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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 27, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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tweeted when she wound up at newark airport next weekend. up next, o'reilly factor, good night from washington, d.c. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i don't believe when you are dealing with something as serious as this that we can count on a voluntary. >> there has been a mutiny in the ebola controversy. at least three states have imposed their own quarantine system. going against the feds. tonight, we will report on how your security is being affected why do we have laws and system and now overlook it? now we have got two deputy sheriffs that were killed by illegal alien. >> two california police officers shot dead by an illegal alien criminal who had been deported twas twice. that's a disgrace. we will tell you what can be done. >> what are you trying to do out there? >> i'm trying to eat your flesh. >> also ahead, watters world, the halloween
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edition, zeros in on the zombie mania sweeping across the u.s.a. >> what do you do for a living? >> nothing. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. senate ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. national security and your security. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. what do ebola, isis, illegal alien criminals and fanatical muslims all have in common? the answer, they all are are a threat to our security let's take them one by one. now estimated that the isis terror group may have now up to 50,000 members vent on killing both muslims and infidels, that's us, in order to impose a fundamentalist muslim state on the world. currently isis is now holding, perhaps as many as
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20 western hostages. already executed four, two americans and two british subjects. there will be morph isis terror you can count on it in one of the major failings of the obama administration the isis group was allowed to gain power unchecked for months. u.s. intelligence knew about the isis threat from president obama and his national security team, refused to engage. so, no matter what party you are in, no matter what ideology you hold, that mistake is in stone. and that mistake is now a a severe national security problem. number two, ebola. from the very beginning, talking points has called for common sense precaution such as restricting visas so the american people will not be exposed to the disease. thomas duncan the liberian who died in dallas infected two american nurses before he passed. mr. duncan never shuive in this shuive in this country. obama administration --
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governor cuomo of new york and governor christie of new jersey imposed their own quarantines. christie directly refuting dr. anthony fouchy a federal health official. >> what he is counting on is a voluntary system with folks who may or may not comply. we had had this situation in new jersey, chris, as you know with the nbc news crew that said that they were going to self-quarantine and two days later they were out picking up takeout food in princeton and walking around the streets of princeton. the fact of the matter is that we, i don't believe, when you are dealing with something as serious as this that we can count on a voluntary system. >> illinois has also imposed a quarantine, all along with the state of florida. one american nurse, who was quarantined in new jersey has threatened to file a a lawsuit. meg begin kelly will deal with that in just a little while. the overall federal policy on ebola remains confused and ineffective. right now a a a-year-old boy in isolation at bellview
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hospital in new york city. he spent a month in the ebola region of guinea west africa. but he and his family were allowed to enter the u.s.a., go home to the bronx. the boy developed a fever. city officials say tonight they do not believe it's ebola but he remains in isolation. also dr. craig spencer remains in serious condition at bellevue with ebola. his girlfriend, two other friends being quarantined. dr. spencer never should have been allowed to return to his home. he should have been quarantined immediately after flying here because he was treating ebola patients in africa. all of this ebola madness is a danger to the public health. right? number three, the criminal illegal alien situation, boy, is that ever out of control. on friday, sacramento county deputy sheriff danny oliver 47 and placid county detective michael davis 42 shot dead by a mexican illegal alien who had been deported twice before. 34-year-old luis --
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currently being held without bail in sacramento, likely charged with two counts of murder. his wife janel being held. the two tried to car jack a ford pickup and led police on a 30-mile dragnet. detective davis died 26 years to the day after his father, a riverside, california deputy was shot to death himself in the line of duty. detective davis leaves behind four children. now the federal government is not enforcing immigration law. we all know it it's a felony to return to the u.s.a. after being deported but brocamonte served no prison time for that amass traffic violations after being deported twice and nobody bothered him. i guess he he had a phony license. was using an alias. nobody bothered him. please explain to me, members of congress, why you each and every one of you have not joined together and enforced immigration law.
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you are the lawmakers and you are being insulted. now we have two more dead police officers along with thousands of other americans who have been harmed by criminal aliens, mostly men who are deported and came back because they knew they could. this is a a national disgrace. the security of every single american citizen is compromised because the federal government will not enforce immigration law, secure the borders, and make sure americans have as much protection as they can have. there is no longer any excuse to this. i'm speaking to you, president obama. you are the leader of the country. you must start telling federal agencies to enforce the law. you must. and finally, the hatchet muslim guy in new york city. 32-year-old thompson attacked four police officers on thursday. we now know he was a quote self-radicalized muslim convert. isn't that a nice title who had a weave against the cops. he joins alton nolan in oklahoma city city, a muslim who beheaded a coworker, and
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nidal hasan of fort hood, texas, who murdered 13 americans working on that army base. all three men muslim extremists. >> we see a hatchet attack of all things on police officers in queens, both men seemed to have some affinity for, inspired by somehow violent jihad. you add in a woman in moore, oklahoma beheaded by disgruntled worker who had recently, quote, converted to islam. you have the attacks in fort hood, is this one big problem or is it separate problems? >> >> oh i think it's one big problem. i think one of the problems is that the internet as well as certain specific muslim extremists are really firing up this lone wolf phenomenon. >> now, that was not in president obama's court.
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no leader can stop crazy people from killing innocent people. however, the new york city police department used to investigate radical muslim mosques trying to figure out who the crazy people are. but under uber liberal mayor bill de blasio that surveillance has been curtailed. again, that puts us all in danger. every american police department should be surveying radical mosques. that's not it a violation of the constitution that's upholding it american people need protection. so you can see that isis, ebola, criminal illegal aliens and crazy muslim fanatics are all, all a danger to our security. and those we elect to protect us from danger are simply not doing the job. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction from mary katharine ham and juan williams. later, karl rove on the latest election polling and megyn kelly on the quarantines. factor is coming right back.
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didn't pay him. i mean the worse of the worse, this guy, he ask a a drug dealer. they didn't even put him in jail when they caught him doing drugs, they sent him back to mexico. didn't even do time on that beef. don't you agree that this is out of control, juan? >> no. >> no? >> i got to tell you something. >> you think it's a deficient system? >> in the hispanic community
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right now, they have given up on the republicans in terms of immigration reform. and everybody says the immigration system's broken. everybody knows that republicans haven't done anything. and then you come to obama, let me tell you the hispanics think obama is a deporter in chief because he has under the level of deportation to record levels. >> i don't care about the -- you, juan, juan williams. >> yeah. >> you don't think this is out-of-control, this criminal illegal alien not serving any time even though the law is on the books? you don't think it's out of control? >> the guy was convicted and deported twice so i guess the system actually threw him out. i don't know how he got back in the country. >> he got back because anybody can get in. >> you said he got caught for speeding and tickets and that doesn't trigger a check with the immigration. >> of course it does. once you are a scofflaw, you're supposed to be investigated and find out who you are. shouldn't have had a license in the first place, but you, juan williams. >> i agree. >> do not think that the
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situation is out of control. mary katharine ham, do you think it's out of control? >> well, first of all, prayers and thoughts to the families of those who were lost. >> of course. >> four kids. >> of course. >> i think this is clearly a problem. as juan says, look, whoever agrees that the system is not working. well, sure, how do you fix the system? you have to have trust in the federal government to fix a system. i think that's what you are getting to when you connect all these dots. and you're not alone in connecting these dots by the way. you are in good company with "saturday night live" this weekend which sort of went after obama on a string of sort of competency failures when it comes to these big issues. people look at that and they go you guys can't handle fixing this problem so states like new jersey and new york step in and come up with ways to do the ebola thing. whether you think it's the right solution or not they're coming up with a a solution because they have been left without a proper one from the federal government. by the way, does not feel like the white house is spending more energy fighting new jersey and new york than they were putting together the original plan? that doesn't make people feel good.
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>> all right. let's get back to isis, juan, another good example. >> all right. >> so isis now is formidable, 50,000 their estimate. it's an army. it's an army. they got surface-to-air. they got all kinds of stuff. it's been documented, you know, obama administration knew about it and took him 8 months to do anything about it. is that okay with you, no. no there is no mandate in this country to put boots in the sand. >> does it matter to you that the federal government wouldn't engage this problem for 8 months until it was so overwhelming the army invaded iraq. is it okay with you? >> i will tell you what happened is the beheading set off the american people and the world community. i think by the way, bill, i think what we have got here is a global problem. i see the united states taking the lead in battling against isis. the european countries doing zilch.
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the arab countries say they are participating zilch in my opinion. same thing with ebola. international problem. where's the rest of the world? actually, the united states, the u.s. isn't engaged. i think the united states is more engaged than anybody else. >> is it okay with you that the obama administration, mary katharine, waited 8 months to do anything about isis? >> no. i think the signal was when anbar fell, where we had lost so much blood and treasure to really change things and to have a solid position on the ground when we pulled troops out we were not able to maintain that that was a signal that things were going very badly. now, it's a theme here which is a lack of pro-activity and when problems are left to fester they get worse. >> that's right. >> i will will say, bill, when this comes to things like lone wolf attacks. we are protecting political correctness when they cawlg call nadal nidal hasan's attacks as work place violence. having a free life and not surveying everybody. >> radical horrific mosques
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that's what they do in great britain. >> be careful how you draw these lines and new york has not been as careful as they should have been in the past. >> let me make the decision and i will tell everybody which radical mosque. i don't think it's that hard mary katharine. are you okay with surveying radical mosques? >> you have got to protect ourselves and be smart about it even with the lone wolf it's hard to prevent because they are not organized. >> no, but you can -- >> -- look at the data and see what web sites looking at. i hope we can develop a pattern. >> radicalization is coming from somewhere. >> your pal bill de blasio in new york city doesn't want to do that he doesn't want to surveil anybody. live and let live until you are police and civilians are killed. >> that's absurd. what you have got to do is protect yourself. i'm just surprised that in the de blasio case you actually say that president obama is not to blame because he is to blame for everything. >> generous man. >> he is to blame on ebola. >> he is to blame on isis.
5:18 pm
is he blame really big time cral illegal aliens. >> what are you going to do if throw him out. >> -- directly ahead, brit hume on government workers. some of whom are charged with crimes. charged with crimes. still getting their vacation pay. then karl rove on the upcoming election, megyn kelly on the quarantines and watters on zombie mania. those reports upcoming. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love.
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hume zone. project republican from oklahoma. every year government spotlight that report. leading the outrage this year $19 million in vacation funding for government workers, about a third of whom will put on
5:22 pm
administrative leave for disciplinary reasons. some of them got arrested. but they still got their vacation money. $1 billion to the pentagon to destroy $16 billion word of unused ammunition. train mountain lions to use a treadmill. 387,000 todd's study the effects of massage on white rabbits. auto thousand dollars for swimming lessons for sea monkeys. joining us from washington. fox news senior political analyst brit hume. you know what? i don't think it matters anymore, brit. with all waste, 70 trillion-dollar debt. federal government people are numb. i don't think they care anymore. they don't want sea monkeys to drown, bill. >> that's true. >> white rabbit was a song by -- i think there is a bunch of pills being taken to allocate that much money for massage but maybe i'm wrong. >> headline item the first one on that list about employees on paid leave, that is a system that i
5:23 pm
think is completely out of control. averaging about 20,000 a year. 20,000 employees a year over the past three years. they put them on paid leave while they adjudicate their cases and takes them forever to deal with their cases. in the meantime they receive pay. they can't work. many of them may be innocent but they can't do any work any way. so it's just a total loss to the government. it's one of these systems that has been going on like this for years. nobody seems able to fix it it's out of control and it's one of the reasons why people are so discouraged with government. >> but it is to the point now, and this goes to the talking points and juan and mary katharine segment where the american people have absolutely no confidence in their leadership at all. none, zero. they are voting ideology o, voting pie in the sky theory and not voting at all and staying home and not caring. that's exactly where we. >> you know, bill, president george w. bush may still be
5:24 pm
in low repiewted with the public although his ratings have recovered to some extent. one thing that happened after 9/11 there was alarm priority in the federal government new department was created. cia mounted a big operation in afghanistan. a lot of things happened in response to that and one had the sense it really was all hands on deck in that administration. and the president never stopped being preoccupied to the exclusion of many other issues with that one issue nation security against a terrorist threat. president obama i think in some ways feels that president bush made a lot of mistakes and did it all wrong and he in his very cool approach in staying outside the fray and middle east conflicts was going to do better it does not seem to have worked out that way. although there has been nothing on the scale of 9/11. this latest business, bill, with isis not only, you know, killing some americans over there, but seemingly able to inspire nilt cases
5:25 pm
here to act is frightening. if they can do that we have got a problem such as we have never seen before. >> then the question comes back to president obama being alerted to the situation. not doing anything for 8 months as this group formed, trained, recruited, nothing was done. same thing with ebola. all right? west african thing broke out. world health organization, doctors without borders. here, no preparations, none. no preparation, no thinking ahead, nothing. >> i think there was some preparations in place but it turned out that they were not good enough. things have happened that were not supposed to happen. >> entry to the country screening at the airports. who gets, in no ho gets out. nothing. no thinking at all. zero. >> reaction to things that weren't supposed to happen. >> way behind the curve. >> which is why i think the reaction to this country and
5:26 pm
some extent the news media may seem disproportionate to the number of cases we have had. but we have had -- what we have had is a couple of cases here and a number of owe -- a a number of cases of government assurances turning out not to be correct which i think further the sense of alarm. anybody who panics and thinks they are going to get ebola they are a nut. all right? you are not going to get ebola. i have said that more than a few times on this program. however, the fact that your government all right. whom you elect and pay taxes for protection, for competency is just fails on almost every single thing. criminal illegal aliens they are not putting them in jail. even though it's a felony. they are not prosecuting them. come back any time they want. how many dead cops do we have to have? it is what it is. >> that's right. all right. brit, thanks. as the factor moves along this evening, karl rove with the latest polling.
5:27 pm
will the republicans take the senate one week from tomorrow? watters world with the halloween with a few days away. there are zombies among us. >> do you pay attention to the world or not? >> oh, yeah. >> who is the vice president >> i know the president. i don't know the vice president. >> it's hard when you are dead to know who the vice president is. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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election 2014 segment tonight one week from tomorrow. americans will go to the polls and the republicans are favored to win the senate. obviously that would put president obama as very precarious place. many of the races are still very close. joining us now from austin, texas with the latest fox news analyst karl rove. let's do the overview first. in the last week, you told my crack researcher the republicans gained four races but lost ground in six. is that true? >> no. that's slightly different. here is what happened in the competitive races. let's take the three where the republicans are up by double digits and put them aside. republicans are up in five races. 0.7%. that is to say .07. and two races down a quarter of a point. >> that's in the last week? >> that's in the last week, yeah. right. >> so you said last time we
5:32 pm
had you on the program you believe the republicans will win the senate back, fairly handily. >> well, i don't know if i said handily because, look, here's the deal. let's take a look at the 10 most competitive democrat seats. three open seats in monday danna, west virginia and south dakota the republicans lead by double digits. they are going to take these seats. next up in louisiana. where there will be a runoff. and in the runoff, the gets an average in the real clear politics of a .8% more than plear landrieu bill caste the republican. that is start to look like it's moving out of reach. arkansas, tom cotton leads in the real clear politics average mark pryor by five points that two looks like it's moving out of reach. in alaska dan sullivan leaves mark begich by a 4.2%. then we have two very close races cory gardner
5:33 pm
republican leads by 3.2% over mark udall in colorado and joni earnst leads in iowa 2.2% over bruce braley or as mrs. obama calls him bruce braley in iowa. two races tom tillis trails by 1 point behind kay hagan and new hampshire where scott brown trails in the real clear politics average by 2.2% behind incumbent jean shaheen. these are the most competitive races. >> brown has closed a lot of ground. he was double digit down three weeks ago. in the real clear politics average in the beginning of the month. he was 4% down. now is he 2.2% down. that's real measurable movement. the question there is how much more road does he have? there is 7% undecided in the real clear politics average. that's less than most of the other states that we are looking at where there is 10 or 12% undecided. >> how can new hampshire elect kelly ayotte shaheen
5:34 pm
fairly liberal woman? how does that stack up? >> she was a reasonably effective governor. and then when she went to the, she moved hard left and that's why she is in a horse race. this weekend they had a debate and she showed her peek in it and he schooled her in the close. she interrupted him during his close and rather than being angry he turned and gave her a chance to shovel a deeper hole and shoveled the dirt in on top of her. >> i bet you mary ann march would say something different about that. >> she would. is he our best closer does he have enough space to close with with 7% undecided. >> nunn from a very long line political family, she a democrat. and it looks like she may win in georgia. that would be interesting. >> well, it's likely to go to a run-off because georgia is one of these states that requires the united states senator to get auto% of the vote. and i think there is a pretty good consensus that
5:35 pm
there is going to be a runoff. not a consensus who is in the lead. real clear politics average she has a got a lead of a couple of tenths of a percent. in the last couple days there has been a poll showing her ahead and "the atlanta journal constitution" not a very favorable poll for most republicans show her buoy ated. she has had momentum it the last three or four weeks. gone from behind to being dead even. there is pretty good consensus. we are going to be spending christmas and new year's watching political developments in georgia for the january 6th runoff. >> finally mitch mcconnell look looked like he staved off the woman challenging him in kentucky? >> alice lundergan grimes who refers to say who she voted for in 2008 and 12. >> she told me she voted for obama. >> she wouldn't tell the editorial board meeting. >> i'm just messing with you. she didn't tell me that. >> everybody shares their secrets with you. everybody shares their secrets with you, bill. >> real quick, roberts is he
5:36 pm
going to win in kansas? >> i think so. last october 1st he was 10 points behind in the clear clear politics average. today is he less than one. that's real momentum. i somebody he will hang on. he has had good debate performances. >> karl rove will be here next week in new york. and we appreciate it as always. when we come right back, megyn kelly on a nurse quarantined after working in west africa. she is really mad. she didn't want to be in that tent. kelly he is next. pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro.
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thanks for staying with us, bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, quarantining people who come to the u.s.a. from west africa. she told you in the talking points memo four states have defied the federal government and imposed their own quarantine. in fact, new jersey placed 33-year-old nurse kaci hickox who worked with ebola patients in sierra leone under quarantine and miss hickox is not happy about it? >> it is not based on any clear public health evidence. it's not the recommendation of public health and medical experts at this point. you know, i think we have to be very careful about letting politicians make medical and public health decisions. >> now ms. hickox threatened to sue the state of new jersey they promptly put her
5:41 pm
in a private plane and sent her up to maine where she lives. see you. see her after the factor ms. megyn kelly. say wouldn't have put her on plane and got her out of there, could she have sued and won. >> i don't think so. she could have filed a challenge. you can always sue. she doesn't have the con funeral ground from the beginning of quarantines being imposed people have tried to sue the federal government saying my right to liberty prevents you from doing this to me. you can't just lock me up and throw away the key even if it's for hours or days when i come back from west africa because you suspect i might have ebola. from the beginning of time courts including the u.s. supreme court have said you are wrong, the feds can do that to you and the states can do that to you. >> because it's a public safety issue. >> because the public's right to remain free from ebola outweighs your right not to be quarantined for 21 days. >> most outrageous example of this in u.s. history was fdr putting japanese americans in inpermanent camps out in dearmt he said
5:42 pm
i'm doing it to protect the public saved because they could be quiz lings and here working with the japanese military. >> that was a different source of authority. this is all about public health. >> that was about public safety. >> from people getting tb or sars. already there are mandatory quarantines that the federal government and state governments are empowered to impose for things like that especially airborne viruses and illnesses. that's just the way it is. you may not like it when you are the targets of it and one thing this nurse might be able to say it was enforce arbitrarily and capriciously because new jersey was just getting its act together because she was the first one who got it? >> no it wasn't. she he was targeted and good reason to do it. >> shear is what she says if she decides to sue she will lose in my opinion what she could say is you didn't quarantine ears in new jersey who are treating infectious patients aren't all subjected to quarantine. down in texas, or down in atlanta, where emory is, they don't quarantine the doctors and nurses down there after they deal with
5:43 pm
ebola patients who have been brought there from overseas. not every medical worker gets quarantined. >> now, she was whining, this nurse, ms. hickox i was sympathetic to her she wasn't treated well. >> the feds could have treated herbert. >> the feds did not treat her well. could have been in a flies place. >> complaining how the tsa treated her. hello, that's not because you have ebola or might have ebola. we have all been there. >> they put her in a tent in newark, new jersey. okay? with no shower. >> what would you want? have her walk around actual newark? >> no. >> just kidding. christie could have been sure she was some place. newark is a nice place. you haven't been there lately but i hang there. >> i have been there many times. >> christie should have made sure that she was comfortable, that she had all the courtesies. >> listen she complained i told them i was hungry and wanted something to drink. they gave me a granola bar and glass of water. what do you want fillet minion? it was a makeshift tent they
5:44 pm
were trying to get in place. >> it should not have a been. i'm on her side on this unwith. >> i don't think governor christie handled that specific incident well. got it right now. send them home or back to their state of origin she is from maine. this is the fault of dr. craig spence his or her came back from helping ebola patients and ran around new york. and one write up on his case says he took pains to limit his interaction with others but did he go places and spend times with friends. two bowling alleys a restaurant and uber call, three subways, he took pains to limit his contact by others by going on three new york city subways? >> i'm going to get in trouble for saying. this here is the story. two dallas nurses get ebola and covered head to toe, his fiancee who is with him all this time, if she doesn't get ebola, she is in isolation now. then some splang has to be done. >> maybe they didn't miss each other.
5:45 pm
>> that's kelly's cynical take. she looks innocent and she is not. watters on deck. halloween edition, zombie mania sweeping across the u.s.a. who better than-to-do this than watters. then the internet running rumors about trouble in the obama marriage. is that fair? right back with thoseple, reports. it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay . with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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thank you.
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ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. >> back of the book segment tonight, watters world, halloween is coming friday, many of the urchins will be dressed as zombies because the most popular cable television program in history is the walking dead. the zombie legend comes from haiti where some believe buried human beings rise from the grave and feast upon the living. in brooklyn they recently had a zombie charity event and watters was there.
5:49 pm
♪ [michael jackson's thriller] >> what exactly is the zombie run? >> there are people who are not infected. the zombies have to chase them down ♪ ♪ >> and what are you trying to do out there? >> i'm trying to eat your flesh. >> please, mister, you are even hungrier than i am. >> i don't know if you watched the walking dead alive. >> a little bit. i watch "real housewives" mostly. >> do you believe in zombies in real life. >> i do believe in zombies in real life. i wouldn't say i would hope for a zombie apocalypse but i am ready for one. >> do you live at home with your parents. >> yes, i do. >> america is fascinated by zombies? >> yeah. >> what do you think explains the fascination? >> reminds us what we would be like if we really needed each other. >> do you need me right now? >> yes. ♪ i'm so in love with you. >> you look like you have ebola. >> yeah, i do. >> really?
5:50 pm
[screams] >> do you think that your fascination with zombies is detaching you from reality a little bit? >> no, i don't believe so. >> who is the vice president of the united vice president of the united states? >> vice president? i should know this, i'm sorry. >> joe -- >> i was going to say pesci. >> take a guess. >> i know it's not biden. >> it's not biden? >> no. >> i don't believe it. >> biden. >> joe biden. >> joe biden. >> okay. >> am i telling you that for the first time? >> yeah. >> ever heard of joe biden? >> no, not at all. >> i wish i hadn't heard of him either. republican or democrat? >> huh? >> don't look at me like that. >> who's the attorney general? >> oh, come on, i don't know this. >> sorry, man. really not good with these. >> eric -- >> my life is like -- kill me.
5:51 pm
>> you're already dead. >> yeah. >> i'll give you a hint. >> sure. >> eric -- rhymes with bolder. >> boulder. >> it's eric holder. >> okay. eric holder. >> why couldn't i think of something like that. >> in apocalypse we're not going to need to know any of this. >> lastly, who's the secretary of defense? >> i don't know that one either. >> rhymes withq@b
5:52 pm
dangerous as we said before. >> what do you like about bill? >> he is very engaging. >> very diplomatic way to say it. >> i'm on tv. >> i don't like nobody touching me. >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. >> oh. okay. >> now, why wouldn't a guy shake your hand? >> he had blood all over his hand and i didn't want to touch him. >> oh, it was you -- >> no, i didn't want to touch him. >> what was the charity? >> some money goes to children's brain trauma. so i think proceeds to benefit that charity. >> so it's not the blood bank or anything. >> no. >> do you watch "the walking dead"? >> no, i'm scared enough working for you. >> so that's too frightening for you? >> yeah. i'll curl up in a little ball and suck my thumb. no, no, i watch "cops."
5:53 pm
i watch "the bachelorette." shows like that. >> you're an exciting guy, watters. i don't know why people watch this stuff. i mean, it's basically cannibalism. obama's marriage. tip moments away.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
rumors about the presidential first, it would bev6f[ç;@eñ exc time to become aóju billoreillm
5:56 pm
campaign will soon begin right after this election. ÷ z8>otáhjt inside stuff as well s mo dailyñiymñi newscast justñ the no-spin news. and killing patton or any onenbf my otherq books freew3 of charg when you re-up. makes a greatxd gift as well. now the mail, shelton, connecticut. i can no longer standby and :!:á$u$e administration is doing regarding ebola. so i wrote my senators as well as my congressmen. they all responded with similar talking points that sounded like the white house. i should have known better. you did your part. connecticut's a liberal state, but not crazy liberal. let's see how the election goes. michelle shoeman, marysville, tennessee, every time pasastor jeffress comes on "the factor" he sounds reasonable, but he loses all credibility when he says -- i'll be interacting with satan, but i don't believe that.
5:57 pm
and i don't let what others say bother me at all. and you shouldn't either. marine, san antonio, texas. 2v great read, but i think killing lincoln was your best. don schultz, washington, each time i finish a killing book i say it's the best book i've ever read. now i'm saying that about killing patton. i'm going to do a poll on the four books to see which one you guys like best. betty, west virginia,r3ço'reill thank you and dennis miller for a wonderful evening at the bolder fresher show. both entertaining and thought provoking. un.d you had tb next year we're re-banding it. our presentation isjqf1d changi next year. we'll announce dates and cities soon. denise, new york, mr. o'reilly, now that i've become a premium member maybe you'll read one of my e-mails.
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we read the best ones each day. everybody's got an equal shot at that. best selling books notwithstanding you really aren't as smart as you'd like us to believe. you know what, don, you're probably right. okay. "the factor" tip of the day, millions of americans get their z days. do look at and yahoo news. that's because my machine has yahoo on it. i don't know why. stuff just pops up on my machine. don't know how it gets there. so i'm looking at yahoo news this weekend and i see apj1ñ headline, somethir,;e about the obama marriage being in trouble. i punch it up. it's a bunch ofxry:s garbage. not onec9 just salacious nonsense. so i'm saying yahoo should never have posted this. i don't care where it comes
5:59 pm
from, it was irresponsible. so here's "the factor" tip of the day and i've said it before, the cyberspace people don't care. they're just going to throw stuff out there. all. do not believe what you read on and resent the fact that they slime the first family. appalling. it really was. i was offended. not much offends me. that's it for us tonight. please check out fox news factor website which is different fromc also spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world, o'reilly@fox opine. hcuday, not too much bathos when writing to "the factor." keep the bathosc) to a minimum. thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn, i've seen her do it.
6:00 pm
i'm bill o'reilly, please cause we're definitely looking out for you.bqic breaking tonight, the centers for disease control coming outd with a new set of ebola guidelines suggesting the virus may be a bigger threat and more easily transmitted thandyv 'um1e thought. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the cdc appearing to change its tune couching previous suggestions that you cannot get ebola very easily. the question tonight, does this represent new thinking on the virus, or is it the fed's bowing to political pressure following a series ofjb$ public misstep s we've got all aspects of the story covered tonight. first with dr.


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