeing what's going on in the middle east and saying i want to be part of that. maybe they're lone wolves, inspired by other reasons but they are saying that is successful, i can have my place in eternity if i join them here. >> you don't have to
3:36 am
contact us, just do it on your own. >> and they have been very open about targeting law enforcement and also members of our armed services. what do we need to be doing here at home? >> force protection has to be a priority, getting on to military bases and ensuring the gate guards are protected and people aren't able to get inside the gates. same with police. be on the defense edge. >> you're still active, you're a target. law enforcement is a target. you land in kurdistan. you mention when you left in fien we won. you feel -- when you left in 2009 we won. now you think we lost. what is the fight like against these guys? >> the kurds need heavy weapons. you have kurdish fighters that are fighting heroically. the kurds are trying to fight with in essence pickup trucks. they have to be able to
3:37 am
match armor to armor force to force. we don't have concern with the peshmerga turning against us. we didn't lose a single soldier in iraq in that area except maybe a pilot that ejected. >> remember in the old days when we used to raise the threat level. now the f.b.i. instead is raising the alert posture to remind people that a bulletin went out reminding people of vigilance. >> it's probably the right thing to do but i think what i keep getting from this is you have an administration that's unwilling to call this what it is which is jihaddism, terrorism and a threat that's continued from frankly before 9/11 but that was really brought to our attention -- >> we're not fighting. it doesn't seem like we have a strategy. but you're a pilot. we're dropping arms and i thought this was great, to the kurdish fighters in syria. it went to isis and we confirmed that yesterday. what's your take? >> it's unfortunate. i'd find out basically who planned that and find out
3:38 am
why something like that happened. airdrops are imperfect and we understand the vast majority of those weapons went to kurdish fighters and they are supposedly doing a better job. this should have been happening a long time ago. >> the way we're getting our arms to the kurds is by going through baghdad and it is getting held up this because they don't want to empower the kurds anymore. what is the problem with that? do you think we ought to change that? >> we ought to look at it. our government is afraid of defending baghdad. there are concerns about the kurdish reason seceding from iraq. >> there is a concern of our administration. the kurds are fighting. they have a link border with isis they not only have to defend, we're asking them to go on offense. >> iraq is saying you're not doing enough for us america. we don't know what you're doing but it's not working and it's seven weeks in. >> i think we need to be bombing a lot more targets,
3:39 am
stiffening the spine of the military. we can win this thing but at the rate we're going now it's going to take quite a long time if we're successful. >> congressman, thanks for dropping by. it is now 21 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsleyainsley earhardt is with us. >> one of the country's most elite colleges caught up in a massive grading scandal. a report just released reveals thousands of university of north carolina students, many of them athletes, taking fake classes to boost their dpraidz. -- grades. this has been going on for theeft 18 years. the so-called scam classes never meet and only require one final paper. at least nine university employees have been fired or are under dis minimum -- dis minimum narry review. >> fund abortions or else. the state reclassifying abortion as a basic health service under the
3:40 am
affordable care act. churches are not exempt. california initially recognized religious exemptions but have since reversed course. >> a t-shirt company releasing a new video and we warn you it is vile. it features young girls cussing to raise awareness of gender inequality. the creator wanted to turn the princess in distress stereotype on its head. we warn you this video is quite disturbing. >> pretty. >> pretty >> what the [bleep]? i'm not the [bleep] in distress. >> i'm pretty powerful and ready for success. >> what is more offensive? a little girl saying [bleep] or the [bleep]? >> wow, that video already being pulled from youtube.
3:41 am
don't underestimate a kid who want a toy. just take a look at this video. watch this. he wanted this toy so badly, he climbed inside that claw machine. you know those machines. but he got stuck. 18-month-old colin lambert of tennessee climbed inside the game when his grandmother looked away for a few seconds. the fire department had to get him out. his plan worked out in the end because colin was allowed to keep a toy as a souvenir. >> if you see one of those machines, take a look because you will not understand how a child will get down in there. >> i don't know how you win with the claw. has anyone won stuff with the claw? i know how to but i'm never successful. >> haven't you seen woody and buzz light-year in toy story? >> today you'll have a chance to view a partial solar eclipse.
3:42 am
when does it start and where else can you see it other than the sky. let's go to kansas city. are you in kansas city? >> i'm back. we're looking at a partial solar eclipse happening this afternoon. it is only possible if you're going to be looking at a lot of cloud cover. many people are not going to be able to see this event and that does include us right here across the northeast. times to see it, that is going to be around sunset along parts of the east coast, along parts of the west coast going to be happening earlier in the day, so about 1:30 p.m. or 2 p.m. in palaces -- places like seattle and l.a. we are going to see a lot of cloud cover as well across portions of the midwest. southern california, head out this. tweet me some photos. we're going to be looking at very good viewing conditions. across portions of the northeast that nor'easter continuing to impact the area. parts of south florida
3:43 am
dealing with areas of heavy rain and two other storm systems across the center of the nation and another one in the pacific northwest. let's head back inside. >> coming up on this thursday, the government said releasing thousands of illegals would pose no they the. they were just petty criminals. but guess what? that's not true. there were some really bad people in there. >> toys 'r' us is making good on breaking bad. these action figures complete with a bag of meth off store shelves. the moms made it all happen are here. ♪ ♪ ♪
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going to release 2,200 illegals, but don't worry about them, they just had minor criminal records. as it turns out and even though jay carney said low-risk, noncriminal detainees, that simply was not true. they released a bunch of people with really bad records. >> "usa today" has come forward and said they're kidnappers, murderers, they're rapists. as if it wouldn't be bad enough even if there were petty crimes because these people end up on being frequent fliers, if you have one crime that leads to another, we talk about robberies, robberies gone wrong can lead to murders. but these guys we knew about. maybe we should instead of clearing out space in the jail for other murderers and rapists come in, we should have let them stay there. >> we were lied to. we were told these were petty criminals let out for crossing the wrong way or going through yellow lights, so now they're let out and we took their word on it that these people were not going to be a
3:48 am
threat to our society. now we find out almost a year later we were lied to. if you expect to build immigration reform, how do you expect to build trust across party lines when you can't get a straight answer from the white house to the i.c.e. to congress? >> i.c.e. released its statement the discretionary releases were of low levels. however those with significant criminal histories were by and large supreme court mandated releases. >> will the administration say today through josh earnest, i know canada will be the number one topic and should be, will they say we heard about this on news reports, that we were told something different, or will they say i didn't let you know this because we
3:49 am
would never let them out. it is a discrepancy between what we're told and what it actually is. >> >> meanwhile today in north carolina, probably in about ten minutes early voting starts. and so far they have found 154 ineligible voters. the question here is all these young people who were integrated into the system through president obama's dreamer act, apparently they have been tagged by the department of motor vehicles as legally present. and somehow wound up on the voting rolls. they can't vote. they know of 154 so far, but there are up to close to 10,000 names of people who can't vote. but it looks like they can in north carolina. >> in an all important battle ground state. 49 minute after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends," so many of you
3:50 am
e-mailed us yesterday bl-ut thie convicted cop killer who spoke at a graduation silenced for good. the cop's widow is here the cop's widow is here next to tell us hey matt, what's up?
3:51 am
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get fire adapted now at good morning. 53 minutes after the hour. earlier this week we told you about a florida mother who took a stand against toys r us, demanding they sell "breaking bad" action figures. the store's star created he
3:54 am
would burn his fellow mom action figure in protest. that didn't stop her, with more than 9,000 signatures on her petition. toys r us pulled the toys from their stores. that mother joins us now. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> are you feeling victorious today? >> i am. >> critics of this petition to get the toys pulled from the shelves would say you should have let the free market determine supply and demand. do you think this is a free market hard at work? >> no. it was a bad idea to have a doll that has fake drugs on it in a toy store. that's the bottom line. >> but clearly toys r us listens to the public's outcry and did what you think they should have done. >> and i'm very, if i can say,
3:55 am
proud of them, for making that right decision. >> doesn't appear bryan cranston, the show's star, who the doll was modeled after is in disagreement with you. in a lot of ways it seems like he's bag good sport. he says toys r us puts dolls on sabbatical. nicely played, florida mom. he's kind of going in jest with the whole thing. how do you feel like he's responding? >> i actually giggled when i saw that. actually both of his tweets. he's being very good natured about it and everything and i truly appreciate that. i don't feel like i'm being attacked or anything like that. i thought it was a very well-done response on both parts. >> to folks who would come to the support of toys r us say if you don't like that idea, don't take your kids on that aisle. do you like that argument?
3:56 am
>> no. just because it's a children's toy store. they base their values on children and doing the right thing and putting something that has fake, illegal drugs with it next to g.i. joe or mario brothers just morally isn't right. this has nothing to do with people taking their kids in there and buying that or anything. this has to do with the placement of that doll. >> yeah. you wouldn't have adult fantasy toys on a store at toys r us. it seems like they made the right call putting them on indefinite sabbatical. thanks for your time today. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for standing up for a lot of parents who agree with you. coming up on "fox & friends," can the united states learn a lesson from the hero who took down the shooter in canada? judge napolitano on the case and joins us at the top of the hour
3:57 am
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hello. good morning, today is thursday, the october 23, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth. terror in canada. brand-new information this morning about the muslim convert who shot a canadian soldier dead, as we learn about the hero credited with taking him out and the lessons the united states could learn from him. caught on camera, another white house fence jumper. this time trying gets attacked by security dogs and security went up to them. who is he and how did he get over that nine-foot fence? sick em. sorry, boss, can't come to work today. >> cold and clammy.
4:01 am
>> believe it or not, that excuse actually works and there are many, many more just like them. why? because we want to tell you how things work on this thursday when mornings are always better with friends. we start this hour with a fox news alert. home-grown terror sets off chaos in canada's capitol city. >> the government is storming the parliament building shooting a canadian soldier to death first at the war memorial across the street. the prime anyone ster calling it terror. police scrambling to find any possible accomplice. >> the gunman, a canadian who converted to islam, had a history of trouble with the law. how did he slip under the radar?
4:02 am
doug luzader is live in washington. what else do we know about this guy? >> reporter: we're kind of moving beyond the basics of what happened with the shooting itself and trying to figure out the mystery behind the gunman. who is he? why did he do this? we've seen recent reports now from toronto's globe and mail newspaper that fill in some of the blanks. they say he was well-known to canadian officials, had a long rap sheet, a recent convert to islam. he was also on a traveler watch list. a friend of his apparently told the paper that he wanted to travel to libya. interestingly enough, his mother was a high level canadian immigration official. beyond that, we know there have been increased intelligence chatter overheard about possible isis attacks on canadian targets. now, another open question here as this investigation moves forward, is there a connection to another attack in canada just days ago in quebec where another canadian soldier was struck and killed by a vehicle driven by a man who was later shot and killed?
4:03 am
he was described as being inspired by isis. >> what we don't know is the actual operation. are the two cases from canada, the cadet case and the ottawa case, are they connected in is there a middle man between isis and these people or are they on their own? we don't know. >> reporter: we don't know that yet. but another factor to consider as intelligence officials go down all the possible avenues, canada recently agreed to join the united states in the air campaign against isis. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you. >> now we understand what happened in canada we certainly can relate to and feel for them and understand what they're going through, we wonder how we'll react as a country because we went on high alert. all you have to do is walk around a major city, especially around here, and you see fully armed national guard, nypd and special units out on major situations like grand central,
4:04 am
penn station. that's how we're reacting. are we continuing to raise the threat level in this country? have we gone to a new system. >> we apparently is gone to a new system. instead of calling it a threat level, we're calling it increasing the posture. what do you think will make americans stand up to isis and notice any signals of people in their community doing things, i don't think changing the posture is as good as changing the threat level. >> in addition, the f.b.i. asking all u.s. offices to raise the alert posture. norad is increasing the alert posture as well to be on the lookout. let's face it, is it a coincidence that just a couple of weeks ago, can did decided to join to join us in our fight against isis? congressman adam hencinger, on the couch with us, said no coincidence. listen. >> no doubt these two hits in canada were inspired by the success of isis.
4:05 am
what you have is these people bent to jihaddism, see what's going on in the middle east and say, i want to be part of that. maybe they're lone wolves, maybe they didn't have friends, maybe inspired by other reasons. but they say that's successful. i can have my play in eternity if i join them here. isis is open about hey f you know how to shoot a gun, shoot a gun. >> that's right. this morning we're learning more about the hero who took down the gunman. >> 58, kevin victor, sergeant at arms at the canadian parliament. he came there four years ago, credited with firing the fatal shot at the gunman and preventing what could have been a national catastrophe and lawmakers were in the eye of his target. >> let's bring in judge andrew napolitano. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what can we learn from this? it is a soft target, as many would say, because the security on that building is not as high as many would like. >> there is a number of things we can learn. the most principle of which is that oftentimes the hero comes
4:06 am
from among us, that the hero has to have the means by which to behave as a hero. this particular fellow is a retired royal canadian mounted olympics the roughly equivalent to our f.b.i he's licensed to carry a gun. he knows how to use it. thank god there was and had the gun. >> he was trained and up to act. >> correct. but if he had not been there or if he had not had that gun, gun control laws in canada are as day conian as they have been in washington, d.c. or chicago. the government thinks people should not be able to arm themselves. in my view that's the lesson. isis is a threat in many ways. this in some respect social security a very, very devious way because it's the loner. it's the lone wolf. we don't know if this person came from an organization or did this on his own. this person does not cause a big commotion. it's not an army march eag city. it's one guy getting out of a car and starting to shoot. what is the best deterrent to that? an armed citizenry.
4:07 am
people able to protect themselves. we have a second amendment in this country. they do not have the equivalent of that in canada. >> you were on this program a couple of weeks ago when we were talking about the guy, the ce oh, of the guy in oklahoma who there was a rampage there, there was a crazy guy with a gun, killing people. but the ceo stepped up. he had a gun, and he took him out. >> yes, because oklahoma is a state, unlike our home state of new jersey, where people who can demonstrate proficiency in carrying a gun can carry it in the public, in the workplace and home. again an instance where had that person not been there, it would have been a lot more bloodshed and more innocent loss of life. i can't tell the canadian parliament how to protect themselves. there may have been mechanisms in place that didn't work. i can say that the public should be able to protect itself. >> the guard who was shot in cold blood his gun was not loaded. >> correct. that's ceremony gun. and that is really, brian,
4:08 am
insane. insane for a cop or a soldier to carry a gun that doesn't work! that looks like a gun, but because there is no firing pin, it's useless as a gun! ext to him whong duck. could have shot back and stopped this character before he attacked the parliament. >> great point. >> true. i guess sometimes when they're doing drill, they don't want it to accidentally go off. that's one of the reasons why the gun is ceremonial. >> very difficult for that weapon to go off accidentally. >> i want to get your thought on this. what about surveillance, because can did did a good job pulling the two individual passports monday and wednesday, so they can't travel out to join isis. >> apparently this guy had interaction with the government a couple of weeks ago. it was some sort of immigration issue. it wasn't an issue involving any criminal activity.
4:09 am
again, i can't tell the canadian government how to do things, but they have yet to connect the dots and to establish profiles of people who might -- >> they got to track them. at least track them. >> i got a feeling a lot of people in canada are wake up saying, you know what? maybe we should do more. >> they should have the rye -- look, it's a natural human right, a right to self-defense. in this country, that country is manifest by you don't break the law, you can get a gun. they should have the same right in canada. they need more people like the hero we were just talking about. >> judge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. if you're looking for ainsley earhart after the show, normally you would see her at a bar, but now we've asked her to stick around for our show to keep us up to date. >> here is what's happening in the headlines. he jumped the fence at the white
4:10 am
house and the dogs got him. this morning we are learning brand-new details about this guy. 23-year-old dominic from maryland. he made it across the north lawn before the dogs took him down. two of those dogs taken to a vet because he kicked them. they are going to be okay. he suffers from paranoia, believing he's being watched. a brutal terrorist attack caught on camera and a car plows into a group of people and killed an american baby and injured eight others. he was later shot and killed by police. the innocent victim was born to americans with dual citizenship. they were bringing her to jerusalem for the very first time. more tension in ferguson, missouri overnight as police release new details in the deadly shooting of michael brown. hundreds of protesters marching in front of the police station. two people arrested for throwing
4:11 am
water bottles at officers. the official autopsy revealing brown was shot in the hand at close range, supporting officer wilson's claim of self-defense. take a close look at your screen. police say the man on the left looks a lot like eric frien, the accused cop killer who has been hiding in the woods since last month. they do look a lot alike. james tully says cops have stopped him more than 20 times on his way to work, asking him where he's going. tully says it's happening so frequently, as many as seven times in one day, that it's just becoming a routine part of his life. those are your headline. >> they say we all have a twin out there. but how unfortunate. >> i promise i'm not an accused cop killer. >> all right. thank you very much. 7:11 in new york. coming up, so many of you e-mailed us yesterday about this story. the convicted cop killer who was allowed to speak at a college commencement silenced for good. that police officer's widow is here next.
4:12 am
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4:16 am
so many of you e-mailed us yesterday about this story. the convicted cop killer abu-jamal who was allowed to speak at a college commencement silenced for good perhaps. the governor of pennsylvania signed a bill to keep convicts from causing further mental anguish to the victims' families. his victim, officer daniel faulkner and daniel's widow joins us live this morning from los angeles. thank you very much for being with us today. >> good morning. >> a couple of weeks ago when we first heard this story that the kids at goddard college decided they wanted this cop killer to be their commencement speaker, we thought, that's just crazy. didn't think about you. every time this guy is in the news what, does that do to you? >> it's emotional and emotional for the faulkner family and friends of danny that once again we have to hear his voice over so many years when he actually -- he's a murderer and
4:17 am
he murdered my husband with premeditation and malice so many years ago, yet he still has a voice. >> he does. now, the people of pennsylvania were outraged by him being allowed to do this. but there wasn't anything to stop it. so the other day the governor of pennsylvania signed a bill. tell us what it's called and what it's going to do. >> it's called the revictimmization 508 act. what will happen is if there are murderers or rapists in a want to try to speak out publicly, the survivors will be able to try to stop it. and by doing that, it will go before a judge and the judge will have the opportunity to say no. these murderers will not be able to speak publicly anymore. >> so going forward -- >> it's a great bill. >> sure. if this guy gets another invitation to go talk to some people, it would be taken before a judge and a judge would either say yes or no, right?
4:18 am
>> yes, that's correct. >> okay. >> and it's a step forward for survivors of crimes that have to endure the heartache over and over again. >> the aclu in pennsylvania sayç this: essentially any action by an inmate or former offender that could cause mental anguish could be banned by a judge. that can't pass constitutional muster under the first amendment. they say it's too broad, wouldn't stand up. what do you say to that? >> i think it will stand up, steve. and he's still able to have phone access. he's still able to talk to his family and have access to personal friends and spiritual advisors. he will not be able to publicly speak where he can harm and emotionally traumatize the faulkner family and i. so it will stand up. >> you know, his supporters say he's just a victim. he's a victim of a racist
4:19 am
judicial system. >> he's a callus murderer who has never admitted to this day what he has done -- he's never even -- he says it's not a crime. what did he was not a crime because he doesn't think it's a crime to murder a police officer. he's an evil, callus man and his voice needs to be taken away. >> with any luck, we won't hear much more from him. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> thank you very much for joining us. it is now 19 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, take classes and inflated grades at one of the country's top universities, all to help one specific group. which one? this morning we got details and they're stunning. you've seen these kinds of meltdowns in the movies. >> it's overtime right now and there is a penalty shot about to
4:20 am
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time for news by the numbers. 20 bucks. that's how much more money people on social security will get each month starting next year. the feds raising benefits 1.7% for the cost of living. however, it's in the third year in a row that the increase is less than 2%. stop rejoicing. next, $10,000. that's the value of the
4:24 am
engagement ring this woman gets to keep. it turns out her ex never officially proposed when he gave it to her. so the judge ruled it was a gift. finally, two years. that's how long this welsh guy faked being a quadraplegic, even slipping into comas to avoid a court date for stealing. police caught on to the act after he was spotted using his grocery card more than once. that's a quick look at what's happening in news by the numbers. >> unreal, thanks. attention, helicopter parents, one mommy blogger saying it's best to quit hovering. >> when you keep on helping and helping, past a certain point when they're developmentally ready, you become an enabler. when they're developmentally ready, you say now they're ready to shoulder the responsibility for yourself and accept the consequences if you make a mistake. >> that mother of five introducing us to a new trend in parenting. no rescue method.
4:25 am
is every rearing strategy making headlines, what do you know and how do you know what style is best for your child? alicia ruben is a mom and author of "no biggy" and joins us now. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i think if i was a parent, my head would be spinning with all these different parenting styles. every child is not the same. how do you decide what works? >> it's challenging and it can be tough. but you have to keep in mind who is your kid, who is your child? you have to fine tune according to their personality. there is not one size fits all parenting, at least from my experience. i'm not a doctor, but i've been on the front lines with my kid and with children and i think you just have to fine tune and pick and choose from whether it's dolphin or tiger and maybe use a combination. >> and the title of your book comes from a phrase that you use with your daughter and she's even started to use with you. >> so my daughter, frustrated
4:26 am
really easily, from the time she was out of the womb. it was screaming and crying from day one. and for survival as a parent when she was one, two years old, you see those terrible twos coming through, just out of survival, i would say, you know what? take a deep breath, say no biggy and try this again. whether she was trying to eat by herself or get dressed by herself or those little things, those milestones that kids try and tackle on their own. and eventually i saw it started got really frustrated, because we have to be good role models and model good behavior for our children, i got really frustrated when the dog ran into the house and got the floors all muddy. my daughter looked at me and said, no biggy, mommy. and i thought, how great is that? she just turned the tables on me. >> kids can say the darnest things but it's nice when we learn from something they say, especially when we taught them. our viewers have been weighing in on parenting styles. one says i was guilty of enabling my kids, but quickly
4:27 am
learned it doesn't help them in the real world or in life. from early on, parents must teach children consequences and actions, how to swim and fish, how to clean and build, how to be good and loving to others. it comes down to basic morals and principles the world is lacking today. your response? >> i do agree that we do need to enforce consequences with our children. i do that with my daughter. like i said, it's combination of parenting styles. but sometimes learn the hard way and i do say that to my daughter. you're going to have to learn the hard way, because it is sink or swim. it's a tough world out there. we live in a digital world and our kids need to learn by doing and experiencing. >> okay. this next tweet came from a teacher. she says as a former educator, my toughest challenges were helicopter parents who wanted to fix all problems. they can really get in the way, huh? >> they can. like i just said, your kids have to learn on their own and by
4:28 am
familying. we all need to fail. i always tell my daughter, it's okay to make mistakes. that's how we all learn. grownups, kings and queen, teachers, we all make mistakes and have to learn on our own. that's how we're going to continue learning. we never stop learning. as parents, we're always jumping in and rescuing. how is your kid going to learn anything? how are they going to learn the consequence or failing or whatever it may be? the success that turns around from it. >> thank you so much. the book is "no biggy." appreciate your time today. >> thank you. coming up, they voted for a republican, but the computer slipped their vote to a republican. and have you ever used this excuse? >> the key to faking out the parent is the clammy hand. i'm a big believer in it. >> that worked in the movies d. it work in real life? the excuses you should never use next. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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for a complimentary in-home assessment, call brightstar care today at 866-621-0228 we've got a fox news alert. terror in canada's capitol city. a canadian who recently converted to islam went on a rampage, shooting a canadian soldier to death at the national war memorial. some worry it's payback for canada supporting u.s. air strikes in syria against isis. last night canada's prime minister called this an act of terror. >> one man being hailed a hero fired a fatal shot killing the gunman without hesitation moments before he was able to barge into a room packed with lawmakers. >> the victim, 24-year-old man, is the father of a young son.
4:33 am
this is believed to be the last picture of him, screen left there. it was taken by a tourist moments before the shooting. >> the attack comes two days after another muslim convert was involved in a hit and run that killed another canadian military member. >> what's going on over there and how far is isis extending its reach? >> joining us now is fox news terror analyst and author of "future jihad, terrorist strategies," walid pharis. you have new information on this 32-year-old who was ultimately shot after shooting the 24-year-old victim there at the national war memorial, how he was radicalized. what are you learning? >> the recent reports we're getting from canada, from canadian media and online sources is that on the one hand he made statements to his mother, his mother and father were divorced in 1999. he made statements using radical narrative that they have been
4:34 am
used indoctrinated by the jihaddists, al-qaeda or isis in this case. also another report citing an article in the washington times mentioned the possibility that his father went to libya actually and fought with the uprising against gadaffi. so these are two trails you are looking at at this point in time. radicalization may be older than what we think. >> why canada? >> why canada? canada is on the list of jihadi targets because number one, it is part of our alliance, nato. but more importantly, because it's part of the air campaign in iraq and in syria. that's not the first time canada is targeted. unfortunately, this is the first bloody time it was hit. but before that, there was a conspiracy to kill also politicians, including the prime minister. >> i believe it was on monday there was another guy from canada who apparently self-radicalized himself as
4:35 am
well. he ran down a couple of military members. one of those guys was killed in that particular incident. so that's the first of these two. do you see a connection other than people who coins dentsally -- coincidentally are in canada and trying to do something stupid for isis? >> no, it's not that coins dentsal because -- coincidental because they both targeted elements of the military. there is a standing order, standing instruction by isis for their supporters and sympathizers to hit the military. not just in canada, including the united states. >> how many more like him? for example, is it possible for law enforcement -- i'm not sure in canada, but here -- to see a guy like this, see him radicalized, understand he's a danger, take his passport, but not follow him. how important is it to following and tracking people we're suspicious of? >> very big problem and i begin o realize why. number one, the pool of individuals who are either
4:36 am
self-radicalizing or radicalizing and acting alone are two different things. it's very large. we're talking about hundreds if not thousands of people who follow the same process. now, those who decide to act, either to travel to the middle east or to act here, it's a much smaller pool. even that pool, very difficult to have 24/7 people following these individuals. >> to piggy back off of brian's question, what do local imams need to do in connection with local law enforcement? do they need to not turn a blind eye to people worshiping? >> some law enforcement here in canada think the imams can do a lot. they can. their message, their narrative. those with can do more would be moderates. we need to engage them. there are many people in the united states and canada who are against the jihaddists and are part of these communities. we have ignored them. instead we've partnered with islamist organization.
4:37 am
you know about that. we need to reverse that policy and work with the active moderates against the jihaddists. >> thank you very much for joining us, your expertise. >> thank you for having me. all right. ainsley, we have other news happening. >> thank you. errors in chicago voting booths are causing republicans to vote for democrats. republican state representative candidate moynahan went to vote for himself, but instead, the touch screen selected his democratic opponent. he did alert the election officials who say that they took the machine out of service. they blamed it on a calibration error and said that his votes are not going to count. it was touted as a weight loss miracle, drop pounds fast without a diet or exercise. but now the two leading researchers behind the green coffee bean extract say it was all bogus. even dr. oz bought into those benefits. the scientists who were paid to write the study now admitting that they cannot prove that it works. they're now pulling the publickished paper.
4:38 am
one of the country's most elite colleges caught up in a massive grading scandal. a report just released reveals that thousands of university of north carolina students, many of them athletes, took fake classes to boost their grade. it's been going on for 18 years. the so-called scam classes never met and only required one final paper. at least nine university employees have been fired or are under disciplinary review. if you've ever called in sick to work when you're feeling fine, you are not alone. a new survey reveals 28% of workers admit to faking sick last year. so what is your go-to excuse? hopefully it's better than y'all's. that's terrible. >> we do. somebody says that this is up with of the best. my plastic surgery needs tweaking to get it just right. >> another one is i'm stuck in the blood pressure machine at the grocery store. >> send help.
4:39 am
>> gambling at the casino all weekend and still have money left. i need to stay to win it back. >> watch out, a third of bosses say they check on those who said they were sick and inverily -- in the aid of social media, it's very easy to spy on your employees. you're sick? why are you hanging out at the beach then? >> absolutely. if you're calling in sick, you don't want to call in sick. >> especially on the day of a partial solar eclipse, right, maria molina? >> that's right, we'll have a partial solar eclipse today. i wish we could see it here. we missed two blood moons this year and now we'll miss a partial solar eclipse because of cloud cover. we have a nor'easter that will block it. heads up around parts of the east coast. you can be looking at a partial solar eclipse. that's going to happen earlier at 1:30 to 2 p.m so look up into the sky and use sunglasses, very special
4:40 am
equipment. you don't really want to look directly at the sun. again, that partial solar eclipse will be happening today. i want to show you those viewing conditions. across portions of the pacific northwest, you are going to have poor conditions. you're look at a storm system moving through with a lot of cloud cover. parts of the southern rockies, conditions are perfect. you're gog have clear skies and be able to see that partial solar eclipse. across portions of the northeast, we're dealing with the nor'easter that's been here for two days, producing gusty winds and areas of heavy rain, as much as five inches possible in some areas, especially across parts of new england. eventually that system moves on out and by tomorrow, we're going to be seeing those conditions improving. parts of south florida, you have a lot of tropical moisture out there, areas of heavy rain and farther west, two storm systems. one like i mentioned in the pacific northwest and then you have a large funnel system stretching from parts of minnesota all the way down to parts of louisiana and texas. that's producing some showers early this morning. temperature wise, looking good in texas and across the plains.
4:41 am
highs out there in the 70s and 80s. a little chilly out here across the northeast. you're looking at highs only into the low 50s in new york city and you're not going to make it out of the 40s in some sections of new england. in carby, maine, 50-degrees. >> thank you very much for the live report. we've had so much rain, this morning i went down at 2:00 o'clock and turned off the sprinkler. >> you did? >> yeah. i don't think i need anymore this year. >> so it's over. >> i still have to call my guy to shut off the sprinkler. >> that way he gets 85 bucks. >> anna, you want to make a bet? maria molina did a great job at the world series and if we ever get a chance to see her, we'll tell her. 8 million air bags at risk of exploding right in your face. so what do you do if you think yours is on the recall list? one word of advice, the government web site cannot help
4:42 am
you. plus, the family is growing. jill is here to reveal whether she'll be adding another boy or girl to the clan. >> first, trivia question of the day. born on this date in 1940, this brazilian athlete is regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time. brian, you can't play. it's your middle name. e-mail the correct answer. ♪ ♪ the exhilaration of a new engine.
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painstakingly engineered without compromise. to be more powerful... and, miraculously, unleash 46 mpg highway. an extravagance reserved for the privileged few. until now. hey josh! new jetta? yeah. introducing lots of new. the new volkswagen jetta tdi clean diesel. isn't it time for german engineering? as you can see from the graphic, time for animal news. first up, who let this guy out of the woods?
4:46 am
>> hi. >> listen to that voice, like it's a kitty. your eyes aren't playing tricks. that's a baby bear inside rite aid. a drugstore. cops in oregon using a shopping basket to scoop him up. he's now headed to the zoo. >> how does that happen? he made headlines for stealing the show during a weatherman's report. >> warming up in the weekend. okay. you're on your own. >> yeah, get out of the saturday foxcast. he was scheduled to be in the newscast as part of an adoption event. now has a new home. adopted by a couple with a large farm and another dog. he's home. all right, brian. it's a scary thought. air bag exploding with as much power as an ied and this morning, new warnings for drivers as the national recall list has just gotten larger. >> lea gabriel joins us live.
4:47 am
>> that list going to 8 million vehicles that have potentially faulty air bags. that's up from monday's warning of nearly 5 million. at least four deaths being linked to the faulty air bags. highway safety experts warning inflater mechanisms could explode, causing metal pieces to fly out and hit drivers. >> they're just exploding and so powerfully that they're ripping off and takng pieces of shah rap national, shards and blowing them in people's chests and faces. >> reporter: the warning covers japanese made air bags in certain models including toyota, mazda, bmw, general motors and others. they're especially vulnerable in more human climate, like the south, puerto rico and hawaii. when most of the vehicles have already been recalled, officials say some owners are not following up because their car is ten years and older, or their vehicle is no longer under warranty. even worse, the federal web site that allows you to plug in a vehicle's serial number to see
4:48 am
if it's been recalled hasn't been working since monday. officials now urging everyone to check with their manufacturer or go directly to an auto deal tore see if your car is on the recall list. not good when it has the potential to hurt you. >> i heard the passenger seat, for example, the passenger air bag does not work, they can't fix it there, they have to put a sticker on to say the air bag doesn't work. don't sit here. so you'll be like a chauffeur until they fix it. thanks so much. the dugar family is growing. daughter jill and her new husband reveal whether they'll add a baby boy or girl to the clan. hey, guys. first on this day in history, 1915, the first u.s. champion horseshoe game was held in iowa. in 1976, "if you leave me now" by chicago was the number one
4:49 am
song in america. steve actually sings on this album. >> not quite. it's my solo. ♪ ♪ i'm over the hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism.
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great grains protein blend.
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4:52 am
today is pele's birthday who was born on this day. the winner was bill from illinois. he's going to get a copy of "george washington's secret six" which next week comes out in paperback. >> bendable and cheaper. the newly wed couple from "19 kids and counting" have a big announcement. they're having a boy. >> so are they prepared for parenthood? >> here with us right now are the parents to be, jill dugar
4:53 am
dillard and derek dillard. good morning both of you. >> thank you. >> so tell us how you met. >> well, i met derek while he was in nepal for two years and so my dad was friends with him and talked with him every week. we started skyping and it was love at first skype. >> one of the things that pastors talk about sometimes with young people and dating is women have a hard time finding a man who is going to respect their boundaries, respect their bodies. what advice do you have for girls? >> i think derek is really, exactly what year saying. he's a man of character. that's something that i really wanted and wanted to evaluate first. and you want to marry somebody for what they're going to say if who they are in their heart and true character. i asked a lot of questions. i think that's really important is up front. you can have fun, you can go on
4:54 am
dates, but really -- getting to the deep questions ahead of time. >> i appreciated we're 8,000 miles away. >> so derek, you know you and jill get along great, obviously, and you're excited about being parents now. but what about the rest of the family? what kind of adjustment is it for you? you just have one sibling and now you have all these other siblings. >> right. it's been a lot of fun. it's been more like culture shock actually. i came back from being overseas for two years in january and south asia, there is a lot of people. so there was kind of an adjustment. it was similar adjusting to the family. >> with the dillard life, and you've got the baby coming up in the spring, right? >> yes. march. >> as i understand, the baby could be a giant, right? >> true. >> because? >> he's 6' 2 and i'm 5' 7. his parents are about the same
4:55 am
height and he has a brother who is 6' 4. >> when he was born, though -- >> he was nine pounds, two ounces. >> and he couldn't wear the newborn clothes. only size 2? >> he wore size 2 shoes. yeah. >> those are big feet. >> yeah. he was a big baby. >> are you going to do the 19 thing? >> we'll see. we're open to as many children as god will give us. we're also open to adoption. >> it's good to know, according to your parents, you are their favorite. >> for you. >> will you continue with the show? >> yes, we are. we're actually filming during our pregnancy and doing diary cam home video things. they'll be following us throughout the pregnancy and we're excited our wedding will be airing this coming week on tlc. and so yeah. it's funny 'cause people are like, we haven't seen the wedding. >> the only we hadding with credits at the end. >> a lot of them.
4:56 am
>> you won't be short baby-sitters once the baby comes. >> that's right. >> thanks so much. >> terrific. congratulations. >> thank you. >> good job. we look forward to seeing it on tv. coming up, remember all those illegal immigrants released from jail to save money? we were told they were low risk criminals. now we know the truth and it is quite disturbing. >> there could be trouble brewing inside the white house. the big three names that are rumored to be jumping ship. they are really tight with the president. who are they? we're going to tell what you we know as we roll on live from new york city and washington, d.c i'm an idaho potato farmer
4:57 am
and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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we're going to tell you what we know. >> again. remember those low risk illegal immigrants we released from jail in 2013 to save money? it turns out they weren't so low risk. the truth that we were not told that gets revealed this morning because mornings are better with friends. fox news alert, home grown terror sets off chaos in
5:01 am
canada's capitol city. >> a gunman shooting a soldier to death at the national war memorial. now canada's prime minister does not hesitate. he calls it an act of terror. >> the gunman, a canadian who converted to islam, had a history of trouble with the law. so how did he slip under the radar, or was he on the radar? doug luzader has been tracking this all morning and joins us. doug? >> reporter: good morning. those are the questions. we still don't know a whole lot about this guy. but a picture is beginning to emerge. he may fit with the scenario that counters terrorism officials here in this country have been talking about for some time. the idea of a home-grown terrorist who was inspired by a group overseas. here is what we know so far about him and a lot of this comes from toronto's globe and mail newspaper. they say there were signs that he was mentally unstable. a friend says he may have had
5:02 am
plans to travel to libya. he was apparently on a traveler watch list there at canada. his mother was a canadian immigration official. what we need to know is whether there was a connection to an outside group like isis, which has been talking about carrying out attacks in both canada and the united states. >> there has been an increase in chatter over the last week because of the fact that isis has made it clear, going back over several weeks, they want to attack military personnel and their families and they're calling for attacks in the homeland and also in canada. >> reporter: one thing the counterterrorism folks are definitely looking into is whether this connection between the parliament attack yesterday and a vehicle attack in quebec a few days ago when a man described as being inspired by isis struck and killed another canadian soldier. he was later shot and killed. security folks here have got to be taking a look today own procedures and protocols in
5:03 am
light of what happened yesterday in canada. we know security was ramped up at arlington national cemetery at the tomb of the unknown. that is probably due largely to the fact that the first scene of this attack yesterday was at that country's national war memorial. anna, steve and brian, back to you guys. >> doug, we thank you very much. also it was amped up at the canadian consulate, which is exactly one block from where we are sitting right here. that building, you can see there at 49th and 6th avenue. >> it looked like the green zone in baghdad a little yesterday with the national guardsmen and the nypd has their own special enforcement unit in times like this. meanwhile, when the-@ftlib britd their -- one of their men beheaded and prior to that they changed their threat level. when the canadians realized it was a lot of chatter about a possible terrorist attack, they raised their threat level. kind of interesting that this administration, i wasn't even cognizant, we don't raise our threat level anymore. >> we don't have one. we have a posture.
5:04 am
the f.b.i. has asked all u.s. offices to raise the alert posture because we don't do threat levels because that's what the bush administration did. that's so analog for this administration. the reason is because they're reminding people of the threats from isis given the fact that we've got that coalition and we're trying to take them out. also norad has gone ahead and they have increased the alert posture as a number of planes are being readied to respond. >> they wouldn't let him out of the country. but what did he do? he turned his anger inward. so that's something that can did needs to worry about, america needs to worry about, are these lone wolf attacks. we had walid phares on the program. >> the pool of individuals is either self readycallizing or acting alone.
5:05 am
they're two different things. it's very large. we're talking about hundreds if not thousands of people who follow the same process. now, those who decide to act, either to travel to the middle east or to act here, it's a much smaller pool. even that pool is very difficult to have 24/7 people following these individuals and there is a standing order, standing instruction by isis for their supporters and sympathizers around the world to hit the military not just in canada, including the united states as well. >> the times when we had to worry about the mohammed atta coming here are essentially over. it's the people that are here that get radicalized, maybe in this case here and there. think about it, remember the new jersey lacrosse player, the kid shot to death by a muslim extremist who wanted to get even for the death that he thought we were part of in iraq. remember what happened in oklahoma? that was a man that screamed islamic phrases after the murder of a co-worker. so again, you could say these
5:06 am
same attacks are happening here. we just don't seem to acknowledge it. >> and when you brought up the murder in oklahoma, remember, that was stopped by the ceo of that company who was packing heat. he had a gun. thankfully yesterday there was somebody there at the parliament who had a gun. i'm talk being the sergeant of arms, 58-year-old guy, kevin vickers. he shot the attacker just outside the caucus room. there he is right there. his son is a police officer. he was a mountie for years and canada is famous for gun control. but he had a gun because the other people -- there he is carrying that ceremonial item -- can did is famous for their gun control and the people outside had guns that weren't loaded. >> a strong reminder for many of our viewers, they're e-mailing us and hitting us up on social media saying stay away from our gun rights.
5:07 am
let us protect ourselves because of what we saw there from sergeant vickers. let's take a look at the fallen hero. screen left. quite possibly could be the last picture of him taken. many say he was a sitting duck. the gun that he was holding there, unloaded. just ceremonial. >> he was an animal lover, a father. he had a young son when he wasn't serving with the argyle highlanders with guard duty. he was also a personal trainer and he was a bouncer apparently and he, according to all reports i have read this morning out of canada, was a great guy. >> yeah. and we mentioned the sergeant at arms, kevin vickers, he's 58 years old. got a law enforcement background. but still, you would expect a navy seal to act like this. at 58 years old, when is the last time he shot a gun and took out an assailant. as a mountie, you wonder how
5:08 am
many times he really came up against this, regardless, the way he acted in the line of fire with split second decision in a crowded area full of people was unbelievable. >> people with no guns. >> right. thank goodness he did. the other thing that people talked about is the security at the parliament building is not what it should be. and will this event, these with events monday and wednesday and knowing that isis is targeting law enforcement and military and people associated with government, will this be their 9-11? will they start to ramp up security and have second thoughts about their gun rights as well? >> i'm sure they're thinking about it right now. it's 8 minutes after the top of the hour on this very busy thursday. ainsley has the headlines. >> another terrorist attack, this one in jerusalem. it was all caught on camera. hamas terrorist plows into a group of people outside a train station, injuring eight people and leaving a three-month-old american baby dead. the 20-year-old driver was later
5:09 am
shot and killed by police. another man tries to storm the white house, but not before the dogs got him. this morning we are learning brand-new details about this guy. he's 23. he's from maryland. made it across the north lawn, kicking two secret service dogs. those dogs, hurricane and jordan, taken to a vet and have been cleared for duty. he suffers from paranoia, believing he's always being watched. he's charged with three felonies. new reports this morning, three of president obama's top aides might be jumping ship. according to politico, dan pheiffer, communications director jen palmieri and ben rhodes, all eyeing an exit in the coming weeks. why? the white house chief of staff reportedly wants more consistency heading into the president's final two years in office. staffers who aren't all in should consider making their way out. don't understatement a kid who just wants a toy.
5:10 am
look at this video. he wanted a toy so badly, he climbed inside the claw machine and he got stuck. look at that face. 18-month-old climbed in when his grandmother looked away for a few seconds. the fire department did get him out and his plan worked, however. in the end, because he walked away with one of those toys as a souvenir. those are your headlines. >> he had plenty of toys to play with while he waited to get out. >> and it's cheaper than feeding the machine quarters. >> ted backs me up, he says he's never won at the claw game either. spent his whole childhood trying to win one stuffed animal. the claw doesn't hold. am i right, ted? i quoted you exactly. over $100. could have been in his college savings account. >> how how that would multiply. >> all right. coming up on this thursday, air bags exploding like ieds.
5:11 am
that's right. and the government's plan to warn you is not working. we're going to tell you what you need to know if you have one of these vehicles. and they may look cute, but their message anything but. >> should not be worried about the shape of my [ bleep ]. stop picking on how i look. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. i don't give a [ bleep ] >> where are their parents? what a feminist group is making these children say just to get attention for their causes. pathetic. >> the parents probably brought them to the audition before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k."
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5:15 am
it is the second deadly assault on a canadian soldier this week. our lead story is this, that a gunman fired on ottawa's parliament yesterday. on monday in quebec, it was a hit and run attack, both incidents committed by muslim converts. should this serve as a wake-up call to canada and america and could the president's failure to recognize terror as terror put us at risk?
5:16 am
peter johnson, jr. joins us live. >> we need to take the wake-up call and say don't call back in five minutes. the president, unfortunately, and our friends out there this morning, has not recognized terror as terror, benghazi, fort hood, the little rock, 2009 massacre of our american soldiers here in american soil nolan and the beheading as you were talking about before. so the first step is recognition of the problem. we need to be strong and powerful enough to say yeah, there is a problem and we're going to contain it here in the united states. the second issue is how do we recruit? i say how do we recruit? i'm talk being three r's, recognize, recruit and repel. how does the president, how does the attorney general holder go into the muslim community in the united states and say, we need your help. how does he sit down with imams and sit down with moderate muslims in this country who i believe are the majority and say, we need your help. we need to you turn in people who are islamic terrorists.
5:17 am
>> isn't it just that simple? >> it is that simple. and it hasn't been done. it needs to be done by the f.b.i. and by the attorney general and by the president of the united states calling upon all americans of all faiths to say, we need to say if you know of someone that's going to do something badder you think they're going to do something bad to this country, turn them in. and then the third issue is repelling the threat here at home. you talked about this again this morning. do americans themselves have to repel the threat in terms of lawful hand gun owner, like alton nolan and we see the sergeant at arms. the canadian parliament that, is not a paramilitary or police role. that is a political role. sergeant in arms doesn't need to discipline members of parliament. so here we have this 58-year-old veteran of the mounties responding. >> he was the last line of defense. >> so f us to say, well, this is canada, we're protected.
5:18 am
they don't have enough guns, it can happen here and it can happen here again and it's happened here. but the problem is, we haven't recognized it and called it as such. so today the president needs to recognize this as terrorism. he didn't recognize it yesterday, although the canadian prime minister did, and the world did, they could see it on the fox site or our television could say, what do you think it is? this is a radicalized islamic terrorist. >> as we're learning more about what happened yesterday in canada, apparently, according to people in the intel community, there was increased chatter about a day of reckoning in canada for five days leading up to the shooting yesterday. >> yeah. we'll talk about it more tomorrow, an actual terror advisory since they took the color coding out. we say the f.b.i. is on higher alert. who else is on higher alert? what does that mean to americans and what should american december to protect themselves? it begins with the president
5:19 am
recognizing terror and going into people of faith and saying, listen, give up the bad folks. give up the people who mean to do harm to americans and to others around the world. life is not going to win. we're not going to allow them to win. let's call it what it is. >> we don't raise the threat level. we increase our posture. >> i don't know what that means. >> nobody does. >> we'll prevail, but it will take some time. >> peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. coming up on this thursday, remember all those illegal immigrants released from jail to save money? we were told by the administration they were low risk criminals. right? now we know the truth. and it is shocking. coming up, we've heard about college athletes getting away with skipping class, but what we're about to tell you will put that to shame. ♪ ♪ i have a cold
5:20 am
with terrible chest congestion. better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go!
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5:23 am
headlines for the campaign trail. remember we have midterm elections. republican congressional candidate fighting nasty attack ads with puppyies. he hates apple pie. he will destroy social security. >> hey there. that's totally wrong. >> wrong again. >> he dislikes puppies. >> watch this. >> making light of her opponent's accusations against her, she's looking to oust democratic incumbent ron barber. you know what they say, chuck norris doesn't breathe the old air hostage. he tells dps where to go. you get the point.
5:24 am
this morning he's hoping to tell voters how to vote in texas. stumping for greg abbott who is facing wendy davis for governor i'm going to wrap it up there. we have very little time. remember the time of the sequester and the democrats said look, we got to do all this stuff because the republicans forced us to do it? we also heard that to save money, because of the sequester, they were going to release 2200 illegal aliens. for the most part, they had minor criminal records. now it turns out they weren't so minor. some of them were really, really bad people who should have stayed locked up. >> usa today is reporting they are murderers, rapists, violent robbers. does this make any sense at all to release them? these aren't petty crimes. they need to kick them out of the jails to make room. >> we were flat out lied to. don't worry about it, they're
5:25 am
low level. drug trafficking, homicide, if that doesn't bother you, then you're okay with this. listen to what isis is saying. the discretionary releases made by ice were of low level offenders. however, the releases involved individuals with more significant criminal histories were by and large dictated by special circumstances outside of the agency's control, including supreme court mandated releases. >> we're lock them up and doing what we can and other circumstances -- >> but don't tell us they're low level and don't relay to us if you know that you're not telling the truth. >> were you lying while you were on damage control or were you unaware and inept at your job? >> jay carney is one of the people on record there at the podium who said they were low risk, noncriminal detainees. that's not true. >> if you want to lay the ground work for immigration reform, shouldn't you start with honesty? often it's the hardest word. evidently it's harder when it comes to immigration.
5:26 am
>> shouldn't they be able to vote? no. they shouldn't. obviously. >> except in north carolina. >> that's going on today. board of election officials have realized that there are 150 illegal immigrants on the voter rolls and that's just what they know about. there are more than 9,000 others in question in the state of north carolina, which is an all important battle ground state. >> apparently 9,000 people, they don't know if they're entitled to vote or not because they wound up being flagged as being able to vote through the dmv. and these are people who, through the president's dreamer program, young people who are brought into this country by their parents before the age of 16, they got this special status. now, according to north carolina, looks like they can vote. they can not vote, so they got to catch them -- catch the names to realize, wait a minute. this person is legal to drive, but they can't vote. >> so some of you are responding. one says, this is the -- the top
5:27 am
issue they should be carrying guns in canada and the second biggest about voter fraud. voter i.d. needs to be implemented in every state to stop #voterfraught. >> another says showingism d. will solve this problem. cross reference list can deny votes to those ineligible. >> another says of course, who are we to deny the right to vote for the dead, cartoon characters or our pets? >> exactly. it's a big worry. we just want to know who really won the election. is that possible? it's a couple weeks away. >> keep the comments coming. coming up, air bags exploding just like ieds. that's right. the government had a plan to warn you, but it's broken. but don't worry. we're going to explain all this, what you need to know coming up. democrats trying to keep their jobs on capitol hill saying the white house political operation is flat out embarrassing. the e-mail you have to see coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:28 am
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see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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5:31 am
fox news just confirming the gunman who recently conniverred to islam acted alone, shooting a canadian soldier dead at the national war memorial, then opening fire inside parliament. >> the victim, 24-year-old corporal nathan cirillo is the father of a young son. this is believed to be the last picture of him taken. screen left. it was taken by a tourist just moments before the shooting. >> one man being hailed a hero this morning, sergeant at arms kevin vickers. he killed the gunman moments before he was about to barge into a room packed with
5:32 am
lawmakers. >> the terror in can did is putting the f.b.i. on high alert, urging vigilance and watching for signs of a similar attack here at home. wendell goler is live at the white house. what is the administration saying this morning? >> reporter: they say there is no specific indication of a threat against this country, but in light of calls by terrorist groups like isis and others, attacks against the government, the f.b.i. has put its agents on higher alert. president obama called canadian prime minister harper last night. secretary of state kerry called his canadian counterpart. both offering a condolences for the soldier who was killed and any assistance that canada might need. the president spoke of the matter during a meeting with aides yesterday, including ron klain, the man he hire to do handle the ebola outbreak. he said the u.s. and canada are in sync when it comes to terrorism. >> it's very important i think for us to recognize that when it
5:33 am
comes to dealing with terrorist activity, that can did and the united states has to be entirely in sync. we have in the past. i'm confident we will continue to do so in the future. >> reporter: actually while the canadian prime minister described yesterday's incident and one on monday in which two soldiers were run over bay man in a car as act of terrorism, white house press secretary josh earnest said yesterday while the events were unfolding in ottawa, that it was too early to characterize them. harper, canadian prime minister, said the monday car attack was done by an isis-inspired recent convert to islam. one of the soldiers was killed. the attacker was shot by police. back to you. >> all right. wendell goler, we thank you very much. over the last week or so, we've been telling you about how the president of the united states has put himself out there this week with al sharpton and previousy where essentially he has said look, i'm not on the ballot, but my policies are, which the democrats running in red states really don't want to
5:34 am
hear. then he said to al sharpton that essentially, these guys, they're trying to distance themselves from me. but that's what they have to do to get reelected. in fact, i told them, do whatever you have to do to get relie detectorred. >> breitbart has a story out from an unnamed operative who says this, quote: the ineptitude of the white house political operation sunk from annoying to embarrassing. think about some of the things that have also happened. listen, i know being on the stump -- and endorsing somebody you barely know is a challenge, but the first lady certainly embarrassed somebody in the fight of his life in iowa. >> oh, yeah. you remember this, we saw the bailey being spoken over and over and over again by first lady of the united states, michelle obama, instead of brayly, bruce brayly. she wasn't corrected until she was about to say the web site and they corrected her. >> she said it repeatedly. and then the white house press shop sent out an e-mail and it was talking about mr. brayly, that's good, rather than
5:35 am
mr. bailey. but it said he was running for governor. he's running for u.s. senate. and then i believe in the middle of the night, then they issued a correction a couple hours later and said he's running for senate and his name is brayly. >> look at the iowa senate poll and how close it is and why it really matters. you have joany ernest at 48% and bruce brayly. i've seen this in a dead heat in other polls. >> of course, the poll numbers that we see from the president are at an all-time low. and so wouldn't you -- when you see the democrats distancing themselves, it's probably because of the low approval numbers. yesterday a column said it's all the lousy things the president is doing right now. >> josh earnest said day before yesterday, if they lose, you can't blame the white house. the news this morning is and ainsley brought it to us a little while ago, three big
5:36 am
names at the white house, dan pheiffer and jennifer palmieri, two people in the communication shop may be leaving. and ben rhodes, who helps the president with speeches, he may be leaving as well. if that's true, maybe they're thinking, okay. couple of tuesdays from now we're going to lose and some heads are going to have to roll. those are handy. >> remember with president bush, he said you got to fire me. gout to make some changes. he went ahead and did it and they said, whoever is not going to stay for the next two years, tell us now. if you're going to stay, stick it out. they brought in gates, donald rumsfeld had to go and they came in with the surge. >> or in this case it could be they need to blame somebody and they would be three handy people. >> right. meanwhile, ainsley earhart is here. your final update of the day. >> yeah. the show is almost over. flew by. breaking details about the air bags exploding. the recall list grew to
5:37 am
8 million vehicles. it includes certain models of a toyota, honda, mazda, bmw, nissan and general motors. at least four deaths have already been linked to these air bags. officials are urging everyone to go and check with your manufacturer or contact your dealership. that's because the federal web site where you're supposed to be able to check your vehicle's serial number has been broken since monday. one of the country's most elite colleges caught up in a massive grading scandal. a report just released reveals thousands of students at the university of north carolina took fake classes to boost their grades. many of them were athletes. it's been going on now for 18 years. the classes never met and only required one final paper. at least nine university employees have been fired or are under disciplinary review. do abortions or else. california is saying that to its churches. reclassifying abortion as a
5:38 am
basic health service under the affordable care act, ordering all insurance plans to begin covering them immediately. churches are not exempt. california initially recognized religious exemption, but has since reversed course. feminists, activists are just releasing this new video which we need to warn you is pretty vile. it features young girls, as young as age six, dancing and then chanting cuss words to raise awareness about gender inequality. the creators want to turn the princess in distress stereotype on its head and we warn you, this video we're about to show you is very disturbing. >> maybe pretty. >> pretty. >> what the [ bleep ] >> i'm not the pretty [ bleep ] >> in distress. ♪ i'm ready for success. >> so what is more offensive? >> a little girl saying [ bleep ] or the [ bleep ] way society treats girls and women. >> wow.
5:39 am
where are their parents? they let their dorados that. >> the video has been pulled from youtube. those are your headline. >> that is awful. awful. >> they're trying to make a point. >> right. all right. today is your last chance this year to view a partial solar eclipse. of course, it's hard to do it when you're holding an umbrella, right? >> yeah. or have cloud cover. that will be the case for many americans. you would have the chance if there was no cloud cover. all of north texas america has the opportunity to see this. it's a partial solar eclipse. a chunk of the sun is actually going to be covered by the moon. so it's going to be a beautiful site for many of you across parts of southern california, parts of arizona, and to the rockies. that's where we are expecting clear skies and perfect conditions to view this. otherwise across portions of the
5:40 am
pacific northwest, in the northeast, and also along a frontal system from parts of wisconsin all the way down to louisiana. you are going to have cloud cover in the way. the times to view this is about sunset, 6:00 p.m. across parts of the east coast and then across the west coast, during the afternoon hour. so an incredible sight to see. please tweet me your pictures if you get an opportunities to photograph this coming up later this afternoon. there is a look at the radar. all the rain is spinning into portions of new england and down into new york city. we are going to be seeing those travel delays, unfortunately, because of that storm system across south florida, a lot of tropical moisture bringing in the rain. ask then two storms. one in the northwest and one across the center of the nation moving through. temperature wise, across the center of the country, temperatures look good as usual. in the 80s across texas. 70s across other parts of the plains. meanwhile, in the northeast, temperatures on the cool side. only in the 50s. really feeling like autumn. a wet autumn for here in the northeast. let's head back inside. eventually the storms will move
5:41 am
out and we're expecting drier conditions tomorrow and into saturday. >> so the rain will eventually stop. >> yes. >> the sun will come out tomorrow. >> tomorrow. it's only a day away. >> all right. thank you, maria. coming up, the deadly terrorist attack in canada already shifting world financial markets. what does it mean for our economy moving forward? nicole petallides is live at the new york stock exchange. you're next. and going public about the mess at public affairs. wait until you hear what happened eight minutes after that interview right here on fox. you'll hear from him and the backlash. ♪ ♪yk=9>6
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5:44 am
show biz news now. kenny g hit a sour note with officials in china after posing with pro-democracy protesters in hong kong. there he is right there. on twitter he defends himself
5:45 am
saying, quote, i don't really know anything about the situation and my am promote visit to the site was part of an innocent walk around hong kong. and they ended their three-year relationship in august in other news. john mellencamp and meg ryan are reportedly back together. the famous duo spotted walking around new york city. >> down by the tasty freeze. keanu reeves reveals why he's making independent films. he admits he's no longer getting offers from hollywood and he says it stinks. so he's making the small ones. top story, a gunman storming the canadian parliament and shooting to death a soldier. heightened fears over the attack s sent stocks into the red. what can we expect this morning? nicole petallides from fox business joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning. what we're looking at here is a
5:46 am
market that's looking to the upside. yesterday we had another attack in canada, the second this week. it's a tough story to bear, but they are on heightened alert now, calling it terrorism. and the markets sold off yesterday. the markets sold off yesterday for two reasons. number one, what was occurring in canada. number two, following oil. oil has been slipping. as a matter of fact, oil closed at the lowest levels yesterday, than since 2012, closed at 80.52 a share. ultimately low oil is great for lower gas prices for consumers, but the market is actually following oil to a certain extent. so we'll be watching for that. yesterday the dow lost 153 points. today it is looking to the upside. over 130 points. that's the futures are showing. so we've had a lot of volatility. we've been reporting it here on fox news. it's been a wild market. the market could have been much
5:47 am
worse yesterday, obviously as we were watching everything that went on in ottawa and with that, we did see obviously heightened alert, worries on wall street. back to you. >> all right. nicole petallides where it looks like she's the only person working. >> i know. >> you see there is people. there is people. hey, you want to know the jobless claims numbers? i'll give you those quickly. 283,000 in the last week filed for claims. slightly more than the economists expected. it is the fewest in 14 years. it shows the job market is going in the right direction. the fed is still watching the job numbers and we'll see what the fed does next year. in the meantime now, you do have some good jobless claims numbers. so they remain under that 300,000 mark and that obviously is -- apple hit 104 bucks. today we'll watch gm, yelp and at & t. >> you walked so long, did you pull a muscle? you probably went three miles with us today. >> maybe. i need more exercise.
5:48 am
it's all good. john mellencamp and meg ryan back together. >> what a relief. >> don't miss nicole on the "fox business" network. to find it in your area g to thank you very much. >> thanks so much. coming up, whistle blower goes public about the mess at the v.a. but wait until you hear what happened eight minutes after he appeared right here on the fox news channel. you'll hear from him next. first let's check in with martha mccallum who just got off the air with bill o'reilly a short time ago. now back in action. hey, martha. >> just a few minutes ago. good morning. as you've been saying, this canadian shooter was a recent convert to islam who had raised red flags at his mosque for erratic behavior. we're going to be joined by a former c.i.a. operative who says when it comes to this kind of killer, it's time to wake up. new polls show a shift on the ground in iowa. we'll talk to bret baier. and the reporter who shot the video inside the parliament
5:49 am
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>> the scandal at the v.a. where all sorts of things have happened to veterans who can't get proper care and they've been fudging the numbers and all sorts of things and there has been allegations people died waiting to get care. well, back in january, there is a v.a. whistle blower who works in georgia, scott davis. he officially became a whistle blower and asked for protection with the government. then it hit the fan regarding the larger v.a. scandal. in september he wound up going on the neil cavuto show to talk about the bad stuff that he had
5:53 am
seen. and within eight minutes, he heard from the front office. >> he hears from hr. the e-mail said mr. davis with all due respect, the notification sent to you and to your representative to appear before the administrative investigation board was not an invitation to which you can decline. >> right. so what happened was, somebody from his office reached out and said, hey, you're on tv. you got to come to a meeting. we're going to talk to you. he goes, what? i've already gotten whistle blower protection from the government. i can't be part of that. and then they sent that e-mail that said, look, it's not an invitation. you got to come. what was the government trying to do to him? the v.a., and he says the white house as well? very clear, he thinks they're trying to shut him up. >> trying to shut me up and trying to silence me from discussing the fact that 47,000 veterans died while waiting to get their health care applications processed and that
5:54 am
890,000 veteran applications for health care have never been processed by the department of veterans affairs. what they tried to do is say, well, mr. davis, we're going to have an investigation. you have to participate in our investigation. unfortunately, this came after i had already spoke with the inspector general's office, after i had already contacted the white house. by the way, that white house whistle blower complaint got leaked to my supervisor. and after i took the fight before congress. so i've testified before congress and public and now they're telling me, you can't talk to people anymore because we're having an investigation. i as a united states citizen have the right to petition the government. >> he was very well-spoken. we understand and sympathize with his views. this is blowing up on our facebook. alice writes, scott davis sure a real hero. thank you for speaking up. >> ray tweets, this only shows the depth of corruption within the v.a. and we trust our nation's health care to the government? are we crazy?
5:55 am
>> rocky said we're at the point where the king can just send his above the law guards out to take you away. we're back 300 years. >> and we're going to be back in just a second for the one for the road. >> yep. have you ever tried to use this excuse? listen to this. >> the key to fake out the parents is the clammy hands. i'm a big believer in it. >> it may have worked in the movies. does it work in real life? the excuses you should never use next ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪
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bosses revealing the worst excuse, oh, sorry, i put a casserole in the oven. my uniform was still wet, so i put it in the microwave to dry and it caught on fire. >> speaking of excuses, how far would you go in order to avoid a court date and prosecution? that man right there, who looks to be in a wheelchair, pretended he was a quadraplegic for two years, even to the point where he faked he was in comas. he was wanted for stealing over $80,000 from a neighbor. cops busted him because he went to the grocery store and he was using a supermarket loyalty card. they also saw him walking around and driving. you can't do those things when you're in a coma. >> and my favorite of the day, the sixth inning of the game two of the world series last night and then this happens. >> look at that. >> in the middle, an emergency
6:00 am
broadcast system test in the middle of the game. viewers went crazy. especially in the washington area. they started rapting on twitter. the royals went on to play. bill: canadian police say the gunman acted alone. but new information on the gunman's past have many wondering if this is another instance of a lone wolf attack. welcome to a thursday morning edition of "america's newsroom." martha: we are learning more about the suspect in yesterday's shooting. he's a 32-year-old convert to islam who recently had his passport dereken away. he had an religious


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