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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 23, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> no, gene simmons is awesome. >> we are reading the bock. it is excellent. >> we'll talk to eric about this and more on the web. "happening now" starts right now. >> fox news alert and canada standing tall in the face of terror. >> we learn more about the gunman in ottawa, the prime minister of canada said they will never surrender to those who threaten it. >> a deadly terror attack. and refusal to back down. >> canada will never be intimidated. >> the latest on a shooting rampage and what prompted the horror. plus. it happen again, another white house fence jumper. and how safe is your commander in chief.
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and it is from another world. it is signs of another planet. and figuring out if there is life in outer space. it is all in "happening now". first, let's get you more on our top story new on the terror attack in ottawa. the gunman acted alone. it is on high alert. it is throwing the city in chaos and triggering a look down. it is a potential threat and on the day after, a moment of reflection for the loss.
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paying tribute. corporal serillo, the father of a young son. and canada's leader will stand strong as it carries on. we'll be vigilant. and we'll not be scared. but this business. and that is in the canadian parliment. and chris wallace. it is over 24 hours old. did you see anything changing in our nation's capitol? >> no, i certainly sos things changing in the canadian capitol. and that is over the course of the years. i was in washington in 1978 and
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pennsylvania avenue. and that is buildings that you go through. that didn't exist in ottawa. sadly it will have to change up there. the security and the ability of this guy to run through the open dor. and on capitol hill. and absolutely. it will go one direction. and security needs to be to ittened up and the safe guards stay in place and the next incident or provocation they change again. it shoes how vulnerable we are. not just public buildings. it is in isis and syria and iraq
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attacking us. what t they do through the internet and hateful ideology. and they can radicalize people in this country. and they are living there. and watch, they are unhappy in their lives. and that is a strike and pass the international border. in this particular case. this fellow. they are under guard and they were banned from concerned and they joined up with isis and they were able to attack people in this particular case, the guard and the tomb of the unknown and the war memorial and can happen here or canada or
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kidnap. >> the dead suspect, he had had his passport seized by the canadian authorities because he was on the watch list of people they were suspicious of, people that might try to leave to join isis. john mccain suggested that we ought to do that same kind of thing in the united states. sews the passports of people we see involved in terrorism. do you so the appetite on capitol hill. >> trying to stop the foreign fight ares and i know that britain passed a law and perhaps in a lame duke session it would prevent that kind of person from going to another country. but you can't arrest them. he hadn't broken the you la. he had broke a lot of the laws but not in this case. you can take the passport but
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not lock him up. you can't have them under 24 hour sollecito. but he was able to wreak havoc. it is it a solution but not the perfect solution. chris thank you. >> and be sure to tune in to fox news sunday. chris will have chris christie and his thought was a potential run for the white house in 2016. fox news will be on your local station an hour earlier dow to football. check your local listings. >> the sergeant of arms in the canadian house of commons hailed as a national hero. kevin vickeres got a standing
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oviation. the sergeant of arms usually holds a ceremonial posugz. but vickers served 30 years in the canadian police. he had a gun in his hand just after shooting and killing the suspect. members of parliment said the suspect could have hurt and killed many more people and today they are thanking vickers. >> a humble guy and you could so the emotion on his face. we are getting information that isis is gaining new ground in kobani. kurdish fighters sending more in to fight for that territory. greg is near the border. >> reporter: we watched intense fighting in syrian border town
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of kobani. and one battle crucial to the fight of isis terrorist on one side. anduredish defenders and the united states on the other, take a look. it is a fight for very important ground. we are hearing the guns of the kurdish militia fighting over the country side. and where the u.s. dropped the important guns and ammunition on monday and now where isis, the terrorist took a hill over there. the kurds are trying to hit it and more resupply missions will be difficult. by the end of the long day. the u.s. took matters and launching a momoth air strike and taking out the isis occupied hill and terrorist dug in the trenches and insuring that future air drops would beoused
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by the kurds. they were trying to beat back the isis advance in the center of the city. they are pushing to kobani. and there is turkish president irdo wan. and they will be bringing heavy weapons. thank you. new information and new information and two guard dogs injured in the the incident cleared for doubt. the suspect accused of jumping the fence and injuring those dogs. wenda l goler and things look calmer today. >> it was the 7th time this year
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someone jumped the fence saying they wanted to talk to the president. it happen after 7 o'clock last night x. president obama was in the white house at the time. and he barely got over the fence before they were on him. and he kicked and punched at the dogs. and they were actually facing charges for getting in the gates of the white house this past july. and he was held and released and the next day tried to get in the gates of the treasury department building and arrested again. and schedule will appear in september. security it is tightened her. and surrounding the white house after the embarrassment in september when a fence jumper made it in the white house. president obama was not in the
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house at the time. and secret service officers are on doubt. and that is a new temporarily director in colombia. they told the baltimore television station his son had psychological problems and they can't be at home all of the time to watch him. he was treated at a hospital. and hurricane and jordan. and they are back on breezing. good to hear. it i hope he gets the help me needs. and americans are returning. we'll tell you what the travellers have to do plus how did they roach out to three tone age girls in colorado.
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>> the state of connecticut quarentine nine people because of concerns of ebola. they were flagged after returning from west africa and no one under the quarentine is showing symptoms of the disease. two nurses in seattle area are monitored for ebola. both of them treated patients in west africa. they are not currently showing symptoms of the disease. >> new information on an apparent isis rekrautment from the u.s. rockies. three teens on the way to join the terror group before the fbi detained them in frankfurt, germany. the islamic terrorist most
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likely made a pitch to the girls on line. explain this one, william. >> reporter: from the suburbs of denver to syria. that was the plan. two sisters, 15 and 17-year-old of somalia descent and other watched videos on line. instead of going to school. they stole two grand from parents and grabbed passports and flew to frankfurt and plans to go to turkey. and they tweeted about it to classmates who told officials and they told the parents and called police. >> had we not called home. >> we are grateful to germany for their cooperation with us on
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the particular instance of young folks that are traveling. it is under investigation. we are looking at causes and impacts carefully. isis recruiters target lost souls and they are solid on the idea of saving themselves and others by joining the jihad. >> let us deal with the refugees and help your brothers and sisters who are abandoned. >> the problem is, these are throw of 400000 names on the terrorist screening database. and the challenge every day for the fbi who do you watch? >> and all thing were turned to denver and released and sent home. it is possible but doubtful they will face charges. >> they will have to face their
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parents. >> that is very thorough. >> william, what a story, thank you. heavy rain and high winds pummel the northeast coast. >> it is it hitting my cheek. >> how does the ocean look? >> rough. >> knocking down lights and disrupting travel in the region. why is not the u.s. ally turkey jumping in the fight. peter brocks is here to talk about why turkey is mia.
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is turkey an ally in the fight against terror. >> that is our next guest. and peter brooks. and despite the willingness to cross turkish territory. and a five alarm fire. and that is questionable coalition and peter brooks senior fellow. and assistant secretary of defense. and peter good to see you today. and a lot is said. and this is what we are going to
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do. and so many other questions. and that is a lot more help from them. and a lot of tanks sitting on the border from kobani. and they have operated out of syria and they have allowed the iraqi kurds. and help in the battle for kobani and they want a shift from the islamic state from fighting assad. and i say in the article a lot of this is washington's fault and team obama's fault. and let me ask you about this. it is a long time in the
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diplomatic corps. there was a vote for the security council and turkey in a bit of an upset. and egypt and saudi arabia were actively campaigning against turkey and that was a wake- up call for them as well. >> this is a fire right next dor. i am not doing. that and that is mia. there is large divides. and i am worried about the obama administration. i would be afraid of the actions in iraq. and are we fighting to defeat them. and what about libya.
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and operation with nato and militarily was successful and the follow through is a disaster. and that is a country that is terrible termill. and that's the actions. and crimia i think the turks are nervous. and it is a hard focus on the issue of the islamic state and come together as allies. and that whole situation. and there is no surprise and criticism from the gop side of the aisle and there is criticism from the president's own party. and will that be enough to get
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his attention. and i think the president pays attention to politics and public opinion polls and his decision had a lot to do with the shift in american public opinion. and yes, there is a lot of disashes pointment on that side of the oifl and the president is going to get a lot more pressure on this issue. i think we are in a steal mate with the islamic state. i am bothered with the extra teggic. and it has leanings and i am saying that we need a hard focus on the islamic state. it is canada or united states or europe. it is important that we get what
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>> fox news alert. police in canada now saying that the gunman who rampaged through parliment was on his own. he barrelled through the halls before the sergeant at arms drou his gun and shot back. here is one of the 911 calls for help. >> it is on the war memorial, shots were fired. we have multiple patients. one soldier has been hit. >> prime minister stephen harper stopped by the memorial to honor the soldier who died yesterday. ing corporal gnathan sirello was
10:32 am
standing there when he was shot at point blank range. >> the labor department reporting a spike u.n. employment application. and joining us now from the fox business network. lauren what do all of these numbers men. >> it is the numbers above the throw hundred thousand level. and claims are in the lowest level since the 1970s. and if they are handing out pink sleeps. and if you get it like this. a stronger market. and that is consumer stocks and home depo and dominos.
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and for a lot of folks they are thinking about it. what is the best day to think about that. >> it is international travel and averaging $432. and $439. and that is the best day to bock. and there is millions of ticket sales. and they found that sunday will score you the best deal. corporate travel is not on the woke week. and two months and pen days to be exact. that is the best deal to travel with the united states. where are we going? >> going somewhere warm and sunny. >> john can come if he is on his
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best behavior. >> how can you bock flights when football is on? >> there are commercials. >> there you have it. and you can get snacks. and we'll get together on the details. >> don't miss on the network. and log on to fox finder. and both parties are reportedly preparing for a gop take over in the senate. and jockeying in the power shift. and what may you expect. and that is jessica is a democratic strategist and a former democratic congressional candidate.
10:35 am
are republicans counting chickens too early. >> they could be. given the state of where things are now. and they will be able to keep control of the senate. and it is a hard fought battle. and there is tremendous amounts of money poured in the races in the country and it will be a close one. nimagine that republicans do win control of the senate and experts out there is an it looks more and more likely. and what can they fresh when they inhabit the oval office. he's willing to negotiate and end of the day republicans will have. and they are like for millions of americans. and republicans have to have
10:36 am
answers for the price of food. and gas prices. and how can we send them to college. and there is all sorts of opportunities and conservatives and republicans have real solutions. and jessecca, with harry reid in charge. they have complained loud and long and not allowed to offer amendments to the legislation of the senate. harry reid effectively shut out the party. if republicans get control you have turn about. would you have a political pay back? >> hopefully not. i don't think the senate is supposed to be that sort of a body. >> listen to the complaints of the republicans right now? you have that on both sides
10:37 am
before. you had the tinkers of the rowels that were going on and if we so republicans take back control, probably the first thing we can expect is tinkering with the rules and change things around. talk of them reopening the ability to offer more amendment ands bipartisan legislation that is in the senate that would be the first step taken. i have to disagree with what mike said. i know right now, the house continues to blame the senate for obstructing the bills they passed and they had the majority in the house and they have yet to produce anything that shoes the economic policy weather it is student loan debate or helping middle-class families. >> it depends. you are the democratic strategist and giving the
10:38 am
democratic point of vow. house speaker john boehner sent over bills that is a powerful stimulus for the economy. >> that's right. president obama has hidden bow hind harry reid. house of representative passed bills. if we want real immigration reform put amnesty. and they have the ways and means putting forth a plan. but the democrats are hiding behind the obstructionism of harry reid. it would be great to have republican solutions to make life better for the working americans. have votes and legislation put forth. democrats are hiding behind obstructionism and when the republicans take the senate it would be a great platform to
10:39 am
talk to the american people about making life better for them and care about the problems. >> we'll expect to know the answer to the debate question in less than two week. mike and jessica, thank you both. >> thank you for having me. a powerful nor' easter drenching new england and drenching rain and powerful winds and flood watches in maine and massachusetts. on the other coast, portland, oregon getting soaked with the heaviest rain. and folks abandoned their cars and took the bikes. >> he's not staying off. and plying through. >> nothing worse than a flood. >> a new theory is picking up steam on how mankind might make
10:40 am
contact with intelligent life on other planets. douglas kennedy has more. ndouglas? >> yeah, if there is life on other planets, the harvest professor is betting they are probably not environmentalist. >> ivy love spent his life looking for population but not trying to save the planet. but trying to find a planet with alien life. >> you believe it may be the key to finding extra te restial life. >> that was what was never looked at before. >> for years, humans listened for signs of life from other planets. and for years, there is nothing but silence. lob is the chair of astronomy at harvard university and believes we'll have more luck looking
10:41 am
than listening. >> it is roughly the size of the earth and light will pass through the atmosphere of the planet and we'll see the finger prints of oxygen and poluttants. >> advanced societies and in turn create industrial population and atmospheric moleculs not found in nature. it is a new theory that has nasa scientist excited. >> are there other worlded and beings? we can look at them with our scientific instruments. >> he is it building a james web space telescope tailor made. and this is the first to enable scientist and astronomers to
10:42 am
dopely probe the stars. if there is a signal of population there must be polluters. & it could act as a warning sign about the need to protect our own planet. back to you. >> every time i so the little green men in the science fiction movie, there is hyper drives. >> maybe they figured a way to do it without the pollution. >> we'll so. douglas kennedy. >> thank you. >> investigators are learning about the gunman as we hear from a reporter inside of parliment when it happen. >> bogus grades and classes in a university. why the fraud could be bigger
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don't miss my exclusive interview with the illinois candidate who tried to vote for himself and the machine kept voting for democrats, is this a widespread problem. >> do you feel safe at work? some realtors arming themselves with guns. what would you do? >> and guess who called the president irrelevant? not a republican. we'll tell you who. >> more on the top story. the deadly terror attack in ottawa. the gunman was a recent convert of islam and acted alone. joining us now a reporter with
10:47 am
cbc news and john, a political columnist with the national post. >> welcome to you both. julie, what new are we learning about the suspect? >> well, what we learned here in cbc, is the shooter was living in a ottawa homeless shelter for two weeks. he was known to the residents of the homeless shelter for the last little while. he talked about the need to pray and end of the world was coming and some of them had questions about radicalization and potential mental illness. he was kicked out of his mosque for behavior that was disturbing. there yesterday, you were one of the twitter accounts i was following as we watched it unfold and hearing your
10:48 am
firsthand account of folks barricaded. what was that experience like for you? >> the adrenalin rush and you don't think about it. but looking back at it. i am glad were lun tick amateurs and not competent terrorist. many more of us would have been at risk from shooters and would bey traps and many more people would be dead in the house of commons. he went right back the caucus room where the prime minister was. it would have been mayhem and we could be reloved i think. >> and we are listening and watching the video that had gunshots that were heard echoing through that area. and also this morning, we saw
10:49 am
the prime minister speaking and politicians coming together and celebrating kevin vickers who was hailed as a hero. julie, do you think will change now? it is what we saw here in the u.s. after 9/11. people who are political enemies coming together and saying we have to do what is best for the country and united at least on that? >> sure, and also we have seen the politicians coming together and hugs in the house of commons this morning and on the streets, a lot of people are talking about that. ottawa is a small city of a million people. and yesterday our rod asks bridges were closed and schools in a secure situation and children are talking about this and people are talking about
10:50 am
this and there is a heightened awareness and what we have never had to deal with before. and people all over the city are talking about it. >> julie and john. thank you for talking about the events and glad you are safe and >> thousands of immigrant enmates will be released. too they said they had minor criminal records, but new documents reportedly tell a very different story. the medical marijuana debate heating up in florida with less than two weeks before a vote on landmark -- on a landmark amendment there. phil keating live in delray beach. >> john, inside card rooms as senior citizen centers around the state there's an interesting topic of conversation about medical marijuana. prop ownents making floor the
10:51 am
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile.
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that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at >> marijuana on the ballot in florida. in less than two weeks voters there will say yes or no to an amendment that would legalize almost all forms of medicinal marijuana. supporters say it would give patients with debilitating diseases more options. opponents take issue with the way the amendment is written. phil keating is live in delray beach, florida, with that argument. phil. >> john, medical marijuana prop ownents are hitting florida retirement centers just as hard as college campuses this year. the silver tour arrives here in delray beach tonight, and
10:55 am
amendment two could really be decided one way or the other by senior citizen voters like these. florida has one out of five residents as retired, and they are being touted as the largest group that could benefit from medical pot. nancy says she is one example. she smokes pot illegally for her multiple sclerosis. >> it just goes down through your body. stretch, wiggle my toes, move the legs. >> as it is right now, medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and washington d.c. florida would become the first southern state to allow it. all year gangapreneurs rash alt med in sarasota plans to dispense it believing medical pot's time has finally arrived downtown. opposition is well financed.
10:56 am
drug-free florida specifically cited the amendment's language that would allow anyone who has a debilitating -- permission to get it. they say that -- we have so-called patients walking into the marijuana clinics or stores and getting a marijuana recommendation for something as big as a headache or trouble sleeping or a knee or back ache. amendment two support hadn't been polling as high. as high as 72% and then in the 60s. a most recent poll puts it at 48 support, and you need 60% in florida to amend the constitution. john. >> phil keating in delray beach. phil, thank you. >> terror just north of the border. new deals emerging in the deadly attack. what investigators are just uncovering. that's ahead. you do a lot of things great.
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>> check out this bear cub
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wandering the aisles of a rite aid. just look at him. >> ah. >> another dangerous situation, but just look at him. they scooped up a bear in the basket. we're told he is going to the rehab center. i'm not thinking drug rehab, but it was a drugstore. anyway, he is back in the woods. >> what a cutie. >> love it. >> thanks for joining us. "the real story with fwrechen carlson" starts now. >> our embassy reopens, and canada being proactive looking to introduce legislation this week to give the country's police and intelligence there greater powers to counter potential terrorist threats, including tracking potential terrorists at home and abroad. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you're having a great day. we are here to bring you the real story.


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