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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 26, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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continue our conversation on twitter. huckabee starts now. tonight in huckabee. shooter in canada. hatchet guy in new york. cat least canada knows how to call it terrorism. and iowa waseptember candidate brings back a memorable ad. and also mayor parker, did you get the bible i sent? we have new details about the houston pastors ordered to turn over their sermons, that's tonight. (applause)
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and welcome to huckabee. thank you for watching tonight. the elections coming up are important. but america can't be fixed by mere lekszs. our great republic has lost sense of common sense. ebola comes to the city. our government treats us like idiots and tell us it is better to let people from infected countries to travel here than contain them where they are. that is like saying we can contain the inmates in the prisones if we takedown the fences. and speaking of prisones, detainees whined they will not leave their sales if female guards escort them. i have been to gitmoand they have muslim approved meals that cost two and half-times what it
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costs to feed the military personnel that guard them. they have arrows pointing to mecca and given time and a prayer rug for the rituals five times a day and they get to keep their beards to accommodate their religion. ditto for hasan who murdered 14 people in fort hood, texas. he gets to keep his beardine though it is against military policy because we don't want to offend his religion. good god people he is a murderer and terrorist. do we let him watch catoons? and we stomp all over the religious convictions of christians like the knaps in oregon. they are threatened with 180 days in jail and a thousand
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dollar a day fines because they choose not to conduct same- sex weddings and like elanes photography in new mexico. they are bullied out of business because the government targeted christians and jews who believe the same bible that barak obama claimed to believe in 2008. hobby lobby has to go to the supreme court to keep from offering baby killing babies. and denams get dumped on a tv about real estate. muslims don't accept hemosexual marriage. but when do they squeal about that. radical muslims we beheading women in oklahoma and shooting up the canada parliament.
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we have masters in houston, texas to be ordered by the gosstepping mayor to turn over sermons. in houston and fayetville and the entire state of california, we accommodate people who think they ought to be the opposite gender of what their bodies are and means your nine year old daughter might have to share the public restroom with a 42-year-old man. this happens when people elect loans to public fence. we need a moral and spiritual awakening and a good dose of common sense. (applause) on wednesday, muslim convert killed a canadian soldier and stormed the parliament build nothing ottawa where he was shot and killed two days earlier in
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montreal an islamic run over two soldiers killing one before the police shot him. and in new york. another islamic convert called for jihad saying americans are vulnerable at home attacked and wounded two police officers with a hatchet. the terror group encouraged lone wolf attackers to kill soldiers in america. three teenage girls in colorado were caught on the way to syria and planning to join isis. joining me now is the resident american author of the of the book my friend the fanatic. it is great to be here. of all of the stories this week, the one that shocked me is the three teenage girls that just decided they were going to take
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off to syria and join isis. what possesses young teenage girls who live a normal life in a state like colorado to want to go join a terror group like isis? >> it is happening in austria and over europe. you have impressionable teenage girls from muslim families who decide they want to give up their comfortable lives in the west and go to the front lines of jihad marry a mu jaha dean that is fighting for islam in syria. >> i am not trying to play psychologist. something has to be going on in these heads who want to linkup with people who behead innocent people. what emptiness is in the lives of teenage girls to make them want to embrace that life. >> why are they filling it with
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this poison in that is a larger failure. how are the jihaddist able to get their message across to kids in colorado in a way that is more effective than our metszage and that's the part to worry about. >> the bigger picture of home grown domestic terror. there was a time when we were told, i remember president bush saying we are fighting them over there and so we will not have to fight them here. what has changed? why are we fighting them over here? >> it is a failure of obama administration policy. he came in and had the myth that if we are nice to everybody and meet them not just halfway. and we give pretty speeches, this problem is going to go away. guess what? it,b grew bigger. >> why is that?
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why are we see naive to think if we sit down and make nice we could toast marsh mellows and have a good time? >> we are not good at understanding people who are not like us. we are not good at understanding that some people could genuinely be motivated by the brutality. the state department is running a series to dissuade people to join isis. it looks like an advertising video for isis. they show people beheading and shooting people and saying this is horrible. but there is a segment of the population who look at that beheading and say you know this is great, i want to be a part of it. >> you have had a lot of insight and contact with and understanding of the people who are radicalized. explain to the typical american who never encountered a jihaddist. we don't bump into them in the
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aisles of the grocery store at least not yet. what is the difference that americans don't get? >> they don't get that this is not about money or owning a better car or refrigerator or iphone. it is ideology. it is believing that you want to create a perfect society and that perfect society is based on your ideas of the founding of islam and this problem doesn't have material forces. it has idea logical forces. >> one of the ways jihaddist is rekrauting from all over the world. and it is disturbing that a facebook page is one of the most prominent ways of getting someone enticed to joining isis or a radical movement. how do we combat? do we shut facebook pages down?
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i had my facebook page shut down before because i put forth a message that is prochristian and life and they shut it down and how do we combat it when this is the primary way they communicate. nfacebook is spending more time monitoring you know that isis. >> i am a pretty dangerous guy? >> i guess. i am at a distance. >> you should be afraid, very afraid. >> this is one of the big differences between al-qaeda and isis. you have seen them become more sophisticated in the use of social media. the answer is not to shut down social media, but develop messaging that is sophisticated as their message being. why are they coming back to the girls in colorado? why do they exist in an environment where they are able to get the messages from the radicals?
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that is a problem and if you go and look at isis accounts, they are sophisticated and youtube channels. they are able to use the western tools, social media and video, and in an extremely sophisticated way. >> it is a frightening issue when it starts happening in small town america and capitol buildings and i think that we are seeing more before we see less. thank you for joining us and it is a pleasure to have you here. (applause) >> ann coulter tells republicans to stop sucking up to the spanish. they are not going to vote for the gop anyway. i think she is wrong and we'll talk about the minority role in the upcoming election. stay with us.
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>> the midterm election push is on for key voting groups and in georgia the democrat party encouraged the black people to get out and vote by invoking the death of michael brown. >> and this mayor accused republicans of trying to hurt minorities. joining me is dpormer communication director tar ta set mire. and executive director daniel garza and senior political strategist jessica. good to have you guyzañ here. tarra, i will start with you. the flyer in georgia and arkansas is specifically targeting the african-american voters. is that a keep them in the democratic tent? >> of course, they have nothing else.
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this is par for the course. democrats are playing on the republicans are anti- minorities and they are racist and you remember back in 2000 the james bird case in texas a black man dragged to his death. they put out scare tactic ads and chains rathing and used the daughter of james bird to say she felt like her dad was killed all over again. the perpetrators got the death penalty. or life in prison. it was a scare tactic. and this is what is going on in ferguson. blacks are worse off under obama
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it is hurting the african-american communities. >> who's shown that. i have not seen. that >> that was before the north carolina law. just the idea. african-americans came out in larger number. that is an untruth. >> i have sewn the survey shown from pugh. >> this is about michael ferguson. >> and in the way michael brown in ferguson. >> thank you. but the point is, it is not necessarily about his death but who our elected officials are. and the issue is, the democrats
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want the black community they are can have a say. and the democrats are rallying part of their base. it is not their own base and the economic numbers are not great for the african-american community under obama, but that is not meaning that the democrat party is not the better party for them. >> it is like if you vote republican. your life will be worse off. >> the and republicans are saying how their life is going to be saying. >> the fact is, 70 percent of the latinos are for id at the polls. it is the liberal trying to project their concerns on the latino computer and it is pandering. they are trying to stoke a negative segment from the latino and it is a bad narrative and they will face the
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consequence. >> we need to change subjects. ann coulter said on bill o'rielly that latinos are, the gop needs to quit sucking up to the latino voter. i was offended by that. i think it is whether they are latinos or african-american. they are making a mibs take. 49 percent of the african-american voters in my state i had. i think ann is dead wrong. >> and reckless and short sighted by ann and in this case, the fact is, latinos are a critical voting block and they have strength in numbers. they will tilt the house in new mexico. and they will tilt the senate in colorado. you are going to have latinos who are going to gain republican seats in the congress, moonie
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and you are seeing garcia do a great race and in california. but washington state, but latinos can help you govern and get behind your policy position. they self identify conservatives and 32 percent moderate and 31 percent liberal and any time, you have 60 percent of the latinos agreeing and engage and you win. >> we'll come back and think of the other topics. terrorism and equal pay and other things that are noncontroversial. a new ap poll shoes women voters are learning more republican. is the waging war on women no longer working? we'll have more on the panel right after this.
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>> well, you can listen to my daily commentary on 600 radio stayings and deliver it in a smart phone in a podcast. if you are not my facebook friend or twitter sign up today. according to a new poll on the midterms. 44 percent of the likely women voters favor republicans as opposed to 47. a new poll showedy 47- 40 percent. we are back with our panel. that is a big turn. and republicans are gaining.
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and i thought we were told that there was a war on women and women care about birth control. >> it is not just birth control. i think women care about that generally. but as we discussed. they care about national security and we saw it after 9/11. women's interest shifted to national security and the attacks with isis and what is going on with ebola caused a shift. >> they don't trust the democrats will take care of those issues. 42- 44 percent and that is in a margin of error. i am not saying there is a drop. but it is closer, obviously right around the same level and the infamous swing of 50- 40. >> and look at what is going on in the senate race.
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mark udoll and corey garner winning now. and the singleullar focus was the war on women. and udal. birth control and going on war on women stuff. and the people in colorado said enough. this is not that important. we have bigger issues going on here and access to birth control is not what we are worrying about in this country. and so the mantra of war on women is a myth. if you want to look at the war on women. obama care and way the economy and mishandling of ebola and president of the united states that is disengaged with the american people. women look at ha and say it is not the kind of leadership we feel comfortable in this country. >> the administration's handling of ebola is all over the map. we don't need a czar and he's not a medical guy but political guy and operative. we are not going to ban travel.
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and people saying maybe we should. is that part of what you see with voters in general? people don't know they can trust the administration? >> look, even with the ebola czar, where is he been? he's missing in action. i have yet to see him in action. i say reflection sort of how lost they are the and the inepiitude that they have messed up the economy and they messed up in the areas of foreign policy. and the latino community is hurting with high unemployment rate and labor participation rate. and you are starting to see the same thing in ebola and you have to show strength and leadership and at the same time show compassion and where is the strength and leadership. >> we only have 30 seconds. >> there is no confidence in that. >> i want go get it from you. what is the bullpen czar?
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>> solving a problem and making an attempt and have a public face on the crisis. the president is dealing with tons of crisis and i am not saying he couldn't have done better. 65 percent say they are frightened. and only 22 percent trust the president to deal with. it if you give som face for it. that can be the go to person. it is not a crisis that would have been handled better. i don't think george bush would not. >> he was not have appointed a political hack lawyer who had no experience if infectious disease. >> we have to wrap it up. >> come on. >> and jesse, the only thing that ron klain run as a political campaign. if ebola is a political issue he's the guy. but if it is a military general
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or someone who headed a major agency. we are finished and thank you guys very much. and it is great to have all of you. and comparing politics to a kid side. and joany earnst will be joining us next. rded the platinum
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album. he was 71. back to huckabee. >> one of the key races that could determine whether or not republicans gain control of the senate in next week's midterms is in iowa. according to the real feel politics. republican joany earnst leads bruce braly. i campaigned with joni. ernst took heat from the local newspaper including the des
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moines register because she cancelled scheduled meetings with them. thanks for joining me. >> thank you. >> i totally understand why you didn't want to meet with the editorial boards and they hammer you and everything you say can and will be used against you >> of course. >> and seems like it was a good mood? how was your decision made? >> the dimoin register has been tearing me down. i am busy on a 99 county tour and thank you for joining me last week. we are visiting with the voters who want to hear me and my
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views. >> you and your husband are veterans and served in the military. tell me what it means in terms of veterans issues and i know that is something you are pagdzate about? >> it is something i am passionate about. my husband is a 28 year active duty army veteran. and i served in the reserves and iowa national guard 22 years. and we are proud of our service and at a time when our world is an unsafe place, i think we need this perspective in our legislature. we don't need more trial attorneys but more veterans serving. >> we invited bruce braly to come on the show and he decli d declined. i guess he is still writing letters to michelle obama to get her to pronounce his name right.
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one of the reasons you cataputted in national prominence a couple of ads are magnificent. i think people will love the down home am way in which you told your story. let's roll the ad. >> it is a mess, dirty and noisy and it stinks, not this lawn. but the one in washington. too many politicians. hogging and full of let's just say bad ideas. joni. i think people in america first got to know you in the adin the primary in which you talked about, well, let's say the servicing of hogs in a clear way. it still made sense and people got the message and you are using that imagery again. when people meet you in iowa, what do they say to you and how
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do they respond in the way you give them straight talk? >> i tell you, here in iowa people love the fact i am a southwest iowa farm girl and relating back to the agriculture roots is very important. so many people come up to me. joni, that's the way i grew up, too. and i am proud of that. i think it is important to come from an agricultural state to represent the views of iwans. >> you think democrats have overplayed the message of republicans not caring about women? as a republican woman candidate how is that playing out where you are? >> yes, when the democrats talk about the war on women, i have addressed this and i did that when i received the nomination as the republican candidate and i told the iowa people, one, i
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am a woman, and second, i have been to war and this is not a war. any time they use the phrase, they should do it to honor our servicemen and women. >> that's a powerful reminder that war is not played on the battleground of politics but where people truly get hurt. joni, one issue that you hear in talking to the people of iowa. what issue that they want you to address in the u.s. senate? >> i tell you, as i travel over iowa waso many people are concerned about federal government spending, they are concerned about obama care and they are concerned about our economy. and those are the things we need to address and i am ready to do that. >> you certainly have been busy on the campaign trail as i can attest. joni, thank you for joining us.
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it is a pleasure to have you. >> thank you, governor, thank you. >> coming up next, the update on the houston pastors who were ordered to turn over their sermons to city officials. including scathing letter to the mayor from a civil right's commissioner. wait until you hear what he has wait until you hear what he has to sayayayayayay
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>> i would like to ask every pastor in america send her, the sermons, obviously she could use a few. if you are a pastor send them to her. and here's another thought. everybody watching the show ought to send her a bible. well, last week, that's what i asked you to do. i sent her one myself. i hope she got. it delivery said she did. and pastors all over the country are sending their sermons and we had a big response for you over the situation in houston. five pastors were ordered to hand over their sermons to the city government. the protest clear violation of free speech. send sermons and bibles to a nice parker in houston. here is todd starnes who is fox news radio host. todd is also the author of a wonderful book, called god
12:44 am
less america. and you will love the bock. >> this story broke because of your reporting and it went viral. last week we asked people to send bibles and sermons and she wants to cough up the material. have we heard the response in >> my understanding from my sources that hundreds of people sent sermons and i have heard from people who sent bibles and i sent in four spiritual laws and book to be on the safe side. this story resonated with people. and the reason why, governor, it is an issue i write about in the book. there is a war on religious liberty. it is not targeting the islamic faith or jewish faith. it is targeting the jewish faith and what happened in houston, texas is a great example of how it is waged.
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>> this is not so much the issue of the transgender law. that was the heart of the controversy. but whether or not people acting in their capacity as a christian believer say to the government hold on, we disagree with you. it was an attempt to shut down the pastors from talking to their people. this is not an issue about the law, but the issue of the concern of religious liberty. >> it is, governor. they wanted to smear the pastors and paint them in a hateful manner. we are seeing this happen all over the country and i talk about the stories in godgod less america where christian business owners. and pastors in idaho threatened with jail time because of religious beliefs. and we are seeing it in the school arena. christian boys and girls are
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silence because of faith in jesus christ. >> this got such a huge response and the civil right's commission member. obviously the discovery request would have a chilling affect on free speech. i hope you instruct your attorneys to withdraw them. it is a strong letter. this is an trampling of the pastors rights to say what they want to say from the pulpits. >> it is true, governor. there is an idea that i feel like duck dynasty guy living in a miley cyrus world. write and wrong and wrong and right and american values are upside down. there is another lesson here.
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that mayor was elected with 13 percent of the vote. that testimonies me a lot of people in the pew did not go and vote. elections do matter and have consequences and as a result people of faith staying in home. now five pastors are ordered to turn over their sermons to the government. there will be a rally november 2nd in houston, texas and you can get more information on my website at i hope you will join us there and todd not only thank you for being here but thank you for the book. audience, all of you get to go home with a copy of todd's book, god less america. you are going to love it. >> coming up. country star angelina presley with a tribute to america's working class.
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working class. ♪
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it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. she joined forces with miranda lambert and ashley monroe to form a trio. now going solo, a brand new album called "american middle class." please welcome angelina presley. it's a great album, brand new release, just out this week. and the song that we're going to do today is kind of an autobiographical song. >> very much song. it is my experience growing up as a coal miner's daughter. so yeah, i had hard-working parents and, you know, we barley got by, we got a lot of pride and we fake the it till we made it. >> you know, i think there's so
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many people, angelina, can so relate to the story of this song. people work really, really hard all over america. and many of them, they're not expecting that one day they're going to own a yacht or their own private island in the bahamas. but they just want to be respected for the fact that they work hard and they put bread on their own table by the sweat of their brow. and you know, this song reflects that appreciation for hard work in this country. >> yeah, to me the working class -- working-class america, they're the heroes of the country. i just appreciate them so much. just the elbow grease and the calluses that they built so much. and this song just kind of pays homage to them. >> i think one of the reasons i love it is because that's where i came from. that's who call. and i am proud of it. and i love this song and the album is fantastic and i hope everybody will get it through amazon or download it from itunes. after they hear even me play on
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it -- >> after they hear you shred on it. >> they're really going to want it, right? >> yes. >> all right. let's go "ameri(p' middle class." ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ when you know how to build this town ♪ ♪ between your heart and your hometown ♪ ♪ ♪ got my education ♪
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♪ we're just middle class ♪ ♪ got the pension or social security ♪ ♪ spent years in a coal mine a welfare family ♪ ♪ struggled hard and mightily sure ain't rich ♪ ♪ sure enough to get one little break first to last ♪ ♪ tear this poor house down ♪ when you know how to build this town ♪
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♪ put this country on your back ♪ ♪ >> great new album with angeliae presley. we'll be back with your comments when we return, stay with us. ú
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join us sunday night, november 2nd, standing with the houston five, the pastors that were targeted by the mayor. if you'd like more information about the rally, go to tune in sunday night at 10:00 for a fox news special "american dream on the ballot" hosted by
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bret baier. we don't want you to miss a minute of our show. that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. stay tuned for "justice with jeanine." hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine per row. thanks for being with us tonight. america's got a new hero and he's a canadian. [ cheers and applause ] >> and guess what? surprise! he's a gun


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