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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 26, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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or two, it isn't going to hurt you. we aren't going to come on the show pand recommend it. what works is staying active. my father is 91 years old and he's playing on that computer right now as we're talking. >> you don't use it, you lose it. >> thank you for watching "sunday house call." top lawmakers have a stark warning today about the growing threat of lone wolves, americans and other countries. country becoming radicalized and planning a to attack right here on this soil. it plus, ebola in america. as one doctor fights for his life and a nurse continues her recovery in isolation, some governors like chris christie are getting heat over their efforts to stop the virus in its tracks. >> i don't believe when you're dealing with something as serious as this that we can count on the voluntary system. this is government's job. if anything else, the government's job is to protect the safety and health of our
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citizens. >> governor christie standing his ground on a mandatory quarantine for travelers who have had contact with ebola patients in west africa. the irs targets conservative groups, gets sued by the victims, and now a federal judge has tossed out their case. that group's attorney joins us live. i'm shannon bream. a brand-new hours from the nation's capitol starts right now. he. the internet, as well as certain specific muslim extremists are really firing up this lone wolf phenomenon. and these attacks and the multiplicity of attack in 2014 show that their propaganda is having some affect. snapshot intelligence committee chair dianne feinstein
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today warning that police and military personnel should be "on guard" for lone wolf attacks inspired by islamic jihad, the motivation that could be behind the deadly shooting at canada's parliament and the shooting at nypd officers later in the week. >> as you know, lone wolf terrorists are tough to track. they save international terror groups a ton of money and they can make a big splash around the world by themselves. it is a scary thought, and now the chairman of the house intelligence committee is warning that lone wolf attacks like the one that rocked ottawa this week could be close to coming here to the united states. here's why. >> here's the problem. in britain, they're very close to be overwashed, meaning their resources can't keep up with the individuals that have both gone to syria and fought and have come back. there will be a point where they'll have to do a priority list meaning people they think are a danger they can't keep up with. we're not that far behind.
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certainly the canadians are not far behind. >> twitter and facebook give leaders from isis a much wider reach than al qaeda had as they tried to recruit jihadists a decade ago. the only way to stop that according to a man who has served as acting director of the cia is to find people in the west and online who these potential isis members will listen to. >> you have to combat it a whole number of ways. you have to be on these websites where these individuals are going and getting radicalized. when they talk about violence and committing violence you have to investigate them. you also have to take on the narrative. although that's not something the united states can do by itself. we need the help of allies and help of moderate clerics in islam to be able to fight this narrative. >> he also says he thinks the ed snowden leaks have made it harder to track lone wolf terrorists. but in the. opinion of dianne feinstein, the white house and fbi are doing everything they can to stop this
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growing problem and they says they're on top of it. for a closer look at the lone wolf threat from the homeland, we're joined by dennis michael lynch. he predicted there would be a significant increase in these kinds of attacks. dennis, good to see you today. >> thank you for having me. >> i know so much of your work has focused on the southern border. you've had amazing video showing the gaps, holes, the problems we have there but a lot of people talking about the fact that canada there is a growth of extremism and radicalism there. what's your take on the northern border threat now? >> well, i mean, look. just from the size of it, you have 2,000 to the south but you have 4,000 of miles between the u.s. border around canada. sadly only 32 miles are secured by the border patrol. we already know what the definition of secured is under the obama administration. we also know that there are morp islamic terror groups operating in canada than there are in
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mexico and they are in mexico! so the threat is real. and if you look at the way just the way that the population is in the u.s., we have large pockets of population along that northern border. the risk is unbelievable. >> i want to play a little bit of sound from john torres, former assistant at customs immigration and enforcement. >> the risk on the northern border is that someone can get into canada. if they get into canada legally, they can legally come into the united states. they just have to show their passport. say "i'm going to go visit vermont," or buffalo or detroit or seattle. >> we're not even talking about illegal immigration in those cases. >> if you read the 9/11 commission report, they blatantly say that the easiest way for terrorists to get in to our country is through visas and passports and things of that nature.
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so we are in a situation right now -- think about this. actually step back. the president is talking about granting an amnesty. he basically wants to stamp owl -- millions of people with legal documents. they're going to be able to hide in broad daylight, these people, they're going to be able to rent trucks, get jobs and communicate planning these sort of things. it took 19 people to take down the world trade center and do all the damage they did in this country. when you look at the lone wolf, how much damage can one person create? it's astronomical. yet we're not ahead of this. the way to get ahead of this seriously is that we have to eliminate isis now. the way that the president is handling things, he's letting them metastasize. they'll start to roll up with the other terror networks. we have ourselves a greater problem than. country is prepared for because i really do not think we are taking it seriously. >> something i know you are taking seriously now, because
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you are so concerned about these issues, there is talk of you exploring a 2016 run. how would you pull it off? i know you got a lot of fans. every time i mention you're going to be on the show my twitter and facebook blow up. is that enough? >> well, first of all, we're grabbing volunteers left and right. a thousand a week since i've announced that i'm going to be taking this very seriously. i will announce that i'm going to run in 2015. i'll make that announcement. my contention is that the president needs to protect the american people, their lives, their health and their jobs. that's not happening. i will always put their special interests above anything else especially political correctness. if you look at this right now, look at what we are talking about right now. most of what is taking place could be eliminated if the political correctness in. country was to be eliminated. so i believe that my platform on protecting the american citizens and being one of their own, if you will, because i walk the
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walk. i don't talk the talk, shannon. i think you'll see how it happened for dr. carson, people will start to get behind me because they really want the real sort of change this country needs. i'll put us back on track the way nobody else can. answer me this question -- who will protect those borders and visa violation and the attack that we have right now from illegal immigration? who can protect that better than i can. i don't think there is a man in the country who would say he would, or can. >> well then keep us updated. we'll look for you especially in 2015. it with the incidence of home grown terrorists on the rise, greta investigates recent lone wolf attacks across the u.s. and in the uk. please join us for a fox news special event. here's a bit of that. >> in the nearby crest ridge apartments was 29-year-old ali mohammed brown. brown is a convicted sex offender with direct ties to a terror camp and radical islamists in the pacific
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northwest. >> according to police, there was some stuff in the jihadist notebook about hiding among the rich. you hide amongst rich, the police will never find you. >> join us again tonight for that fox news special tonight right here on at 9:00 eastern. an update out of mayof mary. police and family members are trying to piece together a motive wondering why the shooter freshman student jay dden frybe opened fire on his classmates. brand-new information this afternoon about the man police say killed two of their own during a shootle spree friday. a custom and immigration official says the suspect had been deported twice to his
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native mexico and has a drug conviction. he identified himself as 34-year-old marcelo marquez of salt lake city but his fingerprints match a different name. attacks led more than 100 police officer on an hours' long manhunt that spanned two counties in the sacramento area. now to america's fight to keep the deadly ebola virus from spreading. at this hour two people are still hospitalized for ebola here in the u.s. texas nurse amber vincent remains at emory in atlanta though her family says she's now free from the vie purus. 109 people are being monitored for any sign of infection. dr. spencer in the first confirmed case of ebola in new york prompting three states -- new york, new jersey and illinois to impose mandatory quarantines for travelers who have been in contact with ebola patients in west africa. today the sunday shows dominated by talk of the quarantine which has been slammed by the cdc and
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organizations like doctors without borders. >> no question, ebola has become as much of a political issue as it is a public health one here in the united states. samantha power, u.n. ambassador, is now on her way into the hot zone for a trip designed to highlight the administration's plan of attacking ebola where it started. >> all of us need to make clear what these health workers mean to us and how much we value contribution, we need to e value encourage more. we need many more than are going right now. we need to find a way when they come home that they are treated like conquering heroes and not stigmatized for the tremendous work they have done. >> the need for u.s. and western health workers to help is an evolving issue especially now that they face mandatory quarantines when they return, not ordered by the federal government but ordered by state governments. something than doesn't sit well with one of america's top docs.
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>> there are other steps that you can protect american people based on the scientific evidence that does not necessarily have to go so far as to possibly have unintended consequenceses of disincentivizing health care workers. >> initially the cdc said that they had all the answers but those answers have changed and that's eroded the confidence of the american people in nih and cdc and the other organizations that are supposed to be experts on health. clearly, governors such as governor cuomo and others, democrats, who no longer trust this administration, are taking action on their own, tells you just what a lack of confidence now exist in this administration. >> here in the nation's capital, it is a different story. washington dulles is 1 of the 5 points of entry for people returning from the hot zone. so far virginia hasn't issued any stricter guidelines than those put out by the cdc. >> we'll keep tracking it. leland, thank you very much. foreign minister rmplts to fallout now over a judge's ruling thursday tossing a
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lawsuit against the irs filed by the group true the vote. 1 of dozens of conservative groups targeted by the agency. it took years and a whole lot of runaround, true the vote finally did get the tax exempt status it was seek. it was enough to convince the judge that the lawsuit was essentially moot. but true the vote say this fight is far from over. joining us now, true the vote's attorney. good to see you today. this has been going on literally for years now. you have testified on the hill. let me get your reaction. the judge says it is essentially over. you got what you were after. the controversy is now -- there isn't one. >> we're pretty disappointed about the decision obviously. we think that there are errors in the judge's decision. it will be up to katherine as the prefz true tpresident -- she vote. it will be up to her whether to
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appeal. we'll talk to her about that this week but we think there are certainly good grounds for appeal. the judge's decision that because the conduct -- he concluded that it had stopped. there are some facts that are asserted in the opinion that we don't actually have any proof of such as that the agency has taken steps to ensure that it doesn't do this again. we really don't know that that's the case. and there was no thought given to the effect of the targeting. what we are talking about is the effects of the targeting of true the vote. that was just given pretty short shrift by the judge. >> i want to read a little bit of what he said. "now that the plaintiff has received tax exempt status which has completely and irrevocably eradicated the effects of the alleged violations by the defendants," meaning the irs, "there is no reasonable expectation the defendants will return to their "allegedly" old
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ways." he's convinced they've cleaned up their act and it is not necessary to punish anybody. >> we disagree with that because we vp no assuranhave no assuran irs has never assured that they won't do this again. and in fact what we saw is that it takes other forms, the harassment takes other forms. one of the things the irs did the day after thanksgiving last year was to issue proposed regulations that would have strange led non-profit organizations and their ability to engage in their free speech rights. there's no thought by the given's opinion that the fact that true the vote because denied its tax exempt status for more than three years and only got it when we sued them on the day that government was supposed to answer the suit, they said, oh, we've given you -- we've decided to give you it the greater tax exempt status. but true the vote had to return foundation grants during the time that its application was
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peb pending. one of the claims that we told the court and that we think the court of appeals needs to consider is the fact that all of this information that the treasure inspector general found was inappropriate for the irs to have asked for and received. that's all going to be made public now because that's a public filing. they should never have obtained all of that information. >> i know katherine has a big decision to make. i want to play a little bit of her testimony where you both testified on the hill in february talking about what happened when she decided to push back and fight the irs on the targeting she was a victim of. >> in 2011 my personal and business tax returns were audited by the internal revenue service. in 2012 my business was subjected to inspection by osha. in 2012 and again in 2013 the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms conducted comprehensive audits at my place of business and beginning 2010 the fbi contacted my non-profit
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organizations on six separate occasions. all of this became after my filing for tax exemption. this government attacked me because of my political beliefs but i refuse to be cast as a victim. >> i know she said prior to her filing and pushing back against the irs her business should never have been audited. 15 different government audits. coincidence or should every american regardless if you are the farthest left or farthest right should be concerned about this? >> i think every american has to be concerned about this. i think that congress has to take steps to rein in the irs and other government agencies because it is not the only government agency that's out of control. but i think it is really important that congress take steps to protect the rights of every american citizen. i think that the federal judiciary has to rein in these agencies. i was disappointed. we're obviously disappointed that the judge said, well, the granting of the tax exempt status renders this moot, we
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don't think that's true. i hope cat lynn will decide to let us move forward but there is a lot we and congress need to do to make sure it is not the federal agency who is premier in this country but it is the citizens. >> excellent point. please keep us updated. coming up this hour, we're talking about miracles. author of the brand-new book "miracles, what they are, why they happen and how they can changier life" joins us later in the hour. do you believe in miracles? why or why not? if you think it's bogus, tweet us @anhqdc or @shannonbream. just nine days to go until election day 2014. coming up, we'll look at a pollster's crystal ball. separation of church and state. not so much say critics of a houston subpoena that require pastors to hand over their
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reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. you're looking and listening to molten hot lava oozing dangerously close to homes on the big island of hawaii. officials are going door to door to keep residents informed just as they know about the lava's movement. authorities telling people to prepare for possible evacuations in the next few days. with just over a week to go to election day, many races are still too close to call though republicans do seem to have an edge. as the director of the university of virginia center for politics notes, we should not expect this to be over on november 4th. that's great news for those of us who love the wonkyness of all
10:24 am
of these individual races. but not so much for these parties who want to know who's going to be controlling the senate. so why could this go nointo january? >> we could have runoffs. we could have runoff for governor in georgia. inestly there will be some recounts. we're nine days away not just from the election but from the start of the runoff and recount period. we love it but i think most people would prefer that it be over november 4th. >> one of the races that could be implicated in this is georgia. we've got according to the prolg this is win one point. at this point it is anybody's race and it may not be over next week. >> it is looking to me like it will be a runoff.
10:25 am
i think it will probably go to a runoff. republicans tend to be advantaged in runoffs. that's true in georgia. i think it is going to prove to be true in louisiana as well. but believe me, there are a lot of candidates like the ones in georgia. there are nine really close senate races, 11 really close governor races. this is larger number than usual. i know you'll be talking about miracles shortly. all of those candidates are praying for a miracle. >> i want to quickly put up the louisiana polling. that is a situation where we have three candidates who are polling and showing up there. again this is one of those races where you have to get to 50%. likely a runoff there. jump to colorado as well. corey gardner, months ago people saying no way udall losses this
10:26 am
seat. >> lately polls have been much closer. gardner's up by a point or two. here's why people are hesitant to call colorado. polls there were awful in both 2010 and 2012. now we have all male balloting in colorado. that's a completely new condition. we're going to wait for the real election on that one. >> we have so many other states. so many of them are close, it's hard to pick and choose. talk about the seats. iowa, new hampshire and north carolina. those are democrat seats that they potentially could lose. >> absolutely. you have i would say in iowa the republican has a slightly better than 50%-50% chance of are ining that race. you have democratic incumbents running in new hampshire, senator jean shaheen and also in north carolina senator kay hagen. both of them were well ahead but now the latest polls show this
10:27 am
moving into a one, two, three-point race with their opponents, senator scott brown in new hampshire and republican nominee tom tillis down in north carolina. i think they're going to go to the wire, too. as i say, there are so many close races. we'll be counting for a long time come election day. >> we know you'll be there when the dust settles. in the meantime, we'll continue to pick your brain. larry, thank you so much. the end of an era in afghanistan. u.s. and royal marines hand over two key bases to afghan forces. we'll get a live report from our mideast bureau. with just a few short days to go, why are so many democrats telling the white house thanks, but no thanks, to actually showing up on the campaign trail. that is a visit from the president. our political panel with juan williams and angela mcgowan. join us next. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert.
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major milestone in the afghanistan war today. u.s. marines have handed over a major military base to afghan forces. this is british troops are ending combat operations in afghanistan as well. >> reporter: it was just four years ago there was 150,000 international troops in afghanistan, but now nato and the u.s. are closing bases all over the country. both the united kingdom and u.s. marines started handing over two of the largest bases in southern afghanistan today. there was a flag lowering ceremony. the two big bases were handed over to afghan forces. the world is not exactly leaving afghanistan. british troops will stay in
10:33 am
kabul to run a west point like military academy for afghan officers. the u.s. has signed an agreement to keep some 10,000 american troops, or so, in the country to help with support and training obligations there. but overall the nato military combat operation is essentially over in afghanistan and it's going to continue to wind down. it's just going to be a smaller american force. the uk minister of defense said the coalition is leaving afghanistan safer, more prosperous and democratic. this is true but it remains very bloody. the taliban still hold large parts of the country and still inflict a lot of daniel and instability on afghanistan but the u.s. and their nato partners really believe that the afghan government now headed with this afghan army they've been building and training for five or six years, they believe the afghans had handle the fight against the taliban with a lot
10:34 am
of u.s. and international support. what we are seeing right now really is the end of the afghan war. as it transitions to more support operation. >>conor powell, thanks. many democratic candidates are taking a pass on having president obama join them on the campaign trail this fall. several even putting out ads specifically distancing themselves from the president and/or his policies. a little more than a week away from mid-term elections, what does it say about democrats' chances of holding on to the senate. angela mcgowan and juan williams. juan, let me ask you about this. the president is doing a bang-up job across the country raising money. he shows up at these fund-raisers on quite a regular basis and they haul in the funds. what do you make of candidates who are more than willing to take in that money but not necessarily want him to show up at a campaign event and stand side by side. >> that's the difference between
10:35 am
red states and blue states. fund-raising, wall street, new york, hollywood, california, even illinois his home state. the president is still popular in blue-state america. his numbers still are in low 40s, but that indicates democratic support. republicans don't like the president. big news, huh? when you're in red states and when you are playing right now as this election is on a red landscape where in fact the president lost arkansas, alaska, louisiana. close in north carolina. you look at that and say, well, that's where the president is a liability and that's why you see democrats distancing themselves. >> talk about new hampshire. that's not a red state. senator jean shaheen is in a dead heat with scott brown, republican senator from massachusetts. she was asked about this this weekend and said the president is very busy. granted, he is between oeb ebold isis and everything else, but
10:36 am
she doesn't expect him to drop everything and campaign with her. once again yesterday he had several hours to go golfing. some people had a problem with that, others say they don't, he has to unwind. but over 200 rounds of golf psh. >> she had vice president joe biden show up to do a speech with her as a political appearance. i want to get back to what you said about the red states versus blue states. if you look at colorado. in 2008 where obama actually accepted the nomination. mark udall is probably going to lose. in essence in certain blue states he's not doing that well. >> i don't think colorado is a blue state. >> it is very liberal in certain places. boulder. denver. >>le boulder was named the top city for people who are liberal. >> but not the state. the state is very much a divided state. i think right now what you're seeing is even in a divided state like north carolina where hagan looks like she's up versus
10:37 am
gardner in colorado. i think things go back and forth. what you have right now is republicans who have adopted a theme which is we don't like obama. obama's the problem. it is a referendum for republican voters on obama. the number one reason that republicans say they're voting in this election to vote and send a message to president obama. >> so should he then be saying i got to think there are some democrats in these states you mentioned, are they not cringing when he says i'm not on the ballot, but you better believe everyone of my policies are. i got to think some democrats do not love him saying that. >> no. correct. even including his own top political advisor, david axelrod, said that was clearly a mistake. the white house and the president though i can say reliably feel like the president is not going to back down. he's not going to say he's not who he is. >> black, you've had black caucus members actually show up in these red states to actually
10:38 am
caaign because elijah cummings even said the president is not popular. when you have certain candidates that don't even want to say if they wanted for obama or not. basically obama is on the ballot and his policies and members of congress are trying to run away from their voting record and they can't. >> the reason that you have elijah cummings showing up is guess what? black voertters. they're trying to target specific elements of the democratic -- >> can't they do a lot better than a congressman from maryland? >> i'm just telling you those black voters still like obama. that's why the message that you were just talking about for someone like mary landrieu in louisiana, when she says i disagree with his oil policies, it creates tension for democratic voters and another reason why democrats are -- >> when your opponent can define you before you can, republicans have defined these folks, but it is because of their voighting record. they supported president obama lock and step dealing with his failed policy.
10:39 am
>> i don't think that's the failed policy but i think you're right, you want to associate them with obama. >> you're sticking around. we have the panel much more to talk about, including hillary clinton and chris christie on the 2016 trial. rmpl the controversial demand by houston's mayor that has some conservatives up in arms. >> let's ask every pastor in america, send her your sermons. go ahead. obviously she could use a few. so if you're a pastor -- send them to her. and here's another thought. everybody watching the show ought to send to her a bible. a 3d white smile
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as we head to mid-terms, we are seeing some heavyweight 2016 likely contenders on the campaign trail. chris christie has been down in florida stumping for republican
10:44 am
incumbent governor rick scott. while hillary clinton is rallying supporters for the democratic governor in massachusetts. but what she said about jobs and minimum wage has been getting all the attention this weekend. >> don't let anybody tell you that, you know, it's corporations and businesses that create jobs. you know that old theory, trickle-down economics. that has been tried. that has failed. it has failed rather spectacularly. >> we'll back with our political panel. angela, she went there to campaign for someone else but all we're getting now is backlash to this. people are saying this sounds very joe, the plumber. sounds very "you didn't build that." is that her best tack for 2016? >> i think it was a slip. because i mean, businesses and corporations do not create jobs? do they just fall out of the sky? what is it all about?
10:45 am
if i were running against her for president in 2016 i would run to that time and time again. is she losing it? >> i don't know. i would not dare to say that. >> is she losing it, you said. >> is she losing it. >> i would think she'd be a much more disciplined candidate. she's been through this a lot pass a senator and with her president. >> that was on message. i think you guys don't understand. that's on mess handling for a liberal democratic base. a liberal democratic base didn't disagree with president obama when he said you didn't build there. mitt romney lost that election, if you'll recall. i think hillary clinton, if she has something to worry about at the moment, it would be people like elizabeth warren who is a senator from massachusetts who is seen as a more populist leftist. much more in line with the idea that you take that people create corporations. it is people who create jobs. >> but it is the actual entity, juan, that actually creates those jobs.
10:46 am
like rupert murdoch globally creates jobs. >> thankfully. >> yes. >> but right now you have burger king that wants to move to canada. you are saying in essence corporations and businesses, trickle-down economics don't work. >> that's right. the argument is if you look right now in kansas at governor brownback powho has been a big advocate of trickle-down. >> very quickly. chris christie taking a lot of heat, republican governor in new jersey, for this ebola quarantine. he's sticking with it. democratic governors in new york, cuomo. illinois, throws three, quinn. in florida, republican rick scott now doing something similar. looking at 2016 do you think this clamping down on ebola is a good idea or too har snsh. >> >> i think it is a very good idea. they're showing leadership our
10:47 am
president is not. where is our ebola czar? >> for anybody that's a conservative this is troublesome because your constitutional rights are at play here as an american citizen. unless you have the federal government instituting a quarantine with some clear criteria, i think that people might say you can't do that to people who are in fact heroes for going over there. >> we don't know how it spreads. why do we have a crisis here? >> we got to go before we get cut off. controversial mandate from the mayor of houston has one mayor calling for conservatives to send bibles straight to the mayor. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging, could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin.
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californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
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the controversy over demand by houston officials that a group of pastors there turn over their sermons and other communications is far from over. it's from the passage and attempted repeal on controversial ordinance that would allow people of either gender to enter men or women's rest room depending on which side they identify with. houston officials say they are trying to intimidate christian views. joining me is eric, a very vocal
10:52 am
voice. >> great to be here. if ever there was something for americans, all americans, but especially people of faith to scream and shout about, it's what the houston mayor did about a week ago. i couldn't actually believe my eyes when i read it on the internet. i said, this has to be a joke. this can't be happening in america. everyone needs to be aware this is serious. >> you've written some "new york times" best sellers, including them talking about what was going on in the 1930s. you said in this case you see parallels. >> it's a shocking thing. many people think i'm crazy. i hope jon stewart has this clip on to mock me. but the parallels are chilling. when i read an american member of government, the houston mayor, dared, dared in the united states that pastors would show their sermons, i said, this cannot be happening. this is america. we have had freedom of religion
10:53 am
at the heart of all our rnks. the founders understood this was not just like an extra. this was at the heart of everything. when you have officials in our government who don't get this and who would dare to say that pastors have to turn in their sermons, everyone in america should be freaking out. this is like a bold red line. if there was ever a time to throw the tea into the harbor, this is it. >> well, and it may be bibles instead of tea this time around because i know you have advocated for the fact that as some others have said, listen, they want every pastor out there to mail their sermons to the mayor of houston. but a lot of people have called for bibles to be sent. >> yeah. >> do you think that would be well received there? it's only going to inflame the situation. >> i don't care. there's a time to inflame the situation. what this mayor has done -- everyone in america needs to understand, this is mind-blowing. we're busy. we've got a lot of other issues to focus on. in the middle of it, this gets
10:54 am
slipped in. this is a big deal. the mayor of houston, and every mayor in america, every governor, every member of congress needs to understand that this cannot be tolerated. if we tolerate this in this nation, all of our liberties will be unraveled. it's that serious. i hate to be the cassandra, i hate to sound incendiary but this is really that serious and america needs to wake up. the church especially needs to know that this is a huge trampling of something the founders said was at the heart of all of our liberties. ail of our liberties. so, this is a big deal. >> it is. also a big deal, your new book, coming out this week. i want to talk about that, too. we've been asking people to share with us their miracles and we've gotten a flood of responses. it's a book that seems like it has the potential to be uplifting. what about people who say, i don't believe in miracles.
10:55 am
would they get something from this book as well? >> i wrote the book for those people. this week, just the other day, i was in dallas and i heard from two atheists who had been given the book by friends. and the atheists' response was so positive, i was shocked. i said, this is the best news i heard all week. i didn't write this book just for people who believe in miracles. i come at the whole thing open-minded and yet skeptical. i said, in this country i don't think we have a healthy conversation about these subjects. we need to have, on the one hand, an open-mindedness. when people are really cynical and people say, this couldn't even happen, that's childish and irrational. of course, the most humble answer is we don't know. but then there are people who are too gullible who say, you know, everything's a miracle. i said, we need to have a sober, civil conversation so both sides can come together and talk about, you know, number one, what is a miracle. why would they happen in some cases and not in other cases.
10:56 am
you know, if my relative dies, why didn't those prayers get answered? why didn't we have a miracle there this is and then you're telling me, god gave you a parking space this morning. we need to have those kinds of conversation. that's what this book is about. the first half is about that. the second half is about actual miracle stories from people that i know personally so i can vouch for their credibility. some of these stories are so amazing, i said, i can't wait to hear what people think when they read these stories. and i don't doubt these happened. >> we're out of time. eric, thank you so much. right after this commercial break we'll hear from you about what you have to say about miracles.
10:57 am
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zero heartburn. thank you for all the miracle stories you tweeted in. we're out of time, unfortunately, so i'm going to retweet, share many of those. "fox news sunday" is next. >> i'm chris wallace. quarantine for medical workers returning from africa. and new jersey governor chris christie in his first sunday show interview this year. >> i feel confident that we're doing everything that we should be doing and we have this situation under control. >> a doctor in new york is the latest case as two dallas nurses are declared ebola-free. >> i'm on my way back to recovery, even as i reflect on how many others have not been so fortunate. >> we'll get the latest developments and we'll talk with one of the government's point men leading the fight against


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